I think I like it.



I definitely like my saddle.  I was going to make a stand for it out of antique barn wood but why make a stand when you have a chair you can throw it on.



And after 10 years I still love my white lacquer buffet from EQ3.  Which is why when I moved it from the dining room I was hoping it would fit in the foyer.

That monstrosity fits a LOT of stuff.  Plus it balances all the old in my house.  My chandelier, my floors, my doors, my skin.


The one thing I wanted to do was to make the foyer a bit more useful somehow.  I mean, it’s fine for the elite of this world to have an entire room dedicated to the lost art of accepting calling cards but those people probably also have an entire rooms just for their car. And maybe even a second bathroom.

The answer was to just drag a couple of chairs into the room.  I can actually sit at the front hall table now and do stuff.  A puzzle was on it for a while but I wasn’t getting anything done because every time I walked through the foyer I sat down and stared at the puzzle.  I didn’t actually *do* the puzzle you understand, I just stared at it. But still.  It was a time suck.


When I mentioned to a few people that I was half thinking of getting rid of the buffet (I wasn’t sold on it in the foyer to begin with) they all said NOOOOOO.  They said it like they meant it. They said it like it was a crypt holding the remains of any and every person they’d ever loved.

Clearly I had to ask Why such a strong reaction, weirdo?

Everyone said I had to keep the buffet because I love displaying things. And I love to change those displays.  A lot.

The current vignette configuration consists of my favourite Picasso print (given to me by my Uncle because I always loved it as a kid even though it totally creeped me out), a modern vase with white tulips, a lamp from Homesense I painted white, a slightly beat up dessert tray I got at a flea market, a carved wood bowl and a little potted fern.

Next week it might be two huge midcentury modern lamps, a hunk of petrified elephant poop and a crystal vase.  You never know.  The point is I can change it all the time and it’ll completely change the look of the room. Which for someone like me is a very, very good thing.


This is the room I look at every night when I’m in my living room playing Monopoly by myself.  So I’m staring at it for a good 9-10 hours a day.  I’m really enthusiastic about solitary Monopoly.  Because I spend so much time viewing this room I really wanted it to be something I didn’t hate.  Something I maybe even loved.  And it is.

I’d like a slightly bigger table in the centre.  Maybe something antique.  Wood.  My number one choice as any of my old time readers know is the marble topped tulip table, but with the white buffet against the wall that would be a bit too same/same.


  1. Barbie Knoop says:

    It’s lovely Karen. It says “Come sit awhile” ……. and be happy. :)

  2. Kate says:

    What about… a tulip table with a wood base and a white top? http://www.truck-furniture.co.jp/shop/products_low0012.html

  3. jessness says:

    Is that a big blank canvas? Might I recommend some bold black strokes with a six inch brush (vintage brush of course) and one little blue circle. To play with the picasso.

  4. Linn says:

    and is that a painting of a polar bear in a snowstorm leaning against your white “monstrosity”?
    Just wondering……..

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