I’m a very rare personality type. And so are you.

2 weeks ago I knew nothing about the Myers Briggs test. I was a regular gal going about my day to day life, fixing things, figuring out stuff and eating potato chips. Sometimes I’d break for 5 minutes to pet my cats.

Now I am thinking of marrying the Myers Briggs test. It will be a simple ceremony. Just me, the test and probably a few reporters because someone marrying a test is kind of big news.  Once when I was working on the Jerry Springer show someone tried to marry a horse, but I don’t think anyone has ever married a test before.  A test is a much smarter thing to marry since it can’t kick you in the head plus you don’t need to have its feet looked after.

In case you missed my post from last week where I introduced the Myers Briggs test here’s a little rundown.  The Myers Briggs assessment puts all people into 1 of 16 categories based on how they feel and react to different situations basically.  Each person fits into one of those categories which are each represented by 4 letters.

Confused yet?  I’m doing an excellent job of making something very simple seem very confusing. I’m good like that.

Your type is decided by whether you are  an Introvert or an Extrovert.  A Sensing person or an Intuitive person.  A Thinking of Feeling person. And finally a Judging or Perceiving person.

Here’s the test if you weren’t around to take it when I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.

These are the 16 types and just some random one word description of the type.




This is a *slightly* more in depth look at the types.




So … I’m an INTJ.  Which means I’m an Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging kind of person.  I found that out 2 weeks ago, prior to my whirlwind engagement to the test.  That’s just the most basic assessment of the type.  There are pages and pages written about whatever type you are.  Everything from how to deal with people who aren’t your type to what kind of job you should have because of your type.

INTJs are very rare.  How rare?  Female INTJs are the rarest of all the personality types.  I am a female INTJ.

0.5% of all woman are INTJ.  And only 1.5% of the entire population (men and women included) are INTJ.

Which makes my next statement extraordinary.

28% of The Art of Doing Stuff readers who took the test were INTJ.  Statistically that means pretty much every INTJ female out there is reading this website.  Even the men were INTJs.  Like reader Cussot said, this site is an INTJ magnet.

Here’s a rundown of all the types that read my site and took the test the other week so you can see how rare or popular your type is around these parts.



I’m thinking of wearing white.  Don’t judge.

As it turns out, Penelope Trunk, the woman whose test I linked to last week caught wind of my post and read it along with all of the comments.  She emailed me to say #1 she was AMAZED at how many INTJs were hiding out here and #2 she asked if she could interview me during one of her Myers Briggs online courses about being an INTJ who is running her own business.

Penelope holds online video courses, many of which are on the Myers Briggs types.  She let me watch one of them last week so I could learn more about what it means to be an INTJ.  What my assets are, where I might have trouble.  Apparently an INTJ is brilliant, can get almost anything, is pretty much always right … but everyone hates to work with them.  So it’s a good thing I work alone.  Mainly because I think most other people are incompetent.  Also not my fault … just a trait of being an INTJ.

When I told Penelope how much I loved her video course I blurted out that I’d like to share it with you folks.  Penelope runs these seminars for money. For cash money. It’s her job. So to ask her to let you watch one for free was kind of pushing my luck but she agreed.

So for the first time ever, for just The Art of Doing Stuff community, here is one of Penelope Trunk’s videos on the different Myers Briggs types and what they mean.  In this particular course she talks about which personality types are the complete nut jobs, which types are most likely to commit which type of crime and other fun and interesting things that pretty much every person should know.


Click here to watch Penelope Trunks Personalty Type Master Class – Session 1

You’ll be asked for a password.  The password is “stuff”  (don’t include the quotes)


Like it?  Addicted to it?  Need more?  I know the feeling.  And I know a LOT of you were interested in this when I posted about it.  Here’s the link if you’re interested in taking this course from Penelope, which is The Personality Type Master Class.  Understand you, your coworkers, your family, everyone! And learn to deal with them better.


So the interview!  Penelope is hosting another course specifically for INTJs.  It’s a 4 day live, online video course called Best Practices for Leveraging INTJ strengths.  She will be interviewing me  during one of them.  You wanna learn more about it?  Maybe sign up for it?  You can do so here.



Not an INTJ?  Don’t worry.  If we were all INTJs the world would be a boring (though incredibly productive) place.  If you liked the look of it you can take the

Now go away.  I have a wedding to plan.



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