Your Chance to Show Off

I can remember it like it was yesterday (which means I can’t remember it at all). There I was at some place, doing some thing that I vaguely remember made me happy. Or maybe it was sad. I was happy sad.

The one thing I can remember is that I wished you were all there to see it with me. This thing I can’t remember that made me happy sad.

That’s the problem with this relationship of ours. It’s kindda weird. You know a great deal about me while I know nothing about you. Well, that’s not true, I know that an alarming number of you put brussels sprouts IN YOUR MOUTH. Freaks. I get to use this website as my own personal show off board. I make something great, I show it off to the world, then sit and await all of the adoring comments. The not so adoring ones usually get a sympathetic email from me giving my condolences for their lobotomy.

When YOU make something great the only person you have to show it off to is your husband who responds with a grunt. And I’m not forgetting all the men that read this blog who do stuff. Your husbands respond with a grunt too. That’s no fun. So when someone mentioned they were going to try to do my Diorama Present Toppers and then someone else mentioned readers should post their Diorama present toppers onto my Facebook page I thought, let’s take this one step further.

So I’m opening up this post to anyone who has anything great they’ve done for the holidays that they’d like to share a photo of. Great wrapping, great decorating, a DIY gift you made that you’re proud of. And of course I’d love to see your Dioramas.

You can use this little widget thing below to upload your photo right to this post! You don’t need to have a website to link to (but you can if you do), you don’t need to be a computer genius. Just click where it says “Add Your Link” and then upload your photo. You can upload it from your computer, Instagram or your own website. Where it says “Link Title” you can put your name and what it is you’re showing. You can be anonymous too if you want. But that sortta defeats the purpose of showing off.

This post will be open for a week for you to add your Christmas/Hanukkah stuff. I for one would love to see pictures of Christmas wrapping, decorated mantles or the famed Hanukkah Bush.

So get snapping. Add some photos. Help build some memories that will last … maybe not a lifetime but at least an hour or so.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. JMC says:

    I’m a relatively recent reader. I really loved this – how wonderful to see so many being so creative and making such lovely things. Karen, I think an open forum could potentially be an “issue”. But what about a something in a time limited format, like this was, that is either photos of people’s seasonal projects or solutions to questions (how to fix something, how to solve a design challenge) you ask your readers?

  2. Molly says:

    The Fir Lady is to die for! What a brilliant idea! (You have to click on the photo to see it in full)

  3. I loved a chance to share my own projects (I think I was greedy and shared too many!), but even more than that, I loved seeing so many awesome projects. The coolest was seeing projects from non-bloggers!! Wow, folks have some awesome ideas!! Thanks for this!

  4. Mindy says:

    Okay, it was hard for me not to monopolize the link up, (validation, remember), but I was good and stopped at three.
    By the way, the woman who posted the fir lady, her blog is beautiful and the fir lady is even better this year than it was last year.

  5. Mindy says:

    Good Lord, only two days left!?!? Where have I been? I best be gettin’ on my braggy links. Hopefully the stars will align tomorrow and I can show the world (you) what I’ve been up to in the DIY Christmas department. I’ve been a wee bit busy. No one else in my house seems to realize that it’s The Mom who does all the work, so this could be my validation. ;)

  6. Anne says:

    Congrats to everyone who posted. Everything is marvellous! I like the clay gift tags and the owl bag. (I’m kind of hooked on owls right now.) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 to everyone and especially Karen for leading us!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for this Karen–love seeing all the creativity out there (and having the opportunity to brag about our own ;-) ). Having difficulty picking my favourite–that wire and stone bracelet is very lovely, the knitted hedgehog beyond adorable, and that horse wreath–wow!

    • SeaDee says:

      Hi Jennifer:

      Thank you for the nice words about my wire/stone bracelet. I’ve made quite a few this year for gifts and they’ve been received very well, so I think I may be putting them up on Etsy. This may be just the kick in the butt I need! Merry Christmas!

  8. I need to tell you that the craft I posted here was entirely inspired by you! You know that thing you do where you walk into a dollar store and make something fun out of a dollar store thing? Like a pillow out of a car wash mitt? That thing. That’s what I decided to do, and I made scouring pad mini trees. They’re still one of my favourites.

    • Karen says:

      That’s hilarious! That’s great. :) I just had a little Dollarama adventure myself this week. Bought some silicone hot plates that had a honeycomb pattern on them and bought them to press the pattern into cookies. Made shortbread tonight with it. Turned out GREAT. I love, love your scouring pad mini tress. :) ~ karen!

  9. Jacqui says:

    For some reason I keep getting an error code when I hit the end button after uploading my project. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  10. kipper says:

    I’m confused about why the ad for “Gratta a Vinci” what looks like some sort of Italian lottery ticket-being the ad at the top of your website. Aren’t you in Canada?

  11. Shauna says:

    is it just me? the little Link thingy isn’t working/there. It’s kinda sorta there, but it’s not a link and it’s, well, i can’t describe it, it’s just not working.

    Could be my work computer. I’ll refresh.

  12. Tigersmom says:

    Happy Birthday, Karen!

  13. michelle r says:

    Thanks, Karen. Now what is your e-mail address?

  14. michelle r says:

    Oops….How do you delete a non-photo photo? I have no link. I guess I’m not so computer savvy.
    thanks, Karen
    Michelle r

  15. Sheryl says:

    Ha! Number 59 would be a perfect gift for Betty!

  16. Liz says:

    oh my stars, the fir lady and the rose cottage! so beautiful.

  17. Karol says:

    Karen, I see your birthday is close to Christmas, mine is too. Did you have a lot of “combined” Christmas/birthday gifts growing up? Not to sound all Jan Brady, but I kind of felt like I really didn’t get to celebrate my birthday. You don’t have to say it… I’ve already smacked my own face and called myself a big crybaby.

  18. I love seeing what everyone does! I found some nice little cutting boards and made the beads for the little cheese knives and servers…so those are the Christmas gifts for this year!

  19. Ev Wilcox says:

    What a nice idea! A forum for our efforts! Thanks Karen. I prob won’t be contributing but I will enjoy your other faithful readers’ efforts! You’re a good woman Charlie Brown.

  20. Marion says:

    What a great idea, I love what everybody has created! Aaaaaand happy birthday Karen! Hope you have a great weekend :-)

  21. Allison says:

    My apologies for getting a little carried away posting links up there. I may have a slight problem with oversharing. . .

  22. Marcia says:

    Wonderful talent out there! Inspiring- now if there was another month before Christmas…
    Happy Birthday Karen and a Merry Christmas to all!

  23. LazySusan says:

    Wow, what a talented bunch! #45 somehow ended up upside down, if there’s some way to correct that. And Happy Birthday, Karen! I hope it’s your best birthday, so far!

  24. West Coast Nan says:

    These are all wonderful, what a creative bunch!
    Happy Birthady Karen, have a drink or three…

  25. Tracey says:

    Happy birthday Karen!!

    I love the sea urchin bowls too.
    Great idea
    I have nothing to share this year….but I love seeing what the others have done!

  26. Patti says:

    This is such a GREAT idea, and while I was scrolling through at first, I was like “these can’t be from the readers – these are surely examples from some designer holiday magazine’… you guys are SOOO TALENTED. Seriously! I wanted one of everything! I had to contribute, so I uploaded my lettering, but seriously – can you all live with me and decorate my house?

  27. Allison says:

    Happy birthday Karen! You deserve a birthday margarita!

  28. Melissa T says:

    Success! #41 – Margarita Cupcakes! Thanks for the chance to share

  29. Julie says:

    the sea urchin bowls are beautiful!

  30. Lisa E says:

    Wow! So much talent here! I am at work and this stupid system doesn’t show the widget and is showing “error on page” at the bottom. I will have to wait ’til I’m home to upload my pic. Thanx for offering this Karen! It’s your birthday? Well a very happy birthday to you! Have a blessed day!

  31. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday Karen.

    Fun post!

  32. Heather says:

    Is it Karen’s birthday today? Happy Birthday, Karen. Darn – you told us in that webinar and I wrote it down somewhere & promptly forgot.

    This is great. I haven’t any photos right now, but I will see what I can do.

    Awhile ago you asked for suggestions for your blog – it’s redesign, etc. What about a forum where people can start their own topic threads (mediated by you, of course). This does mean, however, more work for you.

  33. Barb says:

    Happy Birthday Karen!

  34. Su says:

    some seriously amazing stuff…. good job ladies! ( and gents)

  35. Tigersmom says:

    I did it! I posted a picture! Right there. Number 32.

    You made it almost idiot proof, and I can be a pretty big idiot when it comes to techie stuff. Thanks.

    I’m especially loving the ring dishes, the sea urchin bowls and the Christmas fir lady!! So much good stuff.

  36. Thanks for a great link-up Karen. Pretty amazing stuff out there!

  37. Nancy B says:

    Pam’a – I like the cards…the pic isn’t a drunken one at all. I’m inspired to make some
    fun cards now!

  38. Meg says:

    this is so fun. Maybe I’ll make my 2014 (I wrote 2015 like a jerk) gingerbread house this week JUST so I can post it here. (probably don’t have time though…)

    karen – great idea. it’s awesome seeing everyone’s stuff – can’t wait til this page fills up tomorrow with wonderful things!

  39. Pam'a says:

    Ok… I had to compress my pic down so far it looks like some drunk took it. Since you really can’t make out what’s going on with these cards, I’d love it if you just took it down. Quick!

    • Joanne says:

      pam, the cards are pretty. Please leave them up

    • Karen says:

      Really? I can if you want, lol. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m just going through everything right now so I haven’t seen the hideousness of it yet, lol. ~ karen!

      • Pam'a says:

        If you take them down, I’ll find a *better* picture. :) No biggie either way. I do love what the rest of you have put up! I agree– It’s fun seeing Christmas in everyone’s world!

  40. Holly says:

    sorry, not trying to hog the pics, just had trouble with it cropping and I guess I have to resize but too tired lol (the christmas garland mantel).

    I LOVE seeing what everyone is doing..that is what makes it so fun! Wouldn’t it be boring if we all did the same thing…lol!

    Merry Christmas, everyone.


  41. Sheryl says:

    Lol, you forgot to tell us we would have to go figure out how to resize our photos before they would fit on this link. Good to learn something new everyday I guess. Love the horsehead and the flannel balls

  42. Laura Bee says:

    So this means I either figure out what to give my brother in law & wrap it this week (diorama!!!! I already have some bits.) Or wrap up a shoebox with a removable lid & figure out something that will fit in the box.
    This is going to be a great source of inspiration – as if you weren’t enough!

  43. Emily says:

    I laughed out loud at your last post where you mentioned DIY gifts for starving artists or starving students. This year, for the first time, I am a starving ART STUDENT and therefore, everyone will be receiving a handmade sea urchin bowl as their Christmas gift. I am trying to figure out if they would be a marketable product. We’ll see how everyone reacts to their Christmas gift!

    • Muff says:

      Emily – the bowls are beautiful! I wish I was on your Christmas list!

    • Pam'a says:

      Emily– What Muff said. The bowls are beautiful. (As are the lampwork beads… I love those little frogs!)

    • Katie says:

      They’re lovely! As I was scrolling through the list I thought of a few people I know who would love one!

    • Nancy B says:

      Hi Emily,

      Those bowls are beautiful! I was going to see if I could find out where you are selling them! Keep us posted, I’m sure you’ve got a few customers in line already just from this post.
      Great idea Karen! But by the time I have time it will be over :(

      • Emily says:

        Thanks so much everyone!! You can email me through my website at if you are interested in purchasing anything. The bowls are $12 each plus shipping. I intend to put them up on Etsy, but between finishing my finals on Wednesday and traveling for the rest of the winter break, that is not going to happen until after the holidays!

    • Allison says:

      Yes, the bowls are gorgeous. I just emailed you to inquire about how to purchase. I especially love the sea glass colored one!


  44. Janet says:

    This is a fun idea – thanks Karen! Can’t wait to see what others are making.

  45. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the party!

  46. Paula says:

    What a wonderful idea! I don’t have anything to show but I certainly look forward to seeing others.

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