Just for fun Friday
The Screensaver Edition

Over the past year a few astute readers have commented on the screensaver I have on my laptop.  I have no idea when I’ve shown my laptop in a post before, but apparently I have.

I’m sure the screen was dirty.

I’m also sure it’s still dirty.

That’s where eating double toasted poppyseed bagels filled with cream cheese while you type will get you.

The screensaver I use when my computer is resting gives me great pleasure for some reason, so I thought … why in God’s name would I ever keep all this pleasure to myself?  Why wouldn’t I share?  I mean, it’s not like it’s a chocolate bar and if I share with you I end up having less for myself.

It’s a screensaver!  I’ve been so selfish.

So I’ve decided to share my screensaver with you.

It’s a simple, safe, download from the Internet.  When it’s resting the screensaver transforms my computer screen into a flip clock.

Like this …


When the time changes, it actually flips.  Like a clock from the olden days.

Nifty, right?  To download either the Mac or Windows version of the flip clock by Fliqlo … click here!  It’s one of those little things that’ll make you smile inside.  Unless you’re a borderline nutjob like me, in which case you’ll probably smile on the outside.  Always looking for an opportunity to show off my poppyseed filled teeth.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Marti says:

    I wish they had one that was like flipcharts of people.

    You know… like the same “flip” concept, but a man with great abs on half and an old beer gut guy on the other half?

    That would be fun. In my twisted mind, I can see some fun variations.

    Did you get those girls some straw yet?

    Have a good weekend…

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ha! I downloaded this at home a while back, then decided to put it on my work computer, and now almost everyone in the office has it, and we sit in one big room (studio space), so when everyone leaves for lunch and returns, there are like 12 clocks reminding you that you’ve been gone too long! I love it!

  3. mechi says:

    Thanks! I wanted this!! I’ve seen mac computers and figured that it wasn’t available for a pc.

  4. Kate says:

    I know there was other stuff in this post but all I got from it was “double toasted poppyseed bagels filled with cream cheese”

    Mmmmmm…breakfast tomorrow.

  5. Lucy says:

    Isn’t is almost shameful how easy we are to entertain? I’ve had this as one of my screensavers for a while, along with a couple of other gadgets that show me the time. Wouldn’t want to be late (or too early) for something! I opened this at 11:43 p.m. and thought I might have to see if all my clocks needed to be recalibrated to NIST, but figured it was a screenshot when it didn’t move. Joke’s on me! It’s now 11:47 and it still hasn’t moved. Surely, YOU can figure out how to insert a current, working version. ;^)

  6. Elen says:

    Verra cool. Thank you, Karen!

  7. Laura says:

    I like you more every day Karen. We had one of these clock radios on the kitchen counter growing up. Tuned to my mom’s country station & the time was right twice a day 😉 Thanks for the smile (on the outside!)

  8. blake says:

    I have this flip clock too! Love it and sooo many people comment on it…like i know magical creatures or something.

  9. Brigid says:

    great. so now i’ll waste even more time sitting in front of my computer, waiting for the screensaver to come on and then waiting and watching as minute after minute of my life flip by. i can’t wait. really. i love stuff like this! my very first ‘grown-up’ clock was a flip number thingy. it replaced my mickey mouse wind-up clock. memories….

    • Karen says:

      Brigid – Don’t worry. The honeymoon phase only lasts for a few days. Then you just learn to appreciate it whenever you see it as opposed to waiting for it. ~ k!

  10. susan says:

    Thanks! That is very cool and very scary at the same time. Cool because I put it on the store computer and now I can quit looking at my watch every ten minutes to see if it’s time to do the lunch, the mail…whatever.
    Scary because it just popped up on my screen with the right time for Atlantic Daylight Time. Kind of big brotherish…”We know where you are and what you’re doing, bwahahahaha”
    Good thing I’d bore them to death.
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Christine says:

    I use the same one on my touchpad in my kitchen. Now I have four clocks in there and they are never all at the exact same time.

  12. Mrs.W says:

    thanks, I LOVE it. It’s saving my screen right now!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Your posts and fabulous sense of humor make my day. Well, most times you make my wee-hours-of-the nights-due-to-premeno-insomnia, but you get my drift. Thank you.

    We live on the coast of southern Maine (Maine is “down there”, silly.)

    Well, not “On” the coast. That is where the rich and famous people live. We live about a mile away from the Atlantic. But we say we live “on the coast”, because we don’t, and if you don’t live on near the coast, you would be none the wiser.

    I digress…

    Shoud you ever decide to move from Canada (that is that big place, up there, where people play hockey and make chicken coops, right?), please let me know. I think we’d be great friends.

    In the meantime, I will enjoy your writing, and tiny view into the life of a very funny person, her “girls” and her fella.

  14. Bill Grigg says:

    I have a similar app on my phone. GAWD, I hated those clocks as a kid! One of my chores was setting clocks after a power outage, or at DST. The flip clocks would only go up, not down, so falling back meant flipping through the entire day!

  15. Evalyn says:

    Just for the record: “in the olden days” clocks had hands (well, arms, actually) that moved in a circle which was marked off with numbers and little dots between, so you had to actually look at the dial instead of reading numbers. *Sigh* They were pretty, those clocks.

    Please explain “double toasted”.

  16. This is the clock my dad had on his bedside table. I think I used to lay and watch this clock when I was ill or couldn’t sleep, because I remember staring at it and waiting for the metal clip to let go of the number. I couldn’t figure out how it could be so accurate with such a lame-looking system. Larry Philips was always playing in the morning. If you are from chicago.. that means something. once my dad phoned in for a contest that asked what was the most popular snack food. He guessed “potato chips” and he was SO mad that popcorn (which he hates) won. sorry.. off the point. I also agree – explain “double toasted”

    • Karen says:

      Cassie – I would have guessed potato chips too! And … I *too* would have been mad at popcorn. I don’t believe it for a second. Double toasted just means they toast it … then they toast it again. At drive through coffee places if you get a toasted bagel, a single toast only seems to get the bagel warmed up. You have to ask for “double toasted” if you want it actually with a bit of crunch! ~ karen

  17. Nancy says:

    Love this Karen..so will my boyfriend as he loves the old flip clocks..also “double toasted poppy seed bagels filled with cream cheese” are my favorite too…have a fun weekend..!

  18. I will definitely smile on the outside every time I see this on my computer! Thanks, Karen!

  19. kelliblue says:

    Yep, it’s nifty keen, but been there, done that, tried it, it hosed my computer, so I had to remove it! 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Kelliblue – Maybe you downloaded it from a not so reputable site. This download is from the original source. Dunno why it’d screw w/ your computer! 🙁 ~ k

  20. Susan says:

    I’m new to this site, but I am really enjoying the past posts, laughing out loud sometimes and learning a lot. I now wander through Ruby Lane in my spare time, and shop for chairs I do not need too… Thank you Karen, I’m so happy I “met” you! Love my new screen saver, now I just need one with the day of the week to keep this retiree’s days from slipping away. After explaining about silicone and thighs, my DH no longer asks me why I am laughing when I read your posts.

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