Will They Eat It?
Episode 2

Welcome to another instalment of the popular new chicken series … Will They Eat It?

Today on Will They Eat it the chickens choose to either eat … or not eat something.  Which makes it exactly the same as episode 1 of the series!


Norma – (as Norma)

Walnut – (as Walnut)

Cuddles – (as the flying chicken)

Cheez Whiz – (as Cheez Whiz)


Will They Eat it? Episode 2.

Will the chickens eat it? Find out now …


Thank you for watching.



Director of Photography – Karen

Camera – Karen

Sound – Karen

Gaffer – Karen

Line Producer – Karen

Lighting – Karen

Craft Services – Karen

Personal Assistant to Karen – Karen

Sound Editor – Karen

Music Supervisor – Karen

Chicken wrangler – Karen

Bananas provided by – The Fella (stolen from his smoothie stash)


  1. Shauna says:

    I know I’m late commenting on this post (blocked at work for videos so I have to save them and watch them at home when I have a chance to sit down). My chickens just don’t like bananas, I thought it was weird, now I know;) Getting two more chickens this week – yay! They’ll be quarantined at grandma’s house for 30 days (biosecurity) and then get to join the other two.

    • Karen says:

      What kind?! ~ karen

      • Shauna says:

        You know, it’s a good question actually. I’m getting them from the same lady as last time and I got Rhode Island Reds last time, so I’m 99% positive that’s what she’ll be bringing again this time. I didn’t ask. Probably should have. I just requested two girls who are approx. the same age as my current RIR’s. Next comes naming them;)

  2. Mary Werner says:

    You really do know your stuff! Not just a writer but a veritable fountain of knowledge and I just got splashed!! HA and thanks for the info.

  3. Mary Werner says:

    Cool bowl meaning cool looking not temperature cool. Writing is so hard since you can’t just pour out what is in your head, you have to write it so someone understands what you mean = very tricky and you are really good at it!

  4. Mary Werner says:

    This has bothered me since I read another post where you mentioned running out of room to put eggs in the frig. I will assume it was just because it was a great way to talk about all the eggs but just in case – you don’t need to refrigerate eggs unless they have been refrigerated as from the store. If fresh laid, it is fine to put them in a cool bowl after washing since homemade eggs (HA) come VERY dirty. You do have to use them within some time frame but I always gave the extra to the cats so never had to worry. My cats had very shiny coats and happy smiles! Non refrigerated eggs taste better and make better cakes also! Next problem is to code the bowls so you use the oldest first.

    • Karen says:

      Mary – I know you don’t have to refrigerate eggs, but the fella isn’t fond of that idea. And .. also, you *aren’t* supposed to wash them first. It’s the fact that home laid eggs still have their “bloom” on them that makes them O.K. to sit on the counter. It protects them like a little skin. Once you wash them (with water) you wash it off and the egg shell is porous. You *can* however wipe them with a paper towel if there’s any “dirt” on them. Now. Having said all that … the fella still isn’t fond of the idea of leaving them on the counter. Which sucks, because I LOVE the idea of all my eggs in one basket. On the counter. :) ~ karen

  5. Colleen says:

    Laura Fowler just introduced me to your blog. I am a fellow chicken owner. My 19 gals are all heritage breeds and the only thing they turn their beaks up at is citrus.

    They are particularly fond of Greek Yogurt and guacamole.

    • Karen says:

      Hey Colleen! Let me know what breeds you have. Just out of curiosity of course. ‘Cause the 4 I already have are illegal. But … just out of curiosity. :) ~ karen

      • Colleen says:

        I have Black australorps, a couple auracanas, barred rocks, golden lace wyandottes, buff orphs, naked neck, black cooper maran, speckled sussex and I am getting a bunch of salmon favorelles in 3 weeks!

        I have 3 acres in Connecticut, so we have plenty of room

      • Karen says:

        Colleen – You have a Maran?! I thought those weren’t any good for cold weather! I’d love one. The Astralorps too. 2 of my supposed Rhode Island Reds lay green/blue eggs so clearly they were carousing with the araucanas (more likely ameraucanas) ~ karen!

  6. Suzie says:


    Cracked me up.

    Which model of Bogs do you have?

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