How to Fold a Fitted Sheet.

Yes.  It’s true.  I have once again tackled the greatest puzzle known to mankind.  A puzzle more intriguing than the great pyramids, more mysterious than Stonehenge and more frustrating than the success of any woman who is famous for having a sex tape.

How to fold a fitted sheet.

Several years ago I spent 2 months in been in training.  I’ve experimented, investigated and scoured the Internet for every folding a fitted sheet technique possible.  I ate right, got plenty of rest and drank 8 glasses of  water a day.  The result?

I gained 4 pounds, and peed a lot.

In between eating and peeing I figured out not only the easiest way to fold a fitted sheet, but also the technique that was the easiest to learn.  I tested this technique by making my mother watch me do it once.  Betty was then handed the ceremonial fitted sheet and asked to do what I just did.  It was a success.  An actual success.

How to Fold A Fitted Sheet Part II


Kay this time it works. Really. It does.


Yes, there are more ways to do this.  Yes, they all work.  But this one is the easiest to teach, the easiest to learn and the easiest to remember.  I want you all to go and fold a fitted sheet.  RIGHT NOW.  Or at your earliest convenience.  Then report back!  I need to know this video was a success.

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I have a pyramid to finish building.  (I completed the sex tape last year and figuring out Stonehenge seems like more of a summer project)


Update:  For everyone wondering  this technique works as well for sheets with elastic all the way around.  I tested it.  Works perfectly!