I knew you’d be back here after I told you I was giving  away a KitchenAid mixer which I bought with my own money.  From me to you.

I know how these contests work, people come from far and wide to enter for their chance to win something.   They don’t want to read a post, they don’t want to hear funny stories, they don’t want to endure a bunch of words from some idiot they don’t read on a regular basis.


I get that.

Tough Noogies.

I want to tell you a fantastically interesting story about how I put too much sugar in my coffee this morning and it tasted really gross.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it isn’t so much a fantastically interesting story as a pretty solidly boring one.  Luckily for you it’s also a short story.  Put too much sugar in my coffee.  Tasted gross.  Had to make another one.  The end.

See, now that’s just the sort of gripping blog post entry you can expect from The Art of Doing Stuff if you’re new around these parts.  If you really *are* new around here read my Start Here page.  It’ll give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into including the time I dressed up like a spider and briefly dated Idris Elba (separately of course).

As a thank you to all my dedicated readers, as a welcome to all my new ones and in an unapologetic attempt to get new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook mentions, I’m giving away this classic KitchenAid stand mixer.  (which I own and love, it’s what I use to make my pizza dough)   I also want you to take a look at my new SHOP page and remember it when the time comes that you need to buy something.


You have 5 ways to win, all of which I’ve made ridiculously easy.

You can do some, all, or none of the below.  But if you do none of them  you won’t be entered to win the KitchenAid which makes your time here today fruitless.  Unless of course you’re actually eating a piece of fruit right now.

The only mandatory entry for you is to visit my shop and pick out your favourite item.  Come back here, leave a comment telling me what it is and you’re entered.

If you want MORE chances to win you can click to win, tweet to win, share on Facebook to win, or follow on Instagram to win.

Get entering!

 visit the shop*this one is mandatory. click the red button to visit my shop page, pick out your fave. thing then tell me what it is in the comment section*


Tweet to win 2

like on facebook 2


instagram to win


The contest closes Wednesday, March 30th at midnight.  Winner is picked at random from all the entries and announced  on Friday, April 1st.  Which is April Fools Day.  But this contest isn’t a joke.

Good luck!

Sorry.  This contest is now closed to entries.


  1. lee says:

    Frye Messenger Bag of course!

  2. MaryJo says:

    I don’t want to win because I already have a KA, but I’m just here to let you know that I already checked out your store and it’s awesome and that I love your blog. Keep up the good work, Karen. =0)

  3. I like your store and of course your blog. I like the Foodsaver sealer and will soon buy it. I have a garden this year!

  4. Valerie says:

    Would love to order the Hunter boots as I could use them at this time of year out in the garden and not get soggy socks.

  5. Lori Diaz-Lane says:

    I actually really love the rose gold bumblebee earrings!

  6. Jen says:

    Love the stackable wooden bins. Can’t believe they are from Target. Target was such a flop in Canada. If they’d sold these and other items like it they may have done better!! Love your blog btw…irreverent, and so true…it makes me laugh every time! Keep up the good work.

  7. Paula says:

    I checked out the shop the other day and I cannot choose only one favourite. Dustpan and broom, cutlery, sconces, and wooden spoons ?

  8. Roxy says:

    I really loved the book “The Secret Lives of Squirrels.”

  9. mia pratt says:

    The Fry Men’s messenger is my fave – whatever a “messenger” is (second only to the Kitchenaid mixer, of course). I want it for me -not for some guy. I travel a lot, and I take important stuff with me. It looks just manly enough to feel comfy and look sexy riding next to me on a jeep in some foreign country, holding my most important stuff. I guess sometimes when you don’t have a man…you can always have a few manly things to balance things out<:}

  10. Baxton Studio office chair.
    Thanks so much for the Please Like Me recommendation! I’ve watched every one now and am all caught up.

    • Jane Hill says:

      I want the red vintage inspired rug. Been thinking about brightening up my living room but I’d need 2!

  11. West Coast Nan says:

    I think I already mentioned how much I liked the brass knuckle mug, and now that I’ve taken another look I also love those socks. Too fab!

  12. Alex farrington says:

    I love the Hampton Forge and Cambridge Silversmith gold flatware! If forced to choose- Hampton Forge.

  13. Love the leather bag. Need the mixer! ?Pick me, pick me????

  14. Brandy Ballard says:

    Totally the owl lamp!!!! 🙂

  15. Sarah says:

    There are so many great things in your shop! I really like your taste in kicks, especially the white Chucks!

    • Sarah says:

      The pop-up for entering my email address says that I’m also registered to win a Vitamix. I totally understand if you have to ship them separately. I won’t complain one bit.

  16. chris says:

    The Frye messenger bag. I own two pairs of their boots and am coveting MORE!!

  17. Missnicoleo says:

    Uh. The over dyed rug?!? Or the gold cutlery. You’re furnishing my new home come august. March 30 is my birthday, so no pressure random drawing bot.

  18. Kathy says:

    The Frye bag

  19. Gillian says:

    The moon night light if I must pick only one. I must give honorable mention to that umbrella though!

    Hard to pick just that one I like so much of it.

    Good luck everyone!!

    (Me especially ;-D )

  20. Cheryl says:

    I love the messenger bag, the copper mug and all of the chairs! Lots of wonderful items to pick from, but we already knew you had great taste.

  21. Laurie says:

    I’m gonna say the chocolate bunny. I’m 2.5 months into a diet and I’m missing chocolate. Yeah I miss chocolate bad!

  22. Kristina says:

    OMG, I would totally buy the Frye messenger bag. I liked your Facebook page long ago, and I’m too much of a dork to have either a twitter or instagram account. But I love your blog, which is a breath of fresh air amongst all of the other prissy home bloggers (sorry, that was kinda mean, but true).

  23. melanie dahlan says:

    I love the gorgeous messenger bag

  24. Amy says:

    My favorite is definitely love the Frye’s messenger bag!

  25. AG Brown says:

    so – by chance did you ever host a ‘vitamix-giveaway’? just noticed the URL for your KitchenAid giveaway actually is listed as “www.theartofdoinstuff.com/vitamix-giveaway’….
    I’m already a subscriber to your various feeds but best of luck in your quest to increase your traffic on the various social media outlets.

    • Karen says:

      Crap, lol. That could, possibly … maybe .. be upcoming. 😉 ~ karen!

    • Karen says:

      I had planned on the Vitamix for this giveaway but they’re … like $700 with tax and shipping. So, I went for the Kitchen Aid (since I’m paying for this giveaway myself) and I’m working on getting Vitamix to provide a blender for my next giveaway. If they agree … then it will be upcoming! I left it too late to organize it for this time around. ~ karen!

  26. Rhonda says:

    Love all your items but my favourite is the Frye messenger bag.

  27. Suzanne says:

    Those socks. I would wear them and snicker to myself every time I thought of them.

  28. Audrey Ogilvie says:

    I love the wooden spoons. For some peculiar reason I have ALWAYS adored wooden spoons. I use them but am by no means a great cook. There’s just something domestically comforting about the shape and texture of these kitchen necessities. I like, too, that they have to be looked after in order to age properly. No soaking in water, etcetera. Unquestionably your shop is filled with wonderful things but I’m going to stick with my choice ~ the wooden spoons.

  29. Mike says:

    Really? This simple to enter? With the chance to win such a coveted prize?

    Well then, The Secret Life of Squirrels is my favorite item in the Shop.

    That choice may change tomorrow. But for now, following a long run that kicked my butt, and having passed on water to hydrate my body in lieu of a few cold stouts, my sensibilities are a tad fuzzy, and all I know for sure is that the photo of a squirrel mailing a letter just can’t be beat.

    Quite a literate little rodent, he (she?) is. Wonder if the letter is long or short (“Out of nuts. Help.”)? Who’s the recipient? And how did the postal service get around the massive amounts of red tape associated with producing and installing mail boxes the size of an undeveloped foot-long hot dog?

    If I had that Kitchen-Aid mixer right now, I’d be creating some mouth-watering pizza dough.

  30. Susan says:

    Messenger bag, cleaver, any book by Janet Evanovich. I live in South Africa can I enter? Boo hoo if I can’t.

    • Karen says:

      I”m afraid boo hoos are in order Susan. The main reason being, the Kitchen Aid is made for North American electrical outlets. The second reason is I am personally shipping it and I’m already pushing it by giving away a $300 item. :/ I KNOW how awful it is to not be able to take part in a giveaway though so I’m working on a giveaway that will be open WORLDWIDE. Something much lighter perhaps, lol. ~ karen!

      • Missnicole says:

        If you’re paying, can I just have the $100 gold cutlery instead? Shipping is free! I’m generous like that.

    • Thandi says:

      Holy cow Susan! They only cost $300 in North America!!!! Seriously, who do we know who lives there? I’m sure we can get the power supply issue sorted out. $300!!!!

      Karen, out of interest, a KitchenAid mixer in South Africa goes for about US$520. So we covet them. We put a lot of hard work into loving the KitchenAid mixers of our neighbours.

  31. Linda Breti says:

    I like the Sea Gull Lighting Wall Sconce. I happen to be looking for a couple of them right now for my bedroom so that’s probably why I was drawn to it. There were so many cool things to choose from…hard to just pick one!

  32. Christina says:

    Thug Kitchen is my favorite at this moment. I’ve started my journey to losing 30 pounds and I love me some #/!$ vegetales!

  33. Susan says:

    I’d have to say The Secret Life of Squirrels, followed by the Kitchen-Aid mixer. Hard to choose, though!

  34. Regina says:

    The Ringmaster of the Shit Show socks!!!!!!

  35. Kitty McCarty says:

    My first (?) choice was, of course, the KA mixer because I really need it to compete with my sister who bakes deliciously; but, then I spied the brassknuk coffee mug. Oh, how it reminded me of my dear dad. Heavens only knows where or how a set of real brass knuckles came into his possession but they did. They are one of the few keepsakes I have of him. When I see them I wonder “Daddy, what about your young life do we not know??”
    So, I’ll most likely be ordering that mug—even if I don’t win the KA. Instead of out-baking my sister, I’ll be able to out-slug her!

  36. Jasmine says:

    Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair, LOVE it.

  37. Rebecca dubous says:

    Owl lamp!!! It’s metallic and I can only imagine the light reflecting off it once I get a chance to buy one a display it in my sunroom.

    Love the new shop page, it all looks so perfectly curated from your tastes, I’m sure it will be a success

  38. Tracy says:

    I feel like I’m cheating to say the KA is my favorite, but it is! For someone who bakes as often as I do, I think it’s odd I don’t own a stand mixer.

  39. My most favourite thing was the hot pink overdyed rug. I would have to get rid of other rugs to find a place for it and redecorate the room it was placed in, but still, it was my favourite thing.


  40. Sue says:

    The birch bark wrapped zinc vases…already have them on my wishlist. They match a birch bark wrapped candle holder I already have.

  41. Jessica says:

    The Frye messenger bag is dreamy. And, of course, the KitchenAid mixer.

  42. Joanne says:

    The kitchen aid mixer. The Ittala vase is also beautiful.

  43. Aldora says:

    I love the set of birch bark vases, so very earthy! The Frye messenger bag is also awesome-as I’m a teacher, I could lug around all my papers and marking in style, haha! I loved the assortment of random and cool items in your shop. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  44. Mickey says:

    Moscow Mule mug

  45. Zak says:

    That cloche would really up my bread making game!

  46. Lisa says:

    Secret Life of Squirrels – although I need a secret life of Possums and Fruit Bats (Queensland, Australia). I have a regular tribe of possums that come in to feed along with a few fruit bats. The fruit bats “poke” the possums to get out of the way. Great fun to watch.

    • Lisa says:

      I know it’s not open to us – but had to comment anyway – as I love the new shop.

    • Nancy Rose says:

      As the photographer an author of The Secret Life of Sqirrels, can I come to Australia and bring some of my props and take photos of your critters??? Then we can make another book! ( a friend saw this page and shared it with me…very cool blog isn’t it!!)

      • Karen says:

        The squirrel lady, lol! I’ve considered doing the same set up with my chickens but I don’t think they would be nearly as cooperative as squirrels. Welcome to my blog and thanks for the compliments. Your book is on my wish list too. 🙂 ~ karen!

        • Lisa says:

          Hew wonderful. You could indeed. I’ve spent the day on my deck watching the parrots and cockatoos play; along with the neighbour’s chooks who like to rummage in my yard. They would love both of you. I’d make you a nice cool drink. The possums come in at night. Love Brisbane’s wildlife. 🙂

  47. Lin N says:

    Oh my, I think I have a shoe/boot thing happening….I’ve visited the shop and it’s a tie between liking/wanting the Hunter Boots or the Lacoste Women’s Gazon 116 3 Fashion Sneaker.

  48. KTTrimble says:

    Oh, this comment section….. I am sure Amazon is going to appreciate my ADHD.
    My choice is the knife!!! Can never have enough good knives!! You cannot appreciate one until your crazy ex-wife, crazy ex-girlfriend, etc keep all your knives….. but that is a story for another day.

    Same goes with a Kitchen Aid Mixer….. sigh……

  49. Kimberly says:

    I love almost everything in your shop but the converse tennies would be the most useful!

  50. KTTrimble says:

    But I liked the boots too…. and the calendar….. writing down info makes it real still…. I am a poet and didn’t know it….. oh yeah Thanks!

  51. Kris says:

    I LOVE the candlesticks!

  52. peg says:

    I have gifted many pairs of blue Q of socks~love them all. they have cute bags ~make up ,grocery etc…
    Love the over dyed PINK carpet.
    Love your new shop!! will check out often~ you have a fun sense of style.

  53. Ellen says:

    I love the messenge bag.

  54. Ruth Vallejos says:

    The hammered copper mugs. Lovely. It’s all lovely stuff

  55. Leanne says:

    The messenger bag is gorgeous. I love all the things you chose in your shop section. The dining room chairs are also a favorite

  56. Liz says:

    I really love the Hunter boots 🙂 I’ve admired them since I saw them here a few years ago.

  57. Kris says:

    The candlesticks are my favorites.

  58. Carolyn says:

    Love the wall sconces and of course, the stand mixer. Really enjoy your blog..and your chicks!!

  59. James says:

    That lamp is awesome 🙂 The Room Essentials™ Acrylic Table Lamp from Target.

  60. Dana says:

    I was going to chose the French onion soup bowls, but then I scrolled down and saw the Secret Life of Squirrels, and, well, it has to be that!

  61. Kelsey says:

    I love the bee earrings! I don’t necessarily have a thing for winged stinging insects but they remind me of the spelling bee where I met my similarly nerdy best friend. However I also love the abstract pillow and Frye bag…wish it wasn’t a week’s salary!

  62. Mary Ann White says:

    I want the chocolate bunny!!

  63. Shelly White says:

    I wanted the toilet paper holder until I scrolled down and saw it was a lamp. I don’t want that.

  64. Debbe Van Ness says:

    Pick just one favorite? Has to be the messenger bag!

  65. Bridget P. says:

    I want the Nars blush

  66. robert says:

    I already follow you on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, not Facebook because I’ve never use it.
    I love the bronze trow pillow, the woven basket, the fancy pink rug but in blue, the converse and obviously the kitchenaid.
    Big Fat Important Question! Do you get the fee if I click on the link but buy it on another color or entirely something else??

    • Karen says:

      what an excellent question Robert. Thank you for asking. If you click on anything on Amazon off of my page I still get the “finder’s fee”. So if you buy it in blue or decide to browse over to an entirely different rug … I still get the credit. If you buy anything off of Amazon but start from my page in fact, I get the credit. If you buy the thing you looked at from my blog within a week I even get the credit! ~ karen!

  67. Julia says:

    I love that quirky chicken model! 😉

  68. Sue H. says:

    My favorite item is the Frye messenger bag.

  69. Kathleen says:

    *Boo Hoo. Gnashing of teeth.* Oh all right then, throw myself on the floor and wail! I don’t qualify to win this either, living in sunny South Africa. *sniff*
    However, I really like most of the items in your ‘shop’.
    For now, my choice would be Thug Kitchen.

    Wonderful give away, Karen.
    Good luck to the rest of you!

  70. Olivia says:

    The black welly boots would be fantastic ( live on the wet coast 🙂
    I plan to grow some *luffas* this summer….thanks for your video.

  71. Mel says:

    The shop is lovely! And if I had a big fat amazon gift card, I would totally buy myself that Frye messenger bag. I was staring at it the other day, and now all the sites that have pop-up ads keep showing it to me in my margins!! And I would adore the mixer so much!!

  72. Teresa J says:

    I love the socks – Ringmaster of the Shit Show – they would be perfect for my daughter-in-law. She would love them too cause she is always talking about what shit show is going on!!! LOL LOL I just love her!

  73. Maggie says:

    Congratulations on your new store! What fun picking out what you think are the best items for yourself and others! Kind of like living in a fantasy where you get to spend other people’s money.

    I like those pretty blue onion soup bowls. I’ve been looking for something similar on ebay. But the ones I’ve looked at are not called “onion soup” bowls but rather “stew” or just plain old everyday “soup” bowls.

    I am rather partial to “everyday” soups so I doubt that I’d ever use them for onion soup, but stew or chili, would look mighty tasty in blue bowls, don’tcha think?

  74. Julie says:

    I liked the Converse canvas sneakers best because….well, shoes, of course.

  75. Patty Martin says:

    DENY Designs Three Of The Possessed Modele Throw Pillow

  76. j says:

    I Love the Verner Panton Style Classic ‘S’ Dining Lounge Side Chair White *Set of 2*
    by Verner Panton Style
    and I bought them 21 Mar 2016!! Think they would look great with the mixer!!

  77. Corinne says:

    The foodsaver!!!!!!! And the knife!! Already liked on facebook so I never miss a post!!

  78. Maggie says:

    What??!!?? I just tried to Tweet using a seldom-used account and it tried to make me follow O.J. Simpson.

    Hey, I love your blog and all, but I don’t want a new mixer bad enough to follow O.J. on Twitter. Just saying.

  79. Aileen weldon says:

    I love the messenger bag but I Need the food saver starter kit.

    And the KA of course. I would clean out my kitchen cupboards to make a special home for it.

  80. Dani H says:

    My favorite item in the shop is the FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit. I live alone but like to buy family packs of meat and cook things that I can then freeze in individual servings so this system would be ideal.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  81. KATHLEEN says:

    Gotta love that chicken!

  82. Dani H says:

    I followed you on Instagram (user: https://www.instagram.com/ddh127/.)

  83. Mary Edmondson says:

    The food saver sealer.

  84. Seana says:

    Well duh, the mixer is my favorite thing. But I also am strangely attracted to the see through chicken and will probably be getting one next time I have a little play money.

  85. Jeannette says:

    I love the leather office chair in your shop..and the Frye messenger bag. Do I have to only pick one? Then I pick the office chair. It’s a beauty.

  86. Lynn Askew says:

    IF I could only pick one, aside from the KitchenAid, of course, it would be the messenger bag. But I’m really bad at math, so also the Chuck Taylors. And the censored get your own tools sign. And omg the wellys would be great for coop duty. And the anatomical chicken. And of course the chocolate rabbit, but it’s sold out of course. Thanks, Karen!

  87. Mark says:

    Well, I would choose that throw pillow from Target. From Target?! Wow! Two reasons for choosing that: (1) It reminds me of abstract stained glass, and (2) It is colourful, and what room could not use a splash of colour like that?

    The KA mixer would be awesome. My sister (who is a truly fantastic cook!) has a really great pastry recipe that she makes in her stand mixer in about 2 minutes. It would be great to be able to make that with my own mixer. (If I win, I’ll share the recipe with you, Karen!)

  88. Margaret K. says:

    Have the Kitchenaid Mixer and a bread cloche, so I would have to say the next item I would choose would be the warning sign for would-be tool borrowers. Lots of other lovely things, though.

  89. Seadee says:

    Waaaay tooooo many choices: 1) Hunter boots 2) Brassknuks mug 3) all the rest….

    Because of you, I suddenly wanted a KA. Found a HOBART KA on Craigslist for $50! But I would like to give one to my sister!

  90. Leslie says:

    I love the Hunter boots. The Bruce Trail is very muddy this time of year! (I am in Hamilton, so if I win I can save you the postage and meet you in the parking lot of Dollarama!)

  91. Emily says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite thing! You have great taste in vases, I think. But really, the thing I would most likely buy myself off the list is that marble lamp.

  92. Marisa says:

    I love the SuperStone La Cloche Baker with Specialty Bread Cloth and the Frye messenger bag.

  93. Camille says:

    Oh, the dilemmas. Aside from the KitchenAid mixer of course, my faves are the two sets of gold flatware, the birch wood vases and the brass knuckle mug. Zsa-zsa, natural, and ghetto mixed into one. And then there’s the whole issue of the squirrel…

  94. Maxine says:

    Definitely the Frye messenger bag.

  95. Cindy Sorensen says:

    Lots of great items in there…. favorite right now is…. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill. Would love the Kitchen Aid mixer as I love to bake, and mine really needs to be replaced. I love all the things you post… most often you make me laugh when I really need a good chuckle and for that I thank you.

  96. Muff Hackett says:

    The Secret Life of Squirrels and the Bee Earrings were close, but the chicken anatomy model is the clear winner tonight. (In fact, I will show it to my boss as she is a science teacher and will probably want one of each species.)
    Great choices in the shop – happy to use you as my jumping off place for Amazon.
    PS – I already have my own KA (and my daughter’s is in storage in my cupboard) but I’m sure I can find a good home for a fresh one – perhaps a silent auction at the school . . . that way it could be twice as productive even before it gets turned on.

  97. Linda Baker says:

    Love the Hunter boots…..dreaming of Spring in the garden?

  98. Cynthia says:

    The Frye bag would be a lovely gift for my guy. The one that killed my Pro Series Kitchen Aid mixer! That’s love right?

  99. kate-v says:

    I like the stackable wooden bins. I am tossing out most of my old vcr tapes and need exactly the dimensions of the stackable bins to fit 3 across on two shelves in which to hold handwork projects and other related craft items and still have enough space for the vcr tapes I’m keeping.
    I know January has come and gone but I’m still working on chucking out 50 things. Now there are more than 50 vcr tapes to rid of but I’m calling it just ONE (1) lot (of all the same things) – there are so many other (‘lots’ of) things to get rid of . After the vcr tapes I’ll be moving on to coffee cup ‘lot’.

  100. Ann Brookens says:

    Man. People were lined up to enter for that Kitchen Aide, weren’t they? Including me, of course.

    I really like those birch bark covered vases. They’re different from anything else I’ve ever seen. I didn’t notice the plans for a 6’2″ farmer named Jake, though. I think if you could manage a giveaway for that particular item, you could REALLY generate some interest in your blog.

  101. Agnes says:

    Hard to pick just one….but Secret Life of Squirrels has got to be the winner for me!

  102. Donna says:

    I love the dining lounge chairs! They look so cool and comfy!

  103. Luanne says:

    Ooooooh. That messenger bag. I know it’s being marketed to men… But I surely want it for myself. Almost as much as the kitchenaid mixer.

  104. Nancy says:

    Well, now I know I bought the wrong blush. I got the single orgasm version. Not multiple. There enough in that stick of blush to last the rest of my natural life. What to do???
    I really love the wooden spoons and the dreamy leather messenger bag.
    I’ve been a long time subscriber. Don’t we get an extra point?

  105. Twyla Powell Harkey says:

    I love the cookie jar..
    I love cookies!!’

  106. tracie says:

    Well, I love everything, but those socks drew me in for a long time. I have to buy me some of those. It’s times like these that I wish I were on twitter and instagram to score more entries…one of these days, mark my words. Really loved that office chair too, but out of stock. Like I’m ordering one right now…But really, socks?

  107. Whitney says:

    The white converse chuck Taylors! There is literally no outfit that isn’t brought down to real life by pairing with them. They are comfortable and say, “I’m pretty badass without even trying”. They are also my favorite baby gift!

  108. Kate says:

    The socks. Absolutely the socks.

    And is it stupid that I thought the bee earrings were cuff links? Not sure why you would have put up cuff links.

  109. Gayle says:

    Oh jeez, I thought it would be easy to choose … But my heart belongs to the Frye Messenger Bag so that’s my final answer.

  110. Kelley says:

    Wow! All the options are amazing, but I’d choose the wishbone chair. I love its simple lines. Congrats on the new additions to your site.

  111. Julie says:

    I love the Bumblebee Stud earings altough the food saver would be much more useful.

  112. Kelly says:

    Love the messenger bag and the stackable wooden bins, a shocking Target find! They really hit the mark there.
    I have just not yet convinced myself I need a food saver. As a Costco shopper and lover of buying too many farmer’s market strawberries at once I know I’m wrong, but I’m just not there.

  113. Alita says:

    Difficult to choose but that sea leaf vase is very pretty! Lovely shop 🙂

  114. Dana says:

    The moon night light is my favorite!

  115. Lauren says:

    I love the Frye bag! But..also the DENY designs pillow….AND pretty much everything else on there…:-)

  116. Dianne says:

    The Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is my favorite! I love thinking about how much easier baking would be if I had one.
    I’ve been to your shop before tonight in addition to tonight. You’ve got some great stuff and I’ve bookmarked the site.

  117. Sylvia says:

    I love everything in your store. You have great taste! I also enjoy following your blog. You always make me smile.
    As for my favorite thing…hard to choose but the LexMod C24 Wishbone Chair is awesome. Good price too.
    I was hoping you would have the pig head … like the one in your kitchen. I love that!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a Kitchen Aid mixer. I’ve always wanted one.

  118. Mike says:

    I’m going with the chicken anatomy model, because that’s awesome.

  119. Sherry in Alaska says:

    Okay, so if I had read more carefully on Monday I would have seen that today was for entering the contest. So having read carefully this time… I will choose the Hunter boots as the item I like best. In fact I already have them on my list at Zappos only in shiny red. Thanks for the chance to win a KA mixer!

  120. KarlawithaK says:

    Well, the Kitchenaid is first choice of course! After that… the wooden candlesticks. I find that burning candles keeps my raging pyromania in check.

  121. Kim says:

    love the french onion soup bowls!
    how do we let you know we followed you on instagram?

  122. Nan Lorenz says:

    My favorite are the “Ringmaster” socks! I would smile all day just knowing what my socks were saying!
    Love your blog!

  123. Shauna says:

    The alarm clock, because I need one and it’s a classier version of the one I had and loved in middle school . Plus at least half of the books on your list that I’ve read and loved and would like to read again!

  124. Teri Young says:

    FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger – My daughter has been bugging me for one of these for months….

  125. Melissa says:

    So many interesting things – how are we suppose to pick just one fave? Love the black wellies. Have never owned a pair but I live in the Pacific Northwest. I really need to get some. Also love the quirky shaped vase. Would love to see an arrangement in it – future post? And I’m dying to see where you keep the chicken anatomy model in your home and read why you love it. Another post?

  126. TucsonPatty says:

    I want the silver bumblebee earrings, but, more than that – I want the socks – maybe several pair…”Ringmaster of The Shit Show”. Too funny!

  127. Amy Ai says:

    The Watkins Sea Leaf vase! So pretty, looks almost tropical. 🙂

  128. virginia says:

    I love the earrings and the food saver would be fantastic, love your blog!!!

  129. miss boots says:

    Love the onion soup bowls and the sea gull light, and of course, the Kitchen Aid mixer!

  130. Chelsea says:

    I love the gold flatware! That would be my 1st choice.. Although I should point out that I also own that food saver and love it.. And I bought it because of a recommendation on a previous post! Karen, u always have solid advice!

  131. Diane says:

    I like the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill. And the mixer, otherwise, why would I be entering the contest for it?

    Next time you do a contest, could you do the linky things so they pop to a new tab or window? Having to remember to use the back button is almost more work than my brain can handle sometimes 😀

  132. Auntiepatch says:

    I love the unavailable chair (Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair, Walnut/Black) and the squirrel book!

  133. Auntiepatch says:

    I follow you on FB – Karen Anderson

  134. Karissa says:

    As much as it is probably the least likely option for me normally, I’m all about that chocolate bunny. I’ve been doing the whole30 and actually DREAMING about chocolate basically every night so that brought me to a screeching halt! I’d love a Kitchen Aid, it’s always been one of those “someday” items for me.

  135. Belle says:

    The Secret Life of Squirrels. My brother in law would love this! He has squirrel friends at his house!

  136. Dennis says:

    I like the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model, it will be the perfect gift for that special friend…..

  137. CoCoDubai says:

    French Onion Soup Bowls….. They’re beautiful. I need them….

  138. Jan Porter says:

    I love the leather office chair. My ugly old blue one has seen better days. It is cloth and attracts dog hair like a magnet. It is impossible to get the dang dog hairs out. It is like they are woven into the fabric. It makes this loud popping noise when you sit down, waking the whole house at 2 a.m. while finishing a project. The best part about the chair is the arms because it is a safety feature for me. They keep me from landing on my face when I nod off at 2a.m. I noticed the leather office chair comes with the safety feature also.

  139. Lynn Pinda says:

    I really like the French Onion Soup Bowls!

  140. Teresa Cividanes says:

    My fave is the Fry Men’s messenger ,i just love it!!!!your store is very nice & love lots of things in it like the pink rug,the oel gold lamp…thanks 4 the chance of getting ka.

  141. Mid says:

    Sea Leaf Vase – I play with clay…amateur ceramicist. To my surprise, I actually have made this vase…..almost indentically. Now I feel as if I’ve been cloned. So for obvious reasons ….. Sea Leaf Vase is my favorite but……my favorite drink is a Moscow Mule. Toss up between my ego & my alcohol…. Haha! Love your blog! The only one I read. Kudos….!!!!!!!!

  142. Maura says:

    Hunter boots?

  143. Sarah J says:

    The KA mixer because I have fond memories of baking with my mother, daughters, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. I am on my 2nd KA. I do not need, but I think your blog is great and have never commented. You are like an urban real pioneer woman.

  144. Jen LT says:

    My favorite is the Kitchen Aide mixer obviously. The second choice are the French Onion bowls. Very pretty. I also like the wooden stacking shelves. Nice choices.

  145. Nany Lane says:

    Absolutely LOVE, LOVE that vintage pink carpet. I’ve been eyeing one just like that one but in a blue/green until I saw it in pink.
    I had a hard time though, the store is brilliant and I haven’t even completely read through the book list.
    Well done !!!!

  146. Mary Michelle says:

    My favorite was the sea gull wall sconce. Yes, it took a giveaway to get me to stop lurking and finally comment☺

  147. Violet Rose says:

    Some seriously cool stuff here. Hard to pick one fave, love the copper water bottle (lack of copper in the diet is attributed to white hair, who knows if this would help), the Messenger bag in teal is gorgeous, all the gold and brass on stuff and the pink rug is delicious. Thanks for the opportunity.

  148. I love your store! I will be ordering some of those bumblebee earrings!

  149. I have to say the cloche bread baker….i love 24 hour bread…i love the simplicity and ease of the recipes, the quick setup and the delicious taste….but not having to dig into a deep pot to get it out make it much more enjoyable when you get to the last step!
    Of course there are numerous other items that i could spend my money on! You can reek havoc on my declutter project!

  150. Cathy says:

    The cleaver, the tennies–both , and the wood clock

  151. Cyndy says:

    The “FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System” looks like a great idea! I’ve noticed vacuum sealed foods in grocery stores and would like to extend the quality / life of foods I buy, make, or grow.
    Thanks for the contest.

  152. Tania says:

    That bag. Enough said.

  153. Amanda says:

    I like the shop. I really like the part where you tell us which things you actually own. As far as faves, I thought I liked the moon nightlight but then I read the reviews and they were awful. Then I liked the office chair but it’s sold out on Amazon. So in conclusion I should probably stick to clicking on things you already own so I’m not disappointed.

  154. Micha says:

    I love the Targets wooden bins, those Hunter boots, the squirrels book and the owl table lamp. And of course, the KA mixer to go with my very first “adult” KA food processor

  155. Erika Collins says:

    My favorites are the Frye messenger bag and the Target stackable wooden crates. I was drooling over them earlier yesterday even before they became part of the portal to the contest! I will probably buy the crates but the messenger bag will take a savings plan…..

  156. Wendy says:

    Brass Knuckles white cup.
    Or the messenger bag.
    Love them both.
    Maybe not as much as the mixer, mind you.
    Thanks for being so fun.

  157. Mary Vankeulen says:

    Ringmaster of the Shit Show! Those socks, just love them! Also love the messenger bag.

  158. Jen says:

    Oooo those poly and bark armchairs. Or those socks, would wear them daily, lol!

  159. Erika says:

    Well. I love just about everything in your shop and happen to own the moon light (fantastic), and A Prayer for Owen Meaney is my most favourite book ever. But I’d have to go with the Blue Q “Ringmaster of the Shit Show” socks. I can think of several friends who would appreciate receiving a pair of those. 😉 Long time (quiet) reader, love your blog. Thanks for the contest!

  160. Marna says:

    I mentioned previously, I like the owl lamp (Aeropostale Women’s Owl Table Lamp Gold), not available, will check back. I still like that chocolate bunny too! 😉

  161. Phyllis Kraemer says:

    I love the Confidence Fitness Machine…and the Messenger bag…and…..on and on!…My KA is a million years old…would love a new one!!…then I could bake more…and wear off the pounds put on by walking on the machine!..perfect!

  162. Kim Totten says:

    I love the basket with the white ring at the top…but love everything else…hard choice! Your new shop is awesome Karen!

  163. Liz says:

    Hey Girl! I’ve been following you FB Twitter Insta and Blog for about a year and a half now but been following you on Canadian TV for years. Loved the Shop, you have such great style and appreciate you picking out your favorite things and linking us to them…I can honestly say I’ve never checked out the SHOP!! oopsie

    Good Luck to all…but I need that mixer for my repertoire of kitchen arsenal

    Keep it up Grrrl! @lizlovesHamOnt

  164. Myra says:

    I love love love the pink overdyed rug. I’ve looked at them many times but never found one so cheap!

  165. Greer says:

    I love the Poly and Bark Organic armchairs from Amazon – I’d get the light grey ones though. Also, that umbrella really tickles me!

  166. Katie says:

    Without a doubt, the socks. Those socks sum up a day in my life at work. I’m a teacher. LOL

  167. Bwright says:

    I love the messenger bag and the crockery, but I keep getting distracted by the socks! Every pair either makes me think of someone I know or wonder what I could wear with them. It’s like an evil plot to make me fill my cart with 50 pairs of socks!

  168. Debbie Campbell says:

    The threshold canister, would go perfectly with my white and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

  169. Trish says:

    Too many to chose from!!!!! For practical, I love the vacuum sealer. I have a similar one and as a single, it’s almost a necessity. Unless of course you have something cool and crafty I can do with chunks of molded cheese!

    LOVE your posts. They always give me a giggle.

  170. Stephanie says:

    Definitely the moon night light 🙂

  171. Debbie Campbell says:

    The Threshold Ceramic Cookie Jar… Would look great with my white accessories and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

  172. Beth says:

    The Frye messenger bag!

  173. Heather says:

    ok – it may be a sign of immaturity… don’t care – but the middle finger umbrella cracked me up. In fact I’ve ordered for a friends birthday! It’s already on its way. Love the shop – humour and style – fantastic!

  174. Marlene says:

    I really want the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model, but my little son took one look, said, “YuK!” at the top of his voice and trotted off, so I suppose I should choose the more adult thing – so my second choice is the FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit.

  175. Regina says:

    The boots…..I go through boots and they are so dang expensive……..always look for your blog…keep up the goofy work, you are my morning cup of Joe !!!!!

  176. Debbie says:

    The Threshold Ceramic Cookie Jar would go well with my white accents and oil rubbed bronze fixtures.

  177. Sylvie says:

    I like the stackable wooden bins, they’d be great in my pantry. That is, if I actually had a pantry!

  178. Jenny W says:

    Oooh, the Frye Messenger Bag, pretty please! Perhaps you can have a draw for that too 😉

  179. Pat Marino says:

    The Poly and Bark armchairs it is, we recently got rid of our sofa, in this house of 1 and 1/2 years, we just never liked the only ways it could be arranged, was getting worn out and we prefer our butts in recliners anyway. Bought two lime green overstuffed leather chairs instead and therefore need a couple of chairs we can move around for company. Thank you and good night!! Oh and by the way love the blog even w/o the giveaways but I would be a food not to accept one, Momma didn’t raise no fool….

  180. Marie says:

    I have always wanted a Kitchenaid mixer, so that’s my pick. But I’m going to check out some of the books, they’re more in my budget.

  181. Leslie says:

    Love the umbrella 🙂

  182. Anita says:

    I think I need the Ultimate Spirits Glasses by Neat since I have recently developed a taste for Scotch. And I think you would appreciate my intentions of further developing my taste for Scotch in nice glassware.

  183. Cynthia says:

    Can’t pick one favorite thing. Really like invisible chicken with all the guts, the Squirrel book and those rocking black mud boots with the buckles. But, I do think I need to pick up the 3 stack of wooden boxes, perfect for recyclable. Ps Love your blog because you have chickens, are from that foreign land up north and you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. Most useful blog post has to be the toilet paper one. We have our own septic system and I’m learning the hard way the expensive to just doesn’t work for our pipes.

  184. Dava Thomas says:

    I’ve been following you for a long time. I love the hammered copper mug. I could definitely see myself squaring from that.

  185. Bonita Sinclair says:

    Definitely the treadmill. I use an AFO for a foot drop and walking outside while enjoyable can be challenging when dealing with uneven surfaces. Lots of bruises and a few broken bones.

  186. Kathi says:

    Hunter boots! My granddaughter and daughter love theirs!

  187. Sandra Lea says:

    The Henckel meat cleaver. There are a lot of beautiful things in your shop that I would love but I’m being practical, I need the cleaver.

  188. Leigh Stroud says:

    Besides the mixer…I love the Hunter Welly Boots! But it was hard to pick just one thing! Already follow you on Instagram 🙂

  189. Monica J says:

    I love the Moon Nightlight! Oh, and there was a leather messenger bag that looked gorgeous as well. And, of course, the KitchenAid Mixer!

  190. Kate says:

    My fave is the Secret Life of Squirrels book. I once worked several years at The Job From Hell and my supervisor and I would get through each day by observing that our clients were like squirrels, constantly running into the middle of the same busy road and either freezing there or zig zagging back and forth across the middle line in terror. Our job was to save the squirrels, to somehow get their attention long enough to guide them out of the road, knowing full well that they will never say thank you and will only dart right back into traffic again a few minutes later, shocked as hell (and, inexplicably, angry at us) when they discovered that the road is still there. Rescuing the same frantic and hostile squirrels from the same busy road (where did they think it went anyway?) over and over. We’ve both moved on to other jobs since then, but when we pass in the hallway or email to say hi, we always remind each other about the squirrels and the smile helps ease the PTSD symptoms. Every birthday card she sends me has a squirrel on it, and I’ve been known to gift her squirrel beanie babies. The book would be a great addition to our collection.

  191. Adrienne says:

    I have been an avid reader of your blog since I stumbled upon it while trying to come up with ideas for a modern style birdbath. I used one of your ideas and my hubbie, and the birds he adores, love the birdbath.
    I covet the Poly and Bark organic armchairs in the shop section.
    P.S. I remember watching you on the Canadian home shows back in the day! Good times.

  192. Amy Ping says:

    Oooooh.. the boots, the wellies, the beautiful boots from Neiman Marcus, you know the one with the famous$ 250,000cookie recipe! ! I would love a KA mixer! And would u sign the bowl or mixer or put a TAODS sticker on it??oooo I’d love that! Any how, this is my entry. Thanks love your blog.

  193. Donna says:

    Love your new shop ! My pick would be that beautiful office chair.

  194. gabrielle says:

    ringmaster of the shit show socks. because i am. and also frighteningly low on socks!

  195. Barb says:

    Still loving that flip the bird umbrella, but now I am also in love with the set of organic chairs. I suppose I could use a pair of rubber boots around the garden and in my new chicken coop ( gotta finish that thing this weekend! ) I already follow you on fb and instagram. So I guess I’m entered! Great shop page, btw. Lots of drool worthy things!

  196. JaneWT says:

    The food saver – we have so much food ‘over spill’ that this would be fab – never knowingly under cater even for a standard family supper that I cook day in and day out…….

    BUT I am one of your ‘foreign’ subscribers and all of the things you have in your shop are US based – so if I want to get anything I have to – for example – go to Amazon UK and not click your link and so I am sure you get no credit for that? Is there anything you can do to ensure you are shown as the introducer even for us foreign types? Starting to get a bit wordy here but I do think that even through I am a little distant it is because of you I am looking at these things and even possibly, potentially, maybe, longing to get them and I really REALLY would like you to get any benefit – seems only right. So food for thought? Ha proud of that link and I am sure postage to the UK of a Kitchen Aid mixer would be minimal???!!!

  197. Cindy says:

    The messenger bag is gorgeous and my fave choice, although the see through chicken is running a close second 🙂

  198. Devin says:

    I love the sconce!

  199. Jacqueline MacDougall says:

    The Secret Life of Squirrels! also love the messenger bag

  200. shawna g says:

    I love love love the French Onion Souo bowls.

  201. Renea Summers says:

    I really like the French onion soups bowls. And I love French onion soup!!!! Mmmm. Mmm.

  202. Julia Williamson says:

    The french onion bowls (pretty turquoise-y color) caught my eye, and if I had to choose would be my favorite item, although there are several that look good.

    One question, I live in New Hampshire, USA. Am I eligible for this contest? Hope so.

    Really enjoy your blog! I usually read it while getting my teenagers up and ready for the bus; it helps me maintain my sense of humor (grrr).

  203. Leanne says:

    While lots of the things in the shop are interesting, what I love most is almost everything on the “Good Books” page. I’m currently reading And the Mountains Echoed, having previously read his other books. I’ve read many of the books on your list and will check out some that I’m not familiar with.

    Do the books count? If not, I’ll pick the Kitchen Aid Mixer 🙂

  204. Phyllis says:

    My favorite item would be the Food Saver vacuum

  205. Hilary says:

    I’d love to get the anatomical chicken for my sis-in-law who keeps the cute little critters.

  206. Barbara says:

    Wooden bins; useful and beautiful!

  207. Lisa says:

    Love the turquoise soup bowls – they would bring a little pop of colour against my all white dinner plates.

  208. Denise Hosner says:

    Wow, so many great choices, but I will go with the charmed bee earrings in rose or the cool copper mug, mostly because they are within my reach.

  209. Patti says:

    My favourite item is the boots. I love your blog and your new book and shop sections. Keep up the great work! ?

  210. Alana says:

    My favorite item that I totally can’t afford is the Frye Messenger Bag. Some day!

  211. Beth says:

    Of course, it’s ridiculously difficult to choose – probably the chicken anatomy model, since where else was I going to learn that such a thing existed! Really enjoy your blog – thanks.

  212. Victoria Taylert says:

    You have excellent taste, which makes it difficult to select just one item, but if I was making the purchase, it would have to be the rope-seat chairs
    They just look so comfortable, and the best part of the description was “fully assembled”! The choice of colors is another selling feature. Love your blog, never miss one, but this is my first comment.

  213. Penny says:

    For sure the over dyed pink rug but I do love the messenger bag as well. I really need a new kitchen aid. Happy Easter!

  214. Kiri Martin says:

    Well that was harder than I thought….in the end I would say the turquoise French onion soup bowls… I’m in a farmhouse kitchen phase and they just felt so homey and damn they are pretty ?


  215. Stephanie says:

    My favourite thing is the leather messenger bag! Also the copper mug – so shiny!

  216. Leah C says:

    Well, other than the Kitchen Aid stand mixer (of course), my favorite is the wooden stackable bins. Those have a million and three uses!

  217. Alyson says:

    I want the office chair (if it is as comfy as it looks). I have a hard time finding a great chair to sit in for the office.
    I also want the 4D chicken to put on my desk and distract me from working.

  218. Sheryl says:

    I’m thinking that the poly and bark organic arm chairs would look great in my cottage!

  219. Danell says:

    Love the French onion soup bowls.

  220. Deborah says:

    Love your blog and your wry wit. So many great things on your page but I’d have to say my favourite is the FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger. Not for my man, for me of course. Would love the mixer, as mine (a cheapo knockoff) is facing it’s final moments on this earth.

  221. Kathleen says:

    I’d love the Target gold acrylic lamp. Looks classy.

  222. Leslie K says:

    Love the Tuscan Soup/Chili Bowls! What a gorgeous colour! Frye Bag in blue was a close second.

  223. Suzanne says:

    Hi Karen, I read each and every of your blogs but don’t comment each time… love each time, and laugh quite a bit every time! Visited your shop the other day, most of the items are interesting but the next gadget I’m hoping to acquire is the vacuum food saver system. Just wondering why a lot of the hyperlinks bring us to amazon.com and not the CA site. Shipping can be quite expensive from the US to CA. Keep up the good work, you are definitely a sunshine in my Mon, Wed and Fri!!!

  224. Kerry says:

    The shop is great! Although so many items are terrific, I’d probably go for the Hunter wellies. I have a pair of Bogs I love, but they’ve been loved a little too much over the years and it’s time for a replacement.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Just another perk of reading your blog.

  225. Maggie says:

    I feel I should say I love the Kitchen Aid mixer best as that’s what I’d like to win, but as soon as I scrolled by that Frye messenger bag, my heart skipped a beat. So that is my face.

    BTW, I too already own a KA mixer but my practice is to give one to each of my daughters when they marry. My son just got engaged to a gal who is like my own, so if I win she will be the lucky recipient.

  226. Beth Sanders says:

    I absolutely adore the little bee earrings! But, of course, clicked on the calendar because my daughter favors them…then found a t-rex bag charm that my other daughter would probably kill to have! Great list of great stuff!

  227. Jean Uva says:

    I would love the bumblebee earrings! When I got my ears pierced when I was 10 my aunt gave me my first pair of earrings…..tiny bumblebees! I wore the cheap gold plating off of those earrings I loved them so much…..Somewhere during the intervening 42 years those earrings went missing and I would really love to bee fabulous again!

  228. Farquist says:

    Those socks make me happy.

  229. Diane R. says:

    Love the shop page and the book page. Liking many items in your shop, the sconce light, coach planner and frye bag. Hoping to win that KA…gorgeous in white. Thanks for offering. I am pretty sure I already liked your FB page, but going to check on that now.
    PS…still not getting to your site automatically.

  230. Sylvia says:

    Love the Chucks (without socks and boyfriend jeans) but if I had to wear socks, I work in the shit show (really).

  231. Lauren A. says:

    I have coveted a Kitchenaid for years! And I love Hunter boots.

  232. Ruth says:

    Kitchen-aid hands down. Not that I didn’t see other items I would definitely buy.

  233. Jenny says:

    That Henkels Cleaver is a beauty!

  234. Katie says:

    That Messenger bag is the bees knees.

  235. Susan says:

    Lots of good stuff to buy. I love the first brass lamp and the leather bag, but I might actually buy the pillow from Target.

    Thanks for your giveaway!

  236. D Peterson says:

    The bumblebee earrings are the best!

  237. Sandi says:

    The Kitchen Aid Mixer is my favourite. Followed by the food sealer, followed by the bark covered vases. And then the bumble bee earrings and all of the chairs. And then the notebook.

  238. Rose says:

    Love the Lacost Womens Gazon leather Fashion Sneaker. Wish I could afford it.

  239. Becky says:

    Well of course I would pick the KA mixer. Have had my eye on one of those for years! I also have a special place in my heart for boots though. On the other hand I might actually order the NARS’ original multi-purpose stick. Love the name by the way. Haha

  240. Mel B says:

    Pick me! ooh, ooh, pick me! 😀 I looked at your shop. Lots of intriguing stuff in there. First, I thought clicking on all the stuff might make my chances for winning a little better. Then, I though…no, she’s a smart lady. She’d pick up on that one, right away. Did I mention that I think you’re smart? SO, I only clicked on the things that really intrigued me. It’s really hard to pick just one. I like the mixer. And the mixer. Though if I had to pick something else, I suppose it would be the bowls. My ceramic tile floor loves the sound of bowls when they break, so I need new ones.

  241. Katie VanGrootheest says:

    The messenger bag is the bees knees.

  242. Cyndi says:

    The Frye Messenger bag (I have a thing for Frye :))…but I also have a thing for rugs, baskets, and throw pillow. Therefore, I really liked the geometric throw pillow, the rug, and white and natural basket, which I ordered!

  243. janet, from just down the road. says:

    I would love the book “The Secret Life of Squirrels”. And, I’d love to see the photographer trying to take those pictures. Maybe you should do that with the squirrels in your house Karen.

  244. Kunyi says:

    What I like from the shop is, of course, the stand mixer (which i hope to win). Or the bug earrings. And also the little odd shaped whiskey glasses.
    Am i supposed to pick just one thing? Nah – too hard following that rule.

  245. Kunyi says:

    also the socks

  246. Dee says:

    I am loving the Hampton golden flatware set!! and Frye messenger bag comes in second 🙂

  247. Ashley says:

    Other than the Kitchenaid mixer, which is definitely at the top of my want list, I would have to choose the gold flatware.

  248. Jennifer says:

    Really? I only get to pick one? If I’m buying with my own money it would be the little bee earnings, but if someone else is paying it is the gorgeous leather bag!

  249. Judith says:

    Oh my God, the Wishbone chair. It’s my all-time, stuff-of-dreams, I-know-I’ll-never-own-one-let-alone-a-whole-set-around-the-table-but-I-can’t-get-it-out-of-my-mind chair.

    Pretty sure my living in Sweden makes me ineligible for the giveaway, but I can never resist singing the praises of that chair.

  250. Shelly says:

    I really like the treadmill from Amazon. I read your post about it some time back and the fact that you can’t really run on it is fine with me. I would rather walk! It’s also hard for me to just get on a piece of exercise equipment and stare off into space so using a small desk in conjunction with walking while watching something on my iPad would be ideal for me! Thanks for the contest, I love those mixers!

  251. Sally says:

    I would buy the Hunter boots. I’ve wanted and needed a pair for years. I keep saying I’m going to do it. Thanks for the reminder.

  252. Becky says:

    I love your funny. You make me laugh, and I love the copper mug! Thank you Karen!

  253. Patricia Reed-Pederson says:

    Oh my. I know someone that could use those socks!

  254. maggie van sickle says:

    Here I am again Karen. I shopped and loved the bag, boots, mixer and knife. I especially like the bag. It is a beauty and as you said not cheap but really worth the cost. I don’t know how to tweet or instagram but I liked and shopped. 2 is better than none I say. Good luck to me. Have a great day. Cheers

  255. Roberta Boe says:

    Everyone loves the Frye messenger and of course I do too but as for a favorite not sure, depends on mood, time of day, right now those Hunter boots look might fine as it is raining cats, dogs, squirrels and pretty sure I saw a little monkey too. The Coach day planner is gorgeous but I think I would be afraid to write down anything on it, in case was not worthy of having it in writing. I love the blue French onion soup bowls but do not actually like onion soup at all.

    Your short story is as good as my life.
    The End.

  256. Teena Sue says:

    It seems we have the love for the same things when it comes to shopping …duh, which makes sense= I guess that’s why I read your blog! I actually own several of the items ( well, more than several ) on your shopping page. BUT not that mixer 😉 Never really looked to Amazon for furniture before…so that’s interesting cuz’ I’m in the market for dinning chairs. Too many things to like to name one favorite.

  257. I did already. Yesterday I looked at those socks–Ringmaster of the Shit Show–went to Amazon and ordered them for my daughter.

  258. Sandy says:

    I really like the wooden stackable bins. They would look great on my craft table. Great price! Thanks for the giveaway.

  259. Kristi says:

    love love love the honey bee rose gold silver plated earring! with the last name Honey, I’m already pretty fond of bees, also, as I’m mentioned on FB, I have 10,000 bees coming on May 18 when Iearn the art of beekeeping hands on!

  260. ronda says:

    so hard to choose! so many cool things, but i would have to say the umbrella. or maybe the sox … the vacuum food sealer! yeah … that’s the one! the kitchen aid would be a great gift for my daughter, so that when she moves to her own place, mine won’t quietly “disappear”!

  261. Hélène says:

    My favorite item is actually the Kitchen Aid mixer! You’ve got a lot of really interesting stuff 🙂

  262. Beckie says:

    I really like the Poly and Bark Organic Armchair set…so 60’s…and very affordable

    I am now busy thinking where I could use a new chair or two!

    Thanks for the chance =)

  263. Thandi says:

    It’s the anatomical chicken. It’s clearly all about the fabulousness of that chicken. I need the chicken. I wonder if they do cockatiels… Then I can say to Birdbird (yes my cockatiel is called Birdbird) “Look at your tiny crop! Look at your tiny intestines! Look at where all that poop comes from!”.
    But until then: it’s all about the chicken.
    And that gorgeous pair of arm chairs.
    And that geometric cushion. The colours made me drool (don’t worry, I had a napkin handy).
    Oooooo and the bee earrings. I love bees.
    And so many other ands!
    I’m going to pin them all.
    Excuse while I wander off and see if they’ll deliver my anatomical chicken to South Africa.

  264. Kaili says:

    Love the whole store. Love both sets of the gold cutlery the most!

  265. Bonnie V says:

    Baxton Office Chair – very classy! The Hunter boots are also a must have for me, especially during sap season. Have read most of your book recommendations already – like do you have excellent taste in books or what! Seriously, I would love love love your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I am pushing the limits of my circa 70’s Moulinex Food Processor (it was my Mom’s) and am this close to buying one, but yours would be way cooler!

  266. Ruth says:

    The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit is my favourite thing from your shop… mainly because nothing like that is sold in my neck of the woods and it would be gold to me, or chest-freezer-ownership fame.

    Other than that, the Kitchen Aid! 😀

  267. Isabelle says:

    The Watkins Sea Leaf Vase is the best!

  268. Carol says:

    I need the Secret Life of Squirrels for my son-in-law……….maybe he will better understand his “friends” who he has so many problems with…….

  269. Jody says:

    I saw the copper water bottle and first thought it was a suppository. I don’t want that……

  270. Pat Frame says:

    It was a tough decision but my fireplace mantel is crying out for the the Kanan candleholders. The Frye Messenger bag was a really close second.

  271. Deb says:

    Lacoste sneakers?

  272. Kathy W says:

    I love the French onion soup bowls. Also….your list of good books is perfect!

  273. RuthAnn Kowalski says:

    The Moon night light. Very cool!

  274. Dawn says:

    The messenger bag – definitely!

  275. Ella says:

    The white converse!

  276. Susan D'Achille says:

    I love the Zinc Vase covered by Natural Birch Wood Wrap.
    Everything on your shop is great to look at. Keep up the searches for us Karen!
    I would love to win the Mixer as well!!!

  277. Peg says:

    I didn’t know you loved gold so much! The visible chicken model clued me in I was at the right place, that’s what my son wants me to put down. He wasn’t allowed to read the SOCKS, however. Those are genius!
    You’re shop is a beautiful collection. If I wasn’t in the middle of magically transforming my life via the KonMari purge method my bank could be overdrawn! I do need a mixer, however, so here I am with the masses groveling for a chance at one. Really. I do all my mixing with a whisk!

  278. connie says:

    It’s too early to make hard decisions like this, but i’d have to say the Hunter Boots since i’m a gardener and my old wellies- well they’re just too old 😉 The Poly and Bark armchairs to relax in after a long day in the garden would be dreamy too!

  279. Mary McCabe says:

    I love your blog! And, I want just about everything you are featuring in your shop but for today, I am interested in the food saver….big plans for summer crops! thanks!

  280. Jen says:

    Your shop has so many fantastic items that I found it hard to choose just one….but I have to say that my favorite is the LexMod Wishbone chair! LOVE your blog btw. Your sense of humor is totally uplifting! I look forward to reading your posts everyday

  281. Wendy says:

    I like lots of the stuff…but would love the Frye bag and the Shit Show socks! Oh ya and the stand mixer!

  282. Katie says:

    Such a hard decision!

    I think I’m going to go with the Frye Messenger Bag.

  283. Susan Fuleihan says:

    I really like the Coach calendar/planner! Your items are fantastic and I can’t wait to tell my friends!

  284. Holly says:

    Just one? Really??? Final answer: Foodsaver. Damn you, practical side. My other side is lusting after the Panton-style chair.

  285. Erin says:

    I love everything in your shop, but my fav. is the internal workings display Chicken. I love birds & it would go nicely with my other Kitchen bird Kitsch 🙂 . ( also, if I were to win, I’d give the KA to a friend who recently toasted her own experimenting on artisan breads ).

  286. Kelly says:

    I love the copper moscow mule cups, for the sadly rare occasion when I have one AND I could use the umbrella with “the finger” on it just because. It’s funny.

  287. Jessica Benson says:

    My fave is the chicken! I have chickens and I think it would be great to have the anatomical model.

  288. Maggie L says:

    The gold utensils. Because well…gold! Oh and the notebook with the wooden spoons. But just the spoons, not so much the notebook 😉

  289. Kim says:

    First on my list would be the socks. I love snarky comments and these I could wear to work and no one would know (bosses that is) but I could show everyone else! Like the mug too and of course the obvious mixer!

  290. Penny says:

    The Moscow Mug….love the drinks that come in them!

  291. Carolyn says:

    Love your shop! My fave is the Iitalo Aalto vase. It reminds me of my sister, who spent a year as an exchange student in Finland (like 25 years ago). She has one of these – though maybe bigger. I don’t know why I like it so much, other than I like form and function coming together in beauty. I wasn’t an exchange student in Finland, though I did spend about 36 hours there. And it’s not like my sister is dead and it’s a remembrance thing. I just dig it. Thanks for sharing your shop and blog!

  292. Maria says:

    Obviously, it’s the chicken anatomy model. That’s the correct answer.

  293. Tara says:

    I absolutely love the “Ringmaster of the Shit Show” socks – I’m going to have to get a pair of those! And I am also in love with the moon nightlight! We just bought an RV that we’re renovating so that we can travel full-time across the US and that would go perfect in our tiny little bathroom! As for winning the mixer, that will go to my wonderful mother! 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  294. Cindy B says:

    I love the chicken….. and I have a thing for day planners…!

  295. Suzanne says:

    Stackable Wood Bin Small – Pillowfort™
    I LOVE IT! And I love your blog. Also! I know this is really far down on the comments but you know that fly trap experiment you did? Do you know of any for gnats? I have my kitchen window with herbs in it and I guess the soil had gnat eggs in it? I don’t know how to get rid of them. They only hang out on the plants really though so I guess it’s not that bad. Good luck on the extra Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest showings!

  296. Katie Grace says:

    I would get the poly and bark organic arm chair in grey. Also, i made your leek and goat cheese tart on Saturday for a dinner party and it was so so so good. Double bonus, it was also super easy!

  297. Jeanie Burch says:

    I think I would like the J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio Meat Cleaver. Who doesn’t need a good sharp knife!

  298. Jennifer Kerr says:

    I’d have to say the Shit Show socks…I may have to get them.

  299. Susi jones says:

    Moon nightlight is beautiful. I’m going to get it for my grandson.

  300. Carolyne says:

    The Frye messenger bad even if it has a contradictory description. It is either leather or not. Who cares. I want one.

    100% Other Fibers
    100 percent leather

  301. Ei Con says:

    Love me the Ringmaster socks! I can wear them while learning to use my new mixer.

  302. whitequeen96 says:

    I actually like the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model! It’s not exactly practical for me, so I might buy the rose gold bee earrings – beautiful!

  303. Deb Quaile says:

    Love the vintage inspired rug in natural. Makes me feel like it’s something my great auntie would have left me.

  304. Rose says:

    Loving that Frye messenger bag…..maybe after I get my tax return….???

  305. karen from Alberta says:

    Love the blog, I think the new look is great and lots of nice stuff in the store. However, having tried both, the Bosch Universal machine is definitely superior to the Kitchen Aide.

  306. Janet Kateusz says:

    Tell the Wolves I’m Home looks like a great book. So I purchased it.
    90% of the things I really like. It’s hard to pick just one.

  307. Nic says:

    I was going to say the Iittala Aalto 4-3/4-Inch Clear Glass Vase, because from the side view it totally looks like a dong. BUT, I’m afraid the FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger bag is GORGEOUS, and I’ll have to name that as my favorite, instead.

  308. KimS says:

    LexMod C24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut–love this chair !!

  309. Kate says:

    Can only pick one, huh? Oh dear. 1st choice would have to be ‘the secret life of squirrels’ – maybe it would tell me what’s up with Nigel the Squirrel who resides at our cabin. Actually I’d like most of the items you have listed. lol
    Now if I were to win the kitchen aid I’d have to remodel the kitchen to accomodate it … hmm, not a bad idea.
    Love your blog.

  310. Susan Claire says:

    The Frye Men’s Oliver Messenger bag may be for men, but I want it for myself-how come they get all the good stuff?

  311. Liz M says:

    Those French onion soup bowls are so pretty! Although it was a tough choice between them and the copper mugs for my favorite item.

  312. maryb says:

    I love the 4D chicken. actually all your picks in the shop are great, I just love your style. I think I’d display the 4D chicken, maybe the Dining rm……chickens are what drew me here.

  313. Gail Roach says:

    Lovely and unique items in your shop Karen. I’d definitely choose that Frye bag….love it!

  314. ElaineO says:

    I love and want the Get your Own F*cking Tools sticker since I (used to) own a lot of tools 🙂

  315. Monique says:

    I have one too..old… almost 20 yrs..I still love it ..it’s on my counter ..so I am not entering..but..I too want to say how generous of you..not a sponsored gift from a company and they are $$.
    Worth every single penny…a workhorse.
    your blog is great..and so are you.I’ve told you that a few times I think..I repeat myself:)
    Bravo on your shop!
    Thats it!
    Have a great day..We had snow agin..but it’s so pretty.

  316. Barbara says:

    I love every thing in your shop but would first purchase the Modele throw pillow. I never would have guessed it is from Target.

  317. Sarah says:

    My favorite, by far, is the anatomy chicken model!! I don’t have chickens, but I am obsessed! I live in a Haitian neighborhood in Miami, and so many people have chickens and I love lying in bed in the morning listening to the roosters, and seeing the hens run around with their little chicks following – so cute!

  318. Clara W. says:

    My favorite is the Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair

  319. So the see through chicken is interesting although I’m not quite sure what sort of eggs it will produce.

  320. Liz says:

    The actual mixer of course! I own one too, love it and got it years and years ago. But because I’ve made too much pizza dough over the years and other good stuff (one or twice, not so good) it is tired, it is groaning and sometimes when I put too much flour in to make my double batches of bread and I have to take the flat side of my meat pounder and whack that pin back in again that keeps popping out on the side. She is slower, making marshmallows are harder for her now so, I did get it, I do love it, but now I would love to have a new one.
    Thanks! Liz

  321. sue says:

    Baxton office chair looks wonderful! 🙂

  322. SusanR says:

    Frye bag, even though I have no use for it whatsoever, it just tingles that irrational “gotta have it, regardless” part of my psyche. For practical purposes, the Foodsaver. It’s all lovely stuff, so I hope the store is a huge success for you! Very small ps. Kite Runner appears twice in the book section, one after another on the first page.

  323. Chelsea says:

    Total toss up between that awesome Moscow Mule cup and the book about squirrels 🙂

  324. Tlmill says:

    Would love the messenger bag! And the Kitchen Aid mixer of course!! ?

  325. Jane S says:

    Love the asymmetrical glass vase. It doesn’t even need flowers to look beautiful.

  326. Emily says:

    Those sconces wrock!

  327. laura says:

    Copper cups are cool.

  328. Jen says:

    I know I mentioned this the other day but that umbrella totally rocks! So does the brass knuckle mug…I really want that for work. BUT if anyone I know and love (or rather if anyone who knows and loves ME) happens to be reading this comment…I would SO LOVE those hunter boots!! (Just thought I’d throw that out there.)

    Here’s to winning! 🙂

  329. Darlene says:

    Love your blog!!
    Also love the wishbone chairs!!

  330. Alice says:

    Too many choices! The Kitchen Aid mixer, of course! — but also, the DENY Three fo the Possessed pillow — or the stackable wooden bins — the turquoise soup bowls…

  331. Fritzy Dean says:

    Oh, dang it! there are so many awesome things in your shop. . . I know coveting is a sin, so I confess I am a sinner. I really love the KA, of course. But my most fave thing in your shop this moment is the Frye messages bag. I’m swooning over it.

  332. Corinna Mulligan says:

    If wanting the https://www.amazon.ca/Famemaster-Vision-Chicken-Anatomy-Model/dp/B008OIS2TG/177-3117117-8272030?ie=UTF8&redirect=true&tag=tharofdost-20 Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I also like the Secret Life of Squirrels.

  333. Jane says:

    Wow….this sure works….I’ve never seen so many comments! I love the Sea Gull Lighting wall sconce, but I’ve been looking for some and these look perfect so that might be the reason. Good luck with your new venture! Good luck to all us readers on winning the KA!!

  334. Brenda says:

    Love the ultimate spirit glasses. The shape is so appealing and all the men in my family are scotch drinkers.

  335. Dianna says:

    I love the Hunter boots. My Walmart boots just don’t cut it.

  336. Thera says:

    I too lovevthe zinc and birch vases, but I also love the bumble bee earrings and I keep saying I will get myself a pair of Bogs, too many great things lol!

  337. Jessica Kiser says:

    I’ve built my first chicken coop this year with the help of some friends (uhhh still work in progress) — turns out we all follow you and have now just started calling you “Karen” without having to explain where we got our info. It’s a club.

    Favorite item from the shop: Hunter Buckled Welly Boot — it’s so perfect for my garden that is also a (constant) work in progress.

  338. Darlene says:

    I could use a new pair of boots and those Hunter boots would be amazing at the cottage in the soggy spring!

  339. Natasha says:

    Mmm, torn between the bumblebee earrings (already have a pair but they are too heavy) and the Deny gemometic pillow from Target. Thanks for the giveaway!

  340. Tina Settimi says:

    Love the Hunter boots!!!

  341. Barbara P says:

    Fun contest. I like the office chair. Mine was found near a dumpster and the seats are ripped and it squeaks and rattles.

  342. Cathy Fischer says:

    I need that umbrella……just my style lol

  343. Victoria says:

    Stackable Wood Bin Small – Pillowfort™
    So cute! I could stack a bunch of them and shove so many things inside!

  344. Melissa Leach says:

    I’ve never seen so many comments here before….I would love the Hunter boots!

  345. Lea says:

    The chicken anatomy model is very cool.

  346. Charlene says:

    I can see myself sipping scotch from the spirits glass by my new wall sconces while reading The Secret Life of Squirrels.

  347. Donna Hebb says:

    “Tough Noogies”….lol..
    I would love the 4 D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model its friggin great!.
    I’m trying to learn all I can about our new spring additions.

  348. Linda in Illinois says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m a big journal freak so I love the Coach Day Planner.. I would love that..
    and I think you are the best.

  349. Melissa C says:

    Loving the FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit. I always wanted one.

  350. Erika says:

    I love the wellys. And the messenger bag. And the pink rug, although I’m not sure where I would put a pink rug.

  351. I have a tie – there are two things from your shop I’d love to have equally. One if is the vacuum-seal food saver and the other is the stand mixer. (And I’m not just saying that because I want to win it 🙂 ).

  352. Karen says:

    Absolutely love the Mule Mugs….plan on ordering them – off your page of course. Good Luck to all and what a wonderful give-away. Thanks!

  353. Morgan Fedor says:

    Premium Moscow Mule Copper Mug By Drinkware Essentials! Because I love a good Moscow Mule!

  354. Michelle Clarke says:

    I love the new shop and want at least 10 books, but my favourite item is the LaCloche baker!

  355. Erin says:

    Nice store. I choose the messenger bag.
    Thanks for the give away. I already follow you on IG

  356. Sandy says:

    The Frye messenger bag for sure!

  357. Julie says:

    That umbrella? And the brass knuckles coffee cup? Yeah, I need those. My children should get them for me for Mother’s Day!

  358. Kim says:

    I’m loving the blue onion soup bowls. Thanks for the opportunity.

  359. Julie says:

    My old food saver just died, so I would have to say that is what I like the best. I already have a lot of things from your shop, who knew I had such good taste! Truth be known, I really covet the messenger bag, but then I just love beautiful leather goods!

  360. Shannon says:

    Love the shop Karen. Some really neat and yet practical stuff in there. I would have to say that my favourite thing would be either the Luna Bazaar Mini Vintage Mercury Glass Vase because it is so pretty or the FoodSaver because it is practical.

    This is very generous of you Karen, paying for the KA yourself! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  361. Marcia says:

    I’m going with the gold Lacoste slip-on shoes from Amazon…at first I liked the gold lamp from Target but it’s too small for my needs and I don’t own a stand mixer so of course I’d love that…
    Thanks Karen!

  362. Annette Caruso says:

    I visited your new shop and love the merchandise you have in there. I actually visited the site several days ago but was unable to leave a comment. I do read you posts and just love what you write. Thank you for sharing your experiences

  363. Vanessa says:

    I love the blue q socks! Well, I love many things in your shop but the socks sum up my life… 🙂

  364. Lynn Hipp says:

    I really like your blog…so much fun and useful too! I found it about the time I retired which was awesome!! I checked out the Shop yesterday and like so many items but I love the Hunter boots; trying to justify the need. Thanks!

  365. Mo says:

    Hard to pick but Foodsaver would be great.

  366. Beth says:

    I’d love the messenger bag.

  367. Karen Coolen says:

    The Frye Messenger bag but my budget says the gorgeous sea leaf vase!

  368. deb says:

    Believe it or not, from amidst all the cool stuff….the stackable wood bins! I already own two of these and had been wanting more….so I guess I’ll head back and order a couple. Thanks!

  369. Teresa Jennings Richardson says:

    Well, I sent my first Tweet, discovered you were on Facebook, pinned a few items I like, commented on the blog Monday, and again today. I don’t have the stamina to learn another new means to communicate today, so I’m leaving that last opportunity to win open until after I have all the grandkids out of the house and can concentrate better. I like your shop and saw several things that caught my eye. I prefer the more practical things like the boots, the mixer, and the sealer. But I have to admit I found the chicken strangely appealing.

  370. Jennifer says:

    I’m torn between the welly boots and the mixer. Both would be so well used in our house. Thanks Karen!

  371. Sara says:

    I want the Hipster Funny Middle Finger Umbrella. Classic. I’m going to buy it. You are awesome.

  372. Jill says:

    Lots of cool stuff! My favorites: FRYE Messenger bag, DENY Designs Possessed Modele Throw Pillow, & Poly and Bark Organic Armchairs.


  373. Hope says:

    Not just want but need: Sea Gull Lighting Wall Sconces…was going to type Scones! Ha! Those I could make myself but not the Sconces!

  374. Leslie Zuroski says:

    SuperStone La Cloche Baker with Specialty Bread Cloth!

  375. Sharon says:

    Very tough choices…I love the ‘S’ side chairs. Trying to update the dining room; they would bring a breath of fresh air into the room!

  376. Anda says:

    French Onion Soup bowls – finally a bowl with handles!!

  377. SuzyMcQ says:

    Lacoste Women’s Gazon 116 3 Fashion Sneaker is my favorite, since I don’t see the sconces anymore….

  378. Diana says:

    I love love the Verner Panton Style Classic ‘S’ Dining Lounge Side Chairs. They would make my very boring “big box store” butcher block kitchen table almost tolerable.

  379. Michelle McKay says:

    Love the ringmaster socks & the warning sticker =D

  380. Julie says:

    I love the dustpan and broom. I also love your blog.

  381. Deborah says:

    Ooooh, that Frye Men’s Oliver Messenger… well, until I saw the price! Ha! OK, more within my budget are the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Sneakers. Yep, they’d make me very happy. Also, and the whole point of making this “comment,” is that the food mixer is a wonderful giveaway and who knows, you might pick me! If it can be shipped to the west coast of Ireland, that is.

  382. Gretchen Sexton says:

    You did not make it easy! There was SO MUCH good stuff!!!
    Probably the Hunter boots (because my old Target boots are leaking)–but really–the Frye bag was phenomenal, and I really liked the Target cookie jar and these: CYS® Zinc Pot with Natural Birch Wood Wrap Zinc Cylinder Vases (Set of 3 pcs)! And don’t even get me started on your book choices! (We have similar taste in reading material apparently.)
    Love your blog, your humor, your point of view, and your gumption.

  383. Jody says:

    It’s obvious that we would all want the Kitchen Aid. It is one of my dreams to have a kitchen so beautiful that I enjoy cleaning it! The item that calls to me right now is the copper water bottle. I threw my water bottle out because it leaked (for some reason I don’t drink enough water without a designated bottle) and I am a bit obsessed with copper. I believe I will order it soon. I also love almost every item in your shop. Beautiful selection!

  384. Cheryl Smith-Bell says:

    Well, I of course want a Kitchen Aide. I have wanted one for a long time, but there are several things you have that I like, and will be following them with you! Never knew there was a visible chicken! Cool! And I do need the’ buy your own f—ing tools’ sign too!

  385. Karen Cunningham says:

    I couldn’t believe that “The Secret Life of Squirrels” was in your shop!!!! I have both of Nancy’s books and she has another on the way. She is a friend of my cousin in Nova Scotia. We have met a few times and I’ve seen her house of props. She has an artistic and creative mind, and does wonderful photography.
    On another note…sorry about your squirrel issues.

  386. Kathryn says:

    All those lovely lovelies and what do I pick: The Secret Life of Squirrels. Make what you will of that.

  387. Alberta Gal says:

    Definitely the socks … those socks … and a few of the others shown as well. A definite buy. Don’t have much time to read for entertainment, but this book list looks very interesting. Thanks for the great picks!

  388. Suzanne says:

    The hunter Welles! The old ones gave up after 15 years…

  389. Kiara says:

    I love those bumblebee earrings! They are so sweet. I am sending the link to my mum because my birthday is coming up! And I would be overjoyed to win this mixer! I’ve been following you for years and am a big fan. I can most definitely not afford the mixer and my arms, while very strong from kneading dough and mixing things, could use a break! 🙂

  390. Denine says:

    I love the Get Your Own ** Tools sign. It would save me from digging through ginormous(real word) garage looking for my staple gun, only to remember that my friend Jill who doesn’t even have a phillips screwdriver borrowed it 2 months ago from some project I never saw completed.

  391. Sheila says:

    Love the Converse sneakers. Love your blog!!

  392. Michelle says:

    I love and want multiple items. But I am the ringmaster around these parts. With two goats, horse, dog, baby bird and husband I have lots of shit to master. So I bought the socks and will proudly wear them while slinging lots of excrement! Love the boots too but hubby got me an amazing pair for Christmas! May get the rug. And lots of other stuff. Lol. I’ll be back!

  393. Tisha says:

    Those Ringmaster of the shit show socks. I needs them!

  394. Sheila Simpson says:

    Well, I like also like the wooden stacking bins, I also like the chicken, but what I really, really like are your Hunter Boots….
    I have the food saver and love it…
    Keep up the great work….

  395. Madeleine says:

    I love the messenger bag. I also have the KA mixer in berry colour and love it. If I win, I’ll give the new one away!

  396. Faye says:

    Holy Moly! Lot’s of people here today! I like the birch vases and the stone baker – but I think I have to say that the thing I love best are the Hunter boots – I not only love them – I neeeed them! Dog walker and all that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  397. Patricia says:

    That large chocolate bunny definitely caught my attention but unfortunately Williams-Sonoma is all out of them. I guess its probably a good thing. I should go for the treadmill instead, especially when even the internet is telling me to back away from the chocolate.

  398. Shelby says:

    I love the irreverence of the flipping-the-bird umbrella. Though mustering the nerve to use it in weather that deserves it is a whole ‘nother thing!! But during such times, baking with a new mixer totally off-sets any offenses taken by the viewer of said bumbershoot. (No birds were harmed during the typing of this comment.) Tee hee

  399. Julie G says:

    my favorite are the Hunter boots!

  400. Ab says:

    The pig. No, the bee earrings. No, the boots. No, the birch bark vases. No, the converse. No, the umbrella. No, the pig.

  401. Trish says:

    I really like to those IMAX 5544-5 candleholders…think I’ll order them!
    love your blog…always read for years now!

  402. Leslie says:

    That Henckels meat cleaver looks pretty awesome. And Book of Negroes was my favourite on the book list. Though I haven’t read The Illegal yet, which is supposedly great too.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  403. Katie says:

    I love the stacking wooden boxes, need them for storing onions in the wine cellar. I have the vacuum sealer – use it constantly. But the vases, both birch and Mercury glass… Just bought the new converse for “older” feet, more support. I’d love the treadmill, the office chair, oh it goes on and on! You have amazing taste

  404. I of course start my day by picking up my phone
    Checking my email to see if you have any new
    Emails. Love your style ,information (my Easter grass is growing),and yes the shop is awesome.
    I bought the moon nightlight. Wherever my son is if the moon is full and gorgeous he text me and tells me to grab my camera and go outside.
    Winter nights standing outside freezing trying to remember my camera settings to capture the mesmerizing moon …. Love it ! I often say love you to the moon and back ,corny but I’m the first to admit that.
    Look forward to future post and most of your stuff goes into my file called “Say What!?”
    Thank goodness for your humor .

  405. Shannon says:

    Hi Karen, I have been following for about a year and a half and have been entertained with many great stories and projects. Sometimes I try to replicate them, like the grass growing as we speak. ( we’re watching closely ). Anyway, it’s hard to choose one thing in your shop section because I love everything however, I am buying the squirrel book for my grandsons birthday in April. Thanks for all your great ideas. Shannon

  406. Paula says:

    Love, love, love the Ringmaster of the Shit Show socks, which I will be purchasing for my daughter-in-law. It’s her thing. I would also love the meat cleaver to complete my knife set. However, given my penchant for slicing myself while cooking, I think I’d like to keep my hand and skip the cleaver.

  407. Deb Conn says:

    I laughed when I saw The Secret Life of Squirrels book. I’m going to buy it for my 24 year old son who is weirdly crazy about squirrels. I’ve been following your blog ever since I found it when researching how to use self leveling cement. :}

  408. Suzanne says:

    That would be wellies…

  409. Becky says:

    I love the moon nightlight. I’ve been a lurker for awhile, and loved following your Cuddles stories. This gives me an opportunity to say how sorry I am she passed. You loved her and she loved you. RIP Cuddles. And thanks for this giveaway!

  410. LisaS says:

    I checked out your store already, but I love the Stackable Wood Bin. I’ve been considering getting one forever, just haven’t found a space in my house for it. But I will soon. I also just want you to know that I tell EVERYONE about your blog. Some people read the newspaper everyday; I read The Art of Doing Stuff!

  411. Who could even decide? The socks are hilarious and the clever calls to me! That fern vase is perfect for spring and summer flowers. Now to win a mixer to make summer pizza!

  412. Tania says:

    I love the SuperStone La Cloche Baker with Specialty Bread Cloth!

  413. Deva Fjelsted says:

    The Frye messenger bag. This is a fun contest. Your store is great.

  414. BJ says:

    The Secret Life of Squirrels book — who doesn’t like squirrels!

  415. Sandy B says:

    Love the French onion soup bowls! Love French onion soup! I also love your blog.

  416. Rikki Colacurcio says:

    I love the “ringmaster of the shit show socks because of the bright orange accents, the graphics, the cleanness of the light orange color against the dark orange and mostly because they remind me of a beloved family member. Also they look quite thick which I always equate with quality…. But they aren’t super expensive. To actually buy them I’d care where they were made which is related to my ethics.

  417. Margaret says:

    The Frye messenger bag is my favourite but the distressed candlesticks and the copper mug and close seconds. Love reading your blog! Always starts my day with a smile.

  418. Helene says:

    That umbrella! hahahahahaha!

  419. Darlene says:

    love love the chicken!

  420. Beth Nosworthy says:

    Love your blog. You start my day – at least MWF.
    I like everything in your shop, but if I picked an “ooooh” item, it would be the men’s leather bag – not for a man, but for me. Very aviator, adventurous looking.
    Thanks for brightening my life, Karen.

  421. Andi says:

    The Aalto vase! Swoon. Totally just bought some of those wood bins though. Thanks for solving that storage issue!

  422. cathleen clark says:

    Frye messager bag!
    I have the hunter boots..

  423. Nancy Tallman says:

    Love the Frye Men’s Oliver Bag – gorgeous!

  424. Angela Donley says:

    My favorite item on your shop page is the Verner Panton dining lounge chair. Enter me in the contest. I really want to win this one. I forgot about the contest today so its a good thing I subscribe to your updates or I may have missed it. Hope your second cup of coffee tasted better. 🙂

  425. Liz says:

    I heart the Areaware Decorative Alarm Dock <3 I follow you on FB and insta, I don't tweet 🙂

  426. Roxanne says:

    Actually, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is my favorite. But right close in 2nd place is “The Secret Life of Squirrels.” I hope it explains why squirrels bury all kinds of goodies in the ground – and then forget where they put them.

    I really like the KitchenAid Stand Mixer for my daughter. She has been sick for nearly 2 years and has not been able to go out, go to school, or work. Stuck at home, she found out that, when she feels okay, she loves to cook – and, who knew? – she’s a fantastic cook!

  427. Karen says:

    The Coach Planner. OMG this difficult. I narrowed it down to 7 then picked the one item I would have used, no needed, yesterday. I haven’t found one yet that I liked and I actually had no idea about the Coach planners. It doesn’t seem to matter how many planner apps I upload I still love my physical paper planners! Yep I’m old school like that. The others were: Henkel knife, Hunter boots, wooden spoons, poly armchairs, zinc birch pots, fu umbrella. Cheers Karen…..Karen. You’re the bomb.

  428. Brian C says:

    Ooh, the cleaver for me!

  429. LisaB says:

    The iPhone beechwood block is dreamy, while the Foodsaver has been on my wish list for sometime. Favourite? The Kitchenaid Stand Mixer!!! *drool*

  430. Lauren says:

    Love the gold owl table lamp — for absolutely no practical reason, it just brightens (ouch, bad pun) my day.

  431. Ketra says:


  432. Lorraine says:

    It’s a toss up between the anatomical chicken which I would buy to gift to my brothers girlfriend, she already has the gummi bear version OR the birch covered vases, but I’m tempted to go out and find suitable wood and try to make something similar to this myself!

  433. Sue says:

    Hunter boots of course! Would love a pair sittin’ in my closet to wear on a mucky Pacific Northwest day in the garden and I’d wear them with the shit show socks!

  434. Laurel says:

    I love the wooden spoons notebook and the Frye messenger bag. They’d go nicely together too!

  435. susan marte says:

    would LOVE to have the Traditional Vintage Inspired Overdyed Fancy Pink Rug! Love your blog!

  436. Debbie says:

    French Onion Soup Bowls! I have modest tastes. I have the glass vase – it was a gift many years ago.

  437. Carla says:

    I am a sucker for blue dishes so I like those onion soup bowls in your shop.

  438. Teresa says:

    Obviously the chicken anatomy model is a must have. Thankfully I have a birthday coming up and a husband that is great at taking totally blatant hints. Like sending him the link. Or just buying it myself.

  439. Anne says:

    Watkins ceramic sea life vase because I like hand made items and I also happen to love to dabble in clay.

  440. Gingersnappo says:

    Just one favourite? Yikes – that’s a tall order but I’m up for it – the Modele Throw Pillow!

    Karen, I started reading your blog a few months ago and I am now working my way through your archived posts because that’s the kind of dedicated (insane?) reader I am. 🙂

  441. gloria says:

    So many choices! Need the Hunter boots.

  442. Anne McCarthy says:

    Watkins ceramic sea life vase.

  443. Patty says:

    The french onion soup bowls! Beautiful! The colour is perfect.

  444. Annie says:

    I absolutely want the umbrella with the middle finger!!!!!!

  445. Maria says:

    The Frye messenger bag! What a beauty! There’s lots of stuff to love there ::sigh::

  446. Karen says:

    Love the small table lamp. I’ve been looking for this and now I’ve found it – thanks!

  447. Julie Truschke says:

    Frye Messenger Bag would be a great gift for my son!

  448. Dorothy R. Stanley says:

    I love and want several of the items…..but I’m lusting after the metallic/like throw pillow…..Waiting for it to so on sale! Will you keep adding to this “favorite things” list? I’m a newbie here….and I love having this list for gift ideas. I couldn’t ever afford any of Oprah’s favorite things….like a $250 scarf!

  449. Sboo says:

    I am fortunate to already own a KA stand mixer which I *love* and also use for pizza dough, among other things. Taking Karen’s suggestion to enter anyhow and give to a friend should I be the lucky winner! The item I adore in your shop is the gold piggy bank. It could be friends with the gold French bulldog bank that lives in my dining room 🙂

  450. Sue says:

    You’ve made some excellent selections for your shop and made it easier for me to buy the perfect gift! That over-dyed pink rug is the PERFECT finishing touch for my granddaughters’ (age 6 & 7) shared bedroom!!

  451. Chris-D says:

    The Henckels meat clever. I have an empty space in my knife block just waiting for it.

  452. Pauline Davis says:

    The treadmill for my new stand up desk!

  453. Karen says:

    I love the bee earrings and am going to buy them for my daughter as she’s had a thing for bees since she was small

  454. Susanne says:

    What a tough decision! I’m a book lover, so I’m glad to see them in your shop! A few I haven’t read, so I pick books!

  455. Sarah Bar says:

    I really love everything, but the thing that I kept coming back to was the 3D anatomical chicken. It’s really fantastic and I know the perfect person to gift it too! Love the site and your fantastic humor is something I can always count on.

  456. Barb says:

    Whoopa! Nice stuff! My choice; the Frye bag only ’cause I imagine the ‘hunky’ guy who has it slung over his shoulder carrying it for me (or for you in that fact)

    …and BTW (pick-me pick-me) you can save a lot on shipping by just dropping it off locally

  457. Kay says:

    I love me some wooden spoons!

  458. Tracey says:

    The Kitchen Aid mixer, of course! But also the Hunter boots, the owl lamp, the Frye’s Messenger bag, the Chucks…..

    Surprised to see Hunter boots but not Bogs – are you no longer a Bogs ambassador? Loved those giveaways too!

  459. Kathleen Aiello says:

    The hunter boots! I’ve always wanted wellies and these are superb!

  460. Carol says:

    My husband and I have just purchased a house that needs furnishing, so your shop comes at the most opportune time! I can’t believe how many beautiful Target items you’ve posted, particularly that lamp and sconce. But my most favourite items by far are the taupe Poly and Bark Armchairs! Those will definitely have to find a place in our new home. Thanks for doing all the digging for me, Karen! I’ll be sure to check back periodically to see what other treasures you’ve managed to find…

  461. Lynn says:

    Hmmm… I’m torn between the Areaware Pig Bank and the Frye Men’s Oliver Messenger!

    And for the record, I’m a dedicated follower who reads every hilarious word of THE ART OF DOING STUFF. I’d follow you anywhere… [hopefully you won’t lead us astray like bad GPS directions].
    P.S. I’m growing real grass for Easter ’cause of you! T H A N K Y O U !

  462. Lisa McInnis says:

    It’s hard to pick just one thing you have so many great picks! The blue q socks are the winner!

  463. Barb says:

    Okay, thought this might be a “trick assignment” and if I don’t choose the KitchenAid Mixer I’m immediately discounted…but I knew you wouldn’t pull that! So I went with what really attracted me and I really appreciated the clean lines and style of the Poly and Bark Organic Armchair. As a “senior citizen” I’ve boldly decided that I may as well step up my color palette and I’d pick my (as of recent) favorite color, orange. Last year I repainted our Adirondack chairs a bright orange sherbet color and love them! I never would have done that several years ago. So, please enter me in your contest…and thank you!

  464. Lori A. says:

    The French Onion Soup Bowls are my favorite next to the Kitchen Aid Mixer.

  465. Sue says:

    Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair, Walnut/Black
    I would love to win, but I would also love to share a story about my mom, whose name is also Betty.
    My dad bought her a Kitchen Aide stand mixer soon after they were married in 1946. About 6 years ago she called around Christmas time to tell me she wouldn’t be able to make her world famous BonBons because the damn mixer wouldn’t work and “At my age I’m sure as hell not going to buy a new one!” She was about 85 – point taken.
    A couple of weeks later she called to tell me that the BonBons were in the mail. When I asked how she did it without the mixer, she said she fixed the mixer. “I just went out to the garage and hit it hard with a hammer, and it started right up.”
    Must be something about the name “Betty”!

  466. AdrienneB says:

    I clearly need those Ringmaster of the Shit Show socks. I have a three year old.

  467. Other Karen says:

    The FIRST thing that caught my eye was the copper mug … ‘cuz it’s beautiful of course, and I fell in love with it when I also saw it on this week’s episode of Better Call Saul! NEXT the white kicks, ‘cuz they’re beautiful of course … and my feet are KILLING me! And ALSO the Frye Messenger bag, ‘cuz it’s beautiful of course … and I love the retro look of it.

  468. Sara says:

    I’m kind of intrigued by your post on the walking desk…I might have to try it out with the Confidence treadmill in your shop.

  469. Olivia says:

    I have two favs! The Hunter boots and the mixer…. I want, I want both actually.

    Have a hoppy Easter!

  470. lilly says:

    oh, the lovely wooden spoons, they look amazing. although, the fry messenger bag is also a winner!

  471. Love the gold mercury vase. So cheap and it goes well for any holiday. Oh how I love holidays too bad all the good ones are gone for now. This is on my to buy list today! Thanks

  472. Adele says:

    Love the ‘Chucks’ and think they would look great with the messenger bag and the bumblebee earrings. I can’t just pick one 🙂

  473. Robin says:

    Messenger bag, Convies, Cleaver….LoVe them in that order.

  474. Catherine says:

    Great shop, lots of great items to choose from! I’d go for the French onion soup bowls. Very cute and who doesn’t like French onion soup!

    Love your site, Karen. I’m trying to convince my husband that we need backyard chickens, too!

  475. Joanne says:

    I’ve always coveted a pair of hunter boots. Can’t justify spending $150 on rain boots right now, but one day maybe! I really like everything in your shop and on your site. Keep up the great work!

  476. marli says:

    Oh so many CHOICES!!
    Ok, so first of all, I’d love to win this mixer! I had a stand mixer and my Gram needed one, so of course I gave her mine. She’s going to be 102 on March 28th so everyone should say a Happy Birthday to her, just because I asked nicely and she’s amazing. 🙂 Also she’s still baking (and lives alone, if you can believe that!!) so THIS would be a great gift for her. Even though she already has mine, haha.
    As for my favorite: I LOVE the messenger bag! I’ve been looking for something similar to carry my pencils and charcoals and sketch pad around in. I’ll keep this on my wish list, but it’s pricey and probably not something I could do right away.
    I have to also add that ANYTHING Blue Q is always a favorite for me. I live around the corner (well, two corners actually) from the headquarters in Pittsfield MA, and I am hopeful that one day I will work for them.
    So, my 3 way tie is the mixer (for Gram), the messenger bag (for me) and the socks (because BLUE Q!!). Thanks for this opportunity!!
    Smiles, marli

  477. Lynne says:

    Hard to pick just one but the FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger Bag is the one that gives me hot flashes.

  478. marli says:

    Oh Geez!! I forgot to say: MY Gram is ALSO named Betty!! I think there is something about that name that gives women spark!! <3 <3

  479. Laura says:

    Love the bee earrings!

  480. Brittany W says:

    I thought it would be the ‘Blood, Bones, and Butter’ book but I just can’t stop thinking about the socks. “Ringmaster of The Shit Show” should be my actual career listing. Haha Great Giveaway! Thank You!

  481. Barb says:

    SO much cool stuff! I love the squirrel book and the bumble bee earrings and the birch vases. And am I the only one that thinks that umbrella is hilarious? Not sure I would have the nerve to use it but it sure made me laugh to think about doing so. If I win the mixer I am giving it to my daughter. She’s getting married this June. 🙂

  482. Alexis says:

    I really like the Moon Nightlight! Can I say, this page you’ve gathered is wonderful and I really enjoy that it automatically links to Amazon! Well done 🙂

  483. Dawna says:

    Lots of goodies! “The Secret Life of Squirrels” is tempting, the messenger bag I LOVE, but what I will be buying is the SuperStone La Cloche Baker! Gotta have it!!!

  484. meg says:

    i had no idea that i needed bumblebee earrings, but i do now! curse you/thank you!

  485. Lois says:

    Love nearly everything, but I pick The Secret Life of Squirrels–which I just ordered for my college-age daughter who wants to make friends with all the squirrels on her college campus 🙂

    I need a new KA–my On button is getting very hair-trigger-y. 🙂

  486. Scott says:

    I like the copper water bottle bottle. Think I’ll get two.

  487. Sharon B. says:

    You’ve got some great stuff in your store so it’s pretty impossible to choose one favourite. There’s the KitchenAid of course and the Frye messenger bag that is absolutely gorgeous. And the Foodsaver Vacuum Seal system looks interesting, but I’ve got to say that I love the Tuscan Soup Bowls in Turquoise. I think they’d look pretty awesome on my table filled with french onion soup.

  488. Tara Malinowski says:

    I visited your lovely shop, nicely curated.
    I love the Hunter boots.

  489. Hilary says:

    Love the walnut wishbone chairs. Maybe some day when we redo our kitchen…
    Also the brass knuckles mug.

  490. Dede says:

    I ordered the socks, and then some, yesterday! Baby, gimme that leather bag! Always your fan, Karen. xox

  491. shawn says:

    Meat Cleaver!! (Though I’d probably only use it on vegetables….and the zombie apocalypse).

  492. Alexis says:

    I really like the Moon Nightlight and love the fact that you’ve gathered all of these really great items onto one page and linked them to Amazon! Sorry if this is a duplicated comment. I thought I had posted this already, but it didn’t seem like it went through 🙁

  493. Mary Kay says:

    the Secret Life of Squirrels!!! I always wondered what they were up to when they are not running across my roof??

  494. Barb Hebert says:

    I love the Normann Copenhagen 69 Lamp Shade. Moved into a house where the light fixtures remind me of a bordello. This would definitely change that impression. I’m too old to start a new business like that.

  495. michaele anderson says:

    Wow, you have lots of neat and unexpected stuff on your shopping page. I was attracted to CYS® Zinc Pot with Natural Birch Wood Wrap Zinc Cylinder Vases (Set of 3 pcs) . I am just starting to have daffodils and tulips come into bloom so vases are on my mind.

  496. LoriD says:

    The “Ringmaster” socks. Hilarious!

  497. marilyn says:

    Hi Karen, I was looking for the linen things you speak about, but that owl lamp is pretty darn cute for my bedroom. 🙂 Also really appreciate the book shop as one can tell a lot about people by they read. Appreciate your suggestions.

  498. Merrilee says:

    That Frye bag. I have coveted Frye for a long while but have yet to own any. The whole shop is wickedly cool though. That umbrella, hehe.

  499. Sheryl says:

    Love the messenger bag and the copper mugs.

  500. Jodi T. says:

    I love the stackable wood bins!!

  501. Irina says:

    Hello Karen – of course I’d simply LOVE to win that Kitchen Aid, but I also want to say I really get a huge kick out of your site and especially your writing style, so much FUN!

    Ok, I like a lot of stuff on your shop site, but I’m going to pick the FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit, and say thank you very much for recommending something you use – I’m planning to buy one this summer, so this gives me a little more peace of mind and at least it’ll make you 10 cents 😉


  502. Jennie says:

    The Shit socks, my fav, I’m always causin’ it, so I might as well warn ’em. Next tool purchase might have been that mixer, but now I’ll invest in a wire welder, and hope to win the kitchen utensil. >^..^<

  503. Sarah Mitchell says:

    Ironically, my favorite thing on your shop page is that Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Imagine that!

  504. Cindy says:

    I have been enjoying your blog, the changes are great! I have several items already in your shop, love the Hunter Boots but where I live in Texas not much change of wearing them. :((

  505. Louise says:

    Owl lamp all the way.

  506. Shirley says:

    The Watkins sea leaf vase, please!

  507. Paula says:

    Picking a favorite is difficult. Just to suck up I’m going to say the Kitchen Aid,but, after visiting the shop I really want the nightlight, the socks, the boots, and and and. My husband says I’m hard to shop for…Hah. my son already has the brass knuckle mug. You may remember him from Pink Freud pit stains t-shirt fame.

  508. Carole says:

    I love the Normann Copenhagen Lamp Shade. Really lovely.
    Karen, your blog makes my day! You have gathered a remarkable group of readers. Their comments complement your writing style. What a fun place to spend some time.

  509. Bobbi says:

    The food saver. Sigh.

  510. Cindy A. says:

    My favorites are the Ringmaster socks, Hunter boots, and KitchenAid mixer. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  511. Julie says:

    I really like the spirit glasses. They’d make a nice gift for a Scotch lover….cause I’m keeping the mixer! The link only takes me to amazon.com…they are available on amazon.ca, but I suspect if I have to go there separately, you won’t make a penny!

  512. Marion says:

    While there are lots of things in your shop that I would like, the first thing I would purchase is “The Secret Life of Squirrels” as a gift for my MIL. She has been battling the squirrels in her yard/garden for years and I’m pretty sure that book would just make her day!

    Also, regardless of whether I win the mixer or not, this post was very fruitful for me because I was eating a banana while reading it. Huzzah!

  513. Shannon says:

    Only one? Alright. Well, I don’t know if it’s actually my hands-down favorite, but the one I’m the most likely to purchase would be the moon nightlight. For my daughter. Yeah. Totes for her. Because I’m told I’m an adult and I don’t need no stinkin’ nightlight.

  514. Trish Oriordan says:

    Chuck Taylors baby!

  515. Hmm I’m torn. I love the brass knuckles mug and the lacoste sneakers and the DENY pillow. You’ve got good taste!

  516. Alisa Vogt says:

    Love most of them, but I’m looking for storage items right now and really like the wooden stacking bins from Target.

  517. Theresa says:

    Love your posts! The shop is genieus and I LOVE the gold pig by Areware. I am a southerner and your perspective is hilarious and fun on life, decorating, chickens, etc. I would love to win the white KA.

  518. jennifer e says:

    I pick the Chuck Taylors. They are my all time favorite shoes.

  519. Suzanne says:

    Hi Karen, love your blog, reading it, I’m sure to laugh at least three times a week. Love your great projects and ideas, I envy your determination and courage. I would purchase a lot of the items in your shop but the most practical one for me at this time would be the vacuum food saver. Thanks for making our lives happier.

  520. Hi Karen, EVERYTHING in your store is FAB, so it is really difficult to pick, but my sentimental favourite is the Ittala vase. I’m a Ryerson Interior Design grad and after our second year, we went to Scandinavia for THREE weeks and toured all the incredible design and manufacturing places in Denmark, Sweden and Finland…the most phenomenal trip of my life. We wenr to the Ittala Factory!! While everyone else spent their money on getting hammered every night, I instead came home with a suitcase full of treasures ( or had them shipped) and one of them was the large version of this vase. That was 40 years ago, and it remains one of my most cherished pieces. Classic, timeless, exquisite.
    I have entered, tweeted, and facebooked and have invited all my friends to love you too!

  521. gloria says:

    Obviously, the Secret Life of Squirrels book.

  522. Jodie Bobco says:

    White Converse Chuck Taylor’s! Have them and love them 🙂

  523. martha says:

    I like the Frye messenger bag, it’s gorgeous.

  524. Elinor says:

    Love the zinc/ birch bark covered vases, Frye bag and Nars blush. Thanks for doing all the research for me!

  525. Tammy says:

    I love the knuckle mug! I think it would make me feel tough in the morning and I need a little extra “umpf” when I get up! (wish I would have had one of those when I worked in a corporate environment!) Having said that, I like many of the items you have listed: pink rug (where you gonna find another one of THOSE?), Umbrella flipping off the rain (OH, ho, ha, ha), food saver (uber practical), Stackable wooden bins from Target (scream make me look old and upcycled), OH! and the KA mixer (duh!)

  526. Linda says:

    The cleaver…..I just foolishly chipped mine by trying to break apart a frozen turkey carcass, also the socks:)
    Love that the books are all in one section!

  527. Shannon says:

    Although everything you have picked is luscious, tasteful and fun, my favorite is the welcome to the shit show socks!

  528. Kristine Freudenthaler says:

    Frye Messenger Bag. Who doesnt love the smell of leather.

  529. Darla says:

    Favorites are the sconce, leather bag, and the light fixture. But I HAVE to get the tool sticker so my husband will keep out of my tools!! He buys me my own then can never find his!! Just like a man…

  530. Cindy says:

    I desire the Converse Canvas sneakers. If they were part of package I would say a size 8. I’ve followed your site for years, it’s a hoot!

  531. Sandra says:

    I like the chicken! It reminds me of the autopsy I observed 🙂

  532. Trisha says:

    Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair…

    but also the Frye Messenger Bag. That things is so completely beautiful, I don’t care that I work from home and don’t have a need for it!

  533. Maureen Gilbert says:

    Its so hard to pick just one thing!
    Ok…I Love this
    Modern Vase & Gift
    CYS® Zinc Pot with Natural Birch Wood Wrap Zinc Cylinder Vases (Set of 3 pcs)

  534. Linda Moore says:

    I love the sea leaf vase. My favourite colour!

    I already have a Kitchenaide but if I win it I want to give it to my sister who loves cooking. Neither she nor I could ever afford to buy one for her so here’s hoping……

  535. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the contest – the candlesticks are fabulous! I am afraid to click on them for fear I’ll buy them. 🙂

  536. Deb Miller says:

    Oooh, too many good things to choose from! I would choose a great book, but then you might think I actually read, or a cookbook but I don’t actually do much real cooking, so I’m going for the uber cool moon night light! Would LOVE to win the KitchenAid, but I keep watching for you to do a giveaway on that great dress you wear in the “About Karen” picture -yes, I know I’ve mentioned that perfect dress in many previous comments, but I can’t help myself!

  537. Carly says:

    I love the Hunter boots! I’ve always wanted a pair, but living in Southern California have never really been able to justify the purchase. I was *hoping* El Nino would provide an excuse this year, but that turned out to be a dud…

    Oh and also, I would OF COURSE love the KitchenAid mixer 🙂

  538. Marty Philpot says:

    What an eclectic lineup! I want everything! I foresee enormous credit card bills in my future, in a futile attempt to “have it all”. Inevitably foreclosure on my house will follow with my becoming homeless, lying in a back alley somewhere (cue tears music). Starvation follows…..a slow, lonely death. My remains are at last discovered when police are drawn to the whimsical design of my Hipster finger umbrella found opened over my body like a tent. Identification is made by Coach day planner, tucked neatly inside my Frye Messenger Bag, holding the rest of my worldly goods…..my Henckels meat cleaver, used as protection, and my favorite book, “The Secret Life of Squirrels”. An anatomically correct chicken is still clutched in my hands……they never could manage to pry it away from me because……it was my favorite thing!

  539. Kat says:

    The messenger bag.
    Is it big enough to carry my baby goats in? I think it is!

  540. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Holey moley! I haven’t got a prayer of winning since I am not on FB or twitter or Instagram but here goes . . . I really really like that midcentury Wishbone Chair!
    Funny thing I noticed on amazon when I looked at it, if you scroll down further it shows you what other customers are looking at and it’s all the TAODS stuff. That made me go HAH!
    So I wonder if this is the highest number of comments for a Karen blog ever? Do you win a prize?

  541. Erica says:

    I love the bee earrings and the moon nightlight. Christmas is only 9 months away, right?

  542. Oh so many wonderful things to love! Impossible to choose just one.
    My favorites are…
    the cloche
    the messsenger bag
    the wooden spoons
    the squirrel book
    the boots!
    the Kitchen Aide
    the treadmill, and
    the vases

    You have such good taste!

  543. It’s obviously all about the anatomical chicken model. I mean, how have I lived in this world for so long without one?

  544. Christi says:

    Hey girl….the store is full of great stuff! I freaking love that messenger bag!! I already own the “Night Circus” and that is one of the best books I have ever read. Love love love it!

  545. Melanie Moore says:

    Too many things to like. But if I hav to choose, i love the rain boots (although totally impractical in light of the El Niño thy never came to th party). But if it did, I’d look great wearring the Nars Blush!
    Still loving the bog!

  546. Audrey says:

    I don’t need a new mixer either, but I’m a sucker for a give away….so I’d have to save the favorite item is the Frye Messenger Bag.

  547. Tami says:

    Love it all, but love love love the DENY Designs Three Of The Possessed Modele Throw Pillow.

  548. Andrea says:

    The moon night light. So cute! But I was hoping to find some Rough Linen on there, cause I like to Gawk, and I haven’t won the lottery yet, so I can pretend I can afford it. And Gawk some more.

  549. Gwen says:

    I love the book The Secret Life of Squirrels. What a way to make a living!

  550. HeatherMTL says:

    So many wonderful things on your new store page (!) but I am loving that Earth to Table book. I mean, if I bought it, I’d love it. Can’t wait to start gardening once again. After tomorrow’s storm, that is.
    Thanks for the chance to win this generous prize!

  551. Sarah Waterfield says:

    Great Giveaway, Karen! I do like the ‘shop’ and have always loved the Alvar Aalto vase. I first spied one in a Marimekko shop, the beautiful vase was filled with wild flowers and grasses. On my wish list, along with the Kitchen Aide mixer!!! Fingers crossed! Sarah. ps, I joined Twitter just for the mixer!

  552. Melinda says:

    The item I love most in your store is:

    Hampton Forge Essenstahl Paris Titan 20-Piece Flatware Set, Hammered Gold

    I have been scouring antique stores and second hands stores for gold silverware to no avail. As soon as I saw it, I knew that would be the item for me. 🙂

  553. Gillian Cook says:

    The white Verner dining chairs are my fave! Long time reader, seldom commenter. Thanks for not being afraid of showing us your attempts and success at doing new things and interspersing the F-word a reasonable amount in doing so!!

  554. Jessica says:

    That pink rug from the shop is to die for – it totally goes with the aestetic of my room!

  555. Kathleenie says:

    Yikes, it’s all great. But I have to say, the tall boots….as we’re all knee-deep in mud here in Wisconsin.

  556. Tres says:

    The Thug Kitchen Cookbook, I love their f-ing recipes! In the same vein the Middle Finger Umbrella will make a perfect gift for my sister who loooves rain.

  557. Tell the Wolves I’m Home and that awesome owl lamp (need need need for my nightstand!).
    I adore that you added a book section. Most of them are books that I’ve either read (Night Circus!) or are on my list to read (Tell the Wolves I’m Home). I like when people with similar book preferences recommend books to me. You might enjoy Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, as well, if you haven’t already read it.

    I already have a KitchenAid, but my oldest daughter is planning on moving out soon (sniff!), and I’d love for her to have at KA of her own when she does; she loves to bake, and dreams of baking for a living some day.

  558. Beth says:

    I love the anatomic chicken! I have 6 hens and it’s cool to see what makes them tick!

  559. Margot says:

    Love the French Onion Soup bowls!

  560. Amelia Naccarto-Coleman says:

    I liked other things in your shop but really need a new Kitchen Aid. Ours was a wedding present…..39 years ago!

  561. Patti says:

    I’d have to say those Wellys are my “get it” choice. I would be so fashionable plodding around in my garden wearing those beauties. I love you blog. I have been following you for a few years. Keep up the good work.

  562. Susan says:

    Love the Hunter boots and have coveted them for years as I’m in rainy Vancouver. Also, gardening season is about to begin.

  563. Hanna says:

    Chuck Norris of course!!!!
    Love your book list, online book club?

  564. Rebecca says:

    I love your blog!
    I love the wooden spoons!
    And many, many of the books, including some of my favorites: Lonesome Dove, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Prayer for Owen Meany, so many!
    Thank you!

  565. Cred says:

    Love so many things in the shop- the sea leaf vase, dust pan, wicker basket, but the messenger bag definitely is my favourite.

  566. Cathy McCoy says:

    Ringmaster socks! Absolutely. Probably need several pair. In case the shit is especially deep on some days.

  567. JulieD says:

    The “visible chicken” is my favorite! But the spirits glasses run a close second.

  568. Donna Horne says:

    I like the blush and the chair, both very nice

  569. Donna Horne says:

    chair and blush

  570. Sheri says:

    I’m a newbie in love with your blog! Pretty rare for a blog to capture my attention like that but dang, it’s become a fun happy place for me.

    I read your post about the treadmill and the standing desk…knew THAT is exactly what I will be purchasing (and from your shop!)…in approximately 3 weeks, 6 days…not counting the hours cause that’s weird.

    I live in Czech Republic and after 3 years here we are moving back home to Mississippi.
    Life here has been simple and small. Not a lot of “strolling” like they do in France but loads of out right walking. EVERYWHERE. All the time. It’s been a life I will miss. and that treadmill will be my first purchase when I get back! I’m pretty excited.

    And that Kitchen Aide would be another great addition to our little place when we get one. 🙂

  571. Val says:

    I love the wrapped rope basket. And of course the mixer

  572. Joanne says:

    Nice shop – lots of awesome and unique stuff – just like you! My favorite would have to be the food sealer because I have one and use it a LOT! Best invention ever, almost.

    I tried a couple of other things but the Amazon link is to Amazon.com. Do I have to order it through there for you to get credit? Or does it work that way? I have my own account on Amazon.ca and now I have Prime for a year (because I forgot to cancel after Christmas, of course….). I guess I don’t know how the shop works for you…

    Next thing I’d like to try… multiple orgasms – who wouldn’t?!! haha, well, the blush at least.

    thanks for the chance – love your blog and hope to someday work my way through all the Stuff you’ve written about!


  573. Hafsa m says:

    Love ur shop…. i want everything in it.the boots, the kitchen aid, the shelfs ,the vase ,the hen and all the things …

  574. deborah says:

    The pink rug, the double-sided throw pillow, the pig. And I still want the Rough Linen pinafore!

  575. Jengland says:

    I love the Frye Messenger Bag but also the “Leave my ******* Tools Alone sign. I can relate to it.

  576. Maria says:

    I like the plastic see through chicken. When people ask me how do chickens lay eggs, I can give them a visual. Thanks for the giveaway.

  577. Karen Sather says:

    The chocolate bunny, of course! But when I went to the Williams-Sonoma site to check it out, I found that it is no longer available ? A day without chocolate is like a day without a KA mixer, which I do not have, but would LOVE, and my husband would love that I could make pizza dough so easily. . . . If I don’t win, I hope my husband buys me one!!!

  578. Darlene says:

    Hmm. I was expecting to see the rough linen shop as one of the choices. I have wanted the pinafore for a long, long time. I remember last year wanting the limited edition one with a heart sewn on the bottom corner especially for Vday. How cute was that!!!

    But now, for some reason. I LOVE those turquoise blue French onion soup bowls. And I hate French onion soup but just love those bowls!

  579. Carolyn says:

    I love the rug!
    But I’d really love the kitchen aid stand mixer. I’ve been holding out for one for years now.

  580. Jennifer says:

    Honestly, my pick would be the Kitchen Aid mixer, followed by the Foodsaver and the Hunter boots. The meat cleaver looks like fun too!

  581. Lavada says:

    SuperStone La Cloche Baker with Specialty Bread Cloth — Just makes sense to me.

  582. Ana R. says:

    Seriously!? I’ve been looking for stackable wood bins for a long while. I nearly bought a very expensive set a while back from my pantry. I’m so glad I didn’t because thanks to your Shop, I know I can get them at Target for way less, AND pick them up in-store for free!
    Thanks Karen! (love your blog, now love your shop for SAVING me money!)

  583. Patricia says:

    I want the chicken model and the tree trunk vase….choices, choices. Makes me sound a little odd…

  584. Lisa says:

    It’s gotta be the brass knuckle mug…or the Ringmaster socks. Nope, definitely the mug.
    And I read (and enjoy) your posts even when you don’t give anything away.

  585. Linda says:

    the cleaver and the glass vase.

  586. Katie Sloma says:

    Picking a fav was tough but the Poly & Bark Organic Armchairs get the win from me.

  587. Stephanie Hobson says:

    Well I’m torn. Would I want to be practical and say the FoodSaver system? Or not practical and go for the anatomical chicken? The chicken would look lovely in my kitchen, and would go well with the drawing of a human skeleton that is hanging there with a label that says “Soup Bones”.

  588. Alana says:

    Love everything, but can’t fit it all in my house. So, just the Watkins Sea Leaf Vase, Small….

    Was sorry to read about Cuddles. We lost a hen last fall, and it was very traumatic. (I’ll just say “fly strike” and let you google it.)


  589. sara jenkins says:

    But… I’m buying those socks. OMG. ringmaster. YES!

  590. Ann Simpson says:

    The 4D vision chicken model is the perfect focal point for a living room, or any room really. Lots of colours to coordinate with, all-age appropriate, and it is ‘real magic’, with xray vision, science-y info, practical know-how, and fun.
    Learning about the inner chicken grants respect and awe along with all that deliciousness!

    Your blog is real magic too!

  591. Patti Shiels says:

    The Fry Bag isgreat. Easy to carry on a plane.

  592. Amy in KC says:

    There are so many cool things in your shop, but my favorite is the “DENY Designs Three Of The Possessed Modele Throw Pillow.” I love the colorful geometric design.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  593. Lisa says:

    LOVE the umbrella because it made me smile. Really big smile. lol!

  594. Mary Godfrey says:

    I like the dustpan. Cool design
    I gave my kitchen aid to my daughter and I really miss it

  595. Figi says:

    This is what sticks in my mind today after perusing your shop and post yesterday:
    Sweeeeet mixer! I could channel the pros with that equipment in my kitchen. Would make anybody a better mixmaster.
    10¢? That’s all I generate for you by making a purchase thru Amazon? Your blog shall be the new Amazon Prime portal instead of desktop.
    I think I can do better than 10¢, and I know I’m not alone. I’m frugal, but not cheap thank you. How about a button to subsidize a new goat or chicken? Naming rights?
    I once suffered from chicken fever, so profoundly, I purchased an Americauna flock for my hospital’s Chaplain to add to her brood. Visits with my grandchildren and weekly egg purchases were part of the custody arrangement. It went well for a couple years until a “Coyote” visited to thin the herd. The Chaplain roasted or froze the survivors claiming “they are too expensive to feed if they’re not going to be laying eggs.” Devastatingly cruel. Bad mama.
    My chicken fever is healing, thank you, in part because of your special troupe and I know I wasn’t alone in shedding tears for Cuddles.
    I would be honored to contribute to a new herd of fluffy somethings, living and being loved at my favorite bloggers abode.
    So, can you get to work on that Karen’s Ark button?

  596. Jill Garrett says:

    Definitely have to go with the office chair, as I sorely need a new one. But also fell in love with that beautiful messenger bag! Love your post!

  597. Alyssa H says:

    I love the blue French onion soup bowls! so cute

  598. gigi says:

    Oh for goodness sakes. I didn’t mention my favorite from the shop, and couldn’t even get my name right!
    1) Wellies boots; classy, efficient, would make me feel smarter mucking about in them.
    2) Moon nightlight. Cool, quirky, unique yet useful
    3) Owl lamp: See above
    4) “fudge you” umbrella: also see above
    5) Dark dustpan : see above
    6)Golden utensils: definitely see above!
    7) Brass knuckles: hmmm ok. I see a pattern here.
    Nothing is too prissy or pretensious. Bold! Functional yet fun.
    Hard to pick just one, but if it were an actual prize, I’d have to go with the Wellies. I could pretend I’m karen mucking about her amazing garden while I’m puttering in mine.
    Yup, definitely the Wellies.
    And the mixer.
    I wouldn’t kick it out of bed. Ahem….said too much?
    I would wear the Wellies in the kitchen, using the mixer. Cause I’m messy like that.

  599. Neva says:

    Love the Wishbone chair, and your blog!

  600. Barbara Crane says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for like, forever, and love your quirky life! I already liked you on Facebook, I’m a loyal follower but don’t do twitter or instagram. Guess I’m still in the stone ages?

    I had no idea you would have so many great items in your store! It’s hard to decide but after great deliberation I’ve finally settled on the Converse Sneakers. I’ve always loved sneakers but actually I just LOVE shoes, period. That was the first of my getting rid of 50 things, but it only made a tiny dent so I’ll have to get rid of 50 more soon! Next would be the mixer but since I’m going to win that’s no problem, wishful thinking never hurts!

  601. maggie parker says:

    I pick the cookbook “Thug Kitchen”, mostly for its title, and sub title. No idea if it’s any good.
    Hunter boots are always on my list.
    Your blog is one of my favourites!

  602. Heather says:

    I’m intrigued by the Nars multiple stick. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  603. Betty says:

    Nice update the website Karen!
    I think its cool that we share a lot of the same tastes,..love the sign that warns to get your hands off my F*&^% tools, because I could have used this before in my previous life!
    I love the Littala Aalto Glass Vase. I live in BC and the spring flowers would look lovely in that vase! (but out of my price range-(so sad) – I also love the mixer you are giving away or even the Ceramic cookie jar,… I hate lusting after beautiful objects!

  604. Jaimie says:

    Love the piggy bank and the rug. And the mixer. Def. the mixer.

  605. sarajane says:

    Delurking for the chance to win a KitchenAid! (Thank you, Karen)
    Drooling over the Frye Messenger Bag and am buying the “Keep Your Hands Off My #)%#ing Tools” Sign for my Dad for Father’s Day.

  606. Polly says:

    The wishbone chair is my favourite. It’s actually what I was looking for once we find out new home.

  607. Rosiland Ball says:

    I love the French onion soup bowls!

  608. Z Marvel says:

    We are just finishing up a huge kitchen remodel. Inspired by your kitchen, I chose the same Martha Stewart drawer pulls. Since then I’ve been longing for gold flatware. The Cambridge Silversmiths Conversation Gold/Satin 20-Piece Flatware Set is now on my wish list!

  609. Carol says:

    I like the purse.
    I followed you on Instagram but had to do it on my tablet as I do not have it on my computer. go figure thought it was all one.. and followed you on FB.. cant wait to see what you post..

  610. Vanessa says:

    I LOVE the satchel! The leather is gorgeous! Actually, I like everything you picked…it’s like we’re related. 😉 If you get the credit from me browsing through Amazon but starting at your page, look out cause I have become a serious Amazon shopper!


    • Karen says:

      Ha! good for you. Amazon shopping is fun. And yes, I do get credit if you started on my site but buy something completely different than what I recommend. ~ karen!

  611. sharon yanaitis says:

    Oh, I know I will never win, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I so want the KA mixer. I have been wishing for one forever it seems, but to spend that amount of money is impossible. I absolutely love your blog, your the sunshine of my mornings……fondly me

  612. Myrna says:

    I’d go for the socks!

  613. Kirsten says:

    I like the iPhone cover. Sadly the Amazon link says it does not ship to Brantford? I really would buy anything from there, you have great taste. I have already ordered some stuff from the etsy site you reccomended.

  614. Christina Burke says:

    It’s the chicken model for sure! (Oh, yeah, the KA mixer is pretty cool too)

  615. CraftALife says:

    My fave is the patchwork pillow.

  616. Sandi Masse says:

    I like the food sealer. I love your blog and think you are so funny! I’m sorry about your pet chicken. I really mean this and I’m not suckin up bec the chances of winning is too great. It makes my day when I read your blog.

  617. Anita Erskine says:

    I may be the only one to choose the 4D chicken anatomy! Love it and will likely buy it if I have any money left over from my vacation. I love the shit socks too – for my daughter she loves shit like that!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  618. Sharon says:

    The gold silverware. Would be fun to have and use everyday. Thanks.

  619. Vanessa Richardson says:

    I wrote this yesterday:
    Oh man, this new page is going to be trouble for me. I want the umbrella, the bee earrings, the geometric pillows… I want all the stuff! Really though, I want to thank you. I seriously hate shopping. Having a page like this will save me so much time!

    Nothing has changed, I still want all the stuff. The bee earrings are my favorite.

  620. Christie says:

    Love the piggy bank, in gold – followed closely by the owl lamp! Really great stuff!

  621. Tiffany says:

    Love the book “the art of the wooden spoon” and the food saver. These are all after the KA stand mixer.

  622. Alice W. says:

    I love the bee earrings! I may actually buy these for my next-door neighbor. She loves bees! Me not so much because I’m epically allergic-I’m not sure if I should even wear bee earrings. Tempting fate? But I would definitely love a new KA. I have one from like 1975 and I can beat faster by hand than that poor arthritic fool can spin. Love the store!

  623. Flash says:

    I like the book Happy Chickens, Fresh Eggs. Because thats how it should be. I think I have the happiest chickens in Alaska! And they give me (quite willingly) the best Eggs EVER.

  624. Mary says:

    I love and want the leather messenger bag. I probably NEED the treadmill! 🙁

  625. Mary Robinson says:

    Oh the Hunter boots, please. It’s Spring, it’s sugaring time, my old dependables (not Hunters) that don’t walk my socks off inside have sprung a leak. if i’m going to plunk down$$ for boots, i need them to be comfortable, reliable and Karen approved. No time to shop around.

  626. Karen M says:

    I love so many items in your shop! I guess if I had to pick one it’s the bumble bee studs because we keep bees : )

  627. Blu says:

    I love the chicken anatomy model and of course the KitchenAid Mixer!

  628. CJ says:

    The linen robe!!

  629. Laura says:

    My favorite is the ka mixer, lol. There are lots of neat things though. Love your blog btw!

  630. Weesie says:

    OK, I like the Traditional Vintage Inspired Overdyed Fancy Pink Rug (5′ x 8′). But remembering your recent posts, I was hoping to see one toilet for sale, AT LEAST! Your blog is the best. I’m already starting to smile when I see an e-mail link to your latest post in my inbox. Yay!

  631. Kimmer says:

    The secret life of Squirrels 🙂 what a hoot!

  632. Codi says:

    Already have a different men’s Frye bag….or else that would be it….but now I really want that beautiful black and wood office chair but it’s not available on good-ole-Amazon!

  633. Kay says:

    I was drawn to the Messenger Bag but when I checked it out it proudly stated that it is made of “100% Other Fiber”. Not sure if I am willing to shell out that much money for something that could be made of anything: cheese, toilet paper, chicken feathers, basement spider webs… (See am a long time reader!)

    So, I will go with the Copper Mug – after a mild, but still annoying winter – I am ready to worry about keeping my drinks cold.

    Also, love the mixer, especially if you bought it for me.

    Thanks for an entertaining blog that makes me giggle on a regular basis.

  634. Cara says:

    I’ll take one of everything! But I especially love the anatomical chicken. My daughter, who has chickens, and to whom I’ve forwarded articles of yours to, will love it. When I get around to buying it, that is.

  635. Celeste Chachere says:

    That Frye messenger bag is perfection!

  636. dannie says:

    I liked a lot of your things in the shop. If I could justify it in my lifestyle, I’d pick the chicken innards, but I’m not even close to a chicken let alone own one. I have 3 fans tho… the floodwater, which I own and love so much, but it’s puckering out and not working properly. The artful spoon… I can’t resist a great looking wood utensil. And thirdly… the brass knuckles coffee mug. For two reasons. One, I LOVE coffee. Especially bulletproof coffee. Seems bulletproof coffee some how goes hand in hand with brass knuckles? No pun intended. But I do know brass knuckles do go with the fibromyalgia I suffer from Every. Single. Day. Which in turn goes with a wonderful gift such as a kitchen aid mixer, which I don’t have but need as there us no one here but me so I truly need something that stirs for me. Thanks so much for purchasing it yourself. You rock. One day I put too much sweetener in my bulletproof coffee and cried… til I mixed up another batch to compensate for too much sugar…and whisked them together, getting two coffees. I agree, it is gross with too much sweetener.

  637. Jody says:

    Gotta be the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model ! Or maybe the overdyed rug. Nah, it’s the chicken!

  638. Bambi Mayer says:

    OMG–the PIG, of course! Cast from a pig who died of natural causes! Who wouldn’t want one of those!!

  639. Bambi Mayer says:

    I liked you on FB awhile back but tried to like you again–they aren’t falling for it.

  640. Bambi Mayer says:

    I think I already follow you on Instagram but waiting for my password reset instructions so I can double check. If I don’t follow you already, I promise you that I will. Of course, I never get on Instagram, hence the forgotten password.

  641. Xueying says:

    Fry bag looks AWESOME!

  642. Bambi Mayer says:

    Would follow you on Twitter but I don’t tweet–it would require me learning another stinkin’ password. Plus Donald Trump tweets so that is reason enough to not want to.

  643. Betsy says:

    the earrings!

  644. Bee says:

    the hunter boots are a must!

  645. Sylvia Estey says:

    Wow, you should contact Frye and see if you could get us all a bulk discount!! That Frye Oliver Messenger would be one kickass purse for travel!!

  646. Jessie says:

    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is definitely in the top of my favorite books list. And the Artful Wooden Spoon notebook makes me want to find prettier wooden spoons. Mine are bamboo and work fine, but not what anyone would call “artful.”

  647. Kathryn says:

    I like the books! Though I have to restrain myself from buying more…I did not restrain myself from trying butter on the bread when making a sandwich however. I 100% support it; that sandwich was delicious!

  648. erin hall says:

    i love the stacking wood bins from targwt. trying to figure out where i could reasonablly use them in my home.

  649. Karen Palmer says:

    My fave in the shop is the bag. Love a great soft bag to hug, but also the mixer. I’m not sure if I qualify for the give-away because I’m in Canada but whatevs?

    Thanks, Karen

  650. Roxanne says:

    The crazy sticker Warning Get your own &@!** tools is awesome. My son comes over to my house and uses my tools. Of course they are never left the way they should be. He would get a real chuckle if I put one of the stickers in my tool box. He’s a mechanic he should understand! I checked out other stickers and I must place an order.

  651. Kate k says:

    I love the copper mug, the wooden docking/alarm clock, the owl lamp and the converse shoes! Karen, you have great taste!

  652. Sarah P says:

    The chicken anatomy model is unique but I think I’d get a lot more use from the meat cleaver.

  653. Jane C. says:

    I like the mercury glass mini-vase, because I like old glass, and the Ringmaster of the Sh*t Show socks (could have used them a few years ago), and the moon nightlight. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one.

  654. Joyce says:

    I love the french onion soup bowls! Great giveaway Karen.

  655. Diane C. says:

    Oh, hello Frye men’s Oliver messenger bag. Come to mama. I won’t give you to papa. Sorry, papa!

  656. Susan says:

    This is so nice of you! You have so much great stuff! I have been dreaming of the mixer, so that would be my first choice. After that, the Boots!

  657. Colette Clark says:

    Only one item, that’s a bit cruel. I love all of the chairs, but I have to go with the Nars blush.

  658. allyn says:

    love the messenger bag, but I’m budgeting for a food saver!

  659. Debbie says:

    First of all, love your blog, Karen! My friend got me hooked on it!
    So here is my pick, hard to pick – awesome brass knuckles cup, messenger bag, mixer, gold cutlery, I guess I need to choose the Owl Lamp!!!
    Thanks for brightening my day. I just had a Birthday March 21, so a win would be a fabulous bonus for my week!!!

  660. Catherine Fairs says:

    Converse runners

  661. Pam says:

    The sconces and boots …tough choice though!

  662. Marti says:

    The socks. I need a better socks life.

  663. Kathy says:

    I love the Watkins Sea Leaf Vase and it would look lovely in my house. Thanks for the contest!

  664. Alicia Cappola says:

    I love the brass knuckle coffee mug, and as an HR Professional, I find it inappropriate for the workplace which is why I must have it ! !

  665. Renee says:

    I love so many things, but really want that treadmill

  666. LOVE the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model. First of all, I love chickens on the outside, SO, hello?! THEN, seeing them on the inside was magical! I love everything individual that makes up a whole. Maybe it’s because I was always in a “support” position during my working life, but there are lawyers involved in that scenario, so “no can discuss.” Anyway, when that particular item showed up, it also showed other things bought by people of the same mind-set – including a cow and a pig. That said, as soon as I pay off the 6′ sock monkey that’s due to arrive any day now, I’ll be back to make my decision as to which animal anatomy model I’ll purchase first! I especially like the fact that you, too, own the chicken! 🙂

  667. Jennifer says:

    I love many of your shop items and like the rest. The one that made me really think about buying right that very minute is the gold Mercury glass mini vase. I have a weakness for Mercury glass that borders on obsession!

  668. Cyndy says:

    I do like the Large Chocolate Bunny but it’s no longer available. Love chocolate. Love bunnies.

  669. Gina says:

    Love the umbrella!

  670. cindy says:

    One! Impossible. Too many wondrous products. And the books!!! But, if I have to choose, it is the Watkins Sea Leaf vase. Lovely!!! Thanks for your blog, your knowledge, your incredible personality, and your store.

  671. Janice says:

    I’m going to need that anatomical chicken alongside my new mixer for sure.

  672. Irene says:

    The Moon Nightlight is easily my favorite.

  673. Tasha says:

    Oh -the Frye’s messenger bag is lovely! As are the stackable wooden blocks. Nicely curated selection!

  674. Kate Preston says:

    Omg, the owl lamp of course! I normally wouldn’t enter these types of contests but our KA mixer just bit the dust. Perfect timing!?

  675. Martina says:

    The Converse sneakers…bring me back to my high school days…oh so long ago…they look exactly like the sneakers I used to wear way back in my basketball years…thanks for the trip down memory lane…:)

  676. Eileen says:

    The LexMod C24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut is so cool. Love it and your contest.

  677. allie says:

    Super cool STUFF!!!!! I especially liked the chairs and the hunter boots and of course the Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!!!!!! LOVE it all 🙂

  678. Jean in BC says:

    definitely the anatomical chicken 🙂

  679. Rose says:

    I don’t want to enter the drawing (no place to put a stand mixer) but I did want to let you know that I browsed your shop EXTENSIVELY on Monday and ever since Amazon has reminded me of the items that I looked at (and your shop) every time I surf the net. I’m not complaining – it’s nice to be reminded of the things that I covet and should totally treat myself to! I love the shop and will be looking forward to the weekly updates (just like I look forward to you blog posts!)

  680. Carole says:

    Since I don’t own an electric mixer it would be the Kitchen Aid. I like everything in your shop though. Great blog!

  681. Alex says:

    I’ve been wanting a pair of Hunter boots for years. Your shop might be the nudge I need to finally purchase!

  682. Nicole says:

    The Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill of course! I have wanted one since you first posted it! I keep going back looking at it contemplating if I should go for it or not. I keep thinking I could look just like Karen on it….ha ha ha! As if! But I could pretend while I am on it 🙂

  683. Cathy B says:

    The Baxton Studio Chair stun.ning. And I reallly like the stacking 3 bin … heck I love all of it, and I would love for you to come to my place and style it all up 🙂

  684. Carole says:

    I love the zinc pot with the birch wood wrap. I have recently sold the large house in town and moved to a 600 sq. ft. log cabin in the woods. I purged all unnecessary things from my house and now need accessories that will go with the cabin style. This is perfect to showcase my wildflowers.

  685. Jane says:

    I usually read ALL the comments but 698 would prevent me from getting anything else done tonight. I like several things but I’m picking the wooden bins.

    Thanks for running the giveaway

  686. Jennifer says:

    the bee earrings! LOVE those! I did the bee in a freezer trick and it works! Oh, and I have entered your contest! I’m off to share, and like and follow now 😉

  687. Beth Groce says:

    I’m a sucker for a good blush. I’m a Tarte girl but now you’ve got me interested in Nars.
    Oh and, the chicken anatomy thing is straight up weird. But I’m flag YOU like it 😉

  688. Andrea says:

    My favourite is the Cambridge Flatware set. I love gold accessories. <3

  689. Noelle says:

    Am I allowed to enter? Who knows.
    The pink rug is just ridiculous enough for me to put in the living room with my red couch and my calves are too large and muscley for the hunter boots…. 😉

  690. Marcia De says:

    So many neat things to pick a favorite from! Hmmmm…….the brass knuckle mug would be perfect for me, because I drop things a lot, or the Foodsaver Vacu Pak to stop freezer burn, but the Kitchen-Aid would be perfect – for everything!

  691. Kelly says:


    I would buy the hipster umbrella!! I have to use an umbrella to protect myself from the sun. It sucks but it’s true. I get the strangest looks from people because I use an umbrella when it’s not raining. This umbrella would be a perfect response to their judging looks and whispers. There faces would be priceless!!!!

  692. David says:

    I’d have to choose the SuperStone La Cloche Baker…. Looks pretty awesome and can be used for other foods. 🙂
    I’m new to your blog as of a few weeks ago. I was researching how to tap maple trees and bumped into your blog and site. Been hooked since! I just love the coop BTW!
    -Good job and keep at it as I look forward to new posts.

  693. Terry DiVi says:

    Love the Nars blush because it’s a cream which would be great for my dry skin. Always searching for a natural looking cream blush and this one looks as if it could get the job done.

  694. Peggy Hudson says:

    Well, I like your stories, why wouldn’t I. My great grandson and I still watch “Will They Eat It”. Anyway, I love the French Onion Soup bowls. Everything looks nice in your shop, it will be a big success I am sure.

  695. Gigifreedreed says:

    I kind of love it all, congrats on the shop being open!

    You’re own shirt with the cleaver and logo would fly off the cyber-shelves!

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and Idris Elba.

  696. Naomi Brun says:

    Wall Sconce, wooden stacking containers, leather bag, Hunter boots, and mixer. That`s five favourite things.

  697. morgan says:

    Wow i love the mans oliver messenger bag. So i am not a man but i would totally throw that baby over my shoulder. Can’t wait to see your garden grow this summer!!!

  698. Heather J Tebbutt says:

    Bought the Copper Mug & Secret Life of Squirrels on Tuesday…the Alarm Dock & All the Light We Cannot See today. Love Amazon…so convenient & excellent service.
    Love the spring look to your blog, Karen…your Shop page has some wonderful things on it, I really like the Rathburn Chair but would settle for the Gold Mercury Vase!
    Keep up the the good work on your blog…I keep going back to your older posts for ideas, right now I am looking for a kitchen island.

  699. Ayla says:

    Hola, me encanta tu blog que hace tiempo sigo.
    El regalo del concurso es una maravilla, pero me gustaría saber si puede participar todo el mundo o esta limitado geográficamente y solo pueden participar los que vivan en X lugares.

  700. Kendra says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the messenger bag!

  701. Sheri says:

    Love the Food saver.

  702. Brittany says:

    I love the wooden stacking bins, I’d use them for sorting toys or veggies in the kitchen, they’re just beautiful!

  703. Jodi Thompson says:



  704. Denise says:

    OK I thought it was the chicken, then the socks, but the umbrella is AWESOME!! And we have the same taste in books, so I love that too. 🙂

  705. Al Molnar says:

    Ok, I have to put the coach day planner on my birthday list for my wife to choose from

  706. Ann says:

    The Kitchen Aid Mixer, of course!!! Great ideas in your “shop” Karen!

  707. Nanette says:

    The Ultimate spirits glasses for the Amaretto I like to sip after a bad day. They look pretty sexy for glasses. And also the Braxton chair. Looks really comfy.

    Great Shop Karen! Will definitely check it regularly.

  708. Marilyn says:

    I’ve been lusting for some Hunter boots for quite a while.

  709. Justine says:

    That DENY throw pillow from Target needs to be in my life ASAP. I also love the food saver.

  710. Brittany says:

    Ringmaster of the Shit Show socks! Omg, how fitting!

  711. Monica says:

    I love to win the Kitchenaid Mixer, but if that doesn’t work out I might treat myself to the Nars blush!

    Congrats on the new store, Karen. Looks great.

  712. Tania says:

    Love them all! But I’m a converse girl so gotta love those! And of course, “the secret life of squirrels” looks like a great nail biter! A tie between converse and squirrels!

  713. leisa says:

    The Frye messenger bag– it’s lovely.

  714. Lynne says:

    So many wonderful items to choose from!
    The stackable Wooden Bins, Kitchen Aid and the Hunter boots come to mind because I could really use (and appreciate) them. However the Messenger Bag made me swoon and the socks and umbrella made me laugh out loud, picturing my kids and grandkids reactions if I were to show up sporting them 😉
    Love your Blog and must say I’d be beyond thrilled to tell everyone I had a Kitchen Aid personally chosen for me by you! Thank you for the giggles and the opportunity !

  715. Angela says:

    I love the Coach day planner!

  716. Brandy says:

    The kitchenaid mixer, of course! It’s in my bucket list of kitchen appliances I intend to own before I die. I’d like to announce my interest in any dishwashers, dryers and/or roombas or scubas you might fancy giving away as well. 🙂

  717. Heather says:

    I’m loving the ringmaster socks and the Nars stick. Life is too short for boring socks.

  718. Courtney says:

    Well now I am extremely needing those birch wood wrapped vases!

  719. Kayla Stubbs says:

    You had me at the Anatomical Model of a Chicken. Is it something I need, not really; but would it not make a lovely addition to any kitchen or mad scientists laboratory? With that in mind (considering that not only is a neat-o but also practical) I’d choose the chicken model.

  720. Gina Davis says:

    CHICKEN ANATOMY MODEL! Just love chickens, with or w/o the feathers I guess, lol. Enjoy your Blog so much! You’re an inspiration, always happy, always funny or should I say hilarious!

    Thanks for sharing your life and your chickens?

  721. Gayle says:

    Food saver vacuum. What you can use them for is amazing–limited only by your imagination.

  722. Pamela Longhurst Romanchuk says:

    Hi, I love reading about your interesting everyday and not so everyday adventures.

    My favourite item is the moon nightlight. It was hard to choose. All of the items are neat.

    Thanks for the chance to enter this fantastic contest.

  723. Karen as well says:

    So many things to Love! I would say my top choice would be the beautiful messenger bag which I would proudly gift to my son who would love it (and me) forever!!! For myself I would choose the KitchenAide Stand Mixer, unless of course I was so lucky as to WIN it!!!

  724. Stephanie Barnhart says:

    You have such great stuff on there, it’s hard to pick a favorite. The knife, the squirrel book, the shit show socks… I love them all!

  725. Cynthia says:

    So many wonderful things! Hard to choose a favorite, but I love the Aalto glass vase.

  726. Anne says:

    Loving that LexMod Wishbone chair.

  727. maria says:

    i like the earth to table book – always interested in canadian slow movement people/ideas/books/articles – thanks for the give away and featuring new items – happy easter!

  728. Lisa says:

    Hard to pick just one but I’ve been wanting some Hinter boots so I’ll choose those!

  729. Sheryle G says:

    The Frye Men’s Oliver Messenger Bag

  730. Turbocharger says:

    I can only pick one? Gah, that’s like choosing a favourite pair of shoes – an impossible decision…. The messenger bag, the birch bark vases, the wall sconces (which incidentally look almost identical to the ones in my bedroom), the hunter boots…. If i HAD to pick only one though, it’d be the food saver. So uses!

  731. I love the soup-chili bowls. (French onion soup)

  732. Katie Morgan says:

    Holy cow, I had to scroll down for awhile to comment! This better be worth it. ? I love the leather messenger bag – ooooh la la! And the bee earrings and of course, the kitchen aid mixer. I waaaant to win it!! *pick me, pick me, pick me* ?

  733. Patricia says:

    The Frye messenger bag would be delicious to own…and to smell!

  734. Jessi leigh says:

    The cleaver, I was just talking about how I need one!

  735. Suzanne says:

    Oh…that messenger bag, me loves it so much. And all this Rough Linen, the sheets ans duvet cover. Thanks always fot the laughs and amazing projects

  736. "T" says:

    LOVE Sneakers….does anyone even call then ‘sneakers’ anymore? I actually collect shoes, but NOT to my husbands chagrin. I stockpile sneakers (usually mens), and he’s OK with that. :O)

    BTW – been reading you for awhile now – hooked my mom too. Your attitude and humor rock! Check out my website if you get a chance – I’m a metal gal…

  737. Judy D. says:

    There were several items in the ‘Shop’ that I’m interested in, but if I had to pick just one, it would be J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio Meat Cleaver.

  738. Allyson says:

    Love the brass wall sconces from Target.

  739. Dominic says:

    I was totally into the anatomically correct golden pig, until I realized that it was a cork in a piggy bank, so I bailed out on my giggling 15 year old self and went back to adulating and decided on the Ultimate Spirits glasses by neat. And I already follow your chickens on Instagram…

  740. Emily says:

    The Boggs boots are my fave 🙂

  741. Holy schnikeys! Everyone wants this mixer! I have one already, but my friend really wants one and so I’m hoping to win it for her. Aren’t I a great friend?
    I also tweeted about the giveaway, already following on Instagram, and liked you on Facebook.
    I love your shop – will definitely keep this in mind for future purchases. My favorite are the stackable wood bins from Target. I’m a sucker for any kind of bins/baskets/crates.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Karen!

  742. Josh says:

    The moon nightlight is pretty cool.

  743. Trashonda says:

    Since my foodsaver recently died, I would have to say the foodsaver. However it should be noted that those socks would be worth every penny as I would smile with every wear. I love the honesty of your blog and pics of the chickens!

  744. Stephanie says:

    Love the Chicken Anatomy model (definitely buying soon), Hunter Wellies (someday!), Areaware Pig Bank, & Secret Lives of Squirrels. Great store! Great contest. Creative, like it. Longtime reader/follower…but ur still keeping it interesting 🙂 thx

  745. Connie says:

    I have to say I’m smitten with the Frye bag! I already have a KA but I also have 4 daughters with their own homes so I could pick my favourite and give it to her. I love when I get to do that. Makes for great relationships among the 4 of them. I pick a different fav. each time just to keep them guessing. I won’t tell them for sure until they try to put me in a nursing home!

  746. Amanda Renea says:

    The kitchenaid mixer, of course! Besides that, I love the french onion soup bowls. And that umbrella is hilarious!

  747. Kris says:

    Thanks so much for the endless hours of entertainment, I have enjoyed your blog for about six years now and I always laugh uncontrollably at some point. My favorite item from the shop has to be the warning sign to keep away from my tools.

  748. Muriel says:

    I really like the Birch Wood Wrapped Vases. They caught my eye right off. Cheers!

  749. Tracie says:

    I’ve just recently found you and have been thoroughly stalking your site in a completely non-pervy stalking way.
    So this is my first comment, but it’s not just in a ”I’m only here for the free shit” kind of comment way.
    What I’m trying to say is that I dig your vibe, you make me laugh and if I happen to win well then GO ME!

    If I had to pick something from your shop it would be the ‘shitshow socks’ I know there’s other things that are far more lux and probably superior to some humorous socks.
    I am a classy broad with a penchant for all things sweary.

  750. Mckee m says:

    The baking cloche…… Didn’t even know such a thing existed! I like the randomness of your shop also and the way the second page is all books… 🙂

  751. Sara says:

    wow, I love the 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model. I might just have to get it for Easter.

  752. Dana says:

    I checked out your shop the other day and loved the copper water bottle among other things, but what I’ve been needing for a long time is the vacuum Foodsaver.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  753. Lori lofchick says:

    I want it all. Great way to get us to check your fav stuff store, been a while since I perused it 🙂
    With the weather how it is right now, I’m gonna have to say the fuck you umbrella! I need me one of those 🙂

  754. Joan Hanans says:

    The foodsaver, love the shop!

  755. mayr says:

    Anatomical chicken!
    Who wouldn’t want that?

  756. Elizabeth says:

    Oh oh oh too many cool things to pick a fav. I covet –

    1. The Henkel knife – now THAT’S a knife!
    2. The Moscow Mule mug – they are awesome and the drink is pretty decent too
    3. The leather school bag – it would take years off my life to carry that kick ass bag
    4. The welly boots – good for forest trekking
    5. those Converse running shoes – because I have never owned a pair ….
    and last but not least (because I could go on and on like Celine Dionne) ….
    that most awesome Kitchenaid Stand Mixer – because I have a cheap knock off that does NOT do the job, at all, in any way

  757. Hunter Boots? Bought ’em… Love ’em! Can’t get enough of your blog!

  758. Suzanne says:

    The brown leather satchel bag!!
    Your blog is great. Your humour makes me giggle!!
    …your site makes me want to get off my arse and create things!

  759. Catriona Baird says:

    Frye’s messenger bag is my fave!!

  760. mary beckwith says:

    I would LOVE the dust pan in black to keep ip with all the nasty soot and dust from wood stove!

  761. Marissa says:

    Hunter boots!!

  762. VA says:

    The office chair for certain. I actually checked pricing on it but it is “Out of Stock”. Whaaaat???

  763. Barbara Troxler says:

    I love the rug. I could really use it. I also like the meat clever. Thanks

  764. Donna says:

    Love the Kitchen Aide! Also the Rose Gold Bumblebee earrings are beautiful.

  765. Athena R says:

    You have some great stuff in your shop. Love this LexMod C24 Wishbone Chair in Walnut.

  766. Keelea says:

    SWOOOOON over that Frye Messenger Bag! Love the new shop!

  767. Chris says:

    Moscow mule copper mugs! There so pretty, I’m going to give a set as a wedding present. Love your book list too.

  768. Heather says:

    I’m a 4-H leader and love the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model. I might actually buy it! As for the books, I a huge fan of Janet Evanovich!

  769. Kelly says:

    My favourite item in your shop is “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” book by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s definitely in my top 5 books ever read. It’s almost spring here in Hamilton, so I really should read it again to get myself pumped up for garden planting time! Thanks for the contest, Karen.

  770. Snugster says:

    The Foodsaver. It’s the thing I miss the most when I’m not cooking at home (I’m caregiving and cooking at my sister’s and she doesn’t have one).

  771. Lesley says:

    Loving the Hunter boots; need a pair badly as my cheapo rain boots have sprung a leak! Also love the messenger bag, but who doesn’t? This is a very generous give-away by the way! Who wouldn’t love a Kitchenaid?!?

  772. Guinevere says:

    I have been following your blog for almost 3 years now. I found it just after my son was born during a late night nursing session and have been a loyal follower ever since 🙂

    Most of the things in your shop are awesome and call my name but my favourite thing is the sticker that says get your own f*cking tools. Hubs works in a machine shop and i will be buying it for him to take to work and probably another for the shop at home as well. Its hilarious. Also, those socks! I must have them too.

  773. Suzanne G. says:

    Ok, long-time reader here. I expected to see a link to something by Rough Linen, which you turned me onto some time ago and I haven’t had the guts to pill the trigger on. No dice (or I missed it). At any rate, love the “ringmaster” socks. Got an email a week or so from this company with these socks in it (must’ve signed up through your blog?) … immediately screamed for my secretary to see. Yup, I’m a school principal. While the socks may not be school appropriate, they sure do articulate my job some days…

  774. Sonia says:

    I could eat the hell outta that gold bunny from Williams Sonoma but he is out of stock. Sad face.

  775. Margaret McDonald says:

    I love the Frye sachet bag. Georgeous.

  776. Stephanie says:

    That lamp, the runners, that pink rug (I just painted my bedroom pink!), Nars, … hold up … does Target now ship to Canada since they pulled out of here (sad – loved their home wares department)…. the KA of course …. oh and it’s my b-day tomorrow (25th) and I was nice enough to give everyone the day off …. yes, that was me giving everyone a gift too. Some might argue that it’s for Good Friday, but I had them book it that way …. speaking of which – Have a great Easter Karen. (I have to say, the chicken innards guy …. wouldn’t want one of those in my kitchen while trying to eat its breast. I’d feel bad. )

  777. KellyM says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m leaning towards the treadmill ….. I know, I know ….there are a ton of great things in your shop BUT the treadmill …. aaahhh!
    Thanks for the chance to win the mixer.

  778. Sue says:

    That chicken anatomy model is wonderful. I’m thinking my nephew will be seeing this on his birthday–the little cutie needs a break from all those legos.

    • Karen says:

      A word of warning Sue, it’s very finicky to put together. It says it takes about 10 minutes but that is a complete lie, lol. ~ karen!

  779. Amanda H says:

    Wow, it’s hard to pick just one but that Baxton Studio office chair is awesome!

  780. Sarah says:

    I really like everything on the shop page. The umbrella or brass knuckles mug embody my current mood, but I’ll go with the knife for practicality’s sake. Although, I suppose that could also be influenced by my current mood…

  781. leila says:

    LOVE those white Chuck Taylors. Could use that amazing FU umbrella as well.

  782. Cris says:

    Okay really – by far the best is
    SODIAL(R) Fist Cup Brass Knuckle Duster Handle Coffee Mug Color White And Golden Handle

    Because it adds a punch to your morning coffee!!

    okay so I think that is brilliantly funny… it may not be.. but hey? Who doesn’t want a kitchenaid?

    Happy Thurday!

  783. Lisa Hargrave says:

    I love the Fry messenger bag! The bee earrings! And any of the cookbooks!

  784. Margy says:

    I love the leather bag.

  785. Lynn Rawlins says:

    On a practical side, I like the Food Saver–something we have talked about getting for a long time but it just hasn’t gotten high enough on the WANT/NEED list. For s**ts & giggles, I like the piggy bank! The mixer is also on the WANT/NEED list but it hasn’t made the cut yet, either. Sigh…sometimes it’s hard to prioritize–have a great weekend!!

  786. Jessica M says:

    Ringmaster of the Shit Show sounds like my life- fave hands down.

  787. AnnaM says:

    Hunter boots always! I read you all the time, not just when you’re having a giveaway, but I’d love the Kitchenaid mixer.

  788. kerry says:

    I can’t help it. I want the umbrella with the hand flipping the bird on it. My husband and I always flip each other off…haha. Not nice but kind of funny.

  789. Rosemary says:

    I love the silver bumblebee earrings from Amazon, they are really cute. Rosemary

  790. Hannah says:

    Well really everything in your shop is amazing. Specifically the moon night light. However I think i would’ve true food saver. Seems most practical 🙂

  791. Bethany Jones says:

    Food Saver!

  792. cheryl says:

    I love the see through chicken model….if I had one of these a month ago, I would have known how to better fix the impacted crop of one of my hens…cuz I would have known where in heck the crop actually was before the situation went south, and I needed to massage said crop to help empty it 🙂 Love your blog, the effort you put into it shows: humour takes brains!

  793. Nicole says:

    I liked the meat cleaver. I NEED the meat cleaver!

  794. Susan Armstrong says:

    The office chair is amazing.

  795. Faz says:

    I want the NARS orgasm, obviously. Because I could use more of ’em – orgasms, and makeup.

    Also, your curried chicken salad recipe is something that I make at least twice a month. Although these days it’s curried tempeh cos’ I’m trying to cut down on meat. Sigh.

  796. Lavinia says:

    Definitely the Frye Messenger bag or the converse – always a classic choice!

  797. Rie Howard says:

    The Kitchen Aid mixer of course! I’ve never been able to justify the expense. I did consider getting married once just to acquire one 😉

    Thanks, love your blog!

  798. Shana says:

    Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model and White & Natural Woven Basket – Small – Threshold™

  799. Berry says:

    Thug Kitchen is the clear winner for me, although I linked the umbrella to a friend and he linked the squirrel book back to me.

  800. Guada says:

    My first choice would be that amazing chair, closely followed by FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger.

  801. Emily says:

    That Frye bag is gorgeous!

  802. Carlette says:

    My favorite is the owl lamp! How fun is that?! I need an interrobang key.

  803. rambler says:

    I’ve been obsessed with the socks “ringmaster of this shit show” since I saw them. In fact, I am buying them for my boss. They’re well deserved.

  804. Robyn says:

    Hunter boots! Got them, love them!
    Thug Kitchen cookbook too!
    Hard to choose just one thing!!!!!

  805. Susan says:

    I really like the moon nightlight and leaf vase.

  806. Larissa Stretton says:

    How do I love the merchandise in your shop?? Let me count the ways, in no particular order…the anatomical chicken with skeleton…….Ring Master of the shit show socks…..and the adorable squirrel book!!

    Hmmm…wonder what those selections say about me? That I have excellent taste, of course, especially given that I LOVE this phenomenal, informative, humorous, well written blog of yours!

  807. Annette says:

    My favorite was the anatomical chicken; then I saw The Secret Life of Squirrels — that squirrel with his BBQ grill on the deck!

  808. Tessa says:

    It surprised me but I have to say the secret life of squirrels is my favourite. Lots of love to you coming from Trinidad and Tobago!

  809. Carole says:

    CYS® Zinc Pot with Natural Birch Wood Wrap Zinc Cylinder Vases , WHY? Because it is my 59th BDay! 😉

  810. Peggy Powers says:

    I love the french onion soup bowls. (Actually, my favorite really is the Kitchen Aid stand mixer..

  811. Larry says:

    Hi, If anything, I’d choose the food sealer. This may be a good way to pack worms into my knapsack on day fishing trips. I imagine they would stay pretty fresh. Other then that, I like reading your blog. In this crazy world it’s nice to read about toilet paper and extra sweet coffee. Speaking of coffee. Don’t you hate it when your coffee filter collapses and the grinds clog the drip hole and coffee and grinds get all over. Especially at 6am… Anyway keep up the good work.

  812. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I really like the Sterling Silver Bumblebee Stud Earrings…I always wanted a Kitchen Aide…Thanks for the chance to win one Karen…

  813. Gina Davis says:

    Anatomy chicken model for sure!!! Love, love, love chickens with and w\o skin I guess! Thank you so much for sharing your life. I look forward to your post and loved your chicken video! You’re positive, and happy personality shine thru. You’re a great inspiration.

  814. Nancy Rose says:

    I love those birch bark covered vases..so natural and earthy…and the food saver is cool and the French onion soup bowls are gorgeous…,and I could go on and on. What a great varied selection! And I am TOTALLY blown away seeing my squirrels’ book featured and reading some nice responses to it!! Your blog is terrific! I envy your multiple skills!

  815. Karen B. says:

    I was super surprised to see that the DENY pillow is from Target. I have been searching for colorful, modern pillows and I think my search has ended!! I’m also diggin’ that broom and dustpan…

  816. Lynne says:

    Messenger bag – I don’t care if it’s for a man – love it anyway. Runner up is the Kitchen Aid mixer. ?

  817. Courtney T. says:

    My favourite is the FoodSaver vacuum sealer. Already own it – it’s one of my favourite appliances (a close second behind my coffee maker).

  818. Mary Ann says:

    Stackable Wood Bin Small – Pillowfort™
    Surprised to see they are at Target.

  819. Lesley says:

    Wow, so much great stuff. I love all the items so selecting one is hard. Love the gold wall sconces. And the hunter boots, and the messenger bag, and the two chairs, and the etc. Cheers

  820. Maria A says:

    Moscow Mule Copper Mug – my new obsession! Make them every weekend with homemade cucumber infused vodka and garden grown mint & ginger..so darn refreshing!

  821. Donna Thompson says:

    Love you with your crazy attitude and sense of humor – so much like mine! And all of your items in your shop! Wanted to order the Owl Lamp but they’re all sold out! 🙁 But I did go ahead and order a couple of the Tool Stickers – perfect for my son! I’m sure I’ll be buying something special for my mom for Mother’s Day, and for friend’s birthdays and probably lots of stuff for no reason at all – except that they are unique! Would love it if you had some “The Art of Doing Stuff” T-shirts …… Just saying!

  822. Kathie Fitzgerald says:

    Love the big honkin knife! I also love your blog and your hair 🙂

  823. Theresa Laurent says:

    My husband would love the brass knuckles coffee mug

  824. Beth Nosworthy says:

    I just have a question. You said your new spring look to the website is light and colorful – or something like that. All I see is the dark chalk board background. Am I missing something? I’m down in San Diego –


    • Karen says:

      Hi Beth. Do you know how to clear your cache? What’s happening is your computer has basically memorized how to load my page automatically. You need to get it to refresh so it realizes Oh! It’s different. Clearing your cache will do that. I’ll bet even if you open my site from a different browser (chrome, safari ….) it’ll look white now like it’s supposed to. ~ karen!

  825. Jude Eadie says:

    Love the Poly & Bark Organic Armchairs in the taupe. And really love the Deny Design Possessed Modele Throw Pillow. My living room is quite neutral and I would love to give it a punch! Of course, the food proc. would not go amiss in my kitchen. I could go on….it was hard to choose from everything. Jude

  826. Dawn H says:

    Waaaaay too many to mention. Great shop! I LOVE the rooster skeleton (ha!) and love, love, love that you’ve included books. I’m entering for my 12 year old daughter who is the true cook in the family and said she wants a Kitchenaid for her birthday. Good thing she didn’t learn from me 🙂 #chefinthemaking #ormaybejustmomspersonalchef #momhasothertalents

  827. Tammy says:

    The Cambridge Silversmiths Conversation flatware set has been on my wishlist for a loooooooong time… I just can’t justify the expense when I have perfectly good flatware. Some day 🙂

  828. Cyndi R says:

    I like three items: invisible chicken, 3 tiered storage cubby and the umbrella. I’d get the umbrella as a joke gift.

  829. Nancy says:

    The Frye bag 🙂

  830. Holly says:

    My favorite thing is the treadmill. I’m getting ready to duplicate your work out/computer desk set up.

  831. Shy says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the computer chair! 🙂

  832. ALi C says:

    Love the office chair very nice all of the items are.

  833. Beth Jesch says:

    I loved the book “Secret life of Squirrels” and the wooden bins.

  834. Jacqueline says:

    Love your new shop! I had a look and what do know…my fav is the mixer. I’ve always wanted one (which is code for …I hang around in kitchen shops, hardware stores and the like trying to convince myself that yes it would be OK to spend this week’s grocery money on a mixer). So far I haven’t succeeded but I ‘m persistent so one day I’ll have one. Thanks for all the great posts Karen!!

  835. Tracy Belliveau says:

    Love the Frye bag, I’m a sucker for Chuck Taylors though.

  836. Eliza says:

    Must have The Seccret Life of Squirrels! And Kitchenaid Mixer, of course…?

  837. Anna says:

    So, I am not eligible by reason of living in Australia, but following the links and the comments above has led me to a most amazing discovery. If I buy a kitchenaid through US Amazon, even with $80 postage, it is around $300. They retail for $800+ here!! (Also, my favourite thing is totally the bees)

  838. Sherry says:

    That mixer is my favorite. Though I don’t cook much. Thug Kitchen, also a favorite wish list item of mine! Though, as I said, I don’t cook much. Maybe if I had a mixer and a cookbook, I’d cook more? I guess I’d have to, wouldn’t I? I’m willing to chance it if you are.

  839. Mothercarol says:

    The socks. I love them.

  840. Marlene Cruz says:

    Hard to chose a favorite, so after looking over each item in your shop 3x, I’m going with the MAX 5544-5 Kanan Wood Candleholders In Distressed Finishes…. me… likey!! May just have to treat myself when I get my tax refund

  841. Carole Lynne says:

    Oh, those boots . . . Would be great for tramping around in my garden!!!!

  842. Leslie says:

    Just one … really … if you insist … the brass knuckle mug, no no no … the hammered brass mug … no no no … the chair … I mean the two chairs with the geometric pillow. Humm maybe I should take another look 🙂

  843. Carla says:

    I am almost ready to pull the trigger on the food saver!

  844. Maureen Locke says:

    So many things to choose from. My first choice would be the Frye bag and second the Hunter boots. Part of the movie “Book of Negroes” was filmed here in my hometown ( Shelburne, NS ) Super exciting for us and the town. If you want to come check out our museum you can stay with us. 🙂 I’m already a follower on Twitter, FB and Instagram so can’t get those entries… love your blog Karen… you never cease to amaze me and make me smile. 🙂

  845. Liz W says:

    Great shop! So much to choose from-practical me chooses the wooden stacking bins-fashionista me (funny if you know me cause I’m no fashionista) chooses the messenger bag-but the real me wants the ringmaster of the shit-show socks! When I followed the link for the socks the other socks on offer are also funny.

  846. Bobbie says:

    Love the messenger bag and the mixer, and unfortunately that’snot all, but it’ll do for now.

  847. Christine Holliday says:

    FRYE Men’s Oliver Messenger

  848. Rintin says:

    Three-way tie for first place between the copper water bottle, the Pillowfort stackable wood boxes, and Original Tour Buckled Welly Boots.

    Everything else is tied for a close second. Great shop Karen!

  849. Cyndy says:

    I like the canvas sneakers (Chuck Taylor All Star).

  850. Checked out the cleaver, food sealer, covered baking dish, and the KA mixer…and settled on the NARS Multiple – Orgasm Blush. Why ever not??

  851. Meghan says:

    I love the gold flatware. I have been looking for over a year for a set within my price range and this set is reasonably priced! Thank you for posting….now to convince the partner we NEED them (he seems to think there a difference between a “need” and a “want”.

  852. Thomas Hartman says:

    The Kitchen Aid mixer is my personal favorite. I had one a long time ago, and would like to replace it.

  853. Kat says:

    I’m a regular reader, but, tbh, had been avoiding the shop because I knew it would be super-dangerous. And it was! Agh! So the stackable wood bin and DENY Designs pillow are now in my Target basket and because of this contest I now also know that Target ships to Canada. 🙁 Now I’m in real trouble. Thanks Karen!

  854. Caroline says:

    The Secret Life of Squirrels tickles my fancy. The leather satchel is beautiful. I But the mixer is a hobby I look forward to reclaiming. 🙂

    I actually subscribed before seeing the giveaway. Delighted to find the DIY on printing images onto wood. Thank you for that.

  855. Pam B says:

    Hiya Karen!!! I really like that Watkins Leaf Vase. Or maybe the Food Saver system. Decisions, decisions. Thanks for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  856. Linda Taylor says:

    So many things to choose from! Quite the dilemma! I would love to own the Food Saver sealer system since I freeze fresh produce over the summer months to enjoy during the winter.

  857. Kathleen Glenn says:

    Oh dear, pick just one huh??! Hmmmm, I’d prob have to go with the candle sticks then.. Thought the gold flat ware is a strong contender too.. ? Love your blog, I came across it whilst researching cob ovens! There you were, in all your muddy, scraped knuckle glory! Next thing I knew, 3 hours had gone by and I had read the entire contents of your website! ? Keep up the good work, happy long weekend! I trust you will be eating your body weight in choklit like the rest of us? Atta girl! ❤️

  858. Peggy Grobmyer says:

    The Secret Life of Squirrels

  859. Gail Sneyers says:

    Too much to choose! French onion soup bowls, and the umbrella!

  860. andrew karr says:

    I have been wanting a new cleaver. (J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio Meat Cleaver) Plus it is your logo. Icing on the cake.
    The Frye messenger bag is very beautiful. I am not sure that I am hipster enough to pull it off, my hair doesn’t look so great in a ponytail.

    Love Ya!

  861. katbert says:

    So much cool stuff but the French onion soup bowls are my fav!

  862. Judy Edwards says:

    Oooh. Frye Messenger Bag…love the weathered look of it! Though it took me a good 15 minutes to narrow down my favorites from all those great items.

  863. Deborah Jenft-Mauck-Bunting says:

    I love, love the Poly organic chairs. Such clean lines and modern flair. I think I’ll take 4!!

  864. Jan says:

    Well it has to be the Kitchen Aide stand mixer which I really need to win because I wore mine out mixing my grandmother’s ” peppernuts” cookie recipe every Christmas for my four children & ten grandchildren and if I don’t win then you will be personally responsible for ruining everyone’s Christmas….just sayin.

  865. Carla Coleman says:

    Naturally, there is more than one fav but I’m going with the SuperStone La Cloche Baker as the most favorite, the FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit as the runner up and the Birch Bark vases as a close third!

  866. Christina says:

    I’ve been wanting a pair of white Converse forever!! And I might just have to get The Secret Lives of Sqirrels just because I love cover and title

  867. Leah says:

    Dang I love that Baxton bent wood and black leather office chair! Also the anatomical chicken is pretty perfect. Your shop is great, congrats on the new venture–and thanks for the giveaway!

  868. Chrystie says:

    Cambridge Silversmith flatware set. Would go perfectly with my Easter table right about now.

  869. Karyn says:

    Love the Hunter Welly boots – practical and stylish!

  870. Jeanne says:

    The Kitchen Aid! Because I’m old (ish) and tired of mixing!

  871. Tina Jeffrey says:

    I bought the squirrel book…not once but TWICE! I bought the hard cover book because I want to read it and because my 2 1/2 year old grandson loves books and will treat it well. But my DIL is gifting me with another grandson soon and, because babies can be hell on books, I pre-ordered the card book for him and my primary grandson, once the secondary grandson arrives. I love that book!

  872. Dana says:

    I really like the Target bins, but those socks are hilarious! Maybe I could keep the hilarious socks IN the bins!

  873. Jan says:

    The French onion soup bowls. I never met a bowl I did not like/need. Well need is pushing things. I collect them as travel keepsakes and use them all. Usually get one by one though, not sets.

  874. Cathy W says:

    I love the Ringmaster socks! thanks

  875. Bernice says:

    I really like the Aeropostale Women’s Owl Table Lamp Gold, so nice , i would put it in my daughters room , she loves owls

  876. Debbie Meindersma says:

    I like some many of these, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the FRYES Messenger Bag. It’s beautiful.

  877. Sonya Morris says:

    I love the Tin Caddy with Six Compartments!

  878. KTTrimble says:

    I think I like the tin caddy ….. nice find…..

  879. Ron says:

    My favourite item in the copper moscow mule mug.
    I enjoy your blog.

  880. Sandra Oh Canada Mattina says:

    Only one? well ok…since I have been dreaming about owning everything from Rough Linen since I received my free sample swatches in the mail (woot!) I will say its the Pinafore!!! I think I mean I know I would wear it everyday just because it looks so damn good on the Rough Linen website !!! I also really really really want the full set of bed linens with bolster pillow thrown in …don’t you?!?!?!?!

  881. Yvonne M says:

    Hi Karen, I’ve been a follower of your blog since the beginning, but I don’t often comment. However, with the chance of winning a Kitchen Aid, how could I not enter? I absolutely love all of Rough Linen’s items, and so the pinafore would be my pick… or the Frye Messenger Bag, the Hunter Boots. You have excellent taste, Missy, all but the anatomical chicken, I really don’t think I could handle that sitting on a shelf.

  882. Tracy Bailey says:

    I love the Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model! I want to put it in my back yard to freak my chickens out.

  883. Kim says:

    But I’m from Canada. And you’re from Canada. So why is this all Amazon.COM stuff? I sincerely want to buy it. Because it is all very cool. Especially those bee earrings.

    Why are you giving Canada the shaft? I swear we are already screwed as it is when it comes to online shopping. Insert cry face emoji here.

  884. Marion Gibson says:

    I can’t choose! I love the ringmaster socks, the “finger” umbrella, and the squirrel book. Truth be told I love everything in the shop!

  885. Isabelle Simard says:

    I thought I had already “filled” the requirements a few days ago, but it seems my comment was lost in translation somewhere!

    My preferred item is the Watkins Sea Leaf Vase…

    • Karen says:

      Nope, your reply was in there. You probably just missed it because there are quite a few responses. 🙂 ~ karen!

  886. Jenny Brandon says:

    I bought the treadmill. I told myself I would use it while watching Ellen, sort of a spontaneous reward. I haven’t used it. I miss Ellen. I’ll get to it soon. I miss her so much.

    I’m surprised your paint sprayer isn’t on there. I bought one of those too. I used it last week and it changed my life. Painted a Hoosier chest I bought for a song. Put the chest in antique mall. It was sold the same day for 3 x the songs. I miss that Hoosier chest.

    I covet the Frye bag. I do.

    • Karen says:

      It’ll get added Jenny. 🙂 I’ll be adding new things every week. In fact I just added a bunch of things last night. ~ karen!

  887. Jenny says:

    I am all about that Devon Leigh necklace. If only I had the extra $429 laying around, I think it would really round out my collection! Thank you for the giveaway!

  888. Cindy McCammon says:

    Wow, in the space of a few days there are even more cool things added. The BlueQ socks grabbed me right away. But that nuloom rug looks like it would be right at home…in my home. At the bare spot of floor I’m looking at right now.

  889. Susan Fuleihan says:

    I love the thermos in your shop!

  890. Terri says:

    The Nars stick. I have used it before and it is fantastic.

  891. Carolyn says:

    I love the Hunter boots, Muckboots, cake stand, lamp, sconce, tool sign, socks, and denydesigns pillow. I could keep going…
    Great list! Also would highly recommend “All The Light We Cannot See”. It was the best read I received at Christmas.

  892. Anne Tori says:

    The Rough Linen pinafore has been on my wish list since I first saw a picture of you wearing it!

  893. Mel Robicheau says:

    I love the gold hammered cutlery the best with special mentions going to the messenger bag, all the books I haven’t read on your list as well as the cookbooks that I don’t yet own.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  894. Treasa says:

    I love the KitchenAid stand mixer. I enjoy cooking with my daughter and want one to make making bread, pizza and various sweets less labor intensive.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  895. Bonnie says:

    I love the Frye messenger bag

  896. maureen says:

    It was hard to choose but I kept coming back to the shabby chic silverware caddy. LOVE that!

  897. Cussot says:

    Whoa, that Baxton Studio Rathburn Modern Office Chair, Walnut/Black is one fine looking chair. I like a lot of the stuff in the shop. Hard to choose.

  898. May says:

    Well, since I can’t have one of each, I’m going to have to go choose the Normann Copenhagen chandelier. I used to work in NYC on 52nd St. and Ave. of the Americas when I was a young woman. I developed a taste for Scandinavian design and my SIL was an interior decorator. I got a free pass to the showrooms! And I was close to Georg Jensen’s Fifth Ave. showroom, which was a lunchtime treat. Forget Tiffany! So here I am at 73, with a wooded acre in NW FL, chickens in the yard, happy with a sunny day after four of rain. My 3-legged dog at my feet, a husband crippled up with arthritis, me celebrating a year and a half of cancer-free survival…and I am thinking of that god-awful thing that’s hanging in my dining room. Just once I want something wonderful to light up that room. We live in an aging (badly) mobile home. It has served its purpose, but needs some work. I just love that chandelier. I’ve often wished I had one in those NY days. I am a freelance writer, a published author, a freelance photographer, animal keeper, rescuer and rehomer of dogs and any animal that needs it. Even cockatoos and parrots. I am also so grateful that my husband spent half a day hurting, fixing my stove, which Sears should be ashamed of, because it never worked right. Now I can bake – and the double chocolate cake in the refrigerator baked immediately after the repair, is his belated birthday cake.

    I really needed the information on freezing eggs. The 8 hens are laying almost 8 a day and even though I’m making dozen-egg omelets for the dogs and birds every other day, I still have over 100 eggs in my refrigerator!

    Love your blog.

  899. Jill Lee says:

    The Pinafore apron is my fav!!! Happy Spring from Connecticut!

  900. KATHY says:

    Karen–love the FoodSaver and of course your blog….you bring laughter to my days!

  901. Jacqueline says:

    Double Wall Glass bowls – Would also love double wall coffee cups.

  902. Alex Nett says:

    While I love those cement tiles, I have to say that I cannot believe that luxe looking cookie jar is only $20 and comes from Target. Please continue to curate such an array of items, high end and low.

    I will daydream about lounging in a linen dressing gown, under a beautiful lamp, eating cookies made with my Kitchen Aid Mixer, straight from my elegant bedside cookie jar. I will even promise to take a picture of this using your article on photo tips for bloggers if I win. Of course, I will have to schedule with you to come stay at your house for the photo shoot to ensure flawless results… but I will bring my own cookie jar!

  903. Henry Henley says:

    I really like the tin caddy with six compartments. It would make a very good tool carrier for working around the house such as under sink repairs.

  904. Shannon Morden says:

    I really like your site, looked around and OMG I saw the THUG cook books. So I had to buy them for my son who is 27 and really enjoying cooking, this cook book will put a different spin on reading a recipe.
    Does that make me a bad mom for buying these for him hmmmmmm maybe but its going to be hilarious.
    So back to to question I love the Frye Bag (it will conceal the Thug books well) lol

    Happy Spring

  905. Donna Lewis says:

    I love the Muckboot garden shoes! I think I’m going to have to get me a pair of those. How simple and and comfy for slipping on and running outdoors for a quick little job like moving water, throwing scratch or gathering eggs. Love them!

  906. Sara says:

    I don’t even know how to pick! Your shop is freaking awesome! I love all of the stuff. I’d probably have to go with the Frye messenger bag, though, even though it’s for men. Although I was sorely tempted by the anatomical chicken model. Awesome stuff!

  907. Lori says:

    I like the Lexmod Wishbone chair and the handmade bronze pillow from Turkey. If the chair came in a larger, living room type chair I’d put the cushion on it. 🙂

  908. Debra says:

    Besides the mixer 🙂 the messenger bag. I have a fetish for any kind of cool, leather bag that looks official but are, yet, so practical at the same time.

  909. Debra says:

    I want that NARS blush! Such great reviews that I must have it!

  910. Jani says:

    There were so many things to just pick one! Love the umbrella with the middle finger…that is so me!!

  911. Ava says:

    I really have to have the tin caddy with six compartments it will look so good in my new to me home….

  912. Laurinda says:

    I almost got too far behind on my email! But because I’m careful with my toys, & my husband & son treat their own poorly, I really love the sign that says “Get your own f*cking tools”. Plus nothing conveys a strenuous tone quite like an F bomb ;-D

  913. Kathy says:

    I love the Cambridge flatware set and the over-dyed pink rug! Lots of beautiful things.

  914. Stan R. says:

    I like the Bodum Pavina 2.5-Ounce Double Wall Glass, Extra Small, Clear- Set of 2

  915. Karen says:

    I’ve been pining for those Hunter boots!

  916. Robyn says:

    Because my delightful bed head, and morning scowl doesn’t do anywhere near enough to discourage conversation before 9am, I choose the Fist Cup Brass Knuckle Dusters. It should up my angry morning street cred sufficiently (as long as they don’t catch me reading The Secret Life of Squirrels). Maybe I could hold the cleaver in my other hand? YES! My plan is coming together!

  917. kristine says:

    bodum pavinas! hands down.
    my favourite thing to wow guests.
    coffee in a glass!
    and wine
    and scotch.
    and sangria.
    etc. etc.

  918. Carrie Wiggins says:

    I am dying over that pink rug. 😉

  919. elif says:

    I have the Poly and Bark arm chairs in my shopping cart. Also, drooling over the Neat glasses. Rye in my belly, please.

  920. Beth Parker Janeway says:

    Love, oh, so many things…but I’m going to have to go with the “ringmaster” socks.

  921. Sue Ann Avin says:

    Love your shop!! It was hard to decide, but would have to say the muck shoes, from the Musk Boot Company. Had a pair of these many years ago and literally wore them out. (And that’s hard to do, because they are made tough)!!

  922. Jason says:

    I like your shop. You actually have two things I really like, the KA (duh!) and the food sealer. Both things I’ve been dreaming about. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      That food sealer is GREAT. I have the oldest version of the Foodsaver and it’s been great. I know other people who’ve bought the sort of copycat Foodsaver and they all broke within 1-2 years. My Foodsaver is 15 years old and still saving food! ~ karen!

  923. Kendall says:

    That’s a really hard choice…a toss up between the Moon nightlight (I still want to be an astronaut when I grow up!) or the 4D chicken model. Science is cool!

  924. Liz Barge says:

    I would use these: Bodum Pavina 2.5-Ounce Double Wall Glass.
    I always pick a book from your good book lists.

    • Karen says:

      I’m reading one now that hasn’t been released yet and I realllyyy like it so far. I’ll add it to the Good Books if it doesn’t disappoint me in the end. 😉 ~ karen!

  925. Betty says:

    Is this a trick question? I am entering to win the Kitchenaid Mixer, so from your Shop… the item I want most is the Kitchenaid Mixer! =D

    Also I would want all the chairs. I only have one bum, but I will make sure it makes its rounds to all the chairs if I had them in my home. I also wouldn’t mind a middle finger umbrella.

    Long time follower here, thanks for your wonderful blog!

    • Karen says:

      Noooooope. Not a trick question. Although I can see why you’d think that, me being me and the question being the question that it is. But nope. I’m just curious about what people like and or love that’s all. That way when I’m searching for new things for The Shop I have a good idea of what people actually gravitate towards. Middle fingers and Shitshow socks apparently, lol. ~ karen!

  926. Sue Cross says:

    Hello! Love your blog… And your sense of humour. ? Thanks for the fun giveaway… I like the French onion soup bowls. Love everything in the shop.

  927. Darla says:

    Seriously looking at the office chair. Mine just doesn’t adjust up and down the way this “short” person needs. Really surprised that the products from your sponsors aren’t on your shop page. I really love the dryer balls I bought!

    • Karen says:

      They are Darla. So far the Rough Linen Pinafore is up there, Ellenoire’s Curly Hair “shampoo” and Cement tile Shop’s patchwork tile. More will be added over the next couple of weeks. ~ karen!

      • Darla says:

        True…you got me!!! I should have at least noticed the Pinafore because I have contemplated buying their apron. Maybe that will be this years Christmas purchase for my girls (it’s easier to justify buying for me if I buy for the girls at the same time…lol).

  928. June says:

    Rough Linen pinafore for sure! The KA stand mixer is awesome!

  929. Lori says:

    I love a lot of things in the shop, but my favorite is the Poly and Bark Organic Armchair. I already read most of the books! 🙂

  930. Terry G says:

    Plutus Lumiere Bronze Handmade Double Sided Throw Pillow – It is beautiful and WAY beyond my budget. This is a luxury item I could only wish for (and so ludicrously priced – I would never buy it on my own.) So, if I’m only dreaming and picking a favorite, why not pick something I would love to be given?!

    • Karen says:

      I know, lol. It’s insane. But it was too beautiful for me not to include. I fell in love with it. ~ k!

  931. Erin MacDonald says:

    Happy Hens and Fresh Eggs looks like a fun cookbook 🙂

  932. Myrna blair says:

    I’ve been in love with the pinafore of rough linen’s Trish for years 🙂

  933. Eileen Knoblock says:

    The French Onion Soup bowls! I just finished redoing my kitchen and these would be perfect!

  934. Megan says:

    The Hunter wellies!!

  935. Tanya says:

    Already have the hunter boots and white converse, I’m lusting over the vintage inspired area rug and have added it to my wish list.

  936. Leslie Anderson says:

    I’d go with the food saver! I have a baby on the way and it would be great for stocking the freezer with food for easy meals once my life is taken over by a tiny human 😉

  937. Kathy says:

    Hunter boots are on my wish list. Bright coloured ones.

  938. Stephanie says:

    Of course it’d be from Target! The acrylic lamp.

  939. Jenn says:

    Your shop has some great stuff, Karen! Loving the Frye bag and the hunter boots.

  940. Jeannette says:

    The office chair or the Frye bag…Just finished reading Tell the Wolves I’m home. Loved it, but don’t need it now. Need the mixed though. Thanks.

  941. Bonnie Gray says:

    The Frye bag of course…but if I have to be practical then the Hunter boots!

  942. Irene K. says:

    Easy. White Chucks! My favourites!

  943. Kathy jones says:

    Why, it has to be the Kitchenaid mixer, of course! Thanks for the giveaway!

  944. Laura Wojtasik says:

    I love the white Chuck Taylor’s. ..I’ve worn mine out and definitely should be getting a new pair soon (although there are a ton of great things in your shop!).

  945. Karen says:

    I’m back. Initially I explained how I can’t live without day timers. Actual, physical, paper day timers. I don’t like any of the apps. I need paper. I didn’t even know coach made one. I thought they were too cool for that. So I picked the coach day timer. But now. Now you went and listed those pinnys! Those gorgeous, I’ll never take that off, I could wear that grocery shopping kind of stunning pinny. So I changed my mind. It’s the pinnys. There. Stop listing new stuff Karen. Karen.

  946. Liz says:

    I love the anatomical chicken! That would be cool to go in my classroom. ?

  947. Tracey M says:

    I want the tin utensil caddy! But why must the Canadian price be so high?!

  948. Kara says:

    Bars blush!

  949. Janelle says:

    the stuffed chicken or the copper mug…can’t decide 🙂 I also love the pixelated throw pillow. Toooooo many good things!

  950. Christy says:

    So many things! I love the messenger bag most!

  951. Haydée Skeet says:

    I scrolled through everything to see if Rough Linen was there, because I’d probably sell the mixer to buy some. Then I saw the Pinafores ?
    then I saw the Meat Cleaver ? which reminded me of on old Chinese one my mom kept in the space between the stove and counter,
    then saw the Hunter Boots, and seriously am I the ONLY person in Vancouver ☔☔that doesn’t own some???
    Do I have to pick one??

  952. Christina B says:

    I love the Hunter boots! I’m a big fan of things that keep me slightly less dirty! Lol

  953. Amber Miele says:

    Do I really have to decide?!

    The beautiful over dyed rug, or the bronze wall sconces. How about wanting both! Haha, too bad I choose both!

  954. Lori Colleran says:

    I’ve been a loyal stalker, er, reader of your blog for a long time. I just might buy the J.A. Henckels meat cleaver. We have been wanting to add a nice cleaver to our knife collection for quite some time and the price is nice!

  955. The model of the chicken anatomy. Educational and kinda cool at the same time. I’ll put it on the mantle and gross out my friends. Plus super timely cause I just started raising chickens!! My husband actually said he was okay with chickens as long as there were no sweaters. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
    I’m new to your blog and love it.

  956. Kristen says:

    I just love the Cambridge Gold/Satin 20-Piece Flatware Set! So pretty!

  957. Bronwyn says:

    Love the “Plutus Lumiere Bronze Handmade Double Sided Throw Pillow” And not just because my husband has banned me from buying cushions and I’m a tiny bit contrary.

  958. Michelle Rechkemmer says:

    The transparent chicken! Love anything chicken. Always wanted to have chickens but alas, the City of Hamilton is NOT very accommodating! Poo!

  959. Michelle says:

    I love the gold owl lamp and the blue French onion bowls!!!!

  960. Christina says:

    I love, love, love the pinafore! I really want one. I’d probably rather win that than the mixer, but I certainly wouldn’t kick a mixer out of my kitchen. Haha!

  961. Maricia says:

    I love the blue rug for my living room.

  962. I like the Pure Copper Water Bottle, but it doesn’t ship to Canada…so I can’t buy it. I don’t quite get the shop – it’s all Amazon – are they your picks? Don’t get how it works at all! I also don’t really want to enter the contest, as I already have a KASM – but…I do love your blog and just wanted to play along.

    • Karen says:

      Yep. They’re all my picks. So things I either a) already own and can absolutely recommend or b) things I just think are fun, unusual and beautiful. You guys get the fun and ease of having great stuff to buy for yourself or for presents without all the scouring of the Internet and I get my big 4% commission from Amazon. There’s also some Target and other stuff thrown in there as well. The Good Books page is just so finding the books I’ve talked about and loved over the years is easy to find so if you need a quick book recommendation and you know you like some of the other books I’ve picked you can be fairly confident you’ll like my suggestion. Phew. I think I overexplained.~ karen!

  963. Grace says:

    My favourite item in the Shop is the FoodSaver vacuum sealing system.

  964. cris mckee says:

    Well, lady, my Mon has been telling me for months to write you and say how you inspired me to renovate my kitchen (complete with walls torn out, gas lines re-run, and all kinds of wiring). The bathroom has been partially renoed (shut up, I’m getting to it), and now the back yard is getting a patio. All because some crazy blogger said it ain’t that hard. So thank you! It’s been quite the saga, but I am pretty much a bad ass, thanks to you. You know what would make me even more if a bad ass? Some of those fancy pants cement tiles and a kitchen aid mixer. In all seriousness, thank you for opening my eyes to diy!

    • Karen says:

      Really? I inspired all that? Holy shit. Well, good for me! And you of course. But good for me! I love it when people come back and tell me what they’ve done. So tell your mom she was right. I’m glad you let me know. ;( ~ karen! (wtf was that weird face? I hit the wrong keys and it ended up a winky frowny face)

  965. cheryl says:

    The wooden bins.

  966. Sandy says:

    I love the leather bag, hedgehog sharpener, and middle fingee umbrella, though it rarely rains where I live, so it would just be for dress up 🙂

  967. Lola K says:

    I love your blog (found you off Pinterest a few years ago – dedicated since then.

    Fave item from the shop is:

    Traditional Vintage Inspired Overdyed Distressed Fancy Blue Area Rugs

  968. Jennifer says:

    muckboots garden shoes!

  969. Love so many things… Hunter boots would be my first pick:)

  970. Amy L says:

    I love your blog, and your shop is fab! I love the Deny designs throw pillow. 😀

  971. Grace says:

    I’m a sucker for a good espresso and I love glass. So the coffee glassess are my favourite!

  972. Lynn Pratte says:

    My favorite item is the double walled glasses from bodum! I would love to get a pair of those. I already have the Deva Curl set and love them as well!

  973. Meg says:

    The stackable woden crates. Or the messenger bag for hubby. Its awesome, but almost $600!?

    • Karen says:

      I know. It’s because it’s a Frye. It would last a lifetime without a single stitch coming out. Plus … it just has great design and is beautiful. Hence more people have chosen the Frye bag as their favourite thing than anything else. We all have superior taste. 😉 ~ karen!

  974. Daphne says:

    Pinafores ,love them!

  975. Alison Dunn says:

    Anatomically correct chicken – are you kidding me?? How have I lived without this? Must have it.

  976. Kara says:

    If I was feeling nice to my husband, then I’d get the messenger bag. If I was feeling love to myself, the Bogs boots. I’ve been covering some since you posted about them a few years ago…

  977. Wanda D says:

    Such a hard decision….but I have to say the Frye Messenger Bag!

  978. Sara Sythoff says:

    I love the Ringmaster socks! I can wear them as protection from floor hazards: Legos, runaway ice cubes, dried cous cous…

  979. Debbie says:

    My favorite item is Deva Curl…. <3 But the treadmill is a close second –

  980. Ann says:

    You have many awesome things to purchase/like on your page, Karen, but I may have to vote for the lovely white Chucks. I’ve bought them in green and in grey but the white is pristine and speaks to an unattainable tidiness that I can never manage (kinda’ like your home in magazine pages). Also, plain white sneakers are being sported by no less a fashionista that Victoria Beckham so they must be worth wearing;-)

  981. Elysa says:

    I have to say at the moment my favorite item is the FoodSaver. Gardening time is upon us, and I plan to put up a lot of veggies this summer!

  982. EmilyB says:

    Famemaster 4D Vision Chicken Anatomy Model!!

  983. Jess says:

    My eyes really liked the Traditional Vintage Inspired Overdyed Fancy Pink Rug. My cat thinks it has the potential to be another really great place for him to pee in style.

  984. Tabitha says:

    The bumblebee earrings!

  985. Shari says:

    I love the Foodsaver!! 🙂

  986. laura says:

    I like the items in store a lot. But I really like the middle finger umbrella. It’s funny. I would really like to win the mixer to give to a family member. Her mixer just broke.

  987. Kum says:

    Wow! Over 1000 comments with a half hour still to go. Well done Karen! I don’t have a KA mixer and would love one so I was glad that was in your shop. But what I really really want is a Rough Linen sheets/duvet cover set. Saving my pennies for that. When I eventualy buy one, I’ll go through your site, of course.

  988. Carolyn says:

    Love those stackable wooden bins!
    Love the linen aprons!
    Too many to list!!

  989. Yasmin F. says:

    The messenger bag, stackable wood bins, bumblebee earrings, Moscow mule mug…sigh. I love it all. What a wonderfully-curated product selection!

  990. Pam Carr says:

    Hard to choose. I kept changing my mind, but it would have to be the Frye Messenger bag.

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