Outdoor Orbs Part II.
How to Make a Birdfeeder From Glass Shades

Remember my Glowing Outdoor Orbs?  Of course you do.  They’re orbs and they glow.  Like alien testicles. Who could forget something like that.

Well I’ve come up with the Glowing Outdoor Orbs Part II.  Only the don’t glow.  So they’re the Outdoor Orbs Part II.  Only people tend not to know what an Outdoor Orb is (since I made the phrase up), so I’ve decided to change the name to White Glass Shades that Every House Used to Have But Now Doesn’t Because We all Threw Them Out Like Idiots.  And Now We Have to Buy Them From Secondhand Stores.   How’s that?

Anyhooooo back to the issue at hand.  I’m a genius and as soon as you copy what I have to show you below, you’ll feel like a genius too.  Please note, with regard to my geniusyness, it doesn’t apply to math or mathematical related problems, or numbers or decimals or anything that requires the adding or subtracting of fractions.  Or math.

The ingredients for this craft are similar to but different from those in the original Glowing Outdoor Orbs.  You still only need 2 things and it’s still incredibly easy.  I have come to understand that people LOVE the bigger projects I do, but tend to only duplicate the ones that take 10 minutes or so.  Don’t blame ya.

Here for your pleasure and limited time frame, is the 10 minute birdfeeder.


A old glass lampshade



A squiggle of rope …



A $3 contemporary hanging birdfeeder.


How to make a super-fantastic hanging birdfeeder


Gather your rope.  I happened to use 1/8th inch nylon rope.  I bought a 50′ package and it cost around $4.  There’s enough rope in that package to hang 3 or 4 birdfeeders from really high branches.

Using really thick rope would also look great.  Probably even better than the thin stuff.   I’m not sure why I bought the thinner stuff.  I’m sensing a crack in my geniusyness.


#1.  Measure twice the amount of rope as you need it to hang.   Go look at your tree branch and just guess.  When all else fails, just measure out a lot.  You can always make the rope shorter, but you can’t make it longer.  Find the middle of the rope.


#2.  Wrap the doubled up rope around the middle of your glass shade.  The looped area of the rope is the centre of it.

#3.  Pinch where the loop (centre) meets.



#4.  Tie a knot where your pinch mark is.


#5.  You now have a knot and a loop and a whole whack of excess rope.



#6.  Wrap the rope around the shade again.

#7.  Slip the excess rope through the loop, allowing the loop to rest over and lock on the knot.  You’ll probably have to undo and redo your knot to get it right.  You want it quite tight but not so tight you’ll break the shade.  Good and tight is how I would describe it.


#8.  Place a soft towel or pillow under the shade, then lift it by the rope to make sure it’s hanging straight. Fiddle with centreing the rope until it hangs right.  The towel’s there in case the shades slips out and falls.  It shouldn’t but it might. Hell, what do I know about your knot tying abilities?




#9.  Using Waterproof Silicone, glue your rope to the shade.


#10.  To make sure your rope stays centred on the shade, just run the tip of the silicone down the centre of the 2 pieces of rope.  As you run the tip down, it’ll push the two pieces aside keeping everything centred.  Go allll the way around the shade.



#11.  Pinch the rope closed again, along the glue line.


If you want to be extra diligent (I was) you can also run a bead of silicone on the outside edges of the rope.

Hey!  Wanna know why I was extra diligent??  Because the first time I did this I wasn’t and 2 of my feeders crashed to the ground and shattered into pieces.  See?  Like this.


I oringally only used “Weldbond” glue, which is supposed to adhere to glass.  Guess what?   It didn’t.  So don’t go thinking you can do this with whatever glue you have around the house.  You can’t.  You must use a silicone based product like I’ve used.  Marine silicone, tub silicone … anything like that.  Something that’s meant for use on glass and is meant to come into contact with water.  Weldbond says it does these things.  But in my experience ….

… it doesn’t.


#13.  Let the birdfeeder rest for 24 hours to dry.  Unless you’re me. In which case, run outside and hang it from the tree immediately.  Do as I say, not as I do.  You want the glue to cure before subjecting it to the elements.


Hang them & fill them with bird/chipmunk/squirrel food!


You may have noticed that there are  no pictures of birds at my birdfeeders.  That’s because I didn’t have an extra 742 hours to sit around waiting for a bird to come.  Besides it’s been raining since I hung these feeders and I haven’t seen a bird at them yet.  I’m sure they’ll come.  They always do.

Also a bit of a warning here!   I have no idea if one day the  silicone will suddenly decide it’s had enough of this and give up.  It shouldn’t. But it might.  But it really, really shouldn’t.  However, I’m warning you that I cannot take responsibility if these glass shades come crashing down onto your Golden Retriever or French Bulldog’s head.  I don’t think they will but I thought it’d be rude not to mention it’s a possibility.

Although, on account of my mathematical abilities, I wouldn’t want to put a percentage on it.  Or a fraction..



  1. Surani says:

    First comment!

    Tee-hee, not really. I mean it is, but I’m not one of THOSE people. You know who I mean.

    This is wonderful! I’ve already been going to Goodwills looking for glass round-y things for the glowing ones and now I need even more.

    Living in a townhouse with a back porch but no backyard I can’t do a lot of outdoorsy stuff, which is why I love Outdoor Orbs Part I and Part II. They work anywhere!

    Keep up the strange and wonderful things.

  2. hey these are great and i love love all the different uses SO GREAT.

  3. Amy says:

    Very geniusy, though I can tell your “geniusyness” doesn’t apply to math or mathematical related problems because this project does in fact require 3 items instead of 2 like you said in the beginning of your post. 🙂 Love it anyway.

    • Karen says:

      Amy – LOL. You must be a new visitor. You’ll soon find out. I lie alllll the time. I usually point it out myself, but you beat me to it! Good job. 🙂 ~ karen

      • Amy says:

        Actually I’m a long time stalker, but a first time commenter. You never fail to crack me up. Pretty much every day I drag my husband over to the computer to see your new post. 🙂

    • dee says:

      And who’s really counting? Unless you’re a (excuse me) boring math or OCD person. Other then that who cares if it’s 2 or if it’s 3. I got it and I’m certainly not math inclined or OCD. I just like reading these posts.

  4. Pati says:

    awesome Karen!! Love them 🙂

  5. Mary says:

    Damn, that’s so brilliant.

    • Karen says:

      Yes. But ask me to calculate how much to tip at a restaurant. ~ karen

      • Michelle says:

        there’s an app for that!
        these are so cute and you are so funny! thanks, i needed some laughter on a friday morning!

        • Karen says:

          No problem Michelle! It’s kind of dreary here so I could use a laugh too. If you know a good knock knock joke, send it along. 🙂 ~ karen

  6. Shauna Rudy says:

    Ooooh, I love it love it love it! So pretty! Do you think that if I left it empty, birds would use it as a house? I don’t know a lot about birds’ housing preferences. (I can’t do birdseed because we live across the street from a creek, and seed brings the rats over.) They’re so lovely and chic looking that I want to find another use. Maybe hanging votive holders? Thanks for another brilliant idea.

    • Shelley says:

      I just bought birdseed that is soaked in hot sauce. Only the birds eat it. No squirrels and I bet no rats!

      • Erika says:

        bidsed soaked in hotsauce so no squirrels? Genius! I was just trying to come up with some way to do these without incouraging the three terrorist squirrels in my trees.

    • Pam'a says:

      I think a lot of birds need something with a smaller hole in it to keep out other critters. Wrens, for example, like a quarter-sized hole!

      • Kelli says:

        Each bird uses a preferred size hole. This opening is way too big. If it were that big, anything could get to the eggs or chick’s and eat them. Sorry, but keep thinking, maybe you will figure out something you can use to fill the space to make the opening smaller. I will work on this, and get back to you if I figure it out.
        Kelli ?

    • Shauna Rudy says:

      Thanks for the ideas and info, ladies!

      • Kelli says:

        Ooooooh!!! Don’t spend the extra money for presoaked birdseed…Make your own. Cut up a couple of hot peppers ( that should cost no more than $.30) you can use any old hot pepper, jalapeño, Serrano, or even a handful of chili petines ( they grow wild all over South Texas). Make sure you gave a pair of nitrile or latex exam gloves on for the rest of this. Pour about 4 cups of plain old, cheap wild birdseed into a large glass or metal mixing bowl (if you use plastic, the capsaicin will leech into it, and you will end up with a pepper scented bowl). Once you have poured the seed in, then pick up the diced peppers, and crush them over the seed. After you have squeezed the peppers into mush, go ahead and drop them right into the seeds as well. Now just used your still gloved hands and knead those squished peppers into the seed until you can no longer distinguish them from the seed. Lastly, take your newly peppered seed, pour it into a cookie sheet, and either place it on the counter or outside on a table to dry. After a couple hours… Voila… squirrel-proofed seed!!!

        One time I did the same thing time coyote-proof milk for an orphaned calf (only after locking the calf away). It worked like a charm… at 3 AM I heard a tremendous amount of yelping, and that stinking coyote never came back! Only one problem with this was that I didn’t think to use the exam gloves. I did not wash all of the oils off, and I absent mindedly rubbed my eye. It stung like all get out!! Also, I ended up with second degree contact burns on both hands. I couldn’t do anything (and I do mean Anything) for a solid week afterwards! Just think about it for a few seconds and let that sink in, LMBO!!! Turns out I am allergic to Chili Petines!!!! But hey, it worked like a charm!!!

  7. Emily @ NewlyWife says:

    You make me want to run to a thrift store and hoard all of them there orbs!

  8. Cindy S. says:

    You are brilliant! I LOVE these feeders, and I LOVE the outdoor orbs!!
    I hate to admit it, but I still have 3 of these in use—I call ’em polyp lights, and I really despise them, but now I won’t have to throw them away when we finally put up new fixtures!

  9. mel says:

    yesterday i just bought 100m of rope. without any clue what to do with it. and now, there you come! thank you karen.. you are genius. and i have a explanation for the boyfriend when he gives me the what-the-hell-were-you-thinking-buying-that-look.


  10. Michelle says:

    You are so freakin amazing and human too, I like the ‘after’ smashed shots!

  11. Jen says:

    OK…it’s early…and I’ve just started sipping my coffee….but when I started reading this I was baffled wondering how you were going to CUT out the perfect hole, where the birdfeed went. LOL! I’ll go finish my coffee now….:) I LOVE, love, love, this idea. Especially now that I don’t have to cut anything.

  12. mimi says:

    Wonderful idea!
    2 things- do your hands not get wrecked from handling glue and stuff?
    -The trees in your back are gorgeous!

    • Karen says:

      Mimi. Yeah. My hands get wrecked all the time. I have a massive cut across my finger that I probably should have had stitched, I have white calking in my thumbnail bed and my nails are never done. My sister gently suggested I might want to consider gel nails the other day. So yeah. My hands get wrecked. But stuff gets done! 🙂 ~ karen

  13. I love the look! But I’m wondering if there might be a more secure way to do it… Two loops of rope at 45 degree angles maybe…

    Hang on, I just used degrees and angles. I lost you already, right?

    Keep up the good work.

    • Karen says:

      I looked into doing this a variety of ways. I wanted something as simple and unobtrusive looking as possible. I didn’t want to create a net or cradle that would hold the birdfeeders because it would take away form the “look”. Hah! I said, “the look”. Anyhow, it’s true. The silicone should be reallyyyyyyy secure. Honestly. I mean, they use marine silicone to hold portholes into ships, so it should be fine. 🙂 ~ karen

      • Kelea says:

        I haven’t finished reading all the remarks but I’m wondering if anyone has had issues with rain getting inside?
        We get monsoons and the rain blows every direction sometimes all at once!
        Love the ideas using these and I have some I’ve recently removed and some yet to remove and now I don’t have to include them in my yard sale!

        • Karen says:

          Hi Kelea – I’ve had dampness in mine after hard, whipping around rains, but if I were to do these again, I would just angle them down very, very slightly. I think that’s all it would take to make sure the rain drips off the lip instead of in the feeder. But honestly, it’s only dampness that’s ever been a problem. It’s never been filled with rain or anything. ~ karen!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Love it! Both orb projects are totally inspired!

  15. gf says:


    A glowing outdoor orb alien testicle bird feeder would be quite romantic for bird/squirrel date night.

  16. Cheryl says:

    Love this!! Do you think this would work with a Dollarama candy dish? https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/10-uses-for-a-dollarama-candy-dish-2
    I’m thinking that if the bird feeder gets a lot of bird poop on it, it wouldn’t be as apparent with a clear glass.

    • Karen says:

      Cheryl – I think because they’re clear the dollarama candy dishes might be even messier looking because they are see through. They won’t have the same impact unless they’re against a very plain background all around. I’m not sure. The only way to find out how it looks is to try! ~ karen

    • NanaBeast says:

      The large size and angle (“tilt” for those of us who are math and geometry challenged) of the opening in the dollarama candy dishes makes me think rain would fill this baby up. Of course some people might like to watch a waterfall of birdseed.

  17. Jules says:

    Karen- you do it yet again – make me laugh and give me a mission. Love the idea! I may paint mine – that will work right? On the hunt for more orbs!!
    Good call on the 10 min projects – I’m sure you are right- human nature I guess and just the joy of almost instant gratification;) (and no math – which I thank u for because i suck at it too)

    Thanks as always!

  18. Mandy says:

    My first thought when I saw that rope around the orb was “Uh-oh, that miiight not work” Haha I’d probably be too scared that an over-eager squirrel would knock it out! I love the look though, and they’d probably be beautiful with votive candles inside too! I’m wishing I had gorgeous trees like yours!

  19. CJ says:

    Have to say,

    Someone definitely has her funny back!!!

  20. Rebecca Mueller says:

    Hi Karen,
    Love all you do. Thanks for your wit. About the birdfeeders, I have one question. How do the squirrels like them? I have given up on bird feeding because it inevitably attracts every squirrel in the neighborhood. When they are finished with the bird seed, they test my tomatoes with one bite before tossing them to the ground. Oops, two questions. Why do squirrels do that?


    • Karen says:

      Rebecca – Squirrels are jerks. But I still think they’re cute. I’ve see them stalking the feeders, but not actually in them. I *have* seen my chipmunk doing a lot of rummaging though! ~ karen

  21. Those are so cute! My only worry is that the wind will come along and blow them into something… or each other!

    • Karen says:

      Hailey – As long as you space them at different heights they shouldn’t blow into each other. And if they’re far enough away from the trunk, same thing. Also, they’re fairly heavy once you get the seed in them. In fact, with the larger feeders don’t fill the feeder up, just enough so the birds can reach it from the lip. Otherwise it’ll be really heavy. ~ karen

  22. Jeanne says:

    Karen: Absolutely brilliant! Another winner.

    (what is happening with the C.Coop?) hummmmm
    Diversion, procrastination, just plain wore out?

    • Karen says:

      No, I’m still working on the coop, but I can’t do it 14 hours a day anymore. The rest of the house was falling apart. You should see the laundry that needs to be done. And I still hadn’t “spring cleaned” my front yard and porch. So I’m trying to work a few other things in and slow down on the coop for a few days. It should still be done in a week or so! ~ karen

  23. Michele says:

    Even more geniusy than I expected (and i have come to expect a lot from you). I think it literally took my breath away when I scrolled down to the picture. Can’t wait to do this.

  24. Mr. Pickles says, “Brava!” Plus, the more birds I can lure the garden, the better! This the home-improvement project equivalent of the Gary Larson cartoon with the dog pointing to an open clothes dryer that reads, in crazy-person scrawl, “Cat Fud” as the cat looks at the dog suspiciously.

  25. Angela N says:

    Love this!! I will be making this soon! I have one of the orb lights in my garage right now. Woo hoo! Thanks for the idea!

  26. I love this! And I really really would like to put them in my garden. However, I am engaged in an ongoing war with several giant, fat red squirrels – fat from eating all my birdseed – who destroy everything I put in my garden to feed the birds. They are relentless and will destroy anything in search of food. These beautiful orbs might last but 10 minutes, I’m afraid.

    They are very lovely, though.

    • Laci says:

      Near the top of the rope you could try a large round slick object. The squirrels have a hard time getting around em, and fall off

  27. Alexandra Dare says:

    What a cute way to feed the “critters,” as my grandparents would say.

  28. Kim says:

    Your posts always make me laugh! I hope that everyone you know contactntly comments on your geniusyness! It is truly remarkable!

  29. brenda says:

    i love your hands…I recognize those hands….they are the hands of someone who is an artist (like me)….over time my hands went from slim and small-knuckled to stumpy and well…kinda manly looking.
    I’m ok with it. I love what I do. How do you feel about your hands???

    • Karen says:

      Brenda – They are square, workman hands. I’ve always had them. They have veins and muscles and a few callouses. When I do my nails and moisturize and such they look significantly less manly. But they’ll never be pretty. Ever. ~ karen

  30. Bobbi says:

    The orb construction looks easy enough, but how did you hang them …so high? Just wonderin’.

  31. Catherine says:

    Can you tell what kind of tree that is? It is very cool looking, with the bark and the weeping evergreen branches.



    • Karen says:

      Catherine – So many people are commenting on the tree that I’ll do a post on it next week or the week after and tell you alllll about it! ~ karen

  32. lori says:

    great idea!! thanks. now a question for ya, can you figure out how to wrap the white roundie thing more than once.?? that way you would not have to worry about the “glue” holding.?? yes???
    just a thought.
    thanks for all the great ideas!!!

    • Karen says:

      Lori – I tried to do this several ways over several evenings sitting on the couch. I knew the basic look I wanted. I didn’t want a rope cradle, or nest. I wanted the rope to be subtle so what you noticed was the birdfeeder. I tried macrame and knots and that sort of thing and it just didn’t look the same as the feeder hanging from the single long strand of rope. Anyhow .. the silicone will hold. 🙂 ~ karen

  33. Elaine Clark says:

    You are funny. I love this idea. I know what you mean about the fingernails. I never wear gloves and am a source of embarrassment for my finely manicured friends and family, but it seems like such a stupid thing to worry about when I use my hands all the time. It shows. So what?!

    I can hardly wait for your tutorial on the chicken coop fence. My son gets out of school today so I am going to recruit him to help me build it. Hopefully, it isn’t too difficult. My husband doesn’t seem to have much faith in our abilities, but I know that if I see how you do it, I can follow along. Unless, of course, there is a saw involved. Then I’m screwed. My chickens have had free access to the backyard until their numbers suddenly started diminishing from either a coyote, fox or other assailant. Therefore, they have been in their house for 3 days and are anxious to get outside once again.

    Thanks for making me laugh.

    • Karen says:

      Elaine – I hate to be the bearer of bad news but … you need to use a saw to build a coop. Unless you have a REALLY big set of Lincoln logs. ~ karen

      • Elaine Clark says:

        Well, that is bad news because I don’t have a big set of Lincoln Logs and I am afraid of saws. However, the saw will be my fear that I face that day. So be it. Thanks.

  34. Another Karen says:

    And after snacking out, the birds can skip over to the bath to wash off the crumbs! I’m going to try these feeders this weekend. Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Another Karen – The birds use my Ikea birdbath alllll the time now! It takes a bit for the birds to get used to the play things you put in the yard for them, but once they find them, they depend on them. It’s ufn! Ooops, I mean, it’s fun! ~ karen

  35. Donna O. says:

    I think I’m going to start stock-piling these for outdoor votive holders. I have 3 daughters of the marrying age & one who’s thinking about a backyard wedding. Wouldn’t these be fab?! Great post!

    • Karen says:

      Donna O. – Congrats on the wedding! Well … the possible wedding. 🙂 Everyone keeps talking about using these as votive holders, so I’ll do a little test to see if it works. You see, the problem is I’m afraid the glass will get too hot. The flame will be too close to the top of the glass if they’re hanging sideways the way the birdfeeders are. I’ll let you know how the experiment goes. ~ karen

      • ellen says:

        I think you could use those little battery operated flickering lights on the orbs, they do not generate heat!
        PS loved your posts, and great ideas

      • Raven says:

        There are small ‘votive candles’ that are electric and use bateriess. Slightly less light than true candles, but as a group set in the yard they might do the job. Dollar stores, hardware stores, department stores and drug stores seem to carry them.

  36. Sarah says:

    I LOVE IT! I just went to Habitat for Humanity and bought my shades for the glow orbs(I commented on that post a day or so ago). To prevent the smashing, why not go to Home Depot and buy a glass drill bit, and drill two holes – and string the cord through?

    • Karen says:

      Sarah – I’ve used glass drill bits before and they don’t *always* ensure the glass doesn’t break while drilling. Found that out the hard way. Besides. Glass drill bits aren’t cheap, and it makes the project less accessible for most people. Most people want to do things with the least amount of purchasing possible, LOL. Some of my projects require special tools, etc., but I was trying to make this one as easy and cheap as possible. 🙂 The marine silicone should work fine though. Fingers crossed. ~ karen

  37. Sarah says:

    True enough. 🙂 That’s why you are the genious!

  38. Laurie says:

    I am so thrilled that I caught these posts! I’m a fairly new follower, but the previous owners left about a dozen of these shades in our basement. You are a savior!

  39. Nancy says:

    Karen..from my experience with these glass shades..when they break…they shatter into a gazillion pieces just like your picture shows…If one would try to drill these they should be extremely careful..I really doubt that they would react well to being drilled..this is a great idea and they do look very cool hanging from your tree!!! Oh..one more thing…just how long is a squiggle of rope???

  40. Ana Silva says:

    Who would have thought. Great ideas and I am pinnig them to do later. I am new to your blog but I like it so far…you are funny and creative!

  41. Karen says:

    Why am I unfamiliar with what alien testicles may or may not look like? One day I am going to do Orb I project when it stops raining in my neck of the woods here in MN. From a MN Karen.

  42. Paige says:

    These are gorgeous! And LOL @ “alien testicles!” hahaha

  43. Renee says:

    Karen – This is the second time I’ve visited your blog – I poppped over from Censational Girl. Great ideas, both of them for the orbs. I’ll be hitting the thrift store this weekend. Tip on birdseed…did you know that microwaving the seed for 3 or 4 minutes will keep all the seed from germinatinng.
    Renee @ Lattenene’s Cup of Chat

    • Karen says:

      Renee – That is just about the best tip I’ve ever heard. I didn’t know that! I wonder if it’s true. You know I’m going to have to test this and report back on Monday! (I have found that occasionally, the Internet is a big, fat liar. Not that I’m inferring you are. I’m not. But sometimes the Internet is. 🙂 Can’t wait to give it a go! Thx. ~ karen

    • Karen says:

      If this really works I may go back to feeding birds again. I quit putting feeders up near my house because I go so darn many “volunteer” weeds in my flower beds from the dropped birdseed. Not to mention that they crap all over my patio and furniture. Sorry birds….crap out in the woods!

  44. Lynn says:

    So, I’m flipping through some very often cool, very often too expensive catalog last night and what do I see but THE VERY SAME IDEA but with clear, handblown glass (or clear orbs) as terrariums!!! Did they want $3.00 for it? NO, THEY WANTED $70.00!!!

    Ima go make me a terrarium for my kitchen window.

  45. Pam'a says:

    The orbs are gorgeous! Of course!

    And as a member of the Mannish Hands Sisterhood, I have to add a quick plug. I’ve always hated wearing gloves to do ANYthing, but that all changed when I came across Atlas gardening gloves. They’re thin, made of cloth and nitrile, and so flexy you can pick up a coin. Plus, they’re only about $7/pair. I have several now, so I use the crummier ones for other nasty jobs. They rock.

  46. Renee says:

    Karen – if you like cheap and you like birds check out this bird bath I made with old pots. It only cost me the spray paint and if you really wanted to go rustic you wouldn’t even have to paint the pots. 🙂

  47. Erin says:

    your genius knows no bounds. I have been coveting something similar for a while now but like a real already made one that would cost 5X more…

  48. Michelle says:

    Is there a way to drill a hole in glass? Then we could have a hole at the top of the orb with a knotted end rope and wouldn’t have to worry about the orb falling and breaking? Idea is great!

    • Raven says:

      Acid or sandpaper or a file might be a better approach Not having worked with glass though, I can make no suggestions for you other than saying acid can be nasty if not used safely

  49. Sue says:

    I LOVE all of your glass globe ideas, but most of all, I love your writing style. It’s like sittig across the kitchen table and chatting with a dear friend that says exactly what is on their mind. I love it! Keep it up.

  50. You can paint these with food color tinted outdoor modgepodge …I did it an made amber olive and teal orbs for a housewarming gift!

  51. Jessica says:

    Great idea and they look lovely with your trees!

  52. SheilaB says:

    I am making one of these RIGHT NOW!!! 🙂 Can you tell I’m excited?! Will post pic on FB when done as the glass shade is different. *wish the glue would dry faster…and so do the squirrels…*

  53. June says:

    Love this! You’re instructions are a hoot to read also! I’m Pinteresting this and liking on Stumble Upon. 🙂

  54. Gknee says:

    I made one of these today and it looks amazing in my garden. I glamed it up a tad by sticking tiny mirrors around where the rope is attached but the sky’s the limit, beads and little twigs would look sweet too. Thanks for this great idea and love your site. BTW are you Karen from Much of way back??

    • Karen says:

      Gknee – Glad the orbs worked out for you! I like the twig/stick idea. And yup … I am Karen from Much. ~ karen (from Much)

  55. Robin Rakes says:

    At first glance I thought these were plastic cup lids… maybe from Sonic’s coffee ice cream drinks, or Icee’s. I may try that… so I *Guess* I will have to go to Sonic… darn it.

  56. Amye says:

    Ok, so I did this.
    I was lucky enough to find -plastic- lamp bits, which is handy for that one time when I was hanging them up and one slipped out.

    They bounce about 6 feet in the air when you use plastic. I’m tempted to put photos on Traditionally Subversive, but my hope was to capture some birds actually using them. My photoshop skills are less than yours, Karen, and I shouldn’t inflict them on the world.

    So they’ve been up for about a week now, and the chickadees will not touch them. In fact, all of the birds avoid them as if they were bird-flu carrying feeders and the gov’t agency of their choice in charge of warning them about the bird flu put up a wanted poster for these feeders.

    How on earth do you get yours to eat out of them?
    — amye

    • Karen says:

      Amye – Just give it time, that’s all. And make sure there aren’t any branches or anything impeding the birds flight into the feeder. They don’t like to dodge things. Also! I don’t own Photoshop, so I wouldn’t consider myself very skilled at it, LOL. ~ karen

  57. meg says:

    Ok, I followed your tutorial with lovely results. So lovely, in fact, that the squirrels CHEWED through the rope, sent my orb to the ground, and feasted in revelry upon the birdseed. You should have seen them – it was Bacchanalian! grrrr….Luckily, it did not break. Am thinking of putting tealights in it instead. Thanks for the post.

  58. Ashley says:

    It would look kind of cool to do this, but put candles in them at night.

    • Karen says:

      Ashley – A few people suggested that, but I”m afraid even with a tea light the globes would get *really* hot. I keep meaning to try it because it would be beautiful, but I’m afraid not practical. Uch. Maybe I’ll go out right now and try it. Are you happy now? I’m in my p’jamas and everything, LOL. ~ karen

  59. Shirley says:

    You could use LED lights instead of tea lights that way it wouldn’t get hot.

  60. Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness!! Today is the first I’ve even heard of your blog, and you are hilarious!!! I love how tactful and forthcoming you are during your tutorials. Cannot wait to explore the rest of tour site 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Jessica! Read on. I post every day (except weekends). You can subscribe if you like but I should warn you, sometimes the subscriptions don’t work. Bleh. Don’t know why. ~ karen!

  61. Katherine says:

    Are they still working, and how easily do they fill up with rain water? Thanks for the beautiful tip!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine! Yup, the feeders are still working perfectly. I’ve left them outside all winter and the rope is still holding tight. And no, water doesn’t seem to get in them unless it’s literally raining sideways. ~ karen!

  62. Julie says:

    OMG! When we bought our house a few years ago, there are a bunch of these in the basement! And we just replaced the bathroom lights (which were these!)! Now I have something to do with them! (paired with the glowing orb project, but I think this may be a better option).


  63. Marilyn says:

    Hi Karen,
    My father-in-law used these shades as a mold for making cement garden balls. It meant breaking the shades to get the ball out, but they really did look neat in the garden.

  64. Rebecca Beadle says:


    Thank you so much for sharing this! Today I went to our local restore here in Austin and fell for the glass shade section… $37 later I walked out with 11 white glass shades and 7 of them were glass globes of different sizes.

    I went to home depot and lowes thinking I would make a chandelier for the Dinning room, here’s the thing I have NO electrical experience. I left feeling like I had failed. Then I googled repurpose glass globes and found your project!!!!

    You saved me! I was able to be creative and now have 7 gorgeous globes to hang! Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t wait for the glue to dry and morning to come so I can put seed, plants, solar lights, etc. In them and hang them from the live oaks.

    Keep creating!

    Thank you!
    Rebecca Beadle

    • Karen says:

      You’re welcome Rebecca! If you read the post called “glowing outdoor orbs” you can see them outside in the garden as lights, and I even have 2 of them on my fireplace mantle. (if you didn’t see that post already) Have fun! ~ karen

  65. Marilyn says:

    Wanted to let you know that I used your idea with a clear lamp shade, and the birds are using it already. Way cool, thanks for the idea! ;o)

    • Karen says:

      Excellent! I have to clean and refill mine. I left them out all winter, but the seed got icky. Also there’s tiny little seeds they don’t seem to like so it looks like it’s full, but in fact it’s just full of seeds the birds refuse to eat. 🙂 ~ karen!

  66. Carrie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done with these glass shades! SO much that I not only plan on making these, but you were featured over at our website.
    We just launched the site on April 1st.

    We would love to check out the post

    Maybe even grab a button for your blog while you are there!
    Thanks again for your amazing ideas!


  67. Alex says:

    I’m so very late to discovering this gem of an idea but forgive me I just got into my first house/backyard ever. I am going to attempt to do this this weekend b/c they’re just amazing!

  68. MissBettyClaire says:

    Gurl! I love your posts. You globes are soooo fun. I am going to DO that.

  69. Anna says:

    This is just great,because since I seen your yard orbs, I have found it my mission to buy every dang globe I could find! I laugh cause today I had to open one of my cabinets very slowly, cause the little sucks were falling out I had so many, lol. I really like this too, but will not be buying any more I have plenty, now they will lay under and from the trees!! Great job!

    • Karen says:

      LOL. Thanks Anna. Yes. You’d best stop buying globes now! However … having said that … the glowing orbs make GREAT Christmas presents for people. Give them the kit of a globe, extension cord and mini lights. Instant present! Glad you like the ideas. ~ karen!

  70. MimiH says:

    You are a genius – a hysterically funny creative woman! Found your great ideas for glowing orbs/Orb Bird feeders while looking for items for Pinterest -I can’t wait to try them (as soon as I go shopping!)

  71. Ramona says:

    How have these acted during a windy day? Do they clash into each other and twist together or break? Just wondering because of the pendulum affect of the orb on the long rope. Wonderful ideas, both orb I and II

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ramona! Thank you. I have 2 orb birdfeeders hanging from my tree right now and I have them hanging in a way that one is hanging just high enough above the other that if the wind blows them they can’t knock together. No problem with twisting ropes or anything either. I’ve looked outside at them from my kitchen window during windy days and they’ll definitely be spinning around, but they’ve never hit each other, got tangled, or broken. ~ Karen!

  72. Teresa says:

    I can hardly wait to try the glowing outdoor ords and the bird feeders my dear new genius friend…Keep sharing you ideas they are great and I will be sure to let you know how they work for me when I can get them done…Thank you so much….:)

  73. Vera van den Broek says:

    Hi Karen!
    I love the description for the glass birdfeeders. I sent you an email about it; I would like to use the pictures for a Dutch magazine on gardening for which I’m writing an article on different DIY birdfeeders. Please read your mail and let me know if you can help me out. Thanks!
    Kind regards, Vera

  74. I just love your ideas. Very creative. Very inspiring.

  75. Jessie says:

    I loved this idea! I’m afraid of glass with my 4 year old around.. so I used an old roundish ceramic planter pot and drilled a hole for a knotted string in the top (for hanging) and then drilled a few small drain holes in the bottom. The birds (and I) love it! Now I wish I could attract more than just blackbirds..

  76. E.Wilson says:

    what a really wonderful idea

  77. Patricia says:

    I didn’t know Dave Barry moonlighted on a DIY blog. Dang- you are funny, creative and funny some more.

  78. Kate says:

    I have never “joined” a blog before, but you got me with the “glowing alien testicles” !! Sitting in my office laughing to myself OUTLOUD. the rest think I’m nuts- oh well!!
    thank you for sharing such great ideas!

  79. Noreen says:

    Hi Karen! First trip on your blog; love it! Your wit is wonderful. 😎
    About the “Dollarama” pots: why does it matter that they “tilt up”?? They only tilt up when they are sitting on a flat surface… These will have rope glued around them, so they can be tilted to whatever degree one wants them tilted! {Actually, it would probably be easier to glue that rope on, & keep it in place, if it does NOT go over the flat section…yes?} However… unlike most of the light orbs, they do not have that “lip” all the way around; I should think the lip will help keep rain & such out! Btw, those orbs look fabulous, especially hanging in your lovely tree!! {What kind is it, anyway?? Gorgeous!}

    • Karen says:

      Hi Noreen. Welcome to The Art of Doing Stuff! It’s been a while since I wrote the post so I’m not sure what you’re talking about I’m afraid, LOL. I skimmed the post quickly but couldn’t see the part you were talking about. I can answer the tree question though! It’s a Weeping False Nootka Cypress. And I love it. It’s a very elegant tree. ~ karen!

  80. Mary says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas for these globes. I love them and will attempt to make the feeders. But I was wondering if I could use hot glue to hold the string on the globe? I am a crafty person and have tons of the stuff. I also made the lighted globes and loved the look. I placed them around my pool deck. You’re a genius and I thank you again for sharing your ideas.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mary – Thanks! I’m afraid you have to use the marine silicone. I know it’s a pain to go out and get but it’s easy to find and inexpensive. Using anything else will result in smashed globes eventually. ~ karen!

  81. Taria Lorehand says:

    I love this idea, but I have a question and maybe it’s just my brain that likes to think of other ways to do stuff that is so simple and make it harder for me. I’m odd I know. but could this be made out of a plastic ball type of orb and then hung up? that way if it falls it doesn’t brake over fidos head?

    • Karen says:

      Taria – If you can find them, sure. These glass shades though are available pretty much everywhere. As long as you use marine silicone you’re gold. ~ karen!

      • Taria Lorehand says:

        and just were do you find this sticky glue stuff??? is it at wally world?

        • Karen says:

          It *might* be there, but if not hardware stores carry it in the aisle that they have their caulking, caulking guns and that sort of thing. ~ k!

          • Taria Lorehand says:

            okay I will check it out, if I don’t already have some stashed away some where, cause I buy things for later use and forget that I have them.

            I’m rearranging my crafting area and it’s like Christmas for me finding all this stuff I forgot I had. it’s like “Oh I didn’t know I had this?” and “wow I forgot I bought those.” or “That’s where you went, I’ve been looking for this for 2 and half months.”

            out of sight, out of mind, I really need to rethink this crafting area. if it didn’t have this huge window and only one wall I would have it made. (I’m using my dinning room since I don’t have a real room for all this stuff and being single, I really don’t need a dinning room) anyway there’s my life story.. pity me… I said PITY ME!!! JK 🙂 sorry bad jokes.

  82. carla says:

    You are seriously gorgeous!

  83. Debbie says:

    You are soooo funny! Your big white balls are wonderful.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Debbie! It was REALLY windy here last night and I thought I heard one of them smash to the ground! Luckily … they’re all in tact this morning. ~ karen!

  84. Tari says:

    I don’t haave a website. Do you have a newsletter?
    I love your ideas. Thanks, Tari

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tari – No newsletter. One day hopefully, but I’m too busy at the moment. You can sign up to get a reminder whenever I post. Just insert your email address in the “subscribe” box under my picture on the righthand side bar. I post 5-6 days a week. ~ karen!

  85. Leonie says:

    Thankyou for the inspiration. The home I bought had these orbs in everyroom (with no air vents in the tops, the light fitting perishes, so….) Now I know what I am going to do with them. I can even see tea lights brightening the night…

  86. Nicki woo says:

    I just decided that I love you. In a normal way. Not a weird freakish way. Found you on Pinterest, and I’ll definitely be back. That sounded slightly freakish. I’ll stop now:)

    • Karen says:

      Nicki woo – Not even close to freakish. When I was on television I once had a viewer randomly send me feathers from their pet bird. That was freakish. ~ karen!

    • linda says:

      Niki, I was going to say I love you, too, but didn’t …thanks for saying it.

  87. linda says:

    i just discovered your site while looking for how to make tree stump tables….wow….i love your ideas and your creativity and your sense of humor!

    Thanks for sharing it all.

  88. Nonny says:

    Found your page via friends in the USA, who know I love doing something different in the garden, to keep visiting children occupied for hours. Am going to try your bird feeder idea – but using something other than glass – due to the ever windy weather in the UK. Thanks for the inspiration. ( Will be using the glass light shade idea for outside lighting. Thanks v much. Nonny

  89. mia pratt says:

    Hi Karen, what a great idea! Love it<:} In Mexico where I live, I use those globes to sit over glass candle holders and line the path from the wall door through my garden courtyard. They glow nicely, you just sit little 1-inch candles in small mason jars on your path and then sit the globes over them. You can paint designs on the globes (did once for Christmas) but I'm too lazy for that now (maybe some day someone important enough to warrant globe painting will visit, but until then I remain lazy). I lay 2 popsicle sticks under each of the globes to make a tiny platform that lets air in underneath for the candle. They use pretty cutout bags here to sit over the jars, but after several caught fire and blew in through my patio doors I stick to globes which are kind of like Martian hurricane lamps.

  90. Jessy says:

    Hey, just a thought.. if you tied the string in a way similar to that of a macrame plant hanger, you needn’t worry about glue. However, if you lack the confidence to do so, glue does sound like the best option. Great ideas!

    • Kim says:

      I was just going to say that I thought you were going to make like a macrame around the orb when I saw the knot but I was wrong. lol I think it would make it safer, just a thought, 🙂

      • Karen says:

        The silicone and rope has been holding strong for a couple of years now. I didn’t want a macrame type knotting system because I wanted the feeder to be as seamless and simple looking as possible. ~ karen!

  91. Moe Bullock says:

    Karen, first time I have seen your stuff and those lights are off the wall(no pun intended) they are great. Now I have to call my sister in Toronto to get me some globe’s because I threw all of mine out because hey were ugly.


  92. Jeane says:

    May I suggest you make a fishnet with the rope, just using the rope and knots, that fits around your orb. Somewhat like the 1970’s macrame plant pot holders. Orb slips in and is cradled by the fishnet. No more slipping and breaking 🙂

  93. Beryl says:

    Great idea! However (sorry if this has been mentioned before, I don’t have time to read all the comments to check!), but a suggestion – in the pictures you show the globes with the holes pointing slightly upwards, which means when it rains the food inside will get soaked and go rotten. Or maybe sprout …!

    Either way, if you angle them so the holes are slightly below the middle, rain won’t get in but the birds still will – it might even help keep out squirrels and such which would find it more difficult to get in.

  94. Stevie Bullock says:

    These are such cute ideas! And you sense of humor just makes it such an interesting read.

  95. Natalie Buckey says:

    Please subscribe me to your posts 🙂 love ’em

  96. Kelli says:

    LOVE this idea! Only for Halloween I think I’m going to try painting the rims of the holes black so they look like floating eyeballs.

  97. Lisa potter says:

    Great ideas and I love love love your sense of humor and whimsical writing style. Thanks for sharing your creative genius!

  98. Annie says:

    I loved this AND the way you write! You made my day and I’m hungry for more x

  99. vicky says:

    On the birdfeeder have you ever thought about useing three string the ones going around the middle like you show but one going up the back that would keep them from falling

  100. Penny says:

    Love your style; you have great ideas and your sense of humor reminds me of my beautiful daughter who is so similar. Love the photo of the disastrous light-shade bird-feeder too, great learning curve.

  101. Terri says:

    Another idea for the globe bird feeder…. Take an additional amount of rope and silicone a strip of it lining around the opening of the globe. This gives the birds something better to grip onto while feeding than trying to balance on the slick glass edge.

  102. S. K. Owen says:

    If you spread the ropes apart instead of together when you glue them to the globe, it would form a kind of cradle for the globe & would be more secure even if some of the glue didn’t hold forever.

  103. Jennifer says:

    You are too funny! Our sense of humor is very similar. Scary, huh? My friend showed me your clever idea, but I enjoyed your post more, because yeah…these WOULD break in my hands. Sounds like we have the same relationship with math too! My husband’s the calculator and I’m the dictionary, and it’s best left that way! Unless you want to talk about the best money deals, like your glass orbs with the extraordinarily well-crafted, long-winded alias! Keep up the good writing…only don’t take chances and sit beneath your glass orbs to write, or the world might lose a great writer, eh? : )

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  108. Ron says:

    Ever thought of a macrame hanger for these? I was just going through the Orb’s 1 and 2 and love both ideas and will be trying these this year. For the bird feeder, I was thinking a simple macrame hanger fitted to the diameter of the globe would look wonderful.
    Thank you for posting this and all the other posts, as someone else said, great sense of humor and great writing. Keep it up!
    Ron F.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ron. I did think of that, lol. But I wanted the backcyard to be really clean and simple, and wanted the feeders to reflect that as well. But having said that, a macrame hanger or a netting like you would make for an antique Japanese float would work too. ~ karen!

  109. Ellen says:

    Love your birdfeeder and glowing orbs tutorial! I have just happened on this site and read all of the comments. Just a thought~~~would soaking the rope above the orb in hot sauce keep the squirrels out? Since they don’t like hot sauce~~~

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ellen. Welcome to my site. Hmm. I don’t know if that would work or not. You would end up with a red and white tie-dyed rope though, lol. I don’t have a problem with the squirrels right now, but it’s worth a shot for someone else. ~ karen!

  110. Marsha says:

    What a hoot! I laughed so hard reading your comments. You my dear are a gem! I love your ideas and actually found you accidentally. I’ll be coming around now so just add one more lookie loo to your list!
    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Karen says:

      Well thanks Marsha! Glad you found my site. And you’re very welcome. That’s what I’m here for. Ideas! And occasionally people spit coffee on their computer screens so that’s good too. ~ karen!

  111. Gina Adams says:

    You can buy glass outdoor orbs at garden centers, nurseries and Wal-Mart… they look like. Crystal balls because of the pearlized, shiny. colorful coat (in shades of purple, blue, green and pretty much any other color you can imagine) on the inside of the orb. You can even buy special stands for them. I’m pretty positive they are called “Glass Outdoor Orbs”. We have 2 or 3 outside currently. Just Google it.

  112. Kathleen Collier says:

    You are a genius! I love your ideas. You have a wonderful “down-to-earth” sense of humor. Between these two qualities it keeps me coming back for more of both. Thank you for being you.

  113. pattidort says:

    Very very cool and you did a most excellent job splaining it. just lovely!

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  115. billy sharpstick says:

    1. Goop brand glue might adhere to the glass better.
    2. Or you cold weave more of a net around the globe to hold it better and look nicer, but this is a whole level more complicated unless you are a bored retired fisherman. (macrame?)
    3. Doesn’t the rain get in the globe?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Billy!
      1. The silicone works great! It was the Weldbond that was stupid.
      2. I wanted it to look simple not complicated so I didn’t make a netting to hold it.
      3. Only if the rain is coming in sideways.
      4. I guess it’s about time to fill those feeders up.

      ~ karen!

  116. Gale says:

    If you knot the rope like the old fashion Macramé Plant hangers, the globe would have a lot less chance of falling, and you may not even have to glue it, which means no drying time and less cost!! Love this and going to try it this weekend !!!!!

  117. Jaci says:

    Love the globe bird feeders I have one thought ,when it rains won’t it fill with water and get seed mushy?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jaci! That’s only happened to me twice when the rain was literally coming in sideways. Otherwise it’s been fine. 🙂 ~ karen!

  118. Sheila says:

    Don’t forget that you can paint the orbs too for a really good look and/or just do a pattern in any color. You could just do black paint for dots, branches, or any little thing you want. Great project for kids. How about making lines? They don’t have to be perfectly straight.

  119. Sheila says:

    How about gluing some seashells on the orbs that are used indoors and then putting the lights in?

  120. Nancy Satterlee says:

    You are so clever AND funny, I will be happy to see what else you have in your very brainy noggin!

    • Karen says:

      LOL, thanks Nancy. There’s LOTS in this noggin’. And if you’re new here you have lots to read. 🙂 ~ karen!

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  123. Terri says:

    These are great!!! You could even paint them different colors or paint murals on them, wouldn’t you think? (That is if you’re the artsy-fartsy type, which I’m not, but my daughter SO is!!!) I could see these with painted morning glories or even sun, moon & stars type paintings. If you used the glow-in-the dark paint, they would show up at night!

  124. Laci says:

    I do believe I still have a few of the light orbs around, as my house is older than dirt. I will try this. I must also add as I was reading the blog I was trying to keep myself from laughing so I didn’t wake my hubby up….. I failed. I will defiantly be following your crafts!

    • Karen says:

      Well thanks Laci! Now I’m going to have to go back and read this very old post. See what the hell was so funny, lol. ~ karen!

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