What’s Your Favourite Dinner?

It’s the age old question.  What would your last meal be?  Or a less electric chair way to think about it,  if you could only eat one dinner for the rest of your life, what would it be?  O.K.  Fine.  Plain and simple.  What’s your favourite meal?


For me … it would be a roast beef dinner.  Without the beef.  Actually, I like the beef, but it’s everything that goes with the roast beef dinner that I love.  I love the mashed potatoes and the gravy and the Yorkshire Pudding and the turnip and pickled beets and the fella’s broccoli casserole, and whatever else you can pile on the plate.  AND THE HORSERADISH!  Roast beef (a beef tenderloin would be my choice, narrowly beating out Prime Rib)  is really just a vehicle for the horseradish.

There are other dinners that I might think are tastier, or more impressive, but every time I think about my last meal (and since technically I’m a felon I think about it a lot) I always come back to a Roast Beef dinner.

The only thing missing from a roast beef dinner is stuffing.  And I’m workin’ on that.  I figured out how to stuff a meatloaf, I’m sure I’ll figure out  how to stuff a roast beef.

The other thing about the roast beef dinner is it’s an all season appropriate meal.  While hamburgers and corn on the cob scream summer, and chili con carne with cornbread harkens up images of a cold, wintery day … roast beef dinner (much like a roast chicken) is equally comfortable in spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Notice how I used the word autumn there?  It’s my preferred word for that time of year.

So you know what’s coming now don’t you?  I’m curious.  What’s your favourite quintessential 1980’s perfume?  Oscar De La Renta?  Obsession?  Anais Anais?

No.  That’s not what I’m curious about.

I am however, WILDLY curious about what your last meal would be.

Have a good weekend!  See you Monday.  Or … maybe before.  Yes.  I’m being cryptic.


  1. Lauren says:

    Fresh fried shrimp, cole slaw, corn bread, cucumbers and onions in apple cider vinegar, fresh sliced tomatos, baked beans and sweet tea with fresh sugared strawberries and cream to end

    Preferably all prepared by my grandmother and served at her table on hot summer evening :)

    And if it’s winter…roasted oysters (caught by my husband in the Pamlico Sound) with tabasco, vinegar, melted butter and cold beer…eaten in a backyard in the cold…

  2. Ann says:

    I am a bit surprised that no one has gone with a curry. I would absolutely need to go with a mild chicken curry, with jasmine rice, a few freshly made naan. And then a big death by chocolate dessert!!! I know, crossing cultures is probably a violation of some food law but you did want our honest answers!!

  3. Patti says:

    Well, first of all – if you decide to make this and need a dinner guest, there is just nothing like home cooking like that.

    I would have jasmine rice and Red Curry Chicken, with thai spring rolls. Specifically from my local restaurant, Ben Thanh, because they make it with bamboo shoots and eggplant and it’s just so delicious. Add their stir fried udon and veggies, with another side of spicy veggies, like green beans in dried hot pepper sauce. And maybe a slice of pizza, and a plate of spaghetti on the side. Oh! And a poutine made of fresh cut french fries.

    Oh yeah. And there would be coca-cola. Lots of it. And some chips and probably nibs and starbursts, too. Because I love sugar!

    A recipe for you, Karen, is the combination of my favourite thai dish, and yours! I’ve made it before – amped up the red curry paste, and it was delicious. And okay.. I can’t find it on the site. But it’s a red curry roast dinner and the recipe was from Chatelaine. It had a red curry gravy instead of your typical gravy and boy oh boy was it good. If you want the recipe, I’ll send it to you when I get home!

    Perfume? I loved Vanilla Fields like nobody’s business. And Tabu..which, in retrospect – that REALLY smelled HORRIBLE.

  4. Kellay says:

    Pizza. I would probably have a variety of toppings since I can never decide on just one. One would have pulled pork. Another of my homemade faves are apples, caramelized onions, cheddar, corn, garlic and olive oil. Yum. It seems simple but I have never ever uttered the worlds “menh I don’t really feel like pizza tonight” when trying to decide what is for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  5. Deb says:

    I’d have to start with tiramisu, ya never know if your gonna live thru dinner so get dessert first, and a peach margarita. Some split pea soup with a nice peach margarita. Ceasar salad and a peach margarita. Lobster, prime rib, crab legs, jumbo shrimp, roasted asparagus on toast points with cheese sauce, baked sweet potato, my mothers yorkshire pudding and several peach margaritas. If I live thru that I’ll take my mothers butter tarts and a couple more peach margaritas…

    Oh…and a spritz of TWEED and I can die happy!

  6. magali says:

    A piece of chicken pot pie with a piece of tourtière (meat pie), some of my grandma’s mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. BUT the most important thing is that for desert there would be sugar on snow. I love that stuff more than anything in the world and just thinking that most of your readers have probably never tried sugar on snow makes me very sad for them. Do you have sugar shacks around your area of Ontario?

    • Nicole2 says:

      Oh, you’re a good French Canadian like me! Yes, you haven’t lived until you have had maple syrup toffee on snow. Yumminess!! I have been in Ontario for 26 years now and every spring, I miss the sugar shack ritual! If you ever have the chance to go to one in Quebec, now there’s a hearty, country meal!

  7. Kristen S says:

    Medium rare striploin with crumbled blue cheese, twice baked potaoto, crab legs with butter, a glass of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz and a cherry cheesecake for dessert. Kill me now

  8. Brie says:

    I’m a New England girl, so fresh Maine lobster with a bowl of melted butter on the side. We eat it with a giant bowl of lays potato chips at each end of the table. Lemon wedges for cleaning hands….it’s messy business. There is no better place for lobster than York beach, Maine.(I’m sure P.E.I. Has wonderful lobster as well…. I’ve wanted to go there ever since I watched Anne of Green Gables as a kid.)

  9. Sandra C says:

    Anything seafood but salmon is my top choice. I was raised in North Seattle (the Pacific fishing fleet docks in Ballard – you can go to Fishermans Terminal & buy right from the boats!) I like it grilled with lemon & garlic – steamed rice – cucumbers pickled with vinegar, sugar, & water. Dessert would have to be anything that involed fresh fruit & french vanilla ice cream!

  10. Kim says:

    I can’t believe that none of the previous comments asked for clarification of this statement:

    (and since technically I’m a felon I think about it a lot)

    Oh do tell!

  11. Gettinby says:

    Just what IS Yorkshire pudding? It sounds so yankee…

  12. Bradley says:

    It could only be Chicken Fried Steak and gravy with mashed potato and dressing… just the way my mom, grandma, great grandma all made it. It is the best!

  13. Laura says:

    Four cheese stuffed pork tenderloin wrapped in maple bacon, baked potato and strawberry salad…oh! can’t forget to end with our family version of DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! Yum!

  14. Erika says:

    Gosh, I’m torn – I love my mom’s meatloaf. NO ONE makes meatloaf like my mother. I won’t even eat anyone else’s. But for a last meal? Probably my chicken casserole. That’s it. Don’t need anything else. Could eat the whole thing myself. In fact, four of us DID eat an entire 9×13 casserole at one sitting, completely ignoring the lovely salad I had also made. But seriously, when it’s that chicken casserole, that’s all you want to eat, and putting anything else in your mouth feels like a sin. It’s perfect. Even smelling it cook is near torture for wanting to get at it. I take it to every church potluck and funeral dinner, and there is NEVER any left. OMG. I want some right now, but I’ll have to settle for a bagel. :)

    And, I WILL share the recipe. But if you’re misguided enough to want to change it, don’t tell me – it will just make me cry bitter tears that you’re such a misguided heathen.

    • Karen says:

      Erika – And THAT is exactly why the fella won’t share is broccoli casserole recipe. For fear of the bastardization of it. ~ karen

      • Erika says:

        Oh, well, I figure that once I give it to someone then it their recipe and I SUPPOSE they can then do what you they like with it, even if they are so lost to common decency as to want to alter it in any way. My friend put peas in it because she said it needed color. Peas! Color! It doesn’t need either – it’s perfect. But the pea story has to now be brought up discussed every time I serve it.

  15. Korrine Johnson says:

    I thought I knew until I read the rest of the comments. No way I could ever choose now. But I sure am hungry!

  16. Janalee says:

    Fish n chips with lots of tartar sauce, a slice of lemon, and vinegar with lots of salt.

  17. Cindy Marlow says:

    Pheasant (or quail will do in a pinch) stroganoff served on wide egg noodles with parsley, hot biscuits, and steamed broccoli. This was our special meal during hunting season assuming someone got lucky. My mom is a great cook.

  18. Jillian says:

    BBQ!! Especially Chicken wings & beef ribs. Along with corn bread, greens and some type of potato, particularly fried or roasted so I can smother some sauce on them. Yummmmm

  19. Suzan says:

    Ham and string beans with new potatoes, pepper cabbage, soft white bread and apple butter. I am a Pennsylvania Dutch girl through and through!

  20. Donna says:

    I am with Marti……the very patient tattoo’d gentleman needs his own segment. And cooking something? Please. Karen you truly have hit the jackpot….and thanks for making my mouth water soooo early in the day. mmmmmm roast beef and yorkshire pudding! In our house we used to fight over how many everyone had eaten!

  21. farquist says:

    Here’s your stuffing…
    My husband (1st generation from British stock) makes the best stuffing. Diced bread ( rye, white, brown, stale buns, bagels, whatever you have- gluten free for me), onion, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, splash of water to moisten. Mush around with your hands in a big bowl, pack into a baking pan and bake in the oven for 45 minutes ( or until brown and crispy on the top) at a high heat (425). It will have the lovely crusty layer on top and underneath that is steamy lovely-ness. Then smother with gravy and enjoy.
    My fav meal would be surf and turf – lobster, steak, baked potato.

    • Karen says:

      That’s pretty much the exact stuffing I make. Except I use chicken stock to moisten. I never thought to cook it randomly in the oven, with a roast though, LOL! I love stuffing … ~ karen

  22. Darlene says:

    Maryland Crabcakes made with Old Bay Seasoning!
    Eastern Shore corn on the cob
    Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing!

  23. Holly says:

    Chips and guacamole. No doubt.

  24. Brenda says:

    Seeing as I am an Islander born & bred…the good old PEI lobster supper….. you buy a big bucket of lobsters at the wharf, cook them outside while you drink beer or wine, then totally make a pig of yourself by eating as many as you possibly can..shell buckets on the ground around the picnic table that has fresh rolls, potato salad and bowls of melted butter for dripping..then when you think you just may have eaten a few past your limit have a big bowl of fresh strawberry shortcake. I tell you there is nothing better than freshly caught & cooked lobster at home where the mess is just part of the fun!! unless you eat them on the fishing boat or on the beach. This has been the way we have had lobster all my life..not the same dressed up in a restaurant.

    • Karen says:

      Brenda … Do you cook them in salt water? I loveeee lobster. LOVE it. ~ karen

      • Brenda says:

        You have to get some sea water..perfect amount of salt…..lay the lobsters upside down when you take them out of the pot…come to PEI we will send you out on a boat, they might cook you a feed right on it and you just sit on the washboards, have a feast and maybe you will see a whale as entertainment.

        • Karen says:

          Brenda – I’ve always wanted to go to P.E.I. I *meant* sea water. I always overcook my lobster. :( ~ karen

  25. Jamieson says:

    I’m also on board with your favourite meal and I totally agree about the horseradish AND the stuffing (perhaps my favourite food)!
    Somehow I’d like to see watermelon involved – perhaps a starter? – and my special Sangria as the beverage (not together though – I hate my sangria slutted up with fruit).
    I like a medium rare ribeye better than prime rib, but then I lose the context for the horseradish. I have referred to oysters as a vessel for horseradish.
    And I’ll go with White Diamonds. Or if we can go 70s I’ll say Charlie with undernotes of Jean Naté.

  26. pve says:

    Hmm, let me think, my last meal before the electric chair, “fondue” and the pot of hot oil with beef. Oh and there would be cubes of bread and pickles. Souffle for dessert if there is time.

    • Langela says:

      “Souffle…if there is time” HAH!

      “Come on. It’s time to flip the switch.”

      “But I haven’t had my souffle!”

  27. Tracy says:

    I LOVE a few slices of cheese (preferrably a soft goat and something hard, but any cheese at all will do), water crackers, and olives (kalamata and any other… I love the HUGE hard green ones). Then, if possible, some veggies with dip – any dip. Maybe a few slices of wonderful cured meat – salami or something. A lovely wine or sangria and I’ve got pure bliss!
    Now, if you really want to make it the best ever, put all that on a rustic platter just about anywhere in Italy overlooking…any piazza, something incredibly old or the sea…and it’s just going to taste a wee bit better still.

  28. Sian says:

    Mmm slow roasted pork belly, with potato dauphinois, and asparagus. I know they don’t go but I love all three – maybe with some lobster thrown in as a starter. And freshly shucked oysters with a red wine and shallot vinaigrette. God, so hungry now.

  29. Violet says:

    Mine would be dessert. I don’t even care what kind, just so long as it’s dessert. I’m a strong adherent to the “Eat Dessert First” philosphy (and, apparently, also the “Eat Dessert Last” philosophy).

  30. I now officially have a Yorkshire pudding craving. Thanks. I guess I know what I am making for BREAKFAST. :)

  31. doni says:

    I am with you on the beef tenderloin and horseradish. And while I am prepping it I manage to slice (sneak) off a little bit of the end for a tartar appetizer with some fresh ground black pepper. That is totally my go to meal, but usually we have it with spinach salad with roquefort crumbles, candied pecans and balsamic drizzle, and sliced boiled baby potatoes on the side, crusty bread, red wine. If it’s my last meal I would like to substitute a white cheddar gratin, add a couple king crab legs too and probably start it all off with French onion soup and end with those adorable Tiramisu dessert shooters that I have pinned on Pinterest. And a Godiva Chocolate Martini!

  32. Kate says:

    Oops. That would be Brussels sprouts TOSSED with pistachios…

  33. Kate says:

    My homemade pumpkin soup with a side of roasted Brussels spouts, toasted with pistachios that have been sauteed in a little butter and fresh pomegranate seeds.


    Oysters. Fried oysters, roasted oysters, pickled oysters. Preferably all three. In unlimited quantities.

  34. Corri W says:

    Actually Karen, Im with you. A great rib roast beef with all the trimmings and a red wine heavy pan juice gravy. Washed down with a great big shiraz of course. Apparently we are keeping good company. Gordon Ramsay maintains that would be his last meal too!

  35. Ginny says:

    So, can I basically fill my plate with whatever I want and possibly add things later? I’ll start with my homemade chicken pot pie, roasted asparagus with Italian Cream Cake. Oh and 24 hour salad. Have to have some bacon and fried eggs somewhere. I forgot shrimp scampi and lobster. I’ll just use the scampi sauce to dip the lobster in. Several kinds of sushi. That better be one big plate. Now I’m hungry. Guess I’ll go much on some homemade chef mix also known as trash. Better add some of that to my plate too!

  36. Gknee says:

    Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, yep the fare most of us scarfed down only weeks ago. I’ve always called it my death row dinner.

  37. Karen Eggleston says:

    My mother’s pot roast and home egg noodles, with coleslaw, watermelon pickles, and blackberry cobbler.

  38. Tricia Rose says:

    Hot sour Thai soup. It is perfection.

  39. Danielle says:

    I’m with you, I’ll have to go with roast beef and mashed potatoes and everything just absolutely SMOTHERED in brown gravy. And no pesky veggies, just bread with gobs of butter to mop up all of the leftover gravy. Dreamy. I moved from Canada to Texas and 99% of the gravy here is white. Blech.

  40. Meadowlark says:

    Bacon, eggs & toast. With a coffee.
    Because it’s my last meal, I apparently don’t have to worry about cholesterol.

  41. Design Love says:

    cheese scalloped potatoes, cottage roll with my cinnamon brown sugar glaze, and roasted carrots. Yum ,so good!!!

    • Karen says:

      Design Love – I would also like to add Cheese scalloped potatoes to my dinner. So my final meal is currently, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli casserole, turnip, a bunch of other stuff, a crab leg with melted butter, homemade bread, and cheese scalloped potatoes. Yup. ~ karen

  42. Aimee says:

    A really, really AMAZING cheeseburger. With blue cheese or gruyere or something equally mouth-watering. Juicy and well-done, with enough condiments to make my tongue sing and placed on the perfect roll. With it, sweet potato fries. Margarita on the rocks, no salt.

    Mmmm…MAN, I’m hungry…

  43. Cindy says:

    Handmade cheese ravioli with ragu bolognese, creamy sage polenta and roasted vegetables… on the waterfront in Hawaii… while wearing Anais Anais… mmm.

  44. April says:

    My favorite meal would have to be grilled sirloin steak with a baked potato, everything on it, and Cesar salad, served with a top shelf margarita on the rocks, no salt on the rim. If you ever visit North Idaho there is a place called Wolf Lodge that raises there own cows then cooks their beef over a wood grill, It is heavenly. :)

    • Karen says:

      April – Have you tried my Caesar Salad dressing? Search it in the side bar. It’s really good. But you really *do* need to let it sit for a couple of days before eating it. Mmmmm … love caesar salad. And baked potatoes. Anything potato actually. ~ karen

      • April says:

        I will definitely try your caesar dressing next time! it’s very similar to the one I have (knock off of outback)than you!

    • Barbie says:

      OMG! You must live near me! Wolf Lodge is in Couer’D Alene right? I live in Spokane! LOL….there is actually one in Spokane too….never been to that one though. :)

  45. Kate says:

    It sounds funny, but my favourite meal is a great depression staple my grandparents and parents both made for me .. total comfort food: Creamed Peas on (Cheesy) Toast

    • Karen says:

      Kate – LOL! It does sound funny. Everyone’s mentioning bread. I think I need to add bread to my final meal. Fresh, warm, homemade bread. Yup. It’s added to my dinner along with crabs legs & butter. ~ karen

  46. Marti says:

    “the fella’s broccoli casserole”? Details, please?

    I love Salmon with Avocado – Grapefruit Salsa, a huge side of fresh mesclun greens to go with, some fresh homemade whole wheat bread and butter. And my favorite birthday cake that I always make. (I linked to the page with a picture on it for you, K, because you’re dementedly curious.) Top that cake, will ya?

    • Karen says:

      Marti – You had me all curious. REALLY curious. I saw the link and thought you had a new non-news related website. Why don’t you ever link to your website here? Is it because it’s only for news reporters and such? Must go look at cake now. Broccoli casserole recipe is a secret. ~ karen

      • Marti says:

        My comments almost always link to my website. On today’s comment, I linked to my personal blog, which oddly enough (remember when we talked about what’s on my plate?), hasn’t been updated lately but does have a lovely picture of my fav cake. (You gotta admit, it’s a GREAT cake. Here’s a better link: http://this-day-is-mine.blogspot.com/2011/05/cake-c-k-e-cake.html)

        But beyond that, I don’t use your blog as the place to link to my website. You and all your readers are welcome ANYTIME to peruse that site. It *is* open and welcomes public readers.

        Please, all of Karen’s Dear Readers, go take a gander at my darling website: http://www.newsgaggle.com

        See there? Shameless self-promotion. Except people don’t come here to see “behind the scenes” with reporters and photographers. They come for late-nite videos of a very patient tattoo’d gentleman. Speaking of which… can we see a video of him making his secret recipe?

        • Karen says:

          THAT is quite a cake! I know you won’t believe me, but Strawberry shortcake is my favourite cake in the entire world. Any kind of not too sweet cake with strawberries and whipped cream. FAVE. ~ karen

        • Marti says:

          Aw, gee, thanks! Now go look at the website at WayLay built for me. ;)

        • Nancy says:

          Wow Marti..the cake looks amazing..but..do you have a half naked tattooed fella that you can take pictures of in bed to share with us??? Just wondering..

        • It is cruel to show that beautiful cake and not share a recipe. I am drooling here.

    • WENDY says:

      Forget Broccoli casserole! (As that was sounding quite good to me too!) but now I am intrigued by Salmon with avacado and graprefruit salsa!!

  47. Kim says:

    Steamed lobster with melted butter, just-picked corn on the cob, cole-slaw, blueberry pie made with wild maine blueberries, french vanilla ice cream on top. The perfect meal.

    • Karen says:

      Oh no. I forgot about lobster. And crab. I actually prefer crab. I’d like to amend my dinner and add a large crab leg on top with some hot melted butter. ~ karen

  48. All the New Orleans food. Boiled crawfish with potatoes, corn on the cob, buttered french bread and a glass of whole milk. Coffee with chicory and king cake for dessert.

  49. Meg says:

    That’s a tricky one… I’m in love with miso soup, wakame salad, and tuna sashimi, but I also love a good beef chili… I’m going to have to go with the soup. Yeah, I love biscuits and fried chicken like any Southern gal should, but there’s something soothing and appealing about the simplicity of smooth miso, tangy wakame, and fresh, clean, tender tuna.

    Now I’m hungry…

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