We Have an Unusual 6 Months Ahead of Us, You and I.

Hey. It’s me, Karen. Things are gonna change around here for a little bit so I thought I’d take a moment to tell you why and how it’s all going down.

how every blogger feels after finally hitting the “publish” button nowadays.

First off you know RIGHT away things are changing because holy shit, it’s Sunday and I’m posting.  That right there is setting off alarm bells. DON’T WORRY!  Everything is A Okay.

In March of 2010 I sat down at my computer and published my very first post on The Art of Doing Stuff.  SO much has changed in the blogging world since then and now The Art of Doing Stuff has to change as well.  But it’s a good thing, not a bad thing and I’m not quitting blogging so calm the hell down.

I just have to make the blog better for you. And me.  For all of us.

You may remember a little while ago I told you how long it takes to write a single blog post. If you missed that post you can read it here, but if you can’t be bothered to read it, basically it takes the same amount of time to write a blog post as it takes to walk around the earth 3 times on your hands, backwards.  While learning Mandarin. 

This wasn’t always the way of course. When I first started blogging 9, NINE, years ago, blogging consisted of nothing other than writing a post, taking some pictures (really, extraordinarily bad pictures) and getting it out into the world as quickly as possible as often as possible. Some days I published 3 posts! They mainly consisted of a few sentences and a really bad picture of a flower arrangement.



For real.  Go take a look at the entire post this photo is from and revel in my badness.  All of it. The photos,  the structure of the post, all of it – just bad.  The thing is, some of the post is good. The writing is good (’cause I’m a writer, not a photographer) and the content is useful. But wow it’s bad.

At the time I was pretty darn proud of the post.  Kindda impressed with my photo skillz.  I’m sure people reading the post thought it was good too because we weren’t nearly as discriminating as we are now.  In those days we were both easily impressed.

Like I said, it was 2010.  Instagram HADN’T EVEN BEEN INVENTED. That would come 7 months after I had published my first blog post.  Which really, really annoys me because I joined INSTAGRAM almost immediately and then basically ignored it for the next 7 years.  Based on when I joined Instagram I should have more followers than all of the Kardashians combined.  Speaking of which, go follow me on Instagram now so I don’t feel like the loser I quite obviously am. Fingers crossed I can get as many followers as the average 14 year old.

I’d like to take a moment to remind you I once wrote a post on something titled The Rectal Wreath. Sure that’s a catchy title in a proctologists kind of way, but if someone is browsing around Google or my site, Rectal Wreath doesn’t really give them a good idea of what’s in that post.  And with Google, being completely basic is important. 

Google is the smartest stupid thing in the world.

Google, unlike you and I, doesn’t understand and delight in bum wordplay.

Google is very straightforward and likes titles like “How to Make an Everlasting Rectangular Wreath”.  Barf. I know. Boring.  But necessary if you want people who aren’t interested in anal photos to be able to find your work and learn from it.

If I published these older posts today the way that they are you would pack up your smart phone and never return to my site. But there’s SO much good content buried under bad photos and layouts there.

So.  I am taking the next – however long it takes – to rewrite, restructure and rephotograph most of my 1,800 posts.  Yes.  Yes, I am. I expect it to take years, but I’ll be going hardcore on it for the next 6 months.  Why 6 months?  Because my blog turns 10 on March 4th and it seems like a good time to do it. Ring in the second decade with some class. And fart jokes.

That means no new instructional or DIY posts for a little while unless I really CANNOT LIVE without sharing whatever it is.

I’ll instead be devoting all my time to making the old posts as good as the new ones.  Once I get a few under my belt, I’ll start posting content again. The new, revitalized content that you might actually be able to learn something from.

But if you’re new here (and by new I mean only started following me in the last few years) I’ll be updating and posting plenty of older stuff that you’ve never seen before.

Once I feel like I’m settled into my new routine and not completely overwhelmed I’ll be posting an update on my life once a week with some random babblings. You will probably learn absolutely nothing from these posts other than what I ate for dinner and how many centipedes I killed that week. Also if I accidentally toot in the grocery store or decide to start sleeping naked I’ll tell you about that too obviously.

I suspect I’ll also be complaining about how much work it is to rephotograph, rework, rewrite and generally redo 1,800 posts.  Guaranteed I’ll be returning to the classic swear words for this time in my life, because snarklefart is not going to cut it. I just know it isn’t. 

I know this is going to be disappointing to a lot of you, but it HAS TO GET DONE.  I’ve needed to clean this closet for YEARS and I’m finally just going to do it.

If you have complaints, you can contact Casey Markee from Mediawyse. He’s the one who forced me into this. But he’ll just tell you to suck it up (in much gentler phrasing) because if I want to continue blogging, this crap needs to be dealt with.

Casey is a relatively mild mannered blog auditor who I had audit my site 2 years ago. His job is to tell you what’s wrong with your site and what’s right with it. There was a hilarious amount wrong with my site (technical, functional, motivational … all the als were wrong with it.) and Casey told me I had to fix it if I wanted my blog to be useful to people and continue to grow.  Two years ago he told me that. 

I implemented the changes he suggested to all of my newer posts but the old ones?  Because of the whole walking around the world on my hands while learning to speak Mandarin thing, I didn’t have any time to go back and fix any of the old stuff.

Last week Casey yelled at me in his Casey way.  He took a look at my site, my old posts and my blog statistics and he told me that my progress was “not acceptable.”

And with that I felt the shame of a thousand diet cheaters. 

He was right. It was not acceptable and today it starts to change.

Wish me luck.

Only 1,800 posts to go starting with this one, my very first post.





p.s. I feel like this is the most spastic, all over the place, frantic post I’ve ever written. Please ignore that … I’m just revved up.


  1. Barb says:

    Being a fellow ‘blogger’ I know your pain well!!! I liken the writing of a post to having a HUGE PARROT sitting on your shoulder pecking painfully at your head saying; ‘YOU NEED TO WRITE A POST’!!! But it’s all fun & games, really. I think I need one of those guys too, hmmm.

  2. Marilyn Meagher says:

    Well we aren’t going anywhere so have at it girl! And good luck! Xo

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Marilyn! Send coffee! And chips! ~ karen

      • You need to be more specific: British chips or crisps? Weird flavoured potato chips from the far East or the overpriced but delicious and questionably healthy other root chips?

        Suggestion for a future idea, you know, after the 1,800 previous ideas have been exhausted: pairing wine and chips…wine and cannabis…cannabis and chips…cannabis and/or wine and really anything edible.. I would definitely lend my pallet to that endeavor!

        Do you find blogging (the writing a diary for the world to read aspect, anyway) to be cathartic?

  3. Wendy says:

    OMG. You are crazy but I get why you have to do this. Makes me rethink anything I have ever put out there! Do I need to revisit my Facebook posts from the early years? Are MY photos bad? (I am a hobby photographer) Does my website need a professional? Argh! I do not envy you your task but I look forward to your end result.

  4. Robin Carter says:

    I must say your first post on grinding meat was very informative! I have the mixer and the grinder I just never had the initiative … I’ve wanted to grind my own meat but you showing how simple it was, I think I’ll do it now :-) I’m going to miss you but I’ll suck it up!

    • Karen says:

      See? That post is actually a perfect example of a post that can be updated. It makes much better ground beef if you cut the beef into long rectangular strips, so you get nice long grinds of beef. I know that now! I didn’t know that 10 years ago. :) So that’s the sort of thing I’ll be adding into old posts to make them more up to date and better for readers. ~ karen!

  5. Kimberly Miner says:

    I’ve been following your blog since 2011, and have read every one of your posts (sounds creepy when I write it out). I am looking forward to seeing the refurbishment of the old greats. I loved the lame posts because they were fun and what drew me into following you for so long. I’ve learned a ridiculous amount of neat shit from you over the years, and I’m glad you’re not quitting. 😂

  6. Morgan Cavanaugh says:

    You’re worth waiting for!!

    • Susan says:

      As a former business owner, I understand the need to polish everything. Congratulations for deciding to go back and clean up and also for telling everyone.
      I will add that there is a bigger part of me that will miss seeing the growth that has occurred over time. Kings like if we went back over all those school photos with photoshopped and fixed the bangs and braces. I think I better get to work on reading ALL the old posts before the get remodeled!

    • Karen says:

      :) Thanks for saying that Morgan. ~ karen!

      • Leslie says:

        I agree with Morgan. I think seeing growth, evolution is interesting. Although I can see that bad photos are a bit off-putting. I guess that’s the point? Otherwise I actually don’t get it.

  7. Mary Michelle says:

    You go girl!!! I get why you need to make the changes to keep up in the blogging world.

  8. Tracey says:

    Be Well. Have Fun. Be Happy! God Bless every moment.

  9. Aimee says:


    We’ll still be here – so you do what you need to do :-)))) but just some hmmmm questions 😎- does Casey have a following for creative work ? Does Casey mâke people laugh ? Is Casey as kick ass? It Casey as courageous in putting himself out there ?? Always good to get feedback , but ultimately you’re the one making this happen . Hey – maybe this is a way to take some time , a pause , in a way … for You and to welcome a different focus … and if that’s the case hurray – do whatever you need 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼But if it’s because you think new peeps won’t come in because of posts from 6 years ago … not so much . You got this !!! With admiration and appreciation 🤗

    • Karen says:

      No, no. It’s not my content, as in my writing. It’s alllll the technical stuff including how my posts are “structured”. Nothing to do with me or my actual writing. That won’t change at all. :) ~ karen!

  10. Kari In Dallas says:

    Holy shit…1800? I’m a writer too, and can’t imagine this undertaking. I do not envy you, and will miss new posts, but look forward to catching up on the old ones.

    Don’t be a stranger, especially if you fart in the grocery store, because shit like that validates that I’m not the only one.

  11. Beth W says:

    Only a Canadian can be guilted into taking on world peace by being told something they’ve done is unacceptable ;) Looking forward to the “new” content! You’ve got this!

  12. SuzNKton says:

    I think that you need to persist. Snarklefart is just too soon. I have teenagers (prayers are always welcome!) and new expressions are, at least, weekly. By the time you get thru some of those old posts, snarklefart could be the new go to swear! And then a week later, you will be retro cool! In fact, in your honour, I do solemnly promise to use snarklefart at least twice today, and will google it as well!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. O.K. Well, I’m not promising anything but I won’t let go of snarkelfart completely. Snarklefart? I can’t remember how to spell it and I invented the word. ~ karen!

      • Jenny W says:

        AssHead! – my go to expression when dealing with, well, assheads, lol!
        keep em coming, I’ll be here waiting, but Hurry :)

  13. Kathleen Brennan says:

    Do what you gotta do but keep in touch with us all. Will miss your humour, you always bring a smile or a chuckle.

  14. Sharon says:

    As a blogger wanna be I can sympathize with all the work you have ahead of you. I’ve tried to publish posts but with the creative side of my work, I’ve failed miserably. I have an online retail business and just listing stuff with perfect pictures, SEO, keywords, long tailed, short tailed, alt attributes, and all that other shit brings on a headache every time. I haven’t been here that long (maybe over a year) and I love your posts which make me laugh. Your posts and the humour remind me to chill when I’ve got my panties in a bunch. Come back soon and good luck!

  15. Susan Claire says:

    Don’t look back.

  16. Bonnie Harris says:

    I won’t lie, I’m worried that you’ll lose momentum, maybe even lose some readers with Casee’s plan. How about you take a year (or more) instead of 6 months, and publish a revamped piece every second week, alternating with new columns? You’d only have to come up with new content half as often, and the old work would get rewritten but just a bit more slowly. Seems like that would be the safest way to do it? Any old way, I’m with you, Karen.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Bonnie! I’m afraid your plan wouldn’t work for what I need to accomplish. Casey is an expert. I mean and world class expert. He knows things. And I know them too, I’ve just been too overwhelmed to even think of doing what I need to do. So now’s the time. ~ karen!

  17. Patricia Cockerill says:

    Alrighty then! Sounds like a worth-while project and I look forward to posts I have missed only with superlative photos ;-)

    I look forward to whatever you do post and I wish you the Best of Luck and of course,
    The Best Day Ever

    ps and I followed you on Instagram. Don’t want anyone to feel like a loser

  18. Mike says:

    So you have to optimize every post for SEO, focus on long-tail keywords, make sure image alt attributes contain keywords, and that the keyword density is proportionate to the word count of the blog? That shouldn’t take too long…but leave the swear words in.

  19. Maryann G. Hoskins says:

    Could you post a “before” and “after” version of a blog so that we can understand what you are doing? Best of luck.

    • Karen says:

      A couple of weeks ago I wrote an entire post on what goes into writing a post nowadays. Actually, I linked to it at the beginning of this post. That’s what I have to do now for a post. When blogging first began all one had to do was write a post and publish it. You didn’t have to do anything to it, lol. You wrote it and sent it out into the world. ~ karen!

  20. Sabina says:

    Insert sad face here… :(

  21. Kathryn says:

    gotta say, i’m disappointed Karen . i loved the old posts, it feels like the blog has been losing a lot of its fantastic uniqueness over the years. but then, i am a self-acknowledged bit of an odd ‘un. and obviously i still enjoy the blog enough to be here!!
    for info – in the UK (and possibly elsewhere), ‘spastic’ is an incredibly offensive colloquial term :-(

  22. Carrid says:

    Hey girl…I’m revved up too! 👍👍
    I’ve only subscribed to your post for the last 3 years ,so bring it on!
    I’ll be looking forward to your revamped posts. ( I just wanted to say revamped….lol)
    Reading your posts and a glass of wine ( two glasses…maybe a bottle) and I’m a happy girl! YES, I slurp my wine like someone who’s been stumbling around a dessert for days.🌞 Stumbling indeed😂
    I’ll be making sure I wear my big girl panties when you start flinging around those curse words!😮
    Anyway, thanks for all the info,laughs and apparently my alcoholism! You’re a peach😋
    One question….You don’t sleep in the nude?? What kind of a blogger are you??😂
    Seriously though Karen, congrats on almost 10 years and good luck! I’ll be looking forward to some reading….. and pinot!🍷🍷🍷

  23. Jennifer says:

    Now that feels like a monumental task…but I understand how important it is to the Google Gods to have your site ranking well…AND you have a ton of amazing content that probably needs some tweaking. Who knew what a keyword was back then? ;) Good luck…and what an amazing feeling that will be heading into your 10th anniversary. :)

    • Karen says:

      That’s the thing! I’m what’s known as a Pioneer blogger. We spent years just blogging. There were no rules, regulations or best practices. Now … now it’s a different story. So it’s now a matter of keeping up with the youngsters who’ve reaped the benefits of our pioneers paving the way. ;) ~ karen!

  24. Laurie says:

    Godspeed, my friend!

  25. Carrie says:

    Hey girl….I’m revved up too!
    I’ve only been a subscriber to your blog for the last three years so bring on those revamped posts! ( I just wanted to say revamped😋)
    I can’t wait!
    Reading your “rantings” and a glass (or two…maybe a bottle) of wine and I’m a happy girl! Yes, I slurp my wine like a person who’s been in a desert for days!🍷 LOL
    I’ll be sure to have my big girl panties on when you start flinging those curse words around.
    But one question…..You don’t sleep naked?? What kind of blogger are you??😂
    Anyway, thanks for all the info, the laughs and apparently my alcoholism! You’re a peach :)
    Seriously though, congrats on almost 10 years and good luck!
    I’ll be looking forward to some reading😁

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Carrie! And NO I like my pajamas! Typically men’s pajamas in the smallest size and big thick socks. No socks to bed. Just for padding around before and after bed. ~ karen!

  26. leisa says:

    Way to go Karen!

    I think it’s going to be cool to get to revisit your older posts. My Grandpa used to always say “a change is as good as a rest”.

    Good luck and, any chance you’re reworked content could magically turn itself into a book? No pressure, lol!

  27. Nolan says:

    I just started following you recently and you got me hooked. I’ll keep track of you because you do what I want to do. I’m an older Vietnam veteran trying to stay on track healthwise. I think you are one of the keys to do just that. I do whole foods and my own chickens so you got me. The swearing and humor is a bonus. Had to learn to cook. That is the shits for an old Marine. Didn’t think I had a feminine side. I’m a follower so please keep up the good work…Thank You Karen!!….Nolan

    • Karen says:

      Hey Nolan. Thanks! While I’m away I’d like for you to perfect 5 new meals for dinner. I don’t care which ones – just 5 well balanced, delicious dinners. You have 6 months. That’s your homework. ~ karen!

  28. Jodi Blackman says:

    I disagree with Casey that the older posts need re-working. It’s part of your history and growth and who wants to live in the past anyway? Life’s too short. But do it if you feel you must, just don’t forget out Christmas wrapping post and the Christmas pledge, or many of us will be sorely disappointed.

  29. Bethany Jones says:

    As with many of your readers, I hope, I found you while looking for Dollar Store projects, so we’re obviously not picky nor classy. We fell in love with your wit and creativity and because you’re you!!
    And I’m sure we’ll love your fancified Dollar Store posts just as much.

  30. Jen says:

    I’m in for the long haul (well, you do all the work and I get entertained and informed). All the best, Karen, you are brave.

  31. Ann Marie says:

    Well, if you feel you must than go for it. But I like seeing the old and the new stuff. You can’t turn back time, change the past…I say just move on and keep going forward.

    • Karen says:

      Well, that doesn’t really work with Google, lol. And there is a LOT of really great information that’s just buried under there that deserves to come out and look its best. ~ karen!

  32. Marna says:

    Wow! Good luck! Look forward to new posts but also looking over old ones too. :)

  33. TucsonPatty says:

    I know it will all be good, because Karen is, well, Karen.
    Because “it ain’t that hard – none of it!”
    Love you, Miss Karen. Good luck with it all!

  34. judy says:

    I admire you and the few bloggers I follow,I wish I knew what happened to Virginia Elizabeth Barnes and her never finished KITCHEN! I still wander over and hit “home” just in case she dumped me for one of my many dumb comments. I enjoy seeing the everyday life of the blogger,not nosy stuff-I would be interested in where and how you grocery shop what the neighbors are like-obviously a subject verboten since we both know the neighbors read you like a hawk just in case there is a lawsuit involved that would retire them for life. Off to bed where I will turn over 19 times,rise and pee 27 times and weep for just a teeny weeny bit of sleep. Oh the joys of being ancient.

    • Elaine says:

      Hi Judy … re the blogger you are looking for, was that the couple that turned a piano into a kitchen island? If so, I thought of her not too long ago but forgot her name. I thought it was Victoria Elizabeth but her last name was a complete blank! I think she had dark hair and was funny. Mind you, not as funny as our Karen!

  35. Paula says:

    I say go for it!!! Just as long as we get something once a week, I am on-board with you doing work to improve your progress. Good for you and good luck.

  36. Marjorie Kramer says:

    Good luck! Thanks for looping us in.

  37. Oh No!!! I can’t wrap Christmas presents without a new a la Karen wrapping technique!!! Please, please post whatever you’re doing for Christmas wrap this year. I don’t care if it’s old school or the photos aren’t total perfection!
    Also since I’m commenting…if you’re redoing your blog on preserving/revitalizing hydrangea, please try the Alum Powder again. For some reason it works miraculously for everyone’s hydrangeas but yours!

  38. Jaimee Saliba says:

    As someone who loathes keywords and found you through a friend who said “you’ll love the way she writes,” I hope all this media wysdom doesn’t, you know, eat your soul or anything. Because that would be a lot worse than not making it on Instagram. Good luck.

    • Karen says:

      Oh God, my writing will stay exactly the same. It’s mainly technical stuff that needs to be done which takes FOREVER. And making the old posts which had NO structure to the and really crap photos look better. :) ~ karen!

  39. Ummmm…I like your blogs “just the way they are” – I have been reading them since I found your chicken posts about 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since! My humble advice to you is “don’t change anything! – Don’t mess with perfection!” :-)

    • Karen says:

      Well thank you! I’m glad you like them. And I do too. But I always, always want to make them better. They aren’t going to change in terms of how they’re written, just more information, easier to understand instructions and better photos. (plus a whole bunch of technical behind the scenes crap needs to be done) ~ karen!

      • Sara says:

        They will change though because you aren’t the same person or writer you were 9 years ago. There is even a certain charm to old blog photos.

        No new content always means no reason to visit the blog.

  40. Eileen W says:

    WOW! Just: WOW!!
    Now I feel inspired to go tackle a long procrastinated task… I don’t know which one yet, but if you can redo your ENTIRE BLOG (still: WOW), maybe I can clean out the garage, train for a 5k, redo the living room, study Italian, or SOMEthing :)

    Good luck, and don’t forget to come back!

  41. Ann Mehrman says:

    How are you going to rephotograph those ones you did as you refinished the floor??? Your old posts were fine…improve the new ones..maybe revisit and old subject with new photos and perspectives but leave the old ones as a legacy archive…best enjoyed with a bottle of wine ;-)

    • Karen says:

      AH! See that’s the problem. The more awful posts Google has to process in my website the worse it is for my SEO. Google seems them and thinks “Wow, this site isn’t very good” And then I get penalized as being a crappy site. So posts that are useless to everyone get DELETED. Posts that are personal and sentimental just got noindexed which means they’re still on my site, but I’ve told Google to ignore them. But ones that can be salvaged will be updated and rephotographed so they’re way nicer for the readers. The ones from the past year or two are fine and won’t need to be improved other than adding in some technical information to them. :) ~ karen!

  42. brenda says:

    so if we want to read or reread all the bad ones we’d better start speed reading tonight- right. Why don’t you just fire that Casey guy! Or you could just tell where he lives – hohoho

  43. Carla Mize says:

    Good luck, Karen. I’m personally looking forward to revisiting your posts about the chickens. I signed on to your blog because you share my love for this living dinosaur. I’ll consider this project a digital remastering of your greatest hits.

  44. Susan says:

    You go! Looking forward to Karen 2.0

  45. Letty Regan says:

    We will be waiting with bates breath for your return. As a new subscriber/follower I anxiously look forward to new, updated blogs. I do know how to grind meat, though, so I’ll skip that one… maybe.

  46. Robert says:

    Does that mean that you are re-remodeling again?😨
    It will be nice to re-read the whole blog again, which means I can’t believe I’ve been reading you for SIX AND A HALF YEARS NOW!!!!!
    If you’ll excuse me I ‘ll see if anyone can train a few monarchs to send you chips

  47. Markus says:

    Keep in mind Even a ray of light is imperfect and your “blog” is you.
    I’ll dig it, whatever you do unless you change “your” content and thoughts. 😊

    • Karen says:

      NO no. If I wanted to change who I was, I would have stayed in television and made scads of money. The content will just be prettier, better organized and have MORE information. It’s a lot of technical stuff that needs to be done too. ~ karen!

  48. Jennifer Murphy says:

    Noooooo! I can’t even…

  49. Letitia says:

    Wishing you the best during the next six months! Enjoy (maybe), relax (maybe) and come back to us in six months (yes)!

  50. Ramona says:

    Have fun! We’ll be here when you get back💕💕 And Happy New Year!

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