What a blogger’s house is *really* like.


Don’t I look great?



Don’t you want to be me?  Live like me?  Have a kitchen like me?

Yeah.  I know you do.  I do too.




I’d give just about anything to live like Photo Karen.  She has a great house with a clean kitchen and wears dresses and heels throughout the day.  Her life is perfect; when captured in a photograph.  Otherwise?  She’s pretty much a mess.  I’d wager that most other blogger’s homes are the same.  Their homes have the ability to look FANTASTIC, but most of the time they’re like everyone else’s.   Blogger houses;  the supermodels of the Internet age.

The odd time my house looks as good as it does in my photos, but most of the time, because I’m a DIY kind of blogger, my house looks like a life sized science experiment.  I’m doing, I’m blogging, I’m experimenting!  You can’t keep a neat house that way. In fact don’t trust a DIY blogger who says their house is always neat and tidy.  Either they’re lying through their teeth or they don’t actually DIY.  Either way they’re lying actually and therefore shouldn’t be trusted.

The fantasy                             The reality

90% of the time I’m in some sort of disaster because of some sort of thing that I’m doing.  You can’t possibly do stuff all the time and not have your house reflect that. It just isn’t possible.  In the case of the dining room table in the above picture, I’m getting ready to send back my chicken coop door opener that didn’t work.  So, of course all the parts are all over the dining room table.  Which wouldn’t have been too much of an ordeal, only I also decided for some bizarre reason that the exact same moment would be the perfect time to declutter my buffet.  So any part of the table that isn’t covered by door parts is covered by chipped serving pieces and random objects that I, at some point, shoved into my buffet. Like a John Grisham novel. Or 12.



Photo Karen                             Real Life Karen


There she is!  Photo Karen again!  She’s relaxed and gazing at her life-sized portrait of Margaret, the Scottish woman she bought at an antique auction.  They’re sharing a joke or a secret recipe.

Real life Karen on the other hand is staring at a pile of books, boxes and bric a brac. Real life Karen uses the phrase bric a brac.  Photo Karen would never.  She’d use a word only 5 people knew the meaning of.  The rest of you would have to look it up.  Photo Karen is special.  Real life Karen is “special”.

I’ve changed my dining room around since this particular magazine shoot so things look a bit different by the way.  Because that’s another thing I’m constantly doing.  Changing things around.  Even so much as bringing a single new can opener into the house is cause for rejigging, rearranging and reorganizing pretty much everything.  Sometimes it ends in tears.  You too?  That’s normal.


kitchen-side-by-sideMagazine Shoot                                             Real life


Maybe it’s just because the photos are smallish but the kitchen looks remarkably similar in the magazine photo on the left and the real life version on the right. I also attribute this to Canadian Living Magazine, which tries as much as they can to show houses as they really look.  They don’t primp and prod and get rid of “stuff” the way some other magazines do.  A lot of other magazines would have had me take the stand mixer and the television out of the kitchen for the sho0t for example.  The picture would look better without the big black block in the corner but when I mentioned it to the home editor who was here for the photo shoot at the time, Brett Walther, he said No, that’s how you live. That’s how people live. They have televisions in their kitchens and they’re ugly blobs, but they exist and we should show it and anything else would be a lie I couldn’t bear to live with. So No, NO Karen you and I … we will INSPIRE a nation of cooking television watchers that they can show their big black boxes off, and be proud of the fact that they can defrost AND watch Jersey Shore reruns at the same time. Praise God.

I should let you know I’m probably paraphrasing there.




I may have exaggerated Brett’s comment about the television but I got the sentiment right.  People live in their homes.  Bloggers included.  So, yeah my house, more often than not, looks a little more Oscar than it does Felix.  There’s always meal prep on the counter, fermentation experiments going on under it, things to be returned in the foyer, something that needs fixing on the dining room table and a piles of laundry in various stages of distress around the house.  But who cares?

I do.

It drives me MENTAL.

But what are you gonna do?  I do stuff and doing stuff makes a mess.

I gotta be me.

~ Real Karen



  1. Darla says:

    A neat house means you are spending too much time being neat and not enough time “living” life! I moved my office to our new house two years ago and it still looks like a tornado exploded papers everywhere…but I know where everything is. I now have a craft room, but I have to de-clutter current projects to make room for my newer projects…whoa is me! I had a maid when we moved into the new house, but the only things I could find for her to do were floors and bathrooms and I soon discovered my husband does a better job at cleaning them than she did.

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    OK…I am not believing this..You rock girl…I am seriously shocked..you know what I mean…

  3. Jacqui says:

    This popped up on my FB page (shared by a different blogger.) It fits exactly how I feel right now! I just ironed vinyl onto a t-shirt and tote bag on my kitchen table (I don’t own an ironing board, because, well, until I started ironing on vinyl a week ago, I hadn’t used my iron in over 3 years…) What else was on the table? Only 2 pumpkins, a couple of kid cups, an ugly pink vase, a soft tape measure (actually being used), a ruler, the banana bowl, and bread box.

    My vinyl is spread all over my couch, the ottoman is covered in craft stuff, and when I went to take a picture to share the tote bag with a friend, I had to borrow the washing machine lid because it was actually neat!

    It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, especially as a DIY/Crafter. Now, if only I could convince my husband of that….

  4. Cynthia says:

    Thank you, Real Karen!

    I tried for years to explain this very thing to my very organized mother – who only had neat pursuits, of course. I am an artist and my husband is an audio designer, and we both cook and bake like crazy.

    Because we do stuff, there are messes *everywhere* all the time.

    Unless one of the mothers is coming. Then we straighten things up.

    • Lauren says:

      You nailed it Cynthia! I don’t even see my messes until someone is coming over. I vacuum a lot though because bits of stuff on the floor bug me. Go figure.

      • Cynthia says:

        We HAVE to vacuum all the time because we live with a Great Pyrenees dog. And also I don’t want my husband to find the dropped straight pins with his feet.

  5. maggie van sickle says:

    How do you edit these things I spelled Gardner wrong

  6. maggie van sickle says:

    Honestly Karen I see no reason why you cannot look like June Cleaver everyday. Get a housekeeper, a gardiner and a husband like Ward and he is not too hard on ” The Beav” either so June says or maybe she said you were a little hard on “The Beav last nite Ward” Bahaha just kidding your home is a lived in home and you are content and so are your chickens so that in the end is really all that matters. Just sayin.


  7. Suzanne says:

    I do like that dress a lot though, it must hide the food stains really well

  8. Suzanne says:

    What ? I’ m crushed…
    We had 4 kids and our house was always a disaster zone. Why, because I love doing, making , creating. Now they all have kids themselves and would you think my house is the Karen Photo image, well no. Now that I have all this space to myself, JOY!
    Forthe last 2 weeks, I have been feeding my 2 sourdough starters and finally , yesterday, success: baguettes, pancakes, tortillas and pizzas, all without additional yeast. I am proud and have to tell the whole world about it. My husband got in the kitchen this morning and said, hey , where are the kids ( as in : the sourdough starter) finally gone in the fridge On to the next project, my house will never look like a magazine.

  9. Ardith says:

    Crikey, people. Enough of the “tidy people are boring, non-productive, non-creative, non-whatever” insult slinging. It’s not true, just because you’d like to believe it. Insults like this simply come across as rationalization. And I’ll thank you to not insult the woman who raised me and two other children, while working full time (as a single mom). Our home was always well decorated and clean, and she taught us how to help along the way. My mother was highly productive and incredibly creative. I understand that life is busy, crazy, and can be messy, but this whole neatness backlash is getting out of hand. Enough of the inappropriate, misplaced insulting.

    • TucsonPatty says:

      It’s a joke! Sorry to have insulted you and your mother. No trolls ever on this site. We didn’t mean it to be hateful!

    • judy says:

      I have to agree that we may be trying to create a false premise that immaculate house,well behaved children,happy husband =somethings gotta be wrong with this picture because some of us feel like we’re on a mad gerbil wheel trying to keep up with the chaos much less get ahead of it. On the other hand have empathy for those of us who don’t measure up to all of that and a ham sandwich. The best life focuses on enjoying every experience and values Stuff the least. I’m old and I wish I had realized this when I was very young . It would have helped me to relax and enjoy it all. Clean or messy!

  10. amy watson says:

    I think you look better in a rough linen pinafore than all dressed up in heels, but l am soooo jealous….l want a rough linen pinafore for myself….l have a few pieces, 4 napkins and 2 pillow slips….l will get there one day…..saving fir a duvet cover next <3 BTW, l never believed that you lived like "photo Karen"

  11. connie says:

    Big sigh of relief here Karen after reading your post! BIG I tell you!!! my house very often looks like that too and it frustrates me. at times – mostly I think because of what other people might think of it. I tend to start 10 things at once and maybe finish 1- cuz I get distracted- one job invariably leads to another and another….Currently I am sitting on the couch beside a clean load of laundry that I just hauled out of the dryer , looking for a pillow case to match the one I was ironing upstairs. ( I only iron the pillowcases just in case you’re wondering !) As I was sorting the sheets and things, saw the laptop and clicked on my emails, saw your post and had to read it right away of course….and comment too :) so while the laundry is 1/2 sorted and the iron is still plugged in, my tummy is now growling that its lunch time – I wanted to tell you I think you ARE special and refreshingly honest and Normal and I thank YOU for making me feel normal too! Luv ya too!

  12. Deb Miller says:

    Wait! You bought a Scottish woman at an antique auction? You get more, ummmm, interesting all the time! ❤️ You, Karen!

  13. Ev Wilcox says:

    So true that doers cause messes, and non-doers prob have photo shoot houses! I brought my serger downstairs temporarily about a year ago. I wonder how long “temporary” can be stretched out! With holidays coming I feel I should clear that table and put it away, but….sigh. Have fun and be fulfilled Karen. It’s important!

  14. Marta says:

    Thanks for setting the record straight. I can now stop sucking in my gut when I read your blog.

  15. Donna says:

    photo Karen looks great but my feet hurt looking at those heels. I have a hard time wearing ANY shoes now that I’m retired but all my heeled work shoes have gone to charity. Wait, I didn’t wear them much at work either. wore them from car to desk. Barefoot the rest of the day. I do love your definition of special (“special”) though. My husband would love for me to be photo Donna (special) like his mom and his architectural digest mags which he no longer reads. Poor man he got “special” Donna but we’ve been together for forty years now and both he and his princess pug allow me to scatter all my crap all over while I’m working on something. He gave up long ago and accepted living with reality. who wants a museum house?

  16. SusanR says:

    I never thought your house was perfect all the time. Only people with something wrong with them are obsessive enough to make sure everything is tidy always. You’re not like that. Your kind of crazy is a mostly sane kind.

  17. Cred says:

    Excellent post! You house still looks beautiful in real life.
    My house is still a work in progress even when its clean but I can relate to the challenge of keeping a tidy space if you’re “doing stuff”. Doing stuff is messy. Also can relate to not being able to keep your house clean when your home all day- biggest downside to homeschooling for me is the kids are in the house all day messing crap up. I used to love coming home from work after cleaning my house. Now, I should be taking a photo to capture the moment because that’s about as long as it lasts.
    We just did some decorating for halloween and now it looks like a graveyard was dumped in my dining room. Aw well, I now have hanging on my door, the most beautiful black feather, skull wreath that will make me the envy of the neighbourhood (so long as no one opens that door)

  18. mayr says:

    All I see is Cuddles in loving arms…..
    Truly, what matters more that that?

  19. Stefanie Barrett says:

    Thank you for the reality check! Too many times I read a blog or magazine article only to look up at my own home and wonder why I can’t be perfect too. The truth is without the experiments and disarray, photo Karen wouldn’t exist.

  20. Sue says:

    Thank you for the timely reality check! What I have now realized is that I am not at all special; just one of the crowd. I feel free to fling open my door and invite you all in with no fear of judgment! Coffee is ready – bring your own muffins!

  21. Laura Bee says:

    Real’special’Karen, I love you. A blog seems like a child almost. Always a mess, but always interesting & fun. Reading this I was imagining my life before her was neat & organized. Then I think back & realize I have always been this way, it just seems worse because right now my family room floor is covered in glitter & there’s a picnic on the living room floor. And more socks. Everywhere. Small ones.

  22. Marcee ... ILLINOIS says:

    Ha ha! Totally true. Same here. (A first commenting on your blog Karen.) Living in/with perfection is impossible in a 110 year old house. Isn’t really important to me/us any longer. Just trying to get by with the daily basics, working the job, cooking meals, etc. Everyday I clean/dust (?something?). Then there’s the recycling. Takes so much t-i-m-e + precious energy. Even after emptying 3 big closets this weekend, donating beautiful coats/jackets, still a tight squeeze. Gotta keep downsizing. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our week ahead! ; ))

  23. Tigersmom says:

    Um, where is Margaret’s new home?

    And thanks for being real.

    • Jan in Waterdown says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Is that white rectangle thingie your version of the new minimalist (I just made that up) decor? I do know what bric a brac is, however my husband calls all my lovely and sometimes expensive treasures “knick knacks”. Hate that. And they all need dusting.

  24. jainegayer says:

    I have not seen my dining room table since I retired (and had real time to look at Pinterest).
    Thank you for showing us the “special” you. I can relax now.

  25. judy says:

    I am 75 and a life long member of the scatter brained family and I love the pretty-s. So between piles of clothes waiting to be washed-folded and put away-rewashed because they weren’t folded and put away, hair balls(the size of tumbling tumbleweeds)from 235 lbs. of 2 Big dogs, 10 bookcases 3 ft by 6 ft full of books and assorted debris that inevitably finds its way onto them and finally! Ta DA! Pretty things numbering 50 0r 60 items I bought and thought would add to the over all loveliness of our abode. Photo Shop that picture! if you dare…………Sob……….

    • Marcee ... ILLINOIS says:

      Hi Judy ….. any idea what I should do with over 300+ cookbooks? Been collecting (and cooking!) them since I was maybe 13 years old. Now what? P. S. Loved your ; )) comments!

      • judy says:

        Well if you continue eating them on a regular schedule their number should soon become more manageable…… what you’ll look like is hard to imagine but perhaps if you stick to the low cal type you’ll be fine. Good Luck!

  26. Of course, I would grasp the one giggle-fit inducing line of the whole post, because that’s who I am.

    “She’s relaxed and gazing at her life-sized portrait of Margaret, the Scottish woman she bought at an antique auction.”

    Why the giggles? Because, Karen, it looks like you bought a Scottish woman named Margaret at an antique auction. And, no, there’s nothing wrong with the sentence structure..it just struck me as giggle-worthy. Also, I had no idea you could buy real-life people at auctions anymore.

    Thanks for the unintentional laughs, and intentional honesty.

    BTW, my house looks like a ‘real’ house and I’m not a constant DIYer or crafter or anything-er. I dabble, and am easily distracted.

  27. Anne says:

    Thank you VERY much. My house is cluttered. I know where everything is. When it is straightened, I don’t. Also, I pace, uncomfortable. My clutter is comfortable. I think people with spotless houses are guilty – of something. Wonder what.

  28. marilyn says:

    hilarious..we have a dish on the top of our microwave that collects an assortment of keys,hairclips , loose change etc and for years, for some odd reason there was a condom in a red package??? it was the source of amusement to our whole family for ages and then one day it was gone..i shudder to think why!

  29. Su says:

    two things…. love the gold flats….. wish I could wear flats and I, for one am glad you are ‘special’

  30. Karol says:

    It’s amazing how fast a house can become “cluttered”. For me, it’s my kitchen table that catches all the debris. Every single chair has something hanging on the back. My purse, my computer bag, the Halloween candy inside of a Walmart bag, my office sweater, my husband’s baseball cap, the blouse that didn’t fit and needs to be returned to the store. The ONLY time my table is clutter-free is on Christmas day when I am preparing for our family feast.
    Thanks for the reminder that you are just a gal, like the rest of us, living in an imperfect world.

  31. Kathleen in Fl says:

    I love you. Thank heaven I’m not alone

  32. Penny Mitchell says:

    Many years ago I volunteered to help out at my kids’ primary school and was told that we would be doing cross-stitch samplers on Binka (not sure of the spelling) a stiff type of open-weave fabric. Teacher told me that I had to make one myself ‘to encourage the little ones, show them how easy it is even if you’ve never done it before’.
    But she was right, it WAS easy and surprisingly satisfying, too.
    In between re-threading the little ones’ needles, pulling out and re-stitching their mistakes and helping them untangle huge mounds of embroidery silks, I made my own sampler on a piece of Binka in a hideous shade of green that none of the kids wanted to use.
    It states “Boring women have immaculate homes”. I still stand by that statement.

  33. Catherine says:

    Such a timely post Karen! Just came downstairs to my brand new kitchen which I can barely see because of all the stuff. Mainly the stuff is waiting for me to put up the shelves I just bought but haven’t gotten around to dealing with yet. With my fancy new drill I had to buy because the new house has the most solid walls I’ve ever met and none of my others would touch it. Missing my Dad with every fibre of my being because he used to help out with things like this. I also have one of the most shedding Labradors ever invented so yellow tumble weeds are piled up everywhere. Boy, this is cheery. I think I’ll make a nice strong coffee and browse Pinterest…….

  34. Dominic says:

    So, what chicken coop door opener do you have? I’m debating getting one, or building my own. It’s got to run off of 12vdc though, because the only power I have way out back is from a solar panel charged battery.

  35. Ardith says:

    I have a neat and clean home, complete with books, art, objects, signs of life and cooking. Am soulful and about as trustworthy as they come.

  36. Violet Rose says:

    Yeah, I’m batshit crazy too. The re-arranging to incorporate something new or just the constant moving things around ’cause I can. I just spent two hours moving a red wooden heart around the lounge room till it felt right. Aaaaargh, its an illness. Being an interior design student has elevated a mild condition to the status of chronic and perhaps even debilitating. Nothing could else could get done until that heart looked right. How do you explain that to the unafflicted. My best friends thinks I’m bonkers. And I am.

    • gabrielle says:

      You get better at it with practice – it’s called ‘letting go’. First, you do it with annoying clients (the ones that stand in your way), then you do it with yourself (‘like this?… nahhhh… ok, I’ve lost interest’) I was a graphic designer for 30 years. There is an infinite amount of space between any 2 object on-screen.

  37. Elaine says:

    Thanks for your refreshing honesty, Karen! I like a tidy home just as much as anyone and drool over many of the beautiful rooms I see in blogs ….but I in live in a condo, and like to paint (landscapes, etc – not walls) and have no area in which to paint except my kitchen table. I hate the mess sitting out but I have to live here too!

    Again, thanks for keeping it real.

  38. Pam'a says:

    People with homes that are spare, neat, and show no obvious signs of life– like books, silly objects you want to ask about, a dusty corner, or several half-finished projects lying around– are soulless and not to be trusted.

    • TucsonPatty says:

      What she said…exactlly! Love that your haed in the second photo with Cuddles is blurred, as you had to see if the Cuddles pose was photo-worthy.
      I’ve had one cleaning lady refuse to work for me as my piles were too numerous! Humph!
      It is what it is, and if your friends mind – get a different friend!

  39. Robert says:

    And here I am struggling whit the decision of keeping a pristine bedroom or actually do the many things I want to do

  40. gabrielle says:

    No surprises there. I think there is a tendency to bring it on oneself, tho. Like the bloggers who endlessly style their photos, and then apologize if the length of waxed sheen is interrupted by a flash. Yeah, right. Shut down your laptop and build your fantasy bubble in your bathtub, baby, because you are going to need it. I like a clean house as much as someone who actually CAN afford a maid, but I have to realize that, living without one, a clean and orderly house is a PROCESS, not a state of being!

    • Karen says:

      I would love a housekeeper. I keep saying I’m going to hire someone to come in for just 2 hours every 2 weeks … but then I don’t. Working from home people think Oh! You’re at home all the time, you have all kinds of time to clean. Um. No. I’m home all the time so I have all kinds of time to make a MESS. ~ karen!

      • Teri says:

        I am now going to shamefully admit that my house is a collection of carefully archival and forensically important piles of books, papers, laundry, papers, cookbooks, shoes, gifts from family that really doesn’t fit in my house but I can’t give them up, a black dog, two marimbas that are pretty decent landry stacking devices (as well as holders of three large rubbermaid bins full of seeds for the garden). Oh, and then there is the kitchen containing a ‘tower of appliances’ that get used often enough I don’t take them downstairs after use but pile in a corner in artfully staged towers, and the kitchen coat-rack covered with a vast array of our own coats and scarves and shopping bags, as well as clothing pieces left by various guests, plus the kitchen bench that hasn’t been cleared in the 3 years we have lived here. Not to mention the 10 or more (not exaggerating here) boxes of canning that needs to be labelled and taken down to the unorganized basement pantry.
        Clearly I don’t have time for heels or chickens in the kitchen for artful photoshoots, for all that they are gorgeous….., I am roiling in guilt while reading theartofdoingstuff rather than sorting another pile.
        I do, however, have the most marvellous cleaning lady who’s name is JOY (naturally!) and she comes once a week, and each week one more of my more flaming piles of chaos miraculously gets ‘addressed’. Guess I will take that blessing while aiming for the chicken and heels shot in 10 years…. HA HA HA

  41. Sandra says:

    That’s okay – I’m only a wanna-be DIY and my house is still WAY messier than yours. I’ve discovered Pinterest. Need I say more?

  42. Mindy says:

    My house always looks like a photo shoot. With a husband, three kids, a cat, a parakeet, a tortoise, a beta fish, and a friggin’ puppy even. It smells like a sunshiney summer day, too. Well, this time of year it smells like hot cider and cinnamon. All. Day. Long. My life, and house, is perfect. I’m disappointed in your messy house, Karen. It looks like someone lives there. Shameful.

  43. Cynthia Jones says:

    Did you photoshop the marble benchtop to make it look whiter?

    I photoshopped my face once. It’s not a good idea. Too much pressure to live up to.

    Ya still got style girlfriend. Anyone who wears gold ballet flats around the house has inbuilt style and we love to hear that you’re not perfect.

    Bet you don’t get pasta sauce dribbles on your white country style nightie like I did last night.

  44. Laura says:

    It’s funny how there are messes and then there are “messes”. One kind is full of ugly crap and the other is full of cute crap. Creative types have messy houses but they are still drool worthy. You’re drool worthy Karen – even in your mess!!

  45. Therese says:

    Hey Karen,
    Brilliant post! And so real. I have a draft post on my own blog called ‘Reality v Dreams – An Exercise in not getting disheartened by Lifestyle Magazines’ (OK – it’s a clumsy working title) There is absolutely no reason for me to go down this road now as you’ve nailed everything I was going to say. So “Thanks a bunch” in a snarky voice ( I have to shelve that idea now) and “Thanks!” in a sincere voice, as you’ve just given me a huge laugh while nodding my head in agreement at everything!

    • Karen says:

      LOL, I’m sure there’s plenty of room for 2 posts on what people’s homes are really like. :) I admit my house is often tidied up (almost) completely quite a bit. It just doesn’t last long, lol. Like, maybe a few hours. ~ karen!

  46. Mary W says:

    You actually use your chef’s knife towel? (I do, too.) I love sunflowers also. Great minds.

    • Karen says:

      I do! I use it all the time. :) I’m not big on having things just for show. And well … I don’t actually like sunflowers, lol. In the kitchen photos, the prop stylist brought a few flowers for the shoot … sunflowers among them so when they asked me to arrange them I couldn’t really say no. Well I could but that would be rude. And in the SECOND photo of my kitchen this summer the sunflowers in the foreground are from my front yard. They were volunteer sunflowers. 5 MASSIVE sunflower plants that sprouted up out of nowhere in the corner of my yard. But the Goldfinch loved them so much I couldn’t bring myself to cut them down. :) ~ karen!

  47. Cheryl says:

    We sold our house a few months ago and had a stager in to get it ready for the market. It looked wonderful and the house sold quickly but it was so far off from a “real” home. It was incredibly stressful for a few weeks! Love your honesty.

    • Laura Bee says:

      Ugh, we did the same thing last year. I did it all myself though. Thanks goodness it sold in less than two days. Who lives like that?!

      • Amie M says:

        My in-laws do. The parents in law and the sister-in-law. It’s frightening. Nothing can be out, ever. It’s like walking into a museum. No speck of dirt on the floor, no bit of lint on a couch. Everything must be perfect all the time.

  48. Janet W says:

    You have no idea how relieved I am…..

    And wow…. yeah…. I thought you really lived like Photo Karen. And I just realized that I kind of didn’t like you just a teeny tiny itty little bit because of it. I mean, I liked you a lot, but I wanted to like you even more! And now I do. Cuz now I know without a doubt that you TOTALLY diy.

    : )
    Now I know you’re just like me. Except you’re way cooler and way more accomplished and stuff.
    I guess what I’m saying is that I really like you for being messy!

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