Where ya from?

When I first started this blog I was pretty surprised when anyone showed up to look at it let alone someone from another country.  I figured maybe they were lost.  Ya know.  Stumbled here while looking for a real blog.  Or stock quotes.  Or whether they can eat the mayonnaise that’s 2 weeks over it’s best before date.  (Betty would say mayonnaise is good right up until it develops that tangy green crust)

But then more and more people showed up from more and more countries and that’s kind of become one of my favourite parts about this site.  Seeing where everyone is from.  Most bloggers analyze their data a little bit through something called Google Analytics.  Google Analytics tells you how many pageviews you’re getting, how long people stay on your site, how many posts they click on, how much money you’re making, along with the MUCH more interesting … geography analytics.  Where people are visiting from. At any moment I can click on Google Analytics and see there are 6 people in Japan on my site.





Even though I’m from Canada, the majority of my readers are from the United States with the majority of American readers coming from California. I’m assuming it’s Drew Barrymore visiting a lot for some reason.  Canada comes in #2 with the majority of Canadian readers coming from Ontario.  That all makes sense to me.  But France as #6?  I wouldn’t have guessed that.  I’m not sure why that one surprised me but it did.  Probably because I imagine people in France are either eating fresh bread in their Pied-à-terre  or milking goats in the countryside, not reading blogs.  They’re also very busy strolling.  A lot of strolling goes on in France in my mind.

Here are the top 10 countries visiting my blog.





Don’t see your country on the list?  Don’t worry. Here are all 198 countries that have visited The Art of Doing Stuff  this past month from #1 to #198 in order of most visits.




So for the first time in a couple of years I’m going to ask you all where you’re from because there are a lot of new folks around here.    Be as specific or vague as you like.  EVERYBODY likes to see where everyone hails from.  It’s part of what makes the Internet great.  That and cat videos.

Plus Betty loves reading about where everyone is from.  It gives her something to do while recovering from food poisoning.

Lay it on me.  Where ya from?  Also just for fun why not tell us what the weather is like there this moment?  At this very moment, Southern Ontario is below seasonal temperatures with a frost warning for tonight.  So I’ve had to bring all my seedlings inside.

Have a great weekend, and an especially great weekend to everyone in my #2 country Canada who are celebrating the first long weekend of the summer.  Myself included.  See you on Monday!  Or maybe Tuesday cause Monday’s our holiday.  I haven’t decided on whether I’ll take Monday off or not.  I guess it depends on how my weekend goes.

If I *don’t* see you Monday you’ll know I’m having a good weekend.  ALSO this is the last chance you have to give your input with my reader survey.  If you fill out the survey you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of 5 Cleaver tea towels.  The survey asks for your name for some reason (I’m not the one who set the survey up, an official survey guy did that).  If you’re uneasy about giving your real name just list it as “Noneofyour Beeswax”.


Now!  Let me know where you’re from and what the weather is like!



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  1. Julie says:

    San Diego!!

    It’s usually around 70 degrees and sunny this time of year, but it’s actually raining tonight! It’s kind of exciting. (i don’t get out much)

    • JMC says:

      Here in LA too Julie plus lightening and thunder 0h my! Also in LA people who ask ‘where you from?’ might be trying to figure out your gang affiliation so I kept giggling as I read. Where I’m from though is a lot further north than Lalaland – eh! 😉

    • Michelle McCreery says:

      Houston, TX and it is, and has been for days, RAINING! And when it stops we get 2,000% humidity and bazillions of mosquitoes. I am so looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. Frizzy hair and huge welts. I bet you’re jealous. 🙂

      • Julie says:

        haha. Not jealous…but I do love Houston!! I was just there last week. My mom moved there for a year last year to get treatment at MD Anderson. The best hospital in the world! Now we go back every few months for followups. We have really good memories there.

        We used to live in Louisiana..so yah, I feel your pain re rain, humidity, and mosquitos!

      • Dea says:

        Yep. I’m from Spring, Texas, which is just north of Houston. I was going to try having chickens this year but our neighbor advised against it, since our state bird (the Texas mosquito) carried off his chickens one by one last week. I’m not sure I’m very comfortable with his advice — he seems to be building a VERY large boat in his back yard…

  2. Peggy says:

    Edmonton, Alberta. Great weather, mid-teens, sunny. Just got my garden in and I’m so excited! Have a great long weekend, Karen.

    • Bonnie says:

      Had to reply because I’m from Edmonton too. Only in Queensland Australia. I’ve had a few orders from overseas lately. One from South Africa last week. The internet is an amazing thing! Oh almost forgot the weather. Well today is the first ‘cold’ weather day we’ve had this year. From 32 degrees celsius down to 23 degrees celsius. Now you might laugh at that, but when the weather is usually skin-blisteringly hot and the humidity so high you look like you’ve just stepped out of a waterfall winter is jumper (sweater) time!

      • Peggy says:

        Queensland is a great place! I’ve visited your region, but never got to Edmonton. How nice that the weather is cooling off for you. Happy days……

    • Liz says:

      Edmonton too 🙂

  3. Becky says:

    Wisconsin. Its chilly and raining now, but it is supposed to be BEAU-tiful tomorrow.

    • Rebecca says:

      Also from Wisconsin! Milwaukee to be specific and the sun is shining and I’d say it’s warm (mid 60’s).

  4. Sheila says:

    Telkwa, BC….that’s in northern British Columbia…..where the weather has been beautiful. Still 21C at 9pm 🙂

  5. Dani says:

    Kansas City, Missouri!

  6. jamie says:

    I’m from Loma Rica California, about an hour north-east of Sacramento. Right now the clouds are rolling in and we’re expecting some much needed rain.

  7. Kathie says:

    Bucks County Pennsylvania. A beautiful night and 55 degrees.

  8. Amber says:

    Originally I’m from the Yukon in Canada, but currently living in Vermont. Because it’s as close to Canada as I can be while in the states, and not just geographically!
    But I have to ask: you have readers in Lesotho? Where the hell is Lesotho?

    • Marlene says:

      I’m from Cape Town, South Africa, where the autumn chill is setting in.
      To Amber – Lesotho is in South Africa, a little mountainous kingdom completely landlocked by South Africa.

      • Marie-Louise says:

        Hi Marlene,

        Fellow Capetonian over here! Rather chilly tonight. Nice to spot you here 🙂

        • Marlene says:

          Hi Marie-Louise

          Ha, ha, loving this – so surreal!! SOuth Africans meeting on a Canadian blog!! The fog this morning reminds me that I need to win the lottery so I can chase the sun! Have a great week further, and stay warm!!

      • Irene says:

        Johannesburg, South Africa.
        So nice to see that us S’Affers made the top 10! 🙂
        And yes, Autumn is here. HOT during the day, and getting seriously chilly at night.

        • Marlene says:

          Hi Irene
          Jozi is my birth city!! Still miss it! Especially now that the cold’s on the way – I love that JHB winters are cold and dry – I cannot handle wet cold, brrrr! Give my love to the City of Gold please!
          Have a splendid week!

          • Irene says:

            Marlene, you get to enjoy the mountain and the (freezing) ocean. 😀
            But ya, I never could figure out the logic of rain in winter instead of summer! You NEED the rain in summer!

          • Karen says:

            Isn’t it funny? All the South Africans here! I love it. ~ karen!

    • Kathleen says:

      LOL! Lesthoto is a country within the borders of South Africa.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’m originally from Texas, but I now live in Oklahoma City, OK. 🙂 We’ve had record rainfall this year, so it reminds me a lot of Tallahassee, FL, where I spent five glorious years (right before moving to this barren wasteland). We’re expecting severe weather this weekend: tornadoes, hail, torrential rain, and the like. With any luck, I’ll be back in force on Monday. Wish me luck!

    P.S. I’m always ridiculously envious of your garden.

  10. Tracy says:

    California gal loving this rain!! With drought this is desperately needed. Thanks for your fabulous blog!

  11. Auntiepatch says:

    San Diego CA – thankfully it’s RAINING!

  12. Amy says:

    Santa Cruz, California here. It’s cool right now, somewhere around 60 degrees and sunny. Give Cuddles a cuddle for me!

  13. TASMANIA – The little island state beneath mainland Australia (NOT in Africa – that’s Tanzania).
    The cold snap continues, but today we’ve had sunshine, though there’s still a dusting of snow on Mount Wellington.

  14. Right now I’m in Croydon, Victoria, Australia (an Eastern suburb of Melbourne). I see we’ve made number 4 on the list yay!

    Looking out the window its overcast but it looks like the rain might be done for today. We’ve had record rain for Autumn, always good for the garden. There was also record snow on the Mountains yesterday, luckily it doesn’t reach where I live as I’m not the biggest fan of freezing weather.

    Love your blog, keep up the excellent work!

  15. Chartrice says:

    Alvarado, Texas! Warm and rainy for several weeks (and more next week!)..starting to mildew..lol

  16. Betty says:

    Great Falls, Montana. It’s raining, and my flower & veggie gardens are happy, happy. Have a great long weekend!

  17. Lori says:

    Cassopolis, Michigan

    Chilly and raining.

  18. Kat says:

    Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada… whoo hoo Alberta is in the lead!

  19. Nancy C says:

    From the USA, Down south, as in South Carolina. Love the chic pics and the kitchen redo( esp the pantry, I have been panting over your little assembly ). Don’t like the recipes ( Did I mention I am president of the local liar’s club?). The weather here is a perfect 69 degrees with 81% humidity and 5 mph winds outside. Inside it is probably more like 15 mph winds since our baseball team just won a big game and my husband is very vocal about these things. Enjoy your blog immensely.

    • Nancy C says:

      Also, the Betty video is awesome. Anyone who has not seen it should indulge. Deserving of Best Choice Music Award.

  20. Mel says:

    Started reading your blog in Maryland, moved to Virginia, now I’m one of those many Californians. But I feel like a fraud of a Californian. Our weather is clear (for now) and mid 50s, as usual.

  21. SK says:

    Texas and it’s stormy outside. Fortunately, this neck of the woods missed the hail

  22. kelly says:

    Weed, California it’s been cold and wet and expecting more

  23. Janet says:

    Just up the road from you in Hamilton (Westdale)

  24. Vanessa says:

    From Auckland New Zealand – wet and a little windy – originally from Johannesburg South Africa

    • Jane says:

      Also from New Zealand in a little coastal hamlet of Te Horo Beach, we have just had the most almighty rain storm and have had our road in and out flooded. Pleased though because we are on tank water and the tank is now over flowing.

  25. Liz says:

    Hello from chilly Adelaide, Australia 🙂 We’re coming up to Winter and its definitely stay inside with warm shoes on weather.

    It would be interesting to see the (# people who read your site from country x) / (# people total in country x), ie the density of people you’ve reached in that country. Ie 1/100 people in France read the art of doing stuff haha

    You’re famous!

    • Another Karen says:

      I lived in Adelaide for 6 months last year, and absolutely loved it! (That’s also where I was when I started reading this blog). I’m now back in Scotland, where our “summer” weather is very similar to Adelaide winters – cold, raining and overcast. At least it’s not 46c, which is the hottest it got in Adelaide when we were there!

  26. Pati Gulat says:

    Monroe, Louisiana and, contrary to what most people who don’t live in Louisiana think, we don’t ALL live in New Orleans ! There ARE one or two other cities in Louisiana… 😉

    • Shauna says:

      My mom’s side of the family hails from Natchitoches — I love pretty much ALL of the cities in Louisiana!

  27. Wendy says:

    I live at Lake Errock B.C. a very small community in our Province’s Fraser Valley. Except for a few cooler days our Spring has been gorgeous. Right now we hover at high teens to mid 20’s most days. My flower garden is having a real good year.

  28. katrina says:

    Northern California in the house. We are in a horrible drought and I heared a rumor rain is heading our way.

    Yes! We have heavy pollen in the air now and I’m suffering from it! Come on rain!

  29. SusanR says:

    About 40 miles N of San Diego. Thank the stars it is RAINING!!

  30. Erika says:

    Metamora, Michigan. Where the thumb joins the hand. We’re having the same weather as you, but maybe 12 hours sooner.

  31. Kat says:

    Omaha, Nebraska. Right now (11:20 pm) it is 57 degrees Fahrenheit , rain tomorrow with a high of 79 and a low of 64. By the middle of next week we are to have a high of 55 and a low of 45. This time of year can be all over the map. All I care about is that the tornadoes and hail stay away. Hail is expected in the next day or two. My poor baby plants.

  32. Dorothy Gardner says:

    I am from central Massachusetts, USA; about 80 miles west of Boston. We have gone from highs in the 40’s a couple of weeks ago to high 80’s last week, to more seasonable temperatures in the high 60’s during the day. There was also a frost warning last night in my area.

  33. Edith says:

    Warm and damp here in the Dallas, Texas area after weeks of stormy weather.

  34. Robert says:

    Yurecuaro, Michoacan, Mexico. How many people in Mexico read your blog? I can’t be the only one but maybe I am. It’s been cloudy with a little sun through the day but still not rain, maybe tomorrow

    • Sande says:

      Hey Robert,
      Any chance you’re close to Cerro Pelon Butterfly Reserve or the JM Butterfly B & B? I hope to make it there to see the monarchs roosting and I’d appreciate any tips you have to offer.
      It’s because of my monarch madness that I found The Art of Doing Stuff blog. I highly recommend Karen’s awesome postings about raising monarch butterflies and her inspiring step by step videos. Save monarch butterflies-plant milkweed!

      • Robert says:

        No, I’m not and unfortunately I’ve never been but I think it’s like a +5 hour trip from where I am, generally the roads in that area have a lot of curves so always have something for the nausea if you have a problem with that.

    • Karen says:

      I have several readers in Mexico Robert! Maybe they’ll comment today. I believe Mia is from Mexico. ~ karen!

  35. Sue says:

    North Carolina, where it’s cooler than usual tonight, but feels wonderful!

  36. Deb says:

    Clinton, Mississippi. Highs are in the 80s, it’s extremely humid, the cicadas are deafening as they sing to find their true loves, and my baby cucumber plants are covered in sweet little yellow flowers.

  37. Holly says:

    Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix). Been in the 90’s. Expecting 70’s next 2 days and rain!! Rare in May. Then comes the 100’s, 110’s and the monsoon season starting in July! We get some exciting storms and huge dust storms.

    • Pam says:

      Hey Holly! I grew up in Tempe and I miss the monsoons!! If only they could bottle the smell of the wind coming in over the desert! Ahhh…glorious!

      • Holly says:

        Hi, Pam! I know, huh? I’ve lived in lots of places prior to moving here a long time ago, but there’s just something about the monsoon storms. So exciting. I never get tired of them!

    • Ann says:

      We lived in Sierra Vista years ago while in the service. I loved the monsoons. Such lightening. I could just sit in a sheltered spot on my porch and watch the sky light up every few seconds and no matter how deafening it got, I would marvel in the beauty

  38. Twyla Sue says:

    buckets more of rain coming
    And tornadoes .,,!! I live in Midwest City, Okla

  39. Liz says:

    Central Texas — out in the country

  40. Hazel says:

    Near Banbury (the one with the cross in the nursery rhyme), Oxfordshire, UK. It’s 5.30 in the morning and it looks as though it’s going to be quite nice- it was cold and rainy yesterday and my chickens didn’t like it at all.

  41. Claudia Urquhart says:

    Custer, WA, 1 mile south of Cdn. border, below White Rock/Surrey/Vancouver. 52 F. and clear, 9:30 pm. Love your blog, used to have Banty chickens, now just a Westie, Sophie, on the couch back as I type, her perch.

  42. Jen says:

    Portland, Oregon

  43. Angela says:

    I’m an American living in Germany! It’s raining here this morning, which means my bamboo will grow another foot. Creepy bamboo, I’m just waiting for it to knock on my door to kidnap me.

  44. Shannon says:

    NE Saskatchewan

    21 for Friday, great start to the long weekend.

  45. Carolyn says:

    Bastrop, Texas – about 30 min. from Austin. Lots of rain here lately. We’ve had our AC on since April.

    • Elaine says:

      Hi, Carolyn, I’m in Round Top/Warrenton, TX, just down the road. So tired of rain, but happy the lakes are starting to fill up again after the last few years of drought.

      Happy to see Bahrain listed as one of “your countries.” It is a tiny (!) island in the Arabian Gulf, doesn’t even show up on a lot of maps. We lived there for four years and loved meeting people from so many different countries. Such an eye-opening experience.

  46. AliceM says:

    Houston, Texas. We’ve been up to our elbows in rain this week. Next up: steamy heat.

  47. Michelle says:

    Victoria BC! Sunny and warm today. And my son wants to name one of the chicks that will be hatching in a couple weeks in his kindergarten class: Cuddles 🙂

  48. Julie says:

    Princeton, New Jersey – it’s 12:47 am and 53 degrees. It was a top 10 gloriously sunny day today in the mid-60’s. I was actually 2 hours south today at Brigantine Beach, next door to Atlantic City, NJ!

  49. Kathy Hartzell says:

    Today, Malibu, California
    Inverness, Ca
    And next week, Larkspur, Ca

    It has been raining off and in for the last 24 hours in all those places. Yeah, once every ten years it rains in the middle of May.

  50. Teresa J says:

    I am in Prince George, British Columbia, right in the middle of the province and the weather has been glorious!!! Really warm and sunny, we are way ahead of schedule for gardening but we also have a big forest fire burning only 50 kms away. So early for fires for us!!!

  51. Muff says:

    Squamish BC – warm and broken cloud this evening – hoping for a nice day for basket stuffer shopping tomorrow.

  52. Stephanie says:

    Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s 77F with light rain at 6:50pm (says my phone).

  53. AG Brown says:

    Washington, DC – (Arlington, VA?) -although, I just drove 2 hours to reach my property in…. Pylesville, MD (45 mins N. of Balto, MD). It is on the cool side, thankfully. I’d appreciate some semblance of Spring before the muggy summer weather arrives to stay. Headed into the mid to low 50’s overnight – beautiful (I hope) on Friday in the mid 70’s. No rain in the forecast, at least until late Saturday, possibly Sunday.

  54. Maggie Lee Turberville says:

    Austin, TX here with rainy weather lately, much needed due to drought. Glad you’re a chicken lover because my area (NOT the entire city) won’t allow chickens. However, I hear there are some brave souls who have chickens in my neighborhood. Hooray for the poultry owners!

  55. Monica says:

    hello from Madison Wisconsin. Today was gloomy, cooler than normal, and then rainy but I’m trying not to complain because we need the rain and tomorrow’ll be excellent (mid-20s C, no rain!)
    In weather/garden news, we didn’t get a late frost so there should be a very abundant apple crop this year. YUM!

  56. Missnicoleo says:

    Vancouver, Canada. It beautiful enough that I’m getting quite the hand tan from pushing a stroller everyday.

  57. Dana says:

    INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Hoosier here! Home of The Indy 500. I have never been to the race. Lol! It was overcast today and in the upper 60s. By Saturday it will be 87 degrees. :/

  58. middle of an apple orchard in williamson, ny. it’s apple blossom weekend here in tiny williamson but we’ll be over in buffalo attending our youngest graduating with a masters in accounting.

    we had a frost alert last night. woo. way to scare the fruit farmers. tomorrow it will be 80. we never go anywhere without packing a hoodie and flip flops. cuz you never know which way it’ll go.

  59. Cynthia Jones says:

    BRISBANE Queensland (state) AUSTRALIA.

    The sky is clear blue, no clouds, the air is so crisp enough to need a long length cardigan to go for coffee this morning but not cold enough to make my nose dribble stick to my Piccolo glass.

    On that note, I went for a neck massage two days ago and as my head was poking through the hole in the table I was horrified to witness a thin, fine dribble of watery fluid coming from my left nostril reaching all the way to the carpet. I kid you not. I think the massage discovered a whole new shakra to release and open up. Either that or I was so relaxed all my scphincters let go.

    I imagine all Canadians walking down autumn-toned maple leaf lined street with kids playing on the footpath and squirrels just over the back fence. Also imagine them yelling out at Frank or Bob when they get out of their pickup truck at the hardware store and throwing their supplies in the back on the way out.

    • Chris says:

      Hahaha!I had that problem too once while getting a massage! And yes that is exactly what we do in Canada.

      Cloudy this morning in Langley, B.C. Procrastinating here instead of getting ready for work.

  60. Andrea says:

    Las Cruces, NM, down in the desert near the Mexico border. Gorgeously cool and rainy this evening — we have had a real spring, as opposed to the usual 15-second-delay-before-summer-hits-and-it’s-eleven-million-degrees. My garden is delighted, which frightens me a little, as I planted far too much zucchini.

  61. maria-to says:

    guess i,m the only crazy torontonian up at 1 am! it,s a nippy one out and am glad i resisted the urge to plant – it was just such a long winter – happy long weekend!

  62. Maria says:

    City of Escondido, County of San Diego
    It is raining lightly today which is wonderful for my garden, since we don’t get much rain here.

  63. Sam says:

    Melbourne – Australia

    It’s an early start to Winter this year, it’s normally a bit milder around this time. Currently 13°c, during this week it has warmed up and the weekend is supposed to be sunny and mild. Good weather for digging out tree roots.
    It’s always nice, but a bit disheartening to see Spring on the other side of the world when we are just coming into Winter, but it does give me something to plan for…

  64. Laurinda says:

    I’m from the boring, no-exciting-history, half of Massachusetts, & our tempos are seasonal again, after a few miserable days in the NINETIES D-:=

  65. Cynthia Jones says:

    Karen, I know you’re not even reading this post yet. You’ve started your weekend early, haven’t you? Probably off to the pub already or tarting around with Bob and Frank.

    • Karen says:

      LOL. I’m here now. I usually am up when you left your comment but forced myself to go to bed early last night. ~ k!

  66. Laurinda says:

    Our *temps. My tablet hates me

  67. Debbie says:

    I am from Portland Oregon. It’s 50 degrees out tonight. Tomorrow it’s suppose to get to 67 Degreea tomorrow. It’s been just beautiful this winter and spring. I just want to say hello to Betty.

  68. Kathy says:

    Currently living in Dubai. It’s 9am here as I type this and already 99 degrees! I love your blog to pieces and have shared it with many folks here in the United Arab Emirates. Have a great weekend. Our weekend starts on Thursdays in Dubai and we work on Sunday’s….have been here 5 years and still can’t get used to that.

    • CoCoDubai says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I was wondering how many others from the UAE would answer! I don’t even want to think about summer coming…. I like to read Karen’s blog because if makes me feel cooler. 😉

      I currently live in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE – about an hour north of Dubai. But, originally from Michigan, USA.

  69. brenda says:

    yay TORONTO – and I had to bring my seedlings in tonight too & put them back under lights for the morning (because it’s a long weekend and I am not getting up with the sun – they are furious with me but what can I do)

    … love that it was said that our weather’s all over the map too … and the indoor weather report – haha – but mostly love how many people all over the world get an artofdoingstuff fix – I think it’s really important

  70. Debbie says:

    San Antonio, Texas…..it’s in the mid 70’s with a light rain falling….actually pretty cool and wet for this time of year. The grandkids went swimming in the pool this afternoon and had a great time!

  71. Jackie says:

    near Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve had quite the weather this May: from snow on 5/2, to 90+ degrees and humid for several days last week, we have now ‘normalized’ to upper 50’s at night, and upper 70’s during the day. BUT May isn’t over yet…..!

  72. Christina B. says:

    St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, our weather is pretty identical! :p From sweating to needing a light coat in a day!

  73. Bridget P. says:

    There are a lot of San Diegans up in here! I’m from San Diego too, and like everyone else has mentioned, I’m excited that it’s raining.

  74. Zala says:

    I’m from Slovenia. It’s pouring rain at the moment. Which is fabulous because an old saying states that rain on this day means a long hot summer.

    • Connie S. says:

      Hi Zala,
      I luv your country !! We have been to Europe a few times and Slovenia rocks. It is so beautiful 🙂 Whereabouts in Slovenia are you?

      • Zala says:

        Hi Connie,

        o, thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Yes, I love living here. I’m from Radovljica, very close to Bled. Have you been to Bled or Radovljica? Where are you from?

    • Connie S. says:

      Hi Zala, My husbands family is from Selo pri bledu. Pr povsin and we’ve also stayed @ the Pink Panther apartments in Radjolica. Small world isn’t it?

  75. Terri says:

    Denver Colorado. Yay!!! It’s cloudy and 55 at 11pm. Tomorrow is 70 degrees. Happy weekend!

  76. Mike says:

    I live in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, I named my house “La Casa Mufasa”

    Weather’s nice, was sweaty and humid for a few days but now things are more seasonally appropriate.

  77. Emily says:

    Currently living near Portland Oregon. I always wondered if all those random countries that show up in web stats were real people…

  78. Lake Oswego Oregon, It’s a suburb of Portland. It was beautiful sunny and cool with clouds floating about, a nice day for my walk.

  79. NoneOfYourBeeswax says:

    BTW – you mentioned “last chance” to provide input to your survey – what? where? how?

    Couldn’t locate it via any email received or down your side bar items and, while you may have Google Analytics, I couldn’t locate a search option on your site… so! I did a search directly on Google for “the art of doing stuff survey” and found this – https://theartofdoingstuff.wufoo.com/forms/q1er6ea401hsww3/

    Not sure if it’s the same one that puts me in the draw for the Cleaver tea towels but I’m taking it anyway! (then doing a search for “Cleaver tea towels”)…

    • Karen says:

      I know! Like an idiot I forgot to link to the actual survey! Then last night was the first night in about a decade I went to bed early (prior to my post going up at midnight) so I didn’t catch the mistake. It’s fixed now. Thanks so much for finding the link and posting to it here! ~ karen

  80. Jenny says:

    New Plymouth, New Zealand, been following your blog for a few years now! It’s a bit too wintry right now, I think autumn has been and gone…….but then you never know do you, it might just come back for a visit in a week or two.

  81. Shauna says:

    San Rafael, California (10 miles north of San Francisco)
    It’s a little cool for May right now, but then it felt like summer for most of the winter this year, so I can’t complain!

  82. Stephanie Hobson says:

    North Texas, McKinney to be exact. Right now 70 and cloudy. Had lots of rain this spring and our lakes are full again… finally!

  83. Stephanie says:


    Halfway between Canada and Mexico, on the edge of Tornado alley and smack dab in the middle of the Dust bowl.

  84. Janine says:

    Calgary, Alberta – Raining, cool and no sun until Sunday, according to the weather guy. At least it is not snowing – stopped camping on May Long several years ago!

  85. peg says:

    Bend Oregon after 10:pm~~~ it has been raining on and off for at least the last 3 days and supposed to continue for a few more.

  86. Susan Preston says:

    Around the corner and down the street from you but my weather is snowing with a chance of meatballs. Love ya!xo

  87. Janet says:

    Janet Hill from Sequim, WA. USA… Sequim is pronounced “Squim”, NOT See-quim. It is located in Washington State, on the Olympic Peninsula. To our north is the Strait of Juan de Juca and we are about 17 miles south of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. at present it is 10:35 pm and it’s fair and 46 degrees (F).

    • Anna says:

      I stayed in Sequim last July for the lavender festival and it is hands-down my favorite place I have ever visited. I would love to live there some day!

  88. Janet says:

    Oops, that would actually be Juan de Fuca

  89. Dana says:

    Sunshine Coast, BC. The name is ironic, since it’s one of the rainiest places in Canada. The weather is unusually warm and dry, and there are loads of flowers blooming in the garden.

  90. Pam says:

    Another California reader here! I’m in San Francisco and we are not getting the rain that much of the rest of the state is getting. I’m in a part of SF that tends to be a bit more gray and foggy and this week that is certainly true. It’s a high of 55 tomorrow but if I really need some sun I can head a mile or two east to find it. It’s the magic of microclimates!

    Love seeing where your readers are reading from!

  91. Glo says:

    Connecticut where the weather changes every 5 minutes! Don’t like it? Give it 5.

  92. Olivia says:

    Victoria, BC
    15 degrees C and mostly sunny. Neighbours started mowing their lawns in Feb. I held out till March 🙂

  93. Carol says:

    Detroit, Michigan here! Sunny and chilly today, rainy and warmer tomorrow.

  94. Melanie says:

    Glendora California. Getting much needed rain and even some thunder. 54 degrees.

  95. Anita says:

    I am from Houston, TX! Right now at 12:45 AM we are cloudy and 76*f. This week we’re forecast for highs in the mid to upper 80s, and lows in the low to mid 70’s pretty much every day, with a chance of thunderstorms about every other day.

  96. Morag McIntyre says:


    We have 11 degrees and at the moment we have sunshine. Scotland is a country where you can experience four seasons in one day!

  97. Jani says:

    El Paso Texas. A bit windy and overcast and we are suppose to get some rain. Suppose to be 58 tonight and maybe up in the 80’s,tomorrow. Normally we would have 100 degree weather by now but sure glad we don’t!!

  98. nancy says:

    Cynthia Jones you’re hilarious.
    This is fascinating. That’s one thing that’s interesting about you Karen, you explain what you’re doing how freaking hard it is to take a picture everyone else just has a blog you don’t know anything about the background stuff.
    Anyway I am in Seattle Washington USA currently, was rainy this morning. Whaaat?? Yes it was. This afternoon was sunny. I am actually from Louisiana. Tell your momma I said how she doing.

  99. Marie says:

    So happy to see my little slice of paradise ranked 10th on your list. We Kiwis have good taste in blogs obviously, even if there aren’t many of us:)
    I’m living just south of Auckland, New Zealand with my 2 girls, a menagerie of animals and birds, and a chainsaw wielding pyromaniac I was smart enough to marry. Love your sense of humour and creativity, and love hearing about your chickens. Such a shame you don’t have a rooster. We have an orpington and a faverolle, and they’re even nuttier than the hens.
    We’re heading into winter here, it’s 16 degrees celsius outside, but the woodsheds full and the fire is warm (yay for the chainsaw wielding hubby).

  100. Kate says:

    West Wales UK, the weather was cold and raining all yesterday but woke to clear skies and mild warmth. The garden is going wild with all the alternate sun/rain/sun we’ve been having.

  101. JM says:

    Saskatchewan. It’s crisp, clear, and breezy. Perfect night to do some stargazing (in a sweater) – below zero for us tonight too.

  102. Budapest, Hungary
    It’s raining and 11 celsius 🙁

  103. Beaumont, CA (Southern CA)
    We actually got pouring rain today – something that is much needed here! I think our winter came late.

  104. Markus says:

    I’m from a small village called Närkes Kil. Inhabitants: 90, according to Wikipedia. The village is located about 10 km northwest of Örebro, the 6th largest city in Sweden. Our closst neighbour is the pine forest.

  105. Kate says:

    I’m in Gainesville, Florida but I grew up in good old Oshawa, Ontario! 🙂

  106. Susan says:

    Durban, South Africa.

  107. Anti Kate says:

    Portland, Oregon, where it’s dark out. It is high in the mid 60’s and low 70’s lately, serious spring allergies happening.

  108. Rhonda Notschaele says:

    Hi Betty and Karen from Regina, Saskatchewan. Another cool May long but we are still heading out to the cottage. Love your blog it is the best.

  109. Ree says:

    Another Kiwi! From Raumati Beach, Wellington, New Zealand. Just recovering from a storm and flooding that closed down the whole city!

  110. Melanie says:

    Sonoma, CA. Chilly with a chance of thunderstorms and not nearly enough much needed rain overnight.

  111. Laura says:

    Hi! I’m in Manchester UK – it’s cloudy & chilly at the moment – but at least it’s not raining……yet!

  112. Jane says:

    Collinsville IL…right across the Mississippi River from St. louis, MO. Nice today, but supposed to be a rainy stormy weekend…just like last weekend…ugh! Enjoy your weekend:)

  113. Kate says:

    Meridian, Idaho! 57 degrees F. Thunder/Lightening/Rain! Weird weather for the High Desert.

  114. Sherry in Alaska says:

    Harding Lake, Salcha, Alaska (about 45 miles south of Fairbanks).

    10:22 PM. Sun just set. Birds still singing. Clear skies. Earth greening up rapidly. Lake still frozen but moated all around. +74 degrees.

  115. Robin says:

    Another New Zealander here. I enjoy the many laughs I get from your writing and get exhausted just thinking about all you accomplish!

    Weather. As already commented, not too bad here in Auckland but there was a recent earthquake down south near Wanaka, and our capital, Wellington, is flooded after some very nasty weather which has brought the city to a standstill.

    Have a great weekend.

  116. Shannon says:

    Canby, Oregon signing on. Near Portland but not as near as the Lake Oswego gal in a previous comment. Weather was partly sunny today. This year seems like spring came early. Not as much rain as usual. But my plants sure appreciate the sun!

  117. TucsonPatty says:

    Tucson, Arizona. It is supposed to get down to 58 tonight – Brrrrr!
    It is windy enought to stir up the awful pollen and everyone is suffering mightily.
    It will be in the mid 70s to mid 80s the next week or so, then it will be the hot hot hot we all know and love!
    Ha! It’s a dry heat. I love reading all the comments and from where everyone hails.

  118. Paula says:

    Udora, Ontario

  119. amanda says:

    South Padre Island, TX. Right now it is a balmy 77 degrees (Fahrenheit, in case that’s not obvious by my American-ness) outside, but we got up to almost 90 today. Perfect beach day.

  120. Spike says:

    Usually I read your blog from Japan but am visiting family in the U.S. this week. We were in Tampa this morning–hot and humid–and just arrived in Seattle where it is much cooler but nighttime so we will see how it is tomorrow. Love your blog and very interesting to see where everyone else is!

  121. Jennifer says:

    Fresno, California. That’s central Cal, not southern Cali w/ beaches & movie stars, and not Northern Cal, with Silcon Valley and redwoods. This is the farming part of California, and today it’s raining, so its a good day!

  122. Mel says:

    Oshawa, Ontario which is about a 45 minute drive east of Toronto. It was about 18 degrees celsius and sunny but it is cool tonight.

  123. Debbe says:

    Eugene, Oregon, chilly, drizzly and expecting “real” rain all weekend. Envious of Julie in #1 spot…San Diego is my hometown.

    Hello, Betty! Do not even touch that old mayo. Patooey.

  124. Aimee says:

    UAE! I am an expat from the U.S. living in Al Ain.

  125. Cat says:

    Hello from Cowes on the Isle of Wight – a little island off the south coast of the UK. Bit cloudy at moment but hoping the sun might make bit of an appearance later.

  126. Shuckclod says:

    I am from Central California. (I live in a town with no stop lights) It rained today 🙂 we need it so bad. The weather has been 70 then 40’s at night. The chicken coop brought me, and you know I have been here ever since.

  127. Bec says:

    Bauermarkt, Germany!!
    Unfortunately the weather today is overcast ( but not too cold). Rain predicted for the rest of the day.

  128. Claire says:

    Hello from Dublin, Ireland (#17 yay!), where the weather is raining, about to rain, or just rained…

    • Karen says:

      Ha! “the weather is raining, about to rain, or just rained… ” that reminds me of the opening of Moone Boy. ~ karen!

  129. Anna says:

    Hi Karen! Hi Betty! Greetings from the Rogue Valley in Oregon…Grants Pass, Oregon to be specific, where the theme is ‘It’s The Weather!’ It’s in the high 60’s – low 70’s during the day today, with a couple of light showers thrown in for our garden. Have a great weekend!

  130. Kristine says:

    Cheers from #69 in the list! I made it, yeah!
    Latvia, here it is lots of clouds and then sun, lots of clouds and sun again, and a frost warning for last night, too, but it did not happen!

  131. Kathy W says:

    Rochester, NY..lovely Spring day

  132. Lindy says:

    France.Am i one of your strolling French readers? No I am an Australian transplanted to france. Australians dont stroll. We hurtle at things with frightening vim and enthusiasm. So on this sunny but cool morning in the ardeche mountains I ghave harvested the asparagus, picked radish and lettuce, waterered the last seedlings yet to go out – eggplants and cucumber. And am about stroll into a large second breakfast. Perfect bread guaranteed

    • Jacquie says:

      I love Aussies. I bet that’s why you shorten all your words – so you can fit so much more in a day. I also love France (had a house there) so you’ve got the best of everything 🙂

  133. Sera says:

    Currently it’s midnight in Seattle, Washington, U.S. It’s 55*F/12*C and clear. It’s supposed to be sunny and 66*F/18*C tomorrow. I’m trying to decide if I should put my tomatoes in the ground this weekend or wait a little longer. Naturally I haven’t been hardening off my tomatoes because it was rainy all week. That and I have a job and a 5 month old baby, so I can’t be bothered with little details like the proper care of plants. 3/4 of my garden looks like I completely gave up because that’s almost what I have done. I couldn’t garden most of last year because of pregnancy related illness. And this year, my husband and I have to switch off in the care of the babe while doing stuff. So this year I’m only planting 3 different kinds of cherry tomatoes and some herbs and flowers. I wouldn’t even do tomatoes but I love them. LOVE. And have enjoyed growing them for the last 6 years. I also planted arugula but I noticed today that an animal dug up a couple of plants so, we’ll see how that works out.

  134. Maggie B says:

    Originally from the Wirral, Cheshire, UK (due to ex via Boston and Hull, Massachusetts; Ridgefield Connecticut; Starnberg, Germany; Edinburgh, UK, then back to Germany) to Leiningerland in the Pfalz, Germany. Bit too early for a Riesling.

    Currently cloudy and 17C, hoping that 50% chance of rain is true, but waiting for the Nor’easter version of spring thunder storms that always come in May and roll around the hills for hours!!!!! That more importantly blow all of that pollen coming from the forest away, everything covered in yellow dust!! Want to put my washing out – not sulking at all but definitely Mrs Sneezy!

  135. Jacquie says:

    I’m English but live in no. 64, Malta, which is just south of Italy. It’s 9.18am and about 75 degrees but cloudy. I’m so glad my friend had a kidney infection as that’s when I fell across your yoghurt tampon post.

  136. Julia (mumo3kids) says:

    Godalming, Surrey, England…
    Beautiful and sunny at the mo (8:25am), 7 deg C – apparently feels like 5 deg tho!

  137. Danie Claire says:

    New Caledonia….hoping for a nice swell on the beach tomorrow…

  138. Elmine says:

    I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s warm and sunny here. Right now, at 9:28 am, the temperature is 13°C (55.4°F) and is expected to reach 26°C (78.8°F). The nights tend to get a bit chilly this time of year (around 9-12°C), which gives me an excuse to light a fire in the fireplace. Not that I really need an excuse – I just love the smell and atmosphere of a cosy wood fire! Many of the trees on our property have started to show their Autumn colours. Beautiful.

    B.t.w. I love, love, looooove this blog! xx

  139. Grammy says:

    Sacramento, California, in a suburb about ten miles northeast of downtown. It’s a little after midnight now, and F 57 degrees. We had a sprinkle of rain this evening, but ten miles down the road there was a lot of heavy rain and flooding. We’re entering our fourth year of serious drought, winter was sunny and warmer than usual and in my yard we didn’t have a single night of freezing temps this year. March and April were downright hot and sunny, but it’s been very cool and breezy this week. Our gardens are begging for normal weather, and severe water restrictions are in effect. Maybe some veggies will grow this year, maybe not.

  140. Marion says:

    A little village near Graz, Austria, very cloudy – supposed to be raining all day and quite chilly!

  141. Therese says:

    Wow – number 4. I’m in Melbourne, Australia. It’s almost winter here and a ‘freezing’ 13 degrees.

    • Susan says:

      Visited Melbourne in July once. And yes they do think it’s freezing at a balmy 13 degrees, hats scarves and gloves. I’m originally from Hamilton, Karen’s home town. Actually I’m from Stoney Creek. Same thing? Now I reside in Muskoka.

  142. Judith says:

    Hi there ho there from the outskirts of Uppsala, Sweden! (…although I’m American.)

    From what I’ve gathered from your weather updates we must be in a similar zone – spring is springing and the weather’s a bit schizo, but today it’s coolish, breezy and partly cloudy. Still doing the inside-outside shuffle with a lot of plants due to night frost possibility.

  143. JulieD says:

    I’m up in the Pacific Northwest, it’s after midnight, and 46 degreesF. Without thinking I “hardened off” and planted out my tomatoes -they were already 2 feet tall. I hear they won’t flower if it drops below 50. So sad, because they are heirlooms I saved from last year ( in Karen’s seed packets by the way.) I guess I’ll see what happens.

  144. Maggie Andrew says:

    Hi, I’m from Yorkshire , England but am now in Aberdeen Scotland via, London and Houston Texas ( husband in oil industry). This morning it’s absolutely glorious, blue skies but still cold, frost this morning but things are looking up. love reading your blog, Betty sounds very much like my dear departed Grandma ! X

  145. shauna says:

    Hello from Burnaby, BC. I’m up on Burnaby Mountain just down the hill a bit from Simon Fraser University and the weather is…. dark (it’s night time – almost 1am in fact… omg what am I doing at my computer!!!)
    If you want the usual meteorological stuff it is currently 14 degrees (that’s Celsius for all you Americans) the wind is blowing at a mere 3 kms/hour. It is partly cloudy and humidity is 77%. I figured that all out by standing on my deck, licking my finger and sticking it up into the balmy night air. (okay, I googled Vancouver weather.) Still enjoying your blog – keep up the delightful work.

  146. Turly says:

    I’m an ex Rhodesian/Zimbabwean and now living in the UK since 1988. Still can’t get used to the weather here! It’s a bit chilly this morning but hopes for warm sunshine later are high. Love your posts, especially the ones about Betty and dear ol’ Aunt Jean and her iPad!

  147. Kathryn says:

    I’m from Ottawa, but tonight your statistics will show that I read this from LA, where it is chilly and damp. (No idea what the temperature is, just that I brought summer clothes and they are not appropriate).

  148. Aideen says:

    Dublin, Ireland.
    Overcast today, chilly for mid may but that’s just this morning- by afternoon it could be sunny and warm! This is Ireland- it could also rain- get over it.
    Sitting looking out at Dublin Castle- lots of grey stone (to go with the grey sky) and bewildered tourists saying “wow” a lot.

  149. Alexandra says:

    I’m from Neuburg/Donau in Germany!
    Currently it’s a bit overcast here, after a few really warm, almost summery days – which is probably good, because yesterday I moved my seedlings into their pots on my balcony. They’ve been hanging out night and day there already for a week. Before that I only let them out during the day, and now I’ve released them into semi-freedom. I have two kinds of tomatoes, three kinds of peppers, cucumber, beans, peas and a lot of herbs. (I really did creative with using the limited space this year, let’s see how it works out! :D)

  150. Heather says:

    Milton, Ontario, Canada – fastest growing town in Canada last few years running but that’s another story.
    Currently vacationing in Portugal for 2 weeks but still reading your posts. Happy May two-four,Karen!

    • Heather says:

      Sorry- forgot the weather. It’s probably about 25C an sunny in Porto right now. Beautiful day!

      • Carolyn says:

        Hello fellow Miltonian! I was wondering if I’d see anyone else from Milton on here.

        I suppose our weather is pretty much the same as Karen’s since we’re just a hop, skip and jump over from her.

        This morning it’s 12 degrees and overcast…only going up to 16 this aft with rain. This weekend looks like it will be much sunnier and warmer though! 🙂

  151. Guada says:

    Greetings from Barcelona!!!! (still Spain). After a mild spring, temperatures are rising and today it’s 35º (98F) so f..ng HOT

    • Kae says:

      My Mum lives near Alicante, and she reported the same temp yesterday Guada. She was sitting by the fan as she wrote to me. Hope that temp drops soon!

      • guada says:

        They said that today temperatures would drop about 15 degrees… prediction fail 🙁
        It’s still hot as hell… but living by the Mediterranean is so wonderful that there’s no way either you mum or me are gonna move 😀

  152. Glynis says:

    Durham, NE England here – I expect there’ll be a few UK people commenting soon as it’s now our daytime.
    We have 11 deg C / 50 deg F during the day, and pretty chilly on an evening.
    Get well soon Betty!

  153. Alan says:

    Hello from North Yorkshire England UK
    We have a lazy wind at the the moment instead of going round it just goes straight through you

  154. Sia says:

    Hi Betty!!! Greetings to you too Karen 😉
    Look at all those Californians!
    Why don’t I see Montreal here? My BFF better be leaving a comment to put us on the map!
    I’m a Montreal girl who has moved to a little village called Klayves on the island of Crete in Greece. It’s currently 23°C at 11.25am, and going up…
    Been enjoying Karen’s wittiness for about 2 years now!!

  155. Joslynne says:

    First of your 6 readers to reply from Japan…I’m way up north in Hokkaido…and it’s still cold here, but the cherry blossoms have already fallen (beautiful while they lasted!). Originally, I hail from T.O!

  156. Elizabeth says:

    Good Morning from Somerset UK. Its 10 deg and partly cloudy

  157. Jeanne says:

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana had crawfish for mom’s day… in the 80’s with chance of rain everyday, but only catching rain every three days. Garden is elated. I’m already picking banana peppers. Got 4 giant swallowtail cocoons in my lemon tree. Enjoy your weekend!

  158. Helene S says:

    someone has to represent the #6. So here i am from Lyon, France.
    There might be a noticeable absence of us because we are on a 5 days weekend (seeing as Thursday was a holiday many of us have the Friday off too…) and wouldn’t you know it that it’s the first rainy day in a while. We had around 30*c and a in one day it fell to 13*c …
    It’s fascinating to read where everyone ails from who enjoys the same things I do…

  159. Carol says:

    Visiting from sunny Dundee Scotland

  160. Jen says:

    St. John’s Newfoundland! 6:30 am and it is 4 degrees C. I hear we are getting up to 16 today but I’ll believe it when I see it. At least it is a sunny day – not a cloud in sight!

  161. Kim Jordan says:

    I’m from Brandon MS. It’s almost summer here. Highs in the upper eighties and upper sixties at night. Next month it will be about ten degrees higher or more. And much more humid!

  162. Wendy says:

    I’ve been liking the weather lately. It was hot for a couple of days, and I actually didn’t like that so much, so slept in the cool basement on the new sofa bed from IKEA, which is nice and firm, while either of my children wrapped their little legs around me. Basement slumber party with mum. My tulips are blooming like crazy. I fell asleep too early last night, and woke up at 4 am, so I’m not sure what it’s doing outside now, at 5:25, but I suspect it’s going to be another nice day, with some sun, some cool breeze, and lots of playground antics from the warrior ninjas I call sons.

  163. Paint It White says:

    Hi Karen,
    I love your blog and all you do. (you and a few other blogs I follow inspired me to start my own interiors blog so huge thanks for that!)
    Slainte from Ireland – Weather wise ’tis a soft day thank God’ !!

  164. michele says:

    Former ‘army brat’, and former military spouse here – so I have lived many places!

    Currently in South West Virginia (near roanoke). Weather has been quite warm, but yesterday and today have cooled off nicely.

    Love your blog, and am glad it appears to e getting world wide attention!


  165. Mandy Dunbar says:

    Preston, England (about an hours drive north of Manchester).
    Think I found your blog via stumble upon and have been a subscriber ever since!

    Weather is beautiful and sunny though still chilly as it’s early spring. Mind you not that it matters, I’m a university lecturer and I’m cooped up inside examining at the moment :S

  166. Shelly Lorey says:

    Nashville, TN where we haven’t had rain in over 3 weeks. You Texas people keep hogging it all.

  167. Leonor says:

    Portugal, aka that place with gooseneck barnacles (percebes)
    Right now is windy and the sky is a little overcast, but is warm and the birds are singing 🙂

    • Karen says:

      oh those barnacles are GROSS , lol. Little penis-like things. I cant’ even remember what they tasted like, just that they were BIZARRE, lol. ~ karen!

  168. Christina says:

    Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden!

    It’s a lovely 15 degrees out, with all blue skies.

  169. Jan says:

    Charleston, West Virginia.
    Our weather right now is lovely and perfectly seasonal with highs in the 70s, but we just finished a murderously hot week where the high temperatures exceeded 90 degrees (~32 C) every day.

  170. Maura says:

    Hello Karen and Betty from sunny Montreal, 20c-68f great start to Victoria Day Weekend!

  171. Becky Couch says:

    The Grand Canyon State! I live in Phoenix Arizona enjoying 70 degree weather today! Typically we are well into the 100’s by now.

  172. Farquist says:

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
    When visiting the States, I tell them we are located in the middle, just above Fargo, North Dakota. They usually just smile and nod, not sure of what I am telling them.
    Today our weather will be 18 and sunny. Going golfing!

  173. judy says:

    Midlothian, Virginia Our Weather is very erratic. We were in the low eighties and yesterday it was low sixties with a chilly night. I seem to be changing the HVAC settings daily. Husband and I are originally from Erie and Plymouth Pa. Met and married in Buffalo,N.Y bought a 1924 house in East Aurora N.Y. transferred to Bethlehem, PA. transferred to Baltimore Maryland. Bethlehem Steel on its way under let most employees go-With 27 years with the company my husband received “early retirement” at 48 years old, Picked up by International Paper moved to Virginia, Still here 30 years later with the last position 8 years with the EPA of Virginia. So I guess that makes us peripatetic Americans.

  174. Darlene Cox says:

    Home of the Star Spangled Banner!
    54 right now after unreasonable temps of 85 for several days

  175. CheekyMomma says:

    San Antonio, TX by way of Fort Worth, TX

    It was 90 degrees F yesterday afternoon with about 90% humidity. Currently it’s pouring buckets and the squirrel living in our attic is losing its mind. Normally it’s 70-80 degrees F this time of year – we have some crazy El Niño weather happening this spring.

  176. Mary Frances says:

    The weather has been rainy but the temperatures have been mild. Mid 70’s for the afternoon highs. I’m enjoying it because the hot summer is coming.

  177. Anita says:

    down the road and around the corner from you, I am in Kitchener. My little seedlings are tucked under my outdoor bar. Hopefully I can go to my little community garden plot this weekend and plant.

  178. Ann says:

    Wow-I may just be the first one here from Tennessee. Elkton to be exact. About half way between Nashville and Birmingham Alabama. It is very early morning and still cool out. I think all the Texans/Oklahomans have stolen our spring rain. We have been rainless now for probably 6 weeks and it is getting nearly impossible to keep the garden going. Today is supposed to be pleasant, in the low 80’s and about a ice cubes’ chance in hell of getting some moisture falling from the sky

  179. Mel says:

    Windham (southern) Maine. Originally from New Albany, MS. It’s 45 degrees F in the coop & supposed to be sunny & high 60s-low 70’s today.

  180. Ileana says:

    Love, love, love your blog!

    I’m currently in Connecticut on my way to work down to Greenwich.
    The weather is supposed to peak in the 70s today, but everyone around here have been sporting their shorts (sometimes accompanied by Ugg boots) since we cleared 55. I’m on the train wearing a sweater, lightweight jacket, & cotton scarf. it might be overkill, but I guess that’s how I roll.

  181. Barb says:

    South Etobicoke, Toronto – it is overcast and 8 degrees. Please bring on summer!

  182. Sarah says:

    Collingwood, ON
    They’re calling for rain today….

  183. Lesley says:

    I’m just up the hill from you, on the East Mountain. Try explaining you live on “The Mountain” to anyone who’s not from Hamilton. Lol

  184. Kae says:

    The Scottish Highlands. It’s sunny, but, not surprisingly, still a bit chilly.

  185. Eva says:

    Munich, Germany. And it’s way too cold today …

  186. Teresa Vining says:

    Rosharon, Texas – Gulf Coast, south of Houston. It’s been raining A LOT the last two months. But hey, it is the Gulf Coast and technically still spring. The high temperatures are in the low 80’s and the lows temperatures in the 70’s. LOVE your blog!

  187. Anna Lee says:

    I live in South-East Washington, DC, where it hasn’t rained for two weeks and my vegetable garden is suffering! I’m originally from the Central Valley of California though – where they also need rain. I originally discovered your blog a few years ago when I was living in Brussels, Belgium, where they do not need rain, ever. I also travel a lot for work, sometimes to some not so common places, so if a random non-English speaking country pops up on your monitor once every blue moon, it’s likely me.

  188. Gary G says:

    Holland, Michigan checking in. It’s 7 A.M. here and the temp is 55 degrees F. We are supposed to get to a high of 66 degrees today with cloudy conditions. Now that I’m looking, I see that we are going to see the sun tomorrow (Saturday) with a high of 79. Whoopee!

    • Gary G says:

      BTW…. We had our annual Tulip Time Festival here in Holland, Michigan last week. We had record crowds and the tulips (over a million were planted) were beautiful. Come and see us Hollanders some time!

  189. Jodi says:


  190. Kathie Hogan says:

    Powassan, Ontario……………..with no frost this morning (thankfully!)

    • dee says:

      I’m just down the road from Kathie in Huntsville, where it’s now 5 whole degrees (celsius). The high for the next few days will be only 8 or 9 degrees :(.
      It’s wonderful seeing where all your readers are from Karen-it might be interesting to redo this occasionally. And by the way,thanks for the giggles.

  191. Patricia says:

    Usually I read your blog in Winnipeg but this week I’m reading from Ottawa (cloudy). I used to live in Kyiv, Ukraine and told some expat friends about you so I’d like to think I’m partially responsible for Ukraine being #9 on your list. Love your blog.

  192. Partly cloudy, dry, and 67 degrees on the Cumberland Plateau in Crab Orchard, Tennessee, US.

  193. Kathleen Joy says:

    Hi Karen: Greetings from Port Charlotte Florida. (Do People actually say greetings?) Yes, just looked back at some of the posts. Can you guess, I’m also INTJ. It is 65 degrees here right now but will be as high as 95 degrees by this afternoon. My tomatoes are not doing well in this heat. Should have planted earlier. Just want you to know I don’t read blogs. So, having said that, I wouldn’t mind if you called your site something else. I actually love your site, and look forward to seeing/reading whenever you post. I think you’re awesome, or as my English friend would say, Brilliant.

  194. Waterdown ontario . Its currently the exact same as whatever you have Cause we are 20 min apart at most. Its cloudy and cool.

    My mom saw a bunch of cans of food in my house and asked what i was doing. Told her i was going through pantry to check expiration dates. She told me that even if it has expired 6 months to a year ago as long as the can isnt swelling its fine so eat it up. My thought is well perhaps. But i prefer to not land my children in hospital with food poisoning over a $1.35 worth of canned foods.
    this is the woman who has medications thats expired as far back as 2012 and still takes them…

  195. Joy O'Oonnell says:

    Eastern townships, Quebec. That sounds a little dull compared to all the exotic places listed above. Hi Betty, did you really make it this far? Weather si sunny but cool. Brought all the plants onto the sunporch in case in frost while we’re whooping it up in Toronto this weekend.

  196. Joann says:

    Checking in from Minneapolis, Minnesota! After a rainy Thursday, we are cloudy, but waiting for sun later in the day and upper 60’s! Wishing everyone a great weekend!

  197. Teresa says:

    The armpit of the South, Montgomery Alabama. It’s always muggy, sticky, and hot. Right now we are sitting at 72 at 6:00AM with a great chance of rain that is much needed on my Garden of Eatin’.

    • Malissa says:

      Further south of the armpit in LA…Lower Alabama, Dothan to be exact. 90 degrees and beautiful today. Great day to skip work and drive to the Gulf of Mexico! Teresa, I’ll be in your town next weekend for the Capital of Dreams Triathlon!
      Love your site and humor….trying to convince my husband that we need some cute chickens in our backyard…..so far, no go!

  198. Beth says:

    Eastern shore of Maryland – where the plants grow like crazy and the chickens outnumber the people!

    This year, we’ve actually had a spring – usually, it goes from winter to summer, with no transition, weather-wise. The first crop of wheat is about to be harvested, the azaleas are finished blooming, and the crape myrtle is showing signs of life. Of course, that means summer traffic (for the beaches) is back as well.

  199. Gwennie says:

    Sun Prairie,Wisconsin, USA Birthplace of Georgia O’Keeffe. Looking forward to a high of 74 degrees today, after a light rain last night.

  200. Julie says:

    I’m a Kiwi living in Montreal, Quebec. It’s cloudy & about 10 degrees at 7am. I’m hopeful the spring we had last week will return over the weekend in time for the holiday on Monday. 🙂

  201. Julie says:

    Montreal, Quebec. Where it feels more like Fall than Spring since a few days, and I wonder if I should hang a flower basket at my front door or wait a bit more.

  202. Kim says:

    Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick but have been living in Toronto for many years. I don’t have to tell you what the weather is like, same as yours Karen. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  203. Julie says:

    Oh, that’s so weird! Another Julie from Montreal, just before me!

  204. Leisa says:

    Moved to Niagara a year ago and love it. Last night you could hear the coyotes howling in the ravine behind us! It’s is currently 10 and cloudy. Have a nice weekend wherever you live!

  205. Ellen says:

    Ellen the Slipcover Queen of central Illinois……… it’s 60 this morning and the temp. is supposedly getting up to 84 today. My acre of land is beautifully green and lush…some would say wild and woolly, and that is how I want it. So happy to read the posts from all the people in California that are getting rain.

  206. Debbie D says:

    Inland central California here. Been in the mid 80’s until this week. We had thunder, lightening, pouring rain and hail. Great news for our drought but it won’t make a dent in it unless it rains for another 40 days and nights. That would drive all the almond farmers nuts around here. If you eat an almond or a pistachio, it came from here! Oh and figs too. I have fig trees (3 including a wonderful striped fig) in my tiny back yard, along with a blood orange, variegated lemon, Meyer lemon, Australian finger lime, key lime, yuzu (ever grow a yuzu? they are wonderful!) raspberries, tomatoes, squash, etc. All grown in pots! Have them on wheels so I can move them indoors when it gets too cold although the yuzu can go down to 15 degrees with no problems.

  207. carolyne says:

    Down the road and round the corner. Live in Oakville, work in Hamilton at the wonderful Dofasco!!

  208. Helene says:

    Point Place, OH Actually its Toledo but the Point is a small community on the western most point of Lake Erie, tucked between Toledo and the Michigan line. Its actually a peninsula the tip of which is Michigan. Michigan lost Point Place to Ohio in exchange for the WHOLE Upper Peninsula. I’m thinking they won….. But anyway, I love living on the water. My front yard is 241 miles long, all the way to Buffalo. I can see Canada from my bedroom window! When it’s not raining, like it is today.

  209. Rose says:

    Greetings from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It’s 8 degrees. I left my seedlings and flower pots outside overnight. Hopefully they survive.

  210. Darin Marie says:

    Brighton, Michigan (between Lansing and Detroit) – and it has been standard Michigan weather – one day it’s 80 and the next its 40’s….Currently 50’s and rainy (and supposed to remain that way all weekend) 🙁

    • Stephanie says:

      Just a touch south of Darin.. Whitmore Lake, Michigan… and yes, winter coats one day, shorts the next…

  211. miss chin says:

    Central New Jersey – but now sitting at work in NYC. it’s mid-to-high 50’s. A bit cooler than normal.

  212. Linda sink says:

    Camden, Maine We are having two beautiful Spring days..yeah. You make me laugh and that’s what we need to do. Best wishes to you and Betty.

  213. Carol says:

    Columbia Maryland!!! I was born in Hammond Louisiana.

    I love Maryland!! It’s nice not to walk outside and sweat to death! but I do miss the food.

  214. Sue H says:

    Fairfax, Virginia (right outside Washington, DC, the city of windbags). About 55 degrees at 7:30 am, going up to 80. Lovely spring day.

  215. Allestra says:

    Oooh a few kiwis posted i see. I am an American livin in Wellington, New Zealand. Its cold, very windy and raining here.I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  216. shawna g says:

    Bath Ontario Canada. Weather is seasonal. It feels cool to me though. Bring on the heat.

  217. Serduszko says:

    Northern New Jersey, USA here.. About 30 minutes outside NYC! It’ll be in the mid 60’s and partly cloudy today. Expecting lots of rain tomorrow. Need to get my garden planted today so I don’t have to water it. 🙂

  218. Hi Karen, I am in The Villages , Florida! It is a golf course community in the center of Florida. I get to go anywhere I want in my golf cart – yes, Walmart, restaurants, shopping! So much fun. The weather is divine and it is Americas Friendliest Hometown.

  219. ~JackieVB says:

    Virginia Beach, Virginia –
    Weather is going to be a high of 74 degrees (F) sunny and low humidity.
    (Humidity is usually pretty high here making everything pretty sticky in the summer!)

  220. Dotti says:

    Tampa, Florida. High for the day predicted to be 92. Thunderstorms in the afternoon. Every. afternoon.

  221. Sheryl says:

    Halifax, Nova Scotia After a truly horrible winter, its sunny and going up to 21 today, and then frost again tonight. Oh well.

  222. michaele says:

    I’m sharing only because the name of my little town is so cute and wholesome…it’s Friendsville TN.

  223. Suzanne says:

    From Ithaca, NY in the beautiful Finger Lakes. A very long winter which extended into April, then hot in early May, frost advisory night before last….right now it’s partly sunny and high 40’s with 70’s and possible rain for the next two days.

  224. Gina says:

    Beautiful Nova Scotia.

  225. Cindy says:

    Parke County, Indiana. The Covered Bridge Capital of the World 🙂 . A very rural county of about 450 square miles and a population of 17,000 or so. Every fall, we have a 10 day festival featuring our Covered Bridges, and the population swells to between 1 and 2 million !! No kidding. I work for the sheriff’s office (12 officers and 7 dispatchers no matter what the population is, so it is a challenge).
    It has been a beautiful spring and gardens are coming along beautifully. Just passed our “Morel Mushroom” season. Not sure if Canadians hunt them or not, but here they are gold. We hunt them, eat them, and have a local auction where they usually bring about 100 dollars a lb.
    Thank you, Karen for you blog. I first found it when building a chicken coop about 7 years ago, and have followed you since.
    Best wishes for a great summer.

  226. Stephanie says:

    I’m from Calgary, but live in Montréal 🙂 It’s 11 C and cloudy right now…

  227. IRS says:

    Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, which is about a 20 minute drive from downtown Toronto. And a close enough drive to your house Karen, in case you ever annoy me enough that I have to give you a piece of my mind in person. Or not, since I’m very lazy. By the way, I see that Afghanistan is on your list. Is someone there looking for tips on how to get stubborn rust off their grenade launcher?

  228. Laura says:

    Florence, AL by way of Nashville, TN this morning! It’s cool, but gets hotter in the afternoon, and we really could use a good rainy day, but can’t complain too much! Summer in the South, yall!

  229. Tigermom says:

    Dallas, Texas – and at 6:45am it is currently 72 degrees and a sticky 92% humidity. We’re having a drought-bustingly wet spring and everything outside is lush and green and beautiful. Sticky, but beautiful.

  230. kathy says:

    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Sun is shining and we are in for a beautiful long weekend! We deserve it after a terrible, horrible, long winter!

  231. danni says:

    Milford, Massachusetts
    A beauty of a day started here, 50’s now but headed to 70’s and clear, but the last few nights I’ve had to bring in the trays and trays of seedlings also.

  232. Karol says:

    Sunny today, Gainesville, Florida… go Gators!

  233. Barb says:

    Coming to you from Ottawa…..ILLINOIS! We’ve had lots of rain (good for the flowers!) but today it should get into the high 70’s with only a 20% chance of more showers. So another perfect day ahead! I’ll be outside enjoying the weather while I pull those pesky weeds that seem to be thriving, but that’s ok! Have a great, long weekend Karen!

  234. martha says:

    I’m in Yorktown, Virginia. Beautiful sunny morning with a temp of 59 degrees.

  235. Stefani says:

    Calhoun, Missouri (pop 420). It’s 65 degrees at 7 am and it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow.

  236. Mari Jo says:

    Right now at 8:03 am it’s 54°, clouds and sun with a shower or thunderstorm in spots this afternoon with a high of 69° in Buffalo, NY, United States.

  237. Maryanne says:

    Small suburb of Philadephia. Milmont Park.

  238. Ana says:

    Chang Mai Thailand!

    • Ana says:

      Yep that’s right I’m living here! It’s night here and it might rain soon. Just got dark few minutes ago.

  239. Jody says:

    Wow 260 responses already. Betty’s going to be busy. I’m from Hamilton, Ontario. Right now it’s 7 C with some cloud. I had to bring in some of my plants as well that got frosted a bit the other night. Have a great long weekend c

  240. Melanie says:

    From Perth, Western Australia a sunny 24C here today with a huge cold front approaching forecasting thunderstorms for the weekend! Yippee! Love a good show of thunder and lightning!

  241. Aryl says:

    Hello Karen,
    and hello Wales, a fellow Brit from Edinburgh, Scotland where it is bright but a little chilly.
    Same thing with the plants and the crazy weather. Got to share this with you, seeing a few more and varied birds this year which is great….despite the increase in cats. All very well fed and lazy I think including my own wee moggie.

  242. Where ya from or where do you live? Because I am from California but I up and married a military man and he’s moved us all over the world. We are currently resting our boots in Texas. Even though there is ongoing torrential rainfall and tornadoes I would still rather live here than Phoenix where we moved from 5 months ago. But if I had my choice I’d move back to Greece or Germany in a heartbeat.

    Aren’t ya glad you asked?

  243. Robin Fishback says:

    Lexington, KY and I’ve been following your blog for quite a few years now.
    ¸..·´¨¨)) :¦:
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ :¦:smiles°Ü°
    ¦: ((¸¸.·´

  244. Leigh Stroud says:

    Anderson, South Carolina :-). Right now it is cloudy and 66 degrees but it’s going to reach the mid 80s by afternoon!

  245. jaine gayer says:

    Emmaus, a little town south of Allentown in Pennsylvania, USA. When I first found your blog, I was living in Delaware. It’s in the 40’s this morning but should reach the low 70’s later and it’s foggy because we’re in a valley. Wish it would rain, we need it badly.

  246. Diane Richards says:

    Massachusetts….60 miles from Boston. 47 right now with a high of 77 today. Sunny and watching for my little
    hummingbirds to come by.

  247. Ella says:

    Toronto, ON!

  248. Brit says:

    In the middle of an organic walnut orchard in Gridley, CA. (NoCal) Overcast and praying for rain.

  249. RosieW says:

    Sending hugs from Sugar Hill, Georgia, USA!


  250. I’m with Betty, that green stuff is just a protective coating, scrape it off and it’s fine underneath.
    Fenelon Falls, (or Bobcaygeon, where you can see the constellation, I’m halfway between the two, Bob phone number, Fenelon address) Ontario. Did you ask for the weather? Cool but sunny and I have a pair of mallards swimming in my pool, how’s that for random info.

  251. Maggie L says:

    From the land of tasty southern food… Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s hot. Muggy, steamy, I can’t breathe, HOT. And it is just starting…. thank goodness for the food lol!

  252. Wendy says:

    Edmonton , Alberta where we have been enjoying above seasonal average temperatures this week. Super nice especially after the “blizzard ” last week. That’s Alberta for ya! Made things nice and green and fresh though. Also very happy to be the winners of the NHL draft lottery! Big fan of the Oilers true fans support their team through the good and the bad) and will be a big fan of McDavid. Love your blog. Your blog friends are sometimes as funny as you are.

  253. Kathryn Delaney says:

    Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston. This morning it is 73*F, VERRRRY humid, cloudy and rain predicted…the perfect climate for mosquitos.

  254. Julie says:

    I’m on Grand Manan island in New Brunswick….I’m pretty sure Canada is #2 because there are fewer of us! Try looking at it as a percentage of population…Canada would be #1 I bet!

    Weather here is sunny, 14 C….a beautiful day!

  255. Shannon says:

    Florida in the US, in a little town on the west central Gulf (of Mexico) coast. Weather was coller than normal in early May, but is getting up near 90 now. Summer is definitely ahead, and means it’s time for us Floridians to go on vacation somewhere father north, like the mountains of North Carolina or Georgia. In the summer, you see more florida license plates up there than the locals….sort of like all the Canadians come down here in the winter…lol.

  256. Mary says:

    Well, haven’t seen a post from Sunny Zephyrhills,Florida. Have lived here since 1958. It’s like 8:30am and already a balmy 79 degrees. Going to be another hot one today. We could use some of that rain down here.

  257. Gail says:

    Hailing from down south, as in way down south. Alexandria, Louisiana: center of the state. It’s 7:30 am at the time of this reply and the weather is a cool 71 F. And the forecast is the usual one for Louisiana. Rain, followed by humid heat, followed by rain, followed by humid heat, followed by rain – you get the idea.

  258. Shirley says:

    Upper Vaughan, near Windsor, Nova Scotia – in the snowbelt out past Martock on Zwicker Lake. Canada. I used to work with your friend Luanne B. She pointed me in the direction of your blog because I am a bit nutty too!! It is going to be a great long weekend. Sunny and around 21c.

  259. dot says:

    Cape Cod here and I could be listed as St Vincent too. Spent some of the winter there. It is a lovely, sunny day here. Temps in low 70s!

  260. Keelea says:

    Pensacola, FL
    Hot and humid currently, about 85 @ 7:40am.

  261. Karin says:

    Wilmington, North Carolina (US)

    It’s still somewhat early in the am here, but we are expecting a high of about 72 (F) with sunny skies. Wilmington is on the coast of NC (not surprisingly some Americans are not aware that NC has a coast) and we have a pretty temperate climate. Winter can be somewhat cold (lows in the upper 30’s) and summer can sometimes, but not always, be hot and humid, but for the most part we’re somewhere between 50’s and 80’s. so it’s nice. And we have the ocean! And beaches!

  262. Connie S. says:

    A local gal from Toronto, Ontario- Canada 🙂
    Still cool temps and we have our furnace on. This morning it was looking all sunshiny and promising, but now a little overcast with a chance of rain forecast. We went from a long cold winter straight to summer with a few days over 30 degrees C and back again. Remember Spring? me neither…. it used to be “April showers brings May flowers”.
    Happy 24 weekend , eh?

  263. Greer says:

    Johannesburg, South Africa. Autumn setting in here, so warmish days and nights just cold enough for soup dinners! Unusually warm today – around 28 degrees celsius at the moment with tonight probably around 12 degrees.

  264. BethH says:

    Boy, everyone wants to tell where they’re from and talk about the weather! Oklahoma, that’s in the United States, and we’re having severe thunder storms with quarter-sized hail alternating with torrential rain, 55 mph wind, cloud to ground lightening, Lots of fun, and way better than the tornadoes we were dodging last week!

  265. Diane Amick says:

    Hi Karen. Living in Winchester, Virginia – about 65 miles northwest of DC. This week we had 89 highs two days – then highs of 59 and 62 – now we’re back to unseasonably high temps reaching about 90 by Sunday. What the??? My garden is in and the weeds are laughing at me in my perennial beds. It never ends.

  266. Marian Heelan says:

    Hi from IRELAND – Ballyhaunis, co Mayo. living in the country, trying out “the good life” with my hubby and 3 kids. love your variety of topics and general nuttiness – not been following long, but plan to be around for a while. Rainy, cool day – 13 celsius – here comes the summer!?

  267. Su says:

    love seeing all the places people hail from :)…. me, north central Illinois, USA…. smack in the middle of corn and bean country as far as the eye can see from the top of a silo, except we are on a lovely mud bottom river so I get trees and green and the birds and the bees …..
    love the blog, and look forward to reading you everytime you publish…..
    Just so you know I haven’t won anything you have given away, so I’m just saying the towels would be lovely in my kitchen 🙂

  268. Dallas, TX and it’s warm, muggy, rainy…has been for……um….ever…this year. Also, sticky and tornado-y (it’s a word, now). Did I mention rainy? Because..rain. Then, there’s supposed to be more rain this weekend, but after that more rain. At least we have rain to look forward to, so there’s that.

  269. DanniS says:

    Milford, Michigan 51 and cloudy at the moment. It’s supposed to rain all weekend which I am fine with because at least it’s not snowing! 🙂

  270. Isabella Wigrenini says:

    We live in the Sierra Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mt. range in California in a small early railroad town called Colfax. The population is small, most everyone around lives on a couple or more acres so we are probably all reading blogs at night as there is nothing else to do.
    We are having strangish weather for May as it is usually much warmer, like in the 70’s but last night it was 42′. Our garden is in and we have a couple weeks before harvesting the onions and garlic but the tomatoes just went in last week ( 21 plants) . We make a lot of roasted tomato sauce.
    We have a Dominique Rooster with two remaining hens in his harem. He has worn the feathers off their backs. He has no self control. We have 12 vestal virgins in training though but they are only five weeks old. He can’t “meet” them for a long long time. He is quite a brute but his name is Bossyboyfancypants so there’s that.
    You remind me of myself when I was younger: feisty, clever and unable to sleep for long periods as there was too much to do. I suppose Betty and I are closer to the same age and she also sounds like me although I have never even seen the green tangy part of mayo. Yet. But I have always reminded my family, usually before meals, “remember, no one has died on my watch yet”.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained Karen. You’re fun and original and just the right amount of gross and irreverent. My kinda woman, a Colfax woman. (I don’t really know what a Colfax woman is I just made that up, we’ve only lived her four years. )

  271. Alison says:

    Chino, California (east of Los Angeles) where we are getting a little bit of desperately needed rain. I wanted to get a rain barrel to use on my garden, but was told they are not allowed. I’d be “robbing” the state of that rainwater.

  272. Joan says:

    Clanton, Alabama

  273. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    Greetings from Statesville, North Carolina! This morning it’s 72 degrees and partly sunny. We have a 25% chance of rain today with a high of 76 degrees.

    Cool post Karen!

  274. Kipley says:

    Richmond, VA USA
    58 degrees, expected high of 81

  275. Sharon says:

    Charlottesville, Virginia
    We have had a very hot spring but also good rain too – currently temps are back to normal for this time of year sunny and mid-70’s. Looking forward to picking my first strawberries today and my peonies are just starting to open so a doubly joyful day 🙂

  276. North Little Rock, Arkansas! We are under a “significant weather advisory” at the moment with scattered severe thunderstorms rolling in the area and I’ve got my nephew’s high school graduation to go to tonight! Thank goodness they had a contingency plan to have it in the gym – yay, no rain and bugs!

  277. Julie says:

    North Texas! It’s about to rain here, warm and muggy. We’ve had crazy rain over the past month, we’re not used to it, but not complaining (too much) either…we were in some serious drought conditions!

  278. SuzyMcQ says:

    Near Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA because everyone knows about Hershey Bars.

    After a very warm Spring, the weather has been seasonal for the past few days which means 70 degrees or so. I’m busy weeding all my gardens, cutting back perennials and trimming shrubbery, etc.

  279. Laura vandette says:

    Hamilton, Ontario 🙂

  280. niki says:

    …from Chicago and it’s raining. The temperatures are supposedly going to get above the 50 degree mark this weekend to perhaps the upper 70s (?), however, it will rain.

    Love you and your blog. Your posts make me snort coffee through my nose every morning which I’ve found to be terrific for clearing my sinuses.

  281. JB says:

    Not far from you – downtown Hamilton – so I too, had to cart in all my seedlings this week!

  282. Carswell says:

    I’m only about 1/2 an hour away from you Karen. Georgetown, Ontario to be exact.

    For those from other places – the weather is middling – coolish for the long weekend in May. today is supposed to be about mid teens on the Celsius scale and cloudy with a possibility of rain.

  283. Judi. McLeod says:

    Oakville, Ontario weather is a lot like Hamilton’s, but there are predictions of warmer days this weekend and only some rain tonight and late Monday. Sounds good to me. Good weather to finish the new post holes and repairing the fence that blew down last fall. I learnt of the blog from and American friend.

  284. mbaker says:

    South Dakota, we’ve been recovering from a weekend blizzard on one side of the state and a Mother’s Day tornado on the other.

  285. Deva says:

    I live in Raymond, Washington. Cloudy this morning, but it’s supposed to be nice this weekend. Time to weed!

  286. Barbara says:

    Here in Charles Town, West Virginia, it was hot and humid around 90 last week. This week we had a few days in the 60s and are heading back into the 80s for the weekend. Around here, if you wait a little, the weather is bound to change.

  287. Ev Wilcox says:

    I live in Northeast Ohio, temp is 57F right now, w light rain. Supposed to get up to mid 70ies today, but I doubt it. Have had some really hot days already–seems like it can’t make up it’s mind whether to be Spring or Summer! The many locations of your readers is fascinating. It truly is a small world!

  288. Vanessa says:

    I’m in Canada’s Capital — Ottawa! Sort of overcast, cool morning — getting up to maybe 20c today with all the tulips in full bloom for the last weekend of the Tulip Festival (thanks to the Netherlands for all those bulbs :))

  289. vonna says:

    Brown County Indiana. it is 64 and raining

  290. Sandy says:

    Burlington, Ontario, Canada! So the exact same weather as you Karen.

  291. Kristen says:

    Northern Minnesota! It’s been in the 50’s and raining all week. Today I’m very excited to report no rain and it should get up to 68. Tomorrow however, more rain.

  292. Betty says:

    Paris…Ontario, that is, not France or Texas.
    Its cool this morning but bright and sunny.

  293. Mary W says:

    North Central Florida (its a very long state) with 75 degrees currently and going up to around 90! Cloudy with very high humidity and it has rained with thunderstorms daily for days. The birds, trees, wildlife, etc. are very happy, as I am since the garden is almost ready to pick. However, farmers in this former Watermelon Capital of the World (when they use to use trains) are unhappy since the melons will be picked in a week or two and are so full of water, some are splitting before they ripen. (Mothers late in baby delivery can fully understand.) Old school buses with the roofs cut off and seats removed are used as transfer vehicles to the semi truck depot.

  294. Cindy says:

    St. Paul, MN

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  295. Jenny Brandon says:

    Ripley, Tennessee

    Beautiful 70 degrees but waiting for rain to come through – bummer since we are having our outdoor May Day here at the middle school today but fingers crossed. My garden will be happy, and my chickens, and my donkeys, and my stupid ducks. My tweens and teens – not so much.

  296. tiffany says:

    Mitchell, SW Ontario. after 2 days of sweater weather with cold strong winds we sweltered yesterday and got a sunburn.

    cool this morning with a soft rain. gardens to finish prepping so that I can get my seedlings in. need to keep my eye of frost reports so that I can get them covered as necessary

  297. Jill says:

    Good old Iowa! Rainy and cool this week, 80’s and sunny this weekend. My garden needed the rain!

  298. Sara says:

    Salt Lake City, Utah, It is cold and rainy and just for the record, I’ve been reading you since before you were famous.

  299. Terri in Colorado says:

    Littleton Colorado. Suburb of Denver now but it used to be a little town. We have a quaint downtown with an antique post office and 2 gourmet spice shops. A lovely mix of the old and the new.

    • Alison says:

      Hello to Littleton from Southern California! I spent several years of my childhood in Littleton. What a gorgeous state, Colorado is! I often miss the clean air, the aspens, the mountains, and the people out there!

  300. MDR says:

    Northern Kentucky. So close to Cincinnati, Ohio I can see the city. Sunny and cool this morning.

  301. Holly says:

    Raleigh, NC
    Sunny & warm

  302. Ahoy from the Netherlands! 🙂 -xxx-

  303. Katie C. says:

    Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s rainy here, but warming up a little. We had frost the night before last and had to tarp the garden. It seems like it went okay.

  304. Monica says:

    Shawnee, Kansas . Cloudy today, high of 75 expected

  305. Julia says:

    I am from Vancouver, WA- its 50 and overcast right now- but should warm up to 65 and sunny later today.

  306. Deb Miller says:

    Northeast Alabama (United States)! Heart of Dixie . . . y’all!

    Today we are hoping for our first drop of rain since April 28. It’s been sunny/warm (near 90 many days now) and dry, but at this moment it’s a cloudy 69 (at 8:30 a.m.) and just might rain! My garden spot is already in good shape, and is ready for Mother Nature to bestow some clear beautiful showers!

  307. Kitten Caboodle says:

    Norton, MA, south of Boston. It’s gorgeous here today. 67F right now heading to low 70s.

    Hi Betty! 🙂

  308. Jake says:

    Just up Hwy.6 a little so weather is the same as yours.

  309. Angela says:

    Hello from Hampton, VA! We’re having a cool spring before jumping into a hot summer!
    This is my favorite blog!!!

  310. Jackie says:

    I’m almost a neighbour — live in beautiful Mount Hope. Love reading your blog with your many adventures included. Keep doing “Stuff”!

  311. Attygreen13 says:

    Dallas, Texas. It’s pouring and 72 degrees. Both highly unusual for us mid-May.

  312. Sue says:

    Just outside of beautiful Burlington, Vermont! Today is lovely, about 60 degrees and some sun peeking through. Everything is bright and green (sorry about that, California) and the birds are positively cacaphonous! (Is that a word? It is now.)

  313. Jane says:

    Cupertino, California; which is 40 minutes south of San Francisco. We had some glorious rain yesterday (dealing with a horrible drought) so this morning is really clear and a bit cooler than normal, but we should hit a sunny high of about 70 degrees. Love your blog!

  314. Christina says:

    Moses Lake, Washington, USA! Starting to get into beautiful weather, it’s gonna be 79°F today

  315. Lynn (really spelled w/ an "e", but somebody else already has that spelling on here) says:

    Smyrna, GA, which is about 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta.
    Warm, overcast, 3000% humidity, cause it’s going to rain soon.

  316. Sue says:

    A little suburb of St. Louis called Glendale. We call it “Little Mayberry”. Had lots of rain and below average temps, but it’s supposed to hot and humid this weekend. Which is more typical. Love your blog!

  317. Nancy R says:

    Peterborough, Ontario!

    It’s 13 degrees and calling for rain today.

  318. Luanne says:

    Winnipeg here – 9º c and sunny. Looks like it won’t be a good gardening weekend – but it will be long none the less.

  319. Amyjean says:

    San Francisco CA, and it’s another beautiful day here in paradise!

  320. Karen says:

    Pueblo West, Colorado. Altitude 5,000 ft, the weather is hot and dry, or cold and dry. Chickens at the property next door. Currently home to about 15 hens and 5 roosters. I found your blog a few years ago when looking for instructions on how to do something, I don’t remember what — and laughed and laughed while reading your posts for over an hour. I was hooked.

  321. Christie says:

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And I don’t own a pickup truck…. The weather this weekend will be around 24 C – and sunny – but Monday is looking yucky…

  322. Allison says:

    I’m excited to see other Texans chiming in up there ^^^^. I’m in the Houston area of the great state of Texas. Spring has been mild so far: we have not hit 90 yet!! It’s been 70s-80s with lots of rain this week. We are celebrating that our drought is long gone. Not looking forward to the heat of summer, so I plan to just enjoy the spring rains.

  323. Emily says:

    Hi Gang!
    I’m Emily and I live in Waunakee, Wisconsin in the U.S.A. Just a bit north of our capital city, Madison. I was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan on the glorious shores of the great Lake Superior. That’s where my can-do attitude comes from! Right now its warm and misty here in Madison. Nothing exciting.

    I have three great kids (truly) and a handsome hubby who works hard so I can hang around the house and use power tools, fix our cars and plan delicious meals. My husband left a note on the counter asking if the man of the house could fix the garbage disposal some time today. Y’all know he’s talking about his lovely wife?! We also have a standard poodle, a cavalier king charles, two canaries, and a box turtle. All were homeless at one time and adopted into our home- for the rest of their lives. Adopt don’t shop!

  324. Catherine Vosper says:

    I live in southern Ontario, 2 hr. drive east of Toronto in Campbellford, but right now I am reading this in Dublin Ireland where I am vacationing few a couple of weeks. A bit cooler here than at home and drizzly.

  325. Belinda says:

    Austin, Texas~~Rain, Rain, and more Rain~~

  326. Ana R. says:

    I’m from Boston! The weather went from a Game of Thrones style winter straight into summer, but after the winter we’ve just had, we’re too afraid to complain about the heat!

  327. Lisa says:

    Tampa, Florida

    It’s sunny and 80 degrees…but will probably get up to 90 degrees this afternoon.

  328. Centi says:

    Bleibach (near Freiburg), Germany.
    13° C and pouring rain!

  329. Mary Ellen says:

    Worcester, Massachusetts
    Spring is a little late in arriving here this year…just kicking into gear….should get to the low 70’s today
    We were the Snowiest City at 120 inches this year!

  330. Leslie says:

    Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, BC – Gorgeous morning here 11deg C

  331. Debbie says:

    Hey Jill! I was born in Iowa!!

    These days I’m in Nashville, TN. A lovely day today, but I think we are expecting rain later today. Great for my garden but not my afternoon hiking plans…

  332. Tris says:

    St. Paul, MN
    At 9:25 am – 54 degrees F.

  333. Margaret K. says:

    San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA, but currently visiting farther south on the coast near Morro Bay. 50 degrees F [10 degrees C] here this morning. Rained a bit yesterday and in the night, although not enough to make any difference in our severe drought. Cloudy this morning

  334. Ann says:

    From U.S.A. living in Thinder Bay, Ont. Had rain last night and they promise us more this weekend, GRRR! Have a wonderful weekend Karen!

  335. Anna says:

    Albertville, Minnesota – 55 degrees F and a bit drizzly this morning. Loving the rain for the garden, but I’m ready for sunshine and heat!

  336. Laura says:

    2nd generation to be born and raised in good ‘ol Lebanon (pronounced Leb-a-nun), Oregon (pronounced Or-E-Gun)….and raised our daughters (3rd generation) here – with our four grandchildren (4th generation) being raised here! Not that we don’t GO other places, we just CHOSE to LIVE here.

    We are located in the Central Willamette Valley – one hour drive to the Pacific Ocean, one hour drive to “the big city” of Portland, one hour drive to the mountains, and a one hour drive to the “other” big city – Eugene. To us – it’s PERFECT.

    Temperatures are cooler than normal. Cloudy – with a high of 61 degrees predicted for today. We’re just praying that it doesn’t rain for our granddaughter’s 1st birthday party on Sunday (prayers welcome!).

  337. Barbara says:

    Everett, Washington. Typical messed-up spring weather in the Pacific Northwest. Gray, rainy one minute, beautiful sunshine and blue sky the next! Peonies, tulips, lavender and roses all blooming at the same time. Had a warm, dry winter, plants are confused.

  338. Angela says:

    I’m in Diamond Bluff Wisconsin and it is still cloudy here but the sun is supposed to peek out soon. Have a great weekend Karen!

  339. Teresa Jennings Richardson says:

    Yazoo City, Mississippi–about 250 miles from the Gulf Coast, New Orleans, LA, Mobile AL, and Memphis, TN. It is a little overcast today so I’m in hopes that we might finally get that rain we’ve been promised all week. Temps should get very close to 90 today. My green beans are bearing, my tomatoes are knee high, my glass gem popcorn is almost to the tasseling stage. My sweet corn is just breaking thru the soil and I’m watching for my okra to peek out. I need to be editing my third book so it can be published by this fall, but instead, I’m curled in in the recliner with my mini Doxie, Shadow, reading your blog and trying to remember what it was I told myself I had to do this morning. It must have been something I really don’t want to do because I just cannot remember what was important enough for me to remember I had to do it at 8 am this morning but so unimportant I cannot recall what it was at all.

  340. Lydia says:

    I’m joining you from Alabama! It’s hot and getting hotter. The high is only in the 80s today, but soon it’ll be almost unbearable! And the humidity is great for the frizzies :).

  341. A guy says:

    Here in New Hampshire, where you don’t have to wear a seatbelt and all the fringe presidential candidates clog up the roads, it’s sunny and in the 60’s.

  342. Laura Bee says:

    Just moved to Port Hope, Ontario last November. I *n e v e r* want to move again! Sunny & 17 today, a little cooler by the lake (The lake is a 5 minute bike ride 🙂 ) Love, love, love our now town. I even got a spot at the Wed farmer’s market & next year I hope to replace someone who is leaving the Saturday market 🙂 Port Hope – Keep it Weird!

  343. anne h says:

    Cleveland, Ohio and it’s raining steadily and sort of warm, sort of cool. My phone says 61 degrees F.

  344. Limerick, Pennsylvania….beautiful weather currently in the 60’s but looks like a warm weekend in the 80’s with chance of some rain. I’ll take it! Nice and cool at night…no AC yet!
    Happy Weekend,

  345. Linda says:

    Boise, Idaho where it is raining and supposed to keep on raining for the next few days.

  346. Jennie Lee says:

    I was born a Tennessee Volunteer, but am now a West Virginia Mountaineer. It’s a sunny 81 degrees, and as the sportscaster says, at WVU events, “It’s a great day to be a Mountaineer, wherever you may be!”

  347. Annie1946 says:

    Hi Karen, I’m in Ontario, beautiful Muskoka to be exact and originally from Scotland.
    it is 15°C here and overcast, the black flies are out and I woke up with a cold this morning. Trying to weed my flower gardens but the black flies keep chasing me indoors,glad they only last 3 weeks.

  348. Sarah In Illinois says:

    Martinsville, IL pop. 1100

    It is a little cool for this time of year, high in the lower 70’s. Farmers are needing warmer weather for corn to grow!

  349. Darla says:

    Pauls Valley, Oklahoma…about an hour south of Sarah.
    We have been in an extreme drought with sweltering spring temperatures for several years but have received 6.90 inches so far this month with lower than normal temps.
    I think your sense of humor has attracted a lot of us nuttier than normal readers. Your blog never fails to give me a smile!

  350. Sheila Phelan says:

    New Rochelle, New York

    61 degrees and partly sunny (she said optimistically!) Take Monday off — I always think Mondays off are better than Fridays because you have it to look forward to all weekend. Enjoy it!

  351. Ryn says:

    Suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. It’s about 65° here at 10:50am, but it’s supposed to get up to 75°. Will it happen? I don’t know, it’s Mass and I’ll just wait and see. 🙂

  352. Kris says:

    Just up on top of you on the escarpment, in Carlisle, Ontario. Kind of cool and grey today, but I prefer it to hot and humid!!! Which it could be in an hour here! Nice to meet some of your fans. It’s a small world!!

  353. Erin says:

    In the sticks, 25 minutes north of Wiarton, Ontario.
    Currently 13C and drizzling, matches my mood since we lost a Marans hen last night to ravens.
    Love your blog Karen

  354. Jodi T. says:

    From a little (BIG) town about 30 miles south of Dallas, TX. It’s been raining for the last week and our lakes are over 100% capacity, after having been in a drought for the last few years. They weather people are saying this could last for the next month!!!! Expecting some possible severe weather this weekend and my kids are NOT thrilled. Neither am I.

    Happy Friday & 3 Day Weekend!

  355. SheriS says:

    Northfield, Minnesota –
    Colder trhan normal and still dipping into the 30s at night so I can’t put my plants out yet!
    I think the high today might hit 70 (Those are Farenheit temps!)

  356. amanda says:

    Hello from Pittsburgh, Pa. A lovely 72 degrees here with a bit of sun, a bit of clouds. Everything is getting ready to burst into bloom… my peonies are going to have a glorious season I think! So fascinating to hear where everyone is from. Hello Texas, Michigan, New Zealand, Scotland, Slovenia! Very cool….

  357. Emi Connell says:

    I am visiting from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The weather here is oustanding. 72F now, expected high 84F, low 62F. Perfect. Love your blog!

  358. stefanie vpb says:

    Lakeland Florida

    91 and steamy! Been that way since January!

  359. Patty says:

    New York, USA…upstate NY, not the city. I live west of Albany. Weather has been quite a bit hotter then normal this past few weeks (mids 80F (29C)), until wednesday when it dropped and we had frost warnings. We took a gamble and planted a bit early; luckily the plants survived (way to many too to cover). Currently its overcast and 72F (22C) but the sun is trying to come out. We could definitely use some more rain. Been way to dry, lots of brush and forest fires this year.

  360. Brenda says:

    I’m from Maryland, USA.
    About halfway between Baltimore (Bawlmore) & Annapolis.
    It’s 67 degree F, and according to the weather channel, it’s partly sunny (which really means it’s mostly cloudy).

  361. West Coast Nan says:

    East Vancouver here, we’re at 13 degrees celcius and cloudy right now but hoping for sunshine and warmth for the long weekend! Love your blog Karen, you tackle such intersting topics…

  362. Natallia Golos says:

    I am from Belarus and I don’t see my country in either lists. I looked twice. It’s not a big country to the right of Poland in Eastern Europe. The weather is not the best for May. Could be warmer and I want it warmer. It is as the forecast gives:
    Mostly Cloudy
    Feels Like: 55°
    Wind Chill: 55°
    Wind: 13mph

    As I already wrote I love this blog and I usually read what other people write. It’s interesting to know how you all live in far away lands 🙂

    • Rita says:

      Natallia, Belarus comes in at #101. I thought sure I had seen it. I think it’s fascinating to see where we all come from too. There are places I’ve never heard of before! We probably all need a refresher course in geography. Cheers, Rita (from Australia).

      • Natallia Golos says:

        Thank you, Rita. I was not very attentive. Australia is a wonderful country as I think of it. When I was young I even wanted to move there. Still live in Belarus. 🙂 Love my country. Natallia, Belarus

  363. Jodie says:

    I live in Columbus, Ohio. Seasonably warm today (all all last week!) high of 82 today. Little rain coming this weekend–my flowers are appreciative.

  364. Nic says:

    Detroit! And it is RAINY and GLOOMY, at the moment!

  365. Roberta says:

    North Ridgeville OHIO scattered showers today and a current temp of 71°. I love your wacky sense of humor!

  366. Sheri says:

    Springfield, Missouri, USA. We’re having a spring shower with thunderstorms expected. It was sunny when I walked my dog this morning. Typical day here.

  367. Twyla says:

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cloudy and 55 today. Ready for warm spring weather!

  368. Juana María says:

    I’m from Sevilla, in Spain. It’s so hot here you can literally fry an egg on the pavement. I got hooked by your diy oven post, and I haven’t left since. Since my 12-year-old daughter is madly in love with Canada and she is sure that she will live there some day, there’s great chance that we will meet and be able to say hello in person (Lol).

  369. Kathy M says:

    Smithfield, Virginia – Ham capitol of the world. Sunny and beautiful today, high near 75 degrees.

  370. branique says:

    From Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Am i the only one from here ? Presently it is sunny and 21 C but the nights are cold, below 10C. We had a whole week of summer at the end of april and then, a whole week of automn rain after. So it goes in all directions. Today is not garant of tomorrow.

  371. Lisa says:

    Greetings from Lodi, CA!

    Sunny with a high of 73 today. Splendiferous! We had a little bit of rain yesterday and last night, which makes today a little better, at least I didn’t have to water my plants last night, the parched lawn even got a little drink. Dang drought! Have a great weekend!

  372. Val says:

    Hello from Alberta Karen!

    We live on a beautiful twenty acre spot northeast of Edmonton. We chop our own firewood, ride tractors all day, then rock on the porch swing with some strong coffee to recover. Just recently turned 60, and amazed we made it this far! My husband spends his days in the oilfield, and since I retired, I get to make art ALL DAY LONG. We’re having great weather (at the moment); 20 C daytime, 7 C at night. I just found your blog the other day, and am I ever glad I did. You are the most entertaining writer ever! Have a great day Karen!


  373. BamaCarol says:

    I am from Indian Springs Village, Alabama.


    And my Weather Whiskers app says it is 74 and overcast which by looking out the windows of the sunroom I can validate. Overcast today. With peeks of sunshine though.

  374. Kori F says:

    Vancouver, Washington. Overcast but later today sunny and 67 degrees F.

  375. Amber says:

    I’m from Florida and currently living in Lincoln, NE. Right now we are having a sever thunder storm and it is hailing, which makes me glad I procrastinated and have not planted my tomatoes yet.

  376. Andrea says:

    Started reading your blog when I lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan but now I live in Calgary, Alberta. Today it’s cold out, only 8 degrees right now, and the weekend is typical May Long weather, cold, rainy, it’ll be an inside activities weekend.

  377. Patti says:

    I live in Little Neck, NY, a small Queens neighborhood about 10 miles from NYC proper but right now I’m sitting in my office in midtown. So glad to hear from our Californians that it’s raining! That’s where I want to be but here is where I am. Love you Karen!

  378. Dawn says:

    Tucson, Arizona. It’s only 61 degrees right now, forecast is for 73 today with thunderstorms.

  379. Teri says:

    Hello from sunny Orlando FL In the 80’s, might rain. Still nice.

  380. KowboyK says:

    Hughson CA, a little farming community in the Central Valley. Light rains passed through yesterday, overcast & about 60, beautiful!! Got to get my cherries picked though, before they split!!
    I know I’m the odd man on your site, but I’m kind of a “Can Do” guy, so I really love your blog.

  381. Carole says:

    I grew up on the east coast of Canada. I now live approx. 15 minutes away from you in Burlington, ON so you already know, it’s freakin’ chilly today!

    BTW…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to take a drive out to find your house and walk by just to say Hi Karen! Got any veggies to give away today? lol

  382. janpartist says:

    Kansas City area (FYI-it’s a border city area the includes Kansas and Missouri equally-I work in Kansas and live in Missouri a 15 min drive)

  383. D Peterson says:

    Northern Alberta
    It’s warm and sunny. Just moved my potted plants back onto the deck. might leave them out tonight

  384. lynne says:

    Houston, sunny at the minute.

  385. Sally says:

    I’m here in Portland Oregon. The state that is usually rainy, but it seems everyone else is getting our spring rain and now we are in a drought situation. If it doesn’t rain 360 days a year we dry up and my web feet crack.

  386. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Lewistown in Central Pennsylvania…Temps in the 70’s this week..maybe a thunderstorm today..

  387. Kristen says:

    Norfolk, Nebraska. 64 degrees with thunderstorms in the forecast.

  388. Rondina says:

    Fort Worth, Texas where we have been in an extreme drought for four years. That’s not regular drought (Dallas, where I was born)—it’s more like the California drought. In two weeks only one lake is still below normal water level. Flood gates are open on quite a few lakes. It is not raining at this very moment. Give it a few minutes. I’m relieved that we will have enough water this summer.

    Wish we could give some of this to California.

  389. Michelle Vaughan says:

    We have had an early and beautiful spring here. Today is overcast and a little foggy, but it is a warm 54 degrees. Not raining at my house on Beacon Hill in South Seattle!

  390. Janis Brennan says:

    Ocala, Florida
    A cool breeze in the shade and 81 at noon.

  391. Nancy says:

    Howdy from Texas! About 1 1/2 hours west of Ft. Worth. Rain in the forecast with a predicted high of 82F. Local lake (drinking water source) is now at 100% capacity (and the spillway is running) due to recent rains. Thats UP from 8% capacity just 30 days ago. Thankful for the rain, my flower garden is in full bloom.

  392. Ellen says:

    in Ottawa – warm & sunny – lovely!! I’m from Toronto originally, DH is from Kingston, Ontario.

  393. Connie S. says:

    Local girl from Toronto 🙂
    Started out all sunshiny this morning but overcast now . Weather can’t make up its mind here either. We went from a longgg cold winter directly to summer with a few days of 30’s C and now it’s back to cool temps again.
    Happy 2-4 weekend, eh !

  394. Jack Ledger says:

    Renfrew, Ontario, Canada…………………the heart of the Ottawa Valley.
    Weather is 20 degrees celcius and overcast.

  395. Theda says:

    Hello from the West Coast of Central Florida!

  396. lavacha says:

    Leer, northwest corner of Germany, 21°C and sunny, so I got the tomatoes in the ground today and the herbs are spouting.

  397. Jo Ann says:

    Hi from Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada, population 2000, weather is partly sunny, high of 17C today, rain expected all weekend and going down to -3 overnight on Sunday.

  398. Hazo says:

    Chilliwack, BC, in the Fraser Valley, about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver. Lovely morning, clouds starting to break up and lift from mountains, sun showing through. About 14 C. Great gardening weather, so off I go!

  399. GiGi says:

    Winthrop, WA Sunny and 60 degrees. Beautiful day in the valley

  400. Jennifer says:

    Another Kansas City, MISSOURI

  401. Angela says:

    LA here too! Thunder and lightning and hail last night (the cats thought it was the end of the world!) and now rain and debris this morning. I put all my potted plants out from under the porch this morning so they can soak up all the water.

  402. CG says:

    Delmar, NY — right outside Albany!

    Weather right now is PERFECT. Chilly in the shade and warm in the sunshine, the type of weather that invites a quick jog around the block and opening up the front door to let in the fresh air.

  403. Safetydog says:

    Memphis, Tennessee. High in the 80s today, with scattered thunderstorms all weekend. Cold front expected on Monday, bringing more rain. But please no tornadoes!

  404. Erica says:

    Virginia, USA. Slightly cooler than normal and beautifully sunny.

  405. Jane C. says:

    Parry Sound, ON. 15 degrees, cloudy with showers – because I was supposed to cut the grass today. Right now I have to go shopping, before the usual hoard of summer residents and tourists descend on our town for the long weekend and make it impossible. I too have been moving my two flats of plants into the garage at night because it has been so cold here. Two days ago I was wearing my winter jacket!

  406. pat barford says:

    Edmonton, AB. Sunny and a bit breezy. Kind of springy. Shout out to the other Edmontonians.

  407. LisaS says:

    East Liverpool, Ohio, U.S. Although right now I’m at work in Youngstown, Ohio. And I’m originally from Beaver County, PA. East Liverpool is halfway between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. GO STEELERS! The weather has been warmer lately than our usual spring… about 75/80. But right now it’s overcast and rainy, pretty typical.

  408. ally says:

    A riddle: I could drive to your house in likely 30-40 minutes (but I won’t, I’m not like that) but if you drove to my house, you’d likely say “well that was worth the drive to XXXXX”. Our weather is likely similar with mine being slightly cooler, being as it’s slightly north and east of you.

  409. Susan Claire says:

    Fallbrook, CA! It’s cloudy and drizzly here today, hoping for sunshine tomorrow.

  410. Gretchen Sexton says:

    Birmingham, Alabama. 80 degrees F, Partly cloudy, with thundershowers predicted later today and tomorrow.

  411. Megan says:

    Beautiful beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, where currently it’s in the mid-70’s with a mix of clouds and sun; clouds will increase with the advent of a cold front coming through early next week.

  412. Jennifer says:

    Mostly Riverdale in Toronto but I spend summers in Waupoos , the County.

  413. Janice says:

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its been rainy and chilly for the past week, but apparently its going to be hot (and rainy) tomorrow….then just cloudy and chilly again.

  414. Aspasia says:

    Exotic Toronto 😉 It’s chilly today and on the verge of raining, but supposedly that’s just due to a warm front that’s going to make for a lovely weekend. Happy Victoria Day!

  415. Adele says:

    Westdale – Hamilton but have also lived in 3 out of your top 5 countries. I was born in UK and my daughter was born in Australia 🙂 As for the weather, Karen can just look out the winter to know what my weather is.

  416. Theresa says:

    Fort Worth, Texas…it’s been raining here for weeks now. Today the high is 82, low 73…thunderstorms tonight.

  417. Annio says:

    Middle of Kansas. It is clearing after morning rain. My mom always said it was a sin to complain about rain in Kansas since we are almost always in need of more.

  418. Massilianana says:

    Bonjour , I am from Marseille, South of France – I don’t comment usually but I enjoy your sense of humour , your writing skills and your ideas. It is unusually “cold” for the season here, with twenty degrees Celsius and incredibly strong wind – a regular in our region, called Le Mistral – blowing up to 100km/hour. We’ ve lost nearly ten degrees, compared to last week ! Anyway, with so much wind, we get a crisp blue sky, as a consolation prize ☺️

  419. Thandi says:

    I’ll add my name to the little list of people from Cape Town, South Africa. But I’m currently reading your blog from a tiny apartment in Rome. Just sipping wine, eating pizza, making my family jealous. I believe Cape Town is a little chilly right now, but the weather in Rome has been perfect. I’m sorry, I think my smug is showing.

  420. Susan Robinson says:

    Chehalis, Washington USA

    Cloudy but dry with sun promised later.

    PS I love your blog!

  421. celeste says:

    Central California. Currently we are experiencing cooler than normal weather, (61 now and high of 73), with rain yesterday. It’s only fair because we had been having “warmer” (I say hotter) than normal. A good 10 to 12 degrees hotter. The humans in this home like the cooler weather. I would be willing to go to 72 or 73 degrees at the highest, but our fur-babies (Dobermans) seem to enjoy the warmer temps. They like to sunbathe! The Scandinavian is us is quite dominate and the sun does a number on our skin if we let it. (I don’t really trust sunscreen; I had a bad experience with the non-protection I got.) We are NOT looking forward to summer. We thought the San Francisco South Bay got hot. We are going in to our second summer here and, well, I do not think I need to say more.

  422. Tina says:

    i am Canadian. Live in South Carolina. And am currently vacationing in Dubrovnik where it’s warm but cloudy and windy. It was perfect weather to walk along the medieval wall.

  423. Shirley says:

    I’m from Tweed in Southern Ontario — remember the beaver dam with the satellite dish and the Canadian flag, Karen? — but writing tonight from sunny Bergen, Norway. We spent the day on a fjord safari in a motorized pontoon boat. What a beautiful part of the world this is!

  424. Angie S says:

    Bellevue Nebraska! 65F and thunderstorms, which is the general rule of thumb around here these days.
    You should definitely take Monday off and spend some extra time with Cuddles, admiring your shed!

  425. Paula says:

    Shawnee, KS near Kansas City. We just had some rain go through. It was feeling pretty humid before the rain. Supposed to be in the 70’s today.

  426. mickey says:

    I come from the mountain in Hamilton Ontario. It’s not really a mountain. It’s just a really, really big hill.

  427. DianneT says:

    Calgary, Alberta

    It’s only 9C today and overcast.

  428. Torontoland in the Province of Ontarioland in Canadaland.

  429. Cathy says:

    Shrewsbury, Massachusetts where it is an overcast 74 degrees and looking at rain tomorrow, which we really need. Looking forward to moving to Cape Cod in the next several months once we sell our behemoth!

  430. Sara says:

    Portland, Oregon….today is a bright overcast, though yesterday and most of the spring has been clear and sunny, and unusually warm. hardly any of our customary rain. Our snowpack is only at 11% of what it should be, we are in for a dry summer.
    Love your blog

  431. Linda B says:

    Nolensville, TN! A big hey to all the other TN gals on here, and an even bigger hey to Betty! Hope you feel better soon, ladyfriend. Food poisoning is no joke. xoxo.

  432. Sakura S. says:

    New York City (however, I’m in Queens), NY. Is that confusing? Maybe because New York City is comprised of five boroughs, not just Manhattan. I can wave to the Manhattan skyline from the roof of my building. BUT – I really miss trees. I go visit them in Central Park when I can.

    Right now the weather is spectacular: 72 degrees, sunny, breezy and dry. We will only have around five days like this in an entire year. Trying to get the most out of this one!

  433. Becky says:

    Greenville, South Carolina. It’s 72 and cloudy here

  434. STELLA says:

    I started reading while I was living in Belize and homesick for Canada, and now read in northern Ontario.

  435. YvonneM says:

    Greetings, Karen from sunny Surrey, British Columbia! A very comfortable 23° today, but with some overcast. I’m originally from the North East of Scotland until I had the good sense to fall in love with, and marry, a Canadian. As I say, I’m Scottish by birth but Canadian by choice♥. And I love your blog!

  436. Anne says:

    I’m in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I work for The Man, which had given me the opportunity to live in amazing places. I live viariously through amazing bloggers like you. My one semi-DIY project going on is my garden, where I am growing illegal Arugala, which is so hot I can’t eat more than five bites. I had no idea of the powers of Arugala.

  437. Rural Quebec. (Not to get into politics, but it IS a completely different… ball game (yes I’ll go with ball game — not as loaded as “culture”, right?) from Canada (perhaps every province and territory can and should claim that)).

  438. Deb says:

    Chicago, IL here. 66 degrees. Mostly cloudy but sun finally starting to peek through. Nice enough for my kindergartener to ride her bike to school today while I walked with the little guy in the stroller. Yes, Spring is finally here!

  439. andree masters says:

    I am from a very rural part of inland Andalusia in southern Spain….I am Scottish from Edinburgh and moved to Spain 15 yes ago I love it! I taught myself to build and have renovated a 200 yr old farmhouse …your chicken blog made me build a henhouse ….now I have 8 hens and 2 cockerels….I have 12 rescue dogs ..am honery mum to 30 feral cats who bring me thier kittens if they are ill …..also part of my family includes 2 parrots numerous love birds…….fish frogs and 2 rescued hedgehogs ….your site inspires me every day …..thank you xxx

    • Pam says:

      Wow, Andree, your life sounds amazing! Do you take paying guests if they promise to help with the critters? 🙂

  440. Vicky says:

    Detroit Michigan USA. Actually a suburb of Detroit, Westland But no one has ever heard of Westland MI. The weather here is overcast and looking like rain. We don’t need any more rain, thank you very much. My grass in my backyard is a foot deep and the ducks are swimming in the giant puddle in the middle of it.

  441. Vanessa says:

    I’m in the middle of Wine Country in Northern California, (that’s Sonoma to you). I was living in Aurora Colorado when I first found your blog. Right now I’m at work looking out my window over the Valley of the Moon, (seriously, that’s what they call it) Blue skies with fluffy white clouds and a perfect 68 degrees.

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  442. Jenny W says:

    Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada! Salmon Fishing capital of the World, and it’s a beautiful sunny day 🙂

  443. Silver says:

    Virginia Beach, VA here. It’s a lovely 73 degree Spring afternoon.
    Just stumbled upon your blog looking for DIY lazy susans and I have been stuck in the tar baby since. Love it!

  444. Erin says:

    Vancouver, BC
    It is overcast but warm. I plan to plant my tomato seedlings this weekend.

  445. Lisa says:

    It is a beautiful day here in Greenville, SC, USA with the temperature of 80F/26C. Blue skies that go on forever.
    I love your blog though I do not remember how I stumbled on it.

  446. Cara says:

    Minneapolis MN where it’s beautifully sunny but a little cool at 60F. Watching my daughters chickens forage in the backyard for something nummy.

  447. Janet says:

    From Memphis, TN, USA and it is hot and rainy here today. I enjoy your blog and consider it one of the most interesting that I have read. I can’t imagine you ever posting a “tablescape” and if you should I would probably have to unsubscribe. You are just more about real life that that.

  448. Jeannie says:

    Northridge, CA. May gray and 64.

  449. Holly says:

    Washingtonian (DC) transplanted to Fairfield, CT. 70 and sunny right now. Planted my first annuals today… Late! It’s been a chilly spring, no need for A/C yet.

  450. Beth Nosworthy says:

    San Diego. RAIN!!!!!!!

  451. Tres Davis says:

    Austin, Texas here. It has been raining a lot! We need it to fill our lakes and it is keeping our temperatures down so that is a good thing!

  452. Pam says:

    I live in Trumansburg, NY , just out side of Ithaca, NY in the Finger Lakes region of central New York State. It is cloudy here , raining a little and about 60 degrees. We run a B and B on our small farm.

  453. Peggy says:

    Conway, Arkansas It started off rainy but the sun has come out. We are supposed to have a rainy weekend too.

  454. Rachel says:

    Arizona…the sunshine state. Also known as, the hot as hell state in the summer. But I love it.

  455. ellen says:

    I live in Buffalo, NY, and I followed you when I lived in Lake City, FL. I learned abt your blog from a friend in Laguna Beach, CA! The weather today is temperate, little but of rain

  456. Patti Parham says:

    I am from a little town called Pacific Junction, IA, We have trains, trains and more trains run through our town everyday! The weather has been wet with a chance for storms this weekend, typical weather for this part of the world.

  457. beth says:

    Kalamazoo, southwest Michigan – always enjoy your posts!

  458. Los Angeles, California–and it’s finally raining! And almost cold! Well, it’s probably about 68 degrees outside right now, at 2:52 in the afternoon, but to us that’s cold for midday in May. But did I mention it’s been raining?! My chickens are all wet and bedraggled, and there are actual puddles on the streets, and the mountains are shrouded in clouds, and everything! Woot!

  459. karla says:

    Tillamook, on the beautiful Oregon coast. It’s spring and I’m in a room with no windows, so I can’t tell you if it’s cloudy or sunny or rainy, but it’s probably in the high 50’s (F).

  460. ellen says:

    Beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts. Blessed spring is here, high today 66. Wishing for rain, though.

  461. Steph says:

    Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s chilly and rainy today, but I’m not complaining because we had a horribly dry winter and my garden is loving the moisture. It’s also keeping me from harrassing my new honeybees, who don’t like to be bothered on chilly, rainy days, but whom I really want to keep peeking at.

  462. Teddee Grace says:

    Boulder, Colorado. Inordinately rainy for an inordinately long time for this time of year and a little chilly.

  463. I’m from sunny and warm Victoria BC – warm enough to plant out my bean seedlings!
    Happy long weekend-

  464. Suzanne says:

    Boulder , Colorado

    A bit of everything today. Coldish morning, then sun, pounding rain, now grey. Never above 61 F. In 3 weeks we’ll be bitching about the heat…

  465. Lindsay says:

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but more specifically than that a very small town called Linglestown Square. It’s quaint and quiet yet 8 minutes away are huge shopping centers and 15+ minutes away is the city. And dispersed all around us are small farm lands. It’s the best of everything IMO. 🙂 The weather was beautiful and sunny all day up until and hour ago when it suddenly because dark and chilly. I’m thinking rain is soon on the way. We need it!

  466. LazySusan says:

    California, 1.5 hours by car southeast of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Currently in the very low 60’s, which is a little low for this time of year, but it was uncharacteristically warm during the entire winter, excepting just a couple of weeks of very cold weather.

  467. Debbie from Illinois says:

    I’m from northern Illinois. We are having gorgeous weather and the lilacs blooming. Alleluia !!!!!

  468. Diane says:

    I’m here in Wilmington, N.C. Weather great between 75 and 80.

  469. Cindy says:

    USA – Northeast Georgia to be exact. The weather’s been beautiful this week. It looks like rain now, but we’ll have to wait and see. Have a great weekend!

  470. Tracy says:

    I am from the mushroom capitol of the world, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania! Today is my favorite kind of day, warm, humid and smelling like dirty baby diapers all around town. I’m sure you’re jealous! It’s actually a lovely place to live, and you can’t beat having fresh mushrooms year round.

  471. Ally says:

    I’m from Oshkosh WI (Wisconsin) and right now it’s cloudy, windy, and Warm-ish….Our weather is weird lol…

  472. Dianna says:

    Your home town of Dundas Ontario. Where is summer?

  473. Shauna says:

    Same as your first poster – San Diego, California. As it is with rain here, it’s already done and lovely and sunny out. So, last night downpour of rain, and right now at 5:03 p.m. it’s sunny. That pretty much sums up weather in San Diego. It actually seems to only rain at night, so it was quite the shock when the rain continued into the afternoon here.

  474. marilyn says:

    wow so cool to see where everyone is from..i think i am one of the only fundasians here..that would be our hometown of DUNDAS,ONTARIO,CANADA where every day is FUN!!!

  475. CindyBK says:

    Just south of Seattle, Washington. Been off and on spring for weeks, and today is no different. It 5:15, 5/15. and a little more than 15º (C) (mid 60’s F) and it looks like rain is eminent, though DH just came home and said it was like summer out there. I really like the variety of your posts, and though I don’t have chickens, my sis does, so I get a little laugh out of their antics. BTW I had to wait 6 minutes to post this (just for my own entertainment).

  476. Holly says:

    Baltimore, Maryland

    68 degrees, it’s a nice cool spring evening. No rain today but expect some tomorrow.

  477. JFarmar says:

    Checking in from New York City….beautiful sunny day, in the 70’s. Just visiting, normally read your blog in Boulder, CO. Keep up the fabulous blog! XOXO

  478. Beth W. says:

    Gloucester, Massachusetts, America’s oldest fishing port and home to America’s oldest Art Colony on the “other Cape”. We had a beautiful sunset tonight, mid 50’s and calm on the water with possibly some much-needed rain tomorrow.

    What fun to see all the comments! I don’t remember how I found your blog but have been reading for a couple of years anyway….. Thank you!

  479. Susan says:

    Danville, Kentucky. It’s warm and humid, like early summer. Too bad we missed a real spring.

  480. virginia says:

    Gig Harbor, Washington located south and west of Seattle. Nice enough to spend the afternoon reading on the deck with sunshine and light breeze.

  481. Carlette says:

    I spent my formative years in Rabbithash, KY, US. There is a dog mayor and has been for ages. Now I live in Ohio.

  482. Sylvie says:

    I am from Quebec City.
    We’ve had gorgeous weather today, but the risk of frost is never very far.
    Anyway, it’s warm enough that I could plant my tomatoes and peppers in my greenhouse.

  483. Susan says:

    Hello! I live in Maine, USA next to Sebago Lake. 3rd largest in Maine. Beautiful place. Weather a bit colder now due to the ice recently melting out, but in the Fall we stay warmer a bit longer as the lake retains the summer warmth.All snow gone for about 3 weeks now.Planning on planting cold crops tomorrow such as kale, spinach, lettuces…going to be a bit trickier this year just broke 2 leg bones and 1 foot bone. Bummer. Karen, keep up the good blog, fun and educational. I’m up late at night so your post is the last thing I read before getting ready to sleep. Comes in each day just after midnight.

  484. Denise says:

    Northern Illinois, Ingleside It has been overcast and mid 60’s all day

  485. Deana says:

    Dundas Ontario, a few block away from you. Just stick your head out the door, my weathers the same.

  486. Pat Kichinko says:

    Carrollton, GA USA. I’m in the Deep South, and the weather is, too. We’ve gotten up to 90 degrees F already. Too hot, too soon.

  487. Debison says:

    Lansing, Michigan The weather here tonight is about 60. It’s been raining for the last few days but sunshine is on its way.

  488. Jan says:

    Along the Ohio River east of Cincinnati. Glorious spring with warm sun and cool air. Rain this weekend with temps in the low 70’s. Beautiful blooming dogwoods, azaleas, irises, and many others. Love it!

  489. Brendolyn Childs says:

    I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana and it is currently raining outside. It’s about 73 degrees. I

  490. Jen says:

    Rahway NJ – 61 degrees tonight, rainy and we are expecting a high of 87 degrees tomorrow. Hopefully my allergies will get better soon!

  491. Jody says:

    Sault Ste. Marie, MI . We are in Michigan’s upper peninsula on the Canadian border of Sault Are. Marie, Ontario.

  492. KarlawithaK says:

    I live in Surrey, BC. Please no jokes, I’ve heard them all!

  493. Rita says:

    Hi Karen! I live about an hour’s drive north of Adelaide, South Australia. It’s sunny but cool after a week of drab, showery weather. For heading into winter, my garden looks more like it’s springtime with all the plants that are in flower. The birds are loving them and visiting my birdbaths, so I’m a happy camper.

    Love your blog (the only blog I read), the laughs and lightheartedness, and the boot up the bum to DO stuff, which is sorely needed and has inspired me in so many ways. Guess I must have good taste in reading material, because people from 198!!! countries agree with me, lol.

  494. Lori says:

    Don’t Laugh.
    I swear I didn’t know until we were at the Title Company and signed the paperwork on the house.
    Wait for it…..
    Beaver, WA
    I know.
    Love your blog!!

  495. DebRek says:

    Martinez, CA
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Yesterday we received some much needed rain, and some lightening and thunder. Not enough to put a dent in the drought, but still so nice.
    Today cool and sunny, colder than average, temperatures only in the 60’s.

  496. Gypsy says:

    I live in Chandler Arizona (east valley of Phoenix) at the moment but I will be a “Cali girl” for life! I love my southern California……now if only I could still afford to live there. I Chandler it has been raining off & on all day along with some thunder rumbling through. After 4 1/2 years in Seattle, what’s a little rain, lol.

  497. Tricia says:

    Edmonton, AB in glorious Canada. However, the weather isn’t glorious for the start of the May long! Overcast and gloomy with a chilly wind.

  498. Singapore! But I’m from Canada. We met once – or was it twice? I’m sure you’d remember me because I’m ridiculously good-looking. I can’t help it. It’s not Maybelline, I was born with it.

    I like pizza.

  499. Paula says:

    I’m from Lisbon, Portugal! The weather is perfect… Summer officialy apears in June but is hot and we allready went to the beach and go again this weekend :). Love your criativity… and your sense of humour!

  500. Dominic says:

    Just across the border, south of Buffalo, in Orchard Park, NY. 57F tonight.

  501. Jen says:

    Nova Scotia…where we are having a beautiful, well deserved summer like long weekend! Sunny and 24 for today….perfect for gardening…and drinking a beer. 🙂

  502. Lee says:

    Hi! I live in Horsham, Victoria, Australia. We are approaching winter but experienced a beautiful sunny day today. Cold, frosty morning of -2 degrees (Celsius ). Love reading everyone’s comments, and especially love your blog. Enjoy your weekend!

  503. Nina says:

    Hungary, sunny, 19 C


  504. Kim Steinmetz says:

    Lexington, KY. It’s raining today but that’s good because we have had a little dry spell here.

  505. Betsy says:

    Limerick, PA…it’s sunny right now..birds are singing!

  506. Ronna-Laine Flowers says:

    Thought this would be fun to answer. I very rarely leave comments on websites but I do litter YouTube and Disqus so why not.
    I hail from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Not too far from you if I am not mistaken. It’s early Saturday morning and today’s weather is ‘suppose’ to be sunny and high of 23c. Yippee!
    Have an awesome long weekend!!

  507. Ei Con says:

    Raleigh, NC but used to be a Hudson Valley New Yorker. We’re 2 hours to the ocean, 4 hours to the mountains. 10 hours to my family and 8 hours to Disney World!! Perfect location especially in spring and fall. And the daffodils are up in February: just when you need ’em. 70’s and sunny today. Garden is ready to harvest lettuce, spinach, snow peas and broccoli.

  508. Myra says:

    Reading your blog on this sunny morning from a tiny oceanside village in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! The ocean looks like a sheet of glass this morning 🙂

  509. thera says:

    Also in Ontario, just outside a small town north of Oshawa but about to relocate to Kitchener/Waterloo

  510. maggie van sickle says:

    Hey Karen I am coming to you from Buckhorn Lake, Ennismore, Ont. and the weather here this A.M is sunny and bright but cool with a chance of rain tonite. Have a great weekend. Cheers Maggie

  511. Andrea says:

    Yes!! You do remember!! Egg-cellent!

  512. Marianne Pendleton says:

    Queens, NY – it’s hot, rainy, cold – all over the map!

  513. Marilyn says:

    Hi – I am from Mnini, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Mnini is a rural area, about 40Km south of Durban, so find your info on veggies, chickens etc very helpful & interesting – also really enjoy you sense of humour and creativity – keep it up. We have our own free range chickens – local ‘Zulu chickens’ with long legs & very hardy – who give us much joy & regular breakfast eggs. Today the weather in partly cloudy & about 22 deg C – autumn down here.

  514. Darcy says:

    IOWA!!! Chilly and has been raining. But the lush green is wonderful!! Have a great weekend!!!

  515. Michelle says:

    Ontario, in cottage country right now. cool and misty out. Glad for your wings so far spread out, good for you, you deserve it!

  516. Larita says:

    Fort St. John in northeastern BC, Canada. We’ve had an early and unusually warm spring (seriously, the snow all melted like, a month ago!), and for the first May long weekend I can remember, there doesn’t appear to be a snowstorm headed our way. Maybe some rain this afternoon, but right now the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, trees are turning green; I might even get my garden in this weekend.

  517. Ben says:

    Las Vegas, Nevada. Weather is perfect here this time of year. Not too hot yet. Expecting rain this weekend sometime, maybe, don’t know if it will or not. Hi Betty, don’t eat the crusty green stuff in the jar girl, that’s gross… the layer below might still be okay though, good luck. Just kidding. Have a great weekend Karen, and all the rest of you too.

  518. Kelli says:

    I don’t want to say you’re easy, Karen, but TAODS sure does get around (the world!) That’s a mighty impressive following you have. Sorry aboot Canada not being number one, eh? Ya hoser.

    I’m in Dallas, TX *waves to Edith* which this year seems to have miraculously morphed into Seattle. It’s been raining practically non-stop for at least a month or more. While we need it badly, pretty soon imma be looking for a bridge to jump from.

  519. Olga says:

    Corona California, in the past 17 years. Originally from Russia. I was a mail order bride of course. (o:

    • Karen says:

      You were not! How does that work?! What if you don’t like the guy?! Let me guess. You’re divorced now, lol. 😉 ~ karen!

      • Olga says:

        Yes yes I was hot! Oh, that’s not what you said…No I was not, but everyone usually assume that once I mention that I’m Russian and my husband is an American. But he was actually the one who had himself advertised to a whole Eastern Europe. What do you mean if you don’t like the guy? What if you like him and then a year later you don’t (or he doesn’t)? It’s all gambling really. (o:
        In late 90s “Russian Brides” were as popular as Vanilla Ice in early 90’s. So my significant other was very interested in one as well lol.Nope, still married. And no he is not dead. lol

  520. Pam B says:

    Hiya Karen!!! And everyone from around this big ole planet!!! I’m from the foothills area in western North Carolina, USA. It’s Saturday afternoon here and a nice 76F. Overcast today too. Next week predicting highs in the lower nineties. So summer seems to be upon us. Sure was a short spring. Love this blog Karen, you always keep me laughing. Enjoy your long weekend. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

  521. jj jordan says:

    Denver Colorado- yes pot is legal. No I’m not high. 🙂

  522. Carole says:

    Fort Pierce, Florida about midway on the east coast of Florida. Little cloudy but 85 degrees with a wonderful breeze off the ocean. Could use some rain, but pretty soon will be having the every afternoon thunder storms. Congratulations on your worldwide readership!

  523. Dana says:

    I live in Athens, Greece. It’s been sunny and warm-ish today (somewhere in the mid-20s C), with summer and its heat waves just around the corner.
    Just found out that pot is legal in Denver btw, and I’m very impressed. Your comment section is always so informative! 😉

  524. bx says:

    Glossop, England.
    I’m on holiday at the moment but it normally rains quite a lot.

  525. Alicia says:

    Louisville, KY. Overcast with temps in the mid-70’s

  526. Patt Rimmer says:

    Spruce Grove, Alberta Freeze your ass off Canada.

    Is 5 degrees Celsius but feels like 2 right now. Calling for flurries this weekend. Will summer EVER get here?

  527. Lynne says:

    I’m from Kimberley, B.C which is in the East Kootenays and it is currently a rainy 15 C here. We are enclosing part of the carport so very happy for cooler temperatures and the rain isnt bothering us seeing as we are under cover 🙂

  528. Kathy says:

    I live in beautiful Coldstream, British Columbia, Canada. It is gorgeous and sunny and around 28 degrees Celcius right now. That’s about 82.5 Farenheit for you Americans. I live across from Kalamalka Lake and there are lots of boaters heading out on the water this May long weekend. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

  529. Katie says:

    I am a loyal reader from Chicago. It has been really rainy here lately…great weather for pulling weeds, which slip right out of the ground!

    I visited LA yesterday, where the talk of the town was the thunderstorm many commenters already mentioned. The Kindergarten teachers I worked with there had the audacity to complain that “graphing the weather here is so boring! It’s sunny every single day!” That’s a great problem to have!

  530. Sarita says:

    Detroit Rock City!

    Fun fact: we’re the only place in the US where you have to take a short drive south to cross the border into Canada. Cool, eh?

  531. Tracy E G says:

    Hello from Indianapolis IN. It was to be the first day of qualifying at the track (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) but with rainy skies, no show today. If temps hover in the low 70’s, and we have overcast skies again tomorrow, speeds should be fast and records could be broke. As for me on this humid evening with the temp at 71, I’m brainstorming on how I want to do my balcony this year. Hence how I made it here. Have a good one everybody!

  532. Margot says:

    i am from New Maryland, New Brunswick, Canada, where it was 27* today and beautifully sunny. I have my seedlings in my little green house because I do not trust the frost to be done yet!

  533. Jenn says:

    I’m from Ontario, Canada about 1.5 hours away from Karen. Here it is warm and sunny today, but a half hour north of us today was overcast, windy and chilly. So, there’s Ontario weather for you – different in every half hour drive!

  534. Jen says:

    Where am I from or where do I live? I’m a military spouse so, that’s a hard one. I’m from California but I grew up in the Washington DC area also. And once I got married, I moved back and forth between California and DC for my husband’s job. A few times. Until we moved to Kansas. And after that, the Netherlands. But then we moved back to DC. Until we moved to Alabama for a year. Before moving back to DC. So, it’s complicated 😉

  535. Alton Molnar says:

    Traverse City Michigan – 72 F today, 79 F Sunday, 80 F Monday 51 F Tuesday (of course this is golf league night)

  536. Stephanie Everson says:

    Saint Paul, Minnesota (across the street from Roseville), USA

    It’s kinda hot here because we’re scheduled to have a thunderstorm.
    Otherwise, it’s generally pleasant, and sort of spring-rainy most of
    the time. Thanks, by the way, for asking.

  537. Jenifgrr says:

    St. Cloud, Minnesota. 72 degrees F and waiting for a thunderstorm to start. By the looks of the sky, it should be a good one!

  538. Rose Petal says:

    I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Weather – It was a hot humid day. I have the news on right now because we are under a tornado warning. Hopefully things will pass us, but there have been touchdowns to the west of us. The weather man is saying the storm is headed to the city. Here’s hoping our night is quiet.

  539. gloria says:

    Expatriated Floridian living and freezing in western NY. No, I lie, it’s finally warming up, which means my hair will be frizzing up and my allergies flaring up. I Heart NY.

  540. Karen C says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m a stone’s throw away on the Hamilton Mountain. It’s great to see where everyone is from. And as far as the weather today….just look out your window!!!!

  541. Julie says:

    Hello from Atlanta, GA where it’s a nice 73 at 11 pm.

  542. Stephbo says:

    Decatur, GA. Weather has been gorgeous, quite warm (80’s) with no humidity during the day and 60’s at night. The pollen has been one giant pain in the butt though.

  543. Polly says:

    Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

    Chilly drizzle here and today I’ve drenched the sheep, checked all the beehives and done part one of the great autumn chicken coop clean-out. Just heading out to feed the horses and rug them up, going to be a cold night!

  544. Susan in Peckham says:

    I live in Peckham (south east London in the UK) and this morning is cool but sunny. I’ve just put a load of sheets in the washer and will be hanging them out in the sunshine to dry 🙂

  545. Kim says:

    Gonzales, Louisiana
    78 degrees with 100% humidity at 2:15 am

  546. Carmen Greene says:

    Bay Area, California or as I like to call it- Paradise. (Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Boz Scaggs) and it’s a Funky 52 degrees. Hi, Karen’s Mom!

  547. Becky says:

    In Annville, Pennsylvania, it is a balmy 66 degrees this morning, but expected to reach a humid 78 degrees this afternoon. We had our first “summer storm” last night, with rain and crazy lightning. I love those storms!!!

  548. Marie says:

    Brussels, Belgium. We have a sunny day and no, I don’t eat waffels 😉

  549. Lea says:

    Hi Karen, Innisfil, Ontario.

  550. Linda says:

    New Jersey, USA…this Sunday morning the weather is 75 and partly sunny…it’s hopefully going to be a beautiful day!! (By the way, I’ve got my sweet potatoes cut up and soaking…I’ll be trying your cornstarch-coated sweet potato fries today!!)

  551. Cathy Reeves says:

    Just a teeny bit behind on email. Quitting one job, getting ready to begin another…
    Anyway, I have probably alluded to my being born/raised/live in Columbus Ohio in previous posts.
    C-bus is like an old pair of jeans; comfy and you can go out in public in them. And they last and last, even get better with time.
    Rainy and humid this weekend, I have had to turn the A/C on so I can sleep and awake up & look confident for the aforementioned new job.
    Hope warm weather returns soon to ‘your neck of the woods’.

  552. patty reed-pederson says:

    Stillwater, MN. Raining all weekend here. I love checking in on your blog. Keep up the good work. Your honestly real!

  553. Michiel says:

    Belgium represent!

    Antwerp to be more precise.

    The weather here is sunny, perfect spring weather. Not too hot, neither too cold.
    Also perfect weather for working on the terrace, and enjoying a bit of fresh air.

  554. Andria says:

    Cleveland, OH

    Love this blog!

  555. Jill says:

    Originally from Nova Scotia, I’m typing this from my home of the past four years in the Western Cape of South Africa. It was an incredibally beautiful autumn day today, but is chilly in the evenings as we approach the winter months.

  556. ralph says:

    In Maple Ridge, British Columbia
    Sunny and warm..surprised to hear that Nancy,above was having rain,but that’s the way the pellet drops here on or near the Pacific Northwest coast.
    Patching the lawn today.

  557. Shelia says:

    Olive Branch, Mississippi. It’s 81° and lunch is about to go on the grill.

  558. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s sunny and 86 F and humid here – it’s going down to 69F and raining tonight. My husband is currently living in RI where it’s 83F and 53F tonight (I think he has the better deal weather wise right now). Love your blog.

  559. Rienderien says:

    Salut from France

    Whilst you are imagining your French readers milking goats on the mountainside, and some may well do, I’m living in the very international part of France just across the border from Switzerland and actually inside the biggest physics experiment in the world (the LHC is a 27km ring so quite a lot of us live inside it!). I haven’t seen any goats round here but cows are a big thing. Over in Switzerland they still decorate them with flowers to bring them down from the winter pastures on the mountains.

    And there is a lot of walking going on – I’m not sure I would call it strolling since it often involves lycra and sometimes sticks.

    Weather has been rather nice recently but it did snow on the top the mountains on Thursday.



  560. Zefty says:

    Hi….Iam originally from Indonesia but living in north-west of France since 2008. Today is pretty warm, around 15°C, sun is here all day but little bit windy. And just to reassure you, I’m not visiting your blog hundred times a day, so then France came in the 6th place. You really have fans from France, I guess 😉

  561. Sue E says:

    Brisbane, Australia. Had some rain this morning. Great for watering in the seedlings I planted yesterday. Autumn is a good growing season here. I’ve been harvesting tomatoes and cucumbers. So, late Autumn and day time temperatures between 22 and 26 celsius.

  562. Linda Moore says:

    I’m up here in the Yukon enjoying 23 C with clear skies and at least a week more to go of this weather. We would like some of your rain, please, Texas, as the wildfire hazard is extremely high right now forest fires are one of our big fears as we live out in the country surrounded by forest.

  563. kbonikowsky says:

    Snoqualmie, WA USA!

    Love reading your words, you Canadian, you.

  564. Fran says:

    Beautiful Dundas, Ontario

  565. Marcy says:

    From Grass Lake, Michigan. This is so interesting! So many people from all over the planet! We could start our own country and Karen could be our president! Weather? 80 degrees today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday) 50 degrees on Tuesday.

  566. LisaB says:

    Overland Park, KS. Suburb of Kansas City. Weather: perfect…for a few more weeks…windows and doors open. Followed your blog since your glass fire pit posting.

  567. Monica says:

    Denver, Colorado. Do you get results from RSS feeds? I read you on feedly.

  568. Paula says:

    North East Alabama!

  569. Karen says:

    Sacramento, California
    Today is was in the 70s with a few clouds. A nice spring day.

  570. mel says:

    Brugg, Switzerland
    nice spring weather, did harvest the first cucumber out of the garden yesterday.
    also, we are 36.!! for such a small country… wooop!

  571. Eva says:

    Number 22 here!
    Greece-Athens and a faithful reader for 5 years 😀

  572. Isabel says:

    BRAZIL!!! do you think it is only I who follow you from here? I love reading your stories. Some of them aren’t of much practical use for me, because of climate issues. I mean, two thirds of the time you guys are buried in snow. We, on the other hand, are always either submerged in water from tropical downpours, or drying up from lack of rain. But I read your delightful musings most days. And most of them really brighten up my day.
    with much love,

  573. Olivia says:

    Houston, TX. It’s been raining for literally a month and it’s HOT & HUMID and thundering and lightning. AND SO WET.

  574. Jen says:

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of the worst allergies in the Northeast and the “Christmas City,” a challenging place to be a Jew.

  575. Andrea says:

    Miami, Florida. U.s.a. 86degrees and a balmy 61% humidity

  576. Lori says:

    Hello from Greenville, South Carolina! It’s nice and toasty and way too dry….need some rain so I can finish planting my garden! I was thinking about you and Cuddles last night…we lost one of our feather babies and she had just turned two. Went to the coop to put the girls up and Tutti Frutti was just laying there. No idea what happened….no signs of being sick. The sad part of being a chicken owner…..

  577. mayr says:

    From the 413.
    Western Massachusetts.
    Greenfield specifically.
    Lush, sunny days lately.

  578. Elizabeth Kays says:

    from as far east as you can get and still be in the USA….on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, near the Atlantic Ocean in the town of Nags Head, very close to where the Wright Brothers made their first flight. Weather today is humid and promising to be warm….but it has been unseasonably cool lately…lovely.

  579. Phyllis says:

    Central Texas

  580. Stefanie Barrett says:

    Memphis, TN!!!! Home of brews, blues, and BBQ. Oh, and a few guys named Elvis, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King.

  581. Denise says:

    Los Angeles, CA – it’s 66 and sunny. I saw Drew Barrymore at Starbucks not too long ago (actually I did) and she mentioned you (not really)

  582. Kiera says:

    Maui, Hawaii, USA. Sunny skies, 74 degrees F (23C), 5-15mph tradewinds. Lovely spring day.

    • Karen says:

      Show off. 😉 By the way it was WAY hotter here in Southern Ontario, Canada today. Around 90 degrees F and about a zillion percent humidity. ~ karen!

  583. Jennifer Daily says:

    YIKES!!! I have been missing your posts- I noticed it last week that I am not getting you on a weekly basis anymore- once you went to spam – but today I could find you anywhere!!!! Can you put me back on your list- I don’t care if its a good or bad list – I just need to get some stuff- I need some Karen back in my life!
    Thanks man!
    Jen D———–oh- and from Charlotte, North Carolina- and all of us do not really live in trailers and do NOT follow NASCAR- I even hate iced tea- but LOVE deviled eggs and pimento cheese!

    • Karen says:

      Hmm. I don’t know what the deal is. I tried to readd you to the subscriber list but it says you are indeed subscribed so it has something to do with the security settings on your computer possibly. If worse comes to worse just check every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I always, always post on those days. Always. Except this Monday which was a holiday, lol. ~ karen!

  584. Emily says:

    Albany, NY! Currently near 70 degrees but SUPER windy.

  585. Sandra says:

    Calgary here! Rained all day on Saturday (when my daughter got married); gorgeous Sunday and today. Chance of frost tonight, so plants will be coming in – thanks for the reminder! They’ve been forgotten the past two nights.

  586. Gwen H. says:

    Victorville, California. The weather has been different for the past two weeks. Hot, cold, windy, rainy then warm.

  587. Mindy says:

    Portland, Oregon. It’s dark right now, and word on the street is there’s a thunderstorm coming, but it was beautiful and sunny today. I spent the entire day playing in the dirt.

    • Karen says:

      They’ve been saying there’s supposed to be thunderstorms here for over a week. No thunder. No storm. Not a thing. ~ karen!

  588. Shanelle says:

    I’m South African but logging in from Mozambique.
    The closest village here is Manhica, about 70km north of Maputo. I’m literally in the middle of the bush…
    There’s nothing much to do here besides work, lie on the beach and try to DIY stuff. I also attempted to raise chickens but that didn’t go so well 🙁
    It’s getting into winter to the nights and mornings are cooler so I don’t have to sleep with the air-conditioner on any more, but its still pretty hot by midday. Winter is more of a state of mind than an actual season here 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Eep. Sorry to hear about the chicken raising. I’m guessing predators got to them? You could try again and build a small run for them so they aren’t able to run around. People like to have their chickens running around but in the end something out there always tries to eat them! ~ karen!

      • Shanelle says:

        I had kept them inside while they were little so the hawks wouldn’t snatch them. But when they got bigger I’d let them wander around the garden. I didn’t know what had got to them at first but then I found a spitting cobra lurking ABOVE my front door.

  589. Barbie says:

    Genovia….It is 85 degrees here today and I am laying on the beach which is just outside my back door. Emerald water. I’m eating guacamole and homemade tortilla chips at the moment.

  590. Linda says:

    Such fun to read your blog and get inspired. I’m a crafting fool in Steilacoom, Washington which is just south of Tacoma. Amazing how many people akl over the world are connected here. Those interwebs are incredible.

  591. Nanette says:

    Reading your blog from Houston, Texas. It’s overcast and in the 80’s. I ate the first 3 tomatoes from my garden yesterday, the first cucumber is ready to be pulled and the fig tree is full of fruit set to ripen in a couple of months but sadly I don’t have any chickens… yet!

    • Karen says:

      Tomatoes already, lol. I only PLANTED mine this weekend. And I’m kind of pushing it as it is! ~ karen

  592. Nancy says:

    Tampa, L Hot as beejeeus. 90 degrees F. Feellike 94 but not muggy yet, that’s Ausust nd Septeber. Did I forgt to mention Jue and uly are hotand muggy too. Haha.GoBolts! Tampa Bay Lighntnng fo an non-okey fans.

    • Nancy says:

      I will reply to my own post as it looks as if only some of the words fully spelled out.
      That should read Tampa , FL; Feels like; June and July; and for any non-hockey
      Don’t know if it was me or if I just wore the wrong hands today.

  593. Daphne says:

    The Netherlands. This Dutch girl loves your chickens (and sense of humor, of course).

  594. Ari says:

    I hail from St. Louis, Missouri in the United States currently. I spend about half my time here, and about half my time in Utrecht, the Netherlands where my partner lives. It’s definitely Spring here in St. Louis! Brisk today with a cool breeze. Shorts weather if you stay active and out of the shade.

  595. Milosav says:

    Ја сам из Србије! 🙂

    Serbia here, with a nice warm night.

  596. Marilyn C. says:

    In Indiana it’s been a cool few days (not reaching 60) with occasional rain.

  597. Shannon says:

    As always, I’m late to the party in answering. I am just amazed there are other Delaware Country, Pennsylvania citizens here! Astounding!

    Tonight it is beautiful high 70s, low breeze, birds chirping..perfect!

  598. Sandy says:

    North Carolina where is has been hot and humid today.

  599. Leslie says:

    hanging baskets are back in the garage holding out for warmer temps
    “hud your clout till may is ootd” – from Vivvy my Scottish momma

  600. Linda says:

    Ottawa, Ontario- the weather has been so-so the last couple of days. Warm and sunny some days and then mostly rain at night but that’s ok cuz it helps all my plants in my gardens.

  601. Pam says:

    I’m in the GTA…..so obviously Ontario, Canada.

    I so enjoy your blog….down to earth and REAL. 🙂

  602. Bobbie Gordner says:

    Bobbie here from, at the moment, overcast and a windy 60F in Numidia, PA, (on May 20th) which is near Bloomsburg, which is kinda near Wilkes-Barre. Also, not far from Williamsport, PA, where the Little League World Series is played each year.
    You give me my first “laugh out louds” of the day, Karen! Thank You!

  603. Leah C says:

    I’m from Grand Rapids, MI, USA. 🙂 Today it’s only 60 (Fahrenheit), but we’re supposed to get into the low 70s this weekend.

  604. Tricia says:

    I am from Webster, New York. Currently the weather is on the chilly side. It is 43 degrees this morning. We are use to having all seasons in one week, maybe even in one day. Living in upstate New York, we are use to the unpredictable weather!! Have a good day everyone!!

  605. carol duplessis says:

    Here in Zimbabwe (Capital City – Harare) we are headed into our three months of “winter”. . . temps at 10pm last night were 13 degrees C. . . Winter skies here in Zim are glorious ! ! ! brilliant blue with blazing sun and starry starry nights. The wind can get icy cold though and the early hours of the morning bring frost to the ground and ice to the car windshields. It is my favourite three months of the year. xxx

  606. Lynda Roberts says:

    Cope, South Carolina Very small southern town no store but we have a working cotton gin. The weather here is around 85 to 90 today and very Humid. The humidity is what will get you around here . It’s like rain in the air that never happens. Have a great day.

  607. Candy says:

    Orillia, Ontario, Canada – Cold here too

  608. Jenna says:

    Don’t you mean “where are y’all from”? 😉
    I’m from a small university town in north east Texas…. Commerce. We have been in a severe drought for several years (8?). This year it’s been raining and storming almost daily. The lakes are not only full now but water is being let out.
    I miss my shadow, haven’t seen her in a while……

  609. Colette Scorey says:

    Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

    Home of the Bard, William Shakespeare ,Stratford-upon-Avon is a delightful place to live. It is also home to the RSC…..Royal Shakespeare Company theatre, which is wonderful. Surrounded by the prettiest villages boasting many thatched cottages as well as many historical sites and castles.
    The only thing that’s not so wonderful this week is the weather …. Windy and changable, sunny but a cold wind ! ⛅️ So I’m waiting for summer to START….lol……(hint if you are looking Mr Weather !) ☀️☀️☀️

  610. Jess says:

    I’m from Sweden, but as of 2007 living in Denmark with my husband. He’s from Ikast, Jutland. Still waiting for summer, we’ve had nothing but wind and rain in april and may. Many of my plants havn’t moved out on the patio or in the garden yet. All though, the russian vine aka silver lace vine that I bought a few weeks ago is growing like bonkers 😉

  611. Sam says:

    I know I’m a bit late and all that (kind of usual for me) but it’s Thursday here in Cambridgeshire in the UK and the sun is shining in a blue sky with white fluffy clouds, at least for now anyway. Yesterday it was like this at this time but then later on was raining 🙁 xx

  612. Jo says:

    Colorado Springs. Guess what state – come on, guess. Colorado! We’ve had an unusually long streak of rain; no one is bothering anymore to say, “well, it helps minimize the fire danger.” Ugh. Thanks for the fabulous idea of using rare earth magnets instead of gate hardware. I’m buying them today!

  613. Ruth says:

    I’m late to the party, but you already know where I am from… and – clearly – I need to tell more Jamaicans about the site because I’ve never been #68 in my life and I don’t like that one bit.

    We’re comfortably warm over here with light showers from time to time…. not enough to relieve me of garden-watering duties, but enough to prevent the scorching 90s we experienced last year. I’ll take it. 😀

    • Karen says:

      It’s still too cool here for my liking. Maybe I should have been born in Jamaica. Although you can’t grow beets there can you? ~ karen!

      • Ruth says:

        Oh yes, we can. Remember that we have different temperatures and weather conditions across the island, depending on terrain. Carrots, beets, lettuce, strawberries and such are grown in the mountainous regions (deep rural areas) where temps are cool and drought is not an issue. If I want to grow those things, there exists a small window of opportunity between October and March, when temps drop below 70 (the horror!! Bring on the socks and jackets!) and rain drenches the land.

        I have had lettuce do well here (I’m on the lower level of the Blue Mountain range), but I don’t ever bother with beets or carrot because the market price is good enough. If that ever changes, I’ll let you know how I fare with growing beets.

  614. Connie says:

    Wichita, Kansas. Raining and raining and raining. I’m getting ready for the opening of a new business called the RED ART BEE by having a vendors booth at The Hostapalooza Fair. I am going to offer Garden Art of all sorts but not craft. My son is my partner; we are bother artists and bother landscape/garnders so we thought why not?
    If this works we will have a web and go from there. No rain this Saturday please. and warmer temperatures. It’s been so cold.

  615. Moni says:

    I’m one of the many from the U.S. but not from CA. I’m a southerner from the Natural State. Arkansas is the most beautiful state, if you ask me. We have a little bit of everything here. From the plains to the Ozark Mountains, we see a variety of beauty everywhere we look. Since we are a small, less populated state, there is an overubundance of nature. Even our “big” cities are considered small and they pop up out of nowhere. Currently we are in a special part of spring called the Blackberry Winter. This occurs every year around the time blackberries are blooming (I suppose the name kind of gives that away). It’s a period of 3-4 days were the temperatures are below normal for the season. Since I am in the south, these 50 degree Farenhiet mornings require a jacket and an excessive amount of whining about being cold (I’m a summer loving girl!). In the next few weeks, our temperatures will probably reach the upper 80s or lower 90s, then I’ll be happy! Like Jani from Texas said above, it’s usually much warmer down here this time of year.

    As most people know, college football is the heart of the south. Since Arkansas doesn’t have a pro team and only one major D-I school, pretty much the whole state rallies behind the Hogs (sorry Uncle D!). I’ve got an entire room in my house dedicated to them; from the years in the SWC to the SEC. We are loyal to the end. Several of the crafts I do revolve around football but I also enjoy refurbishing old furniture and making wood signs. Quite frankly, I just love working with saws.

    It has been fun to read the responses and find out where others are from. I hope many, many more respond.

  616. Catherine says:

    Well, here in College Station, TX it is wet. Wet and cool with temps in the 70’s. We have had rain for, quite literally, weeks now and I’m getting a little crazed by the absence of regular sun. Some days we have had an hour or two of partially cloudy skies but, inevitably, the storms return. I’m reminded of Douglas Aadam’s “Rain God” from “So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.” It’s particularity hard to get the lawn mowed since it’s perpetually soggy. Love your blog.

  617. Trish Swiecichowski says:

    I’m from Green Bay Wisconsin. Home of the Packers!It’s actually pretty nice today. It’s about 63 degrees right now, but last night it was 37 degrees. I weather is always messed up here!

  618. Danee says:

    Spain here but born in California, raised in Ohio, married in Tucson, Arizona and had my son there, divorced in Virginia, remarried in Gibraltar (to someone from Toronto and much much nicer than the first husband) living in a small village just outside of Benidorm (the Las Vegas of Europe is what I tell my friends back home).
    Our village is called the “old” Altea and dates back to longer than the discovery of the new world. Our neighbors are all related to our landlords (which is very typical of a small village here) except for the people interred at the cemetary although most likely they are related to Rosa and Miguel too. It’s spring here, cool in the evenings but hot during the day (the tourists are complaining already and I wear a coat to work burrrrrrrrr! It’s been 30+c the last few weeks) Love you Karen, I know I can come and read and learn something new and laugh!

  619. colleen says:

    Pawnee Rock, Kansas! Unseasonably cool and rainy here. Too cold yet to plant my sweet potato slips!

  620. Natika says:

    Oh, I’m super late to the party, but I’m one of the six from Japan. My Japanese hometown is Kiryu, Gunma which is 2.5-3 hours north of Tokyo.

    Originally, I’m from Canada though. Your blog alternatively relieves me of my homesickness or makes it worse! LOL.

    It’s been warmer than usual all spring here except one day where we caught the tail end of a typhoon. It’s supposed to be spring, but at 30C with lots of humidity, I think I can safely call it summer.

  621. Carolyn Boyd says:

    I have been reading your blog from almost the beginning. You are funny, creative and informative and REAL! I am from a small place in Nova Scotia called Bible Hill. A good place for an atheist, don’t ya think? I’m originally from close to here, but moved to Toronto and then Brampton when I was very young. I moved back here at age 50 to marry the man that I used to play with when we were very little kids and were neighbours. I know my comment is a little late, but we just got back from visiting my son and his family in Acton – it IS worth the drive :0 !

    • Karen says:

      Everyone is still commenting on this post Carolyn so you’re not late at all! Everybody loves an East Coaster no matter when they show up to the party. 😉 ~ karen!

  622. Boni says:

    Originally from Hamilton, ON., lived in Dundas for a while, your hometown! Currently, happily living alone, with my best pal, Ben, Dog extroidinaire, in the Norther bush, on a small island in the middle of the majestic Ottawa River, about 25 km from Deep River.
    I love the personal positive camaraderie going on here. It feels like I have a world of new friends! Australia and South Africa are on my bucket list! Thank you everyone for sharing! And thank you Karen for providing this venue!
    BTW, it SNOWED here last week!

    • Karen says:

      Ahhhh the Ottawa River. Love it. The fella’s family has a cottage on it in Quebec. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen sturgeon. Amazing! ~ karen

  623. Karen says:

    Ottawa, Ontario – and love all of your chicken posts! (although I do not own chickens, and likely never will!) – and of course love all of the gardening posts too!

  624. David says:

    From Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA! Weather is currently 73 degrees and partly cloudy. I do love reading your articles and sharing them with my wife. I also love being retired!

  625. rue says:

    I live in Northern Arizona. Most people think that Arizona is all dessert, but up north in the mountains we have all four seasons with snow in the winter. Right now it’s 10 am, 64 F and cloudy with a high of 72 today.

    I just found your blog about a month ago 🙂

  626. Rosemary Kennedy says:

    Brisbane, Australia here. It,s currently 23c and starting to cool down as winter starts 1st June.

  627. Regina says:

    Greetings from Nowhere (Northwest) Ohio. Long time fan here!!! We have doom & gloom overcast today, with showers expected tonight and tomorrow. I have 1 aracauna hen, 4 barred rock hens and 1 very horny teenage barred rock rooster who’s original name was dame maggie smith, then he turned into a cock. now i just haven’t found the right name. thinking of dame edna… have a great weekend!

  628. Carolyn says:

    I see some fellow Kansans here…Hi, I’m from Hutchinson. We are finally enjoying some sunshine here today after over 11 inches of rain this month. We certainly needed the rain, but we were about to start building the ark!

  629. Kathleen says:

    This is a very, VERY late response to your blog… work, moving house and celebrating my birthday got in the way! (I am forgiven, am I not?)

    I live in Modderfontein (literally translated means Mud Fountain), Johannesburg, South Africa. I work in Pretoria, South Africa and was born in Mount Edgecombe, South Africa.

    My son was born in Botswana.

    (Such useless info I know!)

    The weather today – 7 degrees (44) this morning, expected to rise to 26/27 degrees celsius (78/80) today. A perfect Autumn / borderline Winter’s day.

    • Karen says:

      All I know about Botswana Kathleen, I learned from The #1 Ladies Detective Books. 🙂 And actually because of those books, Botswana is one of the places I’d like to visit! ~ karen

  630. doru says:

    Hello and greetings from Romania. Gosh, I missed a lot of articles since my last visit. 😀

  631. Christy Cramer says:

    I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Weather is in the mid 60’s going to a high of 82. Love it.

    • Christy Cramer says:

      I forgot to add that RC is in Southern Calif. 60 miles east of LA and 60 miles west of Palm Springs, right off the I10.

  632. Aquila audax says:

    Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – second day of Winter and I am wearing shorts

  633. Peggy says:

    Late to the game…but Prescott Arizona. June 1… Almost 90 today

  634. Ariel says:

    Hot and sunny Arizona. Right now it’s 89 degrees out, summer is in full swing here.

  635. Ariel says:

    Sunny and hot Arizona. Right now it’s 89 degrees out. Summer is in full swing here.

  636. Liz Hall says:

    I’m from the sunny Hawkes Bay in New Zealand. We are just getting the first real days of winter here with a few frosts to start the day. Have just stumbled across your site and just love it! Glad to see NZ in the top 10!

  637. Colleen says:

    Iqaluit, Nunavut! It’s June 6th and it’s been snowing all week here, but I have still managed to keep my seedlings alive in my little Arctic greenhouse! Thanks for the awesome growing tips!

  638. Melanie says:

    OMG Can’t even believe I am sitting here all by my lonesome laughing out loud. Your humor hits my “funnybone”. Those folks in Michigan always describe where they are from by pointing to a spot on their hand (their state is supposed to be shaped like a hand). Guess what? Wisconsin is shaped like a hand, too, folks. Milwaukee is there at the base of where your thumb begins. Thats where I’m from. Milwaukee. ( Here, Let me show you on my hand) A Milwaukeean of Polish descent. ( what a big surprise.) It is a hot June day, but it won’t last. It never does… here.

  639. Saba says:


    I follow your blog from NJ, but I’m a Bangladeshi by birth! I was so psyched to see Bangladesh on number 77 that I decided to comment, even though it’s been almost a month. Right now, the weather here in NJ is awesome and horrendous in Bangladesh!

  640. sherri says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but I’m in Kirkland, Washington. Directly across the lake from Seattle. It’s 85 degrees and too warm for most of our residents because it’s muggy. That said, it’s a heckuva lot better than Houston!

  641. cheryl seals says:

    South Bend, WA

  642. Terry Brittian says:

    The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) via Ottawa, Ont (married an American). After two weeks of hot, humid 90’s it is a cool 84 today.

  643. Cindy says:

    Hello from Mobile, Alabama home of Mardi Gras and the Azalea Trail Maids. The temperature today is 95° – humidity 65% Visibility 10 mi (or 16 km) UV index of 6.

    Short time follower, first-time replier. Thank you for taking the time to blog. I just adore reading it.

  644. Beverly says:

    I am from the nation’s capital; Ottawa! Weather is hot today, finally! I absolutely love this blog and I enjoy reading where everyone is from.

  645. Michael says:

    bakersville, north carolina, here!!

  646. Mimi says:

    I’m from south of France near the seaside, it’s not original.
    Thanks for this blog love it and learn a lot and continue to !

  647. Josephine says:

    Stockholm, Sweden 🙂 Rainy but warm! I’ts nighttime though… 🙂

  648. Lori says:

    I see this was a VERY old request for location…but better late than never! I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA but now living in Cairo, Egypt. It is 59F and foggy here – but then, it is only 5:30 am. Expecting a high today of 78F 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Cairo, Egypt. THAT’S an exotic one! Love it. Funny, but for some reason I thought it would be unbearably hot there all the time, every day and night. 🙂 Glad to hear it’s very much bearable. ~ karen!

  649. Micaela says:

    Birmingham, Alabama.

    Just had a tornado warning this afternoon, came within 3 miles of the house! A very stormy Christmas for us.

  650. julie says:

    Hi! I am from a small town called Aberdare. This is located in South Wales. Uk.
    The weather is horrendous. There is just down pour after down pour of rain and its bitterly cold here at the moment.

    Wish you lived closer and then maybe you could put the belt on my washer. Lol
    Although it looks easy when watching video’s of other’s putting the belt on, it will not co-operate for me. But I will try try again until i succeed. But before i do that I just stumbled across your blog so i think I may stay awhile and procrastinate.


    • Karen says:

      Hi Julie! Welcome to The Art of Doing Stuff. I hope you got your washer belt on. Did you try just letting it glide on by itself by turning the wheel like I showed? ~ karen!

  651. Gayle says:

    I’m from Ada, Michigan USA (just east of Grand Rapids, and home of Amway). It’s March 8, 2016, and believe it or not my backyard thermometer says it 71 degrees. I’d be out enjoying all the sunshine but I had and eye dr appt this morning and my eyes will be diallated (sp?) for several more hours. So excited I found this site–I’m enjoying it so much!

  652. Lorraine says:

    I know this is an old post but yesterday I happily stumbled upon your blog after trying to find instructions for making a ‘tree stump’ table…and since then have been delighting (annoying) my work colleagues with my peals of laughter and some pearls of wisdom from your Blog!
    I’m in sunny Scotland, today blue skies and the expectation of spring is in the air! This morning I also text my brother (he’s in Finland) to tell him about this fab blog and apparently he already knew about it! – hate being the last to know!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Lorraine! Welcome to The Art of Doing Stuff. 🙂 Finland and Scotland! That’s fun! Today in Southern Ontario Canada it’s exceptionally warm for the time of year. Supposed to go up to 16c. ~ karen!

  653. Chris Gilley says:

    Well, another reason I just love the Rough Linen site…..brought me right to your front door. I’m one of those ‘kicking and screaming’ transplants. Born in Boston, raised just a few towns north of it. Raised our family in southern NH then one day my hubby said “The kids are gone..let’s move”. He moved me all right…..all the way to Florida where he doesn’t have to bundle up or shovel snow. Now I live in air conditioning and have a snow scene on my computer. Can’t give him up now…..we just celebrated 50 years. And you’re going to give me some fun nights of entertainment while I get to know your blog 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Welcome to my site Chris! Too bad your husband didn’t decide to move to Alaska or Zimbabwe or somewhere fun like that. But Florida’s not too bad a choice. At least you have torrential rainstorms, so that’s fun! ~ karen!

  654. Stan Nowak says:

    Sorry, I’m origin from Hamilton, Ontario but living in Dundas since 1999 – and just into ‘Stuff’. Nice to see Poland in there at #25! Woo hoo!
    I’m of the Polish persuasion; my full name is ‘Stanislaw’ — that’s about as Polish as you can get!

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