Try something different this weekend.

A few weeks ago I went to a friend’s farm to ask him a couple of questions about chickens.

Then before I knew it, this happened.

Karen Driving Jack

Within 10 minutes of arriving I was in that box with wheels, driving “Jack” the Clydesdale. This is a real farm. Not a pretend farm. We found half a deer’s leg in the field. Real farm. Real country.

I rode horses for years, but I sat on their backs for that.  I’ve never driven a horse, but when he asked if I wanted to hop up and take Jack through his paces I said, YUP.  Much to the terror of the woman beside me who actually knows how to drive a horse, I’m sure.

I featured Christieview farm a few years ago actually when I was looking at how to build a chicken coop.

The girl beside me is my friend/neighbour.   We didn’t go together. As it turns out she’s friends with my farmer friend too and was up there taking her weekly driving lesson.  He has a lot of friends, my farmer friend.

We’re the same age. I just look really good for 70-something. It’s because I eat lots of chips.

The Good Dr .- And Karen

So look at the fun that’s to be had if you just say yes. Yup. I wanna do that. Yup I’m going to do that. So this weekend do one thing. Just one that you don’t normally do. For no reason other than to see … what it’s like.  And where it leads to.

Have a good weekend.



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