Well for starters, there seems to be a rather hopped up squirrel having a full-on, super-crazy-rave-dance-party in my attic. So that’s new.  I’m gonna have to do something about that.  Raves are so 1990, I don’t care if you are a squirrel and probably don’t know any better.  Get with the times there Skippy. For reals.  Nobody in the big city sneaks around hiding Ecstasy pills anymore.  They hide milking goats, and chickens.  Maybe the odd  plastic bag they were forced to get at the grocery store when they forgot their reusable one.

Stupid squirrels.

The other thing that’s new round these parts is the look of the blog. You may have noticed.   I mentioned when I switched over to the old new look, that I’d be changing things up with the seasons.  Dark for fall and winter, light for Spring and Summer.  Welcome to the Spring look of The Art of Doing Stuff.  Kind of like the weather, if you hate it, don’t worry about it ’cause it’ll eventually change again.

The other new thing is, I have finally opened up my SHOP page.   I’ve been spending the past several weeks curating pages of things that I love that I think you’ll love too.

The page is called The Good Stuff. For the moment you can get there from the large box at the top of my homepage, or you can just click on the “SHOP” button in my menu.


That’s just a sampling of the first few items, but you can see the sort of thing that’s there.  A bunch of stuff I like.

If it’s something I actually own, have used and love, it’s marked with a gold banner saying “Own it & Love it”.  So you can buy it knowing I don’t only like it, I own it, love it and recommend it.  So it’ll help you feel a bit safer about buying something you maybe aren’t sure of.

I created this page because I know how hard a time I have finding nice things on Amazon, Etsy, or wherever.  It’s just so overwhelming.  SO many choices.  The Good Stuff will be a place you can come if you are looking to buy someone a present and need some inspiration or even better, if you’re feeling like a little pick me up yourself.  Also they’re affiliate links so I make about 10 cents every time you buy something.  So there’s that.  It sounds ridiculous but those dimes really add up.  Soon I’ll be able to buy that goat.

The other section that’s up and running is an extension of one of my most popular regular posts “5 Books I’ve read and 5 Books I’m gonna read”.  That section is called Good Books.  That’s where I’ll list all of my favourite books including a lot of the ones I’ve read based on your recommendations in the comment section of my 5 Books posts.

It’ll be the fastest and easiest place on my site to come and look for a good book to read.

I still don’t have my Art of Doing Stuff Swag for sale (tea towels, reusable grocery bags, tshirts)  but that’s coming.  Eventually.  One day.  You know.  In the future.  When the squirrel parties have died down.

I’ll add to the lists every week so there will always be something new for you to look at. And if you look right now and scroll about half way down The Good Stuff page you’ll find something very, very appropriate for this moment in time.

Now for that giveaway.

As a thank you for reading my blog, as an incentive for you to look at my new Shop page and as a way of enticing new readers to The Art of Doing Stuff (yes, I’m pretty much always this transparent), Wednesday I am giving away …




Paid for by me, as a gift to you.  See you then!


  1. Suzanne Moore says:

    Just want to say that I love your blog ! Who won your give-away? So nice of you. Happy Easter

  2. Sandy says:

    LOVE the new “shop” page! In a kinda-related thing, I’ve made a few purchases as The Kitchen Witch after hearing about it from you. Great, little shop!

  3. Tina Jeffrey says:

    I just discovered your blog 4 days ago, discovered the shop button last night (what can I say, there’s a lot of blog to read!) and bought the squirrel book! Actually 2 copies, a hard cover for me and a pre-purchase of the card (baby) book for my grandson and grandson-to-be. I love your blog (and not just because I want the mixer!)

  4. Kris says:

    The chicken is fascinating, but the candlesticks are my favorite things!

  5. Pam says:

    I have loved and learned so much from your blog!


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