Just for Fun Friday.
Card Trick!

Prepare to be stunned and amazed.

Something to pass on to others this weekend. If in 10 minutes from now you figure out how it’s done … don’t write it in the comments. Leave the fun of figuring it out to everyone else too.

Have a good weekend!



  1. I choose the 7 of clubs and dammed if he didn’t pick it! Ha!

  2. Haha! Excellent. I will have to pull this one on the kids! Cheers.

  3. Yola Tomas says:

    Ha ha didn’t take too long and I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

  4. Tanya says:

    I especially love the thunder(?) sounds in the background. Nice, dramatic touch.

  5. Natika33 says:

    ha! Once I figured it out, I was embarrassed it took me two tries. I’m going to test this on my guy now… he he he…

  6. I was almost too distracted by the horrid grammar, but I still figured it out!

  7. Lesley Williamson says:


  8. Alisa says:

    Eh. Way too simple. The instant he posted the result, I knew what he’d done.

  9. Candice Morrison says:

    I didn’t think there would be a way to figure this out; I am just sitting here in amazement and contemplating if I want to watch again to see the reality of it. Booo on reality

  10. Shauna says:

    This is blocked for me and I can’t even see the picture, but I already know the answer – THAT’S how smart I am:) braggy braggy.

  11. mickey says:

    Got it. Have a really great weekend, everyone.

  12. Shelly says:

    Awww…I really wanted it to be magic!! But if I could figure out how to do that with REAL cards that would be a cool trick!

  13. Jules says:

    apparently I am not so smart…

  14. J9 says:

    I was 100% sure it was going to be one of those videos where you’re focused and something jumps out at you, so I was pleasantly surprised.

  15. Sebrah says:

    Ha ha, one for the kids! They’ll love this.

  16. Julie says:

    Good one! Thanks for the chuckle. Have a great weekend.

  17. Well I could not figure it out! Not even with a coffee. I needed my brother in law Scott for help! Have a great weekend!

  18. Jamiek says:

    Mensa will surely be knocking on my door today. Have a good weekend!!

  19. Cindy says:

    I had to watch twice to figure it out. I’m so glad my husband isn’t home. If he was, I would have asked him to figure it out, and he’d have teased me forever about it. Can’t wait to show it to him later. Have a great weekend!

  20. Linda J Howes says:

    I love magic and prefer NOT to know how it is done, so there. Frankly I still consider things like the radio, TV, the phone, A FAX, all magic, all of it! Even if it is a common computer program it is MAGICAL !
    That we can interact this way, MAGIC!

  21. Diane says:

    The blonde in me was confused so I had to watch it about six times. But I figured it out…finally. Made the mistake of watching first thing this morning. The OCD in me kicked in until I figured it out!

  22. Thera says:

    hahaha too funny!

  23. Debbie B says:

    good one!

  24. Jack says:

    I have always found it interesting how we want to see an amazing magic trick and immediately try to figure out how it is done rather than marvelling in its mystery. I believe it is our nature not to enjoy the feeling of being duped.

  25. Melanie says:

    I especially like the soundtrack! The card trick was ok too! :)

  26. Mary Werner says:

    My young granddaughter finally watched and immediately told me what happened. I much prefer to believe in the magic than the reality. Thanks for a really fun Friday AM!

  27. Bonnie says:

    love it ! thanks!

  28. Maureen Locke says:

    hehe, does this guy get paid for doing this I wonder?? It’d be great to play on my grandkids though.. lol I’d be the “Amazing Nanny”..hehe Thanks for the Friday chuckle. :)

  29. Auntiepatch says:

    Too easy – thanks –

  30. Brenda says:

    wow…three times before I figured it out, but it is 2 in the am…lol

  31. Kim says:

    Wow! That was cool! Two watches with the second one paused. Once I paused it, it was easy. Very clever!

  32. Julia says:

    A little worried I was loosing my mind until the third go! Thanks for waking me up this morning.

  33. Sarah and Bruce says:

    I’ do not know you…

  34. Vicki says:

    Haha, when it got the reveal I blinked, slightly amazed, then realized how he’d probably done it. And I was right. XD

  35. Jean in BC says:

    got it! how long did it take you to figure it out?

  36. Susan says:

    I’m glad they figured it out!! Huh! I can’t! Magic!! Wow!

  37. Bri says:

    Didn’t even take 10 seconds to figure it out… :)

  38. Alisha says:

    hahahhhhhha ! Ohhhhh wow. That took 3 watches and enlisting the help of the boyfriend to sort out in my head. LOL Thanks for sharing.

  39. Kimberley says:

    Good one!

  40. Raymonde says:

    LOL!!! Too easy!

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