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My mother used to serve me liver and tell me it was something else.  Chocolate cake or something.  It was a creepy move on her part.  She will deny this because she too hates liver and claims she never did that, would never do that and I’m making it up.  But if it wasn’t her, it was some other woman standing in our kitchen dressed in my mother’s burgundy velour pantsuit, smokin’ a cigar pushing liver on me.

Both scenarios are  traumatizing in their own way.  Come to think of it my mother never smoked cigars when she wore her burgundy pantsuit.

But late one night several months ago I watched an episode of Masterchef Australia. And they were making offal.  For those of you who don’t know what offal is, it’s guts.  The internal organs and entrails.  So offal is awful.

But I tell you … in the hands of the producers of Masterchef Australia … that offal looked good.  The liver apparently was prepared to perfection.  It glistened under the show lights and each judge took a perfect little bite, gasping and ooing over its deliciousness.

I came *this close* to running out and buying a  hunk of liver at 12:30 at night.  Then I came to my senses and remembered I wasn’t Tiny Tim.  I have a fridge full of perfectly good food that isn’t filled with bile ducts.

It was a close call indeed.

A few weeks ago I presented you with my bookmark list of recipes from my computer.  I asked you to send in some of yours.  And you did.

After getting your emails and seeing your Pinterest boards I realized I’m not like you.  Not like most of you anyway.  I rarely browse Pinterest looking for stuff that looks good.  As in never.  I like to look at the pictures but rarely pin food items.  I think, like with Foodgawker, I’m worried the person offering the recipe is more interested in getting good lighting for their Pin worthy photo than having a really well thought out recipe.

Which is funny when you consider the amount of my recipes that have been pinned.  My very own Guaranteed Crispy Sweet Potato Fry recipe alone has been pinned 948,000 times.  Yes.  Almost a million pins.

My recipe bookmarks are usually marked after I think of something that I’d like to make but have never tried before.  I search the Internet, compare recipes, decide which one suits my tastes or curiosity the most then bookmark it. A lot of times I don’t bookmark it until I’ve already made and liked it.

And mainly I get my recipes from either cookbooks that I KNOW are good or …. the Masterchef Australia website after watching the show.

YOU folks on the other hand are very visual when it comes to your bookmarking and Pinning.

And boy.  Do you love your pinning. Please enjoy spying on what everyone else is eating. Or in some cases, what they simply like to look at.



Luanne’s bookmarks

(notice the 2 Art of Doing Stuff links … marked with a cleaver)



Nicole has 2.  Only 2 recipes saved on her phone.






A couple of Erica’s Pinterest boards




Some of Claire’s saved pasta recipes.




Darin’s Pinterest board.

I don’t know what the weird length of jammy sort of thing is in the middle but I LIKE IT.




Susan’s Pinterest board!





Stephanie’s board!

The pork loin with sliced apples at the bottom looks good.  And I don’t even like pork.

Unless it’s bacon.  Everyone likes bacon.



Meet Ron.  Kicking it old school/new school.

The old school are all the cookbooks.  The new school is the fact that he has books on one of my favourites …

Molecular Gastronomy.

Ron also has over 3,000 recipes saved on his computer.




Nancy’s computer recipes are easily the most organized of everyone’s.

Please note the “Fresh Ways with Zucchini”.  Damn zucchini.






Very curious about Sara’s 4th recipe from the bottom.





If Nancy is feeling particularly giving maybe she’ll tell us what the

“secret ingredient” in the Secret Ingredient Beef Stew is.




Pay attention to HOW many recipes Liz has bookmarked.

Also note she informed me she still has no idea what to have for dinner.





Ruth’s selections.












Dear Sara … What’s a “Newf in your soup.”?



Marion’s picks.

BOOM!  Eyes go straight to the Pepto Bismol pink ice cream.





Stephanie has a LOT of great chicken recipes.

Which she has pinned.

Not prepared, lol.



Andrea also has very organized recipes, categorized by ingredient.

Which she never makes.

Andrea hates cooking.



Mindy on the other hand does make.

She makes, easts, hoards. And repeat.

Mindy has 23,832 pins at last count.

Mindy is our most prolific Pinner.

Mindy’s nuts.

We’re O.K. with that.





Linda uses the app Paprika for saving recipes.

She could not live without it.

I could not live without water, shelter and those super soft socks that have Aloe imbedded into them.





I notice Richell has bacon wrapped bookmarked.

I wonder if they’re my bacon wraps.



Julia’s Pinterest board encourages the eating of salads, sandwiches and shit-loads of cake.







Marti’s mentions.

My Brazillian Black Bean Soup is in the centre.



Incidentally, as far as I could see … not a liver recipe in sight.

Have a good weekend! And happy Pinning.








  1. Christine Carroll says:

    Re: calling liver something other than it is. :-) I raised a boy and a girl (now 46 & 43 yo) without benefit of child support or food stamps. For about 6 months I had them convinced that liver was steak. They believed.
    Now that they are older, their favorite food is the “poverty food” I prepared for them when I had next to no money. Fried chicken livers (tastes a lot like fried clams), Spanish rice, pasta in my mother’s tomato sauce, golumkis…stuffed cabbage rolls, meatloaf, and any other inexpensive food that would feed a small army. If you have an adolescent male, you know what I’m talking about. Good stuff. :-)

  2. Robyn says:

    I’m old school in that all my recipes are paper-based and in a file. I buy a monthly mag called ‘Food Ideas’ which has family friendly recipes which are quick, easy and delish. I pull out what I think will go down well and put it in the sleeve part of a D-ring file, until I buy the ingredients and give it a go.

    If a recipe gets the thumbs-up all around, the page goes into a plastic sheet and gets filed for another time. If it doesn’t go down well, it gets chucked!

    Each week I go through my file and select the weeks menu and make my shopping list according to that.

    Baking however is a whole different story. I have a separate double-door pantry cupboard for all things baking ;-) And that’s not including all the baking bibles…

  3. theresa says:

    man you said bacon wrapped and now I must make those again–we loved them!

  4. Safetydog says:

    My mother, who ate everything and said it was delicious and/or good for you, would not touch calves liver. She ate brussel sprouts, chicken gizzards, monkfish, milk toast, etc. I can’t stand any of them. So I knew I would not ever, ever want to try calves liver. I have some of my mother’s hand-written recipes, and those of my grandmother’s. Love the idea of wallpaper.

  5. Marti says:

    Love the pantry wallpapering! Except all my Mom’s recipes contain copious amounts of elbow macaroni. People will think it’s an advertisement for Barolli pasta or something goofy like that.

  6. Luanne says:

    Super fun! More exciting than one would expect to make it onto the list. :)

    I dig the wallpapering the cupboard with the recipes… what a great idea.

  7. Shawn says:

    I must have a bit of Mindy in me… I too, test the recipes before I pin them.. :) I don’t have nearly as many, but there are quite a few. Once I make them I rate them as to taste and if it is worth the time.. There has only been one that truly and completely failed..the crock pot French toast, and I did pin that one with a capitalized warning. DO NOT DO IT! It doesn’t work, it taste nasty and looks worse.

  8. danni says:

    That’s my pantry and I am glad you liked it too! Seeing my grandma’s handwriting just takes me back. Not just her’s but her church-lady friends too, all people I grew up around. There are some great ones like “Harvey Wallbangers”-her favorite cocktail, and some truly terribles ones for Clam Loaf and Pineapple Mincemeat Pie. What I love is that they are mostly handwritten, and often have the friend’s name, like “Sybil’s Carrot Cake”. It was so easy to do, and I cheated bc some were cuter than others, like ones from 1950’s newspaper ads with art, so they might appear twice. Overall, it just makes me happy every time I open my pantry. When I need to sell my house and am scraping the &^%$ing modge-podge off the walls, maybe not so much! but I will worry about that another day~

  9. Lynn says:

    Hi All: Originally from Wisconsin but living in AU. And I know that we were fed deer liver on the sly by a neighbor or somebody..still can’t stand the taste of venison. Memories of the dead deer hanging in the garage. I know it’s true – there are pictures. And deer sausage, and deer everything…did like the pheasant though. Does anybody cook that anymore? Ah, life in WI in the 60’s.

    Never bookmark recipes anymore and I really don’t get PINInterest…maybe I need somebody to show me the value…doesn’t make sense to me.

    But my saving grace has been YUMPRINT and Food52. Love them both. Blog with a recipe – no problem YUMPRINT recognizes it’s a recipe. Saved to my own category. FOOD52, what can I say, one of the most beautiful and helpful and wonderful food sites I’ve stumbled across.

    My main problem? I don’t own a tablet so I have to boot up the fricking PC every time I want a recipe. Or print them all. Maybe I should get a tablet?

    Stumbled across your website recently (how it took me so long I don’t know)…but I’m now such a FAN. Got the book on cob stoves from the library here in South Australia – talked my husband into it (cheaper than the $1,500+ for a pizza oven)…and now we’re ready to rock and roll. With your help and guidance of course. Thanks again for everything you write…can’t be easy.

    • Karen says:

      Nope. It’s not easy. And thank you for recognizing that Lynn! Uch. My father brought home pepperoni all the time when I was a teenager. Then one day he brought home pepperoni and after eating it for a couple of days I said, this pepperoni doesn’t taste right. I don’t like it. He said “Huh. It should. That’s good venison pepperoni there.”. Bleh. Good luck with your pizza oven! I have to warn you though … no lie … you will be having a ridiculous amount of people over. One here, two there, 7 or 8 another night. EVERYONE wants to partake in the pizza oven, lol. I’m just slicing up things for a few people coming over for pizza tonight! ~ karen

  10. Feral Turtle says:

    LOL the image I got of a cigar smoking, velour touting, liver cooking momma! Cheers.

  11. Jean says:

    I was made to eat at least one bite of everything on my plate. And so it is that I grew to love my mother’s liver and onions, sometimes with bacon. Of course, bacon makes everything taste better right? So when I grew up, naturally I wanted to learn how to cook liver and onions. To this day I can still not make it and then turn around and eat it. I have a hard time cooking raw meat anyway, but that stuff is the ugliest piece of meat I have ever had the pleasure of poking with my bare finger! There is no way I could cook it and then turn around and eat it.

    Also, I could no longer live without my Paprika recipe organizer — completely agree!

  12. Sara Plaia says:

    Karen, you were wondering….
    Newf in my Soup is a food blog, and my bookmark is a link to her list of appetizers and cocktails. So it’s a recipe list inside of a recipe list.

    • Karen says:

      Like a riddle wrapped in an enigma! Glad you cleared that up for me, lol. I was getting a bit concerned for the fate of the people in Newfoundland. ~ karen!

      • Karen P says:

        I can’t believe Karen didn’t question Sara’s Savory Bacon Cookie Recipe?!? Or that the Deadly Chocolate Almond Toffee was bookmarked twice ;-) Dying to know Sara, did you try that one yet?

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  14. Arianne says:

    So I have a *slight* obsession with Excel and have used it to input all of the recipes I have – I got tired of buying a whole package of fresh thyme and using 1tsp of it and then wondering what the hell to do with the rest of it. With my new Recipe Matrix (that’s what the hubby calls it) I can click on ‘Thyme, Fresh’ and it’ll show me every recipe that I have that contains that particular ingredient. At the moment there are 1,983 recipes in the matrix and, in case you were wondering, 49 of them contain fresh thyme. :)

  15. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    First of all..I LOVE LIVER & ONIONS..I am trying some new recipes as I am old and bored and poor and that is the most exciting thing I can think of at this time..still I have way more recipe pins than I will ever try..I now have found something fun I want to do..paper my pantry with cookbook pages/magazine food ads..Thanks have really lit a fire with your project!

  16. Leslie says:

    I’ve been on a recipe purge since I emptied out the cook-book room in my mother’s house that I inherited. Literally the room that had been my bedroom as a kid was turned into a cook-book library. The room was lined with shelves that were not up to the challenge of the books. We literally could not set foot in that room at the time of Mom’s death, floor to ceiling books — all cook books. I was at the gym one day and the woman working out next to me was the head of the Home Economics department of a small local collage. She now has most of those cookbooks and I now have an office.

  17. Chris Hanson says:

    I <3 offal

    • Leslie says:

      Me, too!!!

      We had grass-fed heart steak with balsamic roasted garden veggies and rice the other day. It was SO delicious! I think heart is easier to trim/prepare than tenderloin, it’s just as tender, and it has more flavor. I think heart would be FABULOUS in something like fajitas or stew. One of our favorites here is beef liver and onions, though chicken livers in a garlic tarragon cream sauce over pasta is a real treat. I also make a super yummy Puerto Rican salad of chicken gizzards and very under-ripe bananas (yes, actual green bananas, not plantains).

      Zomygoodness! I’m making myself drool.

  18. Nancy says:

    The secret ingredient is Ale. A little for me, a little for the stew, a little more for me. Cheers! BTW, never EVER substitute IPA for Ale. Bleecccchhhhhhh!

  19. Kimberly says:

    My Dad drenched the liver in melted chocolate. It only took one bite and I have never touched it again. What a cruel joke to play on an innocent child.

  20. toekneetoni says:

    Geez, I thought I was a decent food pinner, but Mindy’s got me feeling totally inadequate.

  21. Sboo says:

    Yay, I’m in there! I’m the first Sara. For anybody else who wondered The Boys Club is a cocktails recipe site!

    Karen, my sweet potato fries link is your recipe, of course :)

  22. cbblue says:

    I like perky! I also love the wallpaper idea. I will steal it and love it and probably never do it but it’s a REALLY sweet idea. Grandmas pasta salad, Deb’s corn dish, and all of Grandma Betty’s cookies (or bars if it’s Lent).

  23. Patti says:

    Marti – I’ve tried those cold asian noodles from Martha Stewart you have pinned there, and they are delicious! If you haven’t made them yet – do it! But I use bowtie pasta because it makes me feel fanci!

  24. Ruth says:

    Whoa! There are some REAL foodies visiting this space… I’m curious about Darin’s chia jam power muffins (my love for purple is second only to my love for blue… which never ever shows up in JA food). To Google search I shall go, since the board isn’t linked.

    To date, I have tried many (if not most) of the recipes that I have pinned… usually from sites I have visited. The favourites get saved (with my notes) to a folder in my Google Drive. If the recipe totally sucks, I remove the pin from my board. Some things should not be spread. :D

  25. Marion says:

    I actually DO have two liver recipes pinned!!! They’re just not in the photo, and yes I have tried both. My mom (who loves liver) forced my brother and I to eat it as kids, she wouldn’t let us leave the table unless we took at least one bite. A few months ago I was reading about how healthy calves liver can be, and I figured “maybe liver is like mushrooms, one of those things I hated as a kid but would loooove now!” I looked up a lot of different recipes and found one that sounded doable and had “good reviews.” The night I cooked it, the apartment had to be aired out and ramen noodles ended up being the last-minute main course. Never again…

    The other liver recipe I have pinned (and have made a couple times now) is for fried chicken liver/gizzards. SO GOOD.

    • Austin says:

      Yes the liver was terrible, but I loved the effort and eagerness you put towards the dish. Only your husband would continue to eat it (with enthusiasm) while you tell him to stop.

  26. says:

    that pantry almost made me cry….what a beautiful (literally) tribute to her grandmother

  27. Gina says:

    “shit-loads of cake.”!

  28. BethH says:

    I’m curious about Sara’s 22nd recipe from the top. Is it made for cats or from cats???

  29. AbracaDebra says:

    I have two categories in Pinterest for recipes. Yummy Recipes and Yummy things I won’t ever make! Guess which one has liver recipes! Fooled you! Neither one because I ate liver one time when I was on the original Weight Watcher. One time! A bite of liver, a glass of tea; a bite of liver; a glass of tea; a bite….. Somehow I hit my goal without consuming that Gawd Awful component of the strict, scientific regimen!

  30. Tigersmom says:

    I think I didn’t do this assignment when you gave it to us. I think I meant to, but ran out of time and then forgot.

    I suppose this is one of those cases in which I could say “the dog ate my homework” and it wouldn’t be a total lie. It would be a stretch, but seriously, that b*@%&# will eat anything.

    Here is a link to my recipes on Pinterest in case anyone is curious. I have a different pseudonym over there (texastartlet) cause I’m pretty big on anonymity. (You’d-think-I’m-an-escaped-convict kind of big.)

    I also have a Clean Eating board, but it’s private. (Yes, I am aware that its overkill.) Just in case I epically fail at clean(er) eating, I like to keep that kinda stuff under wraps. If your roasted broccoli recipe isn’t pinned under my ‘recipes or food I want someone else to make for me’ board then that is where I have it.

  31. Ann says:

    I agree with everyone. Love the pantry wallpaper.

    But I never pin recipes. I use 90% or better. It is free and it is where everybody enters their recipes and you can look at all of them. If I have a couple of ingredients I want to use for a meal, I enter them into the search engine there. And when all the recipes using those ingredients come up I search thru til I find one that looks good to me that has at least 4 stars, preferably 5. Then I print out that recipe, try it and if it is good, stick it in my recipe notebook. If I think about it, I will go in and rate the recipe myself and make sure I save it to my recipe file by catagory. It also has a grocery list function that I use pretty often. I used to have hundreds of cookbooks that were hard to store in my small kitchen. So when we moved I gave them all away. Except for my old red and white checked one, you know which one that is. And I don’t think I have cracked that one open since we got here. Occasionally I will find a good looking gluten free recipe on line and will try it then add it myself to so others can see it too.

  32. Karol says:

    No velour in my mom’s wardrobe, but she tried to force that liver on us at least once a year. In my era, you ate what got put in front of you, no questions asked. I can recall the smell and the weeping (yes, I literally cried on liver night) when we sat down to the table. No amount of ketchup could drown that taste, and there wasn’t enough milk in the world to wash it down.

  33. mimiindublin says:

    Love that pantry idea. Reminds me of wallpaper my friend put in her loo…”loo roll wallpaper”!

    I don’t get pinterest, not sure whether I want to, as I don’t want to spend any more time on computer!

    Enjoy your weekend Karen!

  34. Dagmar says:

    Sorry I just realized I spelled your name wrong Danni…ooops. Please forgive the oversight. Oh and BTW, just finished the first episode of The Mindy Project. I am so looking forward until the rest of them show up later on today, hooray.

  35. Dagmar says:

    Even *I* think it is the most amazing thing to make the recipes into a wallpaper Dani. You should market the idea. And I hate to eat, and I don’t cook. But I love the way it looks. It’s the “new” version of scrap booking.

  36. Cindy says:

    I, too, love the idea and look of the family recipes repurposed–and honoured–in this creative way, as will many others who will reply to this post, I predict. Interesting that while so many of us have embraced a new, electronic way to collect recipes, we’re drawn to this traditional and tactile method.

  37. Anita says:

    Danni, I THINK I LOVE YOU!!! That pantry idea is brilliant. I have to do it too. Not only is it pretty, AND a great reminder of the wonderful women in my life, but when I’m caught surfing for junk food I can say I was just figuring out what to make for dinner tomorrow. ;~)

  38. I adore looking at beautiful food photos-kinda obsessed, really. Personally, I’d like to having an amazing recipe and a gorgeous pic of it. That’s why I do what I do.

  39. Claudia says:

    When he was still a kid, the mother of a friend tried to allure him to eat kale by telling him it was “like spinach”, which he liked. He still doesn’t like kale… (which is a pity, IMHO)

  40. Melanie says:

    I love what Danni did with her grandma’s recipes. My dad loved to cook, and he was really good at it. I was the only kid who got the love-to-cook gene. When my dad died nearly four years ago, my brother suddenly started cooking. And he’s pretty amazing. I’m hoping to find some of my dad’s handwritten recipes so I can turn them into fabric at Spoonflower, and make an apron for my brother for Christmas.

    Also, I am happy to see Ron’s hefty collection of Food & Drink (free from the liquor store), and know I’m not the only one.

  41. dana says:

    Oh this is making me hungry! I pinned a “recipe” and tried it on my 5yr old a few days ago. Can it be called a recipe if there are only 3 ingredients? It was carrot and cheese salad. Made with a grated carrot, shredded cheddar, and mayo. Yum! I love the idea of wallpapering a pantry with recipes. I have a lot of my moms old handwritten recipes.

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