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My niece asked me what I was doing this week and I told her, I’m teaching another online workshop. Huh. She said. What’s the class about this time?

And so in a quick text message I explained to her what everyone is going to learn in the 3 +1 day course. And in fact I explained it a lot better than I have in any of my posts.

So if you were borderline about taking tonight’s The Art of Doing MORE Stuff, because you weren’t sure if you’d like it or what you’d learn this text message is for you.

“On Tuesday I’m going to talk about how to get yourself organized and the psychology behind getting motivated and doing things. It’s an understanding of why we do and don’t do things.

Then Wednesday everyone works on their own at home with a work module I’ve made specifically for this course. It involves writing lists of things you want and need to get done. Big lists. Large lists. Then each task on that list gets broken down in a variety of ways. By the end of the exercise everyone will have a list of 10 things that they’re going to get done by the end of the summer.

Thursday everyone comes back to my kitchen (via live video) with their lists and together we’re going to choose 3 things from everyone’s lists. Those 3 things are going to get done before the first long weekend of the summer. So everyone will have crossed 3 of the things off of their to-do list by the next workshop check up in 2 weeks time.

That in turn feeds the fire. Working in a group like this is a great way for people to motivate each other, and because they’re going to accomplish so much in just 2 weeks they’ll be able to motivate themselves for the rest of their list into the summer.

Also everyone gets to share their completed projects and brag about them in one of my posts. So that’s fun.”

My actual text message had a lot more typos. But that’s the very quick yet very accurate synopsis of what you’ll do and learn in the workshop.

Click here if you want to sign up. It’s not too late! It all starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T.

I’ll see all of you who are joining me tonight from the comfort of my kitchen with a cat in my lap and a drink in my hand! It’ll probably just be a coffee. At the very least it’ll be in a coffee mug.

Oh! And my niece’s response to my explanation of the class?  Wow!!  That’s ambitious!!!  Yes. Yes it is.  Which is why this site is called The Art of Doing Stuff, not The Art of Thinking about Doing Stuff.

Come on.  Commit to doing stuff.

For one thing you’ll realize that doing stuff is easy.  It’s the worrying about all the stuff you’re always putting off that’s exhausting and stressful.


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  1. Chrissy says:

    Funniest and most refreshing…
    Thank you!
    crazy nut…?
    It almost lifted me out of depression for a second, but then… It didn’t.
    Now I’m just thinking…your awesome, I’m not.?
    Just kidding, no I’m not…yes I am
    I used to be awesome, but I lost my awesomeness when I married a sociopath crawled into bed and started taking Things to make me like…”huh?” ?

  2. Phyllis Kraemer says:

    I’m exhausted just reading this post…going to check my friggin’ lasagna sweet potatoes!

  3. Karin says:

    well then, it’s a good thing i’m very patient :OB

    and just so you know, i love your blog and your awesomeness.

  4. Karin says:

    oh i wish i could join you tonight, alas, that won’t happen. are you planning on any other or similar online workshops down the line?

    all the best


    • Karen says:

      ‘Fraid not Karin. I will be doing more workshops but not this one in particular again. I tend not to repeat them. Maybe in a year or so? ~ karen!

  5. Susan says:

    Although I did look for a Thai Noodle soup recipe…..Yipes!

  6. Susan says:

    I’ll check with my husband….lol….

  7. Susan says:

    Now it’s gone…good.

  8. Susan says:

    Just noticed a new ad, in the right side scroll down. Thaimatch.com…..???
    Just seemed….I don’t know, out of place? Or did I miss something…

    • Karen says:

      Hi Susan. Those are Google ads. I have nothing to do with what you’re shown. Everyone is shown something different based on what you’ve recently clicked on or searched for in Google. So someone in your house may have been searching for a Thai bride, lol? More likely someone was searching for trips to Thailand or accidentally clicked on a regular dating site … something like that. ~ karen

  9. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    The Art of Thinking about Doing Stuff..that’s funny..good luck to everyone..I’m sure you will make it fun Karen..

  10. Jane says:

    Hi Karen, How long will each session last? I’m on the west coast so start time would be 5PM. Trying to plan around a family dinner. Also, do you have a future class planned? Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jane. Each class is one hour. So from 5-6 your time. Then Wednesday night you can do the work module whenever you want. Back on Thursday from 5-6 to work out a plan. And back 2 weeks from Thursday to do a check in to see how you’re doing and what problems you need help to overcome. ~ karen!

  11. Jody says:

    List of 10 THINGS TO BE DONE BY THE END OF SUMMER???!!! Yes, know I’m yelling. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it. See you tonight!

  12. Annette G Brown says:

    I’m confused – email says starting tonite (May 5th) – but website graphic says March 17th… which does link to a sign-up for May 5th. Can I presume this is one of the things still on the ‘to do’ list – update the class link graphic? Not meant to be snarky – just want to be sure there really is a class starting tonight and that I’m signing up for the right thing in the right place! Thanks –

    • Karen says:

      Hi Annette! Sorry that’s my fault, lol. They both lead to the May 5th class. It was supposed to start on March 17th but I ended up having to push it back to May 5th. So class really is starting tonight and no matter which one you click on it will take you to the proper sign up page. ~ karen!

  13. Joslynne says:

    (Un)fortunately, I live in Japan and to go live would be really early/late for me! I wish I could join.. I keep thinking about that darn entrance way and when I’ll ever get to painting it…well, I really enjoy the blog anyway!!! Thanks for giving me a smile every time!!

    • Natika says:

      You live in Japan? Are you the one that sent the pic of the postbox from Kyoto? I’m in Japan too, but two hours north of Tokyo. yoroshiku, ne!

      • Joslynne says:

        Hi! Sorry to take so long to reply – I live way up in Hokkaido! Originally from Canada (Toronto!)
        I didn’t send the pic from Kyoto…sorry!

        • Natika says:

          No worries. I guess there are a few of us from Japan on here. 😉
          I’m also originally from Canada. Nice to meet you!

  14. Auntiepatch says:

    Sorry, I’ll be out of town Wednesday and driving my SIL to doctor appointments on Thursday. Have a great class!

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