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I cannot find my fireplace tools.  The ones I  hid, because they were so ugly I wanted to make sure Style at Home didn’t shoot them?  I lost them.  Gone.  Poof.  I’m not all that broken up about it, what with them being … ugly.  But I’d better find some by October.  That’s the start of fireplace season.  In the past  I’ve tried poking the wood around with a big, long dry stick of wood.  Yeah, um, that doesn’t work, for obvious reasons.

Now onto the point of this post!

Just for fun I asked the fine folks at Style at Home if they could give me a few magazine subscriptions to giveaway.

They gave me 10.*

If you happen to be someone of good taste and would like to win a subscription to this magazine here’s what you have to do:

Leave me a comment on this post telling me what you would hide if a magazine came to shoot at your house.

The BEST answer (as judged by me) will automatically win a subscription, all other 9 winners will be selected randomly.

*Only winners from Canada will receive the print version of the magazine.  All other winners will receive a year long digital subscription as seen here at Zinios.

Contest closes Wednesday, August 11th midnight.  Winner announced Friday, August 13th.


  1. Laura says:

    I would hide my guy. He has no style and you would never want to see him in a fine shelter magazine. His shoes alone would send any talented photographer into a tizzy.

  2. whitney says:

    I would hide my dog. He doesn’t like strangers… unless they come bearing treats. Then, he could be part of the shoot.

  3. I would definitely hide my cat’s ratty old scratching post. It’s the kind where the post is wrapped in some kind of rope and they’ve ripped it to shreds. It just occurred to me it might need replacing. I’ll get right on that!

  4. Shannon says:

    I would probably just hide myself (most likely at a bar or patisserie)& let my boyfriend do all the cleaning, calking & such. Then I would return smug & victorious, and claim my house always looks this way, because I am just such a good housekeeper.

  5. Jessica says:

    I would hide my collection of re-used takeaway and cottage cheese containers, which I use as tupperware. They’re free! (But they are hideous and there are a million of them)

  6. V says:

    The litterbox, definitely. My cat is having trouble with toilet training (he broke a leg a while back), so the litterbox is still necessary. I don’t have the funds nor the space to fashion a snazzy cover for it either, so it can be seen in allll its horrible glory in the bathroom!

  7. Pati says:

    I would hide my 14 year old Jack Russell…he is deaf and would probably get stepped on and his breath makes you look around for something that has died….no lie.

  8. Caroline says:

    Um, honestly I can’t think of many things I *wouldn’t* want to hide. I would hide my blankie. Yup, 22 years old, and I still sleep with my blankie. His name is Blankie.

  9. suzanne miller says:

    I would hide the crockpot although its always on the counter(how else could I get time to shop?)I don t think the Cowboys Logo would look so attractive in the French decor pic but I sure still smell chilli!

  10. Andrea B says:

    I would hide my husband’s car that was passed down to him from his grandfather. I am all for the sentimental value of things, but fake wood panelling, c’mon, hehe!

  11. Steph says:

    I would hide..the box I normally keep hidden, full of various trinkets. You see, there are plenty of unattractive things I’d rather hide- but if I didn’t hide that box, and take out its contents, I would have several family members asking me why they didn’t see the cake topper/1980s candle holder/oversized giraffe bookend that they gave me. So, in short, it would be a lot uglier in the magazine.. but a lot happier in real life.

  12. Niksoap says:

    I’d hide the ridiculous number of magazines strewn across every room! More please 🙂

  13. Sara says:

    I would have to hide my house. Just go out and have a new one built that has the same floorplan and move some of my nicer furnishings there. Yeah, not sure my hubby, stepson, pets, or myself (mostly my hubby and ADULT stepson!) would survive if I had to get this place ready for something like that.

  14. Linda says:

    After much consideration, I think I’d have to hide, (or, possibly burn), the $200 Ikea loveseat. The sale price was enough for me to overcome misgivings about buying white furniture, but I’m regretting it now. Try to imagine what messy eating, disobediant puppies, and a love of inky pens can do to a white couch. Well, it used to be white anyway.

  15. Shauna Wobeser says:

    Easy… I would hide my children!! Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly but really! I would be nice enough to farm them out for the day…locking them in the spare room all day just seems wrong for children! There might even be a law about it! If I didn’t (send them away) one would be covered in peanut butter and ketchup…do bounce sheets work with colours on them? And the other one would either super ninja the staff…or shoot at them with his BB gun from the $ store!! LOL Come to think of it it could be fun to watch! It would be neat to see how fast one can clean a bounce sheet while dodging BB’s! Maybe I should just hide my rolling pin 🙁

  16. LindyLou says:

    It’s almost two in the morning here and because I cannot sleep it must mean that I am hungry. I walked down a dark hallway from the bedroom to the kitchen, a walk that would have been a lot more trecherous if someone hadn’t left all the lights on in the livingroom.
    Now that I think of it, leaving those lights on meant that when I got to the livingroom I just about died of fright. Because the light was on I could see that a big gray rat was on top of the couch.
    Yes, a rat. Big and gray and looking for midnight snackies, too.
    I’d hide the rat.
    (His name is Gandolf and he’s really very pleasant and if his keeper would remember to get him back into his cage before going to bed, Gandy wouldn’t dream of scarying a soul.)

  17. Kate says:

    I would hide my office. The door leading to it is at the end of the hall, so I could simply frame it in, hang a sheet of drywall, tape, mud & paint, and voila! My office is gone.

    Seriously, it’s that messy.

    That’s what I’d do.

  18. Nancy says:

    Oh my where do I start? My list of what I would hide is possibly too long to list let alone think about without putting me on the floor in a panic, which would mean I would have to hide and that isn’t good. Most often when I do have to hide things I run to the stacks of papers, but first and foremost the stacks of newspaper clippings that I still clip even though I know I can find them on the internet and hide them easily in my computer. There is something that I love about turning the pages of a newspaper and the immediacy of clipping an article that inspires me or just thrills me. Ironically there have been times when I neatly file away my clippings and when I find them again when trying to purge, the inspiration is renewed and back they go into the file. Some I’ve outgrown and they fail in the thrilling me so they go into the recycling bin to make room for new and exciting ideas of which there are always plenty. No magazine has photos of homes with a stack of interesting paper clippings so those are definitely in the hide category. Hmm, maybe I should paper the walls with the articles and leave them in plain sight.

  19. Anna says:

    I would hide the love oil my husband and I use when we want to play. That might be awkward for a photographer to find on my nightstand 🙂

  20. Daniella says:

    Oh wow! How generous of them! Love the beginning of your post too, lol… if I was going to hide something it would be the litterbox for sure! Especially since the cat has claimed the spare bathroom it’s in as her own domain, lol… otherwise the space would be off limits!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Mel says:

    As if! But if they did want to come, I’d hide my period underwear 🙂

  22. Zina says:

    The walls. The walls in our new flat metaphorically hit you over the head as soon as you walk in, and, as renters, we’re not actually supposed to paint.

    The kitchen is peach. (Peach!) The dining room is a deep red. The hallway is a bright and warm yellow. The bedroom is a fairly pinky cream, the bath is a paler yellow but with all the painted wallpaper trying in a preliminary fashion to part company with the incipiently mildewy plaster. (Negotiations to fix this with the landlord continue.)

    The rest of the flat is blessedly white. However, did I neglect to mention that the entire first floor is covered in what they call “Anaglypta” in the UK? (Textured wallpaper, which has apparently come to be called by the company that made it, like Xerox or Kleenex.) Also, this house is older than my country. There isn’t a straight line in the place.

    I’d have to drape fabric over every wall in the place. Come to think of it, it might be easier to festoon the photographer and his/her camera in fabric.

    But if walls don’t count, then I’d hide the deck “furniture”, which currently consists of a four-seat metal bistro set, which came with the place. Someone painted it dark green, apparently without the benefit of primer, so now the entire set has a sort of dark green epidermal necrolysis.

  23. Amie says:

    Isn’t it obvious? I would hide my laundry basket; no one needs to see dirty knickers floating around.

  24. Kathryn says:

    I would hide my entire kitchen!!! The floors are cracked and dated, the cupboards are going to fall off the hinges! I can’t beleive I’ve lived there a year and I have yet to tackle the aesthetics of it. *shudders* at the thought of someone else seeing it!

  25. Mary Frances Millet says:

    I would hide my indoor morning glory plant. I took cuttings from my outdoor MGs to enjoy them indoors as well. What I didn’t know was that they grow so fast and wrap themselves around EVERYTHING. Their pathetic little vines are either hanging out there in thin air as if to say, “Please give me something to latch onto” or just wrap themselves around each other.
    I fear a camera crew would be entangled in its clutches within a matter of minutes and would not be ABLE to leave!

  26. Nancy says:

    I would have to pull a civic number sign switcheroo with the talented renovators and gardeners next door, effectively hiding my whole house. In fact, I think the mailman would laugh his a** off seeing ‘Style at Home’ addressed to me!

  27. Brigette says:

    I would like to think that I would hide Nothing. I would try to stop the vicious cycle. If everyone hides things for magazine shots it leaves the rest of us thinking that something is wrong with our homes b/c they don’t look like they do in the magazines, but really no one has a home like that!

  28. I would hide the green painter’s tape that still exists around our *not-painted-after-2-months-baseboards* – not sure it would be camera friendly.

  29. Megan H. says:

    We have only one room in our basement which serves as a workout area, office for my husband, kids play area and our main storage area. My husbands office takes up about a third of the space and it is always a mess. It’s embarrassing when anyone comes over and needs to go down to the basement for some reason. With four kids, it’s hard to find time to get down there and organize it. Style at Home tips might just help in that area!

  30. Cheryl says:

    This woman of questionable taste wanting to become one of good taste has so many options. I would probably hide the 6 foot tin knight that stands guard in my entryway. Problem is…where to hide him? Maybe I could temporarily turn him into a yard sculpture.

  31. judy cowling says:

    Karen, I would hide my….um well or maybe my…geez…Oh, I’ve got it…I would hide the…oh, on second thought… I have worked SO HARD on my house, it’s not perfect…but I wouldn’t hide anything! Three years after buying a loser of a house and turning it into a winner, I am damn proud…as you must be of yours. Congrats on a job well done.

  32. Definitely my husband.

    Seriously – I can’t leave him alone when cameras are around.

  33. Amy says:

    Definetly hide my children. They think that everyone that comes through the door is here to visit them. The door bell rings and dressed or not they run to the door and stand waiting for me to open the door to their new very best friends. “wanna see my room?” “Did you come to play princess party wif me?”

    Its just the UPS Guy, dropping off the books I ordered, not that I have time to read, but I have hope.

    Amy in Florida

  34. Sherry (BTLover2) says:

    I’d have to hide all my “piles.” I have piles of papers (not huge mind you) all over. My husband always asks me what I’d do without my piles, but it’s the stuff that I need but don’t really need to file (thus pile). Doesn’t everyone have piles they need to hide when someone visits??

  35. Lora says:

    I’d have to hide my house. No way would they want it in those shiny, beautiful pages of beautiful hearth and home!

  36. Susan V says:

    I would hide all of my How-To Books like::: The Complete Idiots book to Trouble Free Home Repair and Puppies for Dummies.

  37. Susan says:

    I would hide my entire office which offers an “in progress” paint job, household accounting files, many trash to treasure finds, past/present/future craft projects, my computer, filing cabinets and answering machine. Basically,anything that I don’t want “out” but don’t want to file and store yet. It reminds me somewhat of your storage shed except it is carpeted…

  38. Reenie says:

    I would most probably hide my piles & piles of Romance books (you know the ones with the lurid covers?) I can’t help it! I’m addicted! Especially the ones with the Wolves! =)

    * on another note – do you know if your issue is out on the stands yet? I”m looking to grab some reading material (other than romance! lol) for the weekend and I thought a copy of Style at Home would do nicely!


  39. Beth says:

    I would hide the clothes I tossed off last night – especially the dirty undies (sorry!).

  40. Beth says:

    I suffer from a case of ugly fireplace tools too and they would have to be taken out of the living room. I actually move them out to the garage all the time but they always end up back at the fireplace. Hmmm, ugly and magical. Karen, since yours are still missing, they must have been just ugly and not magical. Either way we are both getting a new (more stylish) set this fall!!

  41. mary c says:

    FIRST: I would hide the marker-stained, sticker-covered ugly green pvc tablecloth that is covering my beautiful dining room table.

    Then, I would hide the toys, followed by the dog’s accessories, and last but not least, every bit of decorative ceramic given as gifts by my mother in law!

  42. Julie says:

    I would hide my big blank walls. I have no idea what to hide them with and that is the whole problem. But I guess having a magazine come over would force me to figure it out.

  43. Anne says:

    I loved your shoot in Style at Home – what a juicy mix of eras. Loved it.

    Okay, what would I hide? Maybe the pictures of family and friends and art show cards that cover my fridge – I never see those in magazine shots. Or maybe the three outfits I might have tried on before dashing out the door. Probably the can of black semi-gloss paint that sits on my kitchen counter nudging me to get going on that desk re-finishing. Okay, perhaps most shameful would be the bunny ears (yes, with a flat-screen tv) – we all fight the establishment in our own way and that’s mine.

  44. Tessa says:

    I would hide this creepy wooden mask with raffia hanging from it like a beard that my boyfriend thinks is the coolest and insists on having around! And come to think about it, I would also his fake 1/2 shark that when hung looks like its lunging out of the wall (except maybe it doesn’t count b/c it’s already hidden in the basement – you have to draw the line somewhere when you live in an apartment & don’t have the luxury of a man cave!)

  45. Pete says:

    I’d hide my Ikea catalog. I have so much stuff from there, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I have a “problem” and turn the magazine shoot into an intervention.

  46. Maggie says:

    the sex toys?… just kidding, I’d leave those lying around…ahem, sorry, I really am kidding. The bills on the fridge, the cords and cables running from the tv and computer all around the lounge room a couple of ugly laminate book cases and the dusty digital photo frame we never turn on.

  47. Jenna says:

    For one, all my black lab’s fallen hair. Is it possible to “hide” dog hair? Does that mean I’d have to vacuum? Never mind then, I’d hide all the bikes and bike parts that are strewn across my apartment and this big ugly gold hat rack my roommate insists on keeping by the front door.

  48. FlagirlinTN says:

    Definitely my 3 Siamese cats. Them seem to be shedding extra this summer and have lost enough hair that you could build a mansion. The hairball tumbleweeds are numerous and LARGE. Plus I don’t want the photographer refer to me later as “that woman with all the cats”.

  49. Sarah G. says:

    Kitty liter box has to go. Possibly kitty. And most of the contents of my refrigerator. 🙂 It’s just messy looking.

  50. ginger says:

    I know it goes against logic but I would hide my fireplace. I love my art deco home – but sadly, the last owners ripped out the original fireplace and replaced it with a stone monster that belongs more in a cottage then in my elegant (in my head anyway) living room. I’ve been renovating the ugly out of my house for six months and am only coming to terms with the fact that I’m going to have to live with that ugly fireplace for years before I find the resources and time to take it out.

    When I first got the house, the son of the previous owner told me all about the decorating approach of his parents. He started by saying, “I have no idea why the real estate agent made us take it all out! You should have seen the beautiful Robert Bateman prints that they hung over that beautiful fireplace!”

    That, my friend, should say it all.

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