You’ll Have to Excuse Me …

in between takes at work

Sometimes, rarely, occasionally … I have to work at my real job where I get paid in money as opposed to nice comments.    So for the next 2 weeks that is what I’ll be doing.  I will be hosting a television show for W Network called The W Expert Challenge.  This will involve 12 hour days (15 if you include travelling) and  so there definitely won’t be any  home cooked meals.    That’s why there won’t be a Menu of the Week this week.   Basically  I will be forced to eat whatever I can steal out of people’s purses when they aren’t looking.

There will be a craft table in the studio.  This is not a big long table covered with bowls of sparkles and pipe cleaners, as I had hoped when I first heard the term.  It is instead a big table covered with bowls of  potato chips, fruit,  mini chocolate bars, bottles of water, cans of pop and a variety of snack items.  That’s the gist of it at the beginning of the shoot anyway; by the end of the shoot when the production company is running out of money, the craft table usually consists of a linty  Triscuit, some powdered milk, and a brown, oozy grape.

I’m bringing my camera along with me and I hope to be able to feature some of the more interesting craft table items from this shoot.  At this time of year I am willing to bet there will be a whole lotta “reduced for quick sale” chocolate Easter eggs.  It’s always interesting to see what people gravitate towards.  There’s always that one item that everyone is walking around eating and it’s usually something bizarre.

swizzle le twizzle

One year the whole crew was freaking out  for red Twizzlers.  People went nuts for the stuff, running around with licorice whips protectively clenched in both their hands and long pieces of it hanging out of their mouths.  Grown adults swishing around playing the licorice flute, and biting off the ends so they could drink their pop out of licorice straws.

By the next day … it was over.  The craft services girl, revelling in the popularity of her snack choice, went out and bought a whole case of Twizzlers and proudly laid it out on the table.  Nada.  Nothin’.  Nobody wanted the licorice.  They were pushed aside for GRANOLA BARS!!!  OH MY GOD, THERE’S GRANOLA BARS WITH THOSE LITTLE CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN THEM!

So the point of all of this is, you’ll have to excuse me because I will be posting with a teensy bit less frequency than normal over the next 2 weeks.  Don’t worry, as soon as I tape my show and make my money, I’ll be back to my favourite job.  The one that doesn’t pay anything.  Not even a Twizzler.

p.s.  If you have a television related ASK KAREN question, this might be the perfect time to ask!


  1. Have fun! I look forward to seeing what you were up to at work 🙂

    • Karen says:

      I’ve already been notified that the Craft services table looks great! Will find out for myself tomorrow. 🙂

  2. What? Two comments and one was yours? What is up with that? I realize this is a year+ old, but I’ll ask anyway. How did you get the job of hosting a TV show? I could see that you would be a great host…hostess?

    • Karen says:

      Dana – I’ve been a television host since I got out of University. I didn’t just happen upon. I volunteered at my local cable television station for 4 years, built up my resume and skills, and got my first job hosting in Toronto many years ago. I’ve been writing and hosting television shows ever since. ~ karen

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