The Best Christmas Books For Adults.

There are endless possibilities for children’s Christmas books, but you have to search a bit to find a good Christmas read for adults. Here are 10 GREAT Christmas books an adult can cozy up with this holiday season while avoiding shopping, parking lots and Santas that smell like scotch.

Library decorated for Christmas with shelves of books, greenery, and a white Christmas tree.

WINTER books are like the season, slow, heavy and almost never ending.  They’re the kind of books with some heft that more often than not have won some sort of literary award.  The one time this doesn’t hold true is in the winter month of December.

A time when even the most austere of readers has been known to bundle under the covers with a hot chocolate, a shortbread cookie and secretly crack open a Christmas romance novel.

Yup, romance novels.  The literary world’s most sneezed upon genre.  It’s also the most profitable.  Romance novels make more money for the publishing world than any other books – by a lot.

Book Genres by Earnings
  1. Romance &  Erotica – $1.44 billion dollars
  2. Crime & Mystery – $728.2 million
  3. Religious & Inspirational – $720 million

Now that I’ve sort of legitimized romance novels I will now confess that although I’ve never read a “regular” romance novel, I had a period in my life when I was absolutely obsessed with Christmas themed romance novels.  Which I read of course around Christmas.  When I was in University a friend and I would start buying these books around the month of October and we’d read them nonstop until Christmas.

I said it was a way to avoid writing papers and nothing more. I was a University student for God’s sake. I had better literary tastes than this.   But I didn’t. I liked those books. I actually liked them.

They just made me feel cozy, happy, relaxed … all the things one normally doesn’t feel while trying to avoid writing 2,000 word papers.  Cozy, happy and relaxed are all the things we all want to feel 100% of the time which probably explains why romance is indeed the most read genre in the world.

So while they aren’t normally what I reach for when I’m looking for a book I’ve included a couple of romance books on this list of Christmas novels. 

Top 10 Christmas Books

Christmas tree built out of Christmas themed books.



Something for everyone to cozy up with this holiday season no matter what your reading taste. Humour, mystery, romance and literary fiction.

My personal favourites on this list are Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris which is absolutely hysterical and A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg because she’s such a good storyteller.  

Bonus Holiday books! Jewish, gay, & lesbian selections.
Jewish Holiday book

The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming  How could a book titled The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming be anything but fantastic? A Lemony Snicket book.

Gay Holiday Book

Small Town Christmas Gay romance Christmas novels don’t seem to differ from straight ones very much. This one focuses on a small town sheriff who tries to hide his gay truth from coming out before an election. Enter, the highly successful businessman, who wanders into town for a business deal during the holiday season.  

Lesbian Holiday Book

A Swedish Christmas Fairytale The premise of this sounds like a PERFECT Christmas book. Excerpt from Amazon – “Amber Tate is about to lose her job at a London publishing house. And it’s nearly Christmas. Her boss gives her one last chance. Sadly, it’s the impossible task of obtaining the rights to the popular Lund Collection of fairy tales. The rights to the fairy tales are held by the author’s granddaughter, Emilia Lund, who lives a reclusive life in Sweden and has steadfastly refused to talk to anyone about the rights for the last several years. However, in order to convince her one and only friend that she can be sociable, Emilia agrees to invite Amber – under strict conditions – to the cosy setting of wintry Sweden. 

There’s only a month long window where this kind of book will feel magical.  Get that book, go to bed early with a mug of hot chocolate, a plate of shortbread cookies and settle into some holiday rest, relaxation and reading. It’s not just for University students trying to avoid writing papers.

It’s for anyone trying to avoid anything. 

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The Best Christmas Books For Adults.