What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Eaten?

The weirdest thing I ever ate was something that looked like tiny penises halfway around the world.  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I just got back from dinner with 3 of my friends from television.

While I was driving home from dinner, my mother called to see what I ate.  My mother is fascinated with what people eat when they go out for dinner.

I informed her we shared seared Octopus for an appetizer.  I didn’t get much further than that for quite a while.  Betty immediately started yelling “Blech” into the phone.    She actually used that word.  “Blech!  Why in God’s name would you eat that?? ”   Uh, I dunno.  ‘Cause they were all out of  human toe knuckles mainly.

My mom’s not the most adventurous when it comes to food.

When my mother finally calmed down, I told her that I tried my friend Jenny’s rabbit entree.  Betty’s blech was immediately elevated to animated barfing sounds.

Now I know rabbit isn’t super-common among those of us raised on white bread and canned peas, but it isn’t THAT crazy, is it?  To be perfectly honest with you it was very tender and really did taste like chicken.  No joke.  But for some reason it was less enjoyable than eating chicken.  Mainly because it was a bunny.  Mainly because it felt like I was eating my cat.

Which is nothing compared to what a friend of mine told me he ate a few weeks ago.  Porcupine.  He ate porcupine.  Remarkable, when you consider this same fellow squinches his face up at most other exotic dishes.  Like Chinese food for example.  Or vegetables. The thought of it makes him queazy.  But Moose?  Bring it on.  Porcupine … lemme at it.  Apparently it tastes like pork incidentally, which makes it one of the most appropriately named foods on earth.

So as we move into the weekend when most of us have more time to focus on food, I have a question for you.  Out of curiosity  what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever eaten?

To get the ball rolling here … my entry:

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever eaten – barnacles.  Yup.  Those things you scrape off the bottom of a boat.  If you noticed the thumbnail picture at the side of this post on my homepage … you were noticing barnacles.  They look like ugly, angry little penises.  I tried them in Portugal.

So, even if it’s a can of ravioli that was expired by 2 years I want to hear about it.  Why?  Like I said … I’m just curious.  And a bit nervous to hear your responses.  As the saying goes, it was curiosity that killed the cat.  Hopefully  it wasn’t for the purpose of eating it.


And yes … I was wearing a headset for the telephone conversation in my car so don’t get on my ass about it please.  I have a mother for that.