Try something different this weekend.

A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s farm to ask him a couple of questions about chickens.

Then before I knew it, this happened.

Karen Driving Jack

Within 10 minutes of arriving I was in that box with wheels, driving “Jack” the Clydesdale. This is a real farm. Not a pretend farm. We found half a deer’s leg in the field. Real farm. Real country.

I rode horses for years, but I sat on their backs for that.  I’ve never driven a horse, but when he asked if I wanted to hop up and take Jack through his paces I said, YUP.  Much to the terror of the woman beside me who actually knows how to drive a horse, I’m sure.

I featured Christieview farm a few years ago actually when I was looking at how to build a chicken coop.

The girl beside me is my friend/neighbour.   We didn’t go together. As it turns out she’s friends with my farmer friend too and was up there taking her weekly driving lesson.  He has a lot of friends, my farmer friend.

We’re the same age. I just look really good for 70-something. It’s because I eat lots of chips.

The Good Dr .- And Karen

So look at the fun that’s to be had if you just say yes. Yup. I wanna do that. Yup I’m going to do that. So this weekend do one thing. Just one that you don’t normally do. For no reason other than to see … what it’s like.  And where it leads to.

Have a good weekend.



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  1. georgie says:


  2. Barbie says:

    How FUN! ….and I ALSO love your sweater!
    Believe it or not I used to have a horse and buggy growing up….she was a shetland pony and came with a cute little cart that I could hook her up to and go all around our country neighborhood. I hardly EVER used it….as a little girl it was just easier to hop on her back and gallop around! NOW, I’d give my eye teeth for that! ….Well maybe not my eye teeth…need those….but you know what I mean right? LOL

  3. Shauna says:

    Yay, I’m getting comment notification again!!!! woo hoo. But, more importantly, I might someday get your sweater. And, I know it can happen, because one time, out of the blue – well sort of, I may have had to fill out a comment and do a little dance, and maybe tell a joke or something. Or, maybe just be one of the first 100 people to ever comment on your site. But anyway, one day, out of the clear blue sky…you sent me the coolest dish towel I’ve ever had. And, because it has a scary knife on it, it keeps annoying people out of my kitchen:) I can’t wait for my new sweater. One day. Someday. It’s good to have things to look forward to in life.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. You never know. As far as the commenting notification goes there was something screwy with my plugin and my older version of WordPress. I tried a few different solutions and none of them worked. But I think I have it figured out now. So it wasn’t just you. No one was getting notifications for the past month or so! ~ karen

  4. Shauna says:

    I want that sweater:)

    • Karen says:

      I would give it to you but … I don’t want to. So I won’t. But don’t stop asking. You never know, one day I might say yes. ~ karen!

  5. Emily says:

    Did you want an update on WHAT we did different? My different was THE cooking of corn on the cobb on the grill..with husks on. It was SO SO good ! Not earth shattering.. but different. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hah! I was just thinking today I should have had people come back and tell me what they did. Here’s what you should try next time … cook the corn on the grill with the husks OFF! It chars the kernels in the odd place. I used to be an “in the husk” person but now I’m an “out of the husk” kindda gal. ~ karen!

      • Emily says:

        It was the first time I had done corn on the grill. so, of course, I looked it up on the “internet” to find out what to do. Lots of opinions on the “best” way. The husks actually were kind of lose so some of the kernels did get some grill marks and flavor. I will def try the “husks off” too! I coated them with olive oil, salt and pepper before cooking too… do you put anything on yours?

        • Karen says:

          Hi Emily – I rub it with olive oil before putting it on the grill, then salt and pepper after. ~ karen!

  6. michele says:

    I’ve just done something new and thought hey, I’ll tell karen. I just had the chance to go sit in a mk8 2-seater spitfire(the plane) courtesy of my cousin who is rebuilding it. Not so adrenaline fuelled as yours but still v. special. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  8. That’s the best attitude……

  9. Charlene says:

    Come on back to the Valley! I really think you belong here.

  10. Susan says:

    LOVE that you did this! Isn’t it a thrill? I had an Arabian that I drove in a sulky and man, I had to hang on when we’d go extended trot through a field and bounce, boing, wheeee! Boy, she could turn it on. I miss her so much. Wish they’d live as long as we do. Now to go take your advice and say yes to something! (I am a big “no” person!). Hugs!

  11. toekneetoni says:

    you are my hero … what with all the trying of new stuff. thanks, I need this encouragement.
    you look fabulous too- growing your hair out. I am too, but about to cave and cut it again … any day now.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Toni! Good luck with trying new stuff this weekend. And, yeah,next haircut I’ll but chopping a bit more off again. This length feels too wishy washy. ~ karen!

  12. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Good for you girl..I can ride also but never drove a horse..I love those huge work horses..I have seen the Budweiser Clydesdales..and they are so beautiful..Have fun at Christie’s..can’t wait to hear about it!!

  13. SarahP says:

    I saw the title of things to do this weekend and thought you may have forgotten about Christie’s. I see someone else beat me to it. I’ll keep an eye out for you around the fry truck. Hopefully we won’t need our rubber boots this year.

  14. jeannie B says:

    Well, I think I might sit out on the deck tonight, if it’s not raining, in my big fluffy white bathrobe, with a hot latte and watch the meteor shower around 3 a.m. Or, maybe you could have your farmer friend, bring ” Jack” over to my backyard, ( it’s fenced in), and I could give him a good brushing and feed him carrots. He looks like a lovely horse and I love his big hairy feet. I could braid his tail and mane and brush his big teeth too!

  15. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    What a cool experience. Several years ago I had the opportunity to see a team of Budwiser Clydesdales up close and personal…such majestic animals. I put chips on my grocery list…lots of chips.

  16. Dagmar says:

    Well now, I just saw my own comment. Spell check anyone? It should have said: ” So there, assignment all done!” And he is my “non-husband”, not my “nn-husband”. I’m going to blame the spelling mistakes on the after-effects of eating food that I am allergic to. But I bet everyone reading the post will surely have a good laugh. I sure did.

    • karol says:

      Funny, I thought it was a kind of Canadian slang, and was too embarrassed to ask about it. Can’t tell you how many nn combos I thought of for a husband, none of them nice enough to print.

    • Kim from Milwaukee says:

      So what exactly is a ‘non-husband’? Is that a common law husband? Or a boyfriend? Or just a guy who lives with you and walked down the alter but is averse to being called ‘husband’?

    • Karen P says:

      Ha! And here I thought nn meant nearly naked… which I thought was odd for the situation of eating Greek food, but hey… this is the Art of Doing Stuff comments. Nothing surprises me anymore!!!

  17. Ella says:

    You go, Karen! You look like your having tons of fun! That’s the secret to looking so young in your 70s, I bet!

  18. Leslie says:

    Now that’s REAL cool!

  19. Patti says:

    I love this advice! It reminds me of the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man” where he has to say yes to everything for a year and hilarity ensues. Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans!

  20. julesie says:

    Oh that looks super fun! I had no idea chips were such a fountain of youth. Mmmm. I will definitely have to add more of those into my diet now. Hee hee…. Enjoy the weekend!!!!

  21. Dagmar says:

    That horse is gorgeous, and you look so grand and in control ! How awesome. Last night, my nn-husband ordered Greek food (and I am allergic to meat and garlic) and I actually picked the potatoes off his plate. Now that was daring, and definately not something that I do when he orders it in once a week. Usually I lock him in his office and wait til the meat smell is all gone til the morning after. Do there, I, assignment done 😉

  22. Carol says:

    Thanks for that, I think I will do just that, going to charleston for the weekend and I can be such a prude.

  23. Joanne says:

    Totally off topic here…
    whatever happened to the Canadien calendar that caused you to celebrate May 2-4 on the weekend before the acutal weekend of May 2-4? Totally confused now that I realized tomorrow is the big “2-4” day, and falls on a Saturday…

    • Karen says:

      It has something to do with it having to fall on the Monday? Or before the Monday? Or after the Monday? Or near the 3rd Monday? I don’t know. As I’ve mentioned before I think, it doesn’t make sense, lol. ~ karen!

      • Alice says:

        It’s so we can always have a 3-day weekend, because what’s the point of a mid-week holiday? So it’s celebrated on the last Monday before May 25th each year.

        • Nancy Blue Moon says:

          They did that to us down here in the USA years ago was so confusing at first but now I’m used to it!!

  24. Tigersmom says:

    Ha! You look so cute in your stylish city girl sweater driving the horse and wagon. Is it becoming apparent that I have a thing for juxtaposition?

    I’ve always loved Clydesdales. They look like they could power through an avalanche.

  25. Jody says:

    Hey, my SIL is one of Dr R’s friends as well. She loves going out to the horses every week. For me I’m doing the same ol’ this weekend–going to Hamilton Scout parade to see me husband and son marching along, the Christie’s Antique show, and celebrating my 17th anniversary. Same ol’ things, but wonderful things.

  26. Susan Preston says:

    Looks like you and Jack had fun! It’s always fun at the farm. They have new chicks this week….you’ll have to go back!

  27. Sally A says:

    What a fun thing! I love Clydesdales! I would say yes to a Margarita this weekend…oh wait, I’ve done that before and I know where it leads. Maybe someone will invite me to an Ice Cream Social? With Bailey’s Irish Cream? Oh wait…crap. This is proving to be a difficult assignment!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the U.S. residents! Take a moment to remember what it’s all about and honor those who fought and died for our freedom and liberty.

  28. michele says:

    A couple of years ago a friend decided that every month she was going to do something new as her NY resolution.she posted these on facebook,some were small some big, made great reading, thanks for sharing yours

  29. kate-v says:

    What a grand day out and what a wonderful horse. I love heavy horses! There is the annual Draft Horse Classic at the Nevada County Fair Grounds in CA in September – it is fantastic! If you all like those great beasts you’ll love the Draft Horse Classic. Something different I’d like to do this weekend is get in some serious practice on my rock drill press.

    • Jamie says:

      That looks like so much fun! Good for you. I too love those horses and live just 30 min from Nevada County. 🙂 Nice to see a fellow Northern Californian reading this awesome blog~

      • Katrina J says:

        Another Northern Californian here too, from Sacramento, Ca. I have never been to the Draft Horse Classic at the Nevada County Fair Grounds, ill have to make plans to attend this year.

        Karen, you look lovely in those photos! I need to figure out what to do different this weekend.

  30. Kat says:

    I am doing something different this weekend… I am dressing up as an Ice Fairy and going to visit a little girl I have never met just to say hi! It is her 6’th birthday. It is an outfit I have been working on for Halloween and a workmate asked me over, in full costume… I said yes! She probably would not have invited me if I hadn’t told her about my creative outfit but what the heck!

  31. ruth says:

    I’m definitely going to eat more chips.

  32. West Coast Nan says:

    Good idea! I’d like to go dancing in a fancy hotel ballroom and I just got invited for Saturday. I’m going for it!

  33. LuAnn says:

    You were like royalty in that carriage. You go girl.

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