In Remembrance of the Holocaust.

I realize this isn’t the sort of thing I normally do.  Not the sort of thing I normally write about.  But, I’ve never been one to follow convention.  And quite frankly, like you, I am not one dimensional.  I am human.

Today is Holocaust remembrance day. It’s one of those official days that doesn’t get a lot of press coverage.  There are no days off from work for it.  No real discussion of it.

But it exists.

I hadn’t planned on doing a post on this but after looking at pictures of the holocaust decided I had to.

I hadn’t planned on showing pictures of the holocaust but decided I had to.

I’m  not Jewish.  I don’t think I am anyway.  Who knows really.  I’m actually about as Aryan as a person can be.  I even ate white bread up until last year.

But this remembrance shouldn’t be observed by just those who are Jewish.  It should be reflected upon by everyone.

The Holocaust happened only moments ago.   And that’s the most frightening thing about it.  While people were listening to Woodie Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land, humans were being gassed to death.  While people were walking hand in hand to theatres to see Casablanca, humans were being starved to death.  While people listened to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Shore, humans were not humans.

I thought I knew all this.  I thought I had a really good understanding of this.  Until I looked at the pictures.   I’ve seen movies, I’ve read books, I’ve spoken to people who lived through the holocaust.  But to quietly sit and look at these images.  Now I know.

Please take a minute to look at these images.  So you know too.


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