Tie Dye Beets

If you’ve been following the design world at all, you know there’s been a resurgence in tie dye.  It’s the new hip and cool print for both clothing and interior design.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy but I don’t actually like tie dye. In fact, I kindda think it’s gross.

But at the same time … I don’t want to look like a lump. Like a fool who doesn’t know what’s going on in the world. So I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to have to embrace tie dye whether I like it or not.

This is very similar to the time I got sucked into wearing “skinny jeans” against my will. Which would be more appropriately named “only wear if you’re skinny jeans” by the way.  Ironically, I love them now and rarely wear anything else.  Yeah.  I’m fickle.  Plus I have in my head if I wear jeans and ballet slippers like Amy Winehouse, maybe I’ll also be able to sing like her.  She can keep the rest of her “characteristics”.

The solution to my “I hate tie dye” dilemma?


Behold, the Golden Beet.  O.K., I don’t mean to toot my own bicycle bell here, but I think I might have invented something fantastic.    All due to this little Golden Beet.

You take a few of these, wrap them up in some tinfoil with a regular red beet and you have … Tie Dye Beets.

Yes.  I’ve invented fashion food.  My invention will probably sweep the nation, so prepare yourself.  I may be unable to post for the next few weeks due to the onslaught of magazine, radio and television interviews coming my way.  I may even end up on the cover of Vogue.

Of course I was also pretty sure I invented a little drink I dubbed the Chai Latte a couple of years ago.

Regardless …  you have never seen anything so beautiful in your life!

Here’s exactly how you make a Tie Dyed beet:


Preheat oven to 425 Fahrenheit.

Wrap a few Golden and a few Red beets in 3 layers of tinfoil.  Stick them in the oven for 45 minutes – 1 hr.

When you remove them they’ll look normal.  Like plain old beets.


When you slice the red ones they’ll appear unchanged.  It’ll look just like a pretty ruby, red beet should.


But once you peel and slice the Golden Beets …


… you’ll see the Red Beets have bled into the Golden Beets.  Creating … the Tie Dye beet.  COULDN’T YOU JUST DIE???  DYE??  TIE DYE DIE???


Seriously … these are breathtaking.  And um … the best part is they scream “Look at me!  I’m PRETTY and totally know what’s going on in the world of trends”, not “Look at ME! I’m stuper-stoned at a Grateful Dead concer…pft… ahahhhahaaaaa …. anyone seen the Cheetos?”


And once again … from different angles, ‘ cause they’re so nice …


So if you too would like to embrace your trendy side w/out looking like a trend embracing ass … serve up a Tie Dyed beet.

If you like beets, try my pickled beet recipe. It’s good.  It’s really good. 

If you find the beets haven’t “bled” to your liking just stick them all in a bowl and let them do their thing.  The juices from the red beets will infiltrate the golden beets.  And you will have tie dye beets.

By the way, just so we’re all aware and you’re not shocked in the coming days … I give it a week before I’m totally sucked into the whole Tie Dye in design frenzy. You know how it is.

Watch for how to Tie Dye your cat, dishes, rugs and rain hats in coming posts.



  1. Monica says:

    Oh I do love this idea for beets! And thanks for tip on reviving markers! I am in the middle of a project and my purple marker is pooping out.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Monica. It works best if you pierce the beets with a fork or knife midway through baking them. Lets the juice seep in. ~ karen!

  2. Stef says:

    Love this!! What a unique idea. So beautiful!

  3. Whitney says:

    Crazy! I absolutely agree with Ned. Only I’d say your site is a 10 out of 10. I saw the “Fire Box” on a different website and clicked the link and now I am in love! Yay!

  4. Ned says:

    Your site is 4 *’s, a 9 out of a possible 10 and one that I just discovered and will return to frequently. The “Fire Box” grabbed me & “tie-dyed beets” hooked me.

    Great job!

  5. My Tie Dyes says:

    I make tie dyes. I pop in and say “Hi” everywhere I see the word mentioned. I also love food. Works out great. Love beets too. Thanks for posting this. Thanks from Jimmy Tie Dyes.

  6. sera says:

    Karen, you’re hilarious. I was having a wreck of a day and then, like magic, you made me laugh over beets. BEETS. and then I thought how fantastic your beet salad with goat cheese would look with these and maybe some of those crazy spiral beets thrown in too. Yeah, and then you made me hungry. I’ve got to get to the farmers market, stat!
    and are you using one of those fancy digital SLRs for these gorgeous pics?

  7. mimi says:

    Love this! I too thought you were going to tie dye something, curtains or a couch or a cat or something!
    Will definitely try this, it’s sooo cool.

  8. Fantastic! My 5 son had been nagging me to make tie dye shirts all summer. Today we finally did it. While he was doing his shirts I did old stained napkins–but what I really wanted to tell you is that we were checking out some You tube how to videos and there was one where they made the dyes out of food. Talk about worlds colliding.

    Great post!

  9. Marisa says:

    When I started to read this post, I totally thought you were going to do tie dying with beets. Right up to the end, even after roasting them (which seemed like a strange, even if delicious, choice to my crafty mind), I was thinking you were going to whip out an (organic cotton) tshirt and work some natural dye magic ;)

    Clearly I’ve been reading too many crafty and not enough foody blogs recently! Gotta love a good beet, though. Have you tried the striped variety? Maybe called candy stripe? Slice into one of those and try not to take pictures;)

    • Ginger says:

      Well, what would happen if you put a plain white t-shirt into the bottom of the pan that the beets were roasting in? The oven temp isn’t enough to start cotton on fire, and you could end up with culinary tie-die, AND a starchy, pretty side-dish…

  10. Jill says:

    No one in my house likes beets but me – I think I’ll make these just for myself and everyone will give them a try since they are sooooo pretty!

  11. vegeater says:

    I think a tie-dyed beet is the only way I’ll have anything to do with tie-dye. Cause I think tie-dye clothes are U-G-L-Y. …but that’s just me…

  12. stacey says:

    I love beets and this is a fabulous idea. My only problem is that I’ve never been able to find a golden beet in a store. Ever. I’ve looked at Whole Foods and other natural food stores as well as plain old grocery stores. Where do you find them?

    • Karen says:

      Huh. I admit, I don’t see that all that often, but they are around. I found these golden beets at my regular old grocery store (Loblaws if you’re in Canada) in the organic section.

  13. celia says:

    So gonna do this for our next dinner-get-together. and don’t worry, i won’t take credits…just the credit of discovering yet another brilliant thing in the www-world. HA! to my friends who think I spend way too much time with my laptop 8-)

  14. funkyjunk says:

    you could always just take a tie dyed beet slice and use it to stamp a pattern on a t-shirt….
    beet tie dye

  15. What do you do with beets? I mean, I know people eat them, but are there, like, famous beet recipes?

    • Karen says:

      If the beets are young and realllyyyy good they’re sweet and delicious and earthy. And you just eat em. You can add salt, pepper and some balsamic vinegar. Or make a sauce out of a teeny bit of beet juice, vinegar and sugar. That would be the famous “Harvard Beet”. Go get em …

  16. Langela says:

    From the comments so far, it sounds like the craze has started. Just remember us “little people” when you get all rich and famous.

  17. Joni N. says:

    Tres cool! Too bad I can’t stand beets; taste like dirt to me. But they sure are purty to look at.

    Love your blog, Karen! I look forward to your posts. They always put a smile on my face.

  18. Dude. I’m pretty sure I invented putting your french fries in the other side of the Big Mac box.

  19. Zina says:

    Karen, you are hilarious.

    I hate tie dye too. But the beets are cool. And I want to see what happens to you when you try and tie dye the cat. (Tie Dye Die?)

  20. Pam'a says:

    Always the trendsetter! I think you ought to work up some insanely expensive beet tye-die KIT and market them to Fancy People. Send one to Oprah to get the ball rolling.

    [So quick! take this post down!] Heh.

  21. Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot says:

    I don’t even like beets and I want these now. Sexy macro shots by the way. You did them beets justice.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Lindsey! Macro shots are my favourite. Even if they DO give me a blinding headache. In my eyeballs. And my eyeball nerve thingy that shoots to the back of your head somewhere.

  22. Janelle says:

    Spectacular…got me thinking what other foods I can colour with other foods. Also, I wonder what would happen if a gal sliced ’em thin and put them in a food dehydrator or oven on a baking sheet? Tie-dyed beet chips, preserved for all to see. Hippies would rejoice.

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