Winter Firepit Planter

Anyone who’s been following my blog for  a while is familiar with my Portable Outdoor Fire Pit.

This winter I took the premise of that fire pit and altered it to make it bigger, badder and  more impressive.  And you can do it too.  Unless you’re frightened of going bigger, badder and more impressive.  Because you’re a sissy.

I am NOT a sissy.  I’m a badass as you can see by my big, badass winter fire pit.

Planters fire

Yes.  Those are real flames, provided by Real Flame gel fuel.   No the glass does not explode.  The flames don’t get close enough to the glass instantly to make that happen.  For the glass to break you’d have to put a hot, hot flame directly onto a cold, cold piece of glass.  Of course, I’m sure if the conditions were right the glass could break.  That’s where the badass part comes in.



Urns 14



To do this, (which would look great all winter or summer long by your back or front door)  just follow the instructions in my Outdoor Fire Pit tutorial, but use larger glass and buy larger planters.  This one is actually easier, because you can make any sized glass box and just set it into the dirt in the planter.  If the size is a bit off, (as long as it’s smaller than the opening of the planter) you’ll be fine.  Good luck to all you badassians.

For you sissies … more outdoor planter options and decorating to come … Later today. Yes. It’s true. Two posts in one day. You’ll understand the ridiculousness of that when you read the next post.


  1. Marti says:

    You realize I’m working overnights and will need to set my alarm, right? And that even with the alarm set, chances are good that I won’t be the first commenter on your midday post.

    But on the bright side, WOW, I’m glad I hurried in to check this blog today. In spite of already spotting the frozen yogurt tampon and glowing orb posts, I had never seen the “how to make a fire pit” post. I now long for a back deck to build such a fire pit on. Wow, that looks like fun!

    Ahhhhhhh, the satisfaction of learning something glows a-new in my bosom. Small glow. Small… er, nevermind.

  2. susan Preston says:

    if the power stays off much longer (and it will be awhile) you may need those suckers to heat your tootsies! Not to mention cook the fella’s breakie… !

  3. Sandy says:

    Wow! Those are stunning. 🙂

  4. becky mercado says:

    I went back to look at your original fire pit post. Really cool. A couple of questions…. is the glass necessary…safety wise…or just for its reflective properties. Second … since I wouldn’t want my rocks to explode… (wow that sounds kind of dirty) … do you just pick them up and determine if they’re heavy or is there a more rockly scientific method to determine if they’re heavy for their size?
    I’m sure you’re really busy to answer this…but maybe in a future post…

  5. doni says:

    That firepit is how I originally found your blog. And I still want one, but now I want a bigger badass one like that. I am wondering if I still have time to get one done and decorate my deck to look awesome like that before Christmas eve. sigh… probably not cause my gifts aren’t wrapped and I still have cookies to make and pajama pants to sew this week. sigh…

  6. Ginny says:

    Sandy you took the words right out my mouth!

    Karen, two posts in one day. You are truly a badass and a rebel (with a cause) to boot!

  7. Lynn says:

    My favorite word has always been baddassery and what would one who has mastered badassery be called but a but a baddassian?! Nice! 🙂

  8. marilyn says:

    bigger is better! except for the ass part..

  9. Barbie says:

    I don’t know how you do it everyday! Let alone TWICE in one day! I love waking up to your blog Karen and can’t wait to re-check it later today again. LOVE the firepits.

  10. kate says:

    Those look fantastic! On a completely unrelated note I have a suggestion for holiday photo ops for your chickens…I stumbled upon them in another blog I follow…
    I just fear you aren’t allowing the chickens to expand their little worlds. Also…lovely christmas photos.
    From this awesome blog:

  11. Marie says:

    Hello, my name is Marie and I am a sissy. With my fear of fire (from being in a burning building), two curious cats and a surprisingly clumsy Greyhound, my house is a no-fire zone. But they look lovely in your house. Looking forward to today’s 2nd post.

  12. Deb says:

    What a badass!!!!!!!!!! Your my hero Karen.

  13. Nancy says:

    It figures that you would take something awesome that you created and make even more awesomer..that’s a word a second post today!! can tell someone is ready for Christmas this year and has some time to spare..Later..

  14. Laurel says:

    Oh, my goodness, that is so pretty! You almost make me want to add this to my to do list 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Laurel – if you already have a rectangular planter, you can make it up in no time. I made my glass boxes at night, let them rest overnight and set them in the planters in the morning. Easy as can be. ~ karen!

  15. Tickled Red says:

    DS and I are planning on redoing our backyard, adding a firepit, you know general mayhem…these are so being made. Finally! xoxo Happy Holidays luv.

  16. trinity says:

    a VERY large problem in my life is completely solved. I am dying for a firepit and no longer have to endlessly search to find to have a metal box with a ledge that fits the document sized glass. I can put the glass ON THE DIRT!! HOLY CoW!!! Merry Christmas, I am on it.

  17. Angela in Spokane says:

    Ahhhh the outdoor fire pit is how I found you, Bestie!! 🙂 These really are awesome and I would love to put something like that together. However, I opted OUT of your get-everything-done-before-things-get-crazy-challenge and here I am. I still have some shopping to do and all of my wrapping to do. But I can’t complain, I love the holidays and I hope they are wonderful for you and yours!

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