Christmas House Tour 2014



Welcome to my home.  Please don’t stay long.  You’ll mess the place up .  It hasn’t been this tidy since last Christmas’ photo shoot.





The foyer.  On the centre hall table is a glass cake pedestal topped with styrofoam balls sprayed with fake snow to give them some texture.  As always, the tree is all antique balls.  Every. Single. One. Of. Them.  I’m slowly building my collection of antique tree ornaments up again after the great tree falling of 2012.    I don’t worry about whether there’s a colour scheme or if they match.  If it’s a vintage ornament I put it on the tree. One of my favourites, the largest pale blue ornament near the bottom right was a gift from a reader.




The diorama presents.  They took forever but I’ve never had so much fun wrapping presents in all my life.  Every SINGLE thing on them came from Dollarama.  I’ll be putting up a special extra post in the next few days featuring all of the gifts and what I did to each of them.  So, a close look at those soon.





I found the silver pedestal in the centre of the table at a local antique store (Valley Antiques) for the low, low price of $18.  It may have been $16 actually.  I was on such a buying high that I can’t quite remember.  I do remember fist bumping an elderly looking woman who was looking at Royal Doultons.  Sadly she wasn’t familiar with the fist bump and thought I was assaulting her for a moment.




You know how sometimes you buy something and it isn’t until after you’ve owned it for years that you think WHAT WOULD I EVER HAVE DONE IF I HADN’T BOUGHT THIS?  Well that’s what I think every time I look at my skinny, white Christmas tree.  It is, and always has been decorated in pine cones.  White pine cones, gold pine cones, real pine cones.  The skinny greener wrapping around it is from Dollarama.




Here’s that tray again because anything that comes with a potential assault charge  deserves a second look.  This is how it looked until about the middle of December at which point I filled it with nuts and clementines for anyone who came to visit.




So far no one has eaten anything off of it other than myself. That’s the problem with things that look like a display.  People think they’re just for display.  Alert to anyone who visits me over the holidays: the nuts and clementines are not just for display.  There’s something ridiculously fun about cracking nuts right out of their shell.




Trees, trees and more trees courtesy of my friend Anj who brings one every year.  What do I always have for Anj?  Usually a warm smile and an apology.  This year she’ll get nuts and clementines though.




Did I mention that I pared things back this year? Because I did.  I don’t know if you noticed that.  I thought you might not notice it since every surface in the house is still covered in Christmas crap, so I figured I’d better mention it.




I mentioned in my interview for Canadian Living magazine that featured my house at Christmas, that every year I insist the house is perfect for Christmas and I’ll never change a thing. Then the next Christmas rolls around and I change everything completely.  This year was no different.  My newest addition to the Christmas decorating is this Stamp Drawer with antique balls displayed in it and my new favourite thing ….





… this antique, steel runner sled.  It was $48.  Which for this type of sled, is cheap.  Really cheap.  Embarrassingly cheap.  I’ve been looking at them for years now and I’ve never seen one for under $150.   I got the sled the same day I got the silver pedestal.  The sled find didn’t result in a possible assault charge though.  It resulted in an actual one.  I’m writing this post from the clink.  Jumped up into a elderly man’s arms cartool-style.  Totally worth it.  Besides, who knew a man with such a wide stance would be so unstable.  He toppled over like a bowling pin.  Kind of his fault really.









Ahhhh my kitchen.  I still love it.  Which is a good thing since it’s only been finished for 6 months or so.  Mind you I’ve been known to become sick of an outfit between the time I put it on upstairs to the time I walk downstairs, so really liking the whole kitchen thing could have been touch and go.





Notice the deer standing court in the corner by the crocks.  And the festive glowing red light of the television “on” button.  The dish towel, which I love, was a gift from a blogger you know by the name of Lynne Knowlton of Design the Life You Want to Live.  The thing is HUGE. it’s great.  It’s by Sprouted Designs which you can find on Etsy.  The curtain is Rough Linen, and hides open shelving with my pots and cook books.  It feels very warm and cozy in the kitchen with it up.   I’ll keep it up in the winter and take it down in the summer when I  like a more open, airy feeling.




Ah the pig’s head.  I’m so glad I bought it.  It’s one of those things, like the white Christmas tree.   For the holiday season I took down my collection of rolling pins from the wall and put up glass lanterns with remote controlled candles.  The lanterns are actually glass vases from … wait for it … Dollarama.  Then I just siliconed some twine around the top and hung them from the curtain tie back brackets.

And that is the holiday house tour for 2014.  Feel free to wander around a while.  Have some nuts.


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