The Christmas Cookie Stand.

 The Christmas Cookie stand. A long easel for displaying cookies.  Because if you create cookies that are works of art you should display them like they are.



A few years ago at Christmas I made a bunch of gingerbread cookies that were all in the shape of my favourite farm animals. Which would be all farm animals except the rat.

They turned out beautiful and I loved them.  They were perfect for me and I was sick of making my usual Gingerbread men wearing a thong.  But when I put them out on a plate or even a platter they didn’t look nearly as impressive.  Therefore I didn’t look as impressive.  Now, when you have everyone over for dinner there are two things you want to accomplish in the small amount of time that people are in your  home. 1) You want them to feel at home and welcome.  2) You want them to be insanely jealous of you, your life, your home, your food and how effortless and impressive you are all at the same time.

I put a lot of work into these stupid farm animal cookies that summed up my whole life into 3 delicious bites.  I’m traditional but untraditional at the same time, I can cook delicious gingerbread and I’m way more fun than any of you.  Without those cookies looking their best I was just another schmo having a Christmas Eve dinner.

DIY Cookie Stand


So in 2015, on Christmas Eve, 10 minutes before everyone was supposed to show up here for dinner I ran downstairs, found a length of 1″x4″ wood  and some trim and made a cookie stand.

I cut two triangles and screwed them into the back of the wood so it would act like a really, really long cookbook stand.


And then I glued a thin piece of trim to the bottom of the front of the board so the cookies would have something to rest on and stand upright.

Depending on how long you make it, it can either run all the way down a dining table or in the corner of a kitchen counter or wherever.


The angle of your triangles should be somewhere just less than 45 degrees. It doesn’t really matter. As long as your two triangle supports are the same angle and stop your board from falling over, your cookies from falling off, and incite a crowd of people to applaud cookies for the first time in their lives.



These are quickly made Gingerbread houses and a few Gingerbread apartment complexes. Because not everyone lives or wants to live in a house.

Granted, these cookies aren’t all that impressive.  If you want impressive read about my Snowglobe à la modes from a few years ago.


Like I said they’re not my best work but guess what?  People will still applauded and gave each other knowing glances that they came to the RIGHT house on Christmas Eve, because of the kick ass stand.


Many years ago Martha Stewart told me (O.K. she was on TV so she told everyone) that “You should feel good about making your home nicer for your family and your friends. And if they secretly hate you for it you should feel really, really good about it.”

I might have added that last bit in myself, but we all know it’s what she really meant.

If you’re going to do something, DO IT.  Don’t half ass it.  Kick ass it.  Always.

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