Best April Fools Jokes for you

This coming Tuesday is April Fool’s Day.

It’s the one holiday that truly seems to sneak up on you. And often scares the crap out of you. Having someone casually ask you when your car got keyed is far more frightening than some kid dressed as Batman at your front door asking for candy.

So that’s the problem I always have with April Fool’s Day. I forget about it until the actual day, which leaves me no time to plan a really good attack on someone.

I thought you might be the same. You know, in that you aren’t crazy enough to pre-plan for April Fool’s Day but just crazy enough to be bothered by the fact that you didn’t.

So I’ve collected some of the best and easiest April Fool’s Day jokes (from my brain and from around the web)  you can play on your family and co-workers this  Tuesday.



































Now that you’ve been armed, you have a choice.  Are you going to be part of the 50% that attack on April Fool’s Day or will you be part of the 50% who cower?

I hope that you will attack because I know I didn’t raise a bunch of cowering ninnies.  And feel free to send pics.

I hope you got a few good ideas, have a good weekend and get plotting.


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  1. Valerie says:

    Great choice for April 1.
    If #1 appeals to you but you are without a suitable picture, saran wrap is an alternative choice.

  2. dana says:

    Oh the van is my favorite!!
    I heard a good one-put cream cheese in the deo container! Then loiter closely & watch hubs spread the dairy concoction on his armpits.
    My hubs would be pissed so I dont have the nerve to do it. Mainly bc his precious deo was ruined. He would have gotten a kick out of it about 20yrs ago though.

  3. Barbie says:

    No.1 and No. 4! LOVE IT!
    No.5 could get expensive don’t you think? But LOVEd it!

  4. Elle says:

    I love the first one! LOL!

    Unfortunately for me, I’m going to spend April fools day chaperoning my 13 year old daughter’s classmates on a 3 day school trip to our capital city…. I’m toast!!!
    Any ideas on how to survive (and retaliate) would be welcome (-:

  5. Rhonda SmartyPants says:

    I’m not sure I buy your explanation about missing out on April Fool’s Day tomfoolery, Miss Karen. I think it might have something to do with others EXPECTING you to do something and I think you’re more the ‘I’m gonna’ fool you when you least expect it because it is so much more fun for ME – and that’s what this is all about – not fooling you, but pleasing ME!’ Now, we haven’t met, really, except in the way that all but a few of your faithful blog readers believe we know you as well as if we had met and slept side by side since we were the age of 4 not just in the same room but in the same bed and therefore we know your likes and dislikes and your favs and not so favs – you get it. I don’t know you, yet I know you really, really well.

    See, your blog readers have brains – proof is that if we didn’t we would be found wandering some dark and lonely road some night near the Canadian border whispering your name and asking to be pointed in the general direction of your home and when the Border Patrol told us to ‘Go home, you damn Yankees – go home!’ we would look at them as if they were the ones lost and shuffle away mumbling your name. Instead, your faithful and smart readers know that once we’ve signed up for your blog, we’re in for life – not as in ‘life’ sentence, but a plethora of sentences as in ‘what is she up to now?’

    Because your loyal and faithful followers have brains and I am, therefore, smart enough to determine that I am one of the loyal and faithful followers, I can recall a post last year – after April Fool’s Day but before the end of June – when you treated us to a practical joke you played on old whats’his’name aka The Fella. It involved a flashlight and The Fella becoming so increasingly fearsome in his pleadings for you to stop that I began to be fearful for your safety. In fact, I had to remind myself that you had to be okay because after all you had been the one to post this ridiculously risky episode of “Let’s Watch Karen Fuck with The Fella.”

    So, there’s my reasoning as to why you don’t like April Fool’s Day — too predictable. Nothing predictable about you, my friend, except you are predictably unpredictable. I love you all the more for it.

    As for April Fool’s Day — some of your offerings are good and a couple great. I’ve had some real successes in my day because the people I pulled them on are no longer in my life and that’s a sure sign of a slam dunk April Fool’s joke. My kids, however, are strong and resilient and realized that if they left home they would surely starve and have to rely on themselves for food and shelter. So, they suffered my annual pranks all in good humor and sometimes I scored a bull’s eye with each of them…made my whole year. The easiest and most fun is to keep a small bag of creepy, crawly insects, bugs, snakes made out of rubber. Easy to find in ol’ Dollar store and just keep on hand for the annual day of surprises as well as when a scare during dinner was called for because I needed a good laugh.

    They are especially good to hide in a side salad because the dressing makes them look so much more real and who really ever finds a giant scorpion in their cheeseburger or slice of meatloaf. I also liked to double down every now and then – one creepy, crawly in their salads during dinner – another in the medicine cabinet resting casually behind the toothpaste tube. (Excellent way to determine if their teeth are really being brushed or not, by the way.)

    Love you and love this holiday. Can’t wait to hear from your other readers – add to my arsenal, especially now that the kids have decided it is better to fend for themselves rather than screech through another dinner with their mother laughing hysterically as they leap from their upturned bowl of greens. Besides, I’m old enough now that I’m not only laughing hysterically, but often there is a stream leaking down my leg which makes me laugh even harder and their rosy cheeks become rosier.

    Have a good day, Karen, no foolin’.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hahahahah…. even after reading that ENTIRE previous comment, I am still laughing at the voice-activated toaster. The very best pranks lurk at the intersection of Simple and Genius.

  7. Karen says:

    I’m sorry … could you repeat that? ~ karen

  8. Lea says:

    Okay it has been years (many years) but my best April fools prank involved me making cinnamon rolls (you know the one’s that come out of a death can) and spreading mayonnaise on them instead of icing. My dad ate 3. After letting him eat them I couldn’t contain myself and busted up laughing and told him. Needless to say he was pissed because he ate them so I wouldn’t feel bad. Oh the days when you were 13 and could get away with that kind of stuff!!

  9. Ember says:

    April 1st is my cousin’s birthday. I guess that was the ultimate April Fool’s joke from my uncle to my aunt:-)

  10. Susan Preston says:

    One of my favorite days of the year! I’ve had a broken foot twice before but have put on one of my temp. Casts and crutches and gone out that morning just to shake everyone up. Tee hee. Salt in the sugar really screws up that morning coffee too. Looking forward to Tuesday!

  11. Tigersmom says:

    I’m not much of a planner for April Fool’s day due to not being aware of it until the actual day arrives. Then I have to rely on some quick thinking verbal scares. You know, like, “Honey, I took a test this morning…..”

  12. Tigersmom says:

    Oh, and my favorite of the above options is #4. Talk about bang for your buck. It’s the joke that keeps on giving. It would still be a value if you had to go out and buy the new toaster.

  13. I feel lucky to live in the oh-so-polite Pacific Northwest… we don’t do “that” sort of thing here (said in haughty, clutching my pearls voice). Heh, seriously though – the first idea – I would shriek SO LOUDLY! I’m also easily startled and super gullible, so every day is like April Fools for me. Yeah….

  14. A pregnancy test left on the bathroom counter in a positive reading is funny! Especially when your hubbys been neutered. I guess thats just wrong….but it could be funny!

  15. Mary Kay says:

    I work in a construction office so kitty wallpaper is a must!

  16. jainegayer says:

    This is the one day I’m going to miss being at work since I retired. Oh how I loved April Fools Day when I was a first grade teacher! All those little 6 year olds I could trick all day.

  17. Reg says:

    When my son was about 10 yrs. old he pulled a good prank on mom. I was accustomed to having a big pot of coffee when I got home from work and sit down to read the paper. This particular April 1st. I hunted and hunted for the coffee container. It was hidden in my closet. Coffee made, sat down to read the paper. Every other page was turned upside down. He still snickers at the memory of watching me hunt for the coffee and turning newspaper pages.

  18. marilyn says:

    my husbands birthday is april 1..and his brother..and his nephew..and our daughters is march 31..she has never been good at the 37 years i have been with this man i have never played an april fools joke on him.i dont know why but i just havent

  19. Jack says:

    My daughter Kelly pulled a good one on me. As was my usual custom each morning I treked to the bathroom to prepare to go to work. My most loving daughter (10 years old at the time) set up our Water-Pic to commence firing volleys of water the moment I turned on the bathroom light as the light and plug-in were on one circuit. The water hit me right between the eyes causing an immediate “flight or flight” response as I stumbled backwards into the wall behind me thinking that sometime terrible had happened with my plumbing. I know she still, at 32 years old, still has a good chuckle over that one.

  20. Jane says:

    I know a teacher who makes up a new seating plan on April 1st. She puts all the worst combinations together. She’s actually had kids in tears until she says April Fools.

  21. Ev says:

    A lot of funny posts here, but how would one get a pregnancy test to read a false positive? Feral Turtle, can you answer? As for you Karen, I think a bunch of your local readers should drop by on that day and demand Antojitos!

  22. Anita says:

    When I was in 1st or 2nd grade we took a family vacation to sunny beach in Florida. My evil mother is reading the paper at breakfast on April 1 and gasps loudly. She then proceeds to tell us that an extreme cold front is coming through and snow is predicted. My younger brother and I were just about in tears. There was serious conversation between the parents about going back home early until my mom just couldn’t contain herself any more and busted out laughing.

  23. Ruth says:


    @Rhonda – You gave us a glimpse of what is possible in ye olde comments section…. on a day when I’m not even feeling witty enough to join you. Truly a ‘SmartyPants’. LOL!

    I concurred with you, until you got to the part where you scared the heebie-jeebies out of you kids. At that point, I just found myself thanking all of heaven for the mother I had. I doubt my heart would have handled such things. Oh. my. word!

  24. Katie says:

    Every April 1st I wear my clothes inside out. My kids would be eating breakfast and say ” Mommy your clothes are inside out?” April Fool. It worked at work too… People were a little afraid to tell me that I put my shirt on inside out…. but laughed when I said “April Fool”…. Love that holiday….

  25. kelli says:

    Number 5: ain’t nobody got time for dat. NOBODY. 🙂

    these are great, but in this day and age of rampant declining overall health, some of these really might give someone a heart attack! 🙁

  26. Mary Werner says:

    I live with my daughter and am closing in on 68. The best would be for me to come running into her “side” holding a pregnancy tester – no need to even make it a false positive. Just holding it with a look of horror on my face would be enough.

  27. Debbie says:

    Best one I pulled was during my freshman year of college. I always wrote letters home, as calls were expensive then. I had just told my mom about a guy I met, “Wayne”. On April 1st, I called and told her Wayne and I were engaged! Total silence. Mom was at work and I was told she fell into her chair sweating. “Mom, mom, April Fools!” Every year I called her on April 1st and asked what day it was, and told her I wasn’t engaged. On an April 13th, my husband proposed. I called mom and asked her what day it was. After she fluffed and futzed, she said it was April 13th. I said, “Oh, then I’m engaged!” I think she fell into her chair and started sweating – happy sweat! Over 25 years later, we are all still happy.

  28. julie says:

    Now I want to see that episode of “Let’s Watch Karen Fuck with The Fella”, but I can’t find it when I search!

  29. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    The toaster one is pure genius!!!!

  30. Jasmine says:

    Have a friend that’s prego pee on it. 🙂

  31. Vicky says:

    I told my kid he had spots on his face every year for about 15 years. When he quit running to the bathroom to look in the mirror, I quit too.

  32. Jeannie B says:

    I love April Fool’s Day pranks. But, I can’t get the picture out of my head now, of that “head in a jar” in the fridge, from post number 2. But since I live by myself, it would be ME that got the fright when i opened the fridge door to reach for the pickles.

  33. Great video!
    Well, one thing’s for sure…that f**ker was polite!

  34. kardan says:

    My best friend was babysitting three children for an entire weekend. I slept over with her on the Saturday night. We were fifteen, there was beer in the fridge, we drank three each. We switched all three kids to different beds while they slept. One of them even got up to pee and went back to his wrong bed. We woke up before them and were so excited. We made breakfast and were all like… just act normal, just act normal. One at a time they made their way to the kitchen for pancakes. None of them mentioned it. We were serving pancakes and trying to muffle our laughter. Finally we asked if they noticed anything different when they woke up. Jason, the oldest one said, “Yeah, I woke up in Carrie’s bed.” We cracked up laughing. They just didn’t even think it was strange. They all just kinda shrugged.

  35. Pam'a says:

    I had recently been treated poorly by a guy I was dating. Driving around on April Fools’s night with a girlfriend, we became convinced that this simply could not stand. I happened to know where the cretin was going to be that evening, so girlfriend and I stopped by a grocery store and picked up two big, fat raw shrimp.

    Back then, you could break into a car with a coat hanger.

    So we did. And we unscrewed his dome light, shoved those suckers in, and put it back together. For all I know, they’re still be there. Heh.

  36. Pam'a says:

    Ack. I hate typos.

  37. Laura Bee says:

    One of my favourites was not even on April Fool’s Day. Working in a reastaurant – every day is a good day for pranks. One of the girls I worked with noticed the tv in the bar was stuck on the menu. So I told her to reset it with the touch screen. She was up on a chair tapping away at the tv for a good 30 seconds before everyone snickering gave it away.

  38. Deb says:

    ok, I started laughing at this one and choked on my coffee. Too funny. I think my favorite that Karen gathered was the toaster (#1 actually startled me when I scrolled to it). I think I like the toaster because I’m the one who is so gullible that I’d be the one trying to get the dang thing toasting by trying different words…”start,” “go,” “toast,” “light toast,” “bagel,” “#*%*&@!”

  39. Jenny says:

    This comment has more words than the blog post.

  40. Susan says:

    A little late for this year but, hey, it’s only 11 1/2 months until the next opportunity!
    I worked in a retirement community. One year some gals snuck into the men’s room and set a pair of women’s shoes in front of a toilet, draped a skirt over the toilet then closed and locked the door. The boss went in, noticed their was a female in the men’s room and asked, several times, if everything was all right. Finally, he came out in a bit of a panic and asked that we call 911 because it looked like someone had died in the men’s room! HE didn’t think it was a bit funny, but we still laugh years later. I guess this would be hard to pull off if there were large openings at the sides of the door.

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  42. Marsha says:

    My husband carries a money clip and always keeps a couple of credit cards on the top. One April Fool morning while he was showering I took out the money and replaced it with play money. When he made his daily stop at the donut shop he realized he had been sabotaged. The clerk could not stop laughing and he got mad. I, on the other hand, am still laughing!
    I pulled some good ones on my boys too. They got rubber band sandwiches and Oreos with toothpaste filling in their school lunches one day.

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