I Like Big Macs and I Cannot Lie.

I like Big Macs and I Cannot Lie … And I’m O.K. with that.

I think the biggest misconception about anyone who eats well is that they ALWAYS, ONLY, FOREVER AND EVER eat well.  That they would rather eat a fist full of scabs than let anything processed or unhealthy pass their lips.  I’m here to tell you that is not true.  I don’t think.  God, I hope not it’s not true.  Gross.

To quote a well known, 84 year old, world champion food eater (my mother),

“If a person can’t eat french fries whenever they want, then life just isn’t worth living.”  

Betty has a flare for the dramatic.  I told her I was thinking of changing my brand of dish soap once.  She gasped so hard she swallowed a tiny piece of lung and to this day you can read about the episode in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum in Niagara Falls.

Obviously I got my love of french fries from her. From my father I got my love of vegetable gardening.  So I’ve inherited two very different food philosophies.  Grow Your Own and Live Isn’t Worth Living If You Can’t Eat French Fries Whenever You Want (Which is Always).

I live with a balance of both.  Because growing and cooking your own healthy food really is satisfying.  And so are french fries.

Every summer when I’m killing myself working up at my community garden, there’s always a day near the beginning of the growing season that’s so long, so tiring, so calorie depleting that I stop at my local McDonalds drive through on the way home for a Big Mac, large fries, 6 Chicken McNuggets and a drink.  I not only enjoy it, I love it and look forward to it.  There’s no guilt from eating the crappy food because I’ve worked myself in the garden until I’m delirious.  That delirium only adds to the deliciousness of the junk food.

I really do love McDonalds – their french fries are the BEST – but I think the main reason I go there is because it’s a drive through.  Can you imagine anything more luxurious than screaming at a metal box and then someone handing you a bag of food through your car window?  I can’t.  Every time I do it I feel like royalty.

It is the only drive through food in town unless you count Tim Hortons which I don’t because they don’t have special sauce.  Or McDonald’s french fries.  I also LOVE Harvey’s hamburgers (I don’t think you have been blessed with Harvey’s in the United States)  but they changed their buns and french fries years ago plus there isn’t one close to me.  Tacos?  I don’t even know if there’s a Taco drive through around but again, I do like them.  Submarines are delicious but I don’t get that McDonald’s satisfaction out of them.  Plus there’s no sub drive through.  Not here anyway.

So McDonald’s it is every time I’m having a  “Yeah, I grow all my own vegetables, but life isn’t worth living if you can’t eat french fries when you want” moment.

In fact I see one of those moments in my very near future.

What about you?  What’s your go-to fast food?  And will you be going-to, this weekend? ;)

Have a good weekend!





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  1. Heather says:

    Another amusing post, Karen. Thanks! :D

    I once found a perfectly intact McDonald’s fry behind the seat of my car when I was cleaning it, and I couldn’t recall when I’d last been to McDonald’s: So, if bacteria didn’t touch it, I’m pretty sure it’s not actually food. That said, I do enjoy an occasional McDonald’s junior chicken or cheeseburger, especially when I’m on the road: those little parcels of salty deliciousness are a welcome treat during a long drive. And their Americano coffees are good. Plus, we get those little stickers that get us free coffees.

  2. Lin N says:

    Well I don’t eat cow…haven’t for years. It’s just a ‘on principle’ thing. Not because of allergies, sensitivities, or because I don’t like it. Earlier in my life there was nothing I liked better than a Big Mac or cheeseburger. I was the cheeseburger queen. I decided one day that taking a stand for something would be good and that became ‘I don’t eat beef’. Soooo my favourite fast food now is A&W’s Chicken Buddy Burger, fries and a diet root beer. I personally think their fries are better than Mac-ee D’s. but we know taste is subjective. 😄

    • Karen says:

      BETTER than McDonald’s french fries??!! Oh dear, I’m going to have to keep my eye on you. ;) ~ karen!

  3. Linda says:

    I’m one of the few willing to say McDonald’s fries taste like cold cardboard! They only retain their heat for about a minute. I vote for A&W Teenburger, fries and root beer, which also serves as dessert!!! Yay for A&W! Especially good after the last four days I’ve spent digging and pulling 300 sq ft of 60 year old ivy! Ya, small area, four days! That’s how stubborn it was… What a chore, that’s what I think of gardening (at the moment anyway)!

  4. LibrarianNancy says:

    The first time I had my dog in the car with me and went through McDonalds drive-through, and they handed me a bag of hot delicious-smelling food through the car window, I could tell by the look on his face that he was pretty sure there WAS such a thing as heaven and we had just arrived there. I’m a Big Mac fan too!

  5. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Hey Karen, have you tried the chicken shishtawouk (sp?) wrap at Paramount Foods on Upper James, with a fatoush salad? Soooooo good!

  6. Theresa Clarkson-Farrell says:

    Every year we drive way out on Long Island ( Baiting Hollow) from Queens to a Christmas Tree farm. We tramp all over – up hill and down trying to find the “perfect ” Tree. usually we clock in about 21/2 – 3 miles of back and forth then as the sunsets we find the tree or one we can all basically agree on. We then carry it out – catch a ride on the wagons that come trolling for the last of the last. – Tree gets wrapped up – hoisted to car roof – secured – This ritual is done in the rain – the snow -the dark – warm or windy weather – after all that we drive to the local McDonalds and the whole family gets whatever they want. – then we drive back to Queens. Its once a year and its fast fun and delicious.And yes their fries are the best

  7. Amy Watson says:

    Big Mac large fry and chocolate shake used to be my number one favorite. It slipped to number two after I had a Steak and Shake Frisco melt with a large fry and a butterfingers milkshake yummy I’m glad I don’t live close to either one or I would never cook again….I love a burger so much…

  8. Barbara George says:

    Couldn’t agree more. As a lifetime “healthy eater”, Y not follow the 85/15 rule: healthy eats 85% of the time and 15% of fill-yer-boots because we only live once. Poutine, once a summer, every summer, is truly life enhancing, no? My go-to fast food is A & W’s grilled chicken pattie in a lettuce wrap with sweet potato fries. This is right after I’ve done 8 hours in the hot sun ditch digging….of course.

    Trying to follow any regime to a 100% value is not only not fun, it’s not even human.

  9. Maureen Locke says:

    McDonald’s is my go to joint for a treat. I usually order a nugget combo with a cheeseburger on the side. The fries have gone downhill unless you get them right out of the fryer. I haven’t had a crispy McDonald fry in years. Such a disappointment. My second choice would be KFC popcorn chicken and a Crispy Chicken Burger. No fries. I wish more places would serve onion rings. I love onion rings. Beer battered fish ( haddock only ) and chips is awesome too and a specialty of our local restaurants, as is creamed lobster. Fresh cut fries deep fried. Yum. Hmph, my leftover stew that we’re having for supper tonight all of a sudden doesn’t sound so appetizing. lol

  10. Alex Nett says:

    I love all these comments from people in cool places. Such diversity. I live in Houston and there are approximately a million places you can drive thru. It’s so ordinary I overlooked the magic, so thanks for pointing it out. We have a vibrant multicultural restaurant scene, food trucks, dive places to Michelin Star places and everything in between. Karen, you are damn right that McDonald’s fries and yes, Big Macs are delicious! No one is pretending they are organic or healthy. I love your utter lack of snobbism. We come to TAoDS for the good taste, stay for the real talk and laughs!

  11. Kristin says:

    Jersey Mike’s meatball sandwich. My husband and I share a foot-long one with an extra meatball added. He eats his half, I eat half of my half, and then I reheat the rest for supper and that’s my food for the day. So filling, and so delicious! But I do love fries. My favorites are In n Out fries, but only if you eat them immediately. I live in Southern California, so another go-to indulgence is taco truck tacos, which are cheap and plentiful. Or pupusas, from a local Salvadoran hole in the wall. Damn. Now I really want pupusas. Or meatball sandwich.

  12. Michelle says:

    Ahhhh… little paper cups of ketchup. I’m totally a sucker for that. McD’s doesn’t have that any more, but fries (a rare treat these days) are unparallelled! I’m fortunate enough to live less than a mile from a legendary local burger joint called the 5-8 Club, which serves up their “juicy lucy” — molten “American” cheese sealed between two fresh burger patties on a homemade bun — mine topped with grilled onions and yellow mustard. It’s the burger joint Jimmy Fallon visited when he was in town for the Super Bowl. I took my 94-year-old mom there for lunch yesterday — she swears by the Juicy Lucy (and the local fish & chips joint) as the fountain of youth.

  13. Llynnda says:

    Really people, where do you all come from at? Love Mac’s fries??? Those cold (every time I’ve had em), dried up yellow sticks? It’s an insult to,call them fries. Now fries, real fries are sold at the corner of some small Quebec towns’streets. Brown, hot, a teensy little bit greasy or more and those are the best. I’m thinkin’most of youse must never had the pleasure of Quebec Fries, not to mention poutine, but I won’t push my opinion too far. But Mac’s no way.😇

  14. When I was pregnant with our second, I worked part time, and would sneak Big Macs on my way home from work. Drive-thru, park, shovel burger and fries, go home like nothing had happened. Hahahahahahaha. I still love them, BUT, we have not eaten any fast food since moving to the country last August. Not necessarily on purpose, but there’s nothing close, and when we’re in town, it just doesn’t happen. Honestly, I’m sorta afraid to eat one now. My body might revolt.

  15. Colleen says:

    McDs is very nostalgic for me. When we were poor married students in the early 70s we would literally save our pennies so that we could go to the golden arches once a month for a meal out – a full meal at the first McDonalds in Windsor was 99 cents. I still pop in for their coffee or a McFlurry from time to time. We rarely go their for a meal but I do like their chicken wraps.
    As far a other local food goes – the new shawarma place in town is great!

  16. Paula F says:

    I am partial to Five Guys fries myself, but have no doubt – if somebody’s sticking some McD fries in my face, I’ll eat ’em, no questions asked… :D

  17. Debbie says:

    Hate Micky D’s. Hamburgers. BIech!!!!! Give me In and Out, 5 guys or Habit Burger. Lettuce wrapped please (can’t do gluten).

    Fries? Only Sweet Potato and love the spicy ketchup from Red Robin (which is nothing more than ketchup with Chinese chili sauce mixed in. YUM! Oh, and ketchup–only Sir Kensington’s classic will do. No high fructose corn syrup and vine ripened tomatoes. It is very tomato-ey and delicious!

  18. I don’t really care for McDonalds But the Culver’s butter burger and onion rings are to die for!!
    Got to have that every once in a while. I don’t you guys have that in Canada which is too bad cause the food is awesome!

  19. Alena says:

    I love McD’s but I would not touch Big Mac with a stick, I find it disgusting. The sauce, the burger, everything.
    I loved the guacomole chicken (from the Seriously Chicken line) and I always had it without the hot peppers (blech). Now it’s off the menu as many other tasty options they had in the past – they always get me addicted to something and then they discontinue it.
    At least they still have the Angus burger which, I understand, is not available in the US (at least not in Chicago) because certain someone always wants to have an Angus when visiting.

    Their fries are second to none.

  20. carin says:

    Here’s a short vid by Michael Pollan on how they’re made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbZBJT358_Y

    (Sprayed with so many toxins they have to off gas for days in a warehouse.)

    Also, MacDonalds is one of the worst for perpetuating the use of neonics (responsible for descimating bee populations) and of course their inhumane animal practices…

    By the way, I’m not a vegetarian and I LOVE fries. I could a PhD on them. But how about supporting the mom and pop places that are trying to keep their businesses alive, the chip trucks. MacDonalds doesn’t need your support. Nor do they deserve it.

    Bon appetit.

  21. Lynn says:

    OMG Burger King classic chicken sandwich takes me back to high school!! Just wish I could get McDonald’s fries with that.

  22. Barb says:

    McD’s fries are the best, although I also love the ones at Steak ‘n Shake (not technically fast food). And I have a great memory of my first McDonald’s 15 cent burger plus those famous fries…it was at a newly opened (and first) McD’s in my hometown. That was our treat after we participated in a hula hoop contest, which was also a “new” thing. You can tell from those clues I’m “old”!

  23. Jenny says:

    We’re driving 5 hours tonight to visit family for Memorial Weekend (USA) slash our son’s 1st birthday. Pretty sure a stop at McDonald’s is on the agenda for this evening. :)

    We make the 5 hour drive pretty often so we try our best not to get fast food every time. But when you’re finally back in Nebraska after living in Iowa and you see that Runza sign….somehow you end up in the drive through ordering delicious cheese and mushroom runzas, crinkle fries, onion rings, and a coke.
    For those who don’t know the joy of a Runza: http://www.omaha.com/living/the-better-half/runza-the-story-of-one-of-nebraska-s-most-treasured/article_6e0b5a51-b017-5a23-b5cd-92f2c06a5d88.html

  24. Melissa says:

    The little Maple leaf stuck to the McDonald’s logo— that’s too perfect for a Canadian blogger talking about the golden arches. ^_^

    But to your point— French fries are super delicious. And I do love some poutine from time to time.

    So, it’s a wrap: two gardening-loving girls who each crave their carbs from neighboring (or should I say “neighbouring”) countries!

    • Karen says:

      Ha! Tomato Toumato. ;) ~ karen!

    • Cussot says:

      Melissa, gee, thanks for that – I’d never noticed! I just went back and checked three cities I’ve lived in here in Canada on Google Street View and sure enough, maple leaves on all the Golden Arches.

  25. Susan says:

    Fast food has been pretty well off the table since a diagnosis of celiac disease but every once-in-awhile a Big Mac craving hits when I pass the big M in town doing my grocery shopping. It’s almost, not quite, as satisfying getting it without the bun. Thanks to a helpful voice in the drive-through, I’ve discovered that you can ask for a McDouble done like a Big Mac and it’s half the price and tastes just the same! Dunno what it is about them that tastes so good. I tried making one at home, got the Big Mac sauce, bread and butter pickles and cheese but it just wasn’t the same. But their fries – no. I like big, fat fries cooked to a golden crisp on the outside.

    • Beth says:

      I thought I was the only one who doesn’t rave over Mickey D’s fries! Now I’m not so alone.

      • Jeanette Smith says:

        you can add me to the crowd! Fries have to be made on premises, from potatoes – hand-peeled, hand-sliced and lovingly fried, one small batch at a time. Preferred served in newspaper, but health laws (bah, who needs them??) do not allow that where I live.

  26. Mary W says:

    The older I get the less food I consume (weird) and less things I like. Seems things I always enjoyed have changed for the worse BUT never McFries. They are totally the best. Even Julia Child loved them and she died in her 90’s still loving them. If you have a cheapskate McD franchise that doesn’t change their oil soon enough, the fries may not taste the same but that is rare. I don’t care for much else but their sweet tea. So I can make a lunch of those two items and be very happy.

  27. Maryanne says:

    French fries – maybe at the Christie show this weekend ;)

    FYI… there is a typo in “Live Isn’t Worth Living If You…” (I think – should it be ‘Life’)

  28. Christine says:

    My new fave is Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries.

  29. Sandra Blackwell says:

    first job in high school was McD….and I haven’t eaten there since…that was a looong time ago. But I do love good fries.

  30. Susan Claire says:

    Burger and fries at the Tommy Burger at the corner of Hawthorne Blvd. and Imperial Hwy. Long gone but the memory lingers on. Sigh.

  31. Maggie Van sickle says:

    I wish they had a drive thru pizza place that had pizza that has not been sitting there for hours. Pizza is my favourite food. If I was going to the gallows pizza would be my last meal request but then again I probably would be to nervous to eat it. Love McDonald’s fries, Costco hot dog the best and cheap. Five guys is really good. Timmies lattes my fav hot beverage.

  32. JackieVB says:

    Chick-fil-A is a game-changer in the fast food world. Their salads are the best there is! They also have some sort of seasonal drink(Frosted Sunrise -Watermelon Mint Lemonade!) fabulous Milk shakes with real whipped-cream. They have a great chicken noodle soup and a seasonal chicken tortilla soup(although I don’t know what season is wouldn’t go with)
    Oh, I almost forgot about their breakfast sandwiches and hash browns.
    They have waffle fries so in that department I’d have to give it to McDonalds and they are busy at all times so you have to wait a little bit in the drive-thru but it’s so worth it!
    If you don’t have one, it’s would be well worth a trip to the states…

  33. Christina Blanch says:

    The only thing more satisfying than take-out after a hard days work outside, is a cold beer break during the work. Personally I go for the Mary Browns chicken and taters, with gravy obviously!

  34. Mike says:

    Yep, McDonald Fries are the best. For a burger I go to Steak n Shake.

  35. Ev Wilcox says:

    Big Macs and FF’s! Also, we have a nearby Wendy’s, and they currently have a wonderful Southwestern Salad! Guilty Pleasures indeed. But I am old, and I so agree w Betty. Just don’t go crazy everyday. Enjoy !

  36. karen j cosme says:

    I’ve tried to stop/slow down on the carbs about a year ago and also moved on over to FIVE GUYS (5Gs) about six years ago. Before the carb kick attempt, there was one day I was out shopping with Mom and she wanted a quick bite, so we stopped at Wendy’s – she absolutely refused 5Gs. Turns out Mom only treats her family to any dollar menu.

    I kid you not, but I almost gagged on the burger and could not finish it. I rarely go to McDonald’s, anyway, so I don’t recall a gagging episode there. So, yeah, my default is 5Gs regular (double patty) burger, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise, with a no-salt small fries loaded with malt vinegar. I do love that burger but the soft, double-fried fries remind me of childhood days at the beach. No guilt. Actually, double-no-guilt because there’s no drive through. When ordering, their default reply to “regular burger” is “cheeseburger?” The so-called ‘cheese’ is the downfall of all these fast-food joints – not a fan. If they screw it up, they demand you keep the wrong order for sanitation purposes. I rarely say no to free food.

    There’s a Smashburger next door to the Trader Joe’s I shop at. I’ve read good things about them, so I’ll probably check that soon. A tick for no drive through, so we’re off to a good start.

    • Katie P NC says:

      I had a Smashburger 7 years ago on a layover at the Salt Lake City airport. I.STILL.THINK.ABOUT.IT. It was the most amazingly delicious burger I’d ever had, and I do mean EVER. Go and get a Smashburger immediately for me since there isn’t one anywhere near me (like by states I think).

    • Anita says:

      Shakes at Smashburger are made with Hagen Daz ice cream. It can’t get any better than that.

    • Erin says:

      I ADORE Smashburger’s chicken sandwiches, and their fries are delish!!!

  37. Maryanne White says:

    Oh my goodness, tell me you have Chick-fil-A!

  38. MrsChrisSA says:

    Steers burgers and fries (they are thicker than the McDonalds fries and have a awesome spice on them) are my weakness!! Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps are the other………………….

    PS: Don’t tell anyone because it is my secret guilty pleasure ;-)

    • Lez says:

      They don’t know Steers burgers over there! I’m vegetarian & theirs are the best! Yes, that spice on their chips, awesome!

  39. Mary Ann says:

    Funny you should mention that! I gave up McD’s a few years ago but changed that to “what’s life without having fries once in awhile”. I like the burger with guacamole and picante ,large fries and a diet coke! If you just have it once in awhile, it tastes so good and best of all…no guilt! I just had this a couple days ago. Also, at this time in my life it’s “Fries, not Guys!”

    • Alena says:

      It may have been your last guac, Mary Ann – it if was the guacamole chicken. It has been discontinued here about a month ago. I loved it.

  40. Hazel says:

    Fish and chips. I’m British. Plus, by the time I’ve driven into town, through town to the other side, queued at the drive in and got my burger or whatever, I could have defrosted 500g of mince, made and cooked my own burgers and probably my own bread rolls too. Or driven to the next village, bought my fish and chips (with vinegar AND salt) and eaten them in the comfort of my own home with a glass of wine :-) Mmmm. Might have to be fish and chips for dinner tonight now…

    • Catherine Safer says:

      Fish and chips from Leo’s here in St. John’s, NL with dressing and gravy on the side and too much malt vinegar. Or a hot turkey sandwich from over the road with extra fries and gravy. Not often enough, so now I’m thinking about supper tonight – and salivating.

      • Kim from Milwaukee says:

        You’re in St John’s Catherine?? That’s my favorite place in the whole world…my mom is from there! Tons of cousins, too. :) I’ll have to try Leo’s when I come home next year.

        • Catherine Safer says:

          Give me a head’s up when you’re coming to town. After you’ve been hanging with the tons of cousins. We’ll have a cup of tea, or whatever suits your fancy. Partial to beer, myself.

        • Kelli says:

          And you’re in Milwaukee? One of *my* favorite places in the world. I’m from Waukesha, next door, dontcha know. :)

      • Kim from Milwaukee says:

        Thank you for the invite Catherine. Do you have a favorite pub in town?

    • Peter G Oster says:

      Always a downer in the crowd.

    • Karen says:

      The problem with scare campaigns like that is most of those ingredients are used in all restaurants. It’s nothing shocking. And I mean, if you’re eating a Big Mac and french fries you’re pretty aware that you’re not eating health food, right, lol? ~ karen!

    • Mary says:

      What he said.

  41. Marilyn Meagher says:

    Deep fried dill pickles , a sausage from the cart at crappy tire,a hot dog at Costco or a loaded shawarma from the new place in town or fresh cut fries for a chip wagon with a side of gravy yummmmy!

  42. Stephanie D says:

    When I was in the process of buying my first house (single girl without a ton of money in a really competitive market, fun!) my go-to stress-binge was McDonald’s fries dunked in McDonald’s chocolate shake. Carbs and fat dipped in sugar and fat. Good for what ails ye.

  43. Tina says:

    Ok, please don’t throw french fries at me but my delight…a Burger King side salad! McD’s does a side salad but they’re crappy. BK’s side salad is just right, lettuce, red cabbage, onions, sliced tomatoes and grated cheese (and sometimes grated carrot). It’s just the right pick-me-up and ONLY $1.59! I can have that wonderful, fresh and crispy salad and then swing through McD’s for a small fries and a Diet Coke and I don’t feel like I’m cheating. But McD’s side salad sucks and BK’s fries suck. And McD’s is the only one that does good Coke. It’s something about the filteration and syrup ratio. Love it!

    • Kim says:

      HA! I’m not “good” enough to splurge all the way, but the 1/2 n 1/2 two drive through combo with something green with CHEESE might be just the ticket!!

  44. bev out west says:

    Eat-in fries from the Eh and Dub! Ketchup in a little paper tub for dipping (a complete meal ha ha). With a mug of black tea. Red Rose sachet even, something about the way they heat the water. Yes, might go-to this weekend! Thanks for asking, Karen!

  45. Sarah says:

    McDonald’s yesterday – Big Mac, large fries – after a day with too many 13 and 14 y.o., half BC kids, half Quebecois! (McDonalds happens about 4x per year, for me. I had to pack a lunch for the field trip, but didn’t pack enough, so McDonald’s it was around 4pm, both for the stress-relief and the hunger-relief. Then, when I got home, I faked having to go and pick up a child – left 30 minutes early – so I didn’t have to eat real dinner :-)

    I think there’s a bit of nostalgia to a Big Mac, isn’t there? Like it was a treat in elementary/high school days? And I agree: their fries are the best. Though if they don’t put TOO much salt on, I add salt too :-) Go big or go home.

    • Thera says:

      Definitely nostalgic, it was also a treat for me when when I was a kid and still is!

      • Leticia says:

        I think that’s the trick with Mc Donalds. It’s nostalgia food. Where I used to live, McD arrived as I was in the middle of my teens. I have nostalgia for strawberries blended with milk and sugar, but not for the Big Mac.

    • Karen says:

      Oh me too! I add more salt, lol. If I’m not dying of thirst within 1/2 an hour after having my McDonalds I know there wasn’t enough salt. ~ karen!

  46. TucsonPatty says:

    Ha! “Can you imagine anything more luxurious than screaming at a metal box and then someone handing you a bag of food through your car window? I can’t. Every time I do it I feel like royalty.” Double ha!
    I love to eat out, and I do it pretty dang often now that I am the only one eating meals at my house. I may be lying to myself, but I think it is just about as cost effective, taking home leftovers, and not throwing away rotting broccoli or lettuce. I like the fries at our local sandwich/slushie/icee place, called eegee’s and they are the bomb! So, yeah, I get the royalty bit!

  47. Jani Wolfe says:

    Big Mac fan too!! Have you tried the Grand Mac yet?? Totally agree on the fries. I will only eat McDonald’s fries.

  48. Sean Everett says:

    I agree with Betty! Fries any time! Especially when you find a food truck while thrifting/ flea marketing! Especially fry truck hotdogs! But yes McDonald’s fries are superior to almost everything else. I do also love A&W. Great (salty) burgers that go beautifully with Rootbeer. Also they toast their buns perfectly. There is one that is a 12 minute walk from my house. Close enough to get a quick bite, but far enough I have to put some effort into it!

  49. Leslie says:

    HA – I love McDonald’s too. I go for the double cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. Their Cokes are the best. Literally the best because of the their water / soda / filtering process. I am not the healthiest eater but even I know to pace myself.

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