Traditional Christmas Wrapping. Simple, Classic, Plaid.

I kept the wrapping simple this year.


Just a simple bow …

some gold chain, to tie in the hunt club theme …

… several hand cut pieces of leather in the shape of family name crests …

… with some stick on glitter letters that I had to make myself by scrounging together sparkles because I was all out of the letters I needed, which gave me hand cramps and an eye headache …

… and when I finally ran out of sparkles, a few hand painted, stencilled letters that I knew I had to get relatively perfect on the first shot because I hated freestyle cutting the “crests” out of leather plus my scissors were getting so dull I was 2 cuts away from having to chew the leather into a general crest shape.

Like I said. I kept it simple.

They aren’t ingenious or shocking or anything like that. But what they are is perfect for the whole English Christmas theme I have for this year.

They’re classic.  Like a shortbread cookie.  Or a jungle gym.  That’s a classic in a playground, not necessarily for  Christmas although a Christmas jungle gym would be a) awesome and b) obviously have swings made out of wreaths instead of tires.

O.K. they weren’t entirely simple, they just look like it.  Which is the worst kind of simple.  It’s like being sick, but not sick enough that people notice so you don’t get lots of sympathy looks.  You’re sick enough to feel awful but not sick enough to go to bed and burrow under the covers.  Which is the worst kind of sick.

I have to say though, these are among my favourite presents ever because they make all of the other decorating in the house come together.

Plus of course, they were simple.

So what did you do for wrapping this year? Upload a photo if you have one.  ~ karen!


  1. Nichole says:

    Who’s the dude draped in greenery? What is he reading?
    Sorry I did not read this earlier, as I may have hired him to look at my presents too, so he could advise on how to iron out the wrinkles from last yrs. ribbons.
    See that’s what happens with a winter coma. Months pass and I don’t catch up on the blogs!
    BTW, congrats on suffering through the SEO. Ain’t a pretty thing.

  2. Gaeyl Kanter says:

    I rubber stamp on coloured tissue paper for books , scarves & sweaters I gift to friends . Thanks for doing all the big blogger boss lady things you have been putting off. I guess eating the frog is safer than kissing a toad these days . Glad to hear your taking up another hobby birding is great. Enjoy Your I T things . We’ll be here when you return.

  3. Barbara Fanta says:

    This year I chose three coordinating papers and used either red or gold ribbon. I made the gift tags from kraft paper.

  4. Jo says:

    Great wrapping and even greater picture – of the woman reading. Have I managed to not notice it before in your various tours? Or is it a new one, or newly placed (up from a stack of to-be-framed like I have but never seem to get to doing?

  5. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I used to love wrapping Christmas gifts in fact I made money doing it for other people!

  6. Thera says:

    As for my own wrapping a few years ago I figured out that having the brown wrapping paper from Dollarama is a great base, so a few are wrapped in that, then depending on what I like, what is available etc I add a clear wrap to go on top or on white boxes, this year its black, white and teal snowflakes, one plain metallic, this year is gold and one pattern, this year is again snowflakes, black background with white and red snowflakes.
    Twine, black grosgrain and silk ribbon, burlap and black raffia for bows.

  7. Alena says:

    Not a fan of the centipede ribbon, sorry.
    I have no pictures to upload – because there are no presents. For years, BF and I donate money to animal charities on behalf of each other. That works fabulously – nothing to wrap and I am happy to know that our $ helped to pay for some unfortunate critter’s surgery. I only wish I had more money to give – what ‘s happening with the Spanish galgos makes me cry.

    Although this year I saw a box of those Merci chocolate bars somewhere (I am sure you have seen the commercials) so I picked that up. (He is big on chocolate, I am not – somehow, everything is upside down here).

  8. Elaine says:

    Smashing! Brilliant! I’m absolutely Gobsmacked!

    Sorry … I got carried away! But I simply had to use my British words today, Karen, to go with your very English style wrapped gifts! They are simply stunning … you just amaze me! Your creative brain never seems to quit!

  9. Gael says:

    So I looked up lots of nifty ideas for wrapping on Pinterest per the list. And then I looked at all the rolls of paper and ribbon that I already had stockpiled…and decided to keep those nifty ideas for Christmas 2018…or Christmas 2019…while I wrap my way through my current supplies!

  10. Ev Wilcox says:

    The Sunday comics is my go to for Christmas and birthdays, Mom’d Day, Dad’s day! I do use purchased wrap for big packages, partly to use the wrap up. When it runs out, I will buy a large roll of light brown recycle paper and stamp it appropriately! Or sticker it-whichever works. Karen, your presents are really wrapped well, as usual. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  11. I used an old school label maker for name tags this year, but other than that, pretty basic.

  12. susang says:

    Love your wrapping idea. Because of people traveling etc only gift cards. Where did you get the ribbon? Happy Holidays

  13. Brenda says:

    I was just thinking of you yesterday as I was wrapping presents! I was wondering if you were going to share what you’d finally decided on – love them – they go very well with the overall decor.

    I was thinking…you do things so beautifully when it comes to Christmas that here’s a thought I had for next year. What about shaking it up completely and going a little “trailer trash” for Christmas. I really would love to see what you could do if you wrapped presents in the plastic bags from the grocery store!! If there’s someone that can make that happen and have it look amazing…it’s probably you!!!

  14. Jenny says:

    My Christmas wrapping isn’t done yet, but I have some leeway since we aren’t doing our big Christmas (with my husband’s family) until New Year’s. With all this extra time, surely I’m going to do something awesome, right? Lol no. I wish. Instead it will be a smorgasbord of wrapping papers past. Maybe next year.

  15. Monica says:

    I usually buy canvas tote bags with pretty designs on them or recycle cookie tins with a bow on top for my wrapping. I hate using wrapping paper because so little of it can be recycled.

    Obvious State on Etsy has some spendy but beautiful tote bags so I snagged one for my mom’s gift this year. I’m quite pleased with it. This is the one I bought:

  16. Eileen says:

    The Sunday comics and grocery bags and super-wrinkled tissue paper. I ball it up and scrunch it around, it gives it a lovely texture…assuming I ever get the actual gift shopping done. stupid holiday pressure.

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