Your to-do Lists

When last we met I shared my To-Do list with you.  Since I’m the only one doing stuff around here that to-do list applies to me and me alone.  HOWEVER here’s a quick tip for you, if you have someone in your house to share the to-do list with don’t just tell them “We have to get the bathroom painted“.  Tell them “We have to get the bathroom painted by the end of this weekend.”   Otherwise the person hearing about the dreaded to-do list will just hear some kind of  “blah, blah, painting something, blah, blah, whenever, blah, blah, gonna watch Duck Dynasty now, blah, blah“.

You can also punctuate your sentence with either “honey”, “sweetheart”, “babe” or “you cheating asshole”.  Whichever you think will get you the results you’re looking for.


But back to the actual lists.

The key to a successful (completed) to-do list is 3 part.  1 part accountability (telling other people about your plans), 1 part organization (writing it down and getting the materials you need), and 1 part motivation (for the moment I’m motivating you, but eventually,  you’ll be able to motivate yourself)

So back to your to-do lists. On Wednesday I asked you to write down your to-do lists for the summer and I showed you mine. Yes. This is a classic case of You Show me Yours, I’ll Show you Mine.

My fence has needed painting for 3 years. If I had painted it 3 years ago it only would have taken one coat. Since I didn’t paint my fence 3 years ago it now needs some scraping, a primer and 2 coats of paint. See? It’s perfectly acceptable to justify why you haven’t done stuff on your to-do list.

In my defence the weather was a total write off last spring for fence painting. The two years before that? I can’t remember but I’m sure I had a good excuse. Just like I’m sure you have a good excuse for not doing the things that have been on your to-do list for years. But that’s enough of that. This summer you’re going to get your to-do list DONE.

And you’re going to start with #1 on the list of how to accomplish something. Accountability.

Write down your to-do list for the summer, take a quick photo of it, then upload it here. For all the world to see.



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To add your photo just click above where it says “Add your Link” in blue.  Even though you’re not adding a link, you’re adding a photo.  It’s easy.  Just click on it.

Later in the summer I’ll be randomly checking up on you to see how you’re doing with your to-do lists. Kind of like social services, but without the fear of having rancid food/crack in the fridge and losing children.

If you really want to be successful with your to-do list why don’t you sign up for my “The Art of Doing MORE Stuff” workshop?  It’s starting up on May 5th and I’ll make sure you get 3 of your to-do list things done before the first long weekend of the summer is here!   Anyone who took the Seed Starting Workshop will tell you my workshops are fun, packed with information and motivating.

What are you still doing here?  It’s time to start making that list and checkin it twice …

Have a great weekend!



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  1. cheryl seals says:

    SOOOOOO What do you do when your hubbie throws the TO-DO LIST away ?? You make another longer one an add at the top DO-NOT-THROW-THIS-ONE-AWAY or YOU will have a bigger list next time….So far it still sitting there an he hasn’t marked anything off, probably afraid to touch it now !!!

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