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How to Recover a Chair in 5 minutes

I got an “Ask Karen” question from Brittney recently.  Brittney wanted to know if she could reupholster chairs even though she’d never done it before.  Um … yeah!  Of course you can.  You can do anything!!

My philosophy is always, go ahead and try it.  Where would you be right now if you’d never tried a potato chip or a chocolate milkshake?  Miserable and living in a ditch probably.

So if you ever think to yourself “I wonder if I could (insert anything here)” just go ahead and try it.   If it doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time, you’re closer to being able to do it perfectly the next time (this philosophy only becomes problematic for  bomb diffusers and brain surgeons.)

And if all else fails (I’m talking to you Brittney,) try this trick.


Chair found abandoned at the side of the road

Mongolian lamb throw (or anything else that blows your skirt up)





The throw I used here is a genuine 100% Mongolian lamb throw which makes you want to sink right into it, but real Mongolian lamb is expensive.  I was lucky, I got this throw on sale.  If you want to make this more affordable absolutely get a faux throw.  If you happen to own genuine Mongolian lamb and are wondering if you can wash it, the answer is YES you can!  You just have to be careful.  Here’s how to wash your Mongolian lamb including all the tips and tricks you need to know.

I literally threw the blanket (hence the term “throw” I guess) over the chair.  No sewing, no stapling, no nothing.  And if you get sick of it you just pull the throw off, at which point I’m sure it could be constructed with very little effort into a prancing goat costume for Halloween.

So win, win.


  1. Jane m Jacobsen says:

    I bought a GReek Rya rug–long .fluffy white pile like a sheepskin. I spread it out on the floor and my two Siamese kittens came in to see what was happening, spotted the rug and laid down it. They both began to purr and knead with their paws. Looked like Mama’s tummy to them!

  2. janni says:

    **a prancing goat costume** ? ? ?

  3. Just found your site from a facebook friend who posted your crispy sweet potato fries recipe (which I’m trying tonight). I love your garbage chair, mantel globe lights and stump tables. I recently acquired two “garbage” chairs that was going to attempt to upholster, but now I might just use a fluffy throw on one… attempt upholstering the other. Also, I have a couple of logs drying out in my garage as we speak. Looking forward to coating them. What product did you use on the log table?

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