Picture it.  You’re at a friend’s house and your phone is about to die.  Oops!  There it goes.  This is a really big problem because you’re getting ready to go out and your friend has accidentally used black eyeliner as lip liner.

She’s unaware of her faux gah! and you need to quickly get a picture of her before she realizes what she’d done so you can post it to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

I forgot to mention she’s that friend you don’t really like at all because she’s always criticizing you but you’ve been friends for so long blah, blah, blah.  Plus she told you you’d never fit into her jeans once when you asked to borrow them 27 years ago.



So as you can see, having a dying phone can cause some real moments of distress in life.

If everyone had the same phone that used the same charger it wouldn’t be as big a problem, but that’s not the case.  So what’s a girl to do?

Make a cute little tassel to hang off her purse or use as a keychain to disguise her phone charger so she’ll always have it handy.  Yup.

It’s SO easy.


Rubber Cement or other Leather Glue that’s bendable once glued.
Lanyard (you only need this for the swivel head and clip)
Short charger cord


In this case, it’s I’ve made the tassel for my Fitbit charging cord.


  1.  Remove the swivel head from the lanyard and hook it around the cord.  You might have to pry the O ring open to remove it and put it on the cord.



2.  Cut your leather into strips that are a bit longer than the length of your charger cord when it’s bent in half.



3.  Place your newly cut fringe down and lay the charger cord on top of it so the leather covers the cord.



4.  Start wrapping the fringe around the cord.  Dab bits of glue along the way as you wrap.



You’re almost done already.  Seriously.



5.  Take another strip of leather and cut it to the width of the unfringed top of your tassle. Make sure it’s a little longer than it needs to be.



6.  Glue the strip around the top of the tassel to finish it off.  Cut the excess off once you’re glued it all on making sure you don’t overlap.  Try to get the ends to butt up to each other exactly.



7.  Admire.



Now you can do whatever you want to with it.

Turn it into a keychain …



Make one to match your purse to hang off of it …



By the way … that lipliner story?  It’s based on a true story.  My sister, Pink Tool Belt, always wears lipstick. Always.  And lipliner.  She’s so adept at it that she can just reach into her purse, grab her lipliner and apply it perfectly without a mirror.  Which she did several years ago while walking through a very busy grocery store, sashaying up and down the aisles with hot pink lipstick lined in a very adventurous black.

There was no Twitter at the time.


  1. Laura Bee says:

    2020 and I have yet to make this. Maybe this week! I really do need one.

  2. Elaine says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw these for only 3 euro in Ireland last week! I bought lots of them as gifts. It’s a brilliant idea.

  3. mel says:

    Imitation = sincerest form of flattery? Now for the truly DIY impaired, you can just buy one:

  4. Sheila says:

    I think you ‘inspired’ another blogger Karen…..

    I don’t like someone else taking the credit for your excellent idea, and thought you should know.

  5. FunKyChick says:

    Very cute. This would be great to camouflage a portable charger that has a clip. Might have to find one and make the tassel.

  6. Shauna says:

    Love it! Pinned it! (Does that benefit you in any way?)

  7. Debbie says:

    Karen, I love this idea! I’m going to add my Fitbit Flex charger cord to the tassel along with my phone charger cord. And I love your website and amazing ideas. Oh, and your instructions are spot on!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Debbie! I love my charging tassel too. It looks even better in real life which sometimes isn’t the case with blog stuff, lol. It’s a really good, easy DIY. ~ karen!

  8. Tammi says:

    I love it!

  9. Kendi says:

    Purse source please

  10. Marti says:

    No twitter — no pictures? I wanna see! I’m still a bit shock-y from you discussing freezing my eggs! Oh, the HORROR!

  11. Carey says:

    Ok, that COACH bag is to die for. And the tassel looks really cute with it too!

  12. gabrielle says:

    You bi@tch! I want those jeans back NOW!!!

  13. Jo-Ann says:

    Err, tried to follow directions in your charmingly hilarious (if only because it applied so Exactly to me…) post for your giveaway but it seems the contest is closed early? Hoping if I post my love of the stuffed chicken from Hansa in your shop, I might still get in? Why do I love that chicken? Well, it’s a STUFFED CHICKEN. Regal, Proud, Poised, if pointless and it just makes me smile. Need I say more? But the moon nightlight made a strong showing – but I can’t think of a way to put it on my ceiling above my bed where I could drift off pretending it’s the Actual moon.

  14. Marilyn says:

    I remember when she did that!!! I also remember when we went to a Reba concert with Pink tool belt and we were at Tim Hortons after and while we were in line we looked at each other and without a word made a gesture with our fingers to each other that mimicked “you have lipstick on your teeth”. At exactly the same time ! It wa so feeaking funny

  15. Wendy says:

    I’m making this! Well, I’ll be making one or 2 for me and LOTS of others for gifts! GREAT idea, thanks Karen!

  16. Elaine says:

    This is a terrific AND stylish idea to a common problem! You are so smart! Can I tell you a funny story about my daughter? (She’s the one who hid my over-cooked chicken in her pajama drawer.) She was a busy young mother at this point in time and had been complaining about chapped lips. I suggested lipstick (as it works for me) but she couldn’t be bothered. I gave her a new freebie Avon lip balm I didn’t want but didn’t check the labeling. I killed myself laughing when she told me the funny stares she got from the grocery (male) clerk. It turns out that as she was sourcing the aisles, she applied some of the lip balm generously on her lips and around the lips as the area was windburned. Evidently, the lip balm I gave her, turned color with body heat! She couldn’t understand why the clerk kept furtively looking at her lips until she came home and saw herself in the mirror. That’ll teach her for hiding her chicken!

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