Why Pinterest should be of Interest to YOU !

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Do you love, love, passionately love Pinterest?

Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff

If you need inspiration or if you are a blogger you should absolutely want to french kiss Pinterest all the live long day.

Wait a sec.  Have you been living under a rock and not joined Pinterest yet?  Karen has a faboosh post about how to join Pinterest.  Get going on that, GoGo Gadget.

Do you want to take your Pinterest relationship to a whole new level of lusciousness?

If you are a Pinterest go-getter, you will know that there is abso-tootly-nothing more frustrating than clicking on a photo and it leads to nowhere.


Let’s fix that hot mess, shall we?  Because it ain’t that hard.  Any of it.   * nudge nudge wink wink *


Are you a blogger?

The more photos you have on pinterest, the more you increase your chances of click throughs to your site.  Basically, the more you shower love on Pinterest, the more it loves you back.

I wish I may, I wish I might… get all my photos in Pinterest tonight.

I spend less than 5 minutes a day on pinterest.  Negative 5 minutes on some days.  Yet Pinterest drives 75 % of social media traffic to my site. That makes me want to take a big gulp of Pinterest and swish it around in my mouth.  Pinterest is traffic candy.  It’s a calorie free candy store.
Let’s pull back the curtains on Pinterest, shall we?

This pinterest tutorial is like a mini-skirt ~ short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the subject.  You will want to know this hawt-diggity-dawg trick.  Why oh why??

1.   It will help bring Pinterest readers to your blog.

2.   It will showcase your photos.

3.   You will gain more Pinterest followers.

4.   You can drive targeted traffic back to your own site.

5.   You will feel less frustrated.  Links will lead exactly where they need to go.  Exactly.  So there.


What the what what ?  Whaaaa??

Is it really that easy?   Yes.  I pinky swear promise.

This trick is so easy and yet it makes a HUGE difference. You will want to grow a third leg so you can kick yourself with it, wondering why you didn’t do it before now.

2014 is your year.  You’re going to become a Pinterest black belt.


Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff

I’m going to hold your hand and whisper sweet nothings in your ear to help you.

Feeling the hawt steamy whisper in your ear?

No.  I’m not going to lick your ear.  Ewwwh.


The Pinterest Secret for Bloggers :


Get obsessed with this little secret.  Work it.   But not on weekends.  No one should work on weekends.


Have you ever clicked on a photo in Pinterest, hoping to go the the site source and it linked to a nowhere-ville ?

Gone. whooshed. Vanished.


Many times, a photo/link in Pinterest directs you to picmonkey.com, pinterest.com or absolutelynothing.com

Doesn’t the whole frustrating shenanigans make you want to make a face like this –> &^%$!!

For the love of Pete, there is a simple solution to this problem.


Dude, it’s time to fix that hot mess … and when you do, two things will happen :

1)   You will want to kiss me

2)   You will want to kiss me.

PS. Unless your name is Channing Tatum,  you are not allowed to kiss me.

By the way.. if you name is Channing you can find me here :


Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff

Let’s dive in !

Let’s get this pinny partaaay started.  I can’t believe I just said pinny party.  Blah.  Someone punch me.


Put on your Pinterest paper crown.  Slap on a gold star.  This is going to be good.


1.   Do you have photos, but you don’t want to do a whole shebang of a blog post in order to post them online?   You don’t have photos?  Oh.My.Word.  Get over to my bloggy and learn how to create photos the easy way … for FREE.  Fahhree.  Get this free downloadable book full of insider secrets to kickass photo apps.
2.   Sign into your Pinterest and click the + button to upload a pin.

Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff

This trick gets better.  Not only will you be able to upload your photo, but you will also be able to link it back to your site.   Upload photos from your instagram, photo albums, from everywhere and there is no need to write a blog post!  The photo will link to your site or blog post without having to spend a week making a bloggy post.  You can drive Pinterest traffic to your site, all the live long day.  Brills.  Woot woot !!!

You will feel like a Queen, worthy of a paper Pinterest crown.

Why is it important to have your photos in Pinterest ?  Because


Pinterest = Blog Traffic  <— I screamed that.


3.   Ready?  Set. Go …


Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff


4.    Fill in the description and all the shenanigans :


Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff


5.   Want the good news and the bad news?

The good news is that you just uploaded a photo.  The bad news is that most people end up sharing it into the land of never-never-no-where-ville.

Oh la la.  Don’t go there.  That’s where Pinterest happiness goes to die.


6.   Here is where everyone most people mess up : the source link.  This is the part of the tip that is super duper supercalifragilisticexpialidocious important !

Do you see the area below that says SOURCE ? :


Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff


That area is often auto populated with PicMonkey.com or Pinterest.com or GoingNowhere.com

Note to self :  80 % of pins are repins.  That can be a disaster waiting to happen if your photo is linked to absolutely nowhere.  You are essentially giving away traffic by not linking your photos properly.  The horrors.

Be sure that your photo is linked properly to you.you.you.

You can’t drive traffic back to your site without a link to your site.

7.   After uploading the photo, a ‘see pin’ window will open.  Click  the ‘see pin’ button asap. The flippin’ window only stays open for a millisecond.  It’s like hitting a whack-a-mole with all your might at breakneck speeds.

If you blink, you miss it.  No worries.

Go to your pinterest and find the board that you just pinned your photo to.

Once there, you will see this :

Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff



9.  Under the source URL link to your website or blog.  You can do this by copying and pasting your blog post URL right into the source box.  Done.


I feel like this step should have flashing lights and dancing cheerleaders or something.  This stuff is epic.  This is the mother load.  This is where the magic happens …

Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff

It’s best to link to an exact blog post URL that works well with the photo.   Alternatively, the link may be a direct link to your home page.

Woot woot !  You did it !

Want to double check that you did it correctly?

You can see at the bottom of the photo that your site URL is in.  If not, click the edit button and make it happen.

Why #Pinterest should be of interest to YOU especially if you are a #blogger via @artofdoingstuff

10.  Magical, isn’t it?

When the pin is repinned or shared, it is directly linked to your site.

Now put on your Pinterest Paper Crown, you whipper snapper of a pinterest-er.


That tutorial went pretty swell, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s like we just get each other.  I hope you come on over to my DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE blog where I can seduce you with word lusciousness AND of course, give you a photo app present.  You like pressies, right?  Your phone called…It said you should really check out my blog and get that smoking hawt pressie.



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