Glowing Outdoor Orbs

O.K.  Get ready for it … this one’s a doozy.  Doozie?  Doosey. Druzy?  No, that’s what rings are made out of. It’s a humdinger. It looks high end with a side of huge impact, It costs next to nothing, And even if being “handy” to you means replacing your regular lightbulbs with eco-friendly ones … you’ll be able to  do this in 3 minutes flat.


This landscape lighting costs next to nothing and looks GREAT. Not, Gee it looks great for how much it cost, great. I mean REALLY great! width=     That’s right.  Some old glass shades, some old (outdoor) Christmas lights and BAM.  You’re a backyard badass.

In my attempt to make my backyard a teensy bit more contemporary than my 170 year old house I ran into a few problems.  Outdoor lighting is EXPENSIVE.

If I’m gonna shell out a whole whack of cash for something in my backyard it’s gonna be on a tenderloin for the BBQ.  Or a better BBQ.  Or a talking parrot who refers to me as Princess Leia. It isn’t gonna be for lighting if I can help it.

So while perusing the local second hand store I came across some truly unfortunate stains on the carpet AND these ubiquitous opaque glass shades.  You’ve probably thrown a few out in your lifetime.  Stop doing that.  Stop it right now. Because as you can see, all you have to do is shove some old mini lights in em to create an outdoor light that even a magazine Editor in Chief will comment on.  (Thank you Eric McLaughlin of Style at Home magazine for noticing my glowing orbs)

And here’s the best part!  You know those stupid, anger inducing mini lights you have shoved in your basement?  The ones where only half of the string lights up?  Yeah, um … this is a perfect use for them.  PERFECT!

at night

during the day


Just stick the glass shades anywhere you want and stuff them full of mini lights.   Attach an extension cord if you need to and hide it under your garden dirt or mulch.  I have my lights on a timer so they come on every night at dusk.

They look beauuuuutiful. And it wasn’t a fluke that I found these in a second hand store.  Every time I’ve gone into a second hand store I’ve noticed these shades there.  Goodwill, Salvation Army, random Bible Stores … they’re always in there.

Flea markets have them as well!  They’re usually around $1 – $3 each.

sign-up-yellow   If you don’t have a second hand store near you, you can order these shades on Amazon for cheap. $4.99 each for a 6″ shade or $9.50 for an 8″ shade. . You can also get them at regular old hardware stores. But they’re about $10 – $15.  And it would be stupid to spend $10 – $15 when you can spend $1 – $3.  Right?

Plus reduce, reuse, recycle and all that crap.  But you know that from changing those eco-friendly lightbulbs, right? And if you think the glowing balls look good like this, in the middle of a summer backyard … wait’ll I show you  what you can do with them in the winter! It’s fantastic!

Trust me.  Princess Leia wouldn’t lie to you.

p.s.  Look here to learn how to turn these same glass shades into a birdfeeder! and Look here to learn how I used them in the winter!