Kitchen Tool, The Potato Ricer.
Never peel a potato again.

The title of this post is a bit misleading.

You will indeed need to peel a potato again at some point in your life. I don’t know why, and I don’t know when, but it will happen.

You just won’t need to peel a potato to make mashed potatoes again. Ever.

I’ve mentioned the potato ricer before and how it’s one of the kitchen tools you should have, but I didn’t really explain why. The first reason is the fact that other than pressing them through a mesh screen, a potato ricer is the easiest way to get ultra smooth potatoes. It’s way faster and more effective than mashing with a potato masher or even using an electric mixer.

For smooth mashed potatoes a potato ricer is the only way to go.

At this point you may have noticed there’s no funny in this potato post.

That is because I’m very serious about my potatoes. Deadly serious. They’re no joking matter and I intend to use this post to treat them with the reverence they deserve.

But first a potato joke.



Wanna see the magic of a potato ricer? Here we go …

You need a pot with water for boiling the potatoes, a few potatoes and your potato ricer. It’s the star of the show.
What you do NOT need is this. A ragged old potato peeler. You don’t need a shiny new one either. You don’t need ANY potato peeler.

Potato Ricer 2 B
Cut your potatoes into equal sized chunks and drop them in cold, salted water. Started them in cold water will make sure they cook more evenly. Equal sized chunks ensures all the pieces cook in the same amount of time. Generally I use baking potatoes for mashed potatoes. Sometimes known as Idaho potatoes. They’re not too starchy, not too dry … they’re potato perfect.

Potato Ricer 3

Once your potatoes are cooked drain them over the sink. Don’t be bothered to dirty a strainer or pot lid, just pour out the majority of the water while holding the potatoes in with a spoon.

Once drained, using a spoon, drop the potato chunks into your potato ricer.
Potato Ricer 4
Pull the handle of the potato ricer down and squeeze those babies out.

Potato Ricer 7
After you’ve squeezed the potatoes take a look inside the ricer. There they are. The peels. It’s a potato miracle.
Potato Ricer 6

Add a whack of butter and some milk or cream and stir with a wooden spoon or a whisk. Enjoy.
Mashed Potatoes
This is the Fox Run Ricer / Fruit Press
I have. For some completely bizarre reason it’s only $13 on the American Amazon site but is $32 on the Canadian Amazon site! No idea why. If you’re in Canada I’m sure you can search it out for cheaper somewhere else.

That’s it. Easy, no peel mashed potatoes that are delicious. All hail the prostitute potato.