Wingin’ it.
Living Room Chairs

As you all know I’m up to my third forehead wrinkle with kitchen renovation plans. Figuring out where stuff goes, when to order things, what day cabinets will or will not arrive.

Plus of course, there’s keeping up with the blog, the animals, the house. And I was hired for a rather fun, but time consuming, side job last week (which I’ll tell you about later). These are all things I need to do. Not just should do, but need to. Otherwise, you go unentertained, I make no money, the animals die and the house falls in on me, with my little nostrils peeking out of a landslide of garbage for their very last breath.

So it should come as no surprise at all that I am spending 12 – 14 hours hours of the day … looking for a living room chair. That I don’t need.

It all started with a chair from Urban Barn. A very retro looking leather chair. And then the search for the chair I don’t need became an ongoing, never ending obsession.  I have no idea why.

I’m sure a psychologist well versed in midcenturymodernitus could probably pull it all out of me in less time than it takes to skim an old issue of Dwell magazine.

What I needed was a midcentury modern wingback chair.  Not an easy thing to come across.  So I widened my horizons and decided I’d accept other offers that beckoned to me as well.

These are some of the wingback chairs I came across in my Internet travels.


Lawrence Peabody on Etsy – moulded plastic midcentury modern chair

Crate & Barrel – gray new traditional chair

Lawson-Fenning – blue/gray velvet chair

Costco – bonded leather chair

Restoration Hardware – curved lines, beige chair

Urban Barn – retro inspired leather chair

Ikea – gray and orange chairs

Etsy – houndstooth chair

Lawson-Fenning – beige chair with sharp lines

West Elm – black leather, button back chair

Made – yellow chair


Some of the chairs I love, some I like and some I’m not  sure about.  What I am sure of is, I may not need a new chair, but I want one.  And that’s a dangerous thing.

Once I tried to ignore the fact that I wanted french fries.  For 3 days I fought the urge.  Then, on the 4th day, my head exploded.

True story.

Which would make an even bigger mess in the house I’d have to clean up.  Seems smarter to just buy a chair.