Tough Mudder

As many of you know, the fella competed in The Tough Mudder competition this weekend.  An 18 km. obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces.

Those who compete are required to sign a Death Waiver prior to competing.



tough mudder fella

Tough Mudder Craig

tough mudder camo

Tough Mudder Wrestlers

Tough Mudder Spandex


A literal tough mudder.

My mom … Betty

Tough Grand Mudder

Tough Mudder Mud

Tough Mudder Gash

Tough Mudder Crying

Tough Mudder Crutches

Tough Mudder Guy

Tough Mudder Girl

Tough Mudder Fella Finish


More to come …







  1. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Well..if you ask me..the Fella looks like the toughest Mudder there..Congrats Fella!!!

  2. Leona says:

    The “fella” did survive, yes?

  3. Lynn says:

    “Hello Mudder… Hello Fadder”…

    P.S. Isn’t this the run your mom trained for last year?

  4. Amy in StL says:

    Please tell me you have photos of the electro shock portion. Some of these races look like fun but the tough mudder’s electric wire shocking section looks just brutal from the videos I’ve seen.

    More importantly, how did you fare?

    • Karen says:

      I *do* have a few pics. of the electro shock. I’ll be doing the full post on the whole Tough Mudder on Friday or Monday. ~ karen

  5. jcrn says:

    Those pics are great! As for the Death Waiver, that wouldn’t stop me. They make practically make us sign them before the most routine medical exams at the wussy express care medical centers (most located in drug stores) here. Everyone is liability crazy.

    Although I do have to say that this looks far more dangerous (and fun) than a flu shot (yep, have to sign a waiver for those too).

  6. Dawna Jones says:

    Just wondering if those people had to sign a waiver to be on your Blog this morning,I think I would freak if I knew that the only thing of me that made it was my butt! LOL!

  7. Debbie says:

    Crazy huh? My husband and son did it last year and are signed up for the torture again this Sept. Oh to have a body that could handle the ice swim and the electro shock ….

  8. Talia says:

    wow that looks intense and awesome!!!

  9. Tigersmom says:

    Soooooooo, rather than wax on about hot the fella is (although I can’t believe I never noticed his adorable cleft chin before…I must have been distracted by his abs, or his pecs, or those biceps or something) I have a question for you regarding the refrigerator situation.

    Did you finally select one and if so, which one did you pick and, of course, why? And if I somehow missed a post where you have already shared this, I apologize and will happily accept a link to such post as a reply. (Although, if you must, you can send the fella around to spank me. ; ))

  10. Jen H says:

    Early morning eye candy is AWESOME. And bravo/brava to the hardy souls competing.

  11. Susan says:

    My Daughter-in-Law participated. Man, I didn’t even go to watch after seeing the Waiver that spectators were required to sign!!
    Those participants are some TOUGH MUDDERS!

  12. AmieM says:

    A friend did that this weekend, too! And I know someone who did the Spartan in Barrie a month or so ago.

  13. jojo says:

    Also wondering about photos #4 and 5. (From the songs of Sesame Street – “Two of these things are not like the mudders….Two of these things just shouldn’t belong.”

    How did Betty (in her whites) survive the mudder aftermath?

  14. Ack, I wish I had found this blog sooner and had known you were into mud runs. The P90X guy, Tony Horton will we warming up athletes at out Mud run next weekend (Mammoth Lakes, CA). Anyway, next year if you want to come to this neck of the woods let me know ;-)

  15. Karol says:

    Was your mom a competitor? (teehee) I like her.

  16. Diane says:

    Lol awesome! I see some resemblance of a Pride Parade. Death waiver?? Erm…let me think on that!

  17. Melody Madden says:

    Now that’s intimidating…

  18. Nina says:

    I just need to know one thing and that s where did your mom get that purse she is wearing?! As a person who is “trying” to make peace with using a cane, I can see where this would be useful. Looks so much more stylish than the long ago fanny packs. Would it be possible to share that info? Thanks

  19. magali says:

    we have the Spartan race in Montreal. I had three friends that were going to compete in June. I was ready to make posters and go cheer them on! Then one of them busted her ankle the week before and the other two chickened out (despite the fact that they are crossfiters.. pffffttt to crossfit is what I say).
    Hopefully next year I’ll have someone to cheer on… unless your part two on this race scares me off!

  20. Judy says:

    Congratulations to The Fella!

  21. Diana says:

    That looks so great!
    Thumbs up for the fella

  22. SK Farm Girl says:

    Just checked out The Tough Mudder link. My small-town in NE Saskatchewan is hosting the Wounded Warriors Weekend August 24 – 26! We are so excited to be hosting this event and look forward to meeting some really great people!!!

  23. SK Farm Girl says:

    Sign a Death Waiver?! Hmmm . . . can I sign up my ex?

  24. kelly says:

    “Those who compete are required to sign a Death Waiver prior to competing.” No thank you!

  25. silverdae says:

    I got confused on the fourth pic down… what is your hubby doing? again??

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