Super-fun & Easy Fancy Cocktail Picks.

What? You made all of those fancy appetizers (or heated them up) but you’re going to stick a plain toothpick in them?  No, no, no.  Make these easy cocktail picks with beads and toothpicks.


I have no idea how I’m going to con you into thinking this DIY requires an entire blog post to explain it to you.  But I shall try.

  1.  Plant a birch tree.  Any size will do.
  2. Allow tree to grow for 5-10 years.
  3. Cut branch off of tree.
  4. Whittle birch branch down to size of toothpick.
  5. Repeat 40 X.
  6. Get caught up in a costume jewellery theft ring.  Gain their trust. Get invited on caper.  Run off with all the loot.
  7. Thread necklace beads from the caper loot onto bespoke toothpick.
  8. Enjoy.

DIY fancy cocktail picks


And just like that, with a mere 10 years of very light work, you have a sassy appetizer/cocktail toothpick.

Or, if you’re extremely … and I mean exceptionally lazy … you could buy a container of toothpicks, buy a $1 costume jewellery bracelet at the dollar store and call it a day.  People will talk about how lazy you are, I’m sure you know that.

If that is the route you choose to go –  here are your instructions.

DIY cocktail picks materials list

  1. Open toothpick container.
  2. Cut apart dollar store necklace or bracelet and let the beads fall off.
  3. Shove one of the beads onto the end of a toothpick.
  4. Done.


pearl tipped toothpicks

Do I need to explain it a bit better?  K.  Stick the toothpick into the hole of the bead and then call it a cocktail pick.  Make sense now?

diy cocktail picks

I know. You can’t fathom how I do these complicated projects like building wood indoor shutters PLUS work all day PLUS keep my hair so shiny.  The struggle is not only real it’s discussed in many scientific papers.


chic cocktail picks

I don’t know why I love these things so much but I do.  It may have to do with the fact that by this time of year I’m more and more interested in activities that can be accomplished with a maximum of 3 firing brain cells, one of which is focused on a Hallmark Christmas movie.


diy cocktail picks

If you’re worried about the beads falling off during use at your highly sophisticated cocktail party just dab a bit of wood glue onto the end of the toothpick before shoving the bead on.


pearl tipped cocktail picks

If your beads shove down further on the toothpick than the tip, then that’s where to dab the glue. Duh.


diy fancy cocktail picks with beads

Thinking back on it, it really is a good thing that I ran you through this in a blog post.  It was more difficult than I realized now that I’ve typed all the instructions out.  Remember the steps using this handy seasonal acronym:


Find Instagram Scrabble Hanging Goo Under The Spaghetti  If you can remember that, you’ll have no problem remembering how to do these cocktail picks.

It might not make a lot of sense to you right now but that’s just because it’s December and you’re only running on 3 brain cells.

Super-fun & Easy Fancy Cocktail Picks.