You Guys Can Suck It
And I Mean that in the Most Respectful Way

I regret to inform you that there will be no formal post today.  Why?  Why no post you ask?

Because I’m busy.

I’m busy playing.

I’m busy playing with this!



I swear to you.  That’s why there’s no post today.  I was busy working on a post when the fella came home  and said … and I quote “Do you have a minute?  I bought you a present today because I love you and I appreciate all the hard work you do for me all the time.  Plus I’m sortta hoping for sex“.

Then he pulled it out of his pants.  The iPhone that is.  The fella’s the one who bought me my first iPhone when it first came out years ago.  I never asked for one, never wanted one, never cared about one.  Until I got one.

So for the next few hours, while I should be diligently writing a post for you fine folks … I will be screwing.  Around with my iPhone.

Have a great weekend … I’ll report back next week.  About the iPhone.