4 Really GOOD summer reads.

I was kind of wondering if it was ever going to arrive, but we are most definitely in the grips of summer.    As you know I have certain preferences that go along with certain seasons.

I like knitting, eating chili and spending the day in flannel during the winter.

I like canning, eating pumpkin pie and spending the day in flannel during the fall.

And I like reading, eating hamburgers and spending the day burning all things flannel during the summer.


I actually like reading during all seasons, but summer brings out a special reader in me.  The easy reader.  For me summer is a time for books that require almost no attention.  I don’t care about metaphors or big words or meaning.  I just want a really good book.  With maybe 5 characters at the most.  If it has a graph at the start of the novel breaking down who all the characters are in some kind of family tree or pie chart I do not want to read it during the summer.


To start off your summer weekend I have for you 4 of my favourite summer reads ever.  They’re first to last page reads.  In other words expect to get mustard stains on the pages because once you start the first page you’re not going to be putting these books down until you’ve finished them.  They will be with you through all meals, bathroom breaks and car rides.


They’re easy reads but that doesn’t mean they’re completely frivolous.  Except the Janet Evanovich at the end of the list.  She is COMPLETELY frivolous reading.  And that’s why her series is such a GREAT summer go to.

I’ve read every one of these books (obviously) and give all of them 4 stars.  I’ve included a link to buy the book (click on the book or the title) and a link to read the first chapter so you can make sure it’s the kind of book for you.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: A Novel


Read the first chapter of Fried Green Tomatoes


Jurassic Park: A Novel

Read the first chapter of Jurassic Park

The Help

Read the first chapter of The Help.


Stephanie Plum Box Set

Plum Boxed Set 1, Books 1-3 (One for the Money / Two for the Dough / Three to Get Deadly) (Stephanie Plum Novels)"" “> The first 3 in her series because if you like the first, you’ll like the rest.

Read the first chapter of One for the Money

Have a good weekend and happy summer reading!  I’ll be over here in the corner eating a hamburger.


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