Stocking Stuffers, Unique Gift Ideas and Gifts for Under $25.

Looking for unique gifts because people have come to expect that from you?  Or gifts that are less than $25 because – really – you barely even know this person?  Yeah. Me too.  And I found some!  Read on …

Sometimes I spend more on Christmas presents  than I probably should.  The reason for this comes down to money.   I’m swimming in it. Honestly, if a Vanderbilt and a Zuckerberg had a baby I’d have enough money to choke its off shore bank manager.

Just kidding!

I spend so much money on presents because it’s usually harder to find a cheap gift than an expensive one.  If I happen to find something I know someone will really like but it’s over budget – it just isn’t worth my time and effort to NOT buy it and look for something less expensive.

Which makes getting nice gifts for under $25 really hard sometimes. At least if you want them to be a bit unique.  If you don’t care about unique just buy them $25 worth of canned pork and beans and call it a day.

Actually that would be quite unique.  You  know, now that I think about it.

I did some scouring and found some unique and fun gifts for under $25


  1. Glass zipper bag – Blown glass container that looks just like a plastic ziploc bag. My sister owns this so I’ve seen it in real life and it’s really nice!  To make it even better fill it with something like jelly beans or nuts.  Or diamonds.

2.  Ticket stub organizer – This little black book doesn’t show up terrible well here in my post but it’s something any music or theatre goer would love.  I have a plastic bag filled with concert tickets dating back to when I was probably 16 or 17 years old.  This little photo album is meant and sized specifically for tickets.  LOVE.

3. Bob Ross figurine – What can one say about this happy little figurine?

4. Shit Just Got Real Notebook – Plain, lined notebook. Perfect gift for anyone whose shit is about to get real.

5. Bedside Pocket – iPad sized felt pocket that hangs off your beds side rails.  Tuck your phone, book or iPad in there as you slip away to dreamland.  Or ya know, you can just let everything crash on the floor like normal.

6. Gold Whisk – It’s a gold whisk.  Who wouldn’t want something like that???

7. Glass Salt Cellar – A little glass salt cellar with lid from Boxwood Avenue.

8. Matzo Chips – Not only tasty chips but a lesson in good marketing and design.

9. Black Tassel Earrings – I own these and they’re REALLY nice. They come in all different colours. I came *close* to buying them in canary yellow but chickened out.  Technically I guess I Big Birded out.

10. Classic Stork Embroidery Scissors – Everyone needs a pair of pretty, teeny, tiny scissors.

If I could just circle back to the pork and bean scenario.  A case of pork and beans would actually make a really good gift for anyone who a) likes to fart on people or b) is worried about impending doom and is stocking up a safe room.

I just thought I’d throw that in there in case you happened to have one of those people in your life. And if you’re married to a man I think it’s safe to say …

O.K., so onto some unique gifts for the unique person in your life. Or maybe you’re the unique person and everyone has come to expect fantastic gifts from you. Here’s what I came up with …

1. Smartphone holder/vase – I normally don’t like these “double duty” things but I always have a small vase with a couple of flowers in it AND my iPhone on my bedside table so – this makes sense to me.

2. World Traveller Cork Globe – For either the world traveller or the wannabe world traveller. A cork globe with stick pins to show where you’ve been or where you want to go.

3. Ditch the Pits – I always put olives out when people come over. Because I’m nice.  At the end of the night I walk around  picking up crumpled paper napkins filled with gross, disgusting chewed up olive pits.  Even if I put a bowl beside the olives, chew up an olive and spit the pit in there so they know what it’s for … they STILL spit them in napkins.  Hopefully this dish with a built in pit holder will stop this worldwide problem.

4. Carbonator – The Kim Kardashian of the carbonated water world.  Sorry Soda Stream.

5. Forest bookends – Because just LOOK at them.

6. Aerogarden – Grow kitchen herbs and even tomatoes in this automatic hydroponic setup.

7. Old World Door Knocker – Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Adore. Adore who?  Adore would look great with this on it.

And if you could indulge me just one more time, the other thing about giving cans of pork and beans for the holidays, they’re incredibly good for you. Beans are full of protein and fibre and vitamins. They’re like little cans of health.  You might have to write that on the card though because otherwise the recipient might be confused.  As to why they’re getting baked beans.  Just explain it to them and then watch their face light up.

O.K. let’s get something for those stockings shall we?

  1. Faceted Pop Socket – Don’t know what a Pop Socket is?  You stick it to the back of your smart phone so it’s easier to hold, text and take pictures with.

2. Sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come – I’m a size small.  Send it to my P.O. Box.  For $14 I don’t think you can expect much from this tee shirt (and it is a tee shirt not sweatshirt) but who wouldn’t want to show up to a party in this?

3. Metal Straws – These also come in plain stainless steel but I kindda like the mixed colours. Because plastic straws are the new devil and paper straws honestly just don’t work well.

4. Pom pom hat – This is one of those rare items that is only available in Canada!

5. Carhartt hat – A Gord Downie favourite.  The ubiquitous Carhartt hat.

6. Slipper Socks (with non slip tread) – If you haven’t discovered slipper socks I’m so sorry for you.

7. Cable holders –  THESE things are a must if you have any sort of technology and a desk.  My phone cord and laptop cords are constantly slipping off the desk onto the floor.  These little doo dads keep everything in place.  ‘Cept your bum.  Nothing will ever be invented that can stop your bum from sliding down your legs as you age.

8. Facial Sponge –  This sponge contains activated charcoal! Which I’m sure does nothing, but it’s a nice looking little face sponge.

And this concludes today’s Gift Guide.

I hope it’s bean helpful.

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  1. Mary W says:

    My 9 yo granddaughter needs an attitude adjustment and you solved it! I saw the picture of you in your elf gear at the bottom of your post and immediately knew a good idea when I had one. Print it out and cut the head part out then attach strings to both sides like a mask. Then use it as a mask on her Elf named Molly. I know she would get the hint. LOL just too good an idea not to work. The book ends are just wonderful.

  2. Jody says:

    Checked out the Pom Pom hat on Amazon from Kajeer. I like Kajeer’s motto–
    “finally i wish you have a good mood every day

  3. p says:

    My sister in law once said my brother couldn’t go to sleep at night if there weren’t 30 cans of Beanie Weenies in the pantry :D !

    I love your list of items! That glass ziplock bag has me wrapped around it’s little finger.

  4. claire says:

    I really need to tell Jan in Waterdown to look up Bob Ross. Because without BR, there really is no meaning to life.
    Also just ordered the book caddy. What does it say about us that that’s so popular!

  5. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Who the hell is Bob Ross?
    And why are people “gifting” these days? Has just plain ole “giving” gone out of style?
    And what is the meaning of life?
    So many questions…. so little time… lol

    • Lez says:

      LOVE! I also have no clue who Bob Ross is! Will Google, as he is obviously important enough to have an ornament made of him!
      No idea what the meaning of life is…but I’m a great believer that we should give to charities that actually DO need, than to each other, who really don’t ‘need’ anything!
      Just my 2 cents worth! :)

  6. Marie Anne says:

    darn it, the ticket stub organizer would have been perfect but its $96 on Amazon Canada now, I did find this one…

  7. Kim C says:

    Thanks Karen. Four gifts crossed of my list and not one of them is a can of beans!

  8. Marilyn Meagher says:

    Well the tassel earrings and the glass bowl are definitely not under 25$. 44$ and 34$ , maybe they were on sale? But really great ideas karen , I always look forward to your suggestions every year. Merry Christmas! 💕🎄🎁

    • Karen says:

      That’s weird! There must be something that screws up in the conversion to Canadian. :/ OR they increased in price from the time I made the list last week (which happens more than you would think). You can get half decent tassel earrings at stores like H&M, they just aren’t as nice as these ones. :( ~ karen!

    • Nicole says:

      The tassel earrings are showing as $14.99 (US) to me? $13.99 for some of the colours.

      But I can’t get the link for the Carbinator to work (I was clicking to see why it was better than the Soda Stream that is collecting dust on my countertop). :)

  9. Susan Claire says:

    Those bookends! Someone needs to buy those for me, too pricey to justify buying them for myself!

  10. Suzette says:

    Went to look at the salt cellar and go4 really distracted by the custom egg stamper. And I dont even keep chickens!

  11. Jenny W says:

    I once gifted my friends really saucy Husband with a can of beans and a loofa.
    Wrapped it up all lovely in a box with a tag that said – wait for it

  12. Martina says:

    Ummm…number 6…the sock??

    • ecoteri says:

      yeah, I think Karen needs to revisit that last section because the order is all out of whack. But I love Gord Downie. Loved, I guess. ;-(.

    • Karen says:

      Oh dear. That whole section was screwed up! I’ve fixed it now including the link for the slipper socks. ~ karen!

  13. Cathy Reeves says:

    I just ordered the bed caddy and found a “ thicker” version 5 $ cheaper. Go figure.
    Also, check out The Grommet website. I’ve purchased the pewter bells for myself and gifts. I love the story that goes along with them. They’re small and not obnoxious when they ring. Plus they look a lot more expensive than they are.
    Thanks for the ideas

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