I knew you’d be back here after I told you I was giving  away a KitchenAid mixer which I bought with my own money.  From me to you.

I know how these contests work, people come from far and wide to enter for their chance to win something.   They don’t want to read a post, they don’t want to hear funny stories, they don’t want to endure a bunch of words from some idiot they don’t read on a regular basis.


I get that.

Tough Noogies.

I want to tell you a fantastically interesting story about how I put too much sugar in my coffee this morning and it tasted really gross.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it isn’t so much a fantastically interesting story as a pretty solidly boring one.  Luckily for you it’s also a short story.  Put too much sugar in my coffee.  Tasted gross.  Had to make another one.  The end.

See, now that’s just the sort of gripping blog post entry you can expect from The Art of Doing Stuff if you’re new around these parts.  If you really *are* new around here read my Start Here page.  It’ll give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into including the time I dressed up like a spider and briefly dated Idris Elba (separately of course).

As a thank you to all my dedicated readers, as a welcome to all my new ones and in an unapologetic attempt to get new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook mentions, I’m giving away this classic KitchenAid stand mixer.  (which I own and love, it’s what I use to make my pizza dough)   I also want you to take a look at my new SHOP page and remember it when the time comes that you need to buy something.


You have 5 ways to win, all of which I’ve made ridiculously easy.

You can do some, all, or none of the below.  But if you do none of them  you won’t be entered to win the KitchenAid which makes your time here today fruitless.  Unless of course you’re actually eating a piece of fruit right now.

The only mandatory entry for you is to visit my shop and pick out your favourite item.  Come back here, leave a comment telling me what it is and you’re entered.

If you want MORE chances to win you can click to win, tweet to win, share on Facebook to win, or follow on Instagram to win.

Get entering!

 visit the shop*this one is mandatory. click the red button to visit my shop page, pick out your fave. thing then tell me what it is in the comment section*


Tweet to win 2

like on facebook 2


instagram to win


The contest closes Wednesday, March 30th at midnight.  Winner is picked at random from all the entries and announced  on Friday, April 1st.  Which is April Fools Day.  But this contest isn’t a joke.

Good luck!

Sorry.  This contest is now closed to entries.


  1. KTTrimble says:

    But I liked the boots too…. and the calendar….. writing down info makes it real still…. I am a poet and didn’t know it….. oh yeah Thanks!

  2. Kimberly says:

    I love almost everything in your shop but the converse tennies would be the most useful!

  3. KTTrimble says:

    Oh, this comment section….. I am sure Amazon is going to appreciate my ADHD.
    My choice is the knife!!! Can never have enough good knives!! You cannot appreciate one until your crazy ex-wife, crazy ex-girlfriend, etc keep all your knives….. but that is a story for another day.

    Same goes with a Kitchen Aid Mixer….. sigh……

  4. Lin N says:

    Oh my, I think I have a shoe/boot thing happening….I’ve visited the shop and it’s a tie between liking/wanting the Hunter Boots or the Lacoste Women’s Gazon 116 3 Fashion Sneaker.

  5. Lisa says:

    Secret Life of Squirrels – although I need a secret life of Possums and Fruit Bats (Queensland, Australia). I have a regular tribe of possums that come in to feed along with a few fruit bats. The fruit bats “poke” the possums to get out of the way. Great fun to watch.

    • Lisa says:

      I know it’s not open to us – but had to comment anyway – as I love the new shop.

    • Nancy Rose says:

      As the photographer an author of The Secret Life of Sqirrels, can I come to Australia and bring some of my props and take photos of your critters??? Then we can make another book! ( a friend saw this page and shared it with me…very cool blog isn’t it!!)

      • Karen says:

        The squirrel lady, lol! I’ve considered doing the same set up with my chickens but I don’t think they would be nearly as cooperative as squirrels. Welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliments. Your book is on my wish list too. :) ~ karen!

        • Lisa says:

          Hew wonderful. You could indeed. I’ve spent the day on my deck watching the parrots and cockatoos play; along with the neighbour’s chooks who like to rummage in my yard. They would love both of you. I’d make you a nice cool drink. The possums come in at night. Love Brisbane’s wildlife. :)

        • Nancy Rose says:

          Adding it to my wish list! But I think time with my grandkids will have to come first :-)

  6. Zak says:

    That cloche would really up my bread making game!

  7. Mickey says:

    Moscow Mule mug

  8. Aldora says:

    I love the set of birch bark vases, so very earthy! The Frye messenger bag is also awesome-as I’m a teacher, I could lug around all my papers and marking in style, haha! I loved the assortment of random and cool items in your shop. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  9. Joanne says:

    The kitchen aid mixer. The Ittala vase is also beautiful.

  10. Jessica says:

    The Frye messenger bag is dreamy. And, of course, the KitchenAid mixer.

  11. Sue says:

    The birch bark wrapped zinc vases…already have them on my wishlist. They match a birch bark wrapped candle holder I already have.

  12. My most favourite thing was the hot pink overdyed rug. I would have to get rid of other rugs to find a place for it and redecorate the room it was placed in, but still, it was my favourite thing.


  13. Tracy says:

    I feel like I’m cheating to say the KA is my favorite, but it is! For someone who bakes as often as I do, I think it’s odd I don’t own a stand mixer.

  14. Rebecca dubous says:

    Owl lamp!!! It’s metallic and I can only imagine the light reflecting off it once I get a chance to buy one a display it in my sunroom.

    Love the new shop page, it all looks so perfectly curated from your tastes, I’m sure it will be a success

  15. Jasmine says:

    Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair, LOVE it.

  16. Kitty McCarty says:

    My first (?) choice was, of course, the KA mixer because I really need it to compete with my sister who bakes deliciously; but, then I spied the brassknuk coffee mug. Oh, how it reminded me of my dear dad. Heavens only knows where or how a set of real brass knuckles came into his possession but they did. They are one of the few keepsakes I have of him. When I see them I wonder “Daddy, what about your young life do we not know??”
    So, I’ll most likely be ordering that mug—even if I don’t win the KA. Instead of out-baking my sister, I’ll be able to out-slug her!

  17. Regina says:

    The Ringmaster of the Shit Show socks!!!!!!

  18. Susan says:

    I’d have to say The Secret Life of Squirrels, followed by the Kitchen-Aid mixer. Hard to choose, though!

  19. Christina says:

    Thug Kitchen is my favorite at this moment. I’ve started my journey to losing 30 pounds and I love me some #/!$ vegetales!

  20. Linda Breti says:

    I like the Sea Gull Lighting Wall Sconce. I happen to be looking for a couple of them right now for my bedroom so that’s probably why I was drawn to it. There were so many cool things to choose from…hard to just pick one!

  21. Susan says:

    Messenger bag, cleaver, any book by Janet Evanovich. I live in South Africa can I enter? Boo hoo if I can’t.

    • Karen says:

      I”m afraid boo hoos are in order Susan. The main reason being, the Kitchen Aid is made for North American electrical outlets. The second reason is I am personally shipping it and I’m already pushing it by giving away a $300 item. :/ I KNOW how awful it is to not be able to take part in a giveaway though so I’m working on a giveaway that will be open WORLDWIDE. Something much lighter perhaps, lol. ~ karen!

      • Missnicole says:

        If you’re paying, can I just have the $100 gold cutlery instead? Shipping is free! I’m generous like that.

    • Thandi says:

      Holy cow Susan! They only cost $300 in North America!!!! Seriously, who do we know who lives there? I’m sure we can get the power supply issue sorted out. $300!!!!

      Karen, out of interest, a KitchenAid mixer in South Africa goes for about US$520. So we covet them. We put a lot of hard work into loving the KitchenAid mixers of our neighbours.

  22. Mike says:

    Really? This simple to enter? With the chance to win such a coveted prize?

    Well then, The Secret Life of Squirrels is my favorite item in the Shop.

    That choice may change tomorrow. But for now, following a long run that kicked my butt, and having passed on water to hydrate my body in lieu of a few cold stouts, my sensibilities are a tad fuzzy, and all I know for sure is that the photo of a squirrel mailing a letter just can’t be beat.

    Quite a literate little rodent, he (she?) is. Wonder if the letter is long or short (“Out of nuts. Help.”)? Who’s the recipient? And how did the postal service get around the massive amounts of red tape associated with producing and installing mail boxes the size of an undeveloped foot-long hot dog?

    If I had that Kitchen-Aid mixer right now, I’d be creating some mouth-watering pizza dough.

  23. Audrey Ogilvie says:

    I love the wooden spoons. For some peculiar reason I have ALWAYS adored wooden spoons. I use them but am by no means a great cook. There’s just something domestically comforting about the shape and texture of these kitchen necessities. I like, too, that they have to be looked after in order to age properly. No soaking in water, etcetera. Unquestionably your shop is filled with wonderful things but I’m going to stick with my choice ~ the wooden spoons.

  24. Suzanne says:

    Those socks. I would wear them and snicker to myself every time I thought of them.

  25. Rhonda says:

    Love all your items but my favourite is the Frye messenger bag.

  26. AG Brown says:

    so – by chance did you ever host a ‘vitamix-giveaway’? just noticed the URL for your KitchenAid giveaway actually is listed as “www.theartofdoinstuff.com/vitamix-giveaway’….
    I’m already a subscriber to your various feeds but best of luck in your quest to increase your traffic on the various social media outlets.

    • Karen says:

      Crap, lol. That could, possibly … maybe .. be upcoming. ;) ~ karen!

    • Karen says:

      I had planned on the Vitamix for this giveaway but they’re … like $700 with tax and shipping. So, I went for the Kitchen Aid (since I’m paying for this giveaway myself) and I’m working on getting Vitamix to provide a blender for my next giveaway. If they agree … then it will be upcoming! I left it too late to organize it for this time around. ~ karen!

  27. Amy says:

    My favorite is definitely love the Frye’s messenger bag!

  28. melanie dahlan says:

    I love the gorgeous messenger bag

  29. Kristina says:

    OMG, I would totally buy the Frye messenger bag. I liked your Facebook page long ago, and I’m too much of a dork to have either a twitter or instagram account. But I love your blog, which is a breath of fresh air amongst all of the other prissy home bloggers (sorry, that was kinda mean, but true).

  30. Laurie says:

    I’m gonna say the chocolate bunny. I’m 2.5 months into a diet and I’m missing chocolate. Yeah I miss chocolate bad!

  31. Cheryl says:

    I love the messenger bag, the copper mug and all of the chairs! Lots of wonderful items to pick from, but we already knew you had great taste.

  32. Gillian says:

    The moon night light if I must pick only one. I must give honorable mention to that umbrella though!

    Hard to pick just that one I like so much of it.

    Good luck everyone!!

    (Me especially ;-D )

  33. Kathy says:

    The Frye bag

  34. Missnicoleo says:

    Uh. The over dyed rug?!? Or the gold cutlery. You’re furnishing my new home come august. March 30 is my birthday, so no pressure random drawing bot.

  35. chris says:

    The Frye messenger bag. I own two pairs of their boots and am coveting MORE!!

  36. Sarah says:

    There are so many great things in your shop! I really like your taste in kicks, especially the white Chucks!

    • Sarah says:

      The pop-up for entering my email address says that I’m also registered to win a Vitamix. I totally understand if you have to ship them separately. I won’t complain one bit.

  37. Brandy Ballard says:

    Totally the owl lamp!!!! :)

  38. Love the leather bag. Need the mixer! ?Pick me, pick me????

  39. Alex farrington says:

    I love the Hampton Forge and Cambridge Silversmith gold flatware! If forced to choose- Hampton Forge.

  40. West Coast Nan says:

    I think I already mentioned how much I liked the brass knuckle mug, and now that I’ve taken another look I also love those socks. Too fab!

  41. Baxton Studio office chair.
    Thanks so much for the Please Like Me recommendation! I’ve watched every one now and am all caught up.

    • Jane Hill says:

      I want the red vintage inspired rug. Been thinking about brightening up my living room but I’d need 2!

  42. mia pratt says:

    The Fry Men’s messenger is my fave – whatever a “messenger” is (second only to the Kitchenaid mixer, of course). I want it for me -not for some guy. I travel a lot, and I take important stuff with me. It looks just manly enough to feel comfy and look sexy riding next to me on a jeep in some foreign country, holding my most important stuff. I guess sometimes when you don’t have a man…you can always have a few manly things to balance things out<:}

  43. Roxy says:

    I really loved the book “The Secret Lives of Squirrels.”

  44. Paula says:

    I checked out the shop the other day and I cannot choose only one favourite. Dustpan and broom, cutlery, sconces, and wooden spoons ?

  45. Jen says:

    Love the stackable wooden bins. Can’t believe they are from Target. Target was such a flop in Canada. If they’d sold these and other items like it they may have done better!! Love your blog btw…irreverent, and so true…it makes me laugh every time! Keep up the good work.

  46. Lori Diaz-Lane says:

    I actually really love the rose gold bumblebee earrings!

  47. Valerie says:

    Would love to order the Hunter boots as I could use them at this time of year out in the garden and not get soggy socks.

  48. Lynda Dunham-Watkins says:

    I like your store and of course your blog. I like the Foodsaver sealer and will soon buy it. I have a garden this year!

  49. MaryJo says:

    I don’t want to win because I already have a KA, but I’m just here to let you know that I already checked out your store and it’s awesome and that I love your blog. Keep up the good work, Karen. =0)

  50. lee says:

    Frye Messenger Bag of course!