Pancakes with Faces for Pancake Tuesday


I bet you think that’s your average, stunningly beautiful stack of pancakes. That would be an excellent guess because that’s what it looks like from the side.

Now let’s look at that stack from a different angle.



I interrupt this pancake break to let you know that all the people who didn’t tell me to go screw myself after giving you baseboard cleaning homework on Superbowl weekend, gets a gold star! 


(cause sometimes nothing says “I FELL IN THE TOILET AGAIN LAST NIGHT.”  like a well worded pancake)




O.K., who wants to learn how to do it??


Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as Pancake Tuesday otherwise known as Fat Tuesday.  Basically it’s a Tuesday for filling your face with as much fatty, delicious, pillowy pancakes as possible.  The tradition is religious in nature.  Certain faiths do it to get as much fat into them as possible prior to Lent.  For everyone else it’s the one night of the year you don’t have to worry about what to have for dinner.

You’re having pancakes.

There’s nothing worse than waking up Wednesday morning and realizing you forgot Pancake Tuesday.  Nothing.  So I wanted to make sure I reminded you all.   I say this as someone who doesn’t even really like Pancakes.  French Toast Tuesday?  Yeah, that would never be forgotten in my house.

Here are a few tips on getting these Face Pancakes right.

  1. Cook them on low heat.
  2. Add the filling batter when the “face” just starts to bubble a little bit.
  3. Try to add allllll your filling batter at once and quickly.  This way your pancake will have an even colour and not be splotchy.
  4. Once your pancakes are bubbling that means they’re ready to flip.
  5. If the batter spreads out beyond your outline, just trim them with a knife before you serve them.


Pancakes with Faces for Pancake Tuesday
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Basic Pancake Recipe. Nothing fancy. No weird ingredients. Just pancakes.
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • 1 lightly beaten egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (or other light flavoured oil)
  1. Mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.
  2. In another bowl mix together the egg, milk, cooking oil and vanilla.
  3. Add wet mixture to dry mixture, stirring just until combined. Your batter should be lumpy.
  4. Add a few small scoops of the batter to a small mixing bowl and whisk until smooth.
  5. Pour this smooth mixture into a plastic squeeze bottle.
  6. Lightly butter a non stick pan and heat over medium/low.
  7. Squeeze your face design onto the pan.
  8. Once the design starts to bubble, ladle the regular pancake mix over the face.
  9. Cook until bubbles form, then flip.
  10. Cook a minute or so longer then remove from pan.

I discovered this technique while watching one of my new favourite shows. One of my favourite shows of all time as a matter of fact. Which I will be telling you all about on Wednesday in my new “3 Shows You Should be Watching” post.

And remember, if you like this for the love of Lent,  Pin on Pinterest.

The world needs to know about Pancake Faces.  Don’t do it for me. Do it for the woman out there who needs a new way to tell her sock dropping husband he sucks.


  1. Debbie from Illinois says:


  2. catt says:

    So fun. Love your video.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am going to find a squeeze bottle tomorrow, come hell or high water. Dollar store? Target? Grocery store? Someone’s got to have it. Anything to make pancakes better.

    • cheryl says:

      here in ontario, canada, dollorama has baking squeeze bottles for a buck, or fancy schmansy red, batter specific, squeeze bottles that look like a plastic bellows for a couple of bucks….i think that is about four cents in american….look in with the kitchen gagdets..

  4. Kathleen says:

    Quick & easy. I like it!
    And I think I pass the pop quiz… the trick I used was to con my granddaughter into helping with the housework. I moved the heavy furniture, she crawled along behind the couches and beds and wiped the skirting boards. 🙂 The rest was a breeze! Do I get 10 / 10?

  5. Mike says:

    These are very nice, but if you really want to set the bar high, take a look at … they guy is the absolute master of pancake art.

  6. Mark says:

    Fun! (And I love your stove!)

  7. Marna says:

    Cute! I use to make faces for my kids, but not so fancy doing it. My dad made the best pancakes, they were sourdough pancakes. Every Saturday morning the whole time I was growing up, including when we had company, there was always pancakes. Yum! Thanks for the video! 🙂

  8. Fun pancakes! I’m going to make some and impress my family! What kind of pan are you using? It looks like a plate and it looks nonstick. I want one. Where can I find it? Also I love your chickens!! Cuddles was my favorite too. I’m sorry about her.

  9. TucsonPatty says:

    I ate pancakes for breakfasr this morning in case I forget to on Tuesday. In Kansas we had pancake races and pancake suppers! Fun times. But, today, Super Wok Day Sunday, my “handy-boy” and I moved the newly painted dresser into the house, put it togeather and put the knobs on ot, took apart my 24 year-old daughter’s old wooden swing set in the side back yard, took apart the rotting backyard wooden glider, pruned a huge Pyracantha bush back to the trunk, removed Pyracantha thorns from thumbs, power washed the pool deck to get the Pyracantha gunk off of the cool decking and then fell into the mud from the power-washing while trying to break off at the roots some other big dead trunk of something else over by that evil Pyracantha. I didn’t touch the darn baseboards or doorknobs because I forgot!!
    But maybe this all counts as extra credit?? Because I went outside for recess almost all day? It was a good day and now I can’t move!

  10. Cred says:

    Yay, Pancake Tuesday! Because I don’t like pancakes either, I’m excited for the reason you mentioned; I don’t have to figure out what to make for dinner on Tuesday. And, agreed, I would never forget French toast Tuesday.

  11. Different Mike says:

    Ok, neat. Except I just always made the faces with a bottle of Hersheys choclate ice cream topping. Or, is that what you were doing? Guess I didn’t read very well. Do I go down another grade point now? Sorry! I do like reading your posts, though. Well, maybe think I’m reading them.

    • Jenifer says:

      Faces with chocolate ice cream topping? After they cooked? and it didn’t run? I’m afraid it would just look like I used topping instead of syrup. I tried to make mickey mouse once…he transformed into Bugs Bunny.


  12. Grammy says:

    TUSCONPATTY you sound like one of my sisters. She’s an overachiever, and the other sister and I always feel like she only does that to make us look bad. It’s not why she does it, it’s just the way she is, but we still think it’s why Mom always liked her best. I just thought you should know that if you have sisters, they won’t give you extra points, but they will still love you.

    • TucsonPatty says:

      Ha! I have 8 (yes!) sisters, and they did give me a little grief, but only because I asked if there was some kind of game on Sunday…what was everyone talking about…? I love to mess with them. I just simply am not a sports person and they know it and expect me to ask some wierd question ( “Now, which kind of ball do they use for that game?”) and they know I’m spoofing them, but it is fun.

  13. coralcrue says:

    that looks brilliant! great post

  14. Maura says:

    I don’t like it …I love it!?

  15. Annie says:

    Love it! Way less fuss than the rainbow pancakes…. And by fuss I mean bowls to clean! Although, truth be told, I love the rainbow pancakes and for the longest time kids thought they all had different flavours.

  16. BethH says:

    Could we have face waffles instead? And how would you change the batter recipe to make it a waffle batter recipe? My hubby makes pancakes or waffles every Sunday and I never realized how much cheaper it would be to make from scratch instead of with a box of baking mix! I’ll have to mix up a big batch of the dry ingredients and put it in a baking mix box, because he thinks if you make something from scratch you have to dirty up everything in the kitchen.

  17. Joslynne says:

    Just love this!! Each pancake made me smile more!! And I love the opening photo – can I ask how you got the black background or is this just something everyone should already know?

    • Karen says:

      No, there’s no reason for you to know that Joslynne. Although when I tell you, you’ll think OH!!!! Of course. It’s just a large piece of black foam core board. A cheaper version would be a a few pieces of black bristol board taped together. When I didn’t have any of those things I used to use a long black coat as a backdrop. Anything will do really. Fabric, paper … the only thing that’s important is that it’s very black and very matte. Any shine and you’ll get highlights and glare. ~ karen!

  18. Marilyn says:

    Pampake Tuesday. That’s what it was when our children were small and we still say it that fave !!

  19. Traci says:

    We’ve seen the pancake designs before, but my 22 month old son loved your video. I think we will be having pancakes tomorrow for sure. He especially loved when you said Ohh! Grrr!-he said it right along with you.

    In all seriousness, though, if you really want to up your pancake game what you really need to do is google cinnamon roll pancakes right this minute. I mean it. Do it. Your life will never be the same. Even if you aren’t a pancake person like me.

  20. Monique says:

    Even if I don’t make faces..have to make your pancakes..they are perfection!

    Ok ok..I will try a design;)

  21. Karen says:

    Love the video! Will definitely try this tomorrow night if any of my teenaged kids happen to be home for dinner, not likely. I have the same gas range, blue star, right? Love it!

    • Karen says:

      Blue Star! My only issue with it is how hot the knobs and front of it get when the oven is on high. Yikes. ~ karen!

      • Karen says:

        Really? Wow, my knobs don’t heat up too much. I mean the knobs on the stove, haha! I have two of these and the first one, at our cottage, the oven heats up soooooo slowy. The newer one, at home, heats up much faster, but again haven’t noticed the knobs becoming too hot to touch at all.

  22. Linda in Illinois says:

    Love the video, reminds me of when my dad used his 8 mm camera to take videos of us on vacation when I was a little girl. Thank you for that, today is his birthday – he would have been 93.

  23. Barbie says:

    THANK YOU! I can’t wait to try this! I love the “You suck” one! LOLOL

  24. Mary W says:

    I’ve been hungry for a Dutch Baby for 3 days and haven’t yet pulled myself up early enough to make it. So, the blueberries I bought are beginning to age and I HAVE to eat them now. So, your post couldn’t be timelier. I love to paint and draw so I have a couple more ideas to create pancake pictures for this fun lunch. Can you guess where the cashew will go?

  25. Elaine says:

    Those are ADORABLE, Karen!!! Gee, is there anything you can’t do?! I’m immediately sending this to my daughter (the one who hid her spit-out chicken in her pj drawer). If I threaten to tell her kids about the pj’s, I just KNOW she will make these clever, clever pancakes on Tuesday! It’s so much fun being a grandmother!

  26. Mindy says:

    I first read that as, Pancakes with Feces. Which, oddly enough, did not surprise me in the least.

  27. janet says:

    My pancake story! I used to make shaped pancakes for my little girl all the time. elephants, giraffes cats, houses , trees, hearts whatever the season or fancy of the day…one day I am rushed rushed rushed…no time for fun shapes so I make regular circular pancakes and that sweet sweet girl sat and looked at them and thought and then squealed I KNOW! they are swimming pools! Always. take. the. time.

  28. ET says:

    I can’t believe no one else has mentioned your resemblance to Helen Mirren in the Super Bowl ad yesterday. I think she is fabulous – in acting and in looks! You two seem to have the same haircut, but there is even more similarity in your features. Congratulations on looking like a star! (And I love pancakes.)

  29. Jan in Waterdown says:

    Hey K, gotta question fer ya! I’ve invited my 3 great nieces and nephew for pancakes tomorrow and I just wondered which of your two recipes do you recommend the most . . . this one or the buttermilk? I already have an official pancake batter squeeze bottle and can’t wait to try this! I love love love being a “Graunty”. My husband refuses to be a ” Gruncle” so he’s Uncle John the Great. Thanks for your timely post! I just might have to sashay over to my Dollarama for some Mardi Gras style sparkly necklaces. Love sparkly.

    • Karen says:

      Just use the recipe from this post Jan, and if you want to make them buttermilky, either use buttermilk or sour your milk. If found these pancakes to be really good. Fluffy but still dense enough to not feel like you’re eating air. ~ karen!

      • Jan in Waterdown says:

        Post Pancake Tuesday true confession time. Ended up NOT doing the whole pancake-with-faces thing but DID make your buttermilk pancake recipe from way back and omg, they were really delish!! Even my fella who doesn’t usually care about pancakes because they make him feel “hoopy” (i.e. barfy) if he has to many, said he didn’t feel that way at all. Now, there’s a ringing endorsement lol!!

  30. Trish says:

    I just love your pancakes Karen and I’m going to try them tomorrow…
    my recipe for pancakes from scratch is very close to yours except for the vanilla…
    I’ll try that too…mmm-mmm…thanks for all your posts …great work…thanks

  31. Ronda says:

    have you seen the ad on tv for the walking dead where the fellow makes pancakes that look like the characters? ‘course, don’t know what his would taste like … probably not nearly as delish!

  32. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Here in Pennsylvania Dutch Country tomorrow is Fasnacht Day…Fasnachts are raised and fried donuts…plain or sugared…I love them warm and fresh best…Many churches will be up way early tomorrow making them fresh and selling them as a fund raiser…I think most charge about $9.00 per box of one dozen…Thanks for the good pancake recipe and the clever idea…

  33. Connie says:

    You forgot to mention that any letters need to be mirror image or when you flip them, they are reversed. Learned that after my kindergarten daughter took one look and said “Mom, that’s not how you do a ‘J’ “. I thought I could slip it by her because she was still young enough. Nope!

  34. Laura Bee says:

    Thanks for the reminder. My daughter will be thrilled.
    I have the same ‘set’ of cutlery in my drawer of various utensils 🙂

  35. Cussot says:

    What? No cleaver-cake?

  36. Kathy Houk says:

    Ha She grew ears. Me laugh 🙂

  37. Dale says:

    That was one well used tab of butter. It made it through 5 different plates of pancakes. LOL
    Well done. Love the idea for faced pancakes. Will try it next breakfast camping w the Scouts.

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