What’s the first album you bought?


When I was 12 years old I got my first album. I still have it.  And I’m really glad I do.



I thought about sharing this information when Robin Williams died but didn’t. I’m not sure why.

The album had a big sticker on it stating you had to be 18 years old to buy it.  I was not. And even putting on mascara and my best pair of Road Runners couldn’t convince anyone otherwise.

So Norm, my father, went to the store and bought it for me.

I take a strange sort of pride in the fact that my first album was a comedy album. It make sense for me really. You know. Because I’m funny. I mean, I’m not being particularly funny at this moment but …


I probably haven’t listened to this album since I was 16. I thought about listening to it when I, along with the rest of you, heard that Robin Williams had committed suicide. I will be listening to it this weekend. I have no idea if I’ll think it’s funny or sad or dated or timely. But I’m looking forward to finding out.

Now onto the first music album I bought.

I guess I’ve always had a thing for men that are sort of rough around the edges, and music that’s more small town than big city. I have no idea how we got there and definitely no idea why our parents let us, but I got my first music album on a trip to Buffalo with some highschool friends. You may notice I’ve spelled highschool as one word instead of the more socially acceptable two worded “high school”. That’s because it should be one word and I am rebelling against the two worded highschool spelling.

Anyhow, I had a certain amount of money to spend while I was in Buffalo and I’m sure if Betty had anything to do with it I was supposed to buy clothing, shoes or makeup. But I didn’t.

I bought this.


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John Cougar, as he was known then, is now John Mellencamp. I was lucky enough to interview him when I was an entertainment reporter. And he was just like I thought he would be. Relaxed, rough, with a smoker’s cough and a lot of swearing coming out of his mouth. Loved him.

You know what’s coming now. No. Not funny. Still no funny in this post. I don’t know what the hell. Meh. Sometimes it happens. No, what’s coming now is me asking you what YOUR first album was.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to hear the answers.

Have a good weekend. And listen to something old.




  1. Ann says:

    Crosby, Stills and Nash…their first album in 1969. It was produced by all of them and Neil Young, (who was behind the screendoor on the front of the album)

    Still one of my favorites today…

  2. gabrielle says:

    Me ‘n little Heather Coyle used to scour comedy sections at record stores for early 60’s recordings of Bill Cosby doing his night old club routines. Giggles abounded. But my first music album was Hair performed at the Aquarius Theatre, fairly soon after I saw Hair at the Aquarius Theatre (no, I’m not quite that old; my parents took me when I was eleven, thinking I wouldn’t notice the naked people dancing on the back of the seats). Ahh I still remember all the lyrics (much to the confusion of anyone else old enough to be in university now!) e.g. “I would gratefully / appreciate it if you see him tell him / I’m in the park with my girlfriend, / and PLEASE… / Tell him Angela and I / don’t want the two dollars back, / juuust himmm…” (Frank Mills)


  3. Holly says:

    Traffic – Low Spark of High Heeled Boys! and anything Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Still love today. We had a great fm station here in Phoenix that was so phenomenal. Played collages, we actually learned great music..introduced us to so many types of music..I remember a very obscure band .. something about Up in the Treetops..never been able to find since. I was also blessed to have a dad, who even though he (said) he really didn’t like my music, recorded all of it on his high quality equipment, and I would sit there listening to in with headphones! He was so cool. Miss you Daddy.

  4. Pam'a says:

    Always a child of excess, I bought two. One was the clear winner here: Carole King Tapestry. The other was Chicago Transit Authority.

  5. Gwennie says:

    Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops…. geez and to think I didn’t fit in at school!

  6. Court says:

    Believe mine was an REO Speedwagon record, but can’t recall which album.

  7. janni says:

    The Sonny Side of Cher ~ and I still have it! What a beautiful pic of Robin on that album cover, Karen. You have a real treasure there:)

  8. dana says:

    I posted a pic of myself on Facebook thrilled to death and wearing what I begged for for my birthday-Mork rainbow suspenders! It was during the Mork & Mindy days. Everyone at school had them. My first album that I paid for was Shanana. Lol! Loved Bowzer. My hubs first album was the one you are holding. We still call him Johnny Cougar. Hes from & lives in Bloomington, Indiana. Its about an hour south of Indy where we live. He was on Jimmy Fallon awhile back & hes cute imo as hes aging. 😉

  9. Milosav says:

    It was Madonna’s “Erotica”, back in 1992,and it was a tape…no problem buying it,eventhough I was 11 at the time

  10. Claire says:

    I inherited most of my albums, so I can’t actually remember which one was the first one I bought…. The two I listen to the most are Queen’s Greatest Hits and Glen Miller

  11. Judy D. says:

    I don’t remember the title of the album, but it was the RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS. I loved, loved, loved both of those guys. ♥

  12. Christina says:

    I got Shakin’ Stevens’ Greatest Hits for Christmas 1984 when I was 10. And, of course I still have it. I don’t think he made it in America or Canada but he sings Rock n Roll often covering old songs. Really love the music but didn’t like the jumping around he did on stage when he was younger. He’s still going!

  13. cbblue says:

    The Monkees. But I clearly remember my sister, brother and I; along with my cousins from next door re-creating The Archies album in my parents’ kitchen. I think it’s cute. Everyone else would be mortified at the recollection. Sadly three of the seven are gone and I’m the oldest at 57.

  14. Bees and Queues says:

    My first album was the Go-Go’s Beauty and the Beat. I got it at a locally owned record shop when I was about 11 or 12 with a gift certificate that was a prize for raising money for the community Kinsmen Club.I loved that album and the gold coloured 10-speed I rode in the cycle-a-thon.

    • catherine says:

      My first was also the Go-go’s! I can still hear the album in my head. My parents took me and a friend to their concert at Canada’s Wonderland. Spent the day on the rides and one roller coaster line was held up because Belinda Carlisle wanted a ride. I could see her in the car and thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. INXS was the opening act and I got a kiss on the cheek from Michael Hutchence before the concert. It was a great day until I found out that my parents had been sitting on the grass behind me and saw me dancing and flirting with boys. Mortifying!

  15. Vanessa says:

    Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions… Freshman year, UGA bookstore., 1974… Still have it!

  16. Sally A says:

    Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Still have it! I need to get a record player.
    I was in Boulder Colorado in the 70’s and we drove by the stadium and I saw Robin Williams having a photo shoot. I thought “Who is that guy in the rainbow suspenders?” I soon found out! I also remember making my mom buy me a pair and thought I was so cool!

    Karen, I would be interested to hear all of your brushes with fame! I would be interesting to hear everyone elses too!

    • Sally A says:

      P.S. Soon to follow my Elton John album was the Captain and Tennille and Sean Cassidy. I was in love with him and watched the Hardy Boys every week!

  17. magali says:

    um… Backstreet Boys cassette.
    I actually do buy records now and my taste has gotten a little more refined!

  18. jane says:

    Does this count? My first cassette was They Might Be Giant’s Lincoln.

    Actually saw them in concert. With my ex. After we were separated (long story). We were in the front row and my ex started to paw me. Couldn’t get him to remove his hands from my uh, front.

    John stopped the show long enough to point at him, shake his head and look angry, then wink at me, and play “Upside Down Frown”. My ex was livid, but it’s been one of my favourite memories.

  19. Sally A says:

    P.P.S. Is this a sneaky way to find out how old we are? Ha!

  20. Kathryn says:

    Styx – Crystal Ball. I remember loving how the sound went from one ear to the other with headphones on.

  21. Mare P. says:

    The first New York Dolls album! This is a fun post!

  22. Tracey says:

    This is fun!
    The first album I requested for Christmas at 10 was Paul McCartney “Band on the Run”
    At 11 was Elton John “captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy”.
    I still have them
    Growing up at our house we had one of those giant hi-if Stereo furniture pieces with speakers, a turntable and radio built in. My mother would turn the radio on at 7:30 while we were getting ready for school, and it stayed on until their bedtime at 11.
    That station played everything from the Beatles to led Zeppelin, Elton John to Neil Diamond. It was awesome. Even today my husband and I will be listening to some random song, and I’ll start singing the words, and he’ll say “what is this, and how do you know the words” easy….I had 19 years of awesome music of all types on our stereo from morning till night every day of the year. It was the only station in town. Weather and news and reports of “Snow Day”, and then a Bob Dylan song….

  23. Cathy says:

    My first album ever was The Young Rascals’ Greatest Hits. I am humming from it now…..’Groovin, on a Sunday afternoon….
    As I was the fourth out of six kids, we had quite a good collection of Beetles, Beach Boys and others. I wonder what happened to that White Album.

  24. Tracey says:

    I forgot….,we did get CBC Radio as well (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) which dad liked to listen to on Sunday’s. We all sat in the living room and read and listened to the various broadcasts on Sunday’s. Great memories!!
    Sorry I strayed a bit from “what was your first album?”

  25. jennifer says:

    Thriller – Michael Jackson- although “Off the Wall” has to be one of the best albums EVER!

  26. Shelagh says:

    Mudslide Slim by Janes Taylor. My friend bought Carol King’s Tapestry.
    We would argue which had the better version of “You’ve Got a Friend”.

  27. Rose says:

    Queen-a night at the Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar – Classics! from a garage sale on Upper James St.

  28. Kim C. says:

    Donny Osmond and my kids think that’s hilarious! I still have it too. 🙂

  29. Karen says:

    Mine was a collection of bubblegum music called – The Naked Truth. Think “Green Tamborine” and Yummy Yummy. I was about eight years old and my older brother gave it to me for Christmas. He was mortified that the record store owner thought he was buying for himself! I thought I was so cool and edgy because there was a naked baby on the album cover and I carried it to my friends house and showed it to her in front of her parents. I still have it and my tastes have evolved…

  30. Jan says:

    I don’t remember the first album, but the first 45 I bought was “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. The album was probably something by The Monkees 🙂

  31. Jean says:

    I am loving reading everyone’s firsts, and trying to figure out how old that makes each of us. Mine was Donny Osmond’s Portrait of Donny. Those were I and my girlfriends all thought he was so dreamy!

  32. mary says:

    shaun cassidy , Born Late, and it came with a poster. He was my dream boyfriend and I love him so.

  33. Suanne says:

    MEET THE BEATLES ……… 1965. It was to define my adolesence. Got to see them in concert when I was in 7th grade. One of our friends’ mother drove us to the Indiana State Fair. We stood on wooden chairs in the infield of the track and threw “jelly-babies” (jellybeans) at the stage, because Paul had mentioned in an interview that it was his favorite. I still smile at the memory.

  34. Sarita says:

    My first cassette was An Innocent Man by Billy Joel, making me a fairly dorky six year old.

  35. Diane S says:

    Ahhh…Neil Diamond followed by The Beach Boys. Of course, I couldn’t normally afford albums and would spend hours looking over the 45’s! I would play them over and over and over. I still have all my albums!

  36. Korrine Johnson says:

    Shaun Cassidy….da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron. However, the 8 track was taking over at the time so I only ended up with a couple of records (my first 8 track tape was Rita Coolidge).

  37. Denise says:

    Glen Campbell’s Wichita Lineman was the first album I owned, although I grew up listening to Elvis who was my Mom’s fav. Many, many listed I owned or were favorites. Great topic Karen!

  38. Sue H says:

    Most likely something by the Carpenters. Don’t judge me. I later redeemed myself with Todd Rundgren’s Something/Anything and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

  39. shawna says:

    Don Henley – Boys of Summer. I won it and had no clue who he was. But I played it over and over and loved it. I was 11.

  40. Kim Merry says:

    wow seeing everyone’s list sure brings back memories!! My first…. Bobby Sherman! soon followed by The Osmonds and Monkees. I was a kid.. what can I say!

  41. Beckie says:

    How’s this for a combination?:

    Leif Garret, self titled

    Styx, The Grand Illusion

    Both bought at Music Fair.

    both 1977 (I was 10, btw)…I still have the Leif Garret vinyl but Styx has been converted to digital and now I am not sure if the vinyl still lives with me.

  42. Deb says:

    Donny Osmond- Deep Purple. Sigh…. Just bought the .99 cent electronic version this year. Strictly for nostalgia, you understand. And I also still own a pair of purple socks.

  43. Jack Ledger says:

    We had just bought a new cabinet stereo with TV, radio, and record player all included. I would guess it was around 1958 and one of the hottest shows on television at the time was “Sing Along with Mitch”. Stereo was the latest technology and “Sing Along with Mitch” was one of the first albums to incorporate stereo into its format. I had to have that album and so off to the local record store I went. In only four short years I went from Mitch Miller to The Beatles. What a transition! And by the way, I believe your sister, Pink Tool Belt, may still have that stereo system.

  44. cary says:

    the monkees headquarters. i bought it at a sewing store when my mom and i were buying fabric for a dress. i do not know why a sewing store would sell albums. i was 8 and it cost $1.97. funny the things you remember.

  45. Ann says:

    I don’t remember the 1st album I bought. I was pretty darned poor and my best friend was a bit better off so she bought and I listened.

    But a few years later on, I was dating her brother and for his birthday I was determined to find a quadraphonic 8 track tape he really wanted. Drove all over the city of Toledo to find Aerosmith’s Get Your Wings. I think it got me a proposal and here we are almost 40 years later and he still loves Aerosmith and I still hate them!!

  46. Susan S says:

    Blue Hawaii by Elvis. First 45 record (really dating myself) was Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares and I split the cost with my best friend. We were 12 and couldn’t afford the $1.59 or whatever to pay the total cost. She played it for the first half of the month, me the last half. We totally wore out the record. And Blue Hawaii was totally worn out too. And I am not even an Elvis fan!

  47. Leisa Daly says:

    Mine was BTO’s Not Fragile” from Sam The Record man in Ottawa. Good times!

  48. Sally says:

    I just realized I am quite a bit younger than most of your readers….I got my first CD for Christmas and it was the Back Street Boys. *Insert sarcastic comment here* lol

    • Marion says:

      Sally as I was reading though all the comments my thought was “omgosh I’m the youngest reader here!” Glad to know there’s others around my age. My first album was actually the Spice Girls! HA! Total 90s kid over here…

      • Liz says:

        Me too guys.

      • Kate says:

        me too…. and I was born in 1982! My parents had a record player and records when I was little but I never had one.

        I suppose I do remember having one single album that was a free gift with purchase of a picture of me sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall. It was called “My name is Proomf.”

        my first cassette tapes were MC Hammer and Kylie Minogue

        my first CD’s were TLC and Salt-N-Peppa

  49. Heather says:

    Probably The Monkees. I think I owned almost everything on everyone else’s list, too. I do remember, without a doubt though, that my very first 45 was Petula Clark’s “Downtown”. It came with my record player (not fancy enough to be called a turntable.)

  50. Tris says:

    My first album was Debby Boone…remember when she stole “You Light Up My Life” from that other girl? The sound track for Xanadu came shortly after that. Speaking of hardcore…The Osmands (every single one of them, including little Jimmy) was my first concert.

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