Why I’m just slightly better than Martha Stewart.

Love her or hate her (I happen to love her for a variety of reasons), Martha Stewart is still the business person, lifestyle guru that most aspiring creators measure themselves against.

Sure, she has minions now. But she didn’t always. At one point in her life, Martha Stewart was just starting out. She worked hard, took her skills, created a catering company, created a cookbook, created an empire.

Most of what she’s achieved has come from hard work, a lot of skill and especially good taste.  Were it not for that, there would be no empire.

Martha took the  out of crafting.

She’s created a whole generations of people who can knit, scrapbook, organize, sew and create without feeling like the dorky girl with dandruff wearing the “I ♥ CATS” tee shirt.

As great as she is.  I’m just slightly better than Martha Stewart.

Because … it has taken Martha Stewart until now to discover a talent I discovered long ago.

Rough Linen creator, Tricia Rose, who has been advertising on my site for a very long time has been chosen as a finalist in Martha Stewart’s “American Made” contest.



 Out of thousands of entries, Tricia, who creates beautiful hand sewn linen sheets out of fabric she has specially loomed to recreate the original flax sheets made by farmers wives over a century ago, was chosen to be part of the 100 finalists.

I own her sheets.

I own her napkins.

I own her duvet cover.

I cannot say enough about them.  Tricia creates products that feel rustic and elegant all at the same time.

Today is the last day to vote for Tricia.

Please take a minute to vote for Tricia and help bring a surge of thousands of votes so she can win.

Vote here.


So regardless of your opinion of Martha Stewart if you’re reading this blog, she’s done a lot for you.  Because she’s done a lot to form me.

Martha Stewart has shown you, shown me, shown the world that an ambitious, career minded person can craft.

As proven by the rest of my sponsors.  Please take another moment to see what my other creative and talented sponsors are doing.


Good luck Tricia.


  1. Sue says:

    Martha is pretty great and helped us all start to love being creative, but everything she shows still has to be so perfect. Maybe that perfectionism helped bring home crafting to where it is now, but it’s hard to really get there.
    I think that what probably really made me your fan was a post with a craft that just did not turn out well. You had fun with it, but, well, it wasn’t Martha-perfect and you told us what you didn’t like and how it failed. And it was still 100% awesome. And, made me less afraid to try out stuff and be a bit less hard on myself about my projects.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Sue. Oh yes, Martha and I are very different. I am undoubtedly a perfectionist by way of OCD as well … I just don’t mind showing people the mistakes along the way. Like my maple syrup massacre for instance. Oy. ~ karen!

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