Oxiclean. A Whiten Your Whites Experiment.

How to whiten clothes, linens and fingernails with Oxiclean. Yep.  It does it all and this little experiment with a sweaty pillowcase will show you just how well it works.

White pillow case hanging on a clothes line.

What you are witnessing is an illusion.  Like heat waves on the pavement,  a rigged carnival game or any 25 year old girl’s Instagram profile pic.

The pillow case you’re looking at looks like a thing of beauty, blowing in the breeze in a tranquil backyard.  Gathering up the heat of the day, drying to a fresh, crisp swath of fabric ready for a good night’s sleep.

It is not.

It is a horror.

Years ago THAT was the fella’s pillow case.  The fella is my ex boyfriend/husband/partner whatever you want to call him. And he head sweated on that pillowcase for years.  A beautiful 100% handmade linen pillow case from Rough Linen stained with 2 years worth of head sweat, drool and nightmares.  After 2 years my pillow case on the other hand had remained clean and white.  Like the pillowcase of an angel.

I know it’s hard to believe judging by the picture above but believe me. That pillow case was a mess in that photo. The problem with my particular front load washer is the fact that you can’t use bleach in it. Ever. Also, you should never use bleach on linen.

Also bleach has a tendency to yellow clothes over time. In fact because of this whole front load washer not accepting bleach I started using this solution to keep my white facecloths clean (which as you’ll see if you read the post works incredibly well).

That left me with quite a dilemma. So I did a little research (as I am want to do) and discovered that Oxiclean will whiten whites, but isn’t the same as bleach. It’s a chlorine free bleaching agent.  It whitens by some kind of magical oxygenating process.

The active ingredient in Oxiclean is actually sodium percarbonate, (a sort of powdered form of hydrogen peroxide). Water is what activates it, releasing oxygen and then the product decomposes into water and oxygen.

Oxiclean also has a few other things like filler and soda ash, but the real worker in the situation is the sodium percarbonate, which you can buy on Amazon but at the time of writing this post it’s sold out. If you feel like ordering it and experimenting try this link to see if it’s become available again.

Because of all of these things (no chlorine, environmentally friendly, gentle but effective) it can be used safely on linen.

So I bought some Oxiclean with absolutely NO hopes of it actually working.  Because let’s face it, most products that claim to do something amazing usually do very little other than produce very convincing television commercials.

This is NOT a paid post. Nobody asked me to do a post on the miracle of Oxiclean. I wish they had. Because I will now and forever sing the praises of Oxiclean to anyone who will listen.

Behold the miracle of Oxiclean … I soaked the left side of the pillow overnight, leaving the other half of the pillowcase out of the solution. That way I would know EXACTLY how much the product worked.

Side by side comparison of a yellow stained linen pillow case half treated with oxiclean.


Holy crap is right! I didn’t do any magical lighting trick, or Photoshop shenanigans. It is not an illusion. THAT is the difference Oxiclean made on the head sweat pillowcase.

Which means all those white tee shirts with yellow arm pits you own aren’t a lost cause. There’s another Oxiclean now, Oxiclean White Revive which I haven’t tried because the regular Oxiclean works for me.

In the past few years I’ve even started using it to clean my hands when they’re a disaster and stained after weeks of gardening. I just mix a tiny bit up in some water, soak my fingers in it for a minute then scrub them with a nail brush.

This is DEFINITELY an off label use for Oxiclean and since it’s basically powdered hydrogen peroxide you probably don’t want to soak your hands very long, but it works to remove soil stains around nails and nail beds which are almost impossible to get clean otherwise.

Oxiclean for linens, clothes and hands …  so you too can look like the angel you are. Or even better, you can look like the angel you aren’t.

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Oxiclean. A Whiten Your Whites Experiment.