I Had NO Idea THIS Many People Slept Naked.

I started out writing today’s post thinking it was going to be about what time you put your pajamas on at night. This firecracker idea came out of my mother insisting that 2:30 in the afternoon is a perfectly respectable time to start thinking about going to bed. Therefore 2:30 p.m. is probably when you should put your pajamas on.


One of my sisters, Pink Tool Belt, on the other hand will not, NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES put her pajamas on before she has eaten dinner.  To her, if your life has degenerated to the point where you eat dinner in your pajamas you may as well never take them off again.  In fact you may as well stop brushing your hair and saying excuse me when you burp sausage burps. You have given up on any sort of civilized life.

Coming in from the diagonal opposite corner of crazy is my sister Fish Pedicure, who would live in her pajamas if she could, but would look perfectly civilized the while doing it because … she irons her pajamas.  With an iron.  As if they’re a cotillion gown.

Me?  I don’t really have any firm beliefs when it comes to nightwear other than the fact that I wear it.

(This is where my post on “What time do you put your pajamas on?” took a turn)

You see, my pajama research led me to a rather startling statistic.

30% of North Americans SLEEP NAKED.

As in, they do not wear a thing. Zero. No underwear, no flannel, no EEK, WHAT IF THERE’S A FIRE AND I HAVE TO RUN INTO THE STREET tee shirt.  Nothing.

As you might have guessed, that number is higher for men than women so they’re the ones bringing the average up.  I don’t think anyone is surprised by the fact that more men than women sleep naked.  Men would ride roller coasters naked if they thought they could get away with it.  Shop for toos, get gas, chat with the neighbours?  Naked , naked, naked.

One thing I don’t understand is if you sleep naked how do you get ready for a night of Netflixing?  Do you get cozy and comfortable in your naked?  You just take off your regular clothes and be naked?  What if you have food delivered or decide to start Netflixing at 4 in the afternoon?  Are there bands of humans wobbling around their homes naked Netflixing all hours of the day that I don’t know about?

I can’t even fathom this sleeping naked thing. Not at all. It would be cold, it would be weird and I feel like I’d need to wash my sheets WAY more often than I currently do. To me, not wearing pajamas robs a person of the 3 BEST parts of their day; the moment you think about putting your pajamas on, the moment you actually put your pajamas on and the moment you lay on the couch with your pajamas on.

Having said all this, you have not yet heard the MOST disturbing thing.  There are some people out there who make fun of those of us who wear pajamas. And they’re just as stunned by our behaviour.  My reading led me to articles written by Millennials who apparently think a 2 piece pajama set is a quaint, geezer thing.  Like making your way to bed by the light of a candlestick and sleeping in a long, cone shaped nightcap.

Why do Millennials think this?  Because apparently … according to some random study I found …

65% of Millennials sleep naked.

I suspect it’s because they lack the focus to be able to pick out a pair of pajamas.  But that’s just the guess of a geezer.

Of course now I HAVE to know how many of you sleep naked.  And also, if you do wear pajamas, what time do you put them on?  Are you a Betty, thinking the earlier the better?  Or a Pink Tool Belt, where wearing pajamas before dinnertime indicates you’ve probably spent time in prison?

Me?  I favour 2 piece pajama sets in white and I generally put them on around 7:30 or 8 p.m.

Have a good weekend!






I Had NO Idea THIS Many People Slept Naked.


  1. Tina says:

    I’m am a very active sleeper. My brothers called me The Thrasher. Despite that, I wear a long (below knees) t-shirt type nighty. No undies (gotta let that BREATHE) and no socks! In the summer it’s a long tank top. And I don’t get tangled. I’m aware when I turn over and just grab all the layers and everything turns.

    Today I spent the entire day in my nighty. I was painting faux frames on my walls, in which to hang some sculptures and I didn’t want to get paint on clothes. After I was done, I took my shower and got a fresh nighty on.

  2. Therese says:

    Both my husband and I sleep with something on – pj’s for him, usually a night gown for me, of some kind.

    I wash sheets once a week. The dog sleeps with us and I have a top blanket on that gets washed more frequently as needed…..

    We are 55 and 60. :).

  3. Marna says:

    I love that someone mentioned babydoll pjs! I loved them as a teen and into my early twenties. Naked often until kids, then mostly pjs, then twitched to pj bottoms long or short depending on the weather, and a tank top. Since having kids or working, I didn’t have time to lounge around, so got dressed as soon as I got up, don’t put on pjs until ready for bed. (never the kind of person to walk around naked and I often go outside for various reasons, or people often come to my door, hate being in pjs if I have to answer the door). Love that everyone shared! :D (I’ll be 69 in a few weeks, but still feel 25, except my body doesn’t agree which sucks!)

    • p says:

      babydolls are so extremely cute and I love them at 57!
      the swing of the dress hides belly fat and they show your legs

  4. Ian Anderson says:

    Hell no! Pajamas are the devils underpants! When you turn over in bed they stay mostly were they were and you end up strangling various parts of your anatomy :-(

    Regular clothes until bed (what happens if someone calls and you’re in your ‘jammies?), although lately I have acquiesced to a pair of sweatpants (for evening wear only you understand) and believe me, I’m very afraid that it is the beginning of the end…

  5. Tim says:

    Sleep naked it provides visuals for your partner

  6. Tine from Denmark says:

    I SLEEP NAKED (most of the year).
    I’m a little bit hurt when somebody writes ” Sounds disgusting and gross”.

    I shower in the afternoon before I start making dinner – thats where I get out of my ”workclo-se” and into my joggingsuit or something like that.

    I don’t like the thought of going to bed with a hole day of sweat, stress and dirt….…and I think it’s healthy when the part og you ”down there” get som air.

    Every weekend I change our bedsheets – thats what I have learn from home (i’m 53) and I just Loooove fresch bedsheets.

    Some nights in the winterseason i might take on a t-shirt, but then it gets too hot and I take it of during the nigth.

    • Alena says:

      I don’t sleep naked and I really hated that comment myself. I fail to see what’s gross about it, do the people who think it gross also think having sex naked is gross?

    • danny says:

      according to dermatology, it is best not to take more than 2 showers a week, so the natural oils in your skin do their job. unless you are sweating playing sports, cutting grass, or other sweaty things.

  7. Shauna says:

    Undies only. I wish I could wear pjs to bed— it seems sophisticated and would save me from occasional bad dreams about ending up naked outside in an emergency— but I turn over a lot while I sleep and if I wear anything it gets uncomfortably twisted around me. If you bathe and change sheets regularly, I don’t see why skin against your sheets is any more unhygienic than skin against your daily clothing. (Or do most people wash everything they wear after every wearing and I’m a gross weirdo for wearing things multiple times? 😬). I have traditional pjs for lounging, a long set for winter and a shorts/short sleeved set for summer. They go on in the evening at whatever point my waistband and bra start bugging me.

  8. Kim says:

    These comment make me want to try sleeping naked (once the children are older and no longer migrate to my bed at night still)

    I think I would need a hell of a lot of blankets though. I believe this “you stay warmer naked” as much as “people sleep better with the heat off” nonsense. I can’t sleep if I’m cold. Heat on, a million blankets on, comfy pajama pants (no underwear. Underwear are super uncomfortable in bed) and a sweater.

    And socks. That I pull off halfway through the night.

    I’d like to try one of those long cotton gowns though.

    Though your pajama pics reminded me I used to always buy the two piece pajamas. I think I am going to go on amazon and buy a new pair now! I love their button up goodness. Also even though I’m not technically a millennial (because it has something to do with advent of technology/internet/whatever) I am still around that age, so I am going to now go quiz all my friends to see if they sleep naked.

    Also 8/9 pm pajamas on.

  9. Luanne says:

    I was surprised by the 30% statistic. I have comfy sweats I wear when I watch TV. If I watched Netflix in bed, I wouldnt wear pj’s. But if I can convince someone to have a toga party in the living room, I’m quite happy not wearing pj’s. I dont know who would answer the door to pay for the pizza in that event.

  10. Mary Anne says:

    Naked, always naked. I put on jammies when I get up and keep them on until I really, really, need to get dressed. I also put a different pair of jammies pants on at night for lounging around in. My hubs sleeps naked too. Clean sheets on your bare skin is one of the perfect things in life. Ahhhh…..

  11. Patty says:

    I have slept naked since I left my parents home at 18 years old. Year round I am always to warm. I Did wear a very large t-shirt to bed while my son was growing up. Once he was grown and out of the house, I was like, Yippppie! No more t-shirt!. Pajamas are to hot and bunch up all around me, night gowns do too. I can’t stand that!. I live in nightgowns all the time, unless i need to go out. I dont think its a millennial thing, because im older than dirt 😊🌸

  12. Bev out west says:

    PJs by 10 pm. With wool touque, wool socks. It is damp cold out west.

  13. Susan says:

    I wore an oversized t-shirt to bed in my youth. When menopause hit I sleep naked for faster cooling for night sweats. Now it is tank top and boxers in the summer and flannel pjs in the winter. They go on before bed but come off whenever. Am very pragmatic and have very little closet or drawer space, missed the naked years but not the night sweats.

  14. Linda says:

    Ok, I’m gonna get myself an official pair of pj’s, including a matching robe, and a new nightgown. After reading most of these posts, and then taking a look at my getup in the mirror (an oollldd sleeveless nylon summer type gown that someone handed down to me, bottoms to a matched thermal underwear set, socks with guitars all over them and flip-flops) . . . I could at least look a little less bag lady street-wear. I mean I can avoid the mirror and I absolutely don’t go outside looking like this, but my husband has to see me looking like this. And I sometimes wonder to myself . . . wonder if he still finds me attractive (??), wonder why he doesn’t “hit” on me like he used to (??) . . . so thanks to reading in here I did a reality look and am gonna do some diy projects on myself!

  15. Edith says:

    I can’t imagine wearing your kind of pajamas to bed. That’s almost like wearing a tuxedo. Buttons!? Cuffs!? Collar?! And what’s that silly pocket for?

    Nah, in this southern household hubby sleeps nekkid and momma wears short cotton sleep shirts. Purrrrfect comfort.

    • Karen says:

      See, now a sleep shirt or nightgown I definitely cannot imagine! I can remember sleeping in a nightgown as a kid and having it somewhere up over my head by the time I woke up, lol. ~ karen!

    • gillianne says:

      Similar here: husband’s a birthday suit guy; I favor cotton nightshirts that feel like oversized Ts (no buttons! no collars! and no sly pants legs waiting to twist like a cobra around my legs!).

      Roomy drawstring pants and Ts or sweats for lounging. After dinner, sometimes nightshirt topped with cotton yukata in summer or heavy waffle-weave robe in winter–all ancient, faded, and beloved.

      I’m loving the humor in these replies. A whole lotta chuckles for a drippy day.

  16. Karissa says:

    I change into comfy pants (sweats, leggings, yoga pants) and either a t-shirt or sweatshirt when I get home for the day and know I’m not leaving again. But I can’t sleep in all of that – I get tangled up and hot. Strip down to undies right before bed and put the comfies back on in the morning to let the dog out. I’m with you on sleeping totally naked though, something about that is off-putting to me.

    • kara says:

      “Comfy pants” are what we have too. Sweats or loose lounging pants, usually with a tank top or a t-shirt. It’s not elegant at all, but so comfortable.

      When we get into bed, the pants come off. About half the time I sleep in the tshirt and undies. But if, you know, adult activity occurs, I don’t generally put my clothes back on. I just sleep naked.

  17. marli says:

    Anyone who thinks that sleeping nude is gross, disgusting, or dirty, needs to shower more. Dang, naked sleeping isn’t any more dirty than sleeping in the same set of pjs all week.

    I’m a naked sleeper who once slept in what hubby called “Laura Ingalls” nightgowns (flannel, floor length, long sleeved). Now I can’t even imagine sleeping in something like that. Too twisted up!

    When my kids were young I’d have a bathrobe or night shirt on my bedpost so as to be able to throw on something quick when they hollered. Now they are grown and gone, so I don’t bother. If I walk through my house naked and you see me through the window, who is really to blame there? Haha. Peeker!

    Hubby and I both have what we call Clown Pants (sweats or pj pants) for lounging. I have a great set of PJs with Grumpy (the dwarf) on them, which are obviously called my Grumpy Pants. And in the summer I have night shirts and shorts. All of those are worn before bed, but not in bed.

    In May I travel to a music festival with my adult kids and their respective others and we all share a hotel room. I DO sleep with my night shirt on then. Because my kids don’t need to see Mom boobs. Too weird. Though I’ve threatened to show my stuff at the concerts. ;) They know I’m kidding, but the respective others don’t always. Gotta love those shocked faces!!

    I’m 50. Oh wait, it’s after midnight and it’s my birthday, so I’m 51 now. Naked geezers unite! And now I’m off to bed. Naked, of course!

    • Darla says:

      I agree with everything…I would just add that the bra comes off when I hit the door; even if I have to put it back on again to go out to dinner. My birthday was yesterday…so we are almost birthday buddies. I just turned 54. My kids always thought I was weird sleeping in the nude, but I think they are beginning to agree now that they are grown.

    • Karen says:

      It’s more that your skin and oils are sloughing off on the sheets than dirt. Also there’s no barrier between the dust mites and your skin. Gak. ~ karen!

      • Carrie says:

        OMG Karen!!!
        Don’t say dust mites are in my bed. I’ll never sleep again!!!! Bad enough i check the room for spiders before I jump in naked……(darn hot flashes!)
        I’m traumatized.😕

    • Jennifer says:

      Happy birthday, Marli! It’s my birthday too, but I’m 7 years beyond you.

  18. Deborah says:

    Sleeping in the buff is wonderful on crisp cotton sheets!

    Because the sheets tend to be cold, I use an electric blanket to warm up my bed so it is nice and warm when I slip into it. I love the feel of clean sheets, so I change mine a couple of times a week and line dry them outside in the Summer.

    I have a lovely collection of robes for lounging in after dinner, and to put on when I wake up in the morning. Which ever robe I take off at night is left hanging on the bedroom door ready when needed.

    When traveling or a house guest, I wear an over-sized t-shirt though I don’t like how it gets twisted when I flip sides. Much, much prefer in the buff, but only at home!!

  19. Letty L Regan says:

    Currently I Netflix in sweats and only put on jammies (tank top and jammie bottoms) when I’m going to bed. I used to sleep naked when I was married, I prefer jammies. I think millennials are too broke for jammies, or top sheets.

  20. Katie says:

    Millennial heathens also tend to not use a flat sheet. FITTED SHEET, NAKED BODY, DUVET. I personally hate changing my duvet cover, so use a fitted sheet AND wear pjs…which I put on when I get home from work and wear to a ridiculous hour on the weekends.

    • Is that the problem?
      I was wondering why at my vacation rentals that I had a problem getting them to sleep under the top sheet! What is up with that?
      I always wash the duvet cover too as it is 100% cotton, but the sheets are 500+ count and the Duvet is 300 at best!

    • Ella says:

      I’d be ripping off that flat sheet too! The whole point of a duvet is that you are not supposed to use a flat sheet with it in order to permit free movement in your sleep. That’s why they are removable. You wash the cover when you wash the sheets. Using a flat sheet with a duvet defeats the purpose. I don’t understand this need to be swaddled LOL

    • Alena says:

      I am not a millennial and I don’t use top sheet. Never have, never will. I don’t understand the need for it. There are entire countries where top sheet is an unknown phenomenon (I grew up in one of those).

      • Karen says:

        I shall shed some light. The top sheet acts as … a sheet, lol! If you’re too hot in the night under a duvet, you kick it off, but still have a sheet to keep yourself covered from the cold a bit. Kind of like wearing a sweater with a teeshirt underneath in the spring or fall. When you get warm, you take your sweater off and just wear the tee shirt underneath. ~ karen!

        • Elizabeth says:

          Totally agree with this. Top sheet serves a very important purpose.

        • Rose says:

          I’m with you all the way. Must have a top sheet, don’t even own a duvet! I wear a tank top and boxer shorts, and only cover up with the top sheet, pretty much year round. Sleeping naked would make me feel I have to change my sheets daily. Yuck!

  21. WHY ARE SO MANY IF US UP AT 12:30?

    We should be in bed in our flannel.

  22. Robin says:

    Never wore pjs since I was old enuff to say Oh h*** no ! As far as unclean bedsheets…..nooooo….I takes my shower Before going to bed therefore no dirty sheets on My Bed. In the winter I have soft cozy flannel bedsheets….ahhhhh…..you has no idea of the feeling your CLEAN nagged skin gets from these soft, immediately cosy sheets !! Heavenly !

  23. BeeNaz says:

    I think I’m the outlier here but I wake up in the morning and put on my jammies because well, I work from home now so I can! Eventually when I have my shower I put on fresh, clean jammies and continue on with my day (work, cook, cuddle the cat, Netflixing etc.) whatever I’m doing at home, it’s in my jammy-jams. At night when I crawl into bed? Jammies come off and it’s down to undies and voila, now you know! 😂

    Weekends are quite the same if I’m not leaving the house and to be honest, even when I was working I’d get home about 6-ish and change into jammies as well.

  24. Sue says:

    I echo Tucson Patty in choice of sleep attire and I’m close on the thermostat settings…it’s a couple of degrees higher here. Still cool enough here that when I saw your photo of BARE FEET on your couch, my first though was “she must keep her house really warm.” Wool socks for me.

  25. Patricia says:

    No pajama sets. No fancy gauzy nightgowns and robes. I’m 66, so no millennial. If it’s hot, it’s a sports bra and boxers. If it’s cold, I may go to a cotton night shirt with cute kitties or a rude statement.

    Nightwear goes on 2 minutes before I crawl into bed.

  26. Tara says:

    Naked sleeper long ago when it was just me and the hubs. Kids and a bum thyroid changed that. Always cold so fleece bottoms and a long sleeve thermal top year round. Many nights I add a tuque. Sexy, I know.

  27. John says:

    I’m a hot sleeper (and millennial), so have pretty much slept naked for as long as I’ve been aware of the choice. It’s healthier for you as it prevents an interruption of your thermoregulation process.

    If relaxing (Netflixing), I have a ‘chill’ outfit that I wear, usually a t-shirt with lounge shorts, that drop once in the bedroom. And hey, if theres a fire and i have to run out naked, all the more motivation to keep going to the gym :P

  28. Cathy Reeves says:

    I have both formal PJs and my go-to oversized shirt/PJ bottoms. I’ve found that material matters and 100%cotton is the best. But I’m cheap and the sets are generally pricey. So I’ll buy a L or XL t-shirt from Kohl’s ( I hate tight PJs too and my shoulders must be covered even in summer) and pair that with cotton sheeting type of pants. For summer I go shorter in sleeves/leg length. In fact I’m thinking of making my own bottoms from sheets from a double bed I no longer own. Lightweight flannel for winter feels delicious.
    As for what time, that’s a fluid whenever-I-feel-like-it kind of thing.

  29. Gael says:

    Naked. Don’t get my naked on until bedtime. Clean sheets every week. Have pj bottoms and t-hurts for travel/visiting family.

    • Hazel says:

      Same here. Don’t even own a pair of pj’s. Use long tshirt if visiting…try not to visit!! Am 71, have slept this way for well over 50 years, very unlikely will change now. Have lots of housecoats/bathrobes/dressing gowns/whatever.

  30. Jenn B says:

    I probably wear pajamas one night in ten; the determining factors are outside air temperature, ( summer rarely sees pajamas unless camping), level of happiness with spouse ( obv) and if there is any cold, flu or other “health” reason to do so. I am far past Millennial age, but perhaps there’s hope for civilization yet! And if I wear pajamas they go on right before I slide into bed around 9:30. No naked in the house though – ewwww

  31. Christina Contri says:

    I occasionally sleep naked in winter, after reading an article that said you stay warmer because your body temp heats your bed linens instead of just your pajamas. I have found that to be true. However, I always seem to have the horrible “naked” dreams while sleeping nude, so I never manage more than a night at a time.

    As for when I put them on… I’m a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling an almost 6-year old. I don’t take them off unless we need to leave the house.

  32. Kath says:

    Half naked here. I keep a very cold bedroom in a very cold apartment every month of the year. The free standing room air conditioner I have in the b.r. to augment the terrible central air system in miserable Chicago summers runs as a fan constantly even if it’s not cycling the a.c. The resulting draft creates the atmosphere I prefer, but can really do a job on my thousand year old neck and shoulders when it hits me while sleeping. And by ‘do a job’ I mean I actually wake up in a state of immobility bordering on paralysis. My solution is Bean’s long sleeved mock necks in men’s tall. They’re so long they count as dresses, and I’ve never bothered with the bottoms as p.j.pants drive me nuts when they bunch up around my knees.

  33. Sue says:

    I sleep naked and so does my husband. Netflix on the couch is usually just underwear, maybe a robe. Maybe undies and a t-shirt. We enjoy the no-pants life at home. We don’t have kids so no worries there. We live in Alabama where it is very hot so naked with a fan year-round is how we roll. Also, I HATE HATE HATE the sensation of shirts and nightgowns riding up around my neck when I sleep.

  34. Arli says:

    T shirt for me! With light-weight cotton sweatpants in the winter.

  35. Rick Bradley says:

    I wear a t-shirt if I’m not feeling well which fortunately is infrequent. Otherwise it’s much more comfortable to sleep in the buff.

  36. Flash says:

    Never worn them never will. Got supper soft blanket for Netflix time. :)

    • judy says:

      can someone explain Netflix to me.at 78 dropped tv and landline,subscribed to netflix,hulu,have amazon prime and lots of free utube-politics for me,music for my husband with alzheimer’s-loves music. I turn on netflix and I am baffled-even trying to find something in the categories is way too time consuming. How do all of you find it so riveting? Oh and I sleep in underwear and a t shirt and no they are not pantaloons and a corset!

  37. Ella says:

    Jaysus, how can you sleep with all that on? Don’t you get all tangled up? And a flannel nightgown? Like to the floor? I would die!! First of all, all that flannel makes me sweat just to think about it. There are numerous studies which say sleeping nude is healthier. And you don’t get all tangled up in layers of cloth. I have sexy lingerie for well…yanno. I have loungewear for flopping on the couch to watch Netflix….but when it’s time to sleep, all that stuff comes off. In the morning the loungewear goes back on so I don’t scare the neighbours when I let the dog out. I shower before bed and I wash and iron my bed linens at least once a week so I think I have that aspect covered. Have you ever actually tried sleeping nude? You may like it….

    • marli says:

      Everything you said I agree with!! :)

    • Lee Ann says:

      Bingo. My exact routine also.
      I get overheated in an ice cold room because I LOVE the weight of my heavy comforters. And I absolutely will not tolerate waking in the night being choked by my clothing tangling about me.
      I always keep a heavy robe handy nearby just in case of a fire. Lol

    • Sally says:

      Yes – exactly the same here too. I literally cannot get into bed unless I have just showered and the thought of sleeping dressed in anything at all makes me feel very claustrophobic and fighty. I’m in trouble if I ever need to go into hospital as I don’t own one piece of nightwear (I do have a dressing gown though for when we have guests).

    • Ruthann says:

      Me too. Same routine except Bathrobe in the morning before shower in the morning.

    • susan says:

      Ella, you lost all credibility with me when you said you iron your sheets. That’s just wrong. I know I have an iron but I’m really not sure where it is because I haven’t used it for years.

      • Ella says:

        Hahaha!! I iron EVERYTHING! My sheets are either 1200 tc cotton or linen and both need to be ironed while wet because they get so wrinkled but once ironed are kitten soft. I catch up on all my PVR’d shows while ironing. It’s kind of therapeutic for me.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed….. except for ironing my sheets!

    • Megan says:

      Exactly! I may or may not wash sheets every 3-4 day but never go longer than 6! I start sweating at the thought of all those clothes 🥵
      I have never actually ironed my sheets though. I feel like I am a little too lazy to do something like that.

    • Stephanie says:

      Completely agree here too. I do own the two-piece kind and change into them as soon as I’m home from work (so before dinner) if I’m not going anywhere that evening, but as soon as bed time hits (after shower) – everything comes off. More constricting than a Boa snake. Ugh!! I do go for flannel sheets in winter though.

    • Lynn Johanson says:

      Amen sister! I try sleeping in some version of bed clothes every now and again, especially while traveling. Everything ends up all twisted and I wake up in the dark wondering where I am and why I’m so dang uncomfortable.
      Really not into the ironing though, really. I’m better with a hammer.

    • Paula from Canada says:

      Agree! Always a shower before bed and NAKED all seasons. I hate that feeling of being tangled up in clothing at night, plus when I started having hot flashes, at least I didn’t have a layer of jammies to rip off frantically.

      I have one little nightshirt for sleeping for when I’m not at home and even then, I must be NAKED underneath. If I feel I need to wear loungewear for Netflix bingeing, my pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt do just fine.

      It is imperative to shower or bathe before bed, though, because otherwise, gross!

    • Jenny Durling says:

      I’m definitely in the naked sleeping camp. I do recall sleeping in Tee and panties when I was in college but not when I ditched clothes altogether. Now I can’t imagine sleeping in clothes. If I’m wearing a tee because it’s cold when I get into bed, I end up feeling tangled and hot and have to tear it off.

      Lounge wear goes on as soon as I’m in the house for the evening. It sits on the dressers overnight and I can grab it in an instant if clothing is necessary. For those who have not tried it, I think if you do you’ll never go back to sleeping in clothes again!

    • JuraDanni says:

      Yep naked sleeper here also! Love it wouldn’t dream of wearing clothes to bed. It’s better for you to air out your lady bits. If I’m not going anywhere I’ll wear my pjs anytime of the day but in bed it’s definitely nakedtime!

    • Susan says:

      I’m 100% with Ella. I always shower before bed. Nothing comfier than slipping between the sheets nice and warm from the shower. Haven’t worn pajamas since I was a teenager. I hate being tangled and sweaty.

    • Jacquie Gariano says:

      Iron your sheets???? I haven’t seen that done since my Mom finely quit it when she was in her 70’s.

  38. Jani Wolfe says:

    Never never never on sleeping naked. Sounds disgusting and gross.
    I put on my nightgown after my shower at about 11pm or later and go to bed.
    I agree with you, having a naked ass on the sheets would require washing sheets alot more often.

  39. Tracy says:

    I put my PJs on after I shower (never before)… lounge in them… and then take them off before getting in bed. (Not completely naked though – must have on undies!!) Then when I get up, I put them back on if it’s a lounge-y morning, or not if I am getting ready for work! :)

    As far as what – two piece. Always pants or long capri-style; never shorts.

    • Linn says:

      I could of written that myself, Tracy! I toss and turn too much to be bound up by pj’s!

      • Connie says:

        I also seem to toss and turn too much to wear jammies. I also have hot flashes that make me soooo hot that I have to sleep with just a sheet. And here’s the clinker, I’m 73 and still on the never-ending roll of too hot to sleep comfortably.
        I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about my sleeping naked. My life, my body, and I want comfort.

        • Darcy says:

          I’m so with you on this. I even go so far as having two fans on me in the middle of the winter, no jammies and no covers much of the night.

    • Lynn says:

      Totally agree with you.

  40. TucsonPatty says:

    T-shirt and panties at 8-9-10? Winter sees me in varying layers of t-shirts with shorts sleeves, long sleeves, sleeves cut off into a sort of tank top, and a sweatshirt. With sweatshirt bottoms and socks. I lose layers as the weather gets warmer, until only a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and the aforementioned panties and zero socks with the hard hot summer. I have the thermostat at 59 degrees F in the winter and 79 in the summer. I put the outfit on as soon as I get home from work, which is usually late – sometimes 9 – 10 p.m. When I was a kid, I wore babydoll pjs – that sounds like something they don’t or shouldn’t call them any more. Shorty pajamas I think we also called them.

  41. Pattie Meyers says:

    ODG. I have l have died laughing at this one. I am a geezer who swings both ways.

  42. A says:

    I am always cold. always. so I wear pajamas all year. I have cotton ones for Spring, and flannel ones for Fall and Winter. i dont out them on until I am getting ready for bed, which is unfortunately at a very late hour.

  43. Tara Marion says:

    PJs. Tank top and pj bottom, short bottom if it’s summer.
    I’m 49 and I like pajamas!
    Sleeping nude feels weird. I can’t sleep!

  44. Terry says:

    I put my pajamas on to lounge around watching Netflix and ordering food. When I go to bed I take them off and hang them on a hook on the back of my door in case I have to go the bathroom/let the dog out/let the grandkid who always loses his key in. I think I was about 10 when I quit wearing pajamas to sleep in, I’m 61 now and too old to change my habits.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I don’t wear two piece pj’s – a dressing gown is my outfit of choice. I put one on in the morning when I get up and when I absolutely have to get dressed to go out, I change. If I don’t have to go out again after I come in, it’s on with the bathrobe. I understand about eating in it but I’ve gotten over it and the dog doesn’t judge. I think if I ever answered the door in anything but a bathrobe the mailman would faint. I have enough robes that I can have a fresh one each day (and they don’t require ironing).

    • Sylvia says:

      I think the name ‘dressing gown’ is the geezer version of the two piece pajama!! Haven’t heard it used for years.

      • Jane says:

        Of course it is a dressing gown or even a ‘gooonie’ (for the Scots amongst us) no self respecting Brit would call it a bathrobe!!

      • Sandy says:

        That’s interesting! I always pictured it as a nightgown or more Cary Grant like robe! Wait..did Cary Grant even have a dressing gown??

    • Miller Sandra says:

      I am so with you. Since I retired I only dress to leave the house or if someone is coming over and then it depends on who it is. My grandkids have been known to ask if “grandma” ever got dressed. Nightgowns and robes for me with fluffy socks. Nightgowns with a bird print are my favorite.

  46. Mel says:

    My husband sleeps naked and I can’t stand it. Pajamas are cozy and lovely especially in winter. I put my pj’s on before bed unless I’m super tired or feeling fat, then it’s right after dinner. Never ever before dinner!

  47. Michelle says:

    Slept in old tee shirts for years. Recently decided to up my game and bought a few cute knee length nightgowns. Have never liked the two piece pajamas. Too warm for me. I change right before going to bed. I spend evenings in yoga pants and a fleece top. Slept naked when I was much younger!

  48. Amy says:

    I have teenage sons – it’s two piece pjs for me with a zip up hoodie if I’m cold. But I must admit that before kids I slept naked about half the time.

  49. Carol O says:

    Never cared for pajamas, I wear flannel nightgowns (or light cotton sleeveless gowns in the summer). However, this time of year I’ll put on my nightie with jammie pants on underneath for lounging and watching TV, usually between 7-9pm, once I’m IN for the night. I’m curious as to how Pink Tool Belt got her name.

  50. Myrna says:

    I wear Jammie pants and a tank top to sleep. But when I put my jammies on around 730 if I’m in for the night, I wear a hoodie until I go to bed. And then I put the hoodie back on when I get up. I have four teenagers. Three of them boys. They don’t need to see their momma in a tank.

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