September 1st marked the start of what is, without question, the most underknown (totally a word) celebratory month in the calendar.  The month, the entire MONTH of September is Pet Remembrance month.  For those of us who find remembering our deceased pets throughout the entire year to be an inefficient use of our limited mourning time, this plan is genius.

September won this honour after beating out July and August, both of which were drunk at the time of voting.  Honestly.  Everyone knows July and August involve Margarita’s. Sciencey magazines have proven it’s impossible to properly mourn a lost hedgehog while you’re elbowing Costco shoppers to get to a propane tank sized bottle of lime juice. It’s basic science.

I should explain I’ve taken liberty with the name.  September is actually called World Animal Remembrance Month so as to include the departed animals that weren’t pets, like maybe the one you added a blob of HP Sauce to last night.  Please don’t celebrate the sauce; March is the designated National Sauce month, not to be confused with July and August, which as we established earlier, are National Sauced months.

Remembering the deceased animals is our way of thanking them for not evolving to the point where they can overtake us.  Also we’re thankful to them for giving us companionship and not eating our hair while we sleep.

A few months ago I came up with a way to remember my very special pet Cuddles.  You may remember Cuddles by her remarkable bum.

cuddles the chicken

Cuddles was my first chicken and she is the chicken all other chickens will be compared to excepting the ones that come with sauce.  She was funny and friendly and routinely fell asleep in my lap.  In fact, as soon as I went into the coop and sat on a bale of straw she would come running up to me, jump into my lap and fall asleep at which point I would hope she didn’t poop.

After years of struggling with her health I finally had to have Cuddles put down a week before Christmas in 2015.  The only animal I’ve ever cremated was Cuddles.  My mother cremated all kinds of chickens in her lifetime but she did it due to a pathological fear of salmonella.

So when Carlene from Greymount Paper & Press (a stationary company) approached me a few months after Cuddles died about doing something special to remember her by, I said YUP.  Let’s do this.

And we did.

guess what chicken butt greeting card

Yes.  It’s the Cuddles Greeting Card complete with a description of her on the back of the card.

guess what chicken butt greeting card

I know.  It’s so great.

guess what chicken butt greeting card

The cards are now officially for sale on my Shop page along with my 2 other collaborative products,  the Rough Linen bread proofing cloth, and the hand carved Cattails cleaver hook.*

*(all items are now sold out)

guess what chicken butt greeting card

So yeah, I’m remembering the animals I’ve loved, lost and lounged with over the years with special consideration for Cuddles. The little chicken from Canada who I never ONCE thought of putting sauce on, because I have the willpower of that Vampire guy in that Vampire movie who loved that non Vampire girl who actually looked like she could use a juice glass of blood.

Who are you remembering this month?


  1. Woniya says:

    I never met Cuddles, and I’ve never owned chickens. But I liked that bird. The card is very sweet and silly and funny, all that Cuddles was to you. Nice. I should do the same for sweet Orange Cat, who died in April this year. Best cat ever. I thought of you this morning as I saw a little do-dad on line of someone who had bored chickens and had hung a small child’s xylophone up in the coop. The chickens were having a blast pecking out a tune. Made me think of your chicken swing experiment.

  2. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Yes Karen that is a song and a damn fine one too! lol….look it up and learn…Roger Miller!

  3. Luanne says:

    I think I’ll probably start singing “You Can’t Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd” whenever i come accroas this post title

  4. LibrarianNancy says:

    Love your post and all the comments. The Cuddles card says it all, and I think I’m going to have to send these to all of my brothers. Almost daily, I think of the four dogs (3 golden retrievers, 1 harrier) that I’ve lost over the years. Makes me treasure the two goldens still with me that much more. I have had about 35 foster dogs as well – lost a few of those as well. Our fur and feathered kids just aren’t with us long enough.

  5. Patti says:

    I had to buy this, Karen, for so many reasons!

    1) We have a pet parrot, so I understand just how much character each little bird brain has and watching Cuddles grow up was a real pleasure.

    2) My husband and I love saying this to each other. It goes on forever. “Guess who? Chicken Poo!” so I think this is the perfect card to surprise him!

    Nice way to memorialize her, Karen! :)

  6. Alena says:

    That’s a really nice card. I know Cuddles would be proud.

    I don’t really need a remembrance day or month because I think of all my deceased dogs quite frequently. It’s a lot of greyhounds that I have outlived, and with the exception of one, I have all their ashes. When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes mixed with the ashes of my dogs and sprinkled somewhere nice. I borrowed the idea from the terrific lady that used to run a greyhound adoption group in New Hampshire and who owned an obscene amount of dogs herself. (When I grow up, I want to be like her).
    The one dog whose ashes I don’t have was buried in my previous house, in the garden under a lilac shrub, her favourite watch spot.

  7. Kat 47 says:

    OMG. Both of my grown sons always say “Guess what chicken butt” to each other when they are on the phone talking. Guess what they are getting from their mother in the mail! I am still laughing at this card. I love it!

  8. Mary W says:

    The art work is terrific! She totally got the fluffy part down! Ordered mine and think it’s a great idea!

  9. Elaine says:

    What a great card and I love the artist’s work!!

    Cuddles’ butt certainly beats out Kim. K’s butt ANY day!!!!!

  10. Gretchen Sexton says:


  11. Ev Wilcox says:

    Nine years later, we still mourn for our dear Reilly, a black lab. He and I were so connected. Once I got over the amazement of it, he and I settled down to accept it and move on. I could silently “call” him and he would be there, without fail. If I was upstairs, he would immediately come up to be with me, or visa versa. He “Knew Things”, things no animal should have been burdened with, good or bad. He was so smart, and just as sweet. Even people that didn’t particularly like big dogs loved, not liked, Reilly. He is in our backyard, and by damn, they better put my ashes there with him or “I’ll be back”!
    I think of Cuddles now and then. Karen, you were so lucky to have your chicken pal, and she was indeed beautiful. Nice cards.

  12. Diane says:

    Just ordered my Cuddles Butt Card…Love it. I also want/need that black canvas tote bag that is hanging on the cleaver. Please make it available to purchase from your shop.

  13. Sandra Blackwell says:

    The card almost made me snort coffee…I use that line with my grands all the time. I had Mo that basset hound, with different colored eyes. He loved girls in long skirts that he could walk under.

  14. Angie S says:

    Not all fluffy butts are created equally, and of my nine, it’s my Buff Orpington that rules in that regard.
    Cuddles was VERY loved and this is a nice way to bring a smile before a tear when thinking of her.

  15. Jenny says:

    I love the card, it’s gorgeous! Karen, do you know the “Song of the One-Legged Chicken” by Tom T. Hall? It’s super sweet, strange little childen’s song that my husband introduced me to. It’s so odd but very touching, haha.

  16. Chris White says:

    Karen, you just made my Monday. Your writing is always so fresh and clever – and so is your card! I have an uncle who raised chickens and every year he would call us to his house when the chicks hatched so we could hold the little balls of fluff in our hands. I am off to order a ‘chicken butt’ card for him right now!

  17. Kim Kelley says:

    wow…I’d say something but these comments today are better than the story. Congrats on Cuddles card…its good too.

  18. Nicole says:

    I spent time this weekend in the veterinary ER with one of my cats when an Upper Respiratory Infection gave him a fever. I learned that URIs are caused by a form of the herpes virus, so they can come back whenever it’s inconvenient (like shingles or cold sores) and they are very easily passed on (our newest feline friend brought it into the house, I guess). Spending time here reminded me of a previous visit and the hardest decision I’ve ever made: the choice to say goodbye to my Penny Cat. She was 16, we think (adopted as a young adult), and the sweetest little princess. :(

  19. Sammy says:

    ah… Cuddles… I’ve been following you for years, and feel like I knew Cuddles too. I would love to buy the card, just to put it in my house.. But it doesn’t ship to the Netherlands :(

    I’m remembering my dear old cat Mailo who passed away a year ago…

    • Carlene says:

      Hi Sammy! For some reason, Europe wasn’t selected for shipping options and that’s been taken care of now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! If you still want to order, the Netherlands should now be an option (sorry for the oversight).

  20. lalamedic says:

    That is such a sweet story. Plus, you are the only person I know of who’s cat lived to 23 like mine did.
    Companion animals are not just pets but members of our family. We love them, mourn them, and remember them forever.

  21. Cathy says:

    I had my little black, runt of the litter, cat named Max for 23 wonderful years. When she was 20 my fella and I went on a cruise and my neighbor was charged with taking care of her. Because of her age I was worried that the worst might happen, so I dug a hole in the backyard so that in the event it did at least he wouldn’t have to dig through the frozen ground. Fast forward three years when I had to make the decision to have her put down. I took her out for one more visit to her favorite place–my backyard garden. She loved being on ‘ backyard bug patrol ‘
    And then she did the most remarkable and eerie thing–she ambled ever so slowly to the exact spot where I had dug the hole, and curled up. Of course I thought she had passed then and there but she didn’t. To this day, I feel that it was her way of saying, ” it’s OK mom it’s my time, and I’ll see you at sunset”

    • Nicole says:

      Wow, this just brought tears to my eyes. It’s beautiful.

    • Ev Wilcox says:

      I have caught my animal buddies responding to what I’ve said, too. It is almost eerie, and I think they slipped up. They are not supposed to let on, you know. Just say’in….

    • Karen says:

      That gave me goosebumps. :( ~ karen!

    • linda in illinois says:

      Ditto Cathy, I have two cats buried in my yard and two cats cremated in the house. They loved my garden. I also lost one to a hawk who swooped down into my yard and stole it from my back yard where she was enjoying the night. All I heard was her scream once and then dead silence, no sound of the bugs, birds, wrestling of leaves, just silence.

      • Elaine says:

        Oh God!!! What a nightmare! My heart is breaking for you! 😞😥. I still miss my cat (I still dream of him) and it’s been years and years. What a horrible thing for you to witness and hear … I’m so sorry.

    • J says:

      at sunset, over the rainbow bridge,,,,,,,,,

  22. TucsonPatty says:

    Oh, the lovely Cuddles butt! There is a country western song in there, too – the little chicken that would… such an awesome way to remember her. I’ve never had a pet like that, just a couple of cats along the way.

  23. Lesley Brisco says:

    Well, definitely not an animal I would like to ever remember, but you touched a nerve when you wrote “And not eating our hair while we sleep”. We have a truly ugly & scary creature in the semi-dessert area we reside in, in South Africa, & it does EXACTLY that!! It is called a Red Roman, & although it looks like a spider, except with the massive jaws of a sort of Scorpion, it is in a genre of it’s own. It is the size of a mans hand, very fast, & yes, it chomps on ones hair & beard while you sleep, to line its nest!!
    I know…best forgotten!!

    • Thandi says:

      Lesley I am not visiting you. Ever. Sorrynotsorry. Come to the Winelands. It’s safer here.

      • Lesley Brisco says:

        Hahaha! That’s a pity, we have a lovely Guest house here, & I’d give you a bak & a board so you could catch them! actually, last I heard, they were starting to travel South…! :)

        • lisa says:

          I could cope with that – if you could cope with a 3.5 m carpet python above your bed (in the ceiling). We need a picture though. :)

    • Karen says:

      Nooooooooooo! LOL. That’s awful!!! I thought centipedes were bad. ~ karen!

  24. Tina says:

    I have all my cats and some of my dogs tattooed on my chest. The sight of them reminds me of them every day. Some dogs have not (yet) been added because it hurts like a SOB to have your chest tattooed. Normally I laugh in the face of tattoo needles but not on my chest, I learned my lesson!

  25. Kennedy says:

    That’s just amazing. This entire blog post gave me the feels.

  26. Pet Remembrance Month…

    I’ll be remembering my husband.

    We used to pet a lot, and he was very good at it.

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