You don’t want to miss this …

I went shopping the other day.

I knew what I wanted, did my research beforehand, and came home with what may be the greatest buy I’ve ever made.

It’s the sort of thing the fella would have bought me when we were together but I would never have bought myself.  That’s the one good thing the fella did for me over the years.

He instilled in me the fact that I deserved to have nice things.  I just have to buy them for myself now.

And this is what I bought.



Details and photos tomorrow!


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  1. Ellen Phillippe says:

    You Lucky Ducky…..oops Lucky Chicky Lady!!

  2. AnnW in the US says:

    What are these? Penguins?

  3. Kristi says:

    Soooo excited for you!!! Yay!!!

  4. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Adorable..Have you had the talk with the girls yet??

  5. marika says:

    YOU GOT MORE CHICKENS!!!!!! Well, I assumed they are chickens but after reading the comments my certainty has wavered. I’m very excited nonetheless. Bravo!

  6. Ruth says:

    I tried to cheat by reading the comments before watching the video and met only confusion. If I go by the comments, those birds could be penguins, quails, partridges, peacocks or turkeys….

    I’m just going to play it safe and stick with ‘baby birds’. Congratulations on your new (probably illegal) baby birds.

    May they long survive in the absence of a carnivorous dachshund. ;-D

  7. kelli says:

    Wait…you bought…licorice peeps?

    • Linda S. in NE says:

      Now that’s FUNNY, kelli !! I had to watch the video twice, but I too noticed something unusual with their legs and feet. You didn’t go buying some baby ducklings, did you, Karen ? Whatever they are, they’re adorable and should blend in nicely with the new kitchen.

    • Ramona says:

      Ha! Very funny! Love it…

  8. Nicole says:

    Black Javas!

  9. Ramona says:

    I was thinking Plymouth Barred Rocks like Becky or Australorps like Sherri. CAN’T WAIT TO KNOW MORE!

    • Ramona says:

      Wait, what? I rewatched the video. They have feathers on their feet! Cochins? I’d say silkies, but didn’t look like five toes, and some feet were pink. I give up! And I call myself a chicken owner… (I did say owner, not expert! Lol!)

  10. Olga says:

    Is the other “members” scheduled for your weekly menu?

  11. Sherri says:


  12. jeannie B says:

    Such cute baby chicks. But they sure do seem to have big feet. So, now you have eight chickens, right? I think I would keep the little ones in the house. But then you have cats.
    Have fun with the tiny, fluffy ones Karen. Ever thought about getting ducks too? Do chickens and ducks get along? Must google and find out.

  13. Cathy says:

    Leave it to you to get new fur in the summer!

  14. Sharman says:

    Aww!!! Good for you! Remember my recent foray into chickens? Well we got the coop assembled, the chicken run protected and lined with the straw you recommended and the three chicks grown to six weeks old. They were happily staying in their outside home every day. But being Chicago it was too cold for them to stay out at might yet. So brought them in, settled them back into their heated Rubbermaid Xmas tree holder, dashed out to the store and returned to find my dachshund had overturned the setup and killed two and had my favorite in his mouth! I FAILED MY BABIES!!!

    The new chicks come in august … Wish me luck

  15. Melissa in North Carolina says:

    I love it and them. They are soooooo cute!!!! I’ll admit, this is wasn’t what I was expecting, but then you did set us up! After all you do have the fancy fridge, the fancy oven and the fancy slop hole in that fancy kitchen. I’m still waiting for the MS cabinet reveal. Can’t wait for more on the new babies.

  16. Patti says:

    Oh !! they are so cute! we had chickens when I was a little girl. I practically lived in the coup with them.
    But….SHHH! we don’t tell the neighbours we have more! SHHHHHH!

  17. Marion says:

    ooooh wonderful! So cute, and those fluffy littles bums!

  18. lori jones says:

    you got chicken!! woohoo!! they are soo cute. you do still have the others, yes??

  19. Roxanne says:

    Are those Black Copper Marans? Did you get them for the dark chocolate brown eggs they lay?

  20. Mary Kay says:

    OMG OMG OMG – little baby chickens!!! <3

  21. becky says:

    Awww. Fluffy butts. Look like barred rocks to me.

  22. Jebber Jay says:

    fluffily delicious. :o)

  23. Kat says:

    I am so proud of you and now we get more hypnotizing coop cam stuff to watch. I love it!!!

  24. AngieC says:

    Those are some very nice things.

  25. SuzyMcQ says:

    Are they wearing cute little chicken knee socks? There’s something going on with their legs. Those are not your run of the mill chicken legs. Please don’t tell me that you got chicks and then knitted them some knee highs?

  26. Tigersmom says:

    More cute fluffy chicken butts!

  27. Janice says:

    Yay!! New freinds! I wish I had a clue where you lived so I could come pet them. I still dont have any….I dont have balls like you. They say no so I dont fight it, YET.

  28. Ev Wilcox says:

    Cute! Black chickens? Turkeys? Nah, why would you-you’d have to eat them. Anyway-will the girls accept them? Pecking order, you know! Once again we wait with bated breath your next post!

  29. Adorbs !

    Michael and I went to the Amish auction this weekend, and I ALMOST came home with a miniature donkey. Haha! Gospel truth.

    Lynne xx

  30. jainegayer says:


  31. Tori says:

    Is it horrible that I’m a bit disappointed that it wasn’t a puppy?

  32. Sherry (BTLover2) says:

    Too stinking cute! Need a babysitter?

  33. Jody says:

    “Oh fluffy bums”” she said squealingly

  34. mimiindublin says:

    Omg, you’re going to be building another coop! Now that the kitchen is finished, it’s as good a time as any.

  35. Aaaaaand Monday’s off on the right foot! Thanks for that…

  36. Too cute and adorable! You’re addicted. So’s my sister. When she gets into something she does it in a big way. She started off with 24 chickens. They lost one, so they were down to 23. Then they found out one she was a he and they named him Earl. Earl was so mean that they had to get rid of him recently, but not before one hen hatched a little brood of chicks, so i have NO idea how many chickens they up to know. I keep trying to convince them to get a coop cam, but so far no luck!

  37. Susan Preston says:

    OMG! Can’t wait to see them! They are sooo sweet!! Beautiful! Welcome home!!

  38. Anna Stevenson says:

    Silkies? Are those cute little bantam Silkies??

  39. Alison says:

    So cute!!!!! I squealed!!!

  40. Jeannie says:

    Did you clear this with the girls?

  41. PoMoMom says:

    Super cute! Dare you to get some Turkens…. Poor ugly Turkens

  42. Debbie D says:

    Adorable! Can’t wait to hear the details and see them grow up!

  43. PoMoMom says:

    Super cute! Dare you to get some Turkins ….

  44. Mindy says:

    Could they be any cuter!?!?

  45. Therese says:

    They are adorable! What are they? Quails? Partridges? Peacocks? Penguins?

  46. Grammy says:

    Babies! Beautiful, sweet babies. Four more “working girls” to make you smile and coo and make kissy noises. What a happy sight. I’m not crazy about fresh chicken shit, but those babies are too cute.

  47. Michelle says:

    Are they baby penguins?

  48. Pat says:

    Sooooo cute! Yes, you deserve to treat yourself to those special things you really want and enjoy. Just think of the hours of enjoyment ahead of you!

  49. Auntiepatch says:

    Oh, how cute! I could never have chickens but I do think the chicks are adorable!

  50. Amber says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a 12-step program out there for people like you…

    • sue m says:

      Im, with Amber!

    • Ramona says:

      There IS a Twelve Step Program! It goes like this: 1. Research chicks 2. Set up chicks’ brooder 3. Buy chicks 4. Bring chicks home 5. Introduce chicks to brooder (their new home!) 6. Water chicks 7. Feed chicks 8. Clean up chicks’ poop 9. Water chicks 10. Feed chicks 11. Watch chicks for hours! (And when you realize you don’t have nearly enough…) 12. Go out & buy more chicks!!!

      Now, to all you chicken owners… I seriously suck at chicken math. Feel free to add to my list. And if you’re like Karen (and myself), I didn’t forget about the chicken COOP, we just don’t get around to that step until the chickens are eight weeks old, or so! =D

      • Amber says:

        Betcha a dollar they’re Australorps…
        Karen, do you have some sort of pool going? Proceeds to chicken feed? Or maybe the British Hen Welfare Trust?
        (You could clean up, girl!)

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