What I’ve Been Doing This Week.

I’m almost finished cleaning up the mess of my brain that’s been splattered around my kitchen after the almost 4 hour ordeal of getting a few groceries.  Just let me freshen up a bit and I’ll meet you on the other side of the first photo to tell you the story.

Getting groceries

You know what? I’ve lied. I’m not going to tell you my whole grocery getting story because I assume you have the exact same story.  Maybe I’ll just hit you with the condensed version of what getting groceries is like at the moment and you can let me know if your experience has been the same.

I’ll just be cuddled up in the corner with my blood pressure monitor while you read on.

Some time in late March: Order groceries online to be picked up at grocery store. Click, click, click. Done. I love this.

Next day: Realize I hadn’t added my credit card to the grocery site so entire order has disappeared  including my time slot for pickup.  Re-choose a pickup date (soonest one is over 2 weeks away), add credit card, re-select groceries basing my choices on what I need immediately and what I suspect I’ll need in 2 weeks.  Shocked to discover my grocery store doesn’t sell toilet paper, hugs or tranquilizer darts online.

2 week waiting period: Train my brain to accept carrot sticks and sliced apples with peanut butter as acceptable snack items. Which they are not.

Mid April: Grocery pickup day.  Feeling like it’s the last day of school, the first day of school, Christmas morning, and the day I talked myself out of an illegal left turn ticket all in one. Put on jeans in anticipation of my big day out, go pee, notice the seams of my jeans are leaving 1/4″ deep indentations on my legs and change back into sweat pants. 

Leave for 6 p.m. scheduled pickup at grocery: Gather all the normal gear I need to leave my house: car keys, bank card, latex gloves, face mask, coronahair hat, spray bottle of water with bleach, paper towels, mini hand sanitizer, and cough drops on account of my newfound greatest fear: coughing in public.

Arrive at grocery store parking lot and park in one of the spots allotted for those of us smart enough to order our groceries in advance. Call the phone number to say I’d arrived and tell them which parking spot I’m in. Am given apologies that there will be a 15 minute wait. 

No problem. I can go for a walk. No I can’t. I might miss them come round with my potato chips. I’ll just wait here for 15 minutes (4 times in a row).

7:00 p.m.: A cart of groceries finally arrive for me an hour after my scheduled time slot. I spent the time wisely, taking selfies that were all deemed too hideous to post anywhere, talked to my mother on the phone, texted friends and silently judged people I thought weren’t wearing their masks as directed by television heartthrob Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

7:03 p.m.: Groceries finally arrive with a 6 foot apart apology that they didn’t have everything I needed in stock. I figured this might happen what with this being the Eastern Bloc in 1982.   But CHIPS? The entire store had no chips?? Or cat food???

7:05 p.m.: Decide I just don’t believe a store the size of Liechtenstein doesn’t have any Ruffles potato chips or cat food. Am forced to sacrifice a disposable N95 face mask to go into the store after spending 2 weeks avoiding the grocery store, the people in it and their bodily orifices that spew germs for what I’ve recently learned is an alarming distance.

7:06 p.m.: Find both potato chips and cat food. Take first breath while being in store and get lightheaded. In a good way.  Pick up wine for Betty and a few other things while avoiding one particular man who finds his face mask restrictive and is therefore wearing it on the more comfortable spot of his chin.  Head to the checkout line and stand respectfully on my designated piece of tape on the floor. 

7:08 p.m.:  Under his Eye.

7:15 – 8 p.m.: Drop off groceries I had picked up for relatives and neighbours then return home giddy to see if this trip would help me achieve an all time high score on my blood pressure monitor. 

8:00 – 9 p.m.: Hand wash all of my groceries with a spray bottle of bleach and water while memorizing the periodic table, which I didn’t think I’d ever need to know, but didn’t think I’d ever need to know how far saliva will project vertically before dropping horizontally either.

9:01 p.m.: Decide the whole fiasco was pointless since I’ve decided I’m never going to eat again.


So.  You?  Same?

I have been able to find solace in rhubarb.

My yard has a little microclimate area where my rhubarb grows. Between the fence around my yard, the heat from the brick wall of my house, the raised bed and the south facing location, my rhubarb patch is always a month ahead of anyone else’s in this area.

This means by the time most people are just starting to get a harvest I’m already oozing rhubarb out of my pores. I stop eating rhubarb when looking at it triggers my gag reflex.  But until then? I’m rhubarb crisping.

Unfortunately, due to the current condition of my brain, I burned my first batch this year which sent me into a deep depression because of the fact that THIS is no time to be ruining snacks. (see former story about how getting groceries nowadays sounds like a crossover episode of Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale.)

What I've Been Doing This Week.

Have a good remainder of your weekend! May it be filled with food, fun and a pleasing variety of hopefully non essential cough drops.







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  1. Kathy Cordell says:

    I had the same shopping experience…complete with all the gear that must now be packed for simple trips, being critical of the masks of others & initially feeling smug about how smart I was to order ahead and sit in the special parking spots waiting to be served. I also was exhausted by the time it was over and my groceries were all WASHED and put away. But I didn’t know how to turn it a humorous story like you do. Thank you for the laughs!! Oh, and rhubarb is already in my next order. I’m looking forward to trying that recipe! You provide lots of inspiration, besides comic relief. I’ve tackled a bunch of do-it-yourself projects. I often think, “It’s not that hard. Any of it.”

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for letting me know Kathy! My goal is to entertain & educate. Mainly educate people that indeed – it’s not that hard. Any of it. :) ~ karen!

  2. Gina Thomas says:

    I had the exact same experience at the grocery waiting for an hour and 20 minutes. I was ready to cancel my order.

  3. SF says:

    I have a question about your picket fence. Seems random, but it’s pictured in this post, and I’ve been thinking about house projects lately because what else is there to do? Gonna have to start building some stuff.

    I am wondering if your fence is painted or stained, and also how much you have to do to maintain it. I’ve wanted a picket fence in our front yard for years, but I’m concerned about the maintenance involved in choosing white. Would love to hear your opinion/experience!

    Thanks for continuing to entertain us in these trying times! :)

  4. Molly says:

    Love the chicken pic. Love it……… I work grocery pickup. I shop for you and I load your car. I want to and care about you. What you can do to make the experience quicker and less stupid is……….don’t make me bag your stuff at your car. Have totes, laundry baskets or boxes ready for me to load stuff into. I’m not allowed to touch anything you own. When I am helping you, I am thinking about the 7 other cars waiting and the 3 on their way. My team mates and I need breaks and lunches. It’ s a
    labor and logistical intensive job. Sometimes…lots of times…..you all arrive at the same time. Not all of you are savy about letting us know you’re coming or there. If you choose to be a fuss- budget or tell me your life story, I will move as quickly as I can so you can go away. I care about you but I have alot to do.

  5. Roxanne Scott says:

    Omg same shopping experience! Blah! Stress baking has caused the shortage of flour! I thought it was just me! 💙 Roxanne

  6. Beverly says:

    I go once a week and so far, so good. Have observed a few people who look on the verge of a meltdown so I just give them a wide berth or let them go first at the checkout…..

  7. Connie Bridgham says:

    Just. So. Funny.

    Thanks for the belly laugh this morning, Karen.

  8. Ellen says:

    I used to enjoy grocery shopping, now it’s a chore and stressful!
    About disinfecting your groceries…
    Thanks for keeping things “real” for us..

  9. Jane says:

    Finally got around to reading this post.

    This COVID-19 thing may not be killing me, but definitely keeps me hopping. Normally when we need dessert or bread, I just hop over to the bakery. Once in a blue moon, when I’m in the mood, I’d make one or the other. Now I’m making bread (not with a bread machine, I’m the kind who needs to feel the dough with my hands to know if it’s ready) AND dessert at least once a week, sometimes twice. And grocery shopping! The wait to get in is worst than anything else!! And your post just convinced me not to start ordering for pick-up.

    Our younger boy lives 45 minutes away, in an apt building, but his car is making funny noises, so he’s not comfortable to drive the distance over for Easter dinner. He can’t sew and said he hasn’t been buying groceries because he has no masks. Of course mom made him a couple of cloth ones with a pocket to put in a coffee filter or two and rushed to mail them the Wed before Easter, with a tracking #. Canada Post said two business days. Tracking said it’s out for delivery the Tues after Easter. Delivery was still pending by Thurs. Got Canada Post to start an investigation. Made a couple more and mailed them that Wed, also with a tracking #. It was out for delivery Friday morning. Delivery was still pending late Fri afternoon. Then the kid saw a Canada Post notice pasted on the building door, dated Sat.! It says that they can’t access the building, mail is held at distribution centre, but due to the virus, customers can’t go to the distribution centre. What the f***! At least the notice has an email address & phone # at the bottom. This being Mon, still waiting for the kid to let me know how things stand.

  10. Patti says:

    My sister-in-law had her turkey lunch meat substituted with turkey necks!

  11. Rachel Shepherd says:

    “Under his eye” – hahahahaha so good. And sadly, feels creepy accurate right now.

  12. susang says:

    what is mindy cake?

  13. Lois says:

    THANK YOU for the picture of the chicken. And for reliably making me laugh.

    And did you see the video of the governor of Florida putting a mask on sideways? yikes.

  14. Marion says:

    I have also lost my pick up time-slot. It happened to me twice in fact. I’ve just spent 20 minutes typing in what happened to my reservation and why but I’ve deleted it because no one needs to hear me vent! Suffice it to say that not only do you have to Place Your Order but you also have to Pay for it. It makes perfect sense after the fact but the instructions could have been clearer. So I’ve made my third attempt and have paid for it. I should have groceries next weekend. The only problem now is that I needed the stuff I put in my cart so had to go to the store anyway. I no longer need anything in the cart I’m getting!

    I was in the store on April 18. There was not a single box of brownie mix to be had. I guess our town will be celebrating 420 in style!

  15. Jane C. says:

    I live in a small town and most people are very respectful of the six-foot distancing. Some are wearing masks, I haven’t so far. I shop once a week, get in and get out. I ordered seed potatoes online from Canadian Tire and picked them up in front of the store the next day.

    I am extremely envious of your rhubarb. Mine has just put up leaves and I am craving apple crisp now.

  16. Vikki says:

    Sigh! same here in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Plus, the checkout person who will have a hysterical fit if you don’t do Everything Just Right!!!! I realize their risk and I do appreciate them working….but it is all very wearing. Time for Cup O’ Cake.

  17. Rozz Aucella says:

    You have made my day seem so much better. You have summed up how I felt yesterday when shopping for a few items in my small town. It took longer than ever. Put your gear on, take your gear off. I had to go to the hardware store, put your gear on, take your gear off. Then I wiped down the car door handle, grocery bag handles, etc. You really know how to make a person laugh. Thank you for that.

  18. Debra B Milam says:

    Feel the same way! After sanitizing all my groceries before putting them away last week I also decided I did not ever need to buy food again!

  19. Su says:

    Ruffles and rhubarb. You rock!
    Be well

  20. Joyce says:

    Not to be toooo judgey but that is a lot of snack food. Guess your store was out of the healthy stuff.
    I found cat food. My son’s cat hates this brand. Why do I care? Because I feed the cat this stinky wet stuff every morning now that my son and his family moved in. They are rehabbing a “ free family house” from the floor joists up, outside in. They have been here a looong time.
    For dinner, we play, close your eyes and pull something out of the freezer, then do the same with two of anything from the pantry. All food goes well with potatoes!
    I think I will go sew sequins on my obligatory go-to-town mask. I have another week before I will need it again.

  21. Leslie says:

    Karen, I’ve been wondering for two years whether you ever bought a new sofa. (True, I have no life, myself.)
    I’d like to see the sofa you have and more of the interior of your house!

    • Karen says:

      No! I haven’t, lol! I’m still not completely convinced about what I want. I thought it was an English roll arm, and I’m still leaning towards that, but I haven’t taken the plunge because they’re a tiny bit too deep for my room so I’m worried about ordering a custom sofa only to find out it doesn’t quite work in my room. ~ karen!

  22. Sherra says:

    I’ve been ordering groceries online for pick up way before COVID-19 hit, so fortunately I have had time to work out the kinks – such as credit card info. I live in a major metropolitan area so pick up is 2 weeks out these days and so planning is necessary. On one order, they substituted a tiny acorn squash for my desired butternut. “Is that okay?” I was asked. Initially I wanted to explain the differences between the two varieties but instead I said “Yes. Thank you for shopping for me.” The answer is Thank you.

    • Angela D. says:

      Oh, my gosh— Sherra, you are a beautiful person! Of course the answer is “thank you.” I need to follow your example more often. I’ll try harder.

  23. Lisamc says:

    Don’t know about where you live but here in the Northeast US there is absolutely NO yeast to be found in the stores. So I am told by everyone who has suddenly decided to bake bread.
    Why, you might ask, would they call and tell me? I have no idea. Just kidding. I do know why but the story is boring so let’s skip it.
    Anyway, my sister called from a state over and asked if I had yeast, which of course she knew I did. I threw some in a little 2″ x 1″ plastic bag (drug dealer style I am only now told), taped the bag flat inside a greeting card and wrote “Hope you enjoy your anthrax! ; ) ” Yeah–in hindsight maybe not so smart but, help me out here Karen, it seemed hilariously funny at the time. The US postal system did NOT find it highly amusing.
    The envelope did arrive at its destination a few days later but as they say in Victorian novels “not unmolested”. The postal service had examined that baby in depth. It was taped back together with stampings (should be a word) and notes all over it. Thankfully, I had written Fleischmann’s Instant Yeast on the packet so they didn’t have to waste time with a lab analysis.
    And now I suppose, I am on some kind of a watch list. Do you think they have a yeast list?
    Stay well and Don’t put others at risk–buy your yeast in bulk from Sams or Costco or KA from now on….you know who you are.

  24. Deb Wostmann says:

    Yes, yes and yes again. Grocery shopping now is like being chosen as the pledge in the Hunger Games. I don my mask, gloves and grab the hand sanitizer and off I go. Using the order on line and pickup which has improved greatly, but always a week to a week and a half before I can get my items. So far I believe I have spent one gazillion dollars in groceries, but the upside is I can’t spend it anywhere else.

    Stay well and calm; we’ll get through this.

  25. Mary W says:

    I live with my daughter who goes out once a week to 4 different stores for food. She immediately undresses in garage and deep cleans in the shower before touching anything or anyone. She has a set up in the garage for the groceries. Two tables. On the ‘dirty’ table, is a disinfectant rag can filled with torn sheets soaking in bleach water and a dirty rag can with used rags waiting for a trip to washer camp. Everything is wiped down with rags and set on ‘clean’ table. Cereal is removed from it’s box with is thrown in garbage since recycle is closed and the clean inner plastic bag is set on clean table. Everything wrapped in plastic is ragged and set on clean table. Designated clean person takes clean stuff inside to be put away. All this while listening to our neighbors in their pool – parties with lots of friends almost every night – kids have on night for all their friends and parents have different night for their friends. She is a nurse! They are laughing and I keep thinking how are they so dumb? Two extremes living right next to each other and our luck, one of us dies while they are playing cards on the pool deck. We can hear them discussing all the latest news about the virus saying it’s been around for years. It’s all China’s fault. We had it last January so we are immune. Wonder who they voted for? Anyway – I really appreciate your post today – we are in it together and just that helps to know. I shopped in late January for a 6 month supply and my daughter laughed then by March she was using my supplies and saying I was so smart. I didn’t consider myself hoarding, just preparing and I didn’t buy any toilet paper – that’s her job. Now she has to shop weekly to buy just enough to last a week. She also thought I was a bit crazy for starting a garden and I really hope your community garden has opened up, Karen. That would be devastating.

    • Dd51 says:

      We haven’t had as much of a problem as you are having, most of our neighbors are over 60, however see people around town not wearing masks, getting to close to each other, etc. And here is what I think to myself; you may have no respect for your own life but I do have respect for mine and my husbands, so I’m not going to interact with you until I have a vaccine in my arm. And because my husband is a doctor and puts his life on the line every time he walks into the hospital, I also think and I am never going to be your friend again. I might smile (at a distance) when I see you sometime in the future but never will I stand beside you, talk to you less than 6 feet apart. Or ever invite you to my home, work on any committee with you again. Which sounds harsh but if you have so little regard for your life or anyone else’s life, I really don’t want or need you in my life, end of discussion. And btw, we have a well established, including but not limited to, my poor husband walking into the house, masked, to his designated bathroom where he goes through a designated check list before he walks out, hopefully decontaminated. And then I totally sterilize that room, wearing a mask and gloves,,,followed by a UVB light that I thoughtful bought during the H1N1 viruses (2009).
      So all that to say, what do you want to bet this totally changes grocery buying behavior for at least a year after this all calms down? Also, as a Registered Nurse, I must say: I hope that neighbor who is a nurse takes better care of her patients than she does herself and her family.
      **my rant for the day**

      • Jacquie Gariano says:

        Bravo, well said. With so many people wanting to “reopen” beaches, restraunts, social gatherings, etc. I worry about a rebound of the viris and so many more deaths and illness. Stay away from me and my loved ones. Risk your life if you want, but not mine.

  26. Yes, same here in the midwest (St Louis, MO) especially the whole losing your time slot when mistakenly not adding in your credit card number 🤷🏻‍♂️No one sells rice, or yeast, or paper products… Hang in there!

  27. Bonnie Jane Harris says:

    The rest of the world probably knows about our town of Bobcaygeon, with our distressing 29 deaths at one of our nursing homes. It’s been a sad small town of just over 3,500 people, that’s for sure. As far as groceries, though, it didn’t take long for our two stores to get it together. I’ve walked through both during senior hours, found pretty much all the essentials, and no crowds at all. No waiting outside in lines, most people wearing masks and gloves, a lot of respect for the 6′ space. Meanwhile, volunteers are stepping up doing everything from deliveries of food and meds, sourcing medical supplies, fund raising for a special local Relief Fund , and more. We say “Three little islands, One big heart” here, and I know it’s true.

    • Lori Shaw says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      I love Bobcaygeon. I’m not from there but have been there often since I was a child.

      I ordered some Bobcaygeon Strong t-shirts for my family from Bigley’s as a little bit of support – hopefully both financial and psychological.

      Lots to love from one Ontarian to another. Your little town and its people have got a lot of beauty and grace – I hope for peace and healing to everyone there.


  28. Gail says:

    The durn virus has shrunk my jeans too. I’ve texted sexy Dr Fauci asking him to make a housecall to check this out.
    I laughed so hard at the way you frame the daily aggravations we’re all going through. Thanks for lightening my mood

    • Karen says:

      You’re welcome Gail. We are all living the same life. Other than front line workers, who are living the same life as us, plus another completely terrifying life as well. ~ karen!

  29. Jenny W says:

    I had been keeping track of this virus since it began in January, and by mid February I decided to go into Prepper Mode Lite, because I had a feeling it was going to get bad. Not hoarding anything, just buying extra canned goods, baking supplies, frozen veggies, noodles, rice, bleach, cat food litter, and over the counter flu medications. Oh, and chocolate bars, chips and coffee, because come on, they are sanity savers!
    My husband thought I was being overly cautious when I sent him to Costco an hour away to buy bulk TP & Laundry Supplies February before things got crazy here. I meal prepped, made soups stews and chillies and sauces to freeze.
    Now I brave the grocery stores for dairy products and little else, and my husband thinks I’m a superhero with psychic ability lol!. I have to say I am so happy I know how to cook and bake during these stressful times. Staying Home/Flatten the Curve

  30. M says:

    In March when it started to get bad we had to go to 9 stores to find toilet paper.
    We were able to book an online delivery slot for 3 weeks later but the ground coffee bag was torn open in transit: the coffee which is no longer available anywhere, online or in person.
    Our coffee supply is running low.
    It could get ugly.

  31. Dee says:

    “The Eastern Bloc in 1982′ Ha…so true. That’s exactly what I told hubs all of this reminded me of. At least we don’t have to go to one store for bread and another one for coffee, etc. And wait in a long line at each. Only to be told they were out. I was shocked when I went into Walmart and there was nothing there. Try going to the doctor’s office. I had several “phone” appointments. How do you have a “phone” appointment with your OB-GYN? Then I had to go in for a blood test and a sonogram. There was a team outside the door to the building. I was handed a mask, my temp was taken and I had to disinfect my hands. The hubs had to stay outside. He was not allowed in. Mind blowing!

  32. Jen Kurten says:

    Wine ? We have been in hardcore lockdown for 4 weeks now in South Africa – no alcohol, no cigarettes, In fact nothing at all except essential food and basic groceries. Have perfected the making of kefir sourdough!! All DIY projects are on hold because all of those supplies are deemed non- essential. I’m coordinating 60 women in our area who have started making cloth reusable masks out of sheets and tablecloths for the poor. It’s amazing what can be done with a bit of ingenuity – we have made 2500 masks so far. Our country’s death toll is 50 – wear your masks people !!!

    • brenda says:

      wow good going with just 50 … how awful to realize that’s a low number – isn’t it. Each of those 50 people lost their lives to this. It’s so horrific. I can’t imagine how some are managing without cigarettes and/or alcohol if they are heavy smokers and/or drinkers — WOW. Good going making all those masks!

      my grocery shopping was so stressful and so this post really resonates with me. I went to 2 stores and had the 1st cashier cough then hand me my groceries and the 2nd cashier turned and sneezed on the customer in the next aisle (without doing it in their elbow all the droplets flew through the air with the greatest of ease. I had that barrier between us … and then I gathered my bags and had to walk through the area of sneeze droplets … thankfully I was wearing two masks and glasses (very foggy glasses) and a hood … when I got home I left my groceries in the garage … I just couldn’t deal with them before stripping down and having a bath. AND I FORGOT TO LOOK FOR POTATOES!

      Oh – I almost forgot the good part. Last night I got an e-mail from Loblaws letting me know one of their ‘workers’ tested positive and they were shutting the store to disinfect it and wanted to let customers that were in the store while their ‘worker’ was working so we could call them with any questions we might have. It took me 3 days to get out of bed after my shopping trip and washing everything and so I’m glad they waited that extra week after their ‘worker’ left the building before telling us because I would have probably just gone back to bed and stayed there forever if they’d told me right away. At least I know I feel ok-ish a week later – finally.

      WOW – you get to eat your rhubarb. The allotments in Toronto have been closed (I’m now eyeing a very tiny 4×6′ greenhouse for my roof deck – insert fiendish smirkysmile).

      • Karen says:

        All community gardens across the province are closed. I am currently doing what I can to get them deemed essential. :) ~ karen!

        • Brenda says:

          Karen OMG your magic worked. I just got an e-mail saying we can go into the High Park Allotment Gardens on 29 June (just in time to pick the scapes so the garlic can bust-a-bulb). The stinging nettle, mint and creeping charlie will be so pissed off! And it will be snake season! On my first year there I saw my first snake and didn’t go back for a month and when I did I realized it was my hose. It was so big and long … I flew out of there screaming and told everyone I saw.

        • Karen says:

          June 29th?? That, I mean, that’s good, but I’m hoping there will be a better resolution in the near future. :) ~ karen!

        • Brenda says:

          Thanks for championing this. I signed a petition or two. If it were earlier, that would be so amazing. I’ve got seedlings growing (and I bought felt pots to put them in on my roof deck) but it would be so nice to get them in the ground.

          AND I could use those pretty lime green felt pots for all the gloves and masks and wipes and toilet paper storage (if I can get some).

        • brenda says:

          AAAHAHHHHAHAHAHAH … I couldn’t rreply soOOOooner … I had to plant more INDETERMINATE TOMATOES BECAUSE …………………………………YOUuuuuuu
          WERE RIGHT about the allotment announcements happening … WE Can GO in on 6 MAY now. That’s 2 months sooner … I am runninng aound reading seed packages THANNK YOUUUUUUuuUUUu

        • Karen says:

          Lol, I didn’t do much, a LOT of people were involved with getting community gardens back. Thousands! I’m happy you’ve got a date already! Good for you. Enjoy! ~ karen

  33. Gretchen Jones says:

    I ordered TP from Amazon. It came 2 mts. later. The rolls were individual use size. Really not even enough for a one time use. I ordered a case for Dad too! Our $42.00 laugh! No flour,sugar,baking goods ,tp, yada,yada at grocery store. But then I live in the last town in No.California that never has all that I need when I go to town anyways! Lol be safe girl!

  34. TucsonPatty says:

    I used online Safeway delivery – 1 1/2 week out delivery date. I got everything except cinnamon and mustard. (who knew!?) I don’t ever want to do ghat shit ever again, ever. I’m going to live off my fat and out of the freezer – even if it is old old old! The trick of bringing perishables in and leaving all else out for 24 hours would have worked, but the first available delivery time was so far out that I forgot it was also the morning the landscapers come and blow dust everywhere, and I was in a panic to get the food in off the front step. I’ll figure that out better, if I ever have the guts to do it again!! Snacks are hard! Low carb right now is hard! (Drs orders.) we will get through this! I have family that think it is a hoax, and I am speechless.

    • Karen says:

      Sorry to hear some people in your family have been encouraged to think this is a hoax, that must be frustrating. We’re not completely immune to that kind of thinking in Canada but we have very little of it, thanks to the general absence of Fox news or similar. ~ karen!

  35. Sue says:

    My experience with the shopper service was much like yours. Not impressed. A good 1/3 of my order was not filled but when I went into the store, I found several of the items in stock. Granted my timing was not the best; I tried it for the first time about a month ago just as all hell was breaking loose.

  36. Marie Braun says:

    I wanted to bake a cake to cheer up my daughter. The recipe called for cornstarch, which I didn’t have in my pantry. I couldn’t find it in-stock anywhere. Then lo and behold, several weeks later, it appeared online and I quickly added it to my cart and sent my husband off to pick up our order. When he returned home and I began the arduous task of disinfecting every single item, I found out that my cornstarch was listed as “Not Available”, and they had substituted it with FRENCH’S YELLOW SQUEEZE MUSTARD!

  37. Freja says:

    I live near you (westdale) and before actually reading this post was thinking “thats what happens when you’re not slumming it in the actual stores, waiting behind tape” until I read under his eye and spit out my skip the dishes delivered subway wrap. You’re fantastic, thank you.

  38. Nicole says:

    There were people NOT WEARING face masks at my store (also out of TP, paper towel, kleenex, flour of any variety, yeast, and last time the pasta aisle was almost empty). What the actual h.e. double hockey sticks… I don’t know, I really don’t.

    My best shopping trips have been to the lovely farm stand near me which isn’t technically open, but regular customers can place and pay for orders online and then pick them up, on covered shelves outside, with no one else around (except the occasional farm worker in the distance). I didn’t bother with a mask because it was raining, and the veggies were so fresh they still had dirt! They also sell seedlings, so I got some pea plants (which I just typoed as “pee,” yuck) and some parsley, both of which were probably killed off by the snow (!!!) that came this morning. If they carried diet coke, flour, meat and paper products, I would never return to the grocery store again.

    I cobbled together a recipe where you use stale leftover bread (rehydrated) to replace some of the water and flour in a new loaf of bread. The result actually seems edible, although the crumb is a little odd.

  39. Letty Regan says:

    California, Costco, major saga. Senior shopping time is 8-9 am. I arrive at 8:15 and am confused as there are two lines. The love on the left is for regular shoppers, queing up at 8:15 for a 10 am open time. My line on the right extremely all the way down the side of the building, across the parking lot, turns 90° and extends almost to the back fence (probably 400′ in total). I wait, attempting to keep my 6′ distance in my N95 mask and latex gloves and finally get in the store a little after 9 am. I do my shopping and discover that they are out of canned chicken (my dog’s food). I ask the nice Costco attendant making sure everyone is staying 6′ apart from each other in their mask and gloves if they have canned chicken “No, but other closer Costco has plenty.” So it’s after 10 at this point so i decide, since I really need this canned chicken, that I’ll brave the general line at the other store. I get there, mask and glove up again after sterilizing myself and the car after the last trip, to see this line is like Disneyland. It begins on one side of the store, wraps around the other side of the store and then makes two laps back and forth just for good measure. I finally get in, get my usual case of canned chicken (6 cans per pack, 6 packs per case=36 cans, a little over a month’s worth). I get to the register to be told that there is a limit of one pack per person. Now I have to repeat this nightmare WEEKLY so my dog can have his canned chicken. I’m insane. Its OK, I’ll just bake cupcakes.

  40. Mary says:

    “Under his eye” made me laugh and snort. (And maybe slightly scared). I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling that. Thanks for the cake in a cup recipe. It is a family favorite now!

  41. Sarah Jackson says:

    Tips for shopping which I have not told anyone else. 1. Do not forget to enter your credit card. I did the same thing you did. 2. Order stuff from Samsclub, Walmart, Target whoever will deliver. I live miles and miles from civilization. 3. Bring only perishables into the house to clean the germs off. The rest of the non perishable grocery items can set in my truck for 24 hours and the germs will be killed by the Florida sun. Oh. In January I purchased online $1200 worth of non perishable items. No, I did not hoard anything I shared with elderly neighbors. I am set except for Raisin Bran and chips. And I ordered some embroidery kits from Tanya Berlin from Canada because the US citizens do not do embroidery, just cross stitch and needlepoint. Be careful. You are the best.

  42. Candy Donohue says:

    My grocery shopping in a nutshell. How will I know what I need in two weeks at eleven p.m. for a snack?
    Gone are the days of finding out you don’t have enough sugar…oh, I will just run to the store!
    Lord help you all, if I run out of coffee.

    • Laura-Lee says:

      Or coffee filters, lol. 5 stores later. Took 3 weeks and of course you need a specific size. When can’t they make a reusable one for people that actually use a coffee pot and grind coffee beans. No problem buying coffee beans.
      Maybe people decided to buy all the coffee filters when stores ran out of tp.
      Finally a store manager found 1 box explaining they were very expensive and made from bamboo.

  43. Robert says:

    I have a question, I recently got my very first cast iron skillet, I know I should season it but this particular one is in the very impractical size of 4″ diameter and 3/4 “deep (is the cutest thing and I couldn’t resist) should I still season it if I’m rarely going to use it or do I just leave it as is?

    • Gretchen Jones says:

      Season it for sure sweetie!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Robert! Sometimes newer cast iron skillets are already preseasoned that let you get away with cooking in them without preseasoning. Things will still stick, but the more you use it the more naturally seasoned it will become. A pan that size is what I use to usually do things like toast small amounts of nuts or cook an egg. If you add a bit of butter to the pan before the egg it shouldn’t stick and the nuts are never going to stick either. So, you can probably get away with not seasoning. ~ karen!

  44. Stephanie says:

    When I last went to the grocery store approx 5 weeks ago all there were was chips. They filled up the bulk bin area, the candy area, the flour and tp areas. Now I happen to live with someone who is a chip whore and whose idea of enough chips for quarantine was 50 some odd bags – the party size. Today I went out for the first time in five weeks and in the car I found an additional 10 bags of chips – in case of emergency I guess.

  45. Christine Hilton says:

    You can make the asshat Mindy cake!

  46. Kat says:

    I have been to the grocery store twice in the last month and everything went perfect. Everyone was walking around like zombies avoiding everybody else, just like they should and I got everything I needed both times including toilet paper WooHoo!

    • brenda says:

      swoon – so dreamy – that … it totally relaxed me to read this

    • Sarah says:

      I go out once a week, and everything goes smoothly too. People are respectful, and don’t linger. Yesterday, a Saturday at 10:30, Freshco was a ghost town! Walked right in, filled a cart and was in my car 20 minutes later.

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