The Best Easy April Fool’s Jokes

April Fools Day is almost here! Here are 11 of the easiest April Fools Day pranks you can pull this year.  The lazy person’s guide to April Fool’s Day. I’ve added more this year!

Classic The Art of Doing Stuff April Fools Day prank

For the past few years I’ve been giving you some ideas for April Fools Day pranks. I have once again added to that list this year! 

As I’m sure you know, April Fools’ Day is the scariest of all the holidays. Not only because it has an incredibly difficult apostrophe placement but because it’s way scarier than Halloween. Seriously, what’s scarier to you? A kid dressed up like Batman politely knocking on your door between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m. or worrying all day that someone is planning to terrify you with an April Fool’s joke?  The later obviously.  No one even has to do anything, it’s the notion that it might be coming.

Now, the fact that April Fools’ day is always on April 1st immediately takes a certain amount of surprise out of the whole situation. People are on edge, and generally twitchy that day because we are all the same. We know we cannot trust our family and friends.

They laugh when we fall, point out pimples and consistently bring up our worst and most embarrassing moments around strangers.

Oh Jim! I’d like you to meet my sister Karen. Karen, Jim’s a medical physicist. And Jim you’ll be interested to hear that Karen once peed her pants in grade 9 on a park swing set.

But because everyone is kind of expecting something on April 1st, your April Fools Day pranks either have to be so over the top that they’re obviously done just for the hilarity of it.  Orrrrrrr they have to be so smart, so subtle that the victim doesn’t know immediately that they’ve been pranked.

The last reaction you want from an April Fools Day prank is for someone to just roll their eyes. Or even worse – have no reaction at all.

There’s nothing more pathetic than a joke that falls flat. The easiest way to really get someone on April Fools’ Day is to celebrate it on August 17th. 

This is my newest list of easy pranks that pretty much anyone can do. They won’t cost $125 for post-it notes or balloons, and they won’t end in lawsuits or heart attacks.


Food Related Pranks

1. Add a Voice Activated sign to pretty much anything new in your workplace.  Toaster in the break room, equipment, new TV …
I’d personally take this one step further with the toaster in the break room. I’d go buy a cheap toaster at a thrift store and remove the levers for lowering the toast.  So there is literally no way to push the toast down, reinforcing the ridiculous nothing that it’s voice activated.

2. Out grocery shopping on April 1st?  Slip something into someone else’s cart when they aren’t looking so they find it during check out.  Hemorrhoid cream, condoms, that sort of thing …

3. Add food colouring to milk or cream that’s in a cardboard container.  I LOVE this idea.

4. Fill a mayonnaise jar with vanilla pudding and casually eat the whole thing with a spoon in front of someone.

5. Put googley eyes on everything in the fridge.  EVERYTHING.

6. The old raisin in the toothpaste trick.  My sister Fish Pedicure did this to me a few years ago. It seems so innocuous, but when you squeeze your toothpaste and something brown comes out of it, … it’s alarming in a way that’s difficult to describe.

Just push a raisin into the neck of the toothpaste and squeeze a bit of the toothpaste up so you can’t see it in there.

7. Partially melt a chocolate bar and leave it on the toilet seat. Extra points for wiping your hands on the toilet paper roll.

8. Buy bags of mushrooms (and a few huge portobellos) and cover the front lawn with them.

9. Empty the fridge.  COMPLETELY empty the fridge so when your family members open it in the morning it’s a vast hole of emptiness.  (just put everything truly perishable like meat, milk or mayonnaise in a cooler, everything else like condiments, drinks and vegetables can go in a box for an hour.)

Pranks To Play On Your Family

10. The shark.  Print it out and tape it to the toilet seat. (as seen at the top of this post)The best part about this is the shark actually flutters a bit when you lift the toilet lid from the air movement.
I’ve taken the liberty of creating a PDF that you can print out right now.  It’s printed on 2 pieces of standard printer paper. You just need to tape them together and then tape them under the toilet seat.  Just click on the links and print away.  (They need to print on the paper with a horizontal orientation, not vertical which you would normally use)

Shark Top of Mouth   Shark Bottom of Mount

11. Rearrange the contents in your kids or partner’s dresser drawers so when they wake up to get dressed, nothing is where it should be.

12. The night before April Fools’ Day go into your spouse’s car and turn all the settings to maximum:  radio, heat, windshield wipers … ALL of it.

13. Replace family photos around your house with photos of strangers or celebrities.

14. You know how kids can sleep through anything?  If you have kids that share a room, when they’re sound asleep switch their places so they wake up in the other one’s bed.

15. Cover the sensor on remote controls with a piece of tape so they don’t work.

16. Click through to here if you’re familiar with IFTTT commands to rig your Google Home to say WHATEVER YOU WANT in response to commands. For example: When you say “Hey Google, my sister is here”. You can have Google say, “Her? Doesn’t she owe you money??”

17. If you’re fluent in iPhone you can change someone’s phone ring to a person screaming. Or a cat meowing. Your choice.  Then of course make sure you call them.

Office April Fools Pranks

18. Work near a window? Glue a quarter (or loonie or toonie) to the sidewalk outside and watch.

19. Write a co-worker’s name on a pair of underwear with a Sharpie and leave them somewhere in the office bathroom.

20. Hide Scented air fresheners all over someone’s office.

21. Change your bosses screensaver to something like this.  Works especially well if your boss miserable.




22. Drop a fake spider into your mother’s/daughter’s/friend’s/co-worker’s purse when they aren’t looking.

23. Unroll a toilet paper roll a few times. Using two sided sticky tape tape a small fake spider onto the top of the toilet paper and roll it back up.


I think you’re sufficiently armed now. 

In light of one Canadian province and 3 spoil sport American states banning April Fools day jokes (how they think they’re going to enforce this is beyond me) I’ve kept the pranks as low key as possible, but if you want to go BIG with any of them feel free to do it. Just don’t do it in Quebec, Arkansas, Ohio or North Dakota.

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I told you it was way easier to prank when you didn’t do it on the actual day. ;) Feel free to fool anyone you want in any province or state this April Fools Day.

The Best Easy April Fool’s Jokes


  1. Katie King Schneider says:

    I was convinced until I re-read that you’d have to leave the house every day. LOL!

  2. Nicole says:

    Gotta go buy some googly eyes! That sounds hilarious. I wonder if they’d stick to plastic packages with condensation on them? I guess I’ll find out, right?

    • Jan in Waterdown says:

      Hah! I was thinking I’d like to do it too but I’m getting a new fridge delivered on Tuesday…. hmmmm, maybe I should put some in the old empty one for the pickup guys?

  3. Alena says:

    I think you will need to come with 2 new pranks to replace #9 and #10.
    Security is taken extremely seriously around here and no one is allowed to leave their computer unless it is locked and a password is required to log back in.
    All iPhones now use a fingerprint in lieu of a password. Otherwise I would totally do that.

    I think I will have to go with some men undies with my coworker very unique name on them even if it means I will have to come here on Sunday to be able to walk into the gents washroom.

  4. kfh says:

    extra excellent that AFD falls on a Monday this year. i’ve been on leave this week but will be sneaking in last thing today, after everyone has headed off for the weekend but before the office gets locked up, to change my Out of Office reply to change at midnight on Sunday to say that i’m now on maternity leave. you’ve inspired me to maybe secrete some name-tagged pants in the loo, whilst i’m there. with a little chocolatey addition? depends how evil i’m feeling… have a good weekend everyone!

  5. Gigi says:

    Been following for a verrrry long time and I fell so hard I immediately started thinking of which seed company? is it too late to buy seeds this year? Every other month post? What? No? Wait… can’t be, keep reading, ahh. Fooled again. There must be some kind of support group for gullibles like me. I, Gigi, am a gullible.

  6. Judy says:

    A few years ago hubby and I and another couple went to a friends wedding in another city. They graciously (stupidly) put us up at their condo. After the wedding the four of us pranked their condo while they went off on their honeymoon. A few of the things they came back to:
    All their pictures hung upside down. Plastic film stretched over the toilet bowl (hahaha couldn’t see it). Took the labels off of all their canned goods. Took all their underwear, wet it and put it in the freezer (her red undies turned his pink!)…and a few other that I can’t remember.
    And then we all flew home and waited for them to return from their honeymoon.
    I’m still giggling as I write this. They were good sports, but said they were annoyed for weeks while opening unidentified canned goods, and he had to go out and buy new underwear so he could get changed at the gym – this was about 30 years ago when pink underwear was NOT fashionable for guys.

  7. Linda in Illinois says:

    Ha. You shit. Now that my heart is pounding again. I love these suggested pranks. I laughed out loud. Going to have to try some.

  8. Marie Anne says:

    What the heck! You got me too 😊

    When I was about 12 or 13 cling wrapped the toilet bowl, but it backfired when I had to clean up my Mom’s pee. I’m very careful about my pranks now

    • Karen says:

      Yes, that Saran Wrap trick is popular, but I’ve always steered clear of recommending that one for obvious reasons. ~ karen!

  9. Eileen says:


  10. Diane says:

    Well…I fell for it…hook, line and sinker and I was so disappointed! So glad it was only an April Fools Joke…you got me. As always thanks for the smile!

  11. jaine kunst says:

    OMG!!! I almost had a heart attack at the fake job news. You got me!

  12. whitequeen96 says:

    I thought I would DIE when I read your announcement! Whew! I still miss the old days when you posted 5 days a week. I hope you’re taking your vitamins and doing everything you can to keep healthy because I NEED YOU! (Do I sound desperate? You bring a big dose of sunshine into my days!)

  13. Sharron Wall says:

    Maybe if you had said Organic seed company…

  14. Joanne says:

    You got me…..I’ve only just started reading you and I kinda got sad.
    Btw I watched all of the episodes of ‘after life’ last night……sad, funny, effed up…..very good. Thanks for mentioning it.

  15. Thank you for more ideas. Last year I pranked my then 17 year old daughter with the raison prank. We waited all day for her to brush her teeth. Finally we went to bed. So glad we did. She brushed her teeth somewhere around midnight, with no moral support except…. her friends on Instagram and FB! This THING comes out of her toothbrush! What to do? Well get all her friends to figure it out. Welcome internet searching. And going absolutely crazy ( there is the slightest touch of hypochondria there that carries over to things that might attack her).

  16. Cathy Reeves says:

    Karen, if you ever ‘go to seed’ for real a twice a month blog post is more believable.

  17. Connie Bridgham says:

    Love it. You got me….

    I was instantly saddened and then immediately happy.

    (something in our history should have prepared me…..)

  18. MaryG says:

    How can you ?! Phew. You got me

  19. Tina L says:

    HA! You’re the best!

  20. Joy says:

    First year following, so… Ya got me!

  21. Out west says:

    Nearly taken in. Ha ha, good one.
    Not into pranking strangers, could backfire.

  22. Kris says:

    Oh you are good. You got me. Stinker.

  23. TucsonPatty says:

    You almost had me, until you said a post every other month…
    Too funny!
    Happy April’s Fools Day!

  24. Sarah says:

    Back in our high school days my friend and I ruled the art of secret shopping. For fun, we’d help people shop for items they never knew they needed. You’ve gotta be sneaky and manage to bury that “gift” under their haul so the surprise happened at the check out line. The best gifts were huge granny panties or sexy lingerie. Those were some pretty funny times. Now a days, I’m a mom who is trying to raise kind and good people. Maybe I’ll go shopping alone on April 1st.

  25. Tracy says:

    You definitely had me and my heart skipped a beat or two…from sadness. We DON’T want to share you! XO!

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