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When last we met I shared my To-Do list with you.  Since I’m the only one doing stuff around here that to-do list applies to me and me alone.  HOWEVER here’s a quick tip for you, if you have someone in your house to share the to-do list with don’t just tell them “We have to get the bathroom painted“.  Tell them “We have to get the bathroom painted by the end of this weekend.”   Otherwise the person hearing about the dreaded to-do list will just hear some kind of  “blah, blah, painting something, blah, blah, whenever, blah, blah, gonna watch Duck Dynasty now, blah, blah“.

You can also punctuate your sentence with either “honey”, “sweetheart”, “babe” or “you cheating asshole”.  Whichever you think will get you the results you’re looking for.


But back to the actual lists.

The key to a successful (completed) to-do list is 3 part.  1 part accountability (telling other people about your plans), 1 part organization (writing it down and getting the materials you need), and 1 part motivation (for the moment I’m motivating you, but eventually,  you’ll be able to motivate yourself)

So back to your to-do lists. On Wednesday I asked you to write down your to-do lists for the summer and I showed you mine. Yes. This is a classic case of You Show me Yours, I’ll Show you Mine.

My fence has needed painting for 3 years. If I had painted it 3 years ago it only would have taken one coat. Since I didn’t paint my fence 3 years ago it now needs some scraping, a primer and 2 coats of paint. See? It’s perfectly acceptable to justify why you haven’t done stuff on your to-do list.

In my defence the weather was a total write off last spring for fence painting. The two years before that? I can’t remember but I’m sure I had a good excuse. Just like I’m sure you have a good excuse for not doing the things that have been on your to-do list for years. But that’s enough of that. This summer you’re going to get your to-do list DONE.

And you’re going to start with #1 on the list of how to accomplish something. Accountability.

Write down your to-do list for the summer, take a quick photo of it, then upload it here. For all the world to see.



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To add your photo just click above where it says “Add your Link” in blue.  Even though you’re not adding a link, you’re adding a photo.  It’s easy.  Just click on it.

Later in the summer I’ll be randomly checking up on you to see how you’re doing with your to-do lists. Kind of like social services, but without the fear of having rancid food/crack in the fridge and losing children.

If you really want to be successful with your to-do list why don’t you sign up for my “The Art of Doing MORE Stuff” workshop?  It’s starting up on May 5th and I’ll make sure you get 3 of your to-do list things done before the first long weekend of the summer is here!   Anyone who took the Seed Starting Workshop will tell you my workshops are fun, packed with information and motivating.

What are you still doing here?  It’s time to start making that list and checkin it twice …

Have a great weekend!



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  1. cheryl seals says:

    SOOOOOO What do you do when your hubbie throws the TO-DO LIST away ?? You make another longer one an add at the top DO-NOT-THROW-THIS-ONE-AWAY or YOU will have a bigger list next time….So far it still sitting there an he hasn’t marked anything off, probably afraid to touch it now !!!

  2. Cussot says:

    Forget Meyers-Briggs – let’s do graphology now!

  3. Ann says:

    I came back just to read other’s lists. I love the one that is too long for the internet. And the NOTHING list!! I now feel great about seeing how much outdoor stuff people are posting. And not all that much “closet cleaning” and other indoor mundane stuff!! Garden on people, garden on.

  4. MattyTownsend35 says:

    Haha, love the tip at the start of your post about putting an end date on those ‘to-do’ things around the house. It makes it harder to get out of finishing things when it’s not opened ended.

  5. Laura Bee says:

    The list is done…Starting with my sewing room & Etsy stuff tomorrow. Need to build shelves. There’s a post for that around here somewhere!

  6. whitequeen96 says:

    I think this is a GREAT IDEA! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to making my list yet. But I’ll get to it soon, I promise!

  7. Rondina says:

    What I’ve learned so far is that we all have way too much garden maintenance, but that is probably what we like to do the most. (Since it is evident that we are all not living in condos.).

    I also learned how to organize my to-do list into sections. For the first time in years, I’m going to use a magnet and put this list on the side of the frig. (Side, not front. You can stop that when the children are teens.)

    I also learned that like most websites that there is interaction on—there are probably a ton of lurkers trying to decide if they should put their lists up because they consider them either too short, too long, not worthy, or feel they are “lists of shame.” Think of it as a list support group. Maybe Karen will let us brag if we finish something.

  8. Betty says:

    I am too lazy to put all my lists on here, but you can hold me accountable any time. I never sit on the couch but I can attest to a very comfortable chair growing out of MY ass! That’s one of the best lines … right next to Karen’s “you cheating asshole.” Thankfully I haven’t had to use that last one since I ditched said cheating asshole in 1978. :) Here’s to all we can and will accomplish this summer!

    • Janet says:

      Geez people, you all sound like Martha Stewarts neighbors! Gotta run down to my nearest Hungarian hobby shop and purchase a flamingo feathered pen to write my list!!

  9. ktr says:

    I love the list that says the internet isn’t big enough for her list. Mine is that way too. I have the office list, the house list, the outside list, the long term projects list, etc. Apparently buying a house and a business and having another kid all in a 2 year time span results in lots of lists that seem to grow faster than they are completed – and the slow acceptance that many of the items on the lists don’t rank as a high enough priority to get done for at least a few years.
    Also, my parents had on their list to rebuild their deck. It was put on the list in 1995 and was supposed to be finished before my sister graduated from high school in 2000. They did use the wood from the old deck to build a temporary platform before 2002 (that wood was again repurposed this summer into a wood shed at my house). And the new deck finally got built this summer, 20 years after it was removed.

  10. Heather says:

    Apparently tomorrow is World Naked Gardening Day:

    You could add that to your to do list :)

    • Anna says:

      Ha! My sister sent me this same link yesterday and asked if I would be participating. I think there would be a lot of For Sale signs showing up on our street if I did!!

  11. Cred says:

    Here’s to keeping one another accountable.

    And Karen, could you share the colour name/code and brand of stain you used on your coop. I’m gonna be a total copycat- I think the colour is great for a modern esthetic.

  12. karla says:

    @Leslie: I read the fourth item on your list as converting an office to a quest room. I think that is an awesome idea!

  13. jenclair says:

    I make lists each day, then chastise myself for having the same item that I continue to put on the daily list–knowing I won’t do it! Sometimes, I add something I’ve already done just so I can mark it off. :)

  14. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I can’t post it but it is done..would I lie to it is done..but I will probably add more to it..I wanted to ask you a question but I can’t think of it isn’t about’s about some garden something..Ok..maybe later..

  15. Jenny says:

    Instead of working on my to-do list, I’m analyzing how Leslie makes her lowercase g’s. :)

    • Ann Brookens says:

      You called it! It looks like 2 separate strokes. Very weird. And more work than a lazy procrastinator like myself would think worthwhile.

  16. jaine gayer says:

    LMAO at IRS!!! I think the same way! I would love to get some things done around here but my horse needs a bath today (or maybe tomorrow) and there’s a couple of other things to do at the barn which are way more fun than doing things around the house. Besides, I’m with Alice on this list posting thing. I have a headache just thinking about how to get my list posted here. I can barely get a photo posted on FB.
    But thank you for believing in us.
    Couches growing out of asses…OMG. I choked on my coffee laughing so hard.

  17. LisaS says:

    Seriously why is my list sideways? lol It was right in the preview. Hopefully this is not a sign of how actually doing things on my list will end up. lol

  18. Alice says:

    First thing on my list is to learn how to post a photo (of the list). Everyone else can do that, somehow I missed the lesson. Or forgot the lesson. Or am just to busy, er make that lazy, to bother to find instructions. Or non-technical. Or any other excuse I can think of…. :-}

    • Muff Hackett says:

      You and me both, Alice – my list was almost the first one, but it didn’t post properly. Back to list posting 101 for us both.

  19. Ann says:

    I sure hope writing and posting this list helps keep me motivated to get it all done. My list is not in order of priority and I may jump back and forth a bit as the next 3 months go by. There are things that might should have been added, like cleaning and organizing the garage. But I figure I need to do the cleaning part first which involves throwing out tons of stuff my husband has hoarded this last 6 years. He never lets me throw anything out and now that he is off to Florida, I can go thru some things and toss what is really not needed.

    I think I will even laminate my list and hang it up on the frig where I have to face it multiple times a day. Of course, if I am in the frig to grab a big glass of wine, I probably won’t care!!

  20. Su says:

    I like your idea of helping people get motivated… it’s inspiring – truly it is…. I’m not playing this game tho…. a list is a mere suggestion of doing something….. what needs to get done gets done… plus I am always losing the damn thing… you know how many groceries lists are buried in the bottom of my purse????

  21. IRS says:

    Hee hee, har har! Karen, you ARE funny! For chronic procrastinators like me, and other humans who have couches growing out of their asses, your fence story passes from my eyes to my brain something like this: “I should have painted my fence 3 years ago, but I didn’t. I think I can ignore it for another 2 years. Since the fence needs painting every 5 years or so anyway, I just saved all that time and paint money by skipping it 3 years ago. I’m really efficient! Now where did I drop the remote?” Your seminar sounds great, but no mere mortal could make me complete 3 of my “to dos” in such a short period of time. Even if 2 of them were “pick up beer”, and ” get more vodka”.

    • Alice says:

      “Couches growing out of their asses…” LOL almost to tears…still chuckling. Nope, saw the image again and am still LOL. Thank you.

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